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									Diamond Mind Simulations Still Project Dodgers, Pirates, Red Sox, and Tigers
to Advance

Imagine Sports utilized its Diamond Mind Baseball simulation software to project the results of
Major League Baseball’s League Divisional Series. Simulations prior to the playoffs showed the
Dodgers and Red Sox as heavy favorites. The other two series were toss-ups, with the Tigers and
Pirates as slight favorites. The company re-ran the simulations today, and the likely winners of
each series have not changed, though the odds have improved for three of the favorites.

San Francisco, CA, October 05, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Imagine Sports has employed its award-winning
Diamond Mind Baseball simulation software, widely recognized for its statistical realism, to project the
results of Major League Baseball's League Divisional Series. Diamond Mind utilizes proprietary
algorithms to simulate each pitch of a baseball game. The company ran each of the current playoff series
1000 times before each series started to remove statistical “noise,” then re-ran the simulation after each

The results of simulations prior to the start of the league division series projected the Los Angeles
Dodgers as the most likely to advance, winning 75% of the simulation runs against the Atlanta Braves.
The Boston Red Sox were also strong favorites, winning 61% of the simulations over the Tampa Rays.

The other two series were essentially toss-ups. The Detroit Tigers won 51.4% of the simulations to 48.6%
for the Oakland A's, while the Pittsburgh Pirates edged the St. Louis Cardinals, winning 50.8% of the sim

The company has run the simulations again after inputting the results of the games to date, and the likely
winners have not changed, though the odds have improved for all of the favorites except the Dodgers.

National League Results
Both series are now tied at one game apiece. Splitting the first two games has improved the chances for
the Pirates and the Braves. The Pirates odds increased slightly - Pittsburgh won 52.6% of the 1000
simulation runs compared to just 50.8% before game one. However, the simulations show that if the
series goes the full five games, the Cardinals are strong favorites.

Winning game two increased the Braves' chances, but the Dodgers remain the favorites, as LA still won
70% of the new simulations, with the Dodgers more likely to win every remaining match-up.

American League Results
It's no surprise that winning the first game of a short series significantly increases a team's chances of
winning the series. By taking game one, Boston's chances of winning increased from 61% to 75%, as the
Red Sox won 747 of the 1000 simulations after a game one win, sweeping the series in 280 of those. In
the other AL match-up, Detroit's win in game one significantly improved its chances. In the sim runs
prior to game one, the Tigers won just 51.8% of the time, but that increased to 67% after the opening win.
The most common result was Detroit winning in four games, but the simulation showed the Oakland A's

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as slight favorites if the series goes the full five games.

Imagine Sports will run the Diamond Mind simulations again each day to recalculate the odds for each

About Imagine Sports
Founded in 2005, Imagine Sports provides multiplayer online simulation sports games, including
Diamond Mind Online, a baseball management game. The simulations were done using the Diamond
Mind Baseball software, which was developed by renowned baseball statistics expert Tom Tippett.
Diamond Mind is now widely regarded as the most sophisticated and realistic baseball simulation
software and was named PC Magazine's "Editor's Choice" for pc-based baseball software.

Diamond Mind Online is available at www.imaginesports.com, where leagues start every day. The
Diamond Mind pc game software is available at www.diamond-mind.com.


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