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									Historic Darby
 Over 350 years of history
      Historic Darby/The Land
Darby Borough is located
 between Cobbs Creek
 and Darby Creek in
 Southeastern Delaware
 County. In area, it is
 approximately one
 square mile and bordered
 by Philadelphia, Yeadon,
 Colwyn, Aldan Sharon
 Hill and Collingdale.
n   With easy access to I-95, I-76, Center City,
    University City and Lansdowne, and the
    Philadelphia Airport, Darby is strategically
    located near everything. What is Darby not near?
Darby’s early settlers came from Darbyshire in England

         They found a similar place of streams and hills and named it Darby
                           Trolley Access
n   One of the easiest ways to and from Darby is via the Rt. 13 or Rt. 11
    Subway-Surface Trolley connecting Darby with Center City and
    University City which began as a horse car line in 1858
   Darby is a transportation hub

Public Transit Links
R2 –Train: Philadelphia-Wilmington Darby Station located at 4th and Colwyn
11 – Trolley (Darby to Center City via Woodland Ave)
13 – Trolley (Darby to Yeadon and Center City via Chester Avenue)
46 – Bus      (Darby-Yeadon-60th St.- Overbrook)
113- Bus     (69th St. Terminal-Darby-MacDade Blvd.-Chester-Marcus Hook)
114 –Bus     (Darby-Chester Pike-Chester-Marcus Hook-Boothwyn)
115- Bus      (Ardmore-Darby-Folcroft via Lansdowne Ave-
              (connects with SEPTA R3 in Lansdowne)
305-Bus       (Darby-Philadelphia Int’l Airport)

   Mural at Darby Transportation Center, 9th and Main,
    commemorating the first horsecar service to Darby in 1858
                Darby has Victorian Charm

n   1018 Main

                                  1100 Block, Main Street
      Darby has significant Colonial Heritage

1006 Main , Circa 1734
1017 Main, circa 1750, used as schoolmasters house by Darby Friends Meeting
1019 Main Street - Darby Friends Meetinghouse, 1805. Third Meetinghouse
serving Darby Friends Meeting, established 1682
1100 block of Main Street, circa 1750
Darby Library may be America’s oldest public library
Darby Fire Co. was established in 1775 and is one of the nation’s oldest
                         Future Possibilities
n   Old Borough Hall
    Once used as a school, a jail and the
    first town offices, it has been
    vacant since the 1970’s and would
    make a wonderful museum/visitor
1000 Main, circa 1852 with possible Underground Railroad connections
                              Creek near
                              12th Street

Bridge over Providence Road
For further information visit www.darbyhistory.com

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