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									 On the Move
              Brian                            Ethan
              Bennett,                         Knowlden,
              PPC Associ-                      Complete
              ates                             Genomics
              The San                        The Moun-
              Mateo digital                  tain View
              market-                        subsidiary of
              ing agency                     BGI-Shen-
named Brian Bennett vice        zhen, a genomics organi-
president of sales and          zation, appointed Ethan
customer development.           Knowlden senior vice
He is former vice presi-        president, general counsel
dent of sales and business      and secretary. Previously,
development at Vidient.         he served at Novartis Vac-
                                cines and Diagnostics.
              James Cash,
              Virtual                          François Lê,
              Instruments                      AOptix
               The San Jose                   The Camp-
               infrastruc-                    bell technol-
               ture per-                      ogy compa-
               formance                       ny appointed
               manage-                        François Lê
ment software provider                        vice presi-
appointed James Cash to         dent of global sales of
its board of directors. He      communications. He is
retired from the Harvard        former vice president of
Business School.                global sales at Network
                                Equipment Technologies.
              Herb Cross,
              KaloBios                         James
              Pharmaceu-                       Lyons,
              ticals                           Santa Clara
               The South                       University
               San Francis-                    The educa-
               co drugmak-                     tional institu-
               er appointed                    tion named
Herb Cross chief financial                     James Lyons
officer. Previously, he was     vice president for univer-
chief financial officer at      sity relations, and he will
Affymax.                        assume the position in Oc-
                                tober. Currently, he is vice
              Haydn             president for university
              Jones,            relations at the University
              Applied           of Portland.
              Technology                       Michael
               The Sunny-
                                               Black Dia-
               vale provider
of maritime ship routing                       mond Video
advisory services and on-                     The Point
board voyage optimization                     Richmond
systems named Haydn                           high-resolu-
Jones chief executive                         tion digital
officer. Before his appoint-    video processing tools
ment, he was director of        provider named Michael
international operations at     Malamphy vice president
the company.                    of commercial and federal
                                sales. Recently, he held
              Joe Hyrkin,       positions at Booz Allen
              Issuu             Hamilton.
               The digital
               and discov-                     Olstinske,
               ery platform                    Mobiveil
               named Joe                      The Milpi-
               Hyrkin chief                   tas silicon
executive officer, and he                     intellectual
will work in the Palo Alto                    property and
office. He is a former CEO                    subsys-
at Reverb.                      tem-based tools provider
                                named Dale Olstinske vice
              Chris             president of sales. He is
              Kenworthy,        former vice president of
              Marble            sales at Denali.
              The Sunny-
              vale enter-
              prise mobile                 First Tech
              security                     Federal
provider appointed Chris                   Credit
Kenworthy senior vice                      Union
president and chief rev-                   The
enue officer. He is a former Mountain View financial
executive at McAfee.         institution appointed
                             Michael Upton chief digital
                             and technology officer.
                             Recently, he served as
                             vice president of digital
                             customer experience at
                             Capital One Bank.

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