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									                                                   West Contra Costa Unified School District
                                        Kennedy Plan of Action for 2013-14
Major Areas of Work: Academic Performance, Social/Emotional, and Stakeholder Outreach

   Increase achievement of all Kennedy School students, with special emphasis on underserved subgroups
           Continue improving student outcomes and mastery in core content areas, with particular emphasis on English and math, through
            highly effective use of the 90-minute periods, ongoing professional development and collaboration around best practices/most
            effective use of the 90-minute periods and reduction in student failure rate
           Continue collaboration and professional development around SIOP model implementation; Conduct cycles of inquiry around the
            effectiveness of the SIOP model implementation
           Continue collaboration and professional development around Common Core State Standards (CCSS) transition; dedicate
            collaboration time to CCSS lesson and unit planning
           Continue to increase the number of students who take and engage meaningfully in AP courses; Increase graduates with college
            ready and competitive A-G compliant transcripts
           Continue to strengthen the system of communication set in place in 2012-2013 by involving more parents and all stakeholders in the
            decision-making process.

   Improve climate/culture/relationship & trust-building with and between staff, parents, students, community
           Transition to Common Core Standards through PD & Collaboration, and ongoing communication
           Master Scheduling for Success - 8 period schedule, Credit Recovery, more time for collaboration, more elective classes.
           Saturday School - Alternative discipline to reduce suspension rate, training for students & parents on powerschool, important school
            information and new developments, and Cyber High*
           Celebrations for student achievement - Academic Awards night, Student Scholarship Awards, Music & Dance Performances, Student
            of the month, birthday acknowledgements
           Partnership Programs- College & Career Center, 10,000 Degree Program, RYSE Center, Gooden College Foundation, Upward Bound &
           Higher Collaboration among teachers -Mandatory attendance with pre-selected PD
           Model for teacher community services
           Sustain current effective programs (General Education, SPED & Learning Center)
           Data Driven instruction
Academics (Student Achievement/ Teacher Efficacy)
Areas of Need                            Action Steps                                              Accountability Outcomes
Increase Academic Performance of all     Common Core
                                         Professional Development & Training to prepare the        -All classrooms will have at least one
                                         faculty for teaching, monitoring and aligning current     informational writing assignment/project
                                         materials with the common core standards, especially      per month that is scored. Students will
                                         In the areas of:                                          also be provided constructive feedback
                                         a)informational texts/writing                             based on a school-wide common rubric.
                                         b) Rigor/ text complexity                                 -Monthly PD on CCSS with emphasis on
                                         c) reading/text dependent questions                       area of focus (document PD)
                                         d) persuasion versus argumentation writing
                                         e) 21st century skills/technology                         Goal = 100% of teachers to be trained in
                                         f) SIOP Training                                          SIOP

Increasing Academic Performance of all   Using the Learning Center Collaborative Model to          Reduction of students failing Algebra 1 1st
Algebra 1 students.                      provide small group intervention and intensive support    & 2nd Semester by at least 5%
                                         to students who previously failed Algebra 1 who scored
                                         far below basic on the CST in 8th grade

                                         All students repeating Algebra 1 have been scheduled      Use of multiple measures to identify areas
                                         for math support class grouped by need and will receive   of student needs. Measures will include
                                         small group instruction in areas of challenge             CST strand data, diagnostic assessment
                                                                                                   results and anecdotal data

                                         Response to Instruction and Intervention Collaborative Model
CAHSEE and CST Assessments               a) Raise the number of students who pass CAHSEE the       - 75% of all students who need
                                         first time by identifying key 7th and 8th grade math      intervention support will be assigned to
                                         skills struggling students need to be successful in       appropriate intervention classes in the
                                         Algebra 1 and Geometry and including skill-building for   Fall semester; 80% of all students who
                                         them consistently in daily instruction.                   need intervention will be assigned by the
                                         b) Automatically place students who have not passed       Spring semester
                                         the math portion of the CAHSEE into a math support        -API will increase 30 points from 544 to
                                         class.                                                    574
                                         c) Raise the number of students who score basic and       -To increase the number of 10th grade
                                          above on CST tests by Identifying a set of key 9th and      students passing CAHSEE ELA & Math by
                                          10th grade skills struggling students need to pass          at least 3%
                                          CAHSEE and CST assessments, and prioritizing their
                                          instruction in math classes.
                                          d) Add to the master schedule one math support class,
                                          with no more than 20 students for 9th and 10th graders
                                          who have performed poorly in prior years.
                                          e) Continue mock CAHSEE and CST preparation drives in
                                          school-wide collaboration
                                          f) Begin preparation for Common Core standards’
                                          adoption by incorporating daily instruction that uses the
                                          multi-faceted and more in-depth assessment models of
                                          the Common Core.
Increase the number of students in AP     a) Identify incoming 9th graders and 10th grade             -Increase number of underrepresented
courses                                   students who are capable of succeeding in AP courses,       students in Advanced Placement and
                                          but need extra support, and provide that support early      Honor Classes by 10%.
                                          b) Use AP students as recruiters to talk to 9th and 10th    -All Math courses will demonstrate/use 2
                                          grade students about AP classes                             Mathematical methods for solving
                                          c)Hold an AP Night for parents of potential AP students     problems on a weekly basis. Admin will
                                          for 9th, 10th & 11 grade students                           observe and/or will observe to ensure
                                          d) Identify credit-deficient students through Local         implementation of the identified
                                          Review                                                      mathematical method
                                          e) On a monthly basis, the math department will
                                          identify two mathematical strategies that will be           -Monthly PD on CCSS with an emphasis
                                          implemented in the instruction of every math class.         on area of focus (document PD)

                                          English Language Development
Increase the performance of EL students   a) Explicitly teach in 9th and 10th grade English Classes   Reduce the number of students failing
                                          weekly CAHSEE prep sessions targeting identified 7th        core classes by 5% by implementing SIOP
                                          and 8th grade skills needed to pass the CAHSEE.             instructional methods school wide and by
                                          b) Incorporate into regular weekly instruction targeted     ensuring that all core content teachers
                                          skills/knowledge from 9th, 10th and 11th grade              are SIOP trained. Admin or instructional
                                          standards needed to pass CAHSEE and/or score basic or       coach will observe classes to ensure
                                          above on CSTs.                                              effectively implementation of SIOP
                                          c) Develop mini benchmarks to determine progress of         strategies.
                                          student mastery, and english standards needed to pass
                                          CAHSEE and/or score basic or aboove on CSTs.
                                              d) All core content teachers will be trained in SIOP
                                              instructional methods and 1 monthly collaboration
                                              meeting will be dedicated to the effective
                                              implementation of SIOP strategies in the classroom.
                                              e) Identify 9th and 10th grade students who are
                                              struggling in English for an after school program

Social/Emotional (Student Support Services)
Provide Music, Dance, Art and sports to our   -Encourage student participation in an elective,           Increase student/athlete retention
students to support engaged learning and      potentially adapting school schedules to incorporate       through sports seasons to 75%; currently
interest in school attendance                 additional periods to allow all students access            we are at 50%
                                              -Encourage and increase students participating in grade
                                              requirement activity by providing extra tutoring support   -Increase numbers of students taking
                                              to maintain GPA requirements                               electives and participating in extra-
                                                                                                         curricular activities by 15%; we currently
                                                                                                         are at 35%

Scheduling for Success                        Faculty and Administration committed to a new 8            The Change will allow Credit Recovery,
                                              period Schedule.                                           acceleration, increased elective offerings,
                                                                                                         and college bridge program in partnership
                                              Effective use of 90 minute classes with bell to bell       with Contra Costa College. Increase the
                                              instruction using the effective implementation of SIOP     average number of credits earned
                                              strategies in the classroom.                               annually by Kennedy students by at least
                                                                                                         Admin or instructional coach will observe
                                                                                                         classes to ensure effectively
                                                                                                         implementation of SIOP strategies.

Celebrating the positive                      Academic Awards Night, Student Scholarship Nite,           Celebrations for student achievements,
                                              Parent Night, Rallies                                      Students of the month, Acknowledging
                                                                                                         student accomplishments, Acknowledging
                                                                                                         student birthdays, Acknowledging
                                             Celebrations for student achievement, students of the      students with growth on test scores. Hold
                                             month, acknowledging students’ birthdays                   at least 2 celebrations per semester.

Community Partnership Programs               College and Career Center, 10,000 Degrees, the Gooden      Support with Writing College Essays,
                                             College Connection, the Upward Bound Program, PACT         Filling out forms for grants, scholarships,
                                             Inc (College Advising), and the RYSE Center. Will offer    Dream Act Campaign, and FAFSA. How
                                             college related information,and support college            many? How often? How many students
                                             expusure, application, and financial aid information in    will be impacted?
                                             the established College and Career Center

Provide effective and Positive Behavioral    Go deeper in Restorative Justice practices                 For the 2012-2013 School Year we had
Intervention Support Strategies              -Admin, teacher, classified, mental health, and security   approximately 1000 suspensions. We will
                                             teams will go through RJ 3-day training together with      reduce this by at least 20% for the 2013-
                                             Millie Burns and the Catholic Charities team               2014 school year.

Support positive, safe, and healthy school   Provide the YMCA Program, including Conflict               For the 2012-2013 School Year we had
climates                                     Resolution/Mediation, S3 Programs, Health Centers,         approximately 1000 suspensions. We will
                                             Student Speakers, and Assemblies, that will support        reduce this by at least 20% for the 2013-
                                             student mental and emotional health (Health Center)        2014 school year.

Saturday School                              -In leiu of suspension, students will be assigned          Help decrease the suspension rate by at
                                             Saturday school to protect their instructional minutes     least 20%. Train at least 20 parents on
                                             and reduce suspension rate. Students will receive          powerschool use and school related
                                             support in reading and answering text dependant            concerns; and make Cyber High School
                                             questions. At least 1 certificated staff member will be    available to all credit deficent students.
                                             available to provide support.
                                             -Parent classes in the use of computer literacy and
                                             powerschool, gang classes, and general school
                                             Credit defencient students will be given the
                                             opportunity to complete Cyber High assignments
Maintain High Student Attendance             Monthly positive attendance assemblies, A2A, etc.          95% + student attendance will be our goal
Stakeholder Outreach (Parent Involvement)
Increase parental involvement        a) Automated calls for missed classes and attendance      Currently, only 5 % of our parent
                                     b) Connect ED: Principal Weekly message that              population participates in the school
                                     announces events, praise students for achievement,        community (volunteers at the school in
                                     and remind parents and students of the importance of      varied capacity). We will increase that to
                                     education, formative assessments, and standardized        at least 20% during the 2013-2014 school
                                     tests.                                                    year and document our work ( i.e. sign in
                                     c) Parent invitations to quarterly honor roll & YMCA      sheets, agendas
                                     e) Semester Parents Night to discuss data, planning and
                                     future events

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