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A New Platform for Fusebox 4
                            Charlie Arehart, CTO
                                                       About Your Speaker

n   6 yrs CF, 20 yrs enterprise IT experience
n   Past accomplishments of note
     n   Team Macromedia Member
     n   Allaire/Macromedia Certified Instructor
     n   Allaire/Macromedia Certified Adv CF Developer (4, 5, MX)
     n   Macromedia Customer Advisory Board Member
     n   Contributor to Macromedia Devnet
     n   Tech editor, ColdFusion Dev Journal magazine
n   Co-authored recent ColdFusion MX Bible
     n   With Hal Helms and Adam Churvis
n   Frequent writer for CFDJ (3rd most behind Hal and Ben Forta)
n   Frequent speaker to user groups, conferences worldwide
n   Named CTO of New Atlanta in April 2003
n   Goal, as always in my contributions:
     n   spread the word about valuable features in tools we can use every day

                                New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                            Any Challenges For You?

n   Are you an ISV selling your Fusebox app to multiple clients?
     n   Problem: perhaps high cost of CF 5/MX compared to your product
     n   What if you could serve your CFML app for less than your app’s cost?
          n   Or even on a royalty basis?
n   Are you a contractor/system integrator building a FB app for a
     n   Problem: clients are reluctant to pay for CFMX (“asp/jsp/php are free”)
     n   What if you could offer them a way to run the app for free
n   Are you a hosting provider supporting multiple clients/apps on
    each CF server?
     n   Problem: clients can conflict with each other (poor coding, varying needs)
     n   What if you could make apps independent of each other on the one server?
          n   Each with own admin, settings; segregated from each other’s impact
          n   What if the CFML runtime overhead for that was just 2MB per server?
n   Do any of these apply to you even if not an ISV, SI, or hosting?

                                    New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                                                   How Can It Be?

n   Am I “peddling crack” (a
    favorite analogy of Hal’s)?
     n   Is there a black market for CF
     n   Have I cornered a market on
n   Many of you know I’m
    talking about BlueDragon
     n   The alternative CFML runtime
         environment from New Atlanta
n   What is it? Why should you
     n   Will get to that, and more

                                 New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                                        So Why Am I Here?

n   So why am I here?
    n   Besides introducing you to BlueDragon
n   I know that people don’t like sales pitches
    n   But is this really any different from my typical articles or talks?
    n   Sharing something with you that you may not have seen
         n   That you can use in your everyday CFML coding practices

n   Will show you what BlueDragon is about momentarily
    n   Want to first talk to those already familiar with it

                                New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                     BlueDragon and Fusebox

n   First, want to say that Fuseboxers are already using
    n   You can run fusebox apps on BlueDragon
    n   Indeed, we have a Fortune 50 customer about to release a FB app
    n   We have vendors partnering to deploy commercial FB apps
n   Second, want to announce something very relevant
    to FuseBox
    n   Indeed, specific to our support of Fusebox 4
    n   You’re hearing it here first
         n   Not even announced on our discussion list

                                New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                                  The Key to Fusebox 4

n   Question: What’s been
    BlueDragon’s biggest knock?

n   Answer: Full compatibility
    with CF
     n   Lack of CFMX features, like
         XML, web services, CFCs

n   What is the key CFMX
    feature used in Fusebox 4?

n   Answer: XML tags and

n   And our announcement…

                                 New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                      BlueDragon 3.1 to Support XML

n   Our next release, 3.1, will support XML
    n   Due out in October
n   Will support CFXML, XmlParse, XMLSearch, etc.
    n   Let’s see it in action…

n   3.1 will have still other MX features
    n   Note: we already have some now in 3
         n   java integration, j2ee sessions, UrlSessionFormat, forward, and more
         n   See my blog:
    n   Will add more MX features in 3.1
    n   Then the rest in 4 (goal: full MX 6.1 compatibility)
         n   Will include CFCs, including 6.1 enhancements
         n   Perhaps some other enhancements, some requested by FB community

                                New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                  3.1 Preview Available Now

n   We have released a “preview” of 3.1
    n   Supports many improvements over 3
    n   Has been made available to current customers
    n   Adds debugging output, whitespace suppression options, and more
    n   Not yet supporting XML (will come out with beta in October)
         n   But you saw it is working in our internal builds

n   Also, be aware of our CFDEBUGGER tag
    n   Traces lines of code executing CFML tags
    n   Let’s see it…
    n   Documented in my blog

                                 New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                      So What Is BlueDragon?

n   By now should be clear what BlueDragon really is
    n   At simplest: just an alternative way to run your CFML apps
    n   Built atop Java server platform, just as is CFMX
         n   Can integrate with Java (CFOBJECT, CFX Java custom tags, JSPs)

n   Substantially compatible with CF 4, 5
    n   Lacks only a handful of tags and functions (documented at our site)
    n   Many of these, and remaining MX tags, being addressed
n   Can even do Flash integration
    n   Did talk 2 weeks ago at FlashKit conference on the many ways to
        integrate Flash with any web app server
    n   OpenAMF project even brings remoting to Java servers

                               New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                     Available in Three Editions

n   Mentioned free edition: BlueDragon Server
    n   Really is free, for deployment, not just testing
         n   ALL editions are available free for testing and development
    n   Free Server edition is not at all crippled like CF Express 4.5 was
         n   See my blog entry for more:
    n   Hosting or redistribution require separate OEM license
         n   Again, for such partnerships, we will work to grow your business
               n   See August 8 message “Growing a Business with BlueDragon” on our
                   BlueDragon Interest mailing list (archive at “self-help” section of our site)

n   Next step up: BlueDragon Server JX ($549)
    n   Like Server, a standalone server
    n   Adds features not in free Server edition
         n   Including CFEXECUTE, CFSCHEDULE, and the few others held back
         n   Java CFX’s, JSP/servlets integration, and more
               n   Let’s discuss JSP integration more…

                                    New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                     Sidebar: JSP Integration

n   Any CFML developer may be interested in integration
    with JSPs and Servlets
n   BlueDragon Server JX supports this
    n   Allows you to run JSP pages alongside your CFML
    n   Can share session, application, and request vars between CFML
        and JSP/servlets
    n   Can transfer control from one to the other, include one from other
n   In CFMX 6/6.1, is only possible with Enterprise
    n   BlueDragon Server JX offers it at $549

n   Can also do this, and lots more, in J2EE edition…

                             New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                      BlueDragon/J2EE Edition

n   Have not yet mentioned perhaps most important
    edition: BlueDragon/J2EE
    n   Other editions are standalone servers
         n   Running atop our ServletExec java server, like MX runs atop Jrun
    n   What if you already have another J2EE server
         n   Such as WebLogic, Websphere, Sun One, Jrun, TomCat, JBoss, etc.
n   May not want to install a CF (or BlueDragon) Server
    n   May not want its other embedded Java server
n   Question: is anyone coding on a J2EE server?
    n   What is the standard means to deploy your code?
n   Answer: a J2EE Web Application (or WAR or EAR file)
n   Our J2EE Edition IS a Web App
    n   Can add in your CFML code and deploy it on any J2EE server
    n   Let’s see it…

                                New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                          Benefits of BlueDragon/J2EE

n   Can run your CFML wherever a J2EE server is
    n   Mac, Linux, Unix, Mainframe, Windows, etc.
n   Also exposes your CFML app to all the features and
    benefits of that J2EE server
    n   Multiple independent instances on a single server
    n   Clustering on multiple servers
    n   EJBs, JMS, etc
    n   Weblogic: Portals, Page Flows, etc.
    n   The aforementioned integration of JSPs, servlets
n   As mentioned, overhead is just 2MB per web app
n   If being told to move to J2EE, don’t have to get rid of
    n   Can move to J2EE server and run CFML as is
    n   Can choose to integrate with or eventually migrate to JSP/servlets

                             New Atlanta Communications, LLC

n   What if you’re a .NET shop?
    n   .NET framework is very similar to Java framework and JVM
    n   CFMX and BlueDragon run natively atop Java
n   Question: would it be interesting to run atop .NET?
    n   Leverage .NET framework libraries, components?
    n   Native COM integration?
n   Answer: BlueDragon/.NET coming out soon
    n   In Alpha testing

                            New Atlanta Communications, LLC
                                                                  Getting Started

n   Can download any of our versions
n   Can run it alongside CF 4, 5 or MX
    n   Doesn’t conflict with them at all, other than sharing web server
    n   Includes its own web server (like CFMX)
         n   Or can integrate with IIS, Apache, Iplanet, NES, and more
    n   Bonus: My September 2003 CFDJ article on running CF and MX
        alongside each other, with both accessible via a single IIS
        (accessing same CFML)
n   Join our free BlueDragon Interest discussion list
    n   Email list, staffed by our engineers and customers
    n   Friendly, very supportive and responsive: low volume
    n   Sign up at web site, in “self help” area
n   Feel free to email me at

                                New Atlanta Communications, LLC

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