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                    onsdag 2 oktober, 09:39 (C, I) Vi firar idag: De heliga skyddsänglarna           Nyheter2
                    , onsdag vecka 26 under året
                    Läsningar i mässan: Neh 2:1-8, Ps 137:1-6, , Luk 9:57-62                            Interfaith hos
                                                                                                     02-okt-2013: Lä
                                                                                                     [Fler nyheter]
                                        Bibel 2000                                 Daglig bön
                                                                             Dagens läsningar o          Pope to athei
                                   FOLKBIBELN                                tideböner i mobilen     02-okt-2013: Va
                                                                                                     that grace is ava
                  aktuellt                                                                           than proselytism
                                                                                                     following his co

                  video                                                                              “Even you, with
                                                                                                     Scalfari, the ath

                                                                                                     Scalfari conduct
                  Nyheter1                                                                           published Oct 1

                     Bönevaka för fred i Syrien o Mellanöstern i Katolska domkyrkan 7 sept           Pope Francis sh
                  05-sep-2013:                                                                       fundamental ele

                                                                                                     He explained th
                                                                                                     changes, affects
                                                                                                     and without fear
                  Med anledning av påve Franciskus initiativ till världsvid bön för fred i Syrien,   touched.”
                  Mellanöstern och hela världen:
                                                                                                     From there, Sca
                  Ekumenisk bönevaka i Katolska domkyrkan                                            Pontiff replied,
                  Lördag 7 sept 19.00 – 22.00                                                        amount of light

                  Välkomna alla som vill ansluta sig och i gemenskap med bröder och systrar          Pope Francis ad
                                                                                                     believe, because
                  som samlas på Petersplatsen och över hela världen be för freden!
                                                                                                     believe in the so
                  Katolska Domkyrkan Folkungag 46 Stockholm (T-bana Medborgarplatsen)
                                                                                                     Scalfari respond
                                                                                                     to convert the ot
                                                                              personal relation
/Bengt Malmgren
Katolska Domkyrkan Stockholm                                                  “Proselytism is
070-4845602                                                                   to know each ot
                                                                              around us.”
affisch A4 (pdf) här.
                                                                              Following an en
--------------------------                                                    encounter, becau
                                                                              important: to ge
Bönevakor anordnas på flera platser den 7 sept.. I Uppsala anordnar Svenska
kyrkan ekumenisk bönevaka i Heliga Trefaldighetskyrkan kl 19.00.              Pope Francis sai
                                                                              towards the Goo
                                                                              When Scalfari q
                                     arkiv...                                 responded, “Eac
                                                                              move towards w

                                                                              He affirmed tha
                                                                              of good and evil
                                                                              understands it. T

                                                                              The two were ab
                                                                              self in men's hea

                                                                              Pope Francis po
                                                                              the world” and q
                                                                              are going.”

                                                                              “I believe,” Sca
                                                                              arise. He went o
                                                                              indestructible an

                                                                              Pope Francis res

                                                                              “God is the ligh
                                                                              of divine light is
                                                                              Läs mera...
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                                                                                 Benedict cou
                                                                              01-okt-2013: Ro
                                                                              Press Office ann
                                                                              ceremony next A
During a Sept. 3
out that the form

“There is not leg
ceremony,” he s

It would be an u
predecessor, Be
Blessed John XX

Fr. Lombardi al
is held the secon

He explained th
Divine Mercy an
2011, which fell

He also said tha
canonizations, th
come from arou

Fr. Lombardi al
this summer, “th

Pope Francis “sa
celebrating both
appreciate the h
the Second Vati
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   Pope calls fo
01-okt-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Furthering tr
01-okt-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Charity with
01-okt-2013: Va
St. Therese of L
meekness, prayi
upcoming meeti

The Pope conce
meet from Tues

In his homily, P
become more hu
witness to the w

Reflecting on th
those who did n
“path of vengea

In light of the fe
the Pope encour
of bounty,” whi

This spirit, he sa
the hands of the

Once we unders

“Another spirit c
that is humble, t

Noting that ther
“majesty” and “

“The Gospel rea
humiliation,” he
humility of the c

The pontiff laud
of Missions – a
proselytism,” bu

“When the peop
need that the Pro

“Charity is simp

Concluding his
of cardinals, Pop
humble, meek, p

He asked that th
and seeing the P
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   Humility, ser
01-okt-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope experie
01-okt-2013: Va
interview, Pope
role as Bishop o

The Pope recoun
the Italian news

When asked if h

Scalfari replied
Holy Father if h
has, but that one
accepted his ele

“Before the acce
that with the bal
invaded me,” he

“To make it pas
refusing to acce

Pope Francis sh
emotion,” but th
seemed really lo

“Then the light
cardinals were w
signed it...and th

Also brought up
Holy Father, “ha
“the services tha

“This Vatican-c
vision and I will
more communal
people of God.”

Referencing St.
ideal of a missio
that Jesus and h

When pressed b
and that the inst
Pontiff stated th

“On this subject
also had to “neg
of his order, wh

When asked if h
he does not have
eight Cardinals

Although the ro
“prudence, but f

Being asked abo
Peter stated that
minority is actua

Elaborating this
the yeast is a qu

He also spoke o
modern culture
done in this dire

In speaking to th
occupy herself w
themselves polit

“Politics is the f
of religion,” he
definition, and t
“I believe that C
said, “but a matu

“The Church wi
least as long as I
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   Dialogue for
01-okt-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope establis
30-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Peace require
30-sep-2013: Va
morning homily
saying that foste

Present at the Po
the participants
the Rome-based

The Sept. 29 - O
and is composed
who are commit

Pope Francis lau
convened the hi
different Church

The Holy Father
meeting is despe
entire peoples w

The pontiff wen
regardless of its
must be stamped
on a ‘no’ to God
Reminding thos
religions, he stre
for peace!

“A religious lea

Turning then to
“Courage to Ho

“In the world, in
it is hard to look
and sincere exch

Peace, the Pope
patient, strong a
the way of peac

The pontiff conc
dialogue,” instea

for themselves.
themselves gene

In his final rema
insisting that leg
showing that dia

“Dialogue and p

He encouraged a
Syria and the M
to the world, to
their future.”
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   Pope choose
30-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
   Pope to cano
30-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
30-sep-2013: Va
cardinals chosen
will begin their

“The institution
Lombardi, S.J. i
to the governanc

Fr. Lombardi re
the future Pope

He emphasized
consultation, cit
reviving the wor

The Vatican spo
private library o
morning and in

Fr. Lombardi no
numerous docum
council has been

Although much
the Holy Father
synod, as well a

Fr. Lombardi sp
major decisions

“Let's not expec
any sort!”

He called on tho
from these sessi

There is no fina
will give a final
The council is c
Ossa, Oswald G
O'Malley O.F.M
Marcello Semer
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[Fler nyheter]

   John Paul II,
30-sep-2013: Ro
has announced t
canonized this c

The announcem
proclaimed that
second Sunday o

A consistory is a
discuss and dete

In recent month
including the ap

However, in the
Vatican, instead
unusual, it is wi

When the decisi
Federico Lomba
allowing Pope J
without a second

Bl. John XXII is
the Second Vati
during the Year

Bl. John Paul II
most remembere
along with his ro

The cherished P
quickest in recen
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29-sep-2013: Va
celebrated Mass
the danger of lo

“Whenever mat
hold of us, they
September 29.

Sunday’s Mass
catechists during

The Pope explai
comfort, worldli
most important

When materialis
material things w

The human pers
likeness of mate

Too much conce
this forgetfulnes
longer have a fa

Mary serves as a

Moreover, Mary
prestige or weal

Instead, she goe

When Mary visi
recalls “God’s w

Christian catech
service of procla
talk about God,

“The catechist, t
of God in his or
others,” explain

Yet, “this is not
The work of the

Rather, the gift o
the memory of o
and transforms u

An estimated 60
around the worl
Council for the
of the group of e
Roman Curia.

Pope Francis co
various groups p

He particularly t
and All the East

The Pope then g
babies and the d

The crowds wer
Conciliazione, t
like “thank you
wore “Year of F
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Live your fai
28-sep-2013: Va
met with a grou
a life of witness

“Be catechists, d
gathered in the P

The pontiff stres
had noted, the C
that which attrac

“People see the

In order to live t
“The first thing,
him. And this al

The Pope then a

When someone
let him see you?

It is in this union
share the gospel

These evangeliz
himself goes.

Pope Francis ref
orderly life” to g
of his world.”

This story teach
periphery, you w

He then went on

“In Buenos Aire
the Cross! This

Pope Francis we
need to know th

Although the go
according to our

Moreover, said
our parish, in ou
being “sick.”

Rather, we need
preaching the go

Sue Petritz of Su
present at the m

“He’s just a grea
he uses Jesus as
The meeting wit
organized for th
from September

One participant
international gat

“I think it’s very
experiences – an
Father,” she said

The conference
on catechesis an
Läs mera...
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   Gossip helps
28-sep-2013: Va
celebrated Mass
against evil by r

He warned that
an internal war,
on September 28

The temptation

Gossip is a sin a
Church, he expl

The morning M

The Mass was f
Gendarmerie wa
empire. While t
Gendarmes are r

Pope Francis sai
attacking armies

“Napoleon is no

Instead, the “wa
“It is a war that
the tongue,” he

Pope Francis tol

“If (you hear) so
out of St. Anne’

This spiritual wa

On the eve of th
Pope Francis ask

“We ask St. Mic
ears to gossip,”
Läs mera...
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   Pope tells ca
28-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Panel: More
28-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Scholar calls
27-sep-2013: M
Catholics caused
publications sho
Italian sociologi

“It is always use
and political ref
the case with so
Introvigne, a soc

In addition to be
managing direct
around the globe
Encyclopedia of
Foreign Affairs
of religious libe
He is also a lead
to diffuse the Ch
CNA in full her

In his letter, Intr
predecessor, Be
must remember

“The way of exp
much easier to f
maliciously onto

The scholar obs
faithful are Pope
and his insistenc
marriage and the

Regarding the T
to present the ric
seem to portray
former Roman P
be exploited as t

Introvigne noted
very far from th

“It isn’t that the
is thinking abou
Pope comes afte

Rather than acce
Pope Francis “a

“Others, who ar
themselves to be
invitation to 'go

“That the world
– after all – also
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   For a 21st-ce
27-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   St. Francis' c
27-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Not your typ
27-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    True Christia
27-sep-2013: Va
daily homily Po
saying that an au

The Pope impar
guesthouse for h

Stressing the ne
began his homil
disciples who th

Pope Francis rec
declaration that
death, “Peter wa

This attitude, sa
never happen to

“This is the tem

Just like the rich
a certain point,”
many Christians
than following t

“The proof if so
joy and patience

Concluding his
be a Christian o
path of the cross
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican semi
27-sep-2013: Va
Pontifical Coun
Paul II's docume

Held from Oct.
Woman,” and is

The seminar is o
anniversary of th

John Paul II wro
of Bishops surro
to study the que

“The moral and
the human being

“Of course, God
this entrusting c
– and this in a p

The seminar wil
explore the pres
political life, wh

Attendees will r
asking if these c
aspects which h

Lastly, the semi
term coined by t
needed in order

Proposals will b
throughout the s

Organizers of th
at the beginning
creation, protect
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Benedict XV
27-sep-2013: Va
Italian mathema
XVI, affirmed th

“Frankness is a
Pope reflected in
daily “la Repubb

Odifreddi receiv
permission. He
Pope, I'm writin
of Benedict's 19
mutual friend of

“But that he cou
hope,” Odifredd
receiving the for
since “atheism r

He described Be
them, for which
realized that his
cohesive” to eng

Odifreddi said h
explain the perp
dialogue betwee
as Benedict had
called for dialog
nevertheless do
as the Unknown

The atheist math
everything,” the

Benedict began
“Introduction to
great part what I

The emeritus Po
book, which he
and “reckless.”

Benedict took is
defended theolo
fields have diffe
for other science
had its own stra

He also pointed
religion and reas
humanity,” he n
pathologies of re
importance com

Benedict also to
as “a filth pecul
that it is a “suffe
inner world of f

He added that w
“great shining p
He pointed out t
Avila, John of th
also that the fait
and to justice.”

Next, Benedict d
Russian theolog
myths by using
the historical rea

The former Pop
the prologue to

“In your religion
existence are no

“Whatever neur
history it is pres
your mathemati

“A religion that
Benedict conclu
went on to say t

“In any case, ho
with my 'Introdu
the Catholic Chu
no lack of conve
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   Pope: Get ou
26-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Charity must
26-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Five appoint
26-sep-2013: Va
announced Sept
Liturgical Celeb

The office plans
ceremonies, cur

Those appointed
Monsignor Ang

Fr. Maggiani is
Anselm Pontific
Divine Worship

Fr. Midili, a Car
pastoral liturgy

Monsignor Lam
Pontifical Latera
Greek College.

According to Ro
These included
and Monsignor
the Congregatio
Benedict XVI in

Another appoint
immunology, to
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   'Know Jesus
26-sep-2013: Ro
homily Pope Fra
and said that the

“Some people b
question of Jesu
conflict with the

One might wond

The Holy Father
the Santa Marta

“You cannot kn
want to have a p
many! But that i

“You cannot kn
day (life). You c
Know Jesus.”

Pope Francis the
order for every C

Drawing attentio
knowing our fai
reading it, and u

“We know the S
of salvation, of t
present “how m
published over 2

The Holy Father
important, it is o
not enough.
“It is necessary

“If you do not p
Him. You know
gives your heart

Pope Francis we
is still not suffic
that it will happ

It is necessary “
necessary to kno

“One cannot kno
life (on) Him.”

The Holy Father
identity of Jesus
which the Word
tells you about H

“This is the way
Läs mera...
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   Pius XII kne
26-sep-2013: Va
knew Pius XII p
says the pontiff
would be questi

Ninety year-old
Rome for 25 yea
Congregation fo

He was persona
the exception of

The work that F
everything” rela
information in a
they start to disc

The cause of can
of the research n

“I had absolute
“The period of P
investigating jud

The priest added
in the life of the

In his research,
Pope’s course o
that Pius XII him

The late pontiff
silent or inactive
to help the victim

“He knew that s
and that “at a ce
pleasing to ever
duty to do it.’”

“So he was awa
higher responsib

Fr. Gumpel reca
publicly react ag

“Anytime anybo

“If you find doc
of Poland,” he s
only makes thin

“The same happ
Heaven’s sake,
be even worse.’

Pius XII, he emp

“People who ha
like this, would
Kempner who d
in secrecy as mu

Another aspect o
is the pastoral h

“He was always
natural gifting a

The priest expla
ranking official
diplomatic servi

However, “he w
Pius XII was alw
become a diplom

Among the caus
end of the proce
Katherine Drexe
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Like Benedic
26-sep-2013: Va
Francis’ mentio
attention, few re

Pope Francis' in
as CNN's “Pope
lives of gays and
Focus on Gays a

Among other th
issues related to
speak about thes

He continued, “
of a disjointed m
missionary style
fascinates and a
Emmaus … the
this proposition

The Pope's word
comments to the

At that time, Be
knew the questio
contraception, a

“We should not
details,” he said
greatness of Chr

“If we let oursel
certain comman

“We give the im
convictions, and
consider it essen
never be diverte

This continuity
the Knights of C
misleading “me
taking the Catho
teaching on mor

“Benedict, we a
moral issues,” a

Anderson concl
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   Family, with
26-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope: Church
25-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    World needs
25-sep-2013: Va
his general audi
universal Churc

“Dear Brothers
consider the rich
throughout the w
pilgrims in St. P

“In effect, the C
throughout the w

Pope Francis hig
during World Y
diversity in the C

During the glob
languages, so m

“Like a big fam
sacraments, in th

Pope Francis the
closed up in our
far? Do we pray

The Pope noted
Church’s unity –

A Christian, he
first bites his ton

“That is why we
said, so that we
ecumenical jour

The pontiff also
of faith, saying “
and peace of the

“Let us ask the L
tensions and div
the Spirit in the
from the richnes

Pope Francis the
efforts, but rathe
present that we
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   One-child po
25-sep-2013: Ro
34th anniversary
about those who

“The one child p
abandoning the
with CNA.

Littlejohn is the
international coa
in China.

Wednesday mar
during the Mao
restricts most Ch
Family Planning

“The one-child p
official policy o
Littlejohn said,
“prevented four

“Women are for
these forced abo
term babies.”

In addition to he
to free Chinese

Known as an int
U.S. Congress a
White House, th
rights in China.
where she was a

Littlejohn reject
countering that “
adjustment to it,
child policy,' wh

According to he
communist party

“The core of the
government allo
she said.

Littlejohn added
have a birth perm
until the end of

Outside of force
rights issues, su

“The fact that th
that with the pre

“Right now ther
said, “and that’s
the surrounding

Littlejohn said t
purpose to also
was initiated, th
below 2.1.”

“China’s popula
too few young p
that’s a way for

She also listed C
women and repo
money that the g
families with mo
used to keep the

When the inform
come “in the mi
to tables and for

“That is a form
and it’s a way o

Littlejohn emph
the resources on
Abortion: China
easily be shared

She also sugges
stipend for a yea
they are girls, as

After being offe
keep their daugh

“Whenever I fee
China,” she said
we’re saving.”

“We’re ending g
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope to be in
25-sep-2013: Va
audience with th
formally invite P

The news of Sch
Union source w

The source main
unforeseen circu
a reason why th

Schulz had alrea
European Parlia

Both of Schulz'
Poland – invited
the invitation. T
Blessed John Pa

Although Schul
57-year-old Eur
European Union
faithfully by bot
and Herman van

According to the
Sant’Egidio pro

In the early afte
humanitarian iss
The press office
yet been confirm

The debate is un
Oscar Rodrigue
organization, to
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Agencies stre
25-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    New Vatican
24-sep-2013: Va
Vatican observe
a series of appoi
Pope’s collabora

Pope Francis on
the Faith and fo
Piacenza, until n
Penitentiary; Ar
and Archbishop

These last appoi
the Vatican is st
newspaper L'Os

In a conversatio
in South Americ
This would seem

Svidercoschi als
ambassadors in
Pietro Parolin.”

This would lead
important requir

While Archbish
Baldisseri will b
greater decision
In a recent inter
he underlined th
example, import
give them a less

Svidercoschi co
this would lead
control room of

Reports are also
Congregation fo
appointed Archb
already served t

It is possible tha
Blessed John Pa
International Eu
Congregation fo

And according t
potential earthqu

At the end of thi
confirm the app
general secretar
Ordinariate, the

The new secreta
Cagliari, who w

The source told
would open a ne

No doubt the po
seemingly going
clearing-house o
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[Fler nyheter]

   As migration
24-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
   Pope Benedi
24-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
24-sep-2013: Va
daily homily, Po
saying that it is

Pope Francis de
house, Santa Ma

The Holy Father
psalms, “We wi
Sacrament of th
is our constant c

Throughout the
moments which

However, the Po
make History by

“He decided to b

Pope Francis str
humility, saying
abandon them, b

Jesus shows us t
God, walks with
“help these arro

The Church, stre
us as “We go wi

“We go with joy
our personal live
rite: it is an enco
us and accompa
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   Prejudice tow
24-sep-2013: Va
the upcoming W
demands the end

“In considering
element in build

The message of
of World Migra

In his address, th
provide dignifie
individuals and
safeguarded and

“Our hearts do d
want to “be” mo
often attained w

The pontiff note
“Violence, explo
fundamental fre
elements of pov

Amid the necess
security, Pope F
which are held a

“Not infrequent
gives rise to sus

“There is a fear
that competition

It is those is the
responsibility “t
errors of a few a

The Pope likene
and faced reject
they were forced

“But the matern
the Holy Family
intercession, ma

The Church, he
disciples of all n
because “the fac

“Here we find th
always be respe

It is being create
pontiff, rather th
religious belong

“Every human b
need to see, and
represent a prob
and loved.”

The situation of
us to help build
more fraternal w

The Holy Father
opportunity for

Pope Francis en
them to “Never
journey you wil
solidarity and th
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pakistani bis
24-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Kenyan Cath
23-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope: Digita
23-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope, in Sard
23-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Peace only s
23-sep-2013: Ro
condemned a m
weekend, calling

“Today, in Paki
attack in which

At around noon
of the hundreds
heavily populate

Witnesses of the
they heard two b
Suicide vests we

It is reported tha
carried out the d

This attack com
represent about
that there are ab

Both religious a
took to the stree
the demonstrato
reports say that

The attack has b
memory, and is
result, the Pakis

In unprepared re
on the Italian isl
and war,” saying

“It serves nothin
The lights on th
of remembrance
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[Fler nyheter]

   Pope caution
22-sep-2013: Ca
Francis spoke fo
Christ and avoid

“You young peo
being!” he told t
Sept. 22.

“When a youth
little serenity, a
to those that sell
faith, without co

“Please, don’t se
in Jesus – He ch

The Holy Father

“I come here to
it’s Jesus!”

The Pope depart
crowds of young

“Yesterday I cel
“I have never fo
path (when) I w

In those years, P
next to Him, alw

Even after so m
responding to G

“Because alway
weakness, in mo
me alone.”
Many young peo
and even failure

However, he ins
Christ is “challe

At an earlier me
to follow Jesus i

“Everyone who
he said. “But the

In this “throw-a
erased from the

“It obliges you t
Pope explained.

He warned that
comes from love

Charity is not th
aid to ease the c

“No, that’s not l
choice of life.”

Pope Francis’ te
with various gro
local bishops, an
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[Fler nyheter]

    Seek God thr
22-sep-2013: Ca
Sunday homily
intercession of o
trust in God.

“Let us not grow
Sardinia. “Let u
knocking at the

“Mary prays – p
faith in God, in

The Pope recoun

Jesus entrusted t
in John.”

It is “loving gaz

However, her tim
Divine “loving g

“Mary will have
gaze of God the

Mary’s relations

She “teaches us
weakness,” expl
of his heart!”

With the love sh
in her care befor

In the tender gaz
which has made
made her our M

“And with that l
gaze that knows

As the Pope pre

“Bonaria” mean
Pope Francis’ ho

It is said that the
with early explo

After Mass, the
had been brough
prayed with thos
Pope Francis sto

He thanked them

He then continu
speak to the poo
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    Pope Francis
22-sep-2013: Ca
Francis spoke w
island of Sardin
values money ov

“Don’t let your
Cagliari on Sept

An economic sy
grandparents are
to this throw-aw

“God has willed
and woman, wh

The Pontiff depa
those who had e

“With this meet
of suffering: to t
in unstable situa
move forward.”

Pope Francis rec

His father had g
terrible econom
Pope exclaimed

Although this ha
about these time

“I heard about th
Speaking frankl

His honesty mov
tears from their

This phenomeno
consequence of

“We must say, ‘
encouraged. “M

It is hope that “c
“the unjust syste

“Let us strive to
the family, all o

Pope Francis clo
not lack work, g

His daylong visi
speeches to seve
the world of cul
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   Rediscover t
21-sep-2013: Va
spoke to Church
encouraging the
beauty of faith.

“The challenge
personal contact
beauty of faith a

His statement co
Council for Soc

The Council gat
Church can bett

Pope Francis en
what kind of tec

“It is necessary
men and women
however poor th
the Pontiff expla

In a world of on
ourselves are the

“The great digit
women who brin
of what is true, b

Christians must
“I believe that th
women of today

In order to evan
thorough and ad
“to pass through

In a world that e
the Church can
meaning that co

The Church mus
networks in such

“Allow yourselv
identity as you b

Msgr. Paul Tigh
that the challeng
lies behind” the

Rather than a m

Greg Erlandson
communicator i

As such, Cathol
“challenged” wi
bringing people
Faithful to its m
on Twitter and u
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[Fler nyheter]

    American am
21-sep-2013: Va
Pope Francis ma
officials and con

The series of an
departments and
Doctrine of the

It has been over
Vatican officials
before any defin

On Sept. 21, som

Most notably, P
Mueller as prefe
Archbishop Lui

The Doctrine de
resource for the
in Rome, but thr

The Congregatio
Italian Cardinal
official in the C
Archbishop Pro

These decisions

In addition to th
lifetime Vatican
Congregation fo

Archbishop Cel
department whil
The outgoing Ca
Monteiro de Cas

Titular Archbish
Bishops, has bee

In a further deve
Augustine "Gus
Doctrine of the

The American p
serving as under
was appointed s
time, he was con

In 2012, Pope B
Commission, wh
into the Catholic

Di Noia was bor
Joseph where he
serve on the Inte
See examine do

Pope Francis' ap
secretary of the
Congregation fo

And Msgr. Giam
and given specia

Titular Archbish
has been named

The curial chang
Cardinals from O
the Church.
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[Fler nyheter]

   Christ?s gaze
21-sep-2013: Va
on the Feast of S
experience when
looked at Matth
Pope to the cong
makes us worthy
encounter with J
continued Pope
place, never lets
you to grow, to
powerful, said th
he quipped. Ra
the divine love t
felt that Jesus ha
breath on ember
them lifted up, g
for dining with p
Father added. “
God’s image tha
the gaze of Jesu
gaze of Jesus in
us. He too, how
Jesus upon our l
[Fler nyheter]

   New Scotlan
21-sep-2013: Ro
Leo Cushley, w
Andrews and Ed
encouraged him

Msgr. Cushley i
See diplomat, he
collaborated clo
heads of state to

“Just recently, I
of me doing my
something abou
the Archbishop
in a September i

“And, as he talk
the heart of a ma
and very useful,

Msgr. Cushley w
Tartaglia of Gla
head, Cardinal K
sexual advances

On July 24, whe
delicate momen
support of the cl
all the energy I c

In his recent con
will shape his ep

“I will bring bac
the Pope – be it
Pope may be – a

“It’s something
Church of Rome

He added that S
Edinburgh, are “

He added that th
seminarians are

“I will be here r
Msgr. Cushley s

“But, more impo
affective link th
connect him to t
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope?s interv
21-sep-2013: Va
interview with P
flood of news re

Vatican analyst
with traditional

He noted that w
with another que
existence of this

This focus on th
suggested. “In s
Catechism of th
homosexual per

“In general, Fra
and more pastor

Allen commente
Italian newspap
magazine Amer

In the interview
the saving love
need to proclaim
than as isolated

“We cannot insi
contraceptive m
the fullness of th

While clarifying
topics, he added

“The proposal o
proposition that
teachings of the

Many media rep
The Associated
that “contained
the two most rec

David Gibson o
seeking to bring

He suggested th
style” among th
challenges in tha
replaced or side

Noted Catholic
shocked by the c

Writing for Nati
papacy, Francis

Now, he said, th
proclamation of

“The 21st-centu
infrequently hos

“The moral law
professes all tha
life, the life that

“But he also und
truths – about th
human sexuality
as Lord.”

Michael Sean W
Pope’s words “a
but argued that t
moral analysis a

He added that h
gay marriage an
way we are accu
attitude of a pas

Kathryn Jean Lo
Voices USA, su
opening doors a

Writing pieces f
many media rep
importance of d

Lopez said that
context of his en
instances in whi
calls to individu
murder of his br
The Pope’s mes
Lopez said. “Ch

This message of
address, she obs

“How will anyo
the prohibitions
compels them ra

She noted the Po
who have quit o
properly unders

“Whatever your
talking to you. H
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
21-sep-2013: Va
group of gyneco
dignity and rejec

“Every unborn c
Christ, the Lord
experience the r

The Holy Father
phase” to remin

“This is a comm
current,” he add
of Life.’”

The comments c
Francis, conduc
into English by

In the interview
Gospel and Jesu
“We cannot insi
contraceptive m
these issues, we
the proclamation

Several commen
teaching on mor
abortion several
“teaching of the

Speaking today
Associations of
protecting and p
of Christ.”

“In the fragile h
his human flesh
poorest” membe

The Pope lamen
now enslaves th
beings, especial

“Our response to

The Holy Father
real priority of t
defenseless,” the

He noted that, p
induced to disre

“The paradoxica
rights, sometime
man is not alwa

But despite the c
promotion of lif

Doctors must no
emphasized. Th
and no human li

With this unders
witnesses and sp
recognize “the t

The Pope encou
with courage.”
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Family law e
21-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pontifical Co
21-sep-2013: Ro
Pontifical Coun
true meaning of

“The family is s
adding that in se
building anymo

“Marriage has n
recognize the pi

The contempora
believers by pre
language that m

The conference,
themed “The rig
include exhibitio
journalists in rou

The conference
the Rights of the
being financed b

Yesterday aftern
featuring the dir
agency, Paolo B

Among the topic
and for the fami
of biotechnolog

Other speakers a
Bishop Jean Laf
lifestyles; Carm
secretary genera
Hildingsson, wh
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Curia meetin
21-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

20-sep-2013: Va
is “absolutely cl
God’s salvation
papal interview

“The message o
who is editor in
conducted the w

“When he talked
is the message o
can reach anyon
Sept. 20.

He added that “w
Gospel is. I got
very deeply mov
this is what the P

Pope Francis, in
to abortion and
Gospel, but rath

Fr. Spadaro said

“I don’t have to
am a son of the

At the same tim

“These kind of c
categories that d
conservative, pr

Asked where tho
for guidance in
“ask the Pope.”

He emphasized

“This is the attit
and body. We h
matter if you are
important thing
That is just a sta

“The Church is

Many media out
tone from his pr
America shared
Signed, Pro-Cho

However, this P

On May 12, Pop
the Angelus that
respect for huma

And he lamente
Catholic gyneco
Catholic Doctor

“Every child wh
Jesus Christ, has
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Bishop Kettl
20-sep-2013: St
Francis today ac
Cloud, and appo
the Fairbanks di
“I am very pleas
going to just rea
press conference

“Thank you for

Bishop Kettler's
pleased to be he

He reflected tha
Bishop of Fairba
also with a lot o
again “gratefully

“But I say this b
believe deeply t
that, why should
do all this work.

Bishop Kettler s
relationships. “I
people, that's wh

Responding to t
the Saint Cloud
encourage initia

Bishop Kettler w

Having led the F
sexual abuse cla
experience taug
“become better
economic insecu

Bishop Kettler s
“I stand for and
Catechism and t

He cited the imp
conversations on

“I want to be a f
He explained th
that, conversatio
important to rem
to the presence o

Bishop Kettler w
in Sioux Falls, S
the Diocese of S
both of which ar

He was ordained
Falls' diocesan c
the Catholic Un

Bishop Kettler w
years until his a

He takes over th
led the diocese s
of its population

Since Bishop Ke
Francis also app
apostolic admin

In addition, Pop
in Papua New G
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope condem
20-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican's new
20-sep-2013: Va
council is prepa
order to help pro

“Catechesis is im
beginning of ou
coherent witnes
Pontifical Coun
The app – which
tablets – is imp
way, and to chal

Although there i
Sept. 19 press co

During an interv
catechesis globa
in Africa and La

He also reflected
majority in our p
new generations

The archbishop
Congress of Cat
throughout the w
spreading the go

“The congress,”
waiting for a co
other and to che

Pope Francis wi
according to Arc
Evangelization c
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Proclaim full
20-sep-2013: Va
wide-ranging in
sharing the entir
and moral teach

The Holy Father
moral and religi

Proclamation of
consequences th
there is a risk of
show the heart o
Antonio Spadar
Cattolica, condu
magazine Amer
Sept. 19.

In the interview
context of the C

“We cannot insi
contraceptive m
the fullness of th

Observing that s
these moral mat
explaining, “The

However, he ma
them in a contex

He urged a miss
on “what fascina

“The proposal o
proposition that

Without this pro
“the freshness a

Pope Francis sai
have quit or are
warm the hearts

He compared th

“It is useless to
level of his bloo
everything else.

In addition, the
possible future,
Lord is present i

The interview al
music, as well a
attracted him wi

Reflecting on th
mindset that is c
where we may e

Asked to describ
upon,” both “a b
provincial super

The Pontiff also
God, pastors and

“No one is save
complex web of
this dynamic, th

He commented
Tridentine Mass
worry of a possi

On the topic of c

“The ministers o
walk through th
themselves into
“The people of G

In addition, the

“Mary, a woman
“feminine geniu

The Church mus
while also notin
machismo,’ bec
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Hidden away
20-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
    European pro
20-sep-2013: Br
initiative to prop
destructive polic
received at the l

The initiative, “
of every human
the organizers' w

The proposal is
introduce propo
proposal proces
the parliament, c
E.U. citizens, an
countries in the

One of Us passe
ahead of its Nov
member countri
Poland, Romani

Since One of Us
“to end the finan
particular in the

This move woul
at conception,”

The proposal is
needed to presen
individuals, One
scholars, and do

Furthermore, Ca
Pope Francis – h

During an Italia
focused on the i

“I am pleased to
protection to the
And in February
success on the ‘
human being's d

If the legislation
including resear

“A ban of such f
website adds.

Currently, abort
country within t

Abortion is lega
differing restrict

In addition, cou
funding of embr
reproductive tec

The initiative is
million by that d

On Sept. 22, On
more support an
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Marian shrin
19-sep-2013: M
of Our Lady of F
anniversary on S

“In these 400 ye
Lady. Only she
secrets of her ch
Segovia diocese

“She has done s
Fuencisla, patro
events of all kin

Msgr. Frechel in
and young peop

The celebration
Bishop Rubio. A
archbishop of Se
Ricardo Blázque

Describing the c
phenomenon du
the cathedral to
to work miracle
and she will be t

Mary “will alwa
may have forgot
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope: Bishop
19-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope says fo
19-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Australian ta
19-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope exhorts
19-sep-2013: Va
spoke today to n
their flocks – an

“I've served thre
diocese,” said B
Conference in R

“It really is a rem
Christ. He's the
and go, priests c

The conference,
formation and o

The new bishop
marking the end
Pope reminded t
principle and fo

The pontiff pres
the spirit of coll
communion and

Pope Francis the
apostle encourag
and eagerly, say

“They call you a
not to serve you
point of giving y

If they “welcom
said the Pope, “w
good mother tha

The Holy Father
flock, a journey
presence among

Taking to heart
appointed April
he’s enjoyed the
state and to visit

The priests of th
my closest colla
know them as m

Pope Francis the
austerity and foc
psychology of P

He warned of “a
beautiful or a ric

“This is a scand
of “spiritual adu
which he referre

The pontiff ende
which referred t
remain’ in the d

In a time when t
passed out of fa
functional, but h

“Avoid the scan
journeying with
and paternal firm
limitations, and

In attendance at
appointed since
Germany, Engla
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Cardinal say
19-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope says ch
18-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
18-sep-2013: Va
today's general a
Church as moth

“Dear Brothers
Mother,” he told
that our earthly

The Pope reflec
which path to fo

“So too the Chu
Our mothers kno
Francis said, ob
off the right path

“The Church als
the door, but off

The pontiff then
matter our failin
into the hands o

“And so we see
always accompa
God’s hands.”

Pope Francis als
celebrates each
peace in the mo

“I invite Catholi
God for the gift

“May peace, the
actions of the le

The pontiff aske
“encouraging al
war that still are

He expressed th
tragedy can only
and the dignity o

The Pope then g
countries, includ
Poland and the U
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

18-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   European bis
18-sep-2013: St
their first meetin
European Bisho
religious freedo

More than 30 de

Discussions dur
expression and f
taking on “great

However, they a
countries of the
Discrimination a
coming before t

The experts enc
religious freedo
collaborate in th

They also reflec
the dignity of th
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   'Terrible loss
17-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican anal
17-sep-2013: Va
meeting on Mon
suggested that h
Peruvian priest F

In a post for his
said the Holy Fa
prefect of the Co
views – in a “br
with the priests.

Magister said th
comment on libe
unnoticed by the
“In the formulat
the centrality of
theology and Ar

But “upon heari
Faith, Pope Fran
thinks, that is w

The Pope’s state
Gutierrez, who i
meeting took pla

Liberation theol
in the 1950s. It h
freedom from m

Several of Fr. G
a radical break w
system, the acce
dependence, wil

“Authentic liber
saves history,” h
which Christ an
and evangelized

One of Pope Fra
Scannone, has s

In an extensive
Press, 2013), Fr
and that “there a

“In the Argentin
interpretation of
pastoral work an

In comments ab
Cipriani of Lima
be rectified.
“The Church do
weekly radio pro
Lima…I told him

“If we look care
Congregation fo
see very clearly
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Church is lik
17-sep-2013: Va
militant is simila
spouse Jesus Ch

The widow of N
certain sense a w
Sanctae Marthae

“The Bridegroo
And she will be
invisible. She ha

Christ's encount
us, to be close to
“had great comp

“The Lord has a

The Church is li
children, “like th
eventually won.

“Our mother Ch
children are her

“She is a Church
cry, something i

Pope Francis ad
“gives them stre
in the hands of h
He said that he s
Christ says to th
for you there, at
this son of yours

As Christ told th
because of sin a
Pope noted, “he

Reconciliation w
explained, but it
because “there i
mother Church.”

Pope Francis co
the grace to be a
helps us grow an
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Poles welcom
17-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Church show
16-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope assures
16-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope calls fa
16-sep-2013: Va
should not be in
as well as praye

In his Sept. 16 d
Catholic doesn’

“That’s not true
Catholic meddle
“None of us can
those present fo
according to the

“Politics, accord
charity, because
We all have to g

He noted that it
to complain abo

Instead of simpl
most of all our p

Observing that p
St. Paul’s letter
those in authorit

Even if they bel
can govern well
can be humble,”

At the same tim
stressing the nee

Reflecting on th
healing of his se
govern – at best

In addition, he e

“And every man
themselves two
humble and do I

“If you don’t as
continued. “The
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

16-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Ancient Orde
15-sep-2013: Va
stopped this wee
of pilgrims throu
charitable organ
the Year of Fait
Sepulcher of Jer
commitment to
audience with P
Sept. 15, celebra
Francis welcom
helping Christia
journey is in his
all, with love.”
brothers and sist
who are living i
especially true f
amazing” see Po
“We regard our
astounding.” W
on education pro
16 university stu
students “mainta
not been forgott
remembrance to
embrace, ensuri
pilgrims to live
really the center
associations,” he
in order to offer
it! Faith does no
on the contrary
society.” The O
pilgrimage, and
website, joining
Christian life of
Land, [and] to p
[Fler nyheter]

15-sep-2013: Va
Angelus, the Ho
for his wrongdo

“What is the joy
in this teaching

Forgiveness, he
mercy is the true
morality or bad

“Only love fills
history,” continu

God alone is com
“squandered his

“But God does n
is a patient Fath

Like the father o
in his house, bec
And his heart is

This “celebratio
and asks His for

We need never f
awaits us” when

However, we m
as judges rather

 “We presume to
we think that he

“The devil is sh
justice can save

God’s justice is
revealed in the C

Jesus’ sacrifice
precisely an act
Every Christian
us to follow this

The Holy Father
may need to ext

“Everyone in sil
are angry at, som
moment let’s pr

After leading th
witness of the A

Fr. Brochero’s s
leper, was a witn

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope praises
14-sep-2013: Va
occasion the bea
locals as the “co

“Brochero was a
greatness came
by the mercy of

Born in 1840 an
traversing his m
people of Cordo

Pope Francis co
Arancedo, Presi
Brochero’s beat

The Pope said th
like “a visit from

When visiting h
of the Virgin M

While explainin
because what he
directly from his

His apostolic co

“Brochero did n
and he ended up

He was faithful

He was well kno
of 1867 that dev

In late 1869, he
4,336 square kil

The impoverish
Unable to be rea
“abandoned by e

Early in his time
Sierra Mountain

Although the jou
in the life of the

In addition to hi
and worked to b
the local authori

An 1887 article
whose work was

“He practices th
a laborer? He’s
and opens a pub

Fr. Brochero die
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
14-sep-2013: Va
Triumph of the
bitterness of suf

“Today we look
upon this Cross,
sweetness of the
Sancta Marta on

Despite the fact
journey with us.

According to the
by eating from t

The incarnation
wood of the Cro

“This tree of the
own mentality, a
being and becom

"This is the stor

The only possib

“God takes this

In the Cross we
of his suffering

This bittersweet
kneeling, in pray

Moreover, each
looking upon so

Pope Francis em
the cross.

“In order to ente
we need the Mo
great and humbl

Each Christian m
mother, weeping
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Gossip is a f
14-sep-2013: Va
morning Mass h
saying that when

The Pope began
“Why do you lo
the plank in you

He spoke for a f
who practice the
when one becom

“Those who live
because they lac

Pope Francis sai
“he who has hat

The Pope added
hatred for his br
walks in darkne

“A Christian mu
nuances. If you
this, we are imit

During this time
peace, the ponti

“Gossip,” he cau
innocent gossip.

Quoting St. Jam
God, “but when
kill God...the im

He said that alth
about, that is no
him! Go and do
may be able to s

“Paul had been
violent man. Bu

Pope Francis ch
“if we ever goss

“We ask for gra
to love, to humi
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
14-sep-2013: Va
Pope Francis be
as the “cowboy

“Brochero was a
greatness came
by the mercy of

Born in 1840 an
traversing his m
people of Cordo

Pope Francis co
Arancedo, Presi
Brochero’s beat

The Pope said th
like “a visit from

When visiting h
of the Virgin M

While explainin
because what he
directly from his

His apostolic co

“Brochero did n
and he ended up

He was faithful

He was well kno
of 1867 that dev

In late 1869, he
4,336 square kil

The impoverish
Unable to be rea
“abandoned by e

Early in his time
Sierra Mountain

Although the jou
in the life of the

In addition to hi
and worked to b
the local authori

An 1887 article
whose work was

“He practices th
a laborer? He’s
and opens a pub

Fr. Brochero die
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Under Pope
14-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Francis' teac
14-sep-2013: Va
former teachers
based liberation
“In the Argentin
interpretation of

“I think that the

Fr. Scannone’s r
Our Brother Ou
Alejandro Berm

The book’s relea
theology, a cont
Liberation theol
on freedom from

Although the me
Vatican confirm
Congregation fo
Gutierrez, the P

Archbishop Mü
thought to have
of the current A
speculations abo
of liberation at t

The speculation
L'Osservatore R

The essay was o
published in Ge
Rome for the pr

However, Fr. Sc
contends that “th
studied extensiv

The Argentine c
analysis of socie
more historical,

“My opinion is
‘Theology of the
like many of his

“There are thing
the evangelizati
it is part of the P

When Pope Fran
Scannone noted
God would bles

“He always supp
environment wh
of popular piety
are key to this c
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope's first s
13-sep-2013: Va
into his pontific
and is viewed by

“I think he has a
Church which in
been forgotten,”

“I think that cou

Bermudez serve
television progr
religious issues
National Cathol

He is also the au
a collection of in
close to the pon

As someone wh
Buenos Aires, B
his pontificate “

“He has been ab
predecessors,” h
Although much
we knew as Car
know to console
since his electio

One of the most
enthusiasm in en

“He wasn't a ma

However, after W
completely diffe
the crowds as he

Not only has Po
with being the V
well as outside o

“He is a Jesuit th
percent Ignatian

The Jesuits were
spreading devot
Mary Alacoque

The Jesuits, said
be transformed a

“The transforma
Church, and wh
the heart of the w

Bermudez expla
chronological li
will transform, a

Rather, the Jesu
which “every ch
reflect in the cha

This approach w
Bergoglio, and i

“He's someone t
transformation o
Bermudez stated
assessment,” it i
likely see more
events that will

Among several
eight cardinals h
Curia. The grou
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope: Calling
13-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope: Judgin
13-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Dialogue ess
13-sep-2013: Va
prominent non-b
indispensable ex

It “seems to me
for the society in
is,” the Pope sai
agency Zenit.

Scalfari, the 89-
had posed sever

The Pope replie
but also to adva
believers. Dialo

Citing “Lumen F
other.” The cert

Pope Francis sai
my heart and giv
by “the commun
“Believe me, wi
the awareness th
humanity,” he s

The Pope exami
believers. The fa
to as “the darkn

He lamented the
“modern culture

He then took the

Pope Francis sp
his “extraordina
but is “somethin

Jesus' authority
giving them libe
faces “incompre

“But Jesus rema

Jesus Christ is th
every man, disc

He said that Jesu
instead “to attes
stronger than an
this immense gi

The originality o
participation in

Jesus' life mean
among ourselve

“The singularity
Christian life me
sense of hope th

Pope Francis' le
people’s perseve

In answer to the
seek the faith,” t
him with a since
one’s conscienc

“Sin, also for th
To listen to and
evil. And on this

Pope Francis ch
“sincere and con
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

13-sep-2013: M
Augustinian mis
today remember

Sisters Caridad
Algerian govern
living in the cou

The decade-long
1994. Amid wor
nationals to leav

Archbishop Hen
communities in
Algeria, as the s

Faced with this
Maria Jesus Rod
and accompany

“We made this d
faith,” Sr. Maria

“The Archbisho
sisters were very
individually dec

“One by one the
Algerian people
those people and
no point did the
decided to rema

Periodically the
communities to

According to Sr
the hands of Go

“But what if som

“'Well, if somet

Sr. Maria Jesus
23 she encourag
fidelity to the m
buried in Algeri

“She told me thi

The same day, S
she worked, ask

“She told us tha
no, and that she

While she return
Surrender out of

The Augustinian
Foucauld had a
Algiers, Sr. Mar

“We decided to
embassy: ‘Alwa
later Lourdes an

“Caridad and Es
we heard two gu
into her home. W

“We went up to
Sisters of Fouca

Sr. Caridad was

She and Sr. Esth
1994 and 1996.
killed along with

Seven Trappist m
story was told in

The 19 martyrs'
is ongoing.
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Archbishop u
13-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Spanish pries
13-sep-2013: M
Church’s social
widespread igno

“The Social Doc
Father Fernando

In statements to
Catholic Social
collaboration wi
Foundation. The
teaching that is

The master’s pro
including Mexic
Spain. Courses w
Salamanca at its

The lack of form
weakening of th
rooted in Church

The Social Doct
those enrolled in

Fr. Fuentes note
and moral princ
necessary. The s
learn to apply th
leaders in social

The current soci
Father Fuentes s
Caritas Est: “Th
ethical formatio
programs and th

The commitmen
about in his enc
leaders and for c

“It was the mag
to achieve peace
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope: It's im
12-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Archbishop P
12-sep-2013: Ro
Secretary of Sta
revolutionary, b

In an interview
does not include
fundamental pri

Archbishop Paro
his new post as

In his remarks to
because at times
going to revolut

However, chang
continuity with

“The Church co
If she did and lo
and light for all,

In response to su
Francis has appo
reforming the C

Eight cardinals,
government of t
Vatican announ

The group will h
the appointed ca

Archbishop Paro
Church “ought t
Church could fu

“It is important
own focus,” he s

The new Vatica
and the political
automatically ap

“This is not a m
rather “a commu
falls upon the Po

Asked about the
Church.” Howev
celibacy should

Priestly celibacy
events have occ
Archbishop Paro
Francis said, “If
criticize him?” w
this moral point

Jesus, he explain
God alone judge
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Vatican relea
12-sep-2013: Va
has made public
in during the mo

The Office of L
partake in three
Bonaria at Cagli
Peter’s Square a
Rome. The follo
canonization at
Italian city of A
Mary, with a Ma
Square at 10:30
27, during whic
will have four m
Cemetery of Ve
celebrate All Sa
prayer for forme
will celebrate M
Basilica for the
finally officially
which coincides
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican willi
12-sep-2013: Va
spokesman has s
sexual miscondu

Fr. Federico Lom
continues to coo
Wesolowski, for
Because there is
the Holy See is
Vatican has a le

However, Fr. Lo
intention to coop

The recall of the
from assuming h
Dominican Rep

Accusations of s
Archbishop We

Fr. Lombardi ex
accusations” aga
quickly, “calling
entrusted to the

After the initial
television interv
money. The boy

Both the Holy S
they are conduc

The bishops of t
called for a puri
Santo Domingo
looking into the
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Catholic coll
12-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Romanian m
12-sep-2013: Bu
Monsignor Vlad
Romania, was b

“He was a living
even if you are t
director of the R

The Mass of bea
Cardinal Angelo
attended by arou

The press office
among the 10,00
and abroad.”

Romania was be
communist gove
(or Greek) rite C
were forced to c

Cardinal Amato
humiliated, their
seminarians wer
monks were disp

He added, howe
Church who cou
up in prison or p

The cardinal rec
family who wer
Catholic Church

His conversion f
“believing that t
in unshakeable d

He used his wea
Archdiocese of
faculties and als

In 1939, Blessed
the Nazi invasio
communist gove
persecute Catho

Blessed Ghika w
“example of eva
spiritual support
He remained in
tortures applied
electrical shocks
“trials from imp

Cardinal Amato
see the achievem

After recounting
pastoral charity:
and those wound

The beatified m
Christian unity,”
love and good fa

According to Ca
of millions of O
communist regim
Paschal mystery

The blessed's ap
from deportation
to Orthodox mo

Finishing his ho
martyrdom. Com
last words: “I am
of Christ, during

The cardinal add
reconciliation an

Because of Bles
city's bishop, Ca
according to Gri

Fr. Terhes expla
both his convers
government.” T
“knowing that w

As Christians, F
heritage or fami
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
12-sep-2013: Ro
called for solida
Rome, remindin

He lamented ho
conditions, at tim
think about a ne

The Pope voiced
endure these har
for themselves a

He met with ref
1,000 people ga
Jesuit Refugee S

Pope Francis sai
that Rome is oft
Lampedusa, wh

The Pope said th
is in need of foo
fully be a person

He called on rel
need “empty con

The defense of t
Church’s missio

Pope Francis the
who arrives, wit

He asked others
poor. “Do I look

He then stressed
charity like givi
the man return t

The Pope noted
“a richness to w

He thanked the
people” and for

The Astalli cent
language classes
facility can give

In his July visit
said Christians p
suffering, with a
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   USCCB pres
12-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Push on imm
12-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   New book: P
11-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope, writing
11-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
11-sep-2013: Va
told thousands g
mother, who giv

“Today I wish to
by the early Fath
“By reflecting o
like our own mo
During his Sept.
“the Church giv

He emphasized
that is they day
well what is the

The pontiff spec
others, through

Pope Francis the
the path to follo

He highlighted t
sufferings, throu

Pope Francis als
Christian is not

“We do not beco
with our own str
Church and thro

The layperson's
card that they gi

“It is an act of in
the same was as

He then commis
that “it is also ou
bringing others

“And so we ask
Christians? And

“As faithful chil
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   German bish
11-sep-2013: Ro
bishop has voice
made headlines
“There are force
Bishop Rudolf V

“I know him per
Germany, told C

Bishop Voderho
a luxurious new

German news m
resembled “a mo
Franz-Peter Teb

However, it was
van Elst.

“It is a very com
everyone that se
out of this,” Bis

“There seems to
full support and

A second accusa
returning from a
and due to miles

It is believed the
Kamphaus caus

The former bish
counseling to w
to cease.

Abortion is tech
previously recei

Bishop Tebartz
the current Arch
recent media att
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   Pope Francis
11-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   'Papal bounc
11-sep-2013: Lo
clergy in Englan
both Pope Franc

“This summer th
summer...We do
priest said in res
Conference of E

The informal su
cathedral deans,

One respondent
to religious prac

Another credited
prompted by Fra
people, saying t

The same respon
whose visit to th

Pope Francis dre
to those not in th

About 65 percen
because of the im
Francis. Thirty p

Another 15 perc
the increase was
increase or said
increase, but sai

One respondent
more people, ma

“They hadn’t be
come,” the respo
Besides the influ
factors in the inc
confession, self-

Respondents did
their sins. One p
gone in years.

“I think very oft
very often surpr
the respondent s

“People just rec
response from th
one of the many

Study participan
feared not know

The survey foun
people have bec
brought them to

Bishop Kieran C
bishops’ Depart
reach out to the
Mass, the bishop

“While the lapsa
and anxiety exp
baptized, is deep
least one person

He encouraged p
help them reach
back to church a

“I would say to
do. You might b

The Catholic Ch
15, a day of pray

Bishop Conry to
going to the Sac
are connected w

He said confessi
of listing one's s
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope, greetin
11-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Italian pastor
11-sep-2013: Va
pastor has donat
the exhortation h

Father Renzo Ro
Father offering t

The car was del
the beginning of

“When I gave it
Pope because he
him stranded,” F

After receiving
of faithful that t

During the brief
explained that “
activities, but w

However, the Po

“He took out his
Euros in my poc

He also joked th
little worried be
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   New Polish a
10-sep-2013: Va
Vatican ambass
helping resolve

“The Pope is ve
“When he speak

“The way he do
Muslims must d

of Malta, to the

He met the Pope
credentials – a c
knew the previo
their meeting.

“He is extremely
known him for a
phoning people

The two touched
Krakow, Poland
ongoing conflic

Their discussion
Syrian governm
hundreds of chil

The conflict bet
lives since it beg
violence and spa

with the U.S. Co
Saturday in Sain

“It was unimagi
several silence b
he said.

The ambassador
Archbishop Dom
“It’s not very of
the diplomats,”
the conflict in S

prepared by the

The former advi
Lech Walesa, re

“The Polish Chu
situation of the C
State reminded m

“I believe that e

The 64-year-old
believes he is “w

“I wouldn’t be s
he said.

“He will have an
and they will se

The important th
communicates a

“My mission is
the Holy See,” h
pontificate of Jo

The ambassador
government has
intervention in S
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope hears o
10-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
    Vatican sour
10-sep-2013: Ro
of state, Cardina
replacement dat
Vatican official.

“[Cardinal Berto
Castel Gandolfo
CNA on Sep. 2.

His retirement w
meeting of the c

But on Aug. 15,
Cardinal Angelo

Cardinal Berton
of corruption ma
appointed memb

The 30-year-old
Twitter account

Chaoqui’s Twitt
public – was in

According to the
sources of inform

When Chaoqui’
met with no con

“The Chaouqui
Martha’s House

No one from ins
Cardinal Berton
taken note of thi

This is one of th
announces the a
mention of Card
Francis “will pu
officials of the S
In fact, Pope Fra
State’s top offic
State was “a sla

He says that “th
foreign affairs a
appears to be th

And, this situati

A day after the a
Syracuse, Sicily
must consider th
of the work he i

Bertone also add
five of us worki

Bertone also exp
control everythi
because they we
with the secretar
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
10-sep-2013: Ro
months after pay
Francis visited a

He met at the Ch
volunteers who

At least 1,000 p
Service, to wait

He met with Fat
Cardinal Vicar o
Federico Lomba

“We are very pl
Fr. La Manna to

“I believe that a
explained, “and
lived through up

Fr. La Manna sa
experience aime
peace and seren

Along with othe
in the countries
of the poor and

He stressed that
this past Saturda
the conscience o

The Astalli Cen
network that ass
Rome in 2012.

The center offer
special attention

Visiting refugee
condition canno

“We remember
of trafficking, w

The pontiff state
those who are su
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Human right
10-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican's new
10-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Aid agencies
10-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
   Christians, M
10-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
09-sep-2013: Va
day of prayer an
continuing his c

“Humanity need
exclaimed on Tw

“I ask each party
negotiation,” he

Both of these tw
Father has repea

In another Sept.
from the chapel

“We ought neve
we keep asking.

The tweets com
States are curren
against the natio
and rebel forces

Late last month,
in Syria, killing

The Obama adm
President Basha
denies this charg

The possibility o
Russia, whose le
rebels used chem

On Sept. 7, Pop
prayer vigil that

Calling for dialo
violence. On the

The previous da

“All men and w

“Dear young pe

He also noted th
all of humanity.

Earlier that wee
on the social net

“We want a pea
Sept. 2. “War ne

“Let us pray for
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope calls si
09-sep-2013: Va
made a personal
applauding her b

Anna Romero, a
received a phon
describing her a
unknown to her

“In June I disco
happy he told m
Romero said, ac

“I told him that

Romero describ
with men, and th
the perfect man.

However, after l
betrayed,” and t
turn to.”
“I addressed the
even send it reco
when I was on h

Romero said tha
the city's dial co

“I had only seen
said, “I would n
and speak to me

“We were only

During the call,
a child is a “gift
been both “brav

When Romero s
single mother, th
voiced his willin

Romero said tha
has changed her

She said that she
be distant from
divorced or they

“I don't know th
boy I have no do
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope calls fo
09-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
08-sep-2013: Va
spoke to crowds
to follow Christ

“Following Jesu
8. “It means sha
person and for a

The Pope reflec
disciple: to not p
follow him.”

Although there a
“Jesus does not

Jesus “knows w
him to walk,” th
the forgiveness

Yet “Jesus does

Christ “wants to

After the Resurr
goods” of their l
other good recei

In “the logic of
himself from ev

Like the disciple
economic goods

The Angelus fol
world, especiall
prayed with Pop
around the worl

Pope Francis tha

He emphasized
for stability” and

The Pope also a
and for Egypt, “
build up togethe

He reiterated his
personal war tha

This war entails
and to choose th

Such sacrifice is

“And what good
this (more) prof

“The search for
“Let us keep pra
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Papal peace
08-sep-2013: Va
Saturday prayer
reaction across r

“Pope Francis w
done to put an e

“The response h
Christians and n

The prayer vigil
evening. They p
icon “Salus Pop
prayed in adorat

Pope Francis’ re

“We bring abou
said. “Even toda
guided by idols,

“Can we learn o
it is possible for

Catholics and ot
to the Pope’s Se

“There are so m
in these days my
anguished by th
Peter’s Square o
Burke said that

“If you look at t
activity in the co
Pope Francis,” B
praying. The Po
the entire world

The U.S. govern
it blames for a m
Syrian conflict b
March 2011.

In a Sept. 4 lette
Petersburg, Rus
positions” and “

He said that “on
have avoided th
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Thousands fl
08-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Praying for p
08-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Tourists and
08-sep-2013: Va
As the sun set o
line for confessi

Martin, 34, was
when her mothe

“We re-arranged

Martin said her
“Since we come
Syria,” she said.

Martin was not

Jeff Rutner of M
Vatican museum
in the square.

“Although we d

As people stream
railing and took

“You can really
were here as tou

Sharon Rutner a
from all over the

“It’s wonderful

The vigil comes
government. Th
people, the lates

Ahead of the vig
Secretary of Sta
everything poss

Burke said the r
Christians and n

Jeff Runter certa
oneness of huma

“What’s going o
perhaps this wil

Italian Gabrielle

“Today is a very
only Christians
Maybe new way

As the organ pla
Handmaidens of
out for the servi

“I’m here for pe

Via di Conciliaz
vigil as twilight
faithful from aro

The crowds che
saying, “violenc

Then the hundre
removed his wh

The vigil contin
adoration before

An infant slept r
Francis and pilg
the safety and li
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Embrace pea
07-sep-2013: Va
myriad people in
humanity” and c
“shattered” harm

“Let us pray for
for reconciliatio
reconciliation an

Pope Francis an
St. Peter’s Squa
Syria. The Vatic
as incense drifte

The U.S. has thr
blames for the d
chemical weapo
The conflict bet
lives since it beg
violence and spa

Pope Francis vig

“War always ma
echoing Pope Jo

“Look upon you
harmony that ha

The Pope said th
conflict in a fall

“Even today, we
and this attitude
has fallen asleep

Violence, he sai

“We bring abou
Pope Francis de
Even today we r

He considered w

“Can we get out
live in the ways

“Yes, it is possib
those who gover

The Pope placed

“My Christian f
good will would

“In the silence o
reconciliation, f

The Pope reflec
“one family, in w

In the beginning
brings harmony

Although the wo
Pope urged.

“This evening, i
ourselves: Is thi

Each person mu
calling this a wa

“Dear brothers a
peace in beloved

The Pope’s vigi
writing of St. Th

At the start of th
“Protectress of t

After his homily
before the Euch

After the Liturg

Thousands of ot
Pope’s call to pr

Greg Burke, sen
Pope Francis ha

“Pope Francis w
done to put an e
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
07-sep-2013: Va
homily on Satur
rejected the prac

Jesus is “the cen
Jesus: I do this b
Christ, I do this
Vatican’s Casa S

Like the Pharise
the center of the

Others who hav
little uncommon

“If your devotio
wrong,” he expl

“If Jesus is not a
“Christians with

Remembering th

Pope Francis fur

“The rule is sim
that comes from

Christians can a

“If you aren’t ab

The sign of a tru
and that which l

Such adoration b

He said that Jesu
going along the

A “Christian wi

Pope Francis ex
“take the Gospe
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
07-sep-2013: Va
day of fasting an
of Popes showin
There is “an evo
that of Pope Fra

From the mid- t
also gave an imp
European magaz
Month” and “Et

During his time
Rome to study i

Pope Leo XIII, P
conference on d
for “political pe
acknowledged t

Later, on Aug. 1
defined war as “

During the Seco
by Vatican Radi
of the Pontifical
teaching of the C

It is one of the m
few hours befor

“Nothing is lost
that statement.

Along with its d

In asking that Se
is reviving Bless

On five occasion
1986 and 2003.

The first was on

The second and
10, 1993, and on
After the attacks
unite religions in
fasting on Dec.

Then, with the w
one last day of f

These days of p
forward by the H

Right before the
Etchegaray as a
committed as m
sponsoring a vis

In this case, the

They were not, h
had been aposto

Informed of the
ordered a naval
Cuba if the remo

The attack could
ready to react.

John XXIII com
with a radio mes

Speaking in Fre
that “the Church
begged “the hea
everything they

Headlined by th
gave new impet
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   For the pope
07-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
   Pope, Bolivi
06-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   College lead
06-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican diplo
06-sep-2013: Va
Dominique Mam
ambassadors tha

Vatican City is c
coming from oth
accredited to the

“Emphasis shou
distance themse
isolate them and

Archbishop Mam
war, saying that
the cry for help

“The violence th
other countries i
of the world,” h

He told the amb
its position char
human person re
of society.”

Archbishop Mam
of prayer and fa

“The heartfelt p
corner of the ear

“In the concrete
voice of the Pop
too much suffer
The Archbishop
God, and also a

Archbishop Mam
in on their own
meeting and neg

He also appeale
without further d
and negotiation.

The Syrian civil
protesting the ru
deploy to put do
people have died

Refugees from S

The war is being
and Islamists; an
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   Cardinal Mc
06-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope asks wo
05-sep-2013: St
leaders meet in
message urging

“To the leaders
find ways to ove
military solution
president Vladim

“It is clear that,
of international
many years to h

The Pope told th
security as its m
particularly in S
“It is regrettable
have prevailed a
senseless massa

The Pontiff told
on this occasion
the meeting.

The G20 is an e
governments of
opportunity to s

Putin has report
response, which

“Wars are a con
international com
Development G

present us daily

Pope Francis tol
no form of econ

“Violence never

In his letter, the
everything poss
conflict, both w

“The leaders of
Syrian people w
region bitterly te
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   Writing to Pu
05-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope?s vigil
05-sep-2013: Va
prayer vigil in S
held this Saturda
See’s press direc

“I’ve been here
remember anyth
told a gathering

He recalled a pe
none were of the

Pope Francis ma
religion or locat
particularly in S

“There are so m
in these days my
anguished by th

During his first
his invitation.

While the Sept.
to participate in

His call for pray
possibility of mi
regime used che
government, mo

Pope Francis' pr
the evening at 5
under the colonn

Then at 6:30, Po
will be read to in

Pope Francis wi

Four Swiss Gua
from the obelisk

The Roman Pon
mystery of Our

There will then
Eucharistic Ado
The vigil will al

After Adoration
Office of Readin

At 10:15 there w
later with Bened

In solidarity wit
holding similar

The Archdioces
for peace in Syr
church bells be

Cardinal Timoth
Mass at his cath
added that in his
(Sept. 6), and ad

In the Archdioce
from 7 p.m. unti
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    Vatican rejec
05-sep-2013: Va
official denied a
president, Basha

Argentinian dail
ongoing violenc

But the director
that the Pope did

“Categorically t
journalists at the

“I received man
myself,” he add
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   With future u
05-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   New encycli
05-sep-2013: Ro
encyclical that i
of poverty in the

“How to define
Cardinal Prospe
poverty will hel

In May, an Italia
working on an e

The Pope’s first
previous work f

Cardinal Grech,
believes that an

The definition o

“Poverty in Afri
another,” he said
is among the roo

Laity will also b

“We live in such
best places to ge

In March, Cardi
Jorge Bergoglio

After his electio
good talk, but ju

“Well, we aren’
make mistakes.”

Before his electi
humble lifestyle
transportation, v

As Pope, he has
workers rather t
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   Coca Cola S
05-sep-2013: M
slamming critics
content, Coca C

The Madrid-bas
opinion campaig
“Summer Camp

During the prog
and jump into a
lick the chocola co
to all pull their a
Quinto, has mai

De Quinto used
from groups like
watch, what boo

He also used his
Ignacio Arsuaga

“If having to thi
I prefer you don

De Quinto also
levied against th
specific targets,”

In other tweets,
the program as “
style” attack aga
Coca Cola world
De Quinto’s res
in Spain and La

Bishop José Mu
the Cope Radio
crystalline wate
president of Coc

“I was under the
very respectful o
made by this pre

At the beginning
topic in Colomb
their decision to
resigns as CEO.
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   Christian, M
05-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Holy See to i
04-sep-2013: Va
investigation of
Joseph Wesolow

Vatican spokesm
See has also acc

Speaking to Reu
his duties and th

The Vatican spo
conference toda
Dominguez, wh

Dominguez said
official to coord

A report on Dom
neighborhoods i
The Apostolic N
not issued any s
stepped down fr

Father Lombard
weeks,” in the w

The bishops of t
conference on th
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   Pope's Syria
04-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope: welcom
04-sep-2013: Va
the recent World
today that hospi

“Three words: h
of what happene
help to build a w
Peter's Square.

The Bishop of R
reflect on the pi

“We think abou
Janeiro and who
communicate it,

“They aren’t go
scandalous thing

“But if they stay
are a potential fo

He said the expe
news, the Good
loved by God, w
us and to save u
“He sent Jesus t
forgives, becaus

The Pope challe
courage to trans

He had begun h
America the des
from the Americ

He also thanked
reception by Bra
Youth Day.”

“Good people, t

Noting that pilg
received from th
“opportunities f

Pope Francis ad
just for believer

“But then there
Lord together, s
adoration: this is

He described M
begins in this w

“But this is poss

It is the celebrat
mission of sprea

The shore of Co
where Christ co

“Only through C
can do so much.
nothing, in the e

Pope Francis the
throughout the w
particularly in S

“Next Saturday
Syria, the Middl
because peace b

“I renew the inv
express gratitud
the men and wo

He said he urged
held that day at

“We plead with
from every land
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   Pope recalls
04-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   German raid
04-sep-2013: Fr
seizure of four h
American home
practice violates

“The right to ho
Legal Defense A
this family.”

On the morning
officers and spe
Wunderlich, wh

The children ran
southwest of Fra

“I looked throug
Dirk Wunderlic
speak with me.”
He said three po
door. When he l
order to take the

His 14-year-old

“When I went o
daughter being e

The girl’s mothe
elbowed her out

Petra Wunderlic

“We need help.

Mike Donnelly,
why Germany’s

“Why is it so im
act rings from a
changes so that

For four years, t
to find a place w
had to return to
the British news

On their return,
children were pl
found the childr
but seized the ch

The Home Scho
documents relat
schooling of the

The documents
necessary, on th

The documents

“The law ignore
the object of the
Farris said that G
rights to provide
educated accord

Donnelly said th

“But they also to
faith. Although
in God. They ar

Other German h
their children.

Uwe and Hanne
in the U.S. for th
possible loss of
Appeals rejected

The German law
The European C
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   Pope: To fig
04-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   USCCB lead
04-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Cardinal Ber
04-sep-2013: Ro
Tarcisio Bertone
Vatican Secreta

According to L’
in Sicily to celeb

“Cardinal Berto
have inspired an
harmonious rela
tradition and mo
Days of Sydney
the publication s

“My assessment
Italian news age

“Naturally there
I was the target

“But this should

“Sometimes the
fail to take into
collaborate, a fa
have done and w

The Secretary o
works well toge

“I have always g
certain moments
to serve the Chu

The cardinal wil
Vatican diploma
post by Pope Fr
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    Students of B
03-sep-2013: Ca
Former students
annual “Schüler
for Mass.

“He has a great
Twomey told CN

The Schülerkrei
Joseph Ratzinge
professor at the

Since 1978, the
discussions, unt

This event was t
Ratzinger’s theo

They met at the
from Aug. 29 to
God in a secular

Although Bened
with them durin
meeting on Sept

“He was in very
wonderful exper

Although Bened
last year when h

Fr. Twomey des
of Regensburg a

“There was a tre
excitement to th

“He has the cap
takes in what yo

The Irish priest
not received any

He reflected on
his complete con

“But our task is
for the truth,” he

The priest expla

“For him, revela
still continuing,”

“Theology is see
Twomey. “But y
The former Pop
capable of “tuni

“He once said, ‘
possesses us’,” t

He added that B
“never received
United States or

“But there are m
about Ratzinger
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   Pope Benedi
03-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope to lead
03-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
03-sep-2013: Va
of Jesus is powe
helps us carry th

“Jesus doesn’t n
force, of arrogan

The pontiff has
today after a mo

Around 50 peop
attend each day.

Pope Francis too

The light of Jesu
Christianity is “
“This Light is n
the possibility o
things of human

“You can know
is something els

He noted that “i
something other

“The light that t
stronger,” he rem

Rather than a str
light, it is a ligh

He added that “t
heart” and “offe

“However, it’s t
Pope warned.

“He likes to imi
the fast in the de

The pontiff stres
when it is Jesus

“How many bel
realize it?” he as

Pope Francis de

“It’s a meek ligh
also a light that

“If we, in our in
the cross withou
false light, whic
on high, to desp

We can distingu
“wherever Jesus
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   Reverting to
03-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope tells Je
03-sep-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope meets w
02-sep-2013: Va
with members o
cardinal who ser

Cardinal Martin
prophet of peace

He labeled the c

“We, at the ends
knowledge, but
Word of God,” s

The foundation
with its member

The pontiff shar
speech on justic

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[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
01-sep-2013: Va
from his typical
audience today t

“I appeal strong
the crowds in St

“There are so m
in these days my
anguished by th

“For this reason
Church,” he ann

It will be “a day
throughout worl

The vigil will ta
who can will ga
Churches are req

Pope Francis ex
and all men of g

“Humanity need
said the Pope.

“All men and w

“I make a forcef
Christian of othe
brothers and sist
because it belon

The Pope went o
unarmed, and ch

“With all my str
conscience, not
each other as br
and negotiation,

Pope Francis als
clear proposals f

He rejected the
granted access s

The Pope contin
nor a culture of
culture of encou
Noting Mary’s u
us to respond to
reconciliation an

As he has done
intercession: “M
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   Pope Francis
31-aug-2013: V
made a key appo
Pietro Parolin as

“It is with trepid
and to Pope Fra
released by the H

For the last four
diplomat, or Ap

In the much-awa
secretary of stat
XVI. Cardinal B
Pope Francis sin

Archbishop Paro
experience work

He served in Ni
2002-2009, whe
with States.

“He knows how
world,” commen
Secretary of Sta

The Vatican ann
Angleo Becciu a
Secretary for Re
Household; Msg
Camilleri, Unde
However Archb
is particularly im

“Pope Francis w
Burke noted.

Archbishop Paro

For many years,
communist gove
papal representa

Additionally, th
topics such as h

“Archbishop Pa
said Burke.

In addition to hi

His professional

“The Pope certa
above all becaus
work for the Ch

The archbishop
challenging mis
“unmerited trust

He pledged his “
under his guidan
progress and pea

Besides a deep d
something else i
end of his offici
say in Venezuel
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   Pope names
30-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
   Bishop says
30-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Legionary na
30-aug-2013: V
Pope Francis ap
Christ, to be the

The position is t
Aug. 24, when B

Fr. Vérgez will
Giuseppe Bertel

Fr. Vérgez was
for five years pr

He has not been
possibly signalli

Born in Salaman
of Christ in 196
at Rome’s Ponti
Archives at the

Fr. Vérgez bega
Congregation fo

He was then tran
the head of the H
head of the telec
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[Fler nyheter]

30-aug-2013: R
Augustinian ord
young people du

“Since we’re sp
organizations, it
together and pre
Father Michael

He told CNA th
deal with issues
challenges as a r

As vicar general
Rome until the n

Today is the sec
every six years i
are established.

The gathering in
Augustine in Ro

Fr. Di Gregorio
the Mass, which
the Holy Father

Setting goals for
evangelization i

“We are trying t
Pedro Luis Mor

Fr. Morais told C
extending the or
and Czechoslov

Now, the order w
people, to be a s

These efforts mu
world, noted the

He added that th
countries in Lati

Fr. Morias, who
in the general ch

“It was really ex
moment of inter

“He has invited
centered in our o
because we need

He stressed that
can be restless t

“My main job is
I’m also asking

At the same tim
brothers who ha
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Western chu
30-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Vatican card
30-aug-2013: V
who heads the V
in the Middle Ea

“This is the plac
possibility to bu
problem is when

Cardinal Tauran
and participated
president of the

He explained th
different groups

“When religion
and religion, the

He stressed the
despite their reli

The cardinal add
Pope, they do no

In recent days, P
conflict in order

Meanwhile, Arc
Patriarchate of J

He described it
especially in Sy

“Jordan, despite
Archbishop Lah

“We hope that t
solution and we
See,” he added.

The archbishop
powerful nation

“We hope that t
crisis find a poli
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[Fler nyheter]

   The summer
30-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope and Jor
30-aug-2013: V
Francis met with
giving special at
considering mili

Their Aug. 29 m
groups in Syrian
with the internat

Since the Syrian
than 2.5 million
refugees inside o

U.S. President B
considering mili
recently used ch

The Syrian gove
However, both O
they do not belie
attack. The coun

The United Nati
Russia voiced o

Both Vatican an
nations, stressin

In addition, Pop
address the grow

In a June 5 addr
the importance o
and aid.”

“Faced with the

Stressing “the g
“fruitful dialogu

Last weekend, h
and solidarity to
atrocious acts.”

Pope Francis’ T
other concerns i
between the Isra

King Abdullah l
Archbishop Dom

The meetings vo
dialogue and for
the challenges p

The meetings al
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   Spanish relig
30-aug-2013: B
Franciscan Siste
Aug. 25 at the a

Mayor Oriol Jun
her funeral Mas
generosity and h

The town of San
Teresa’s death.

Sister Teresa, w
world. She taug
devote herself e
northern Africa

In 1977 she foun
became a model

Today the cente
Brothers of St. J
workshops for w
each year.

The center main

Because of her w
named a consult

She received ma

In 2001 she was
2002 the govern
the highest civil
significant contr
promoting Catal

In 2012 she was

The following y
commitment and
respect between
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   Lasting bond
29-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope, Jordan
29-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   50 years late
29-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
29-aug-2013: V
asked members
of their meeting

“Restlessness is
intensity that als

“The restlessnes
for the other to e

Pope Francis pre
Augustinian ord
results in choosi

The religious or
other religious g
waiting to see h

Aug. 28 was the
Roman Empire
Augustine was f
it was lived duri

During his homi
ultimately led hi

“Even in the dis
doesn’t rest, doe
but continues al

“The restlessnes
of always comin
known to others

The pontiff affir
“the restlessness
restlessness of lo

“I would say to
from God, or are
towards God, lit
your heart,” he s

“Look deep with
great, or a heart

Pope Francis tol

“Augustine is le
evangelizing wi

He underscored
Shepherd, who k
and goes out to

The pontiff weig
encouraged the
season, announc
restless for his f

“Always go out
always be on the
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   Some strides
29-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope says Ch
28-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
    Pope meets w
28-aug-2013: V
Francis met toda
Italian diocese o

“This is a mome
pure affection fo

The pilgrimage,
different stages
Father in St. Pet

The pilgrims an
initiative, with t

Bishop Ambros
take part in Wor

“Our World You
Father,” he refle

The bishop expl
anticipated the m
the Pope as thei

Some of young
Francis” becaus
the choice of be

Bishop Ambros
the Catholic and

The youths had
raise our eyes to
His Church here
through the grea
God on the way

The bishop told
Francis to “illum
great company w
Journalists were
Father, who has
private encounte
Altar of the Cha

After the gather
Marzio to presid

The Mass marks
meeting of the g
for the next six y
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[Fler nyheter]

   Rape victim
28-aug-2013: R
old woman from
she had been rap

“The Pope told
him and touched
of Cordoba’s Ca

“When I heard t

The woman exp
that she had bee

On Sunday after
said, “It’s the Po

“I was petrified,

The conversatio

“The Pope listen
to the Vatican. H

The woman told
officials have co
promotion to the

“Now I know th
told me that I am
The phone call i
has made since

Other recipients
forgive God afte
in Rome, the Po
that delivered hi
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

28-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Jewish surge
28-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope to meet
27-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Egypt's Chri
27-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Benedict XV
27-aug-2013: V
pontiff's persona
that Benedict XV

“It was invented

“There is nothin
Buzzetti on Itali

Rome-based Ca
resigned after ha

The agency said
the Vatican whe
mystical experie
Tg5 interviewed
where the papal

Benedict XVI an
the town's feast
presided by the

“The Pope Eme
small concert an
archbishop said.

On Feb. 11 of th
on Feb. 28. He t

After Pope Fran
monastery with

The archbishop
with others from
“experience,” he
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

26-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope celebra
26-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope to say o
26-aug-2013: V
Pope Francis wi
the group's lead
six years.

The Pope will h
Campo Marzio t
two to three wee

“The Pope was
the tomb of San
in an Aug. 26 st

Around one hun
their new prior G

The head of the
of the chapter, d
Father Michael

The newly elect
to decide on the
current head, Fa
elected in 2007.

“In the last one
but the re-electio
general curia's p

The Augustinian
reasons the chap
country to count

“For example, th
Sacchi. “And in

The Order of Sa
spirit of commu
teachings of the
centuries. The A
together in harm

According to Ca
discussion for th

“Let us start wit
wherever we are
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope denoun
26-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
   Pope Francis
25-aug-2013: V
Sunday Angelus
Christian life rat

“In the gospel, J
testify to faith in
Pope Francis tol

Jesus himself is

Sunday’s gospe
will be saved.

“Jesus doesn’t r
will be saved, bu
recounted. “Jesu

Jesus offers him

“Everyone is inv
life, and to allow
give them full a

The Pope went o
instant happines

But Jesus “shine

We must not be
must not be afra
selfishness, our

This way of Jesu
ourselves as sinn
humility to acce

The Pope led th
continuing situa

“From the depth
all the victims o

“Let us pray tog
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Major appoin
25-aug-2013: V
rumors about th
Francis will not

“Pope Francis is
decide to keep B
Vatican Secreta

On Oct. 1-3, the
meet, and the so

In fact, pressure
before Benedict

Despite critics, i
Bertone at his p

During the pre-c
secretariate of st

Pope Francis res
13 the group of

Cardinal Sean O
interview with C
Church’s govern

A curial reform
the Church’s cen

The appointmen
encouraged spec

It had been stron
of the new Secre
Cardinal Berton

In fact, the anon
want to take any
And even after t
“Pope Francis d
pontificate,” the

On the one hand
against him cou
evidence of Ben

On the other han
Francis' image,

According to the
work, but much
direct service to
any interference

It is also possibl
the curial reform

In fact, a possib

A monsignor wo
20 that a draft o
Paul II’s death.

That draft had s
and some trusted
take over the fir

Thus, the state s

Ultimately, the g
on the top, the m
the ministries.

This sketch, the
some modificati
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   Fear of Egyp
24-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   'Mystery prie
24-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Change in ba
24-aug-2013: V
Pope, Benedict
“the Church of G

After having bap
God welcomes y
Divine Worship
Arthur Roche, s

The previous tex

The change took
to be implement

According to the
Cardinal Caniza

The decree was

The opening tex
the sacrament of
which subsists i
Bishops in comm

“Wherefore it se
the Sacraments
may be shed on

Vatican analyst
the change emph
baptized, and no
refer merely to t

Magister noted t
administration o
Canizares. Acco
the Sistine Chap
the Church of G

The present Itali
even though “ou

Prior to this yea
omitted this “ou

“Perhaps,” Mag
induced the pop
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Catholic Cha
23-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
23-aug-2013: V
weeks, Pope Fra
center of Rome

On the afternoon
Refugee Center,

The Society of J
the Church of th

The center, whic
legal citizens of

The president of
Francis in April

Within a few da

The encounter b
and exclude pro

Next week, the h
organizational a

The center, whic
on young genera
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope asks po
23-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Poverty, 'ign
23-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope calls fo
23-aug-2013: V
Vatican experts
growing scourge

“We must be gr
social dramas of
ask us to arrang
of the Pontifical

The bishop's aca
World Federatio
plan to help com

“Trafficking in h
violation of fund
Aug. 22. “In thi

The group will m
Academy of Sci

Bishop Sánchez
growing crime “

“The alarming i
social and politi
serious threat to

A 2012 report fr
says around 20.9
million people a
is not limited to
“Some observer
trafficking of dr
the bishop warn
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

23-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Priests find p
22-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

22-aug-2013: M
Archdiocese of
Bishop Eugenio

Bishop Pose wa
a close collabora

The archdiocese
beatification wil
Romero Pose di

The Cathedral o
projects the late
for the ceremon

The opening of
make Bishop Ro
consideration fo

Several years ag
Francisco Jose P
in Rome.

Bishop Eugenio
as auxiliary bish
been the theolog
Madrid in recen
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[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican orde
22-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican's U.N
22-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Gentleness k
22-aug-2013: V
of young Japane
peace and fruitfu

“What is the dee
“Gentleness, the

The students and
the Pope. They b
non-religious sc

On the virtue of
and cultures, as
including ‘why

“I hope this trip
always does so m

He told them tha
have” and “we c

“But if we inste
religions, we go
dialogue,” the P

“When there is a

The pontiff told
comparison with
comparison with

“Of course there
stated. “It is the
to dialogue, not

He told them ge

“And if you don
we are still frien

Pope Francis ex
cannot be obtain

“All of the wars
we meet exist be

Pope Francis the
and that they wo

“I wish you all o
school and your
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Beauty and b
22-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Officials dub
21-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican amb
21-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Teams find t
21-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican's Ye
21-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Benedict XV
21-aug-2013: R
meeting of Bene
gather next wee
joining them.

“Since he is reti
Fessio, founder

“The circle of st
the Vatican,” he
Emeritus in the

The “Ratzinger
and the life of th
become a bishop

This year's meet
question of God
as well as a gues

Fr. Fessio said t
appointed Archb

When he moved
Doctrine of the

When in the spr
thought that thei

Fr. Fessio recou

The Ratzinger S
doctorates unde
year's meeting.

However, the 20
more formal bec

The schuelerkre
meeting discuss

Fr. Fessio becam
conclude his stu

He had earned a
whose thought g

After completin
what to write th

“De Lubac told
most important

“And he added t
young professor
receive me amo

The year Fr. Fes
Lubac, von Balt
which is now pu
in continuity wi

Under Ratzinge
Hans Urs von B

“Professor Ratz
humble, clear in

Discussing Bene
since he spoke a
the World’.”

Fr. Fessio maint
and the Pope sh

He added that “n
Benedict XVI. I
Ratzinger had so
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[Fler nyheter]

   Pope holds m
21-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   French teens
21-aug-2013: V
teenagers arrive
learning how to
“We've come he
detach ourselves

Lecointe came t
Paris on Aug. 3

“We don’t know
told CNA on Au

The young wom
or Saint Lazarus

The teens, who
foot and sometim

“We have to ask

The ten young p
of Saint Peter, b

Otherwise, said
sleep on the stre

He told CNA th
he wants them t

Lecointe noted t
they have spoke

“But it’s quite d
she said. “We ca

Thomé said that
food that can fee
yesterday I was

The group cook
with them.

“One day we we
can you eat that

“He then cooked
ten days ago at t

“It was very del
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Bishop says
21-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Priest in Italy
21-aug-2013: R
believes that loc
preached critica

According to the
of the Victory in
“Nazarene” pari

The fire took pla
altar, describing

“I can name nam
order to proclaim

“I continue on m
open to all, to th

The priest is reg
mafia members

The fire last Thu
months ago, intr
dedicated to the

Each Sunday, F
people took part

During his meet
offers a reminde

“My social com
noble Christian
Fr. Giaquinto sa
to lay down thei
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[Fler nyheter]

20-aug-2013: V
Francis plans to
John Paul II and

Cardinal Angelo
announcement d
Francis knows f

“John XXIII wa
and “John Paul
in all its potentia

The former Pop
of Christian holi

On his return fli
as a possibility f
as the poor who
would be icy an

Two other possi
Divine Mercy S
might not be eno

Pope Francis ma
decree accepting
Paul II's canoniz

However, in the
formally approv
a person can be

Although such a
director, explain
for a canonizatio

Blessed John XX
the historic Seco
anniversary of th
Benedict XVI la

Blessed John Pa
his charismatic n
fall of communi

The beloved Pol
recent Church h
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   LCWR leade
20-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope blesses
20-aug-2013: V
sent a message t
celebrates the fe

“I ask God that
spiritual heritag
fraternity,” he to

The Holy Father
all its citizens as

Saint Stephen is
Mass in the Bas
incorrupt right h

Saint Stephen fo
convert the natio

He sent Abbot A
power to establi

Pope Sylvester a

St. Stephan then
the cities of Rom

After his son die
some tried to or

Although his fea
relics were taken

He died on the F
1083 alongside
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

20-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pro-life petit
20-aug-2013: B
initiative in Euro
on human life an

The initiative, c
integrity of ever

It asks the Europ
destruction of hu
public health,” a

The petition was
project in which
they can generat

Since Novembe
just under 200,0

The campaign h
endorsement of

In addition, it ha

“I greet the Mov
Europe might al
Benedict XVI in
Pope Francis ha
during Italy’s M

If the petition ga
regarding citizen
debate on the iss

The group’s goa
abortions, as we
human life from

The petition’s o
established acro

Laws on abortio
continent. First
restrictions on th
research that tak

If it succeeds, O
one million vote
has collected ne

A number of oth
short of the one

Even if the prop
that it “could be

“Every experien
further course,”
may be very end
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Lack of Chri
20-aug-2013: R
the 34th Rimini
Communion and
not know him.

“We are poor in
an Aug. 18 lette
of the gathering

“The greatest po
have done too li

This year's Rim
emergency,” and
inter-faith and in

The theme ackn
authoritarian po
risks being anes

The event includ
exploring how m
mediocrity unde

The meeting thi
encounter with r

“The theme cho
the letter sent by

“Man remains a
the world tries t

Quoting Blessed
explained that th
and each man.

“Where are you
incarnation of th

He emphasized
Christ, without c
understand anyt

If our understan
inadvertently, w

The world, Pope
social power,” a
the most preciou
Power, he said,
free and non-ass

“This is the state
restore man to h
human existence

He emphasized
time, to state str
adhesion to one'

The Church, the
and stressed tha
of it or not, is lo

“Let us meet wi
the “educated” a
and not wait for

“Let us imitate i
close to everyon

He emphasized
to the sacristies:
parishes, but in
in prisons; but a
people gather.”

“Do not be gree

To announce Ch
and of “every C

The Church's cr

"'The emergency
from him the tru
especially the po

“And poverty is
grips contempor

Concluding with
Francis said, “I
Pope Francis, C
the hearts of all
Gospel in the w
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   National shri
20-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Cancer patie
19-aug-2013: M
struggling with
comfort and ren

“Now I am livin
according to the

For the past 10 y
cancer, most rec
unsuccessful in

Faced with a dim
wanted to do wh
might pose to he
Immaculate Con

Alba was able to
those with grave
the left side of h
mobility,” she s

The Pope arrive
people present.

“His face began
handkerchief an

Alba wanted to
longer. She gave

“I felt the Holy

Despite her heal
gratitude for life
God wants.”
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    We cannot b
19-aug-2013: V
told his millions
a partial or lackl

“We cannot be C
where his popul
in all that we do

Pope Francis wa
the Switzerland-

The pontiff mad
English, Italian,

The Pope, who i
general weekly
August and near

“We cannot slee
medical assistan

On the feast of t
and on Aug. 13,
God and brother

His predecessor
months ago on D

Pope Francis no

Italians alone ha
highest number

The number of f
German twitter

Pope Francis is
who has 33.5 m
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Faith isn't or
19-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Catholic, Ort
19-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
18-aug-2013: V
Sunday Angelus
fixed on Jesus, w

Faith “is not som
in St. Peter’s Sq

“To live the fait
a little frosting.
life, and God is

The Pope ackno

“Jesus said to hi
tell you, division

He said this vers

Jesus does not “
Jesus is our peac

The Pope said th

“To follow Jesu
justice. It also re

Pope Francis sai
live for God and

“And so in this s
of Christianity i
“Faith and viole
Christian is not

The Pope then l
political unrest i

“Mary, Queen o
pray for us.’”

Before greeting

“Remember this
because faith is
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Minor appoi
17-aug-2013: V
seemingly mino
the Roman Curi
around him.

“There is a trans
with a few peop
State told CNA

The transition ca
Pope Francis, s
and Msgr. Franc

These appointm
maintained that
of State, awaited

The current Sec
under Benedict

Among the “sid
that Archbishop
Commission Ec
traditionalist So
At the same tim
filled by Msgr. K
of the Lódz arch

According to a s
under condition
“mean a strength
is thinking abou

“Anyway, much

Archbishop Poz
July 8, 2009 to N
made efforts to

Benedict XVI h
consecrated in 1
the Doctrine of
“doctrinal in nat

And when Arch
Charities, the co
Archbishop Aug

Msgr. Krajewsk
one to think that
Pope Francis' po

Cardinal Dziwis
Paul II and is a c

Yet another inte
that of Msgr. Fr
cathedral of the

Msgr. Camaldo
Cardinal Ugo Po
He was named a

The appointmen
been interpreted

In fact, though h
Lateran for som
distance him fro
A prominent Va
13 that “despite
Papal ceremonie

Svidercoschi als
Msgr. Camaldo
done: living at S

Msgr. Camaldo
out clean.

Earlier this year
child abuse, acc

Poggi – who has
ring of homosex
men and boys as

Poggi was deem
denied Poggi’s a

Despite Poggi's
involved in othe

He has been inv
usher in the Pap
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Virginia man
17-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Spanish bish
16-aug-2013: B
Mario Iceta of B
offer hope to tho

During his homi
Bishop Iceta dre
attend the Mass.

In particular, he
the festivities on

“He would very
wishes the mayo
serving the com

Bishop Iceta als
underscored the
charity to meet t

The Lord “sends
have lost it, to th
forms of poverty

The August 15 c
within the conte
plan of love and

The Year of Fai
on the Word of
service to the po

“The Lord invite
transforming po
his interior dese
nobody feels ex

Bishop Iceta exp
conversion that

“We need to ret
secret of their he
else in order to l
Läs mera...
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   Nun vs. nun?
16-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Coptic bisho
16-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
     Pope tells nu
16-aug-2013: C
convent of Poor
little like the Vi

“Mary stands be
always opening
recounting Pope
Castel Gandolfo

“During the nigh
lets everybody i

While Roman P
has remained in
to say Mass for

Upon arriving in
monastery is loc

Sr. Maria Assun
us to deeply live
that make us sis

The Poor Clares
and St. Clare of

Pope Francis' pr
community’s re

Benedict XVI re
and encouraged

Blessed John Pa
entrusted himse

“In the troubled
them. “Because
more so within t

Paul VI had met
to the Rule (of S

The link betwee
however, extend
on March 18, 16

During the next
immersed in sec

The Holy See “r
treaty recognize
Castel Gandolfo

The Second Wo
bombed in Febr

During the diffic
to be seen as a b
undone in trying
her religious nam

Asking to suffer
offered her deat
has already been
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   LCWR leade
16-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope, religio
16-aug-2013: V
Francis joined p
more than 600 d
violence in Egyp

“I wish to ensur
those who are su
together for pea

On Aug. 14, Eg
Muslim Brother
President Moha

Over 200 protes
The death toll ro
hundreds of Mu
building near Ca

Much of Egypt

In Suez, a conve
hospital were ro
Catholic Patriar

In the northeaste
Mar Guirgis, wh
were fires at a Je
school of the Sis

In the north cen
Franciscan Conv

In the central Eg
Therese and at a

At Cairo’s Basil
of the church bu

More than 25 ot

Pope Francis ad
Assumption. He

“Mary, Queen o
Aug. 15. “Let's

One Christian le
Doors USA, lam
murdered last w

The Christian le
“continues to th
community of E

“In all of this m
loss of the many
the hearts of all
eventually be re

Nina Shea, direc
Religious Freed
shown an alarm

“The Copts are
two of Cairo’s s
supported the m

However, she ch
and other Islami

She criticized th
targeting of relig

When U.S. State
at a recent press
“concerned” and
forward with a d

“Beyond the gen
administration a
minority,” Shea
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope celebra
16-aug-2013: V
18, Pope Franci
Residence with

Pope Francis sen
letter that she ha

“I thank you for
“Starting tomorr
Your letter mad
assures me that

“May Jesus bles
that he keeps the

“This brings com
C said.
The woman beg
prison chaplain,

The two priests
has helped her f
provided her wi
began placing o

“Gaby and the p
written by Franc
since she began
prisoners, such a

“There are many
incarcerated. Sh
pavilion, in each

“We have no do
to society to be
God to make he
refuses to look a
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope says M
15-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope donates
15-aug-2013: V
Francis has sent
reach out to help

However, the Po
he was the first
collection for di

The Pope's dona
in June, known
natural disasters

As a priest and b
of the populatio
The administrat
taken up on Sep
cause can be ma
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Mary is with
15-aug-2013: V
homily for the A
helps us reflect

“Mary … has of
does not mean t
a Mass said at th

“Rather Mary ac
the forces of evi

While pontiffs h
remained in Rom
say Mass for tod

He began his ho
Church, which r

The first of the t
struggles, which
between a woma

“The figure of th
triumphant and

The Church, wh
way” with Chris
conflict between

This struggle is
Pope Francis sai
with us always,

The Pope recom
dimension, that
his accomplices
He chided his li
day? But I'm no

Mary's assumpti
Christ's resurrec

In his resurrectio
from Mary; and
followed him w

In her solidarity
the depths of he

“Christ is the fir
'those who are in

“She is our Mot
eldest sister, she

The final theme
live the struggle

The Magnificat,
which is also “th
to us but known
people, even chi

“These have fac
and the humble.

The Pope linked
strong” in the pl

“If there is no ho
yourselves to be

He exhorted his
grace, a gift from

He concluded by
accompanies an

“With all our he
struggle and joy
heaven, and that
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Castel Gando
15-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope asks M
15-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Suspended V
15-aug-2013: V
who was recentl
a group known a

Monsignor Nun
20 million Euro

Italian newspap
management of
gregge del Bam

“The Flock,” as
of priests aged 4

Msgr. Scarano i
association of pr
of economic act

The companions
aim of founding

According to so
the real estate pr
properties and a

The Flock also c
houses and wish
Salerno, which t

The economic a

Archbishop Ger
letter to both the
Faith in 2007, re

In the letter, Arc
“proselytism” an
pastoral needs o

Archbishop Pier
obedience to the
The Flock.

At that time, he
Apostolic See, a
Aug. 13.

Italian investiga
past experience
funds in his hom

He is also being
laundering 560,0
Religious Work

Salerno's prosec
information abo

Investigators be
them at the disp
launder their ow
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Jerusalem, sh
15-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Argentine so
14-aug-2013: R
soccer player Li
Vatican’s Cleme

“Undoubtedly it
Messi told repor
shortly after the
“I had the chanc
At one point it g
moment, but I d

“It was a very sp
reflected. “It wa
It’s very special

The star soccer
friendly match a
not play because

Messi said he tr
announce a new
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Soccer stars
14-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Living in car
14-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope to cons
14-aug-2013: V
consecrate the w
Day celebration

“The Holy Fathe
sign, one of the
for that reason, w
Cardinal Rino F

Cardinal Fisiche
the New Evange

According to the
for Rome on the
normally resides
The cardinal sai
in the celebratio
devotion are exp

The two-day ob
moments of pray
Peter’s Square.

Our Lady of Fat
Portugal in 1917
make reparation

At the request o
consecrated the
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   'Faith, family
14-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope: Beauty
14-aug-2013: V
century of Pope
Italian and Arge
their calling.

“This is a social
you find beauty,
even if the team
Vatican's Cleme

Calling the valu
he said that “wh
contributing to t

The Italian and
held Wednesday
Olympic Stadiu

He began his ad
thanking them f
contribute to FIF
“Really, it woul
the Argentina na

Pope Francis rem
making their liv

He emphasized
person, a “beare

“Before being c
your flaws, with
then, even if you

The pontiff rem
promote the ama

“When teams go

In Spanish, Pop
Buenos Aires so
That year, San L
to beat both the

“Let’s see if any
referring to San

“I ask you to tha
your talents to f
remind you that

Pope Francis im
you are a model

“Set an example

While Pope Fran
San Lorenzo in
attention on the

In an interview
Munich and Fre
to self-discipline
self-control he g
The future Bene
joins all players
coincide with th

Ratzinger's word

Pierre de Coube
of the modern O
city of Rome to

Three years earl
exercise of the b
will distance yo
the exercise of v

Though the 190
athletes from all
blessing of John

And John Paul I
and a selection o
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   His Holiness
13-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Human life s
13-aug-2013: V
– including the l
underscored Pop

Especially in tod
called to teach t
see it as a gift fr

In a message for
encouraged pare
with God” in ed

Through both th
truths about life
He also stressed
children mature

In addition, Pop
grandparents, w
wisdom of life.

The Holy Father
praying that fam
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Adjunct facu
13-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   New State D
13-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
13-aug-2013: R
struggled to forg
phone call from

Michele Ferri w
city of Pesaro in
employees are n

Overcome with
thought that he w

On Aug. 7, how
Messagero. Afte

“It was a once-i

After his brothe
passes, the more

One month later
time, this time I
It was around th

He was shocked
it was a prank. H
referencing the c

Father Mario Am
beautiful act tha
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope to pare
12-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope asks pe
12-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
11-aug-2013: V
Sunday Angelus
the day's Gospe

“We can ask ou
the reality that a
Francis asked th

Sunday's Gospe
himself a great a

This is true for e
am a worker, I h

“Certainly, it’s t
It is precisely th
helps us to conf

He added, “God
name and a face

“The love of Go
people! And the
The Gospel spea
us remain alway
hearts,” said the

Departing from
the silence of yo
asleep? Do you

The love of God
“gives sense to n
prisoners of evil
horizon of our p

“It is at this hori

The crowds che
that love that Go
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Hackett will
10-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
09-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope to Knig
09-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Latin Americ
09-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope spendin
09-aug-2013: R
the Vatican is fi
weeks of the yea
the fall.
On Aug. 9, Pope
industrial area. F
warehouse, meta
Romano, among

He arrived short
morning) and a

Then he asked h
are working ther

As he walked al
journalists from
and applauding

On Tuesday afte
decided that he
in front of his pr

Up above on the
Beschi who is fr
remembrance of
Bergamo, Italy.

According to L’
and once he hea

“Thank you so m
group, according

These spontaneo
schedule during
Castel Gandolfo

But aside from t
asked for anony
parishes of his d

“Pope Francis w
probably there w

Pope John Paul
pontificate. By t
parishes in the d

Pope Benedict X
during Lent time

Pope Francis is
Church, a task th

In particular, he
from around the

A source who al
Bishops told CN

“Pope Francis d
he cares about,”

This behavior is
(Benedict XVI)
a clear understan

While all these m
continue to mak
people escape th

Andrea Gagliar
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   Pope's comp
09-aug-2013: Lä
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    Before Pope'
09-aug-2013: V
Cardinal Prospe
of the 2013 conc
Europe's loss of

“In the West, at
secularism and a
told the 115 card
“You feel theref
kerygma (Gospe
catechesis nouri

Cardinal Grech
facing the Churc
them and thus o
Church, having
the conclave pro

The text of his m
Apostolic See,”

He began his me
the oldest in the

Cardinal Grech
once of study an

“Only as such d
concluded his ap

He noted that th
that it is also a m
man to be electe

“The only thing
me?', that he can
love you.' Then
Christ, the chief

Cardinal Grech
to present a wor

“It is my intent,”
understand wha

Having explaine
prefatory remark
the cross – both

He called the Ki
through Christ a
give into religio
The proclamatio
crucified,'” he st
human mind and

Christ's cross, h
way to salvation

Christ crucified,
and the persecut

“Persecution is a
which he called

He noted the pe
to remove the ev
“transparency” b

He called for co
placing faith in

After finishing h
Church. Christ's
unity, both with

With regard to e
contrary to the w
able “to hold on

“Between extrem
always the peril

“Unity at any co

Cardinal Grech
ecclesial discuss
on the task of th
the Pope togethe

He lamented tha
good philosophi
that speaks in a

Saying this, Car
that “certainly la
every change sig
holiness of the C

Having addresse
“even more pres
West, and espec

The roots of this
that “measures e
society; the sexu
humanitarian br

In the face of a c
“ABCs of Chris
position as the c

Cardinal Grech
widened elsewh

And even in the
before Baal,” ad
“contribute stron

“Be on guard, th
in them.”

He re-assured th
that “the Church

Cardinal Grech
the faithful – fo
hearts the “Logo

He told the card
Holy Spirit is th
our plans for the

Cardinal Grech
every sociologic
scandals that ob

He concluded hi
which the cardin

Christ's raised h
might be accord
will not be only
Cardinal Grech
you and bless yo
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08-aug-2013: Lä
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   Before electi
08-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   San Antonio
08-aug-2013: Lä
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   Number of p
08-aug-2013: Lä
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   Pope expand
08-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope strength
08-aug-2013: R
has issued a dec
Authority and co

The purpose of
laundering and t
Information Aut

Specifically, the
supervision” ov
financial nature.

By taking that s
Information Aut
Aug. 8 interview
Pope Francis als
Moneyval, the C
recommended th

The declaration
departments and

The final innova
initiative" – is th

“The role of this
competence of t
Authority by its

The committee i
Vatican City go
Financial Inform
Monsignor Pete

It will meet ever
assessing the ris
collaboration be

On a more light
clarified that alt
weapons of mas
international sta

“No, the Vatican

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   Spanish gove
08-aug-2013: M
website MasLib
of Asia Bibi, a P

During a visit to
petitioned King
was granted on
Among the priso
sexually abusing
he was re-detain

Galvan's case co
worldwide atten
Pakistan’s blasp

Despite repeated
has yet to interc

The spokesman
Foreign Affairs
effectiveness sh

In his message,
liberating Asia B

“Why has the Sp
pedophile impri

“On December 1
Affairs to ask th
Spain the mome

“The interview w
daughter was ve
granting of asylu

He acknowledge
move at their ow

“However, eigh
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   Pope joins pi
07-aug-2013: Lä
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   At home and
07-aug-2013: Lä
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   Vatican inter
07-aug-2013: R
judicial authorit
Nunzio Scarano
new agreement

The request to h
Giampiero Mila
countries signed

Msgr. Scarano i
20 million euros
He is also being
for supposedly l
Institute for Rel
house in Salerno

This second cas
and suspend him
accountant for th
public June 28 w

According to a V
August 2 and as
the monsignor is

Msgr. Scarano r
transactions that

Those transactio
financial activiti
other journalists
July 31 backgro

Markus Wieser,
commitment of
and of illicit ope

According to the
the possible way
into an ethical b
the hands of Pop

The recent back
was started unde

The first meetin
general director
headquarters to

The Institute for
transparency eff
Institute, its key

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   Missionary a
06-aug-2013: Lä
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   Archbishop r
06-aug-2013: Lä
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   Pope restrict
06-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    World needs
06-aug-2013: V
delivered a stron
Day, saying that
in every situatio

“In this complex
by menacing clo
Gospel of Chris
closeness, his m
able to overcom
wrote in his mes
The Pope began
20, by pointing
day dedicated to

In that light, he
sharing it, some
generously resp

The pontiff bega
since Benedict X
Year is schedule

“Faith is God’s
him. … Faith, h
to entrust oursel

Faith is also “a g
be able to exper
one cannot keep
we will become

On the other han
outreach, he said

He also returned
of society.

“Each communi
liturgy, lives cha
the ‘peripheries,
Christ,” he asser

Pope Francis the
Council, which

“The Year of Fa
motivates the en
contemporary w

“The Second Va
missionary task,
person and all C

As a way of pra
councils and “ea
position to this m
understanding th
witness to Chris

In his third poin
external obstacl

“Sometimes the
Christ to all and

“Sometimes, it i
on freedom,” he

To counter that
error to impose
consciences the
and with total re

Another pitfall t
without his Chu
always ecclesial

Pope Francis de
ease of commun

“For work reaso
professional and
movements of p
who lives perma

This mobility m
one place are be
faith, or indiffer
increasing,” the

All of these fact

The Holy Father
sectors of existe
but also those in
animate it.”

“The men and w
their path and th

At the same tim
proselytizing, bu
love. The Churc
NGO, but a com
living the wonde
deep joy, the me

Pope Francis us
or dedicated the
religious commu
encouraged thei
but a gain.”

Before closing h
parts of the wor
the legal right to

“They are our b
martyrs of the e
contemporary fo
the Gospel of C
and communitie
words of Jesus:

He finished his
support this fund
ends of the earth

To read Pope Fr
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06-aug-2013: Lä
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   Italian officia
06-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Conference c
06-aug-2013: M
the Way of St. J
route, said a Spa
The ancient pilg
Conference of C
national heritage

They recognized
Compostela in S
historical and ar

However, viewi
pilgrimage of its
authentic meani

The experience
celebration of th
history of the Ch

All of these aspe
all men are calle

The very concep
the sensory expe

“Throughout the
of our pilgrimag

The Way of St.
the presence of
point to the invi

“The Way becom
instrument for th
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   Full transcrip
06-aug-2013: V
reaction, the Va
journalists while

During this near
questions on a w
XVI, relations w
The comments w
place of women
attraction, as we

Below, CNA ha
helpful endnotes

Pope Francis' p

Father Lombard
Now, dear frien
Francis. He’s be
assessment of th
the floor for a sm
registered to spe
Now, to you, Ho

Pope Francis: (O
Good evening a
been good for m
It did me good s

Meeting people
the heart, and th
good things from

Then, I would sa
it’s great. It is su
always finds a w

And this is good

The joy of Braz

Then I would sa
felt I was before
clockwork, didn
of [the] security
Rio de Janeiro i

With less securi
without armored
the danger that t
does something,
Bishop and the p
the risk of the ot
for everyone.

Then, the organ
artistic part, the

They have a [rea
beautiful, beauti

Then, Aparecida
Fifth Conferenc
there was an im
arrived. And we

I don’t know …
the newspapers
nothing, but I’m

Thank you, than

Then, the numb
Governor spoke
true! I don’t kn
entire beach was

But, [there were
me, they were fr
That’s certain. I

Father Lombard
Thank you. Now
agency]. And, h
happy to give hi

Juan de Lara: (O
Holiness, good e
days you've give
taken. And, also
prayers for the v

And, the first qu
advantage of the
in these four mo
the Vatican Cur
you contemplate
Thank you.

Pope Francis: (O
The steps I have
sources: the con
Congregations t

They were thing

I remember that
asking, this has
that it’s importa
from the outside

And this goes in
explain it – in th
and Primacy.

That is, these eig
of the world to e
proposals that w
the Secretariat o
which has a perm
topics that aren’

Well, the source

The second sour
one-month mark
is one thing …

I thought I’d add
thing that neede

However, the ag
in the public dom

The first, the pro
to reformulate it
Commission. Th

You know the c

Afterward, we h
responsibility fo
And there, prepa
commission for
brought up aside
government, rig

One goes (in thi
block it, isn’t th
repeat the questi
the answer came

[Continues in Ita
In reference to t
end up. Some sa
others say to clo
anyway!" or “W

I don’t know. I t
[that] of the Com
before. But the D

But this, I canno
find... you seek.
characteristics o
be] transparent a

Father Lombard
Many thanks, H
group, and we h
you a question o

Andrea Torniell
Holy Father, I h
photograph wen
bag. And, there
of the Pope goin
with his own ha
have contained.
was it not carrie

Pope Francis: (O
It didn’t have th
done so. When I

What's inside? T
read. I took one
I have always go
don’t know. Wh
the world. But w
Andrea, if I answ

Father Lombard
So now we give
who is from Rad

Aura Miguel: (O
Holiness, I want
normal, usual, to

Pope Francis: (O
I’ve always aske
began to ask for
doesn’t help in t

I truly feel I hav
it! And, I must a
to the Lord. It’s
have for my wo

Father Lombard
Now we move o
Pullella of Reute

Philip Pullella:(
Holiness, on beh
de Lara, has alre
lines. Little, tho
to the Latin Am
also persons wh
yours to change
is, you live in a
want your collab
community, or i

Pope Francis: (O
The changes …
requested, and t
stayed at Santa M
papal apartment
alone or with a s
And because of
asked me: “Why
reasons, simply,

Everyone must c
work in the curi
are austere. The
APSA (4) gives
to say. Each per
austerity, I think
are so many sha

As far as the sai
people, people w
private. I know
time, go to do th
the Curia. And t
more noise.

You know that o
pains me when t

We have this M
resembled Bless
One thing, [and]
bit from the leve
faithful, who did

I believe … they
the old Curia ma
Mah! If there is

It’s true that I ha
have also found
agree." And I ha
do it.” This is a

And I’ve found
“Ah, that's great
Now, I still have
four months you

Father Lombard
So, now we mov
Zorzan. Maybe
Patricia Zorzan:
Speaking in the
and we see man
matrimony betw
broadens the rig
Why didn’t you

Pope Francis: (O
The Church has
to it, just as I did
a clear doctrine.

Patricia Zorzan:
But it’s an issue

Pope Francis: (O
Yes, but it wasn
way to youngste
Church is perfec

Patricia Zorzan:
What is the posi

Pope Francis: (O
That of the Chu

Father Lombard
Now. let's return
whom we alread

Antoine-Marie I
Good day, Holin
nine of us on thi
grateful to you.
with very great
profound meani
perhaps talking
equals] in the C

Pope Francis: (O
Yes, on this we
of Rome, becau
There are other
there. Saying, th
consequence of
others … I think
ecumenism a bit

Fr. Lombardi: (
Now, Dario Me

Dario Menor To
A question abou
you about how i
wish for this. Yo
experience, like
very difficult, if
increased your f

Pope Francis: (O
Doing the work
person seeks tha
a priest to becom

There is always
others, a bit of a

But the work of
before the faithf
And the bishops
The bishop mus

The question ask
so happy, so hap
was happy, and

Question: (Orig
And being the P

Pope Francis: (O
Also, also! Whe
This is my senti

Fr. Lombardi: (O
Now another fro

Salvatore Mazza
I'm unable to sta
under my feet. W
evening. We are
feet, without any
Asia, Jerusalem
calendar for nex

Pope Francis: (O
Definite, there i
It is definite, exc
mind, within Ita
and with anothe
relationship. Bu

Outside of Italy,
the 50 years of A
has extended a s
government of t
through. It isn't

Then, to Latin A
Latin American

I think one coul
Lanka and also
didn't have time
and America, bu

Going to Argent
trips have a cert

I wanted to go to
possible. It's not

Question: (Orig

Pope Francis: (O
Fatima, there is
to Fatima.

Question: (Orig
September 30 or

Pope Francis: (O
November, Nov

Fr. Lombardi: (O
Good. Well, now
pose you a ques
Hada Messia: (O
Hello … you're
you met with th
seriously, you to
know what you

Pope Francis: (O
You know how
like to walk the
But, this I must
They are good, g
think… their du

Encaged in that
understand that.
was a priest "of

Fr. Lombardi: (O
Now we call aga
up for the next t

Pope Francis: (O
I was asking the

No, No.

Marcio Campos
Your Holiness,
Brazilian people
colleagues from
to represent them
very difficult. W
Church has lost
possible way to
pentecostal chur

Pope Francis: (O
It is very true w
are statistics. W
yesterday. You
the years at the e
Once, speaking
celebration with

It is also true tha
And now I belie

In Buenos Aires
them in the Cath
good they did. B
from the answer

Movements are
free?" The Chur
the work of harm
that have the spi

For this, I believ
some from passi
herself! It renew
where the Spirit

Question from t

Pope Francis: (O
I am tired. I am

Fr. Lombardi: (O
Now, Guénois o

Jean-Marie Gué
Holy Father, a q
without women
instance, the fem
technical questio
return? Thank y

Pope Francis: (O
Let's begin with
chair, common,
to say that I didn

Second, the wom
Mary. The role o
family, but it is
helps to raise th
But think that th

The Church is fe
Church, not only
the Church mus
Popes… Paul V
further ahead in

The Church can
their profile, tha

I'm thinking of a
example in Latin
glorious woman

After the war, (7
very difficult ch
faith and the lan

In the Church, w
women. This mu

I think that we h
[She can] only d
readings, she is
profound theolo

Fr. Lombardi: (O
For the Spanish

Pablo Ordaz: (O
We wanted to k
with Benedict X
have frequent co

Pope Francis (O
I believe that the
other. They wer
Schism of the W

[switches to Ital

There is someth

I have always lo
was so happy w
an example of g
God and a man
can this be done
doesn't he make

I found a phrase
grandfather. Wh
is listened to. He

I have told him
us." He came fo

There it is, the p

If I were to have
[and ask], "But,

And when I wen
with a simplicity
but I'm not sure.
us, "Among you
is a great [man]!

Fr. Lombardi (o
Well, now we g
closer also Gian

Anna Ferreira: (
Holy Father, go
Thanks for havi
questions. We jo
yesterday you to
I would like to u
Church be? If yo
should our posit

Pope Francis: (o
I would like to e
Church. You ca
Caritas, the cate
with this that I s

And, with refere
John Paul II said
But on this I wa
Lady, Mary, wa

The woman, in t
we have to try to
development of

Fr. Lombardi: (o
Gian Guido Vec
then, after.

Gian Guido Vec
Holy Father, als
to the sacrament
something migh
occasion to brin

Pope Francis: (o
This is a subject
I believe that thi
many problems
problems of cor
example, have l

And the Church

But if the Lord d
all, to heal the w
of mercy and fin
father didn't say
threw a party! T

The Church mus
out and finding

And I believe th
intuition that Joh
He had somethin

About the probl
might participat
they can't.

I believe that it i
And for this it is
praxis. They fol
chance, they allo
studied in the fr

And for this, tw
council of cardin
to move ahead i

And, a second th
the theme of the
again, coming a
the planning of

We are on the p
for all, because
Quarracino, (9)
what he said. W
realizing that it's

And in this also
nullity of marria
for this.

It is complex, th

Fr. Lombardi: (o
Thank you. So,
French group.

Carolina Pigozz
Good evening, H

Pope Francis: (o
It's a theologica
is a Jesuit, mayb
know how this i

I feel Jesuit in m
which I have in
feast of St. Igna

I haven’t change
a Jesuit. Not hyp

Fr. Lombardi: (o
If you are still a
Associated Pres
thought you had
as well, excuse m

Nicole Winfield
Holiness, thanks
month mark of y
tell us what the
and what has su

Pope Francis: (o
Well I don’t kno
things. Beautifu

For example, th
bishop of the ca
know if it was th

Also a painful th
Lampedusa. But
and leave them
This was painfu

But the worst th
That I had the fi
bit of damage. I

But these things
great. it was rea
was wonderful.

Question: (Orig
What was the th

Pope Francis: (o
The people, the
people in the Va
this, [there are]
really, really, re

Fr. Lombardi: (o
Elisabetta, but y
the Argentinians

Elisabetta Piqué
Pope Francis, fi
and they said, “y
fantastic, stupen
aren’t going to t
question. Were

Pope Francis: (o
No. I’m going to
Pope Benedict,
thick envelope.

[switches to Ital

Benedict told m
witnesses said. I
And here it says
Everything mem
No, no. But it is

Sergio Rubin: (o
Holiness, two li
the faithful. In B
contribute to bri
second, and mor
deep within you
Aires, which yo
Many thanks.

Pope Francis: (o
I think that a pap
not just the pres
Youth Day. The
help the Church

But these faithfu
[still] belong to
especially for th
sometimes I mis
missing. But I th
respond to this q

Fr. Lombardi: (o
Now, we have th
to close.

Alexey Bukalov
Good evening, H
celebrate 1,025
you’d like to ma

Pope Francis: (o
In the Orthodox
have lost a bit o
God, they sing,
like to speak abo

Once, speaking
has grown most
comes from the

Consumerism, w
of God at the ce

When you read
read and reread
eastern soul. It i

We need this ren
wrote this in his
bearings. I don’
Fr. Lombardi: (o
And now, we’ll
close on the retu

Valentina Alazr
Holiness, thank

Pope Francis: (o
I’ve delayed you

Valentina Alazr
It doesn’t matter
When are you g
are going to can
which one, acco
other; and the im
Pope Francis: (o
John XXIII is so
of the faithful, w
How many false

He was courage
great holiness.

When he was nu
bring things or m
complained. He
man, also one w

When Cardinal
was then Czecho
that time, it was
later, John XXII
Eminence - no,
the young peopl
played with them
diplomat, who a
and John XXIII

But he was a gre

Then there’s the
him from the Ho
it, but the circum
thought about th

Of John Paul II,
missionary. He
better than me. B

He felt this fire
is a man like thi

And celebrating
message to the C

But there is also
in progress. But
elsewhere, the d

We were thinkin
coming from Po
but those who c
and I think the d

I have spoken w
Christ the King
will be Septemb
have to talk with

Question: (origi
But, will they be

Pope Francis: (o
Both of them to

Fr. Lombardi: (o
Thank you, Hol
than those who

Ilze Scamparini
I would like to a
image went arou
private life. I wo
How will this qu
question of the g

Pope Francis: (o
[For] that of Mo
preliminary inve
is accused. We

But I would like
separately from
example, and th
something else.
sister, has comm
forgives, the Lo

When we go to
we do not have
our [sins]. This
St. Peter. He com
they made him P

But returning to
investigation an
That is the first
about the gay lo
with “gay” [writ
person like this,
the fact of being
and seeks the Lo
the Catholic Chu
do you say... it s
integrated into s

The problem is
there is another,
lobby of the gre
the gravest prob
very much!

Fr. Lombardi: (o
Thank you. It se
Pope who told h

Pope Francis: (o
Thanks to you, a


1). Our Lady of
devotion in Braz
Paulo, was visit

2). Most Revere
of Rio de Janeir

3). An apostolic
chirograph signe
Religious Work

4). APSA is the

5). Athenagoras
the Greek Ortho
in Jerusalem led
between the Cat

6). A samba sch
elaborated, high
rehearse through

7). Pope Francis
of Argentina, Br
highest rate of f
history. It partic
severely handica

8). Pope Francis
of Argentina, Br
highest rate of f
history. It partic
severely handica

9). Cardinal Ant
Bergoglio as Ar
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Speaking of
05-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Winning pro
05-aug-2013: R
contest “Life…i
Family, will be

The Vatican off
Pope Francis’ ph
Pilgrimage of th

Teens between t
a photo for Pope

Photos can be su

“The most beau
of Pope Francis,

They will be dis
27 in Rome.
The Pontifical C
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Civil rights a
05-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Bishop apolo
05-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope denoun
05-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Ken Hackett
05-aug-2013: R
vacancy of near
Services, Ken H

“We are overjoy
decades of servi
and fighting glo
and CEO of the

Woo added in h
new ambassado
of advancing pe

Hackett was nom
ambassador to th
evening session
post in Nov. 201

Hackett brings a
with the Peace C
Relief Services.

In an Aug. 2 int
going from repr
country and wha
“I thought about
administration d
of my predecess
strength in colla

Hackett believes
government and

One area where
Francis’ approac

During a July 30
fighting human

Hackett is expec

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Respond to t
04-aug-2013: V
Angelus address
Youth Day pilgr

“I ask you to joi
Day can translat
Peter's Square.

“Into their daily
responding to th

The Pope cautio
moments of enth

Rather, “they ar

“Always remem
cross. And the P

Pope Francis we
The “challengin
applicable to yo
“‘Vanity of vani
emptiness of me

However, “meet
with joy,” encou

He added that G

“I saw this joy o
vanities, the poi
mentality obsess

“True wealth is
has experienced

After leading th

“There are many
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Archbishop P
03-aug-2013: V
has appointed A
charged with rec

Archbishop Poz
July 8, 2009 to N

He had been rem
Charities, where

Ecclesia Dei wa
illicitly consecra
Blessed John Pa

The office is me
Society “who m
Since the 2007 m
liturgy as it was
those who have

On July 2, 2009
the Doctrine of
X were “doctrin

He then appoint
Archbishop Poz
Congregation fo

Archbishop Poz
Archbishop Kon
priest of the Lód
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Gay couple t
03-aug-2013: Lo
Following legisl
of England from
marry in their ch

“We are happy f
actually a small
Barlow told the

“We need to con
recognize as pra

On July 17, the
same-sex couple
and Wales, thou

The legislation a
couples at the ch
England, is barr

upset that they w

“I want to go int
much – a big lav
straight away,”
“As much as pe

The new legisla
same-sex weddi

“If I was a Sikh
Synagogue – jus
challenge in the

“We don't want
in my life and th
Christians mean

“It is a shame th
us,” he added.

The Drewitt-Ba
the Church of E

They told the BB
Wales would “le

The bill has rais

The Catholic Ch
Barlows' under
couples. Such co

The British gove

Earlier, it had as
weddings, so as

In the governme
in Parliament, T
seeking to chang
subsequent legis
religious marria

The Drewitt-Ba
pressured over i

A month before
demanding that
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Against the t
02-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Despite repo
02-aug-2013: R
media focused o
overwhelmed du
says just one ch

“In fact, Pope F
the Argentinean
told CNA July 3

Scolozzi is one
Media Personne

For Pope Franci
who were embe
The list of medi
and countries of

From Scolozzi’s
Rio de Janeiro w

“Everything wo

Scolozzi arrived
landed, so that h

He explained th
between the VA

Practically spea
explaining that t
the other hand, t
or making any n
All of the provis
before the papal

At the helm of t
Director of the H

“He is a clear, s

“He has a great
years and has w
since the Santiag

In Scolozzi’s op

As the Holy Fat
of Guanabara on
and greet him.

According to Sc
there were only

Their concerns w
Pope’s security

But the traffic ja

In his view, “ev
urban structure d
Pope also wishe

The City of Rio
should be on “h
with the crowd s

The throngs of e
embedded with

The reporters “o
Pope’s July 23 v

The press pack “
they moved righ

That meant the m
foot to the cathe

Nevertheless, Sc
and “everything

Pope Francis’ ch
challenge for his

In fact, he point
Popes can embr

“The Brazilian s

“In the press con
Francis told jour
too, and that he

"But I can assum
to face the same
way to approach

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope writes t
02-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Motherly ten
02-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope writes t
02-aug-2013: V
of the month of
Muslims as a sig

“This year, the f
myself and to se
all Muslims, esp
which was signe
Ramadan, the se
of Id al-Fitr on A
determined by th

Pope Francis be
ministry as pont
saint who loved

“I am aware tha
during this perio
areas with Chris

For the theme o
through Educati

By “respect,” Po
whom we have
underscore that

He also detailed

“What we are ca
his dignity and t
ethnic and cultu

The Pope noted
other, not only i

“Families, schoo
achieving this g

Building up mut
between Christi

He explained th
symbols, its valu

“Particular respe
attacks on one o

Pope Francis als
respect toward a

“It is clear that,
them our good w
their joy, withou

Turning to futur
Muslims bringin
their followers,

The Holy Father
offering his “pra
joy to those arou

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   This 'bike ga
02-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Panelists disc
01-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Slovenia's tw
01-aug-2013: R
archbishops in S
financial compa

“I hope and pray
Slovenian Churc
31 statement.

Archbishop Mar
joint press confe
the renewal of th
promoting new

Although he wa
was involved in
and Nov. 28, 20
June 2000 and A

Both prelates sa
decisions that le
the matter.
“It is not the dio
brought down th

The news of fin
the Italian news
financial firms,
euros ($1 billion

The fallout from
owner in the firm

Soon after the in
financial operati
Archbishop Fran

According to Th
Gospodarstvo ra
investment fund

Besides all of th
stand to lose som

Pope Francis ha
archdioceses in

Bishop Andrej G
Bishop Stanislav
Maribor archdio

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Top 10 parab
01-aug-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican Bank
01-aug-2013: V
Works, informa
advance transpa

The institute’s p
customers, the C
are progressing,
“It is an importa

The Vatican Ban
It receives and a
the developing w

The new websit
and describes re

It also explains
reviews the bank
ensures oversigh

“We consider th
also with those i
we hope that thi
the media.”

The Vatican Ban

In 2010 Italian a
alleging that the
information abo

The Vatican res
Information Aut

Money launderi
of Monsignor N
Patrimony of the
Bank for money
Switzerland into

On July 1, 2013
resigned, saying

The Vatican is s
and tax evasion,
committee Mon
U.S.-based Prom
anti-money laun

Last year, the V
In May 2012, th
Ettore Gotti Ted
out his duties. T

On June 24 Pop
examine the Vat
the legal status a
with “the univer

In June a Vatica
aims to understa
structure, or if it

Some church lea

Von Freyberg to
make the bank “
highest regulato

“We wish to cre
to organize our
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope, with fe
31-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   After train cr
31-jul-2013: San
News).- Celebra
Compostela, Sp
and comfort in C

When we unite
those gathered a
Princess of Astu
Alberto Nunez F

In his homily, A
has been united
are deeply thank

“It is not easy to
and suffering ar
“Everything has
continued. “Suff
to shake our fait
cross brings salv

“For this reason
explained. Only
meaning to our

He concluded by
Mary for their a

“We pray that th
Apostle James,
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
31-jul-2013: Va
considering whe
approved the ca

A source who w
anonymity, told
canonization, he

According to the
attributed to his
a commission of

But if Pope Fran
with the formula
of beatification,

“Only the Pope

Pope Francis is
same way as Joh

But there is also

When Pope Pau
after Pius XII’s
of his predecess
War II.

The committee w
Martini (Italy), B

Their work led t
Seconde Guerre
World War), an
about Pius XII’s

Yet, the remaind
released until 20

The completed c
papacy (1939-19

Pope Benedict X
advocated waiti

But Benedict ch
on the recomme

The decision wa
XII was silent a

Despite the conc
brought Pius XI

According to M
Historical Scien
historical judgm

Napolitano adde
XII’s life and be

His remarks refe
every person be
“venerable” – th

The study is com
sketched by a co
judgment” on th

At the moment,
Pope Francis ha
Since there are s
that Pope Franci

“It is not imposs
John XXIII.”

When Pope Fran
case to a vote by
attributed to the

But “the miracle
Francis “opted t

The source main

Matteo Luigi Na
forward. There a
pressures,” he re

What remains to
debate about the
claims that he w

Napolitano note
i.e. the biggest t

So, Napolitano s

This investigatio
neutral, the way
who confronted
involved in the w

Napolitano unde
with a collection
carry their job fo

For what concer
but I can say tha
key point: Euge
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   Pope picks 'f
31-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican bank
31-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope links fr
31-jul-2013: Va
message for the
to peace for a w

“In the face of th
crime, fundamen
July 31 Vatican

The choice of “F
Day of Peace ec
hallmark of his

“Fraternity,” say
with himself or

The Vatican stat
of personal well

“Others, rather t
treated as object
hindrance to dev
compassionate a

The announcem
task that comes

It “urges us to b
fabric, to take ca
him or her as on

“In a world that
good of fraternit

“It serves to def
has frequently re

Instead, the com
of fraternity” wh
finance, civil so

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   'Who am I to
31-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope focuses
31-jul-2013: Ro
celebrated the F
centrality of Chr

Jesuit Father Fe
July 31 that it w
founder of their

The Mass began
the celebration b
Doctrine of the

In his homily, th
Church, allowin
limits and sins i

Pope Francis be
the acronym for
must never forg
that St. Ignatius

“The centrality o
they are two flam
Church and with
not in the center

The key to livin
by Christ. I seek
He illustrated hi
primerea’ – he i
our entire person

Reflecting on pu
dall'Oglio, a Jes

Fr. Lombardi to
(about Fr. dall’O

Pope Francis fin
measure up.”

He drew from th
crucified is cont
sentiment, so hu
this leads us alw

“Humility make
rather it is alway
ourselves not in
Church …” he p

The Holy Father
the twilight of a
mind: that of St.
conversation at

“It benefits us to
like theirs,” he s

Pope Francis fin
them “feel the s
to live in humili
accompany our
everything with

More than 200 J
for today’s feast

After Mass, the
of the Streets an
Before returning
Nicolas and som

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Ships at Holy
31-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Church musi
31-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican to co
30-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Returning to
30-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Agencies add
30-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope joins in
30-jul-2013: Ro
has sent his “dee
gathered today t

“Profoundly sad
for the souls of t
reads a July 29 t
Pope’s behalf.

Pope Francis is
comfort of an ap
their loved ones

The families of
the Monteruscie
Pascarella of Po
The funeral was
national day of m

The approximat
authorities to fin
??In a July 29 st
by the families.

“In the face of tr
faithful,” he said
of people who s
or wife, without

“This is the time
involves the wh
efforts to comfo
Irpino, the town
group will be ra

The accident oc
St. Padre Pio sh
and then crashed

Some witnesses
to a kilometer b

Prosecutors hav
been made and t

The bus crash at
Western Europe
Santiago de Com

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

30-jul-2013: Ro
Congregation fo
commissioner to
celebration of th
reasons and broa
The news of the
Magister, who d
predecessor Ben

“But what is mo

The declaration’

“In addition to t
congregation of
liturgy accordin
extraordinary fo
authorities, for e

“The astonishm
given by Benedi
populo’ demand

The decree was
and its secretary
was named in th
written report ev

The reaction in

The blog Rorate
that referenced B
allowed the pre-
impact one of th

“One justificatio
of Summorum P
Traditional Lati
contrary, we in R
that the opposite

But the spokesm
told CNA July 2
the Church.”

In his estimation
as “only the tip

Fr. Bruno pointe
being influenced
groups. He is wo
hermitages, and

Mother Perillo c

Father Angelo M
Immaculate in th
Magister’s piece
something he ca

“The restriction
reasons specific

He also directly

“Pope Francis h
began under Pop
Braz de Aviz wh

Fr. Geiger said t
within our comm

Fathers Geiger a
Church and in P

“We are in peac
love and apprec

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   At least 38 p
30-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope urges B
29-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   In Brazil, po
29-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
   Pope discuss
29-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope says he
29-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope tells La
29-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope answer
29-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope gives s
29-jul-2013: Ro
finished off his
minute press con

The July 28 mee
Blessed John Pa
homosexual rela

Monsignor Batt
that oversees the
L’Espresso mag
in Uruguay from

Further inquiry

“I’d like to add,
seek out the sins
which are somet

“But one can sin
the right to refus

Pope Francis als
John Paul II wil
would make trav
Cardinal Stanisl
Christ the King

Among other im
Vatican’s Institu
develop a deepe
accept someone

Pope Francis rei
sinful but engag

“Who am I to ju
a question about

“It (the Catechis
must be integrat
The Pope made
Vatican, which

“There’s a lot of
he joked, accord

“You have to di
the Pope told jo

“The problem is
The problem is
Masonic lobbies

As for the Instit
said his decision

Among the optio
closing it down.

“I don’t know h

“But the charact
are transparency

Pope Francis als

“The role of wo
don’t yet have a
underscoring tha

Finally, the Hol
one to Cagliari a

But looking eve
Patriarch Bartho

A trip to Asia is
but the pontiff s
Lanka as the tw

The papal plane
landing Pope Fr
thanks for Worl

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican, Italy
29-jul-2013: Va
and Italy have re
two countries pr

“The Holy See a
Anti- Money La
especially impo
Financial Inform

The memorandu
prepared by the
Units that the H

The agreement e

The memorandu
Vatican Informa
of the Unità di I

A source at one
agreement told C
Nunzio Scarano

The Vatican has
Slovenia and the

The Vatican’s F
more than 20 ot

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Britain's onli
29-jul-2013: Lo
plan to apply fam
a thoughtful way
from harm.

U.K. prime min
had reach an agr
percent of Britis
consciously cho

“It's a very good
going to come in
Wright, a philos
Colo., told CNA

In a fallen world
normal feed, bu
to you. I think th

From there, Chr
attracted to porn
so that people d

Selner-Wright e
that “in order to
many goods, the

Philosophers sin
“you don't throw

Selner-Wright a
outlaw all evils,
of things that ar

Because of this,
harmful, “but w

“We have a righ

Prime minister C
“protect our chil

“Many children
early age, and th
of sex and relati

The governmen
children, and “to

Selner-Wright s
policy for the sa
be the only hum

“Everybody else
is that the rest o

Yet the concern
shows that “the
human beings,”

Between the inte
very visually ass
of saying 'stop.'

She finds the im
“If people can w
closer to seeing

In another West
considering ban
having been exp

The country has
pornography, bu
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   Pope tells Br
29-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope tells Br
28-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope commi
28-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Krakow, Pol
28-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope tells yo
28-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope tells bis
27-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Christ's cross
27-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Penitents, pr
27-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   World Youth
27-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   U.S. woman
27-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]
   Pope honors
26-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   A million yo
26-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
26-jul-2013: Ge
global communi
Twitter, who ha
social media net

“Although Pope
are re-tweeted o
leader on Twitte

The firm's “Twi
Twitter, a social
called “tweets.”

The report found
of 11,116 times.

His closest com
tweeted on aver

“By this standar

Benedict XVI la
audience of seve
Pope Benedict’s
life after his Ma

months has been

Pope Francis no
Besides the Eng
“Pontifex_es” a
Latin and Portug

The Pope is the
who has 33.5 m

The “Twiploma
combined 4 mill
Abdullah Gül an
followed, with 3

The report is ba
foreign minister
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[Fler nyheter]

26-jul-2013: Va
and Italy will so
authorities to reg
involving the so

“Italy is merely
improving its in
terrorism,” acco
CNA July 26 an

The signing of t
Financial Inform
be announced in

The Vatican aut
the U.S. Financi

The memorandu
relations with It

Despite the gene
issued in July 20
adherence to the
problem of the t
especially by the

The most recent

Msgr. Scarano i
Switzerland to I

He is also being
for supposedly l
Religious Work

On July 25, a le
delivered to the
Youth Day until

In the letter, Ms
never stole.”

He also said tha
College of Card

But in Msgr. Sc
Giorgio Stoppa

However, Gorgi
source to say, “t
by his lawyers, s

At the level of s
Memorandum o
with the Scarano

In the past it wo
maintain good r
the city state’s f

Nevertheless, th
agreement,” wh

“We will also se
Italian counterp

At the same tim
Italian Financial
their investigatio

As communicat
accounts at the I

It is rumored tha

In the meantime
Works files, in o
called Vatican b

Another source
Institute for Rel
completely left h
room in the vici
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[Fler nyheter]

   On stormy se
26-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican bish
26-jul-2013: Ro
Paul VI’s encyc
to-date,” especia
problem of our c

Bishop Toso, th
25 interview wit
society is “a glo
and the manipul

Pope Paul VI iss
rapid social and
contraceptives a

The encyclical c

Many expected
the panel he ass

Instead, Paul VI
the conjugal uni

Bishop Toso po
contraception is
The topics and i
integral human d
cannot be separa

This was backed
“clearly conside
and inclusive de

Bishop Toso als
the question of h
where it is linke

This is why “the
effected by tech

According to Bi
principles of “H

The first is the p

Bishop Toso no
deprived of the
finalities of the

The second way
sexual differenc

Benedict XVI sp
for the Christma

He noted that ac
nature, that man
choose for ourse

This led human
previously given

Bishop Toso str
“there is a proje
of human being.

If one’s sexualit
matter of no imp
procreation, or i
“If man cannot l
vocation of belo

These are the ro

Bishop Toso rec
affirmed that ‘th
relativism and o

The mission of d
in every area of

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Final WYD e
26-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope prays f
26-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Argentines fl
26-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   In Rio slum,
25-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope is most
25-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope 'deeply
25-jul-2013: San
News).- Pope Fr
died in a train de
Wednesday eve
During a July 24
director, Father
accident, which

Fr. Lombardi al
victims of Spain

Cardinal Antoni
Compostela for
about it and “wa

The current Arc
“shocked” at the

In response, he i
times” and is “ra

The city has also
important feast o

Maria Pardo Rio
Press that 73 pe
hospitals. The n

The incident occ
or four kilomete
a July 25 statem

Spanish journali
driver admitted
the speed limit f

The train’s spee
cars landed upsi

Estefania Aguir
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   At Rio hospi
25-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Denying wor
24-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   400,000 brav
24-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope returns
24-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican diplo
24-jul-2013: Va
has appointed M
Edinburgh, repla
came to light.

“I am humbled t
important task h

He also acknow
with God's grac
cheerfully and w

working as head
taking over from

The saga that le
Edinburgh bega

Cardinal O’Brie
priest charged th
were particularl
recognition of sa

The cardinal ann
time revealed th

On May 15, the
leaving Scotland
in Edinburgh.

“There are certa
he said.

“It is my sincere
charity, with a v

He sees his first
dead, to confirm
loving, simple, w

Msgr. Cushley w

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Brooklyn pil
24-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Catholic bish
23-jul-2013: We
Catholic bishop
Britain’s Prince
first son, the Pri

“The birth of the
the peoples of th
Westminster, th
July 23.

“I assure their ro
England and Wa

The baby boy w
has not yet been

He is third in lin
Anglican Churc

“May Our Lord
Virgin Mary and
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Barricades ag
23-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope says he
23-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Starting first
22-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Lourdes offic
22-jul-2013: Lo
Marian shrine in
Pavia, Italy stati

"I have the joy o
approved as a m
Castelli, who ex

Castelli said in a
channel that she
of a healed body
protect it and as
my entire life fo

Life was fairly n
pressure at the a
spikes in blood
annexectomy to

However, her co
pancreas. It was
conducted sever
without success

Danila was plan
decided that she
Together with h
the sacred baths

Her husband wa
that everything n

“You were right

She reported her
Observations a s
20, 2013 declara

An official from
explained in a Ju

"When a miracl
paperwork is sen
recognized offic
he said.

Before making i
five separate tim

Doctor Alessand
meeting in 2010
cure as miraculo

“This lady was j
scientific knowl

Throughout the
the Lourdes gro
Since then, 69 h
coming from Fr
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope prays a
22-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   During fligh
22-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope targets
22-jul-2013: Ro
said as he flew t
“throwaway cul

When “we isola
family, a countr
of a people,” the

He will arrive in
around the worl
second largest c

Pope Francis wa
depends both on

The youth “are t
forward. But ev
ahead with both
emphasized, als

They “never sto
history, wisdom

The Pope then d
the economic cr

He remarked, “w
same with the y

As he looked fo
Francis said he p
effort to carry al
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[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
22-jul-2013: Va
the plane for Rio
down-to-earth a
conversations w

The first visible
Alitalia Airbus 3
leather bag in ha

While the sight
missed by Vatic
own bag.

And while the a
Francis that will

The media aboa

During the pont
the Pope to hold

But Father Fede
journalists at a J
part of the flight
discussion with

On the ground i
be using the arm
open-air jeep tha
Lombardi said.

When it comes t
American Pope

He will visit one
Hospital in Prov
travel to Aparec
American and th
the continent.

The Pope’s plan

He will be welc
religious leaders
overseas visit as

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
    Pope prays f
21-jul-2013: Ro
before his depar
surprise trip Sat

The Pope entere
faithful gathered
penance” for W

Pope Francis sp
before the image
large Byzantine
creation of St. L

The Pope left flo

This was not Po
day after his ele
Mary’s protectio
Mary, he visited

On Monday, Jul
gathering of you
along with the P

In keeping with
this year’s Worl

Pope Francis ha
permitting partic
conditions: sacr
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Always unite
21-jul-2013: Va
Angelus messag
and action in Ch

“Prayer that doe
incomplete pray
only attends to w
itself rather than

He added, “pray

Pope Francis ref
“faithful discipl
meal, while Mar

Jesus lovingly re
overly concerne

Mary and Marth
Christian life: ac
action “should n

The Pope remin
was “ora et labo

While the two a
Francis explaine
born in us the ca
tenderness towa

Yet when we ac
towards those in

“In a Christian,”
from the main s
Mary – at the fe

As he greeted th
gospel reflection
young people fr

“All those who
“Listen to Jesus
And you youth w

In greeting the c
travels in Italian

“I see written th
spiritually in pra
Pope Francis wi
Janerio, Brazil.

The Pope joked
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Cardinal say
20-jul-2013: Va
the Vatican depa
both expected to

“There is a grea
member of the C

“John XXIII fel
people of our tim

The cardinal not
people could un

“He was the Pop
XXIII could not
was the first mis

Pope Francis rec
year. But the de
attributed to him

The miracle of B
which he told he

“This miracle w
beatification sim

“But for a Pope,
dimension,” he
recognize this u

The Cardinal tol
“by the grace of

“In his devotion

He stressed that
Francis will ann
this decision, ac

Cardinal Comas
the Second Vati
world and to the

“This was his de
the path of God,

According to the
“But it lasted a l
continued it.”

The cardinal fin
it seemed as if th

He told that Sov
Kennedy annou

“We were at risk

“John XXIII, di
(the leader of Ru
and make them

Cardinal Comas
result of it was p

“John XXIII sai
be called the chi
paradise,'” he re

“I personally me
familiarity that I

“But I had the g
Capovilla,” he s

The archbishop
people because
balcony of Saint
According to the
he went back in

“He told his sec
sign for me: if I
pride,'” the Card

“Only if I’m hum
pontiff said.

The cardinal als
media were sayi
old age.

“He smiled and
all are passing r
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   In Sao Paulo
20-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Flash mob or
19-jul-2013: Rio
massive flash m
world will dance
Day 2013.

“The idea of the
that we are able
said Edson Erdm

He explained th
overnight vigil a
Father with a m

A video teachin
begin practicing
evening and Sun

“The idea is for
is simple but we
Carioca dancer G
from the Show d
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   'Everything i
19-jul-2013: Va
echoed the word
since the Basilic

“The memory o
words of Pope P
Pope Francis sai

“Peace is a gift o
of peace and rec
Agostino Vallin

The San Lorenz
railway commun
War II.

Pope Francis un
for those who ha
war, as well as a

The pontiff also
to the cardinal.

“I would like to
offering moral a
assistance to the

“That was a cha
friendship and s

He emphasized
sisters in Rome
leaning on his b

Pope Pius XII, h
among the still s
the frightened.”
“Even at that tim
especially in tim

Pope Francis str
Holy See and th
schools, to give

He noted “amon
the future Pope
the visit to the b
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
19-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
19-jul-2013: Va
met with former
Youth Day in R

The Pope also b
participate spirit

Pope Francis vis
monastery, whe

He paid tribute t
assured him of h
Days in Cologne

The meeting beg
with a friendly c

Next week's glo
Pope Francis wi
his popemobile.
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope creates
19-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope Francis
19-jul-2013: Va
the discreet pres
Pedacchio Lean

“I want to keep
conversation. “I
of Pope Francis

Msgr. Fabiàn Ed
window at the P
Pope Francis’ el

Shortly after the
hotel where the
keeping his post

Now, Msgr. Ped
through which h
answering perso
Alfred Xuereb,

As second secre
Secretariat of St

The priest has lo
2007, it was und
Jorge Mario Ber

An expert in Ca
Argentinian soc

The monsignor
an interview wit
younger, he nev

In 1983, he deci
Pedacchio Lean
openness. Once

Msgr. Pedacchio
family.” But he
entered the semi

He was ordained

It was later that
conversations w

In 2007, the Con
Argentinian prie
whom the archb

Their friendship
Congregation fo

In a Dec. 26, 20
Intereconomia a
ranks of the Con

The report insin
document or lett
report also asser
sends faxes to B

Msgr. Pedacchio
keep eyes and e
Bishops and spo

His hobbies are
of CDs of variou
team of River P
Almodovar, the

In Rome, he use
Square. The boo
as “a nice and ea
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Catholic coll
19-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   New Vatican
19-jul-2013: Va
month as an inte
lobby” at the Ho

Magister's colum
Ricca, who was
15, had a relatio
scandalize nume
nunciature from

Msgr. Ricca wa
cardinals' comm
of superintenden

He was intended

Yet “just one we
the Vatican dipl
him,” Magister

When Msgr. Ric
his friend Patric

In 2000, the new
“intolerable,” ac
Ricca transferre

In one of the situ
for homosexuals

By 2004 Msgr. R
state. Since 200
visiting Rome, i

“This allowed h
of the Catholic h

Though Archbis
Magister said, “

But his appointm
persons who “kn
of it.

Magister wrote
been kept in the
appointment he

CNA was told b
“constituted on

The term "gay lo
of Latin Americ
them in a June 6
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
18-jul-2013: Va
week's World Y
residency, visiti

“It was thought
Sister Irma Tere

“He does not lik
nothing will be

Second auxiliary
that the room of

The items includ
rooms. The Cen
a few months ag

Blessed John Pa

On the Pope’s a
and a visit to Sa
and drug addicts

Before his visit
bless the Olymp

Vatican press of
travel with the p
during general a
long journeys.

Fr. Lombardi re
Rousseff, and R

The event’s ope
was originally p

The Mass will in
the president of

World Youth Da
night of July 25

The Stations of
share a meal wit

On Saturday Jul
where he will an
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   In Rio, Franc
18-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope grieves
18-jul-2013: Va
shared his condo
involving a bus

“His Holiness P
the death of one
the July 18 mess

“The Pope assur
injured, to the re

Pope Francis sen
capital, through

A bus carrying y
country was hit
resulted in the d
The accident oc
on the main road

“Pledging to com
affected by this

Cardinal Andre
by the victims’ p

Meanwhile, on t
Lafont, will offe
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   US axes AID
18-jul-2013: Ro
States has stopp
Catholic Church

“We have a prob
Aids Relief, kno
Lagleder told V

“I am in Europe
Africa for 26 ye

“I always say jo
order but I have
16 interview.

President Georg
directly to the h

The program, w
Conference for 1
country’s Nation

U.S. President O
election in a we

At the Desmond
increase South A
HIV/AIDS, rath
“Thank God the
spoke to the Nat
Fr. Gerhard note

This resulted in
Catholic institut

Around 40,000
Aids treatment p

“Most of them h
government clin
so we have no c

The priest, of G
runs a large trea
helping young p

“The Bishops C
have to pay for a

“To say it in pla
June 2014, and f
from our side to

The Benedictine
the treatment pr
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope sends c
18-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Teacher's W
18-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican: Cha
18-jul-2013: Va
spokesman said
Youth Day to its
“The trip had al
indeed say inten
Vatican spokesm

“You will recall
pontificate,” he

Benedict XVI’s
decided by his p

Fr. Lombardi re
demanding, whe

These include a
meeting with the

Fr. Lombardi sa
his pilgrimage to
of rest.

“Of course, the
World Youth Da

These include th
Assis, archbisho

Fr. Lombardi sta

He emphasized
and met Francis

“The Pope confi
travel to Brazil f

Next week’s eve
Blessed John Pa

Fr. Lombardi to
continent, and th

“As we know, it
was his predece
held in Brazil.”
He underscored
in all the World

“Therefore, Pop
making this trip
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   UK bishops
18-jul-2013: Lo
Elizabeth II has
Catholic bishop
the centrality of

“Marriage has, o
establishes a leg
woman and for
England and Wa
unique and wort

The law would a
not Scotland or

The bishops said
and the responsi

“That is why we

Queen Elizabeth
passed the Hous
Lords, the BBC

Conservative Pr
marriage,” push
move could swi
Party, which sup
redefining marri

The Evangelical
churches, said th
defined by cons
will have “profo
the enforcement
The group called
is” in response t

Some religious g

Rabbi Danny Ri
synagogues, pra
that the whole o
newspaper The

The Catholic bis
churches that do
to ensure that di
against fomentin

However, the bi
teach in accorda
education policy

They also lamen
objection rights
“assurances” tha
only between a

The Catholic bis

“The legal and p
concerning the r
time as respectin
moment in whic
to affirm and str
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

18-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope on the
18-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope who ca
17-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Small acts of
17-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope Francis
17-jul-2013: Va
for Life Sunday
Catholics encou

“Calling to mind
human being, th
brightly that eve
said in his July 1

“Even the weak
masterpieces of
deserving of the

The message fro
celebrated in En
Sunday on Oct.

The timing of th

On July 12 the D
abortions which
commit suicide.

In this message,
natural end.

“His Holiness p
receives the pro

Observing Day
the day to suppo
activities suppor
The day’s theme
preached by Pop
Mass in honor o

“All of us must

“To give life is t
warmth for othe

During the Mass
simple and beau

Ireland's move t
who was refused
detect an E. coli

Though the rulin
not to introduce
against the bill.

Lucinda Creight
saying parts of t

Four other Fine
as Sinn Féin me

Pro-life support
abortion on dem

The bill does no
mother's womb.
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope: Elderly
17-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Cuban young
17-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Papal menu p
16-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Artists' work
16-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Blessed Chia
16-jul-2013: Ro
Badano, a patro
Christ's passion,

“I think that the
sainthood that is
journalist, told C

“She proved tha

Bl. Chiara 'Luce
16. Her life was

She died in 1990
united to Christ

Coriasco met Bl
2010 he wrote a

“I don't think sh
process faster,”

“She was femin

“She had the cap
to earth and real

Bl. Chiara is am
World Youth Da

Coriasco said th
2011, will be att

“Chiara also exp
Spain in 1989,”
Coriasco said th
lesson from her.

“She said, 'we o

Bl. Chiara was b
Amato, prefect o
“a crystalline he

At World Youth
on the Italian ch

“Since Italians a
of the Italians' th

In past World Y
each other, as w
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   World Youth
16-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Jesuit superio
15-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope's island
15-jul-2013: La
unexpected July
“an electric shoc
suffering of imm
Sicily archdioce

It is “meaningfu
practice what he
observed Archb

Part of the Italia

And immigratio
about 5,000 peo

Archbishop Mo
Lampedusa rem
“it could be a Tu

And even thoug
only at the end o
increasing each

In fact, since 19
and Lampedusa

“That stretch of
at the end of Ma

The idea to pay

Archbishop Mo
Lampedusa, wro
him, a son of mi

The letter was d
Bishops’ confer
Archbishop Mo

The issue also c
Francis and the
raised the proble

Archbishop Mo
must make a sec

“I thought,” he e

In fact, the visit
about where the

After the visit, A
the Pope answer

He was “very fo
the deaths,” the

When it comes t
governmental so

At the same tim
starting point fo

“If the world is
into the world. T

Lampedusa is a
is just a platform
land and stay,” h
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Be generous
15-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Vatican mon
15-jul-2013: Va
Vatican froze fu
arrested him, the
his suspension f

Msgr. Scarano,
Apostolic See, k
with planning to

But Msgr. Scara
laundering, whic
according to a s

According to a J
See Press office
transactions rep

Fr. Lombardi al

Msgr. Scarano i
Vatican bank.

The public prose
born, filed the c

The investigatio

At that time, he
carried it into Ita

According to the
accept 10,000 eu
deposit the mon

Questioned by t
is clean, and tha

In fact, Fr. Lom
reports,” which

The freezing of

The first version
European evalua
freezing suspici

The revision of
released on July

This is also the f
account, giving
Ernst von Freyb

The Vatican’s fi
not open enough

Since the mome
proclaimed his c

In the midst of t
institute was sha
Cipriani, and his

Fr. Lombardi str
at Directorate le

The chief risk o
Financial Group
anti-money laun

But the transacti
trying to bring 2
government plan

The money supp
from an Italian f

According to inv
Giovanni Maria
Giovanni Caren

Carenzio reporte

Once the news o
Patrimony of the

A former banke
Vatican’s funds

In fact, a source
12 conversation

The source also
Scarano’s behav
because he was
to be raised up.”

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope: God al
14-jul-2013: Ca
first Angelus me
generous” heart

In the parable of
this Samaritan is
the will of God,

“God always wa
“God well know
merciful heart.
mercy towards t

Pope Francis lin
Gandolfo by rec
and patron of th

“With great affe
his charism of c

Pope Francis als
thousands of Po

“I entrust the so
of a profound re
for the common

He closed with a
everyone a “goo

The Pope delive
Gandalfo, where

Unlike his recen
the papal villa fo

Instead, he will
All public and p

Before his Ange
order to thank th
to “be signs of h
stayed in Castel

“Their testimon
and the continuo
and the teaching

Pope Francis wi
Feast of the Ass
Angelus from th

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   From Italian
13-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Italian paper
12-jul-2013: Ro
has unearthed th
of Lodi who bap

The newspaper
including his ba
Christians and S

According to Il
priestly life” for
him in the prolo
service and relig

In a letter he wr
Francis explaine
anniversary of th
who baptized m

Father Pozzoli l
1880 in Senna L
priest to work in

“He would have
have been a futu
Not only did he
him as he grew
when his priestl

Father Pozzoli w
life with Italian
Tierra del Fuego

In addition, he c
to travel to the m
infection that lef
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]
   Pilgrim of th
12-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican anal
12-jul-2013: Ro
Romano, Giova
considered a “br

In an editorial p
represents the en
Benedict XVI an

He said that it “i
already quite ou
the document an
authentically Ch

The encounter b
fraternity betwe

“This is the imm
understanding th
Angelus on June

“Pope Benedict
that event. “Wh
he followed, wit
will of God that
of us, as an exam

“The continuity
the document st

For those who w
“the lamp that g
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Irish law wil
12-jul-2013: Ro
the Pontifical A
increased numb
enough doctors

“I would have li
an emergency,”

“We are not in T
could have three

In his view, if th
doctors to decid
abortion industr

Msgr. Suaudeau
to go further; th

“This law has to
abortion,” he tol

Ireland passed a
an Indian woma
coli infection.

Abortion advoca
met with a stron

“You can consid

“I come from a

“Nothing is goin

Msgr. Suaudeau
aspects of cases

“More often tha
you can induce

“In extreme case
left alone to take

“I have a feeling

The law, which
abortion is legal
Msgr. Suaudeau
abort their child
to go on vacatio

“I was expecting

“We have all the
like Malta.”

“Before abortion
there were infec
number of child

“So when it bec
control it.”

He also blamed

“If you are in a
been educated,”
academy's scien

“Nothing has be

“Abortion is a b
question of freed

But Msgr. Suau
what the price o

He also challeng
contraceptives i

“We know that

“It's like euthan
becomes a facili

He also undersc

“Teenagers have
responsible,” M

“It's about an ed
The Academy fo
teen pregnancy
focused on “sho

Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope opens o
12-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican cour
12-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   World Youth
12-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican freez
12-jul-2013: Va
announced it ha
money through

“By court order
IOR attributed t
investigation by
Lombardi said J

Fr. Lombardi al
Works, has hire
the “facts and ci
relationships an

Promontory wil
finances, since i

The investigatio
suspicious trans
and it could be e

The case in ques
$26 million U.S

Msgr. Scarano w
Zito, an Italian s
after Pope Franc

The Institute has
procedures, and
Officer. It has al
anti-money laun
norms in that re

Fr. Lombardi un
who said, “the I
activity, whethe
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

    Pope says Ca
12-jul-2013: Va
the role of Angl
join the groups s

Those who were
Communion are
were not eligible

“This confirms t
Catholic Church
a contributor to
ordinariate anno

Taking its cue fr
bringing the Go
people who wer

Benedict XVI al
wishing to enter
His “complemen
Catholics outsid
are members of

On May 31, Pop
says that “a pers
completed the S
of the Church as
to membership i
Sacrament of th

It was emphasiz
of the sacramen
not join “for pur
Congregation fo

In addition to th
ordinariates in N

“I certainly welc
the new evangel
Peter, in North A

“Particularly in
inevitable that w
who are seekers

“The Great Com
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

12-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   United Natio
11-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican upda
11-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope's legal
11-jul-2013: Va
took a step forw
certain acts as c
prosecute any of

“In our times, th
crime, the impro
Pope Francis sai

“It is therefore n
instruments to p
cooperation on c

In addition to up
Vatican City Sta
canon law.

The effort to up
XVI in 2010 as
modern society

“These laws,” e
broader scope, s
numerous intern

The topics of th
elimination of a
inhuman or degr

The new regulat
more specificity
“the sale of chil
sexual acts with

Perhaps the mos
the prosecution
geographical co
crime more mob

Prior to the upda
crimes outside o
was committed.

But the new reg
See and the cou
Besides spelling
considered a “pu

The list includes
Curia and of the
directors who w
judicial mandate

Another topic th
coming months

The Vatican’s p
that “there are o
requests of Mon

Moneyval, the C
with the Vatican
money launderin

Professor Giuse
Tribunal, mentio
Vatican’s financ
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Interfaith col
11-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Bishop says
10-jul-2013: Ma
A. Reig Pla of th
Francis is eviden

“Lumen Fidei,”
promulgated by
who was not abl

However, Bisho

“First, in saying
must be done th
5. “That is, not t
narrative and tes
Bishop Pla also
reach each huma

He said that the
faith for the buil

“The faith must
life, the person,

“Faith is for the
last chapter, bec
Jesus Christ that

The bishop note
this encyclical b

“Francis has ma
in the Catholic C
Benedict XVI an

For this reason,

“Continuity in th
one Pope says is
case of the ency

In certain phrase
Francis in this e

“Francis could n
continuity with

The initial inten
Benedict's encyc
“Deus Caritas es

“This encyclical
Bishop Pla refle

“And in the Yea
and used in orde
strength of Jesus

Bishop Pla said
Jesus Christ, and
encounter Jesus
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope gives A
10-jul-2013: Va
has appointed a
United States, w

Father Abdallah
Robert J. Shahe

Bishop Shaheen

Lady of Lebano

While the eparc
to St. Louis in 2


He is a member
school administ

In addition to En

The Maronite C
believers to be c
of Aramaic, the

The Church take
inspired many m
Maronite Rite.

With the influx
region in the lat
the Maronite fai

The Maronite C
based Eparchy o

As shepherd of
24,108 Catholic
Läs mera...
[Fler nyheter]

   Popes put pe
10-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Opus Dei bis
10-jul-2013: Va
has approved th
of Opus Dei, aft
major cardiac ar

Father John C. M
notable for “his

Fr. McCloskey s
Church this will

On July 5, Pope
intercession of B

The miracle inv
Wilson. A few d
and a major hem

The medical tea
for healing throu

The baby’s hear
Information Off

Bishop Javier E
del Portillo was
collaborator of J

“Many churchm
this faithful prie
him, to trust his
souls,” Bishop E

He prayed that B
Church, the Pop
“I ask that he m
for the priesthoo
flavor,” he adde

Bishop Alvaro d
children. He stu
and canon law.

He joined Opus
founded the org
Catholic laity. T
activities as a w

Bishop del Porti
in 20 countries,
Council and was
elected to succe

When Pope John
del Portillo as h
December 1990

Monsignor Flav
said that the Ho
will likely take p

Msgr. Capucci s
believe they hav

Some extraordin
full recovery of
including the rec
of infertility, an

“Bishop Alvaro
family. It is perh
of matters arises

Fr. McCloskey s
It was the bisho

The beatificatio
spirit of St. Jose

He added that th
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   In Timbuktu
10-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope grants i
09-jul-2013: Va
will grant a plen
World Youth Da

The head of the
and its secretary
will grant it duri

“The young peo
Indulgence, onc
Eucharistic com
applicable also t

The document a
“under the usual
submission to th

But this means t
following the sa
with due devotio

Cardinal Monte
partial indulgen

This will be for
contrite heart ra
World Youth Da

They will also n
Nossa Senhora d
same meeting, t

The granting of
Pope, when he p
Matthew 16.
Jesus replied to
you bind on eart
loosed in heaven

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   Buy humble
09-jul-2013: Va
bicycles are nec
but get a humble
s Paul VI Hall.

“And, if you lik
just (think of) th

Pope Francis me
day pilgrimage t

“I’m telling you
But you can’t (d

“Now, you’re th
are nice,” he rep

The pontiff also
their testimony w

“True joy doesn
with the other,”

“It’s born of fee
understanding a
because others a

He underscored
yourself saying,

“This is wonder

Previously, duri
novices they are
spring of vocatio
He also stressed

A novice from t
the first day of t

“It’s beautiful, I
Mary Agnes, wh

“We’re very luc
everything is jus

Deacon Felipe d
vocation is the c

“It’s through the
they can live life

“This pilgrimag
outside Castel S

“I think everyon
us so much,” he

Additional repo
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   Tearful Cost
09-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   World Youth
09-jul-2013: Va
confirmed over
Youth Day in R

The catecheses –
for three days du
Spanish and 25

Italian and Fren
Germans will ha
find it in their na
In addition, the
Slovenian and D

The three days w
on July 24, “To
July 26.

They will be giv
examination of t
all nations” from

One of the two b
Rio, will host up

The other large-
Center in the Jac

One of the main
artists such as S
Danielle Rose w

The educational
volunteers selec

A different bish

Many of the cat
Bishops of Latin

Its theme was “D
life in him.” Pop
after the Aparec

The Vatican is e
testimony and sp

Each day will cl
are present. Dur
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   Vatican Bank
09-jul-2013: Va
Bank donated so
released Thursd

“The Members o
anonymously, to
crisis, and encou
Council for Card
Holy See.

The Vatican Ban
charitable funds
cloistered mona
Soviet Union; an

The cardinals' co
presided over by
by 12 other card

These included
Pell of Sydney,

The 2012 financ
mainly to good

In 2012, Catholi
collection for th
in 2011.

The Vatican rev
regarding the co

Two other areas
new property tax

The Vatican Cit
from contributio
million, with a t

During the meet
Patrimony of the
as to provide the
Vatican's curren

Ernst Von Freyb
current situation
Patrimony of the
the patrimony o

Just ahead of the
resigned, “in the

Italian media ha
Bank, which has
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   Pope Francis
09-jul-2013: Va
Francis invited a
were served in h

Cardinal Bertell
entire evening w
personal experie

“I welcome you
pleased that you

The dinner took
who stands befo

“It that same ga
so much love.”

The dinner was
only one of a nu
“as a concrete si

After his welcom
their response “w

The group was b
Circle of St. Pet

The homeless w
meals, a place to

The menu for th
acted as waiters
The Vatican Ge
entertainment as

At the end of the
Pope Francis.”

Each was given
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   News of can
09-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Comfort mak
08-jul-2013: La
“reawaken” con
African emigran

“The culture of
live in soap bub
empty illusion w
his homily durin

“In this globaliz
We have becom
me; it’s none of

Lampedusa is th
Europe. It is loc
there as a sign o

Thousands of A
island in recent
the island just h

Remembering th
happens all too
thorn in my hea

“I felt that I had
to challenge our
Setting a peniten
began his reflec
challenge peopl

The first reading
your brother?”

Pope Francis sai
someone who di

God's question t

“How many of u
the world in wh
everyone, and w

God's question –
us, but “is a que

“These brothers
serenity and pea
but instead they

He lamented the
“their cry rises u

The Bishop of R
trying to reach L
isn't me.”

“Yet God is ask
me?' Today no o
for our brothers

Pope Francis sai
in the story of th
and perhaps we

“It’s not our res

The Pope compa
to the 17th centu
the town takes r

The “globalizati
faceless,” reflec

He added that so
the situation of t

“Has any one of
wept for these p
babies? For thes
Pope Francis.

Indifference has
Roman Pontiff.

The gospel at th
of the mothers w

Pope Francis sai

“And so it conti

The Bishop of R
lurks in our hear

“Let us ask the L
of our world, of
economic decisi

Today's Mass w
Vatican. On Ap
General Audien
solidarity with o

At the Mass tod
people of Lamp
thanked Archbis
includes Lampe

Noting that man
think with affec
Ramadan, which

“The Church is

While visiting L
the some 20,000
past 25 years. H

A speaker for th
reasons, and ple

As a further sign
Francis carried a
of a wrecked im
from another im
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   Consistory to
08-jul-2013: Va
the Holy See’s P
canonization of
ceremony taking

“There will be a
exact date,” Vat
after it was anno
his two predeces

The consistory –
Pope and the ca

“We can expect
probably before

Fr. Lombardi sa
on the same occ
regarding a simi

He added, howe
John XXIII and

On July 5, it wa
Bl. John Paul II
canonization ha

In the case of Jo
been obtained th
an individual is
While this situat
that is in the pow

“A miracle is a t
intercession and
a dogma of faith

“For example, m
because of tradi

The spokesman
year, which mar
which he had co

John XXIII, kno
and for his ency

John Paul II bec
charismatic natu
well as his worl
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   Pope offers f
08-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

    Murdered Sy
08-jul-2013: Ro
Ibrahim Alsabag
at a Mass in Rom
close martyrdom

“My first reactio
much good he d
Land. “Also bec

“But on the othe
following the m

The evening Ma
Diocese of Rom
During the Mass
conflict, Fr. Als
and about Fr. M

Initial media rep
recorded on vide

But Vatican sou
village of Gassa
monastery wher

“There are many
bullet when he w

“Another story i
that they killed h
media, and it wa
beheading of a p

Fr. Alsabagh str

“He was gentle
path,” he said.“H
our brothers.”

Fr. Murad initia
on Saint Siemon

But Fr. Alsabag
monastery of Sa

“We, Franciscan
Middle East, ev

Fr. Alsabagh, w
Franciscan mon

“I’m returning t
probably so man
the monastery.”

“One can be kill
our prayers and
He underscored
with the people,

After spending t
continue his doc

According to him
Christian life” in

“When there is t
force that spring

“When one lives
he added.

“Instead, a little
eyes a bit to the

Fr. Alsabagh no
helps us realize
be ready at ever

“I’ve shared this
said. “It’s made

“We need to do
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   Pope to set u
08-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope calls fo
08-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Catholics urg
07-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   The self-righ
07-jul-2013: Va
the Lord’s work
in which we we

“Those who con
said during mor

Pope Francis ce
Liberato Urosa S

Staff of the Vati

Reflecting on a
he asked those p

“Remember alw
keep the fire aliv

“That memory g
changed my life

Pope Francis ga
Matthew, a tax c
eating with tax c
need of a physic

“The taxpayers
traitors of the co
Romans,” said t

“Matthew feels
invitation, ‘follo

According to the
he’s also very at

“It just took a m
man who was lo

He noted that th
with the Lord.”

“It is the momen
the first momen

He then reflecte
sinners and tax c

“The Lord feast

He explained ho
feast; that Jesus

 “And following
‘daily work’ of

The Pope stresse
encounter, of th
end of one’s life

The strength to
events, of that e

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   Jesus calls us
07-jul-2013: Va
Angelus reflecti
the faithful are c

Reflecting on th
does not want to

Not only does h
others, and send
God is near.”

“This is very be
world the love o
fraternity. For th
missionary com

However, the Po
no, the purpose
waste in small ta
and proclaiming

He pointed to th
healing and hop
Observing that t
the 72 disciples
and lay faithful
various forms of
with the urgency

He added that th
experienced the
that we are not t

After the Angelu
Faith,” which w

“For the Year of
from those on ch
finished it. I offe

Pope Francis sai
faith, to deepen

He added that th
for the meaning

“I put it in the h
the Lord wants.”

The Pope conclu
are preparing to
to other religiou
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   Christian life
07-jul-2013: Va
homily, Pope Fr
both in their ow

“Christian life is
attendance, the H

“It is a harmonio
renews all thing
way that takes u
“You cannot be
Christianity requ

“Being Christian
by the Holy Spi

Pope Francis de
group of Swiss G

The Holy Father
“allowing onese

The Spirit, who
Church, he said,

Jesus is the one

He explained th
renewed.” The r
observed. For ex
we love them an

Renewal within
“renews the stru
wineskins for ne

“In the Christian
structures: it is n
this, with dialog
places, times, an

He recalled earl
to carry out all o
this was not nec

The Pope referre

“And so the Chu
these structures,

Carried forward
Gospel in us, in

Pope Francis als
at Pentecost.
“And where the
grace of not bein
that the Holy Sp
imprison us.”

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    Light of faith
06-jul-2013: Va
light is pivotal i

“Lumen Fidei,”
Released July 5,

The document r
is light so impor

Benedict XVI’s
the smaller light

Pope Francis’ po
the world.

At a general aud
Olympic stadium
someone turns o
their own light,

Turning on their
Benedict XVI’s

One of the roots
the Vatican Obs
supported by the

For centuries, Je
Gandolfo, and f
sense of the hea

Now, the Vatica
instruments still
practically impo
Mount Graham,

Joseph Ratzinge
Vaticana that he

In that homily, h

And he conclud
Our lights hide t
we created, we c

This is a crucial
Benedict XVI.

“There is an urg
that faith is a lig
light of faith is u
existence. A ligh

That source is Je
faith is also a lig
guide us beyond

Taking over the
Benedict XVI’s

How will this be
perhaps excessiv
trivializing solem

Following the ex
civilization, usin
away from gestu

Now that the do
faith to the worl

In the June 12 g
light of Christ; t

This is Pope Fra
the light of faith
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    In encyclical
06-jul-2013: Va
encyclical, “Lum
let Christ’s love

“Faith is born of
love which prec
lives,” the Pope

“Transformed b
contains a great

Noting the mode
found through re
of faith as a ligh

Faith does not d
reality’s deepest
guiding it towar

Pointing to the e
explained that fa
offers “both a ca

Modern culture
instead thinking
requires us to em

“Faith does not
own eyes: it is a

In this way, faith
precedes us, a lo
explaining that w
life, death and re
utterly reliable i

The connection
“Faith without t
remains a beauti
capable of satisf

This reality is im
technology, falli

At the same tim
love, truth becom

“Love and truth
person precisely

In the contempo
But in reality, “l
way, in union w

“Only to the ext
the passing mom
tied to truth, it f

“The light of lov
Pope Francis sai
objective truth i

“But if truth is a
Other and with o
part of the comm
by force; it is no

Because it is gro
“encourages the
richness,” recog

The importance
stated that any p
drawing near to

“Faith is not sim
believer’s heart,
nature “is open

“We can respon
fellowship, only
It is the gift of a
transmitted from
prayer, the profe
the Church’s tra

He also noted th
specifically refe
the good of new

Faith is also a co
simply brighten
in the hereafter;
towards a future

Because it is lin
explained. It uni
hand of God, an

“To those who s
Pontiff remarke
Christ who chos

Pope Francis als
and necessarily

“Faith is not a p
comes from hea
he stated.

If we truly allow
and transformed

“Those who hav
light, cannot kee

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   Seven encyc
05-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Vatican arch
05-jul-2013: Va
archbishop belie
“introduction” t

Archbishop Rin
New Evangeliza
that he wants to

He said that the
Pope Francis, al

“Lumen Fidei, w
Benedict XVI, i
press office duri

“Here we find h
accustomed in th

Archbishop Fisi
which he makes
modern authors
understanding o

As an example,
building, confes
election as ponti

“In some ways,
specifies the con

“Benedict XVI w
conclude the tria
‘Spe Salvi,’” he

Eventually, “ins
offer it at the en

The archbishop
currently being

The release of th
conclusion, coin
Second Vatican
Archbishop Fisi
continue to live
so many highly
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    New encycli
05-jul-2013: Va
suggests, “Lume
a “light,” said F

In a July 5 interv
spiritually exciti

“It well portrays

Fr. Costa observ
a style that is “p
Francis makes th

However, unlike
being “written b

“Pope Francis p
spiritual fraterni
Francis himself.

In the document
before his resign
that “as his brot
of my own.”

During the docu
document bears
“the Church has

Discussing his w
Francis is no dif

The only differe
audience was of
gained from Rat
He said that Pop
as having “a stra

Fr. Costa mainta
of the human be

The Vatican Pub
election, and ha
Bergoglio’s wri
delivered as Pop

Fr. Costa said th
say that a messa

The Vatican Pub
encyclical. It ha
customized edit

The distribution
and bishops’ con
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   Encyclical il
05-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope clears t
05-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Former Pope
05-jul-2013: Va
has approved th
Blessed John XX

The announcem
“The Light of F

The previous ste

In the case of Bl
the Vatican. No
Although such a
S.J., explained t
canonization cau

Since there was
beatified, the ca

He also referenc
beatification and

Bl. John XXII is
Second Vatican
council during t

Bl. John Paul II
charismatic natu
of communism i
beatification one

Pope Francis is
Bl. John Paul II

The date for the
the Consistory,
the year.
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   Release of P
05-jul-2013: Va
encyclical of Po
has been release

“We welcome w
catechesis writte
at the Vatican's

“Together they s
within the body

The encyclical –
See press confer
Mueller and Arc
During its releas
the document be
because “the Ch

“The Successor
his brothers and
light for humani

In it, he stresses
completed the fi
Benedict XVI h

“As his brother
my own,” Pope

Prior to the relea
Vatican Garden
XVI. The statue

The release of th
conclusion – coi
Second Vatican

The first chapter
to the Word of G

It also highlight
of seeing” and t

“Faith is not a p
the Pope adds in

The second chap
links between fa

“One who believ
since believers k
embraces and po

“I delivered to y
solely on the im

“It is impossible
individual decis
The chapter exp
the “I,” but rathe

The Pope also w
especially baptis

The final chapte
faith and the com

The encyclical r
help in edifying

The fourth chap

“The 'we' of the
Cardinal Ouelle

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   'Lumen Fide
05-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   In first encyc
05-jul-2013: Lä
[Fler nyheter]

   Pope: Christ
05-jul-2013: Va
Mass on Thursd
gives them their

“We are saved i
Pope at the chap

“This is how I id
during his homi

The Pope explai
sons” and that b
“We, who were
our existence,” s
Toppo, the Arch

During his homi
paralytic. The sc
of blasphemy.

“The healings, t
of something mo

He explained th
mission” and me

It is a great mira
beautiful an attit

“Jesus does this
does it with His

“It is he himself
us sinners,” the

He stressed that
can now underst

“That is the root
the Father!” he r

“God has reconc
reconciliation an
with the liberty

He explained th
all the sin of the

“This is the new
even unto death

“Even to the poi
observed. “This

He underscored
beautiful this lib
“The child is in
“Now we are in
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   Despite setba
04-jul-2013: Va
Vatican Financi
financial oversig
multilateral path

It “represents a
tracking and fig
director of the A

The news of adm
Intelligence Uni
Vatican bank's g
stepped down on

Cipriani and Tu
Scarano, an emp
allegedly used h
bank,” for mone

In a broader per
XVI and continu

In Dec. 2009, as
agreed to implem

Despite setback
Institute accoun

Then-bank presi
public prosecuto
not deemed satis
law came into e

Then, on May 2
Governing Boar
“failure to carry

The investigatio
arrest of Msgr. S
In the meantime

After its Nov. 20
laundering law,
member States t

The revised law
any special relat
come to an end.

In retrospect, th
actions that mar
first requested b

Meanwhile, incl
combating mone
July 4 press bull
global effort.”

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