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					        Thousands of children's lives - innocent children and babies petite innocent also bears
witness to Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian natives . Residents who only ride in the
land of Palestine is increasingly barbaric behavior , proved such a massacre , shootings , and
bombings against the Palestinian population .

         Israeli armed pocketed that even flinch to say that the American military is the Zionist
state , can only kill thousands of children's lives - innocent little boy with a full arsenal at
their disposal . Thousands of tanks moved to bomb central - Palestinian population centers ,
hundreds of bombs launched so as to make the skin burn Palestinian population even to the
bones , which is devoted to firearms shot dead child - children and much more barbarous act
that they have done to the Palestinians .
         Why should children - children who were subjected to these atrocities ? Nothing other
than that they want to destroy the next generation of Palestinian residents . Adult
communities only a few were killed but instead children - children who were killed in a
sadistic amounted to thousands , even - until there is a river called the river of blood , where
blood flow as a result of the massacre . It is not wrong to say the two sides conflict events
such as the Pharaoh first time .
         So afraid of Israel to the Palestinians even to the next generation - until they pollute
rivers - rivers that are commonly used materials Palestinian society - dangerous chemicals .
Their goal is to poison the Palestinian residents indirectly , their target is the mother -
pregnant women if drinking river water that has been contaminated chemicals will cause
abnormalities in the fetus and give birth to babies who are disabled so it can not be useful for
the future of Palestine .
         Children - young Israelis could still breathe in the fresh oxygen every day , play like a
kid - a normal kid and hanging out with family , while they , the Palestinians were never a
chance to achieve such things . They tortured , every day they think about is the safety of
himself , how can shelter from the cruelty of Israel , because they are the deifying chicken
being chased - chased by the owner to cut . So ruthlessly they ( Israel ) .
         Since childhood, the next generation of Israelis have been taught how to slaughter ,
shooting and torturing others , even to the point - until they are taken directly to the site to see
the practice of it - it is barbaric . Their orientation so that future generations are killing
Palestinians .
         Palestinian territory that was once so widespread , in 2000 and then rapidly decreased
. Israel is always trying to " undermine " the area owned by Palestinians. Israel is like a
parasite that lives in a tree . They came to Palestine and then to easily and quickly they get
and control of the territory held by the Palestinians . Because they are so passionate about to
take control of the land, until - until there is a website aimed at people of the world in order to
vote online to select their flag emblem . The goal is to eliminate the name of a Palestinian
state on the world map and google maps . Their intent is when someone sees a map of
Palestine there is not included the name but the name of Israel Palestine again .
         What is the point they are in the United Nations ( UN ) there are always voiced on
Human Rights ( Human Rights ) . Human Rights itself into one of the pages ( page ) on the
official website of the United Nations . As an institution frills is an institution of world peace
, they should be able to stop the Israeli-Palestinian conflict . But one gets is more Palestinian
suffering . Let us consider , for example country X performs the same action against the
country Y. X country trying to dominate the territory of the Y and they do the same with the
Zionist state to state Y. The UN immediately condemned the action definitely made the X
state and told to stop doing it again , but this does not seem to apply to Israel . UN Looks like
a hands-off on this issue , but we do not know exactly if this is a hands-off action or UN
favoritism toward Israel . It 's all we can analysis , they are dominant in the United Nations -
the Zionists , coupled with the right of veto held by the state - the state with Zionist leanings .
As it is known that the state - there dominant western countries hate the country - a country
that is predominantly Muslim . Surely they would not want to condemn and forbid Israel
which is " part " of them let alone to antagonize them .
         It feels unnatural for the country - other countries in the world said that the conflict
between the Palestinians and Israel is a war . If this war there is certainly the same resistance
from the Palestinians , but that was collected is no resistance from the Palestinian side , if
there is not how to deal with thousands of tanks , bombs , and other military weapons
possessed by the Zionist state . Palestinian people can never get an how it feels to wear
weapons , even thought they take the fight to Israel just to use a slingshot . Can we imagine
for yourself just how big slingshot effect against Israeli tanks and other military weapons are
so tough .
         They , the Zionists are very good at lobbying ( influence ) of a country . This is one of
the keys to their success to pull out leader - a great leader of Muslims like Osama Bin Laden
and other leaders were hunted by the people of the country as a result of lobbying incited
their spiel . They manipulate the data - the data state and finally succeeded in pitting a nation

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