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					        No one can be said to be an occurrence or a special cause of human trafficking. This
happens because of so much to do with values - values which are closely linked with it's own
private . Human trafficking has become a serious concern by many countries even to the UN.
        Human trafficking in this matter is not long of children and not apart of the
international community's attention . Issues - issues such as child labor , child trafficking ,
and child pornography , an issue which is categorized as exploitation . The exploitation least
like some examples below :
1 . sexual exploitation
2 . forced service
3 . slavery
4 . The removal of organs - organs .
        With the birth of one of the instruments to protect the public from the dangers of
human trafficking , the government created a Law. 21 of 2007 . However , it seems law - this
law is difficult executed for the crime of human trafficking is specific and involves complex
aspects that cross borders - borders. Perpetrators of human trafficking itself usually is a neat
organization and closed . Then surely necessary skill , ingenuity and professionalism state
law enforcement to understand how law enforcement goes and does a very consistent and
sustainable future .
        Human trafficking from the beginning - the beginning could happen , in fact it can be
prevented but it requires a long process because of the early processes that are not good .
Such instances , poor living has encouraged parents not to send their children . So what
happens is the child - children are not getting an education and specialized or vocational
skills and employment opportunities to shrink drastically .

         By reason of poverty is also the mother - a mother much labor to women this can lead
to children - children left without protection so it is at risk to become victims of human
trafficking .
But what is gained from the effects of poverty , the impact very much . Because desire to get
rich quickly , plus the lack of knowledge that they will be in debt labor recruiter and
eventually encourage them to enter into the world of prostitution . So they will be stuck there
, even it they do it is an obligation for them to - frills to pay off their debts to the labor
brokers .
         Besides, it is the mass media , especially television also does not seem to want to
work together to prevent the occurrence of human trafficking but instead they aired things -
things that pornography strong desire that drives a person to commit prostitution .
There are other things that are not less important is the level of literacy and reading interest in
Indonesia is still far below the average - average . The majority of Indonesian people ever
learn in elementary school , but did not have most of them never learned in junior high school
. The illiteracy rate could make the victims easily duped by syndicates - the syndicate. They
could have lure victims to come and work with him to pay a relatively satisfactory , then
signed a contract with the syndicate. However , it turns out in the letter of agreement or
contract which stated that it is not the same as that which was spoken by the syndicate prior
to the victim .
         Then later that will happen is that they will be illiterate difficulty accessing
information related to their family . Especially if they become victims of international
trafficking . Problem will increase with the cultural and language differences , then the next
that only they can do is " serve " the syndicates and they become the assets of the syndicate to
earn money .
        Now they can only do what it says by " obligation " to them , they would not be
powerless to fight to the syndicates because they have debts. This is the real offense is
essentially a breach of duty . Their actual obligation not to do so , but instead must undergo
such work .
        Is it enough if we simply acknowledge that today human rights has been accepted
almost universally as a legal norm is concrete and can be identified ? That observers like
Weissbrotd and Vasak also insisted that human rights have become a universal ideology .
These questions and many more , very important because the perception about existence and
the relationship between the right value with each other and to the rule of law will result in
consequences - practical consequences as far as the protection of human rights .
        Back to our topic is about human trafficking , as expressed by the demands that this is
a violation of one of the articles of the law - human rights law , but in fact it is seen as a
breach of duty . What kind of liability ? Duty of parents to educate and educate children -
children in order to get a decent education and understand the world through education , as
well as caring parents ( mothers ) to children - children with no child left without the
protection of any and duty of parents to provide a decent life for his family .
In practice - the practice of human trafficking , one of the major influence is the birth record
or commonly known as a birth certificate . Why is that ? In the absence of a birth certificate ,
let alone a woman will facilitate parties - the naughty side to exploit these women . Thus they
can forge a memorandum of the female birth and age there mark up so that this girl got
permission and is considered old enough by the government to be able to work abroad . The
absence of a birth certificate is also an issue for the protection of a person , because in the
eyes of their country does not technically exist .
        But indirectly the rights of children are protected by the Law No.10 of 2012 on the
Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children ,
Child Prostitution and Child Pornography ( CRC Protocol - Sale of Children Regarding the
Rights of the Child , Child prostitution and Trafficking of Children ) .
        So based on the Law - Law Convention on the Rights of the Child to come to a
conclusion that the child is entitled to protection . States should ensure the protection of
children from Discrimination ( Persons with disabilities, minorities , etc. ) , Exploitation (
Involvement in work that threatens ) , legal protection and violence .
Then the conclusion is human trafficking ( Human Trafficking ) is one offense that demands
the name of article 3 of the law - human rights law , but in essence it is a violation of the
obligation which mostly target object is a child - children and women . It is difficult to be
processed and investigated because of narrow networks and neatly organized by syndicates ,
as well as to investigate the necessary things very difficult because of complex issues across
borders - borders and the need to understand the high knowledge and a lot about the state law
. But at least today, have no protection of the Law. 10 of 2012 which protects children -
children from human trafficking activities and that we must all be vigilant against human
trafficking .

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