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                                        Autumn 2012 Issue No.19

NLTG Welcomes
The Queen to
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NLTG Ofsted Report 2012

             Ofsted Inspear

Young Apprentice Dinner

                                    Company                               Nature of Business                                                         Contact                             Telephone
                                    Accrington Grinding Co                Precision Tool Grinders                                                    Russell Kenyon                      01254-383088
                                    Baron Mercer Ltd.                     Chair Frames, Office Chairs, Bar Furniture, Upholstery, Church Furniture   David Baron                         01254-237953
                                    Bradshaw Pattern Co                   High Quality Cabinet Making                                                Philip Holt                         0161-624-5043
                                    Bridgecraft Furniture Ltd.            Upholstery                                                                 Stuart Chadwick                     01422-881000
                                    The Cumberland Pencil Co              Pencils                                                                    David Sharrock/ Barbara Reynolds    01900-609590
                                    Dean House Plc                        Fitted Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture Manufacturers                         Noel Dean                           0161-627-0042
                                    Delta Laminates Ltd.                  Laminate Fabricators                                                       Garry Rowland                       01942-295170
                                    Durr Furniture Ltd                    Fitted Kitchens                                                            Mark Durr                           0161-798-8695
                                    Eastlight Ltd.                        Office Filing Systems                                                      Martin Wallis                       01296-397444
                                    English Hardwood Design               Solid Wood Fitted Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture                            Keith Brady                         01524-735077
                                    Float Glass Industries                Glass Processing, Merchanting                                              Eileen Foster/Dawn Offland          0161-946-8000
                                    The Frostholme Furniture Co Ltd.      Dining Room Furniture and Upholstery                                       Nicholas Radford                    01706-815133
                                    G M Fitted Furniture                  Fitted Bedrooms and Kitchens                                               Shirley Aspinall                    01254-872445
                                    Goreforce Ltd                         Moulding and Wood Component Manufacturers                                  David Clare                         01706-341913
                                    Hill’s Panel Products Ltd.            Kitchen and Component Manufacturers                                        Stephen Hill                        0161-628-6100
                                    Imperial Office Furniture Ltd.        Office Furniture Manufacturers                                             Jeremy Bennett                      01204-364602
                                    Interform Contract Furniture          School and College Furniture                                               David Monks                         01282-614974
                                    Latham Jenkins Ltd.                   Contract Furniture and Specialist Joinery                                  Paul Witherington                   01942-821414
                                    Linden Upholstery                     Upholstery                                                                 Jane Coltman                        01900-64787
                                    Mardan Products Ltd.                  Manufacturers of Plastic Display Products                                  Gill Waller                         01706-816692
                                    Martin Moore Manufacturing Ltd        Bespoke Kitchen and Bedrooms                                               Martin Moore                        01422-314888
                                    Mills & Scott                         Hardwood Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture                                     Phillip Mills/Adrian Scott          01282-431128
                                    Ortho Plastics Ltd.                   Medical Plastics                                                           Stuart Green                        01706 874171
                                    M A Platt Ltd.                        Tables and Occasional Furniture                                            Nigel Platt                         01254-234743
                                    Quadrant EPP UK Ltd.                  High Density Plastics                                                      Joe Norwood                         01706-811000
                                    Radford Furniture Ltd.                Manufacture Bespoke Furniture                                              Nicholas Radford                    01706-811299
                                    Rothwell & Thomas Ltd.                Hand Crafted Custom Made Furniture                                         Tom Shaughnessy                     0161-832-9100
                                    Saxon Leather Upholstery              Leather Furniture                                                          Robert Jolly                        01204-365377
                                    Shaw Pallet Ltd.                      Pallets                                                                    Chris Hillaby                       01484-848400
                                    Shaw Timber Ltd.                      Timber and Sheet Material Component Manufacturers and Assemblers           Chris Woodhead                      01484-848484
                                    Simpsons of Greenfield Mill Ltd.      Fitted Kitchens and Free Standing Furniture in Hardwood and Pine           Steve Simpson/Philip Simpson        01282-863988
                                    Solo Sports Brands Limited            Distributors of Sporting Goods                                             Digby Gunson                        01539-622322
                                    Specialised Hardwoods Ltd.            Timber Suppliers                                                           John Fagan                          01925-767770
                                    The Lighting & Interiors Group Ltd.   Lamp and Lampshade Manufacturers                                           Mike Tinkler                        01204-707277
                                    Vale Upholstery Ltd.                  Upholstery                                                                 Stuart Chadwick                     01422-885000
                                    Whitehall Fabrications Ltd.           Corian Fabricators and Installers                                          Mike Greenwood                      0113-2444892
                                    Window World (WG) Ltd.                Upvc Window Systems and Conservatories                                     Cliff Spooner                       01228-599777
                                    3Y Group                              Kitchens                                                                   John McLaughlin                     028-7964-2501
Northern Ireland Member Companies

                                    Ardboe Manufacturing Co Ltd.          Kitchens and Upholstery                                                    Patsy Forbes                        028-8673-7348
                                    Alfred Briggs (Alwood) Ltd.           Solid Wood Fitted Kitchen and Bedroom Manufacturers                        Wilson Briggs                       028-3832-3296
                                    Forbes Kitchens                       Fitted Kitchen Manufacturers                                               Patsy Forbes                        028-7963-4777
                                    W Oliver (Exorna) Ltd.                Kitchen Manufacturers                                                      Willie Oliver                       028-7035-6501
                                    Petal Postforming Ltd.                Postforming                                                                Patrick Monaghan                    028-6862-1766
                                    John Sheridan & Sons Ltd.             Office and Hotel Bedroom Furniture, Specialist Joinery and Coffins         Sean Sheridan                       028-6632-2510
                                    Specialist Joinery Fittings Ltd.      Specialist Joinery Bars and Receptions                                     John O’Hagan                        028-7964-3021
                                    T W McDonagh Ltd.                                                                                                Terry McDonagh                      028-3833-3215
                                    Top Glass Contracts Ltd.              Decorative Glass/Mirror Manufacturers                                      James O’Kane                        028-7965-9333
                                    Trade Mouldings Limited               Doors and Mouldings                                                        Conor Mac Oscar                     028-8676-2993

                                                                                                                                               NORTH LANCS TRAINING GROUP LTD
                                                                                                                                                                                            Founded in 1969

                                                                                                                                                                                    Head & Registered Office
                                                                                                                                                                             Bradshawgate House, Oak Street
                                                                                                                                                                             Accrington, Lancashire BB5 1EQ

                                                                                                                                                          Tel: 01254 397119 (8 lines) Fax: 01254 872432
                                                                                                                                                              Web: Email:
                                                                                                                                               Registered in England. Company Registration No. 1948169
                                    page 2 | Autumn 2012 | training times
 Jim’s View
 I find it hard to believe that it is that time of the year when we need to be asking members for details of their
 company’s booking requirements for places on our Effective Management series of weekend courses, also for the
 Health and Safety, Job Instruction and Communication Courses. To help members to decide use (or to further use)
 the courses, we have reduced the price of all weekend courses to £140 per weekend. i.e. Friday pm and all day
 Saturday (including residential costs) but not including Health and Safety Course exam and Course booklet costs.

 We are finding that more company personnel, who would benefit from the course, are due to understandable
 circumstances not being booked on due to the costs, so hopefully our reduction of the course costs will increase
 Group Members demands.
                                                                                                                                 Jim Harkness
 Congratulations to Simon Clarke for reaching his 25 years service with the company, Simon has at all times been a

 first class member of the team and now in his job role of Quality and Safety Manager is of fantastic value to all Group Member Companies
 and to NLTG. His handling of quality and legislation is of the highest standard.

 We have recently (23rd – 27th July) had a government inspection on our various young persons programmes via Ofsted, all of our grades
 were very acceptable at Grade 2 or in the case of Foundation Learning Grade 1.

 (See page 10, 11, 12 for in depth details).

 Our various programmes that we manage are very much about the help, support and development of our young persons. This in itself
 gives great motivation for our Team to put in the effort that they do, and is illustrated at its best on page 6 regards the fantastic development
 of Lucianne Hinch from apprenticeship to setting up her own business “ well done Lucianne all the best for the future”.

 My closing request is that Member and Associated Companies consider further apprentices recruitment. We
 have a considerable number of young persons who are “on our books” as looking for employment. So many
 of our Member Companies have members of their team who started off as apprentices and have become
 very valuable to the company, 70+ of our own team started out as apprentices with NLTG and associated
 companies.                                                                                                          Jim Harkness - Managing Director

A Message from the Chairman
To be sat as the chairman riding the wave of success currently attained is nothing but beyond my expectation so,
I say congratulations team on yet another set of sound financial results this year. More so than any other year, we
seem to have achieved more than our own usual high standards and all this against the backdrop of the current
economic climate.

For around 8 years, I have seen a culture change that Jim has had the foresight to embrace; one which has
empowered the management team and, as a consequence, all are adding value at a fantastic rate. To quote a
phrase used often around the hallowed walls of NLTG, “Our team is our greatest asset.”

National recognition has been heaped upon us of late, first at the City and Guilds award ceremony with the
presentation of ‘Recognition of Centre of Excellence’, the first of its kind, and Ofsted’s conclusion to inspection,
‘Outstanding’. Congratulations Team, the foundation of this company just keeps going from strength to strength.               Chris Durr

The new financial year is looking like it will continue in the same vein, yet it isn’t a given right to be successful so make the most of any
opportunities as they present themselves and in turn this wonderful company will maintain its growth and profitability.

Before I sign off, I want to share with you a moment which I was touched by recently.

Ofsted had concluded their inspection process and certain elements of the result could be divulged to the staff. Jim asked me to
accompany him to the Old Bakery site for a small presentation. We were the dignitaries passing by the ‘chill out’ kitchen area to the main
presentation room and I caught sight of a young man who had some problems and looked like he had been in a bit of a scrape - his arm
was bandaged and he was sleeping on a table. My instinct was that someone would rush to hide him away, far from it. Nobody tried to
disguise this while the presentation was being played out. The humanity of the staff of NLTG was plain to see and the young man felt he was
in a safe environment. I saw from that moment that NLTG staff deeply care about their learners; that they are not just a number and it’s not
all about the profit.

Well done once again. I would like to take this opportunity to wish the very best for the coming year from the Board of Directors and myself.

Lastly, to the Board of Directors who give up their spare time, precious time, and let’s remember they have their own business affairs to
attend to, and offer their guidance and support unreservedly. Thank you Board.

Doesn’t it make you wonder where the next chapters will take us all? Chris Durr - Chairman
                                                                                                                  page 3 | Autumn 2012 | training times
                                                             business matters

“If you can keep your head –
                            What’s New?                      •   In the ladies clothing department of Marks and Spencer,
                                                                 the only age group to gain sales volume this year was
when all about are losing theirs                                 the over 65s. So what happens when they hand in their
– and blaming it on you – etc….                                  dinner pails?

etc…you’ll be a man my son.”                                 •   In Majestic Wine Warehouses the wines which are
                                                                 showing the largest growth in sales are in the over £20
In 1910, Kipling wrote his poem, “If”. Soon after that           per bottle bracket –customers are eating out less so they
came the First World War, then the great depression of           buy a decent bottle or two to drink at home.
the late 1920s, followed by the Second World War, the
austerity of post war years, the stop/start behaviour of     •   Two men from Wessex Water came to our house one
                                                                 morning to replace a broken sewer pipe. It was under
the UK economy for the rest of the century and now,
                                                                 crazy paving. They took a photo of the paved area and
in the new Millennium, the National Debt has gone
                                                                 promised me that when they had finished I wouldn’t see
through the roof, banks and building societies have had
                                                                 any difference. They dug a hole, over a metre deep and
to be bailed out, companies are fighting for survival,
                                                                 two metres wide. They replaced the pipe, filled the hole,
half the shops are “To Let”, many families are deeply
                                                                 put back the crazy paving and photographed the result.
in debt, there’s rioting in the streets, they’re expecting
                                                                 When I looked at the before and after pictures I couldn’t
three million to be unemployed by Christmas and it
                                                                 tell which was before, which was after. There was no
never stops raining. So, what’s new? Have you kept               supervisor – no one came to check on the job. The guys
your head when all about have been losing theirs?                were well trained, well motivated, proud of what they
                                                                 were doing – fixing sewer pipes.

If you have been smart and had a fair share of good          •   My wife recently wrote a letter to the manager of our
fortune, you are still in business. You know the                 local Morrisons. She complained about the fruit and veg
importance of managing cash through tight control of             section – empty shelves, tired stock. She told him to
costs, stocks, debtors and capital expenditure; you              cross the road and see how Asda did it. The manager
are constantly adjusting prices and trading terms for            phoned her that afternoon. He thanked her for the letter
the goods and services you supply; you know that the             – he would copy it to his Area Manager. On the following
way your business functioned in past years has had to            Monday there had been a transformation. A young
change to meet the needs of a new type of customer;              woman was put in charge of the section, the delivery
you know that you cannot carry passengers – at                   lorry came an hour sooner, and the shelves were properly
management level or in the workforce; you have learned           set out by the time the shop opened. Do you get the
how to avoid being completely sucked in by day to day            feeling that sometimes the people running the show
pressures; you have given yourself time to think, time to        don’t know how the show is being run?
see how other businesses work – how they buy, how
                                                                 It looks as if we are going to face more gloom and doom
they make, how they attract and serve their customers.
                                                                 during the next few years. But, amongst all that there will
Most importantly, you have learned how to get the very
                                                                 be shining opportunities to develop existing businesses,
best out of all the people who work for you – they are
                                                                 start new companies, provide jobs and create wealth.
the ones who spend your money, they are the ones
                                                                 It’s happened before and it will happen again. Just keep
who make money for you. I have noted a few examples
                                                                 your head!
of good news…bad news…I have come across
                                                                 Viv Stokes
         Autumn 2012 training times
page 4 | Summer2012 | | training times

         Jim Awarded Honorary
          Membership of City
           and Guilds
            Jim has been awarded an honorary
             membership of the City and Guilds of London
              Institiute for his hard work and dedication to
               the guild.
                Honorary membership is conferred in
                 recognition of personal contribution to
                  vocational education, training and

                      Cavan Wins
                      Livery Award
                      On July 16th, Cavan Mulkerrin was awarded
                      a City and Guilds Livery Award for General
                      Learning for Employability and Personal
                      Development. Cavan was awarded a
                      certificate and a cheque for £250 from
                      the Worshipful Company of Environmental
                      Cleaners, aboard the HQS Wellington on the
                      River Thames, London.

                      Cavan achieved a City and Guilds Medal
                      for Excellence earlier this year for his hard
                      work and commitment whilst on Foundation
                      Learning. Following this achievement, Cavan
                      was nominated by City and Guilds for the
                      Livery Award and was successful. Cavan
                      is now continuing his Apprenticeship at GM
                      Fitted Furniture Accrington.
                                                     Autumn 2012 training times
                                            page 5 | Summer2012 | | training times
                                                   apprenticeship success
                                                                             Lucianne continued to improve her skills and knowledge across the
                                                                             traditional and modern upholstery disciplines, benefitting from the excellent
                                                                             one-to-one training and support during her time at Ossett Upholstery.
                                                                             Having gained a sound understanding of the requirements for both
                                                                             modern and traditional furniture, assessing restoration, cutting, sewing and
                                                                             upholstery methods and techniques, Lucianne decided to make the brave
                                                                             leap and set up her very own re-upholstery business in March of this year.

                                                                             Lucianne said, “My favourite type of work is antique
                                                                             re-upholstery and restoration. It’s nice to take an old
                                                                             chair and make it look new again.”
                                                                             Four months in, Lucianne is making very good progress. She has links with

Apprentice to
                                                                             two York based designers and has various orders in place until the end of
                                                                             September. She has one or two craft shows booked in over the summer
                                                                             around the Emley and Penistone areas of West Yorkshire which will help to

Business Owner
                                                                             get her established in the local area.

                                                                             From her Training Officer, Graham Cornwell’s, point of view, Lucianne is
                                                                             an outstanding example of what can be achieved through the National
Lucianne Hinch is an outstanding young lady who has benefitted               Vocational Apprenticeship programme. Lucianne should be promoted as
greatly from completing her full Apprenticeship with NLTG.                   an exemplar case study to other learners who are on their own journey. She
She completed her Upholstery and Soft Furnishings level                      has been and remains an inspiration to Graham, clearly demonstrating the
2 Apprenticeship in 2009 then progressed on to a Level 3                     importance of the role of the Training Officer in helping to guide and motivate
Apprenticeship, completing in 2011. During this time she achieved            young people in industry today.
the Regional Apprentice of the Year 2009, for West Yorkshire and
Humberside, came runner up in the National Apprentice of the Year            Best wishes for the future Lucianne!
2009 and finally achieved a City & Guilds Gold Medal in 2010.                Graham Cornwell - NLTG Training Officer

   Continental Installations Limited                                            The company Business Development Manager, John Thompson,
                                                                                said, “ We trialled the Apprenticeships with the three learners to see
                                                                                how it suited us. We were very happy with the services that North
                                                                                Lancs provided and at the teaching and learning provided by Roy;
   Pictured are three learners from Continental installations who recently      our employees have gained knowledge and new skills which will help
   achieved their Fabrication Apprenticeships with North Lancs Training         them and us in the future. Since then, we have also enrolled more
   Group’s Training Officer, Roy Pusey. Les Threlfall and Oliver Greenoff       apprentices onto the scheme and look forward to keeping a long
   completed their level 2 Intermediate Adult Apprenticeships whilst            running relationship with Roy and North Lancs.”
   Patrick Murphy completed his level 3 Advanced Adult Apprenticeship.
   All three are pictured with their GQA certificates.                          NLTG Training Officer - Roy Pusey

page 6 | Autumn 2012 | training times
apprenticeship success

   Sarah Woodward announced as one
   of 30 young manufacturing stars
                                                       to challenge outdated opinions and transform the        effective and the end result was that Sarah,
                                                       image of modern manufacturing. She will have a          as well as producing an excellent portfolio and
                                                       special role in engaging with other young people,       achieving her NVQ well ahead of schedule, was
                                                       to ensure that the next generation is aware of the      able to develop the warehouse layout to make it a
                                                       great jobs and careers in the industry.                 more efficient and organised work area.

                                                       Business Minister, Mark Prisk, said, “There’s           Sarah continually developed her knowledge and
                                                       a huge range of different job opportunities in          skills through internal and external courses and
                                                       modern manufacturing, in design, in engineering         then became the warehouse supervisor. She has
   Sarah Woodward, Print Manager at The                and in production. We need more talented,               successfully trained up staff to carry out their
   Paper Cup Company in Lancashire has been            enthusiastic people to fill these roles and we          warehouse duties to the set standards that she
   announced as one of thirty young rising stars of    hope that the ‘30 Under 30’ will inspire the next       has introduced and started the Team Leading
   the manufacturing world by Business Minister,       generation to consider a career in manufacturing.”      qualification to reflect her new role.
   Mark Prisk.
                                                       Sarah’s Training Officer, Steve Kelly, said, “I first   Again, Sarah completed her course in the
   The Make It in Great Britain ‘30 Under 30’          met Sarah when she was put forward for the              required timescale, meeting all required targets
   come from all walks of manufacturing and were       NVQ Level 2 Apprenticeship in Warehousing.              and deadlines for work. As part of the company
   selected by a panel of expert judges. As well as    Sarah had completed a Public Services course            expansion, Sarah has now taken on a new role as
   Sarah, who is the Print Manager at The Paper        at college but couldn’t join the forces and             Print Manager, ensuring that customer orders are
   Cup Company, they include young talent from         started work at The Paper Cup Company as a              dealt with effectively and efficiently. Again, as part
   companies such as Pendennis Shipyard and            warehouse assistant. Sarah explained that she           of this new work role, Sarah is now progressing
   GlaxoSmithKline as well as SMEs including The       had only just started working in the warehouse          onto the Management qualification to help her
   Paper Cup Company and Vantage Power.                and would like to learn more about it.                  development.

   Sarah was selected for being a true high-flyer,     As the course progressed, Sarah quickly                 Sarah is an ideal candidate for this initiative due to
   standing out from her peers and demonstrating       developed her skills and knowledge of warehouse         her positive attitude to work and the experiences
   passion, enthusiasm and ambition in her role.       operations, identifying possible evidence and           that she has had in her progression at The Paper
                                                       completing the work required within the agreed          Cup Company”.
   Sarah will now go on to act as an ambassador for    timescales. Sarah was also using the course to
   the Make it in Great Britain campaign, which aims   help her re-organise the warehouse to be more           NLTG Training Officer - Steve Kelly

Case Study - Annette Bennett of Blackburn with
Darwen Borough Council Children’s Services
Annette was born in 1965. She is a very family orientated person who                During the course of her training, Annette suffered a setback with health
lives for her children and grandchildren. She was diagnosed in 2006 with            and needed further treatment to combat lymphodema. She was put on
breast cancer and needed to have a mastectomy. She endured 6 cycles of              long term absence but I kept in touch with her throughout. When she
chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In 2007 she had breast reconstruction.               returned to work she rang me and asked if we could continue. I saw her
                                                                                    every 2 weeks until she finished on the 31st March 2012 within her time
Throughout her ordeal she remained very positive and it was with this               allowed.
in mind that she decided to do her Apprenticeship in Administration, in
August 2010. Her daughter, Kerry, was already completing a course with              I asked Annette what she had got out of doing the course and she said
us and encouraged her mum to do it. On my (Barbara Croft, Training                  that her confidence had increased to the stage where she is now applying
Officer) first visit I realised that Annette was a very nervous person who          for a higher position at work. She also said her maths skills had improved
needed to build up her confidence after everything she had been through.            although she still doesn’t like it!

We soon built up a really good relationship and Annette started to relax            Barbara Croft - NLTG Training Officer
with me. We chatted about our families and showed photos. She produced              Sandra Kay - Skills for Life Trainer
some good work for her NVQ but needed support to complete her key
skills and technical certificates.
                                                                                                                            page 7 | Autumn 2012 | training times
                                                   apprenticeship success

 Jessica Knowles
 JMP Foods
 I am responsible for taking food orders from businesses to
 be distributed by ourselves. I deal with orders, problems
 and complaints from our customers. I also update our
 order processing. I work with a small team of 6 people in
 the office and liaise with the drivers to arrange deliveries,
 making sure that the orders are processed on time to
 ensure efficient delivery of our products. I send out
 invoices and chase payments and orders.

 I have completed an Advanced                     long time since I had used some maths skills      still working at JMP on a part time basis
 Apprenticeship in Business and                   and I was a bit nervous about this but I also     and again it has helped me to improve my
 Administration, this was my second               knew it would help me considerably.               skills by encouraging me to think about
 qualification as I had completed an              During the process of the Apprenticeship          the policies and procedures I must adhere
 Apprenticeship in Customer Service which         I had two children resulting in me going          to and how I can improve the customers’
 I really enjoyed doing and benefitted            on a break in learning twice! I did not give      experience through my actions. I can use
 me greatly. It helped me to understand           up though as I knew it was something              percentages to work out discounts for
 how important my role is in ensuring we          that would benefit me in the future. I also       bulk orders and special offers and also
 maintain a good reputation and provide           took over the local fish and chip shop and        calculate with decimals much better now.
 efficient customer service. I wanted to do       restaurant with my husband which resulted         Overall I feel that I have benefitted a lot from
 the Advanced Apprenticeship in Business          in me going part time at JMP Foods.               my Apprenticeships and it helped me to
 Administration to help me to develop             Throughout all of this I was determined to        realise our family dream of owning our own
 my skills and knowledge of working in a          continue with my qualification and managed        business.
 business environment. This has helped me         to fit it around having 2 young children and
 to realise the importance of targets and         helping to run the new business as well as         At times I wondered if I would ever get it
 deadlines and I always make sure that the        working at JMP.                                   all completed but with the help of everyone
 orders are processed on time and that                                                              at North Lancs Training Group including
 communication is the key! If I don’t give        At first I struggled with the maths side of       my Training Officer, Lindsay Morris, and my
 vital information to the delivery drivers and    the qualification and worked hard with my         Skills for Life Trainer, Gemma Wellings, along
 packers then it will result in a lot of wasted   Training Officer, Lindsey Morris and Skills for   with my own personal determination, I did it.
 time and effort by everyone involved. I feel     Life Trainer, Gemma Wellings, to build my         There were times when the children were ill
 I have raised my awareness of Health and         skills. I was determined to pass! I arranged      etc that I had to cancel an appointment but I
 Safety during this course as I covered this      extra visits to help and when I passed I was      always made sure I arranged another one as
 unit; I was able to identify potential hazards   ecstatic.                                         soon as I could to carry on.
 in the office and advise others of areas to
 help improve.                                    The skills I have learned I have been able to     I am so proud of my achievements and my
                                                  put to good use when running our business.        confidence in myself and my abilities have
 When I started my apprenticeship I was           It has helped me to understand about              grown considerably.
 working full time at JMP Foods. It was           Health and Safety, good customer service,
 explained to me that I needed extra support      building reputations and most of all using my     NLTG Skills for Life Trainer - Gemma Wellings
 for my maths and I had a Skills for Life         maths skills to help with balancing takings       NLTG Training Officer - Lindsey Morris
 Trainer to help me with this. It had been a      and dealing with customer payments. I am

Want more information on Apprenticeships or NLTG’s services?
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           Autumn 2012 training times
  page 8 | Summer2012 | | training times
                                       B e par t of e par
                                                PPRENTICESHIP SC
                                     THE GUILD A                                T
apprenticeship                      success/preston guild      THE GUILD APPREN

 Learner: Matthew Smithson                                                                                                l

 Age: 25                                                                                                                  l

                                                                                Because of his new found confidence, Matthew was
 Qualification: Performing Manufacturing Operations                                                               l
                                                                                asked to help set up the new spray area at Tyson’s. To
 Company: Tyson Lighting                                                        help him learn more about the requirements, he came
 Training Officer: Stephen Kelly                                                to visit the NLTG CoVE centre to get a better insight
                                                                                into how the area should be set up and has taken this
 Matthew has not achieved or attempted an academic qualification                information back to his workplace so he can make the
 since leaving school due to problems with his low self-confidence              necessary adjustments there.
 and dyslexia but since starting the Apprenticeship, and receiving
 help and support from both his Training Officer, Steve Kelly and      When Matthew left school, he wanted to go to college to
 Skills for Life Trainer, Sue Peet, he has really started to develop instudy engineering but when he mentioned his dyslexia
 his work, English/maths skills and in his own self-confidence and     at the course interview he was told that he wouldn’t
 abilities.                                                            be able to do the work, so there was no point in doing
                                                                       the course! Matthew has struggled with form filling and
 Matthew is well regarded at Tyson Lighting having worked there for    paperwork in previous jobs and relied on people to do
 several years in the final assembly and testing side of the business. that for him. Since starting his Apprenticeship, he has
 He has recently helped them to set up their new spray and finishing
                                                                                               have been raising Sue Peet
                                                                                                       dyslexia from
                            Plumbs Furniture, units for customers. been receiving help with his Furniture, a long established Preston f
 area to allow them to produce bespoke lightinga long established Preston family firm, Plumbs to complete the paperwork
                                                                       (SfL Trainer); he is now able
                                        awareness of the above event by introducing the Guild awareness of the above event by int
                                                                       on his own, which has increased his self-confidence.
                              Apprenticeship of the process and
 Matthew has an excellent working knowledge Scheme, in partnership with North Lancs Training Group.
                                                                                                Apprenticeship Scheme,
                                                                       Everyone at Tyson Lighting asks him about his in partnership with
                             Apprentices recruited in Preston in
 what the customer wants but, due to confidence issues, was never 2012 are being recognised as Preston
                                                                                               Apprentices recruited in progress
                                                                       Apprenticeship and they are very proud of the Preston in 2012 are
 able to get fully involvedGuild Apprentices to mark this occasion. As your company have recruited an
                            in the workplace. However, since he has
                                                                       he has made.          Guild Apprentices to mark this occasion. As yo
                           apprentice, we are inviting Matthew
 been receiving help and support via his Apprenticeship, your company and your apprentice to take part in
 has become more involved with the process and now has the
                                                                                             apprentice, we are
                                                                       Stephen Kelly - NLTG Training Officer inviting your company and y
                                               the Preston Guild Apprenticeship Scheme.                         the Preston Guild Apprentices
 confidence to talk to people more than he ever used to.               Sue Peet - Skills for Life Trainer

                             If you would like to be part of the legacy please contact Pat Atkinson onto be part of the legacy plea
                                                                                        If you would like
                              01254 395355. Details of the presentation evening will then be given. Details of the presentation
                                                                                         01254 395355.

 Preston Guild                                                                        Be par t of it                IP SCHEME
                                                                                  THE GU    ILvacanciesRENTICESH for
                                                                                               D APP but several were
History of Preston Guild                                                  12 companies placed
                                                                          multiple positions which resulted in 26 apprentices starting
                                                                          their Apprenticeship. An excellent presentation evening
Preston Guild has its roots firmly based in                                was arranged for the apprentices by Plumbs, this was
promoting trade and commerce and is a tradition                           held at Preston Guild Hall where the mayor presented
over 800 years old. The holding of the Guild, once                        each apprentice with a certificate. Also a lovely buffet was
every 20 years since 1542, was a major event and                                                                                     l
                                                                          organised and supplied by Plumbs for the event. We all think

the cause of much celebration across the city.                            you will agree that this whole event has been a resounding l

Plumbs Furniture, a long established Preston family firm,                                                                            l
planned to raise awareness of the Guild event. The company                                                                              l

requested NLTG Recruitment Team be involved with their
plans right at the beginning by attending a breakfast meeting
                                                                          Plumbs said -                                                            l

held at the Barton Grange Hotel where we were given the
                                                                          “The Guild Apprenticeship Scheme will help not
opportunity to give a presentation to invited companies. We
were able to inform them of the benefits of placing a vacancy             only strengthen our businesses but will also create
with NLTG and employing apprentices in the occupations                    new jobs in the city. Preston Guild’s foundations are
we specialise in whilst promoting the Preston Guild                       within the trade and industry of Preston. This initiative
Apprenticeship Scheme.                                                    links directly with the history of the Guild, the future of
                                                                             Plumbs Furniture, a
                                                                                                 and above event by introducing the Guild raising
                                                                                                   established Preston family firm, have been
                                                                          our apprentices longthethe businesses they work for, for
                                                                                      awareness of
Plumbs were keen to ensure we encouraged more
companies to become involved, so a mail shot was
                                                                               next 20 years.”
                                                                          theApprenticeship Scheme, in partnership with North Lancs Training Group.
                                                                             Apprentices recruited in Preston in 2012 are being recognised as Preston
prepared and sent to companies across the Preston area.                     Guild Apprentices to mark this occasion. As your company have recruited an
The Recruitment Team then joined forces with NLTG Sales                     apprentice, we take this opportunity to thank Sarah, take part
                                                                          Again, can we are inviting your company and your apprentice toRachael in
Department to follow up with further information and                      and Alan from Plumbs, for inviting NLTG to help with their
                                                                                            the Preston Guild Apprenticeship Scheme.
encourage vacancies to be placed.                                         initiative. We all wish the Preston Guild apprentices every
                                                                                                                    page please contact Pat Atkinson on
                                                                              If you would like to be part of the legacy 9 | Autumn 2012 | training times
                                                                               01254 395355. Details of the presentation evening will then be given.
                                                       Ofsted inspection

NLTG are not only ‘2 Good’
again but are Outstanding
for Foundation Learning
As a Government funded training          The full copy of NLTG’s inspection report is available via
provider, NLTG are subjected to          inspection-reports or via
periodic Ofsted inspections against
a document entitled the Common           Below we have summarised the findings detailed in their report:
Inspection Framework. The frequency
of inspections is determined via an
                                             Area                             Grade            Description of Grade
Ofsted risk assessment process but
as it was 2006 when we were last             Overall Effectiveness                2                     Good
inspected, and 6 years is the maximum
duration between inspections, we were        Capacity to Improve                  2                     Good
on tenterhooks this year awaiting the        Outcomes for Learners                2                     Good
phone call giving us three week notice
of the forthcoming inspection.               Quality of Provision                 2                     Good

Our inspection subsequently took place       Leadership and Management            2                     Good
between the 23rd and 27th July 2012      Engineering and Manufacturing
and involved 8 inspectors carrying       Technologies (i.e. Furniture,            2                    Good
out group and individual interviews,     Glass, Performing Manufacturing
telephone calls and emails to gain the
                                         Operations and Food Manufacture)
views of learners and employers. They
also looked at questionnaires that       Catering and Hospitality`                2                    Good
learners and employers had recently      Preparation for Life
completed. They observed learning        (i.e. Foundation Learning)               1                 Outstanding
sessions, assessments and progress       Business Administration
reviews and Inspectors collected
                                         and Law (i.e. Business
evidence from programmes in each
                                         Administration, Customer                 2                    Good
of the occupational areas that we
                                         Service, Team Leading and
provide. The inspection also took into
account our own assessment of our
provision, comments from the funding
bodies (e.g. the Skills Funding Agency
and Education Funding Agency), the
previous 2006 government inspection      •      NLTG is a good provider. Achievements of learners on foundation
report (in which we achieved grade              and workplace learning programmes are outstanding. NLTG has
2s, Good, across the board), reports            demonstrated year-on-year improvements in success rates on
from the Ofsted’s quality-monitoring            Apprenticeship programmes
inspection and data on learners and
our achievement over the 6 years since   •      NLTG make an excellent contribution to the community through a
our previous inspection.
                                                wide range of volunteering and charitable work.

page 10 | Autumn 2012 | training times
•   Individually planned programmes, and           •   The promotion and monitoring of
    highly flexible arrangements for training          equality and diversity is good.
    and assessment, meet the needs of
    learners and their employers extremely         •   NLTG uses its available resources
    well.                                              particularly well to secure
                                                       outstanding value for money.
•   Partnership work is outstanding. NLTG is
    an influential partner in developing a local   What do NLTG do next?
    improvement strategy. NLTG’s excellent
                                                   We compile an action plan to
    partnership working with employers
                                                   ensure the strengths and areas
    strongly supports learners throughout
                                                   for improvement identified in the
    their training. The positive relationship
                                                   inspection report are addressed.
    NLTG have with local councils is very
    effective in developing innovative projects    We prepare for the fact that our next
    to benefit young people. Very effective        inspection will be sometime within the
    partnerships with local schools and            next 6 years (with only 2 working days
    community groups successfully promote          notice period in future), remembering
    the availability of training and employment    that whatever we do today will
    opportunities. NLTG is committed to            influence the next inspection findings.
    providing opportunities for employees in
    specialist vocational areas and there is a     We continue with our existing ethos
    very strong focus on meeting the needs of      of continuous improvement and of
    the most vulnerable people.                    listening and meeting the needs of
                                                   the learners, employers and funding
•   Pastoral support for learners is               bodies.
    outstanding. Personal support is
    exceptional and staff go the extra mile        What Ofsted say NLTG need to
    to support learners, many of whom have         do to improve further.
    significant and diverse needs. Impartial
                                                   • Provide more challenging
    advice and guidance enables learners to
                                                     improvement targets to further
    make informed choices about their next
                                                     improve success rates.
                                                   • Further develop trainers’
•   The range of programmes is highly
                                                     understanding of safeguarding
    relevant to learners’ employment and
                                                     and how it relates to apprentices
    career goals.
                                                     in the workplace to enable them to
•   Effective development of learners’               develop apprentices’ understanding
    literacy and numeracy skills significantly       and knowledge through good
    contributes to the attainment of learners’       professional discussion techniques.
    learning goals and qualifications.
                                                   • Improve the rigour of the internal
•   Foundation Learning learners increase            observation process and ensure
    their employability skills significantly.        a greater focus on what progress
    Assessment is timely, thorough and               and learning has occurred in the
    arranged flexibly to meet the needs of           session. Use the evidence from
    learners and employers.                          observations to ensure that all
                                                     trainers have clear action points
•   Senior Managers and the Board of                 to improve and drive forward the
    Directors provide very effective leadership      quality and pace of learning and
    to bring about sustained company growth          raise success rates.
    and improvements. Staff are highly
    effective and motivated.                           Continued...
                                                                      page 11 | Autumn 2012 | training times
                                            Ofsted inspection
             Summary of the views of                    •   the amount of resources to help with
             users as confirmed by                           answering questions from unit booklets
                                                        •   the number of opportunities to
             What learners like:                            meet other learners on the same
                                                            Apprenticeship programme.
             •      the trainers’ availability and
                    approachability                     Summary of the views of employers
                                                        as confirmed by inspectors
             •      the good opportunities to
                    develop a range of skills,          What employers like:
                    including writing skills
                                                        •   the very good partnership working with
             •      the use of voice recorders to           NLTG
                    record portfolio evidence as it
                    saves time                          •   the excellent service NLTG provides for
                                                            employees and employers
             •      the support and help given
                    which makes learners feel           •   the excellent communication and
                    confident in their employment           flexible approach of NLTG staff to meet
                    and helps them achieve their            employers’ and learners’ needs
                    potential                           •   the high standard of training NLTG
             •      the enjoyable and interesting           provide
                    learning sessions                   •   the fantastic professional support that
             •      the atmosphere at NLTG which            is given to learners by NLTG staff
                    provides a good environment in      •   the effective support given by NLTG to
                    which to learn                          employers, especially during business
             •      building up credits towards a           difficulties
                    place at university                 •   the positive benefits and improved
             •      the excellent resources.                employee skills as a direct result of
             What learners would like to
             see improved:                              •   the training that broadens the outlook
                                                            and raises the confidence of learners.
             •      the number of trainer visits
                    which are cancelled and             What employers would like to see
                    rearranged                          improved:

             •      the large amount of paperwork       •   the supply of a replacement trainer
                    on Apprenticeships by using             when the usual trainer is absent from
                    technology more to record               work
                    evidence                            •   the opportunity to attend a twice-yearly
             •      the amount of resources and             employers’ forum
                    National Vocational Qualification   •   the terminology and jargon used in
                    (NVQ) specialised units                 questions for the NVQ.
                    available to Information and
                    Communication Technology

page 12 | Autumn 2012 | training times
 outward bound presentation

              HAYLEY WRITE UP

Loch Eil Outward Bound
                                           Fort William - Scotland
On 14th May 2012, 12 learners and 2 NLTG staff arrived at Preston        managed to have a cosy night’s sleep in their
station ready to embark upon a week of fun filled activities at          tent.
Loch Eil Outward Bound Centre. The train journey took 6 hours
but everyone was entertained playing cards, telling stories and          The next morning, following breakfast,
admiring the incredible scenery.                                         we made our way back to the minibus.
                                                                         Thankfully, Martin took us an easier
Upon arrival at Loch Eil we met Martin, our instructor for the week.     route on the way back and we made
He asked us to change into shorts and a T-shirt for a very icy dip in    it back in 3 hours. On our return to
the lake. The rest of the evening was spent planning the activities      the centre, we cleaned down all the
for the week, setting rules and discussing expectations.                 equipment then had a well-earned
                                                                         shower and some lunch. Following this,
Day 2 started with an eventful morning of abseiling and rock             Martin decided that there was no time for
climbing. The whole team worked really well together to create           resting and all the learners participated in
a secure rope for everyone to abseil down. In the afternoon we           an activity called Jacob’s ladder. The objective
had the opportunity to gorge walk. All the learners got involved;        was to work in teams to reach the top of a ladder;
jumping off very high rocks into deep icy water. Tuesday evening         with each rung being spaced between 4ft and 6ft apart. Thursday
was spent preparing our rucksacks for the next day’s expedition.         evening, the team reflected upon the week and discussed what
The rucksacks were very heavy, weighing 15 kilos in total, and           they had learnt. All the learners said that they had learnt about
were filled with pans, camping stoves, sleeping bags and roll mats,      the environment and realised they had strengths that they were
amongst other things.                                                    unaware of.

After a good night’s rest, the team set off on a gruelling 6 hour walk   On Friday morning the team were due to head home but Martin
over mountains to reach our camping destination. The scenery             managed to squeeze in another activity. The learners participated
along the journey was stunning and although the learners found           in an activity called crate stack; with the objective being to work
some of the walk very challenging, it was definitely worth the           in pairs and see who could create the highest stack. Following
effort. We finally arrived at our destination and set up camp. The       this we made our way over to the train station for our long journey
learners caught some fresh mussels which we cooked on an open            home. On the journey back the learners were very sad to be
fire in the bothy. This was followed with hot chocolate and telling      leaving and discussed how much they had enjoyed the week.
stories around the fire. Although it was a wet rainy night, everyone                                                         Autumn 2012 training times
                                                                                                                   page 13 | Summer2012 | | training times
                                                                            Queen’s visit

On Wednesday 16th May, Her                  Band and three cartoon characters for
Majesty the Queen and His Royal             the children.
Highness The Duke of Edinburgh
visited Accrington to celebrate             As the Queen and Duke arrived the
her Diamond Jubilee Tour, her               excitement grew; people were waving
60th year on the throne.                    flags, cheering and singing. Their driver
                                            stopped just in front of us and the
NLTG learners and staff left early to get   Queen was greeted by the Mayors of
front row viewing, joining the crowds       Lancashire and Cumbria, guards and
that flocked the streets of Accrington      the army. Inside the Market Hall, the
awaiting the royal couple’s arrival. NLTG   Queen unveiled a coat of arms and, with
provided pizza and drinks from Quattros     the Duke of Edinburgh, spoke to the
for the learners. Whilst waiting, we        market stall holders. They made their
were interviewed by Radio Lancashire        way to the balcony of the Town Hall,
and the BBC and had pictures taken          speaking to the crowds and accepting
for the Lancashire Evening Telegraph.       flowers. It was a really memorable and
Entertainment before the Queen’s arrival    enjoyable day which was appreciated
was provided by the Accrington Pipe         by everyone.
page 14 | Autumn 2012 | training times
 young apprentice dinner

Young Apprentice Dinner
Students, employers and staff celebrated the completion of another successful
year at the Young Apprenticeship End of Year Dinner held at North Lancs Training
Group’s Vocational Centre of Excellence, the Old Bakery, in Accrington on Tuesday
26th June 2012.

The event was devised, prepared, cooked and served by the Young Apprentices
themselves which showcased the student’s skills to company sponsors, school staff
and the student’s parents and families.
The dinner was the culmination of two years hard work for the Young Apprentices
which had seen the students achieve over 50 days work placement, ranging
from children’s activity centres to Michelin star restaurants, and achieve a Level 2
qualification in Hospitality Services and Food Safety in Catering.

After the meal, Jim Harkness MBE, Managing Director of North Lancs Training
Group, thanked all the students and staff for their dedication and hard work over
the past two years and for the high standard of food and service at the dinner. Mr.
Harkness handed out certificates to the students and praised them all for their
marvellous achievement.

The evening was a fantastic success and enabled all the students involved an
opportunity to demonstrate the skills they had developed over the two years.

Hospitality Training Officers involved:- Heidi Pearce and Jason Slater.
                                                                                       page 15 | Autumn 2012 | training times
                                                          foundation learning
 Case                                            Case Study –
 Study -                                         Elizabeth O’Callaghan
 Thomas                                          Libby started the Foundation Learning programme at the beginning of February 2012. She
                                                 was interested in the Hairdressing qualification she could work towards on programme but
                                                 was unsure what type of career she was interested in.

 Floyd                                           Libby had 100% attendance since starting on the programme and completed all work set.
                                                 From the start key workers commented on her ability and motivation whilst in sessions.
 Thomas started the Foundation Learning
 programme in August 2011 to gain support        During 1:1 sessions and reviews we discussed all the qualifications she would work towards
 to achieve an Apprenticeship.                   and for her to start researching different careers she maybe interested in. Libby has Level
 Whilst at school, Thomas was easily
                                                 2 ICT qualification from school and is extremely confident working with people she doesn’t
 distracted and didn’t always work to his full

 Thomas has had excellent attendance whilst
 on the programme and worked hard in all
 sessions. He was determined to complete a
 work placement and gain an Apprenticeship
 at the end of his programme. After a lot
 of career research, Thomas decided that
 he would like to work in a warehousing/
 manufacturing environment.

 After working hard, Thomas achieved the
 Edexcel BTEC Award and Certificate in           Libby took part in the National Apprenticeship Week visiting training officers ‘Have a go’
 Workskills, City and Guilds Employability       activities. Whilst finding out about the Recruitment department at NLTG she was made aware
 and Personal Development Award and              of what a Business Administration apprenticeship consists of and how we have had members
 Certificate, Award in Customer Service,
                                                 of staff complete the FL programme and progress to a work placement with NLTG which has
 BTEC Award in Sport and Active Leisure,
                                                 resulted in being taken on as an apprentice. After the event Libby asked if she could focus
 Award in Creative Techniques in Upholstery
 and Functional Skills Maths.                    on working towards gaining a work placement with NLTG as she was impressed with the
 Thomas completed an 8 week placement            apprentices.
 at Current Care Limited where he
 demonstrated commitment and                     Luckily a work placement became available for an FL learner to assist on reception at head
 professionalism. He gained an excellent         office leading to a possible progression being taken on as an apprentice. Libby was put
 reference from the employer who stated
                                                 forward straight away and informed of the opportunity. She stopped shopping and came
 that if they had a position available they
                                                 straight to the centre and spent all afternoon researching NLTG and preparing for the interview
 would definitely employ Thomas. Whilst on
 placement, Thomas learned about the setup       for the position. She was accepted and started the placement the following week.
 of a warehouse, how to use manual handling
 and the importance of checking stock.           Several comments from staff at NLTG have been extremely positive and Libby is enjoying
                                                 the placement. On her second day she asked if she could start answering the telephone
 After completing his placement, Thomas was      and transferring calls which she has done in a professional manner. Libby is finishing her
 put forward for an Apprenticeship interview     qualifications on FL whilst in placement and evidence from her placement is being used to
 at Assured Performance Group in Blackburn
                                                 help her complete the programme.
 where he has gained the position of
 Apprentice Manufacturing Assistant through
 North Lancs Training Group.                     Update: Libby has now been permanently employed by NLTG as
                                                 an Apprentice Administration Assistant. Well done Libby!
 Foundation Learning Key Worker -
 Victoria Ferguson                               Foundation Learning Key Worker - Jess Ross

For more information on our Foundation Learning Programme
               contact NLTG on 01254 392385
           Summer 2012 training times
 page 16 | Autumn 2012 | | training times
  skills for life
Hazeldene Foods
 Back in May 2012, Hazeldene                During the day, employees were
 Foods Ltd invited NLTG                     encouraged to complete quick
 into the company to                        tasks to get them thinking about
 promote maths and English                  their own skills and to see what
 qualifications during Adult                 would be involved in the course.
 Learners’ Week. Adult                      Prizes were available and the tasks
 Learners’ Week is an annual                proved very popular – particularly
 event designed to inspire                  the Hazendene anagram challenge
 people to discover how                     which really got people talking and
 learning can change their                  working together. The anagram
 lives.                                     ‘red lasagne’ proved particularly
                                            difficult with only a few employees
 Hazeldene Foods Ltd is a Wigan             correctly working out that this was
 based company who supply                   ‘green salad’.
 salad products to the retail                                                                       Hazeldene Anagram Challenge
                                            The day was a huge success with fifteen
 sector. Hazeldene and NLTG have            employees expressing an interest. They have
 successfully worked together for                                                                   cult tee
                                            now started their new qualifications.
 a number of years now and many
                                                                                                    ya elf
 employees have already gained              We hope to continue working with Hazeldene
 qualifications in both maths and           long into the future.                                   crib gee
 English. Adult Learners’ Week was          Why not try a sample of the quick tasks the
 a great opportunity to promote             employees completed on the day:                         ma toot
 these qualifications to more
 employees.                                 NLTG Skills for Life Trainer - Charlotte Turton

Working with Atrium Legal Services
NLTG were approached by Mike Skarratt, of
Atrium Legal Services Ltd, Rawtenstall, asking
                                                     well together, individually and in pairs. Each
                                                     group was enthusiastic and quite competitive            What Atrium said...
if there was any training that we could offer        when it came to completing quizzes and            We view the literacy course as a vital part of
their employees that would help them improve         puzzles to illustrate their competence.           our staff development programme – as the
their writing skills.                                If any of the learners didn’t feel comfortable    article says: we need our staff to complete
                                                     working within a group environment, one to one
                                                                                                       documents in a way which meets the
The main function of the company is to take          sessions were arranged.
                                                                                                       requirements of some of the country’s leading
details from clients (over the telephone),
transcribe these details and forward them to         At the end of the course everyone was keen to     solicitors. The course has increased the ability
various legal departments. It is essential that      take the final assessment. Each of the learners   (AND confidence) of all who took part. It has
these transcripts are 100% accurate. There is        achieved their goals and were awarded with        been really well received by our staff and their
no room for misinterpretation.                       Adult Literacy qualifications.                    comments have included;

As our SfL team are specialists in maths and         Mike was pleased with the results and             “I can’t thank you, the company and Barbara
English, we were confident we could help with        confirmed the level of document writing has       enough for the help and support you have
this request.                                        improved. He has received positive feedback       given”
                                                     from all those involved in the courses and
After a meeting with Mike to ascertain the           looks forward to working with NLTG on future
                                                                                                       “The course has definitely improved my
company’s precise needs, we were able                projects.
                                                                                                       punctuation and grammar”
to compile a course that would satisfy the
company’s needs and increase their employees’        NLTG Skills for Life Trainer - Barbara Wild
confidence when writing formal documents.                                                              “The course has improved my ability to write
                                                                                                       up claims and also to phrase things properly
The course was to run over nine sessions. After                                                        on the phone”
initial assessment we discovered that there
were two different levels of competence. We ran                                                        We recently achieved the Investors in People
two courses, one for learners working towards                                                          Gold Standard and the assessor specifically
Adult Literacy Level 1 and another for learners                                                        mentioned the Literacy project as a strength of
working towards Adult Literacy Level 2. Each                                                           our company.
course was well attended. The learners worked                                                                               Summer 2012 training times
                                                                                                                  page 17 | Autumn 2012 | | training times
                                                                       legislation update

legislation updates
                                                                        framework that the apprentice will be doing, this agreement

National Minimum Wage                                                   will be enough under legislation to stop any breach of contract
                                                                        claims as the ‘contract of apprenticeship’ will become a ‘contract
                                                                        of service’ thus termination of the apprenticeship for conduct,
From 1 October 2012, only two of the four                               capability etc will not give rise to breach of contract claims, so
rates of the National Minimum Wage will                                 long as the employer still follows a fair dismissal process.
increase, and are as follows:
                                                                        Also section 32-36 of the said act stipulates that all apprentices
• 16-17 year olds will remain at £3.68 per hour.
                                                                        must have an apprenticeship agreement at the start of their
• 18-20 year olds will remain at £4.98 per hour
• 21 year olds and over will rise from £6.08 to £6.19 per hour.
• the training rate for apprentices will rise from £2.60 to £2.65
                                                                        All employers are given a employer handbook when an
  per hour
                                                                        apprentice is signed on, along with a CD which has sample

      News on Change to                                                 policies on it, and that includes a generic template, which can be

   Apprenticeship Legislation                                           adapted to each company and apprentice, of ‘written statement
                                                                        of employment particulars’ which would fulfil the requirements of
Legislation affecting employing apprentices changed on 6th April        the legislation.
2012 with regard to dismissal and breach of contract.

              The problem
Historically, apprenticeships have involved greater responsibilities
(and greater liabilities) for employers than ordinary contracts of

The most significant disadvantage, from the employer’s
perspective, was that there was only a limited right of dismissal
during the apprenticeship. An apprenticeship was for a fixed term
which could not be terminated early and premature termination of
a traditional contract of apprenticeship could therefore give rise
to a breach of contract claim for compensation for loss of wages
for the balance of the period of the apprenticeship. Therefore
an apprentice was taken on under what is called a ‘contract of
apprenticeship’ which is basically a contract to ‘serve and learn’.

              What has changed?
The Government recognised that employers were being sued for
breach of contract when a ‘bad’ apprentice was dismissed due to
conduct, performance etc, due to the ‘contract of apprenticeship’
but have now changed that under ‘The Apprenticeships (Form of
                                                                            Holiday Pay and Sickness
Apprenticeship Agreement) Regulations 2012. Now under section
                                                                                Absence: Finally!
35 of the Act, as long as employers give out basic terms of
                                                                        In the latest long running saga over holiday pay and sickness
employment, i.e. written statement of particulars of employment
                                                                        absence, another intriguing outcome came out from the Court of
(most people refer to this as contracts), and stipulating what
                                                                        Appeal regarding holiday pay and sickness absence which, by
skill, trade or occupation linked to a relevant recognised English
                                                                        the way, has been going on since 2005!
page 18 | Autumn 2012 | training times
As you are aware, you cannot be sick and be on annual                  employment terminates. On termination, they have a right to be
leave at the same time. Recent court decisions have already            paid in respect of any accrued but untaken statutory annual leave.
indicated that if you are sick you cannot take annual leave and
that includes employees working for firms that close for annual                     Decision
shutdowns. In that scenario, the employee is paid statutory sick       The Court of Appeal conducted a thorough analysis of the
pay during the annual shutdown and is then allowed to take their       legislation and previous decisions in relation to sickness absence
holidays on return or at a later date. If there were no shutdowns      and accrued statutory annual leave. This included the key European
and the employee stayed on sick, they would then take them on          Court of Justice decisions, some of which were decided after the
return. But what if they were on sick all year, do they lose them or   original Employment Tribunal hearing.
are they allowed to carry them over to the next holiday year?
                                                                       The Court of Appeal found in favour of the employee in this case,
This has been a burning debate for years as employment                 setting out that the ‘use it or lose it’ principle does not apply where
tribunals, employment appeal tribunals, European Court of              an employee is absent through sickness. The Court of Appeal
Justice, have all contradicted themselves over judgements. But         indicated that there is nothing in the European Working Time
has a recent Court of appeal judgement finally laid this to bed?       Directive requiring a sick employee to request holiday if they are
Let’s have a look.                                                     absent due to illness.

             Verdict                                                   The Court of Appeal found that the Working Time Regulations 1998
The Court of Appeal delivered a verdict on 25th July 2012 in NHS       must be interpreted to provide for an employee, absent through
Leeds v Larner which will have ramifications for employers in          sickness, to automatically carry over accrued but untaken statutory
relation to this issue.                                                holiday and, if they do not subsequently take it, be paid for such
                                                                       holiday upon termination of their employment.
The decision was based on the following:
The facts of NHS v Larner were heard at the Employment Appeal                        Comment
Tribunal in 2010 which found that an employee who is absent            The outcome of this case does not make good reading for
through sickness does not have to request to take holiday and          employers and opens the door for employees to return from lengthy
must be allowed to carry that holiday forwards to the next holiday     periods of sickness absence, only to request significant periods
year. Straight forward enough!                                         of accrued but untaken leave. Additionally, if their employment is
                                                                       terminated, employers will be faced with a potentially large payment
               Then                                                    in lieu of such accrued but untaken holiday.
A later Employment Appeal Tribunal decision of Fraser v
Southwest London St George’s Mental Health, found that an              *The decision makes it even more important for employers to be
employee absent through sickness must either request to take           pro-active about their absence management procedures. Every
annual leave or request that the leave is carried over, otherwise      effort should be made to return employees to the workplace as
they lose their entitlement. Confused?                                 soon as possible or, if a return is not possible, consider whether
                                                                       it is appropriate to take steps to terminate a sick employee’s
             Eventually                                                employment*. Continued...
The NHS Leeds v Larner case has now been heard by the Court
of Appeal, following an appeal by NHS Leeds. The main point
which the Court of Appeal was being asked to consider was
whether the now so-called “use it or lose it” principle from the
Fraser v Southwest London St George’s Mental Health, applied
                                                                          If you are a Group Member Company
to employees absent through sickness. In other words, where                   and require more information
an employee is absent through sickness, is the onus on the                    regarding Legislation contact
employee to make a request that they take/carry forward leave or
is the right automatic?
                                                                          Jimmy Ellis at NLTG on 01254 397119.

The question becomes increasingly relevant to employers where
an employee has been absent for a prolonged period and their
                                                                                                            page 19 | Autumn 2012 | training times
                                                                                    safety matters
Group Member
Companies’ FAQs                                                                     Window
Q. Once you have received a grievance from an
                                                                                    and door
employee, your first priority should be to apply                                     manufacturer
and follow your company grievance procedure.
In most cases, this will require you to arrange                                     fined after
                                                                                    worker killed
a formal grievance hearing with them, although
it may be appropriate to pursue an informal
approach in order to come up with a resolution.
                                                                                    A firm specialising in the manufacture of wooden doors
A. If you adopt the formal approach, the employee should be invited, in             and windows has been fined for safety failings after a
writing, to a formal hearing as soon as possible and be given the right to be       worker died.
accompanied in line with the company policy (this should include the right to
be accompanied by a work colleague or accredited trade union official). The         The worker tried to remove a large board from the middle
purpose of the hearing is for the grievance to be discussed in detail so that the   of a pile stacked upright against a wall in the workshop.
investigator can go away and carry out any necessary investigations before
compiling a response to the grievance complaints. These investigations will         The company’s usual system for doing this was for
include talking to the employee mentioned in the grievance and any relevant
                                                                                    one employee to stand in front of the stack, taking the
witnesses, although the parties involved in investigation meetings are not
                                                                                    weight of the unwanted boards on his hands, while a
normally offered the right to be accompanied, unless this right is extended as
                                                                                    fellow worker pulled out the chosen one from the side.
normal practice or as part of any internal procedure. Any investigations should
                                                                                    Unfortunately as the worker tried to support the weight
occur in good time in an effort to provide an outcome to the grievance as soon
                                                                                    of the leaning wooden panels they toppled over, crushing
as is reasonably practicable. The grievance outcome should be confirmed in
                                                                                    him and causing fatal head injuries.
writing, giving details of whether the grievance is being upheld or not and any
recommendations as a result of the process. The employee should then be
                                                                                    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the
offered the opportunity to appeal the decision within a specific period of time.
                                                                                    incident and found that the company did not have a safe

Q. Does an employee, who has raised a complaint                                     system of work for the storage or retrieval of boards.

of bullying and harassment, have any right to see                                   Storing the boards flat on the floor or using a simple

the notes taken during investigatory interviews                                     purpose-built racking system would have greatly reduced
with witnesses?                                                                     the risk of injury.
                                                                                    The HSE inspector said, “This was a death waiting
A. Your grievance process should be as open as possible and your                    to happen. Incidents such as this are still a common
investigation process will be essential in deciding whether or not to uphold        occurrence in the industry despite the existence of
the grievance. Unlike a disciplinary hearing, there is no need to present the       guidance from the HSE offering simple, inexpensive
employee with the investigation notes or any other information upon which           solutions for stacking wood safely.
your decision is based. Instead, you would be expected to communicate with          As a direct result of the company’s failure to provide safe
the employee whether the grievance was valid or not and provide relevant            storage for their everyday materials, a father and husband
assurances that appropriate action has been or will be taken.                       has lost his life. There is no excuse for employers not
                                                                                    ensuring that wood on their premises is properly stored,
If the employee is dissatisfied with the outcome, he or she has the right to        posing the most minimal risk to their staff.”
appeal and, should the individual make a relevant request under the Data
Protection principles, it would be appropriate at that point to provide access
                                                                                    The company pleaded guilty to breaching section 2(1) of
to the relevant documents, but you may need to retract any anonymous
                                                                                    the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and was fined
confidential information and you would only need to provide information which
                                                                                    £26,000 and ordered to pay £9,000 in costs.
relates to and identifies that individual.

 page 20 | Autumn 2012 | training times
Company fined after worker’s
fingertip is severed
A Cardiff manufacturing                              the employee carrying out the drilling was called
company has been fined after                          away and Mr Thomas took over. It was during this
                                                     time that his right glove became entangled in the
a worker lost the tip of a finger                     drill bit, resulting in the loss of the top of his ring
while using an unguarded drill.                      finger down to the first knuckle.

Vaughan Thomas, 21, from Caerphilly, was             HSE’s investigation revealed that Mr Thomas
working at MIB Manufacturing Ltd’s factory on        had not received any information, instructions
Rising Sun Industrial Estate, Blaina, when the       or training on using the drill and that it had been
incident happened on 26 April 2011.                  unguarded at the time of the incident. Also, the
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted     operation of the drill had not been risk assessed
the company, which produces light steel frames       and there was no formal system in place for
and panels for the building industry, after an       checking the drill guard.
investigation revealed it had failed to ensure its
workers were protected from dangerous parts of       MIB Manufacturing Ltd (now known as Blaina
machinery.                                           Manufacturing Ltd) of Rhymney River Bridge
                                                     Road, Cardiff, today pleaded guilty to breaching
Abergavenny                                          Regulation 11(1) of the Provision and Use of
Magistrates                                          Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and was fined
Court heard                                          £15,000 and ordered to pay costs of £9,947.
it was Mr                                            The company was also ordered to pay £3,000 in
Thomas’ first                                        compensation to Mr Thomas.
time working                                         HSE inspector Hugh Emment said:
at the Blaina
factory and he                                       “Serious incidents involving inadequately guarded
had been sent                                        drills are unfortunately too common. As this
there to work                                        incident illustrates, the wearing of gloves is often a
on placing and                                       significant factor as it greatly increases the risk of
tightening bolts                                     entanglement and serious injuries.
and screwing                                         Incidents like this often result in the injured
boards onto                                          person having to deal with significant long term
steel panels.                                        consequences for themselves and their families.
However, the
panels were                                          Employers should ensure that machinery is suitably
not yet ready and Mr Thomas was instead sent to      and sufficiently assessed. This includes taking into
help another employee who was drilling holes into    account relevant guidance and standards so that
steel frames.                                        all necessary guarding and other risk reduction
                                                     measures are in place as well as having systems to
He was asked to help load and unload the steel       ensure that controls provided are maintained.”
and was given gloves to wear. During the morning,

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staff announcements
             Mr and Mrs
            Jessica and Rob got married
           on Friday 4th May 2012 at St.
           Bartholomew’s Church in Great

             The wedding breakfast and
             evening reception were held
            at Mytton Fold Hotel and Golf
           Complex where 90 day guests
           and 180 evening guests joined
                 them to celebrate.

         Jessica and Rob have just enjoyed
         a fantastic honeymoon in Antigua,
                  in the Caribbean.

           Jess is a Foundation Learning
          Keyworker at NLTG’s Old Bakery
                office in Accrington.

         Mr and Mrs
             Ike and Hayley married on
            the 12th August 2012. The
             ceremony was held at the
          Inn on the Lake, Glenridding,
             Ullswater. We got married
          outside in the gazebo on the
           lake shore. We then had our
            day reception and followed
         that with a champagne cruise
          on a steam boat on the lake.
              Then we had our evening
           Hayley is a Foundation
        Learning Keyworker at NLTG’s
               Blackpool office.
Simon Clarke celebrates 25
years service at NLTG
On 6th July 2012, Simon Clarke celebrated 25
years service with NLTG.
Simon has developed from a ‘shy’ young man, who
joined us as a Group Training Officer in 1987, into
the solid, competent senior manager he is today.
Simon is a most amenable member of staff who is
invariably consistent and hard working. He is one
of the core members of NLTG staff who has played
a key part in helping to develop the group to its
current status.
Sincere thanks to Simon for all his hard work,
commitment and ongoing contributions to the

                                     Happy Retirement Michael
                                       On the 14th May 2012 the team at NLTG
                                        were gathered to say farewell to Michael
                                        Hewitt. Michael has worked at NLTG for
                                       over 25 years as a Group Training Officer.
                                        Michael was presented with gifts and a
                                        cake on behalf of the team. All the best
                                       for the future Michael. Thank you Michael
                                         for your tremendous effort on behalf of
                                        NLTG, both Group Members and NLTG
                                                staff will miss you greatly.

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