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									Emerging Markets Equity Team

Geoffrey Wong, CFA, Managing Director, Head Emerging Markets Equities, Head of Research
Asia (ex-Japan). Mr. Wong is responsible for global Emerging Markets equities investment
management research. He also is responsible for Asia ex Japan investment research for developed
markets. He manages a team of analysts who research companies, industries and countries across
the emerging world, based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Zurich. This team manages the firm’s
global emerging and Asia ex Japan equity investments. Mr. Wong’s prior experience includes co-
founding one of Asia’s most successful investment management boutiques, where he served as
Director of Investment Management and was responsible for asset allocation and stock selection
for institutional portfolios. He has extensive experience combining fundamental and quantitative
techniques in the Asian markets. Mr. Wong is a member of the Singapore Society of Financial
Analysts, as well as Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi, the engineering and scientific societies,

William De Allaume, CFA, Director, is an investment analyst of Emerging Markets Equity. Mr. De
Allaume is responsible for the analysis of the energy sector globally. In his previous position with
the firm, he was responsible for Latin American regional analysis for energy, metals and mining,
construction, and beverage industries. From 1996 to 1998, he served as the Emerging Markets
Group’s primary integration liaison, first with Swiss Bank and most recently with UBS, where he
facilitated the orderly implementation of all UBS Global Asset Management analytical and portfolio
monitoring systems. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. De Allaume spent six years at a major trust
company, where he advised institutional clients in the areas of asset allocation, risk analysis and
performance attribution. Mr. De Allaume has written on equity style management and is a member
of the Investment Analysts Society of Chicago.
Emerging Markets Equity Team
Fedra Dell’Aquila, CFA, Executive Director, is a portfolio strategy analyst of Emerging Markets Equity. Ms.
Dell’Aquila is responsible for portfolio strategy, asset allocation and stock selection for Latin America. She
heads a team of analysts who carry out fundamental research on companies and sectors in this region.
She is also a member of the EME Global Strategy Committee. Prior to joining the bank, Ms. Dell’Aquila
worked in UNCTAD, the United Nations Commission on Trade and Development, assisting Latin American
countries in debt management by consulting on technical and regulatory matters. Ms. Dell’Aquila started
her career as a planning executive in a credit risk management company involved with expanding the
company’s business throughout Europe.

Vivian Hongyun Lin, Associate Director, Emerging Markets Equities. Ms. Lin is responsible for investment
analysis and stock selections for Consumer Staples, Consumer Discretionary and Downstream Energy
sectors in Latin America and EMEA (Emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa) regions. From 1999 to
2000, Ms. Lin provided investment system support to the entire emerging markets equity group. She
initiated a regional based support system in each local office, developed several important valuation and
macro economic models, and provided the performance attribution analysis for emerging markets equity
mandates. Previously, Ms. Lin worked for a trust and investment corporation in Beijing. Her activities
included analyzing and providing financial plans for World Bank's agribusiness investment projects in
China. Ms. Lin is a member of AIMR and the Investment Analysts Society of Chicago.
Emerging Markets Equity Team
Tom Barrett, Executive Director, Senior Emerging Markets Equity Trader. Mr. Barrett is responsible for the
trading and implementation of the firm’s global equity strategies at the firm’s London office. In this capacity,
Mr. Barrett implements the investment strategy, monitors the actual positions in the portfolios relative to the
strategy and rebalances the portfolios when necessary. Mr. Barrett began his career in 1982 in the Overseas
Accounts & Finance Department of a major insurance company. In 1985 he transferred internally to the
Segregated Funds Investment Department. He then was employed by an investment management firm
where he worked as a Senior Investment Administrator. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Barrett worked for
another investment management firm as Manager of Trade Execution, after setting up their first centralized
Equity and Foreign Exchange trading areas in 1989. Mr. Barrett is a Credited Member of the Institute of
Investment Management and Research.

Artur Wichmann, Director, Senior Emerging Markets Industry Analyst, Latin America. Mr. Wichmann is
responsible for management of the local Brazilian equity portfolios, including portfolio construction and
trading. He is also responsible for analyzing the electric utility and paper and pulp sectors in Latin America
for the firm’s Emerging Markets group.Previously, Mr. Wichmann was the head of the international trading
desk for a major local investment bank, responsible for the trading of non-Brazilian equities. His prior
experience includes the management of the Brazilian small cap funds for a local investment firm.
Emerging Markets Equity Team

Mehran Nakhjavani, Director of Strategic Research. Mr. Nakhjavani is responsible for emerging markets
strategic research, including the monitoring and forecasting of currency and interest rate trends. Prior to
joining the firm in 1998, Mr. Nakhjavani launched an independent research service that provided strategic
investment forecasts covering equities, bonds and currencies in emerging capital markets. He also
developed quantitatively-driven asset allocation models based on proprietary indicators in both equity and
fixed-income sectors. From 1980 to 1991, Mr. Nakhjavani tracked Middle Eastern banking and financial
developments for various research organizations from the U.K., Canada, Japan, Cyprus and the Persian Gulf
states. He has published research on the region's oil producers, in particular their public finance and political
economy, as well as on Arab and Islamic banking practices. From 1978 to 1980, Mr. Nakhjavani worked in
the U.K. as a trade specialist on newly-industrialized Asian economies and was involved in trade negotiations
which allowed consumer electronics exporters in these countries access to EU markets. His academic thesis
work was on Latin American development finance, primarily in Mexico and Peru.

Urs Antonioli,CFA, Research Director for EMEA and Latin America. Mr. Antonioli, together with his team of
5 analysts, is responsible for the fundamental company and sector analysis of the investment universe in
Latin America, Emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa. In addition, he is responsible for the analysis of the
Energy sector in his area of responsibility. Mr. Antonioli started his professional career at UBS in 1994 after
graduating in business economics with a focus on finance. After completion of a trainee program in the areas
of trading, PM European Equities and PM Special Products, he started working as a fund manager at UBS.
He managed the UBS Bond Invest Convert Asia Fund for half a year, sharing responsibility for the launch
and management of the UBS (Lux) Equity Invest Central Europe Fund. Later, he also became active in
equity analysis. From June 2000 – Sept. 2001, Urs’ tasks comprised the management of all eastern
European portfolios as well as company analysis for Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia and Israel. In
addition, he was responsible for analysis of telecommunications and high-tech companies in the European
emerging markets region. In 1999 he received the CFA certificate.

Gabriel Csendes, CFA, Associate Director, Portfolio Strategy Analyst, EMEA. Mr. Csendes is responsible
for covering the Pharma, IT and Banking sectors. Mr. Csendes joined the firm in April 1999. Previously, Mr.
Csendes worked as junior portfolio manager for CICM, the asset management division of Commerzbank in
Frankfurt. His activities in this role included analyzing Eastern European markets as well as the European oil
Emerging Markets Equity Team

Dominique Becht, Executive Director, Portfolio Manager, Asia. Mr. Becht is responsible for the portfolio
construction and management of the Asian mandates of the Emerging Markets Equity Group. Previously
he was the portfolio strategist and analyst for the Indian subcontinent and Korea, as well as for the regional
heavy industry, steel, petrochemical, oil and coal sectors. In 1993 Mr. Becht joined the Quantitative
Investment Research group of the firm in Basel, Switzerland. Over the course of several years, he
developed economic Multifactor Models for equity markets. Mr. Becht completed a doctoral thesis about
Noise Trading and nonlinear structures in the capital markets.

Yit Mee Cheah, CFA, Executive Director, Senior Analyst, Asia. Ms. Cheah is the senior analyst for the
financial sector in Asia ex Japan. She researches companies in the region for regional, emerging and
global equity portfolios. She also contributes to portfolio construction in regional portfolio. Prior to this
appointment, Ms. Cheah was head of research on the Singapore and Malaysia team. For her previous
employer, a major global investment management company, she was portfolio manager for Singapore,
Malaysia and Thailand. Ms. Cheah began her career as a Singapore and Malaysia analyst and obtained
her Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1995.

Shou Pin Choo, CFA, Director, Portfolio Strategy Analyst, Asia. Mr. Pin is located in Singapore. He is the
regional analyst for utilities, transportation and producer goods, as well as the country strategist for
Singapore and Malaysia. Mr. Pin began his career as a trader and performance measurement specialist.
Prior to joining the firm, he was a portfolio manager with a local investment management company. His
previous employers include AIB Govett (Asia) Limited. Mr. Pin obtained his Chartered Financial Analyst
designation in 1996.
Emerging Markets Equity Team

Jimmy Chua, Director Portfolio Coordination and Trading. Mr. Chua is responsible for assisting in portfolio
co-ordination and the trading of the UBS Asian Equity Funds which are invested primarily in the Asian-
Pacific stock markets. Prior to joining the firm, he worked for a local stockbroking firm in Singapore in
investment research, as well as dealing for institutional clients. He had prior experience working in the tax
and auditing department of Price Waterhouse and in the corporate finance department of Chase
Investment Bank, Singapore. He has extensive experience in managing mutual funds and investment
portfolios for private clients and institutions.

Markus Eichacker, CFA, Director, Head of Hong Kong Equities, Asia. Mr. Eichacker is the country
strategist for Hong Kong and China and the regional telecommunications analyst. Markus was based in
Singapore and Basel prior to his relocation to Hong Kong in Jan 2001. During his time in Singapore,
Markus was the regional telecommunications analyst and portfolio manager for Emerging South East Asia
and China. During his time in Basel, Markus was portfolio manager for Emerging South East Asia and
China as well as being part of the Global Emerging Markets Asset Allocation team. Prior to working with
UBS, he did several internships with a leading German bank and with a leading US investment bank. He
joined their derivatives teams.

Wee Ming Goh, Analyst Asia. Mr. Goh is the country analyst for the Singapore and Malaysia markets, as
well as the Asian regional industry analyst for the transport and commodities sectors. Prior to joining the
firm, Mr. Goh worked as a consultant in one of Europe’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning
organizations. He also has experience working as a credit analyst in a major local bank. Mr. Goh is a
provisional member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore and a Chartered Financial
Analyst Level III candidate.

Dorothy Lek, Associate Director, Trading/Administration Area. Ms. Lek is responsible for the trading of
UBS Asian Equity Funds, which are invested primarily in the Asia Pacific equity markets. Previously, Ms.
Lek worked as the central dealer in the Private Banking divisions of two major financial institutions, where
she traded global equities, bonds and structured products. Ms. Lek has six years of experience managing
mutual funds and investment portfolios for private clients and institutions.

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