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									Biography Following a fifteen year career as a successful artist exhibiting around the world, listed in whos who in the International Art ‘ and a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy Elizabeth was ready for a new challenge. Her B.A honors degree in Graphic Design and a ~Post graduate in Fine Art Print making along with her love of colour and texture was a sound back ground when moving into the world of fashion. Her eye for detail and hand beading combined with the use of the finest fabrics, swarouski crystals and a mix of modern and vintage beads has gained her a following of celebrity and society clients. In 2002 after receiving a product sponsorship from Swarouski Elizabeth created two unique wedding gowns. Each gown has approximately 350 hours of hand work and over 4000 crystals and crystals pearls along with many thousands of seed beads and silver chains. The overwhelming response to these pieces led to the expansion of her business into the world of couture.

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