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									Hyatt at Olive 8 | Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is known for its interest in sustainability and the people at Hyatt decided it was an excellent place to launch the city’s first LEED certified hotel and officially got the silver seal. The 39-story hotel/condominium has us wondering whether or not we want to stay for a short visit or relocate. As of September, 2009 – the hotel Hyatt at Olive 8 is one of only 20 hotels in the US to be certified green by LEED. Entirely enveloped in glass, the hotel boasts one of Seattle’s largest living rooftops. The inclusion of all the energy saving initiatives throughout Olive 8 is anticipating 23% in energy savings and 36% in water savings. Environmentally friendly amenities include a restaurant featuring locally-sourced menu and an eco-friendly spa using local ingredients in their treatment. :: Hyatt at Olive 8 | Seattle, Washington ::

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