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									 Get The Most From Shea Butter With Free Soap Making Recipes & Much
Learn how to incorporate Shea Butter into homemade soaps, lotions, creams, conditioners and a whole
            range of other natural beauty products with Butter Shea Butters’ free e-book.

Houston, TX, October 07, 2013 - Shea Butter is one of the most versatile healthcare products. More
than just a beauty product used to keep the skin looking and feeling young and healthy; Shea
Butter can treat a range of skin aliments and improve the condition of hair. There are so many
applications for this natural product that Better Shea Butter has produced an e-book, packed full
with great recipes and tips for using Shea Butter. This book includes soap making recipes, right
through to homemade sunscreen.

This e-book is a free gift when people purchase Shea Butter from Better Shea Butter.
Consistently in Amazon’s top ten retailers for Shea Butter, this company’s raw, organic product is
very popular. Completely pure, this is the one of the best products to use in soap making recipes,
homemade lotions and creams to treat eczema, stretch marks and other skin complaints;
amongst other uses. For Better Shea Butter customer Marla Riedling, this product is outstanding
and serves multiple applications:

“I use raw organic Shea Butter for topical treatment of conditions such as dry skin, blemishes,
scars and wrinkles; a massage cream for tight and sore muscles; and added to my sun block. I
also add it to lots of soaps! Just an ounce or 2 to superfat the soap. My soap turns out so much
better and moisturizes the skin as well as cleaning it.”

In addition to using Shea Butter in soap making recipes, Ms. Riedling adds this ingredient to
other homemade beauty products:

“I love adding it in lotions, shampoos and other hair and skin products. I know Shea Butter can
also be used in aiding cases of eczema, dermatitis, skin discoloration, arthritis, stiff joints and
bruising. So I add it into many of my creams-such as calendula cream and jewelweed cream,
gives it a nice extra umph! Thank you so much for the excellent product!”

With so many great applications, it isn’t surprising that this unrefined, raw Shea Butter is so
popular, especially amongst people that are looking for chemical free beauty treatments. Better
Shea Butter stock both ivory and yellow varieties of this premium grade Shea Butter. The ivory
variety doesn’t alter skin tone on application, while the yellow Shea Butter can be used to lightly
bronze the skin. Both varieties are equally effective.

Anyone looking for a natural skin and hair care product that’s affordable and versatile should
consider Shea Butter. With plenty of free resources provided by Better Shea Butter, following soap
making recipes or creating homemade hair conditions and everything in-between is both easy and

Lisa Girard
Better Shea Butter
9310 Rhythm Lane
Houston, TX 77040


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