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					                                     Northeast S.D. Society for Human Resource Management                           April 2011
                                                                April’s Lunch Program
 2011 CHAPTER BOARD MEMBERS                    May 2010

Sheila Mennenga-President
                                              Case Managers for Worker’s Comp.                     What can they do for your company?
Tammy Davis- Past- President                                    Tuesday, April 12th
                                                            12:00 noon - 1:30 PM
Laurie Gates –President-Elect                     Drake Motor Inn, Intersection Hwy 212 & 81                                                        Use the North Entrance

Bobbie Helwig - Co-VP Programs                  How do employers and insurers use case managers in                             worker’s compensation cases?
                                                10 things you MUST HAVE from your case manager.
Bonnie Friske- Co-Vp Programs                   Benefits of using case managers, and when they should
                                                 be used.
Julie Hibbert- Certification Rep.               Forms and guides that will help you manage your lost                 time cases.

Julie Plunkett-Diversity Advocate                                              Featuring:             Jim Miller, M.Ed. CRC QRC Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
                                          Jim has been a Certified Rehabilitation Consultant since 1991 in the
Trevor Mischke -Membership Rep.           Watertown area. He provides Medical and Vocational field case                     management services in eastern Dakota, Western Minnesota and
                                          Northwest Iowa. He also does: On-site Disability Management:
Theresa Tesch - Treasurer                 Including Medical Case Management, and Vocational Case Management
                                          in the Watertown area for 20 years. He can assist in identifying
                                          appropriate treatment plans, coordination of specialized care, preparation
Charlotte Gamber -Foundation Rep.
                                          of formal Job Analysis, Job Modification, Job Seeking Skills Training,
                                          early return to work programs.
Steve Hauck - Workforce Readiness                                                         Program Cost:                                                      *Free – NESD SHRM Programs Plus
Paige Sullivan- Government Affairs                                            *$10.00 – NESD SHRM Members                                               *$20.00 – Non- NESD SHRM Members
                                                                                      *Includes Lunch
Myrna Becht- Secretary                                                    RSVP no later than Friday, 4/8, 2011

                                                                          R S V P : P l e a s e RSVP under the "Meetings and Events"
Laurie Gates -Newsletter/Website
                                            Approved for 1                         tab on the NESD SHRM Chapter website:                                                                    
                                          Recertification Credit
                                                                   From the President
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     ~ By Sheila Mennenga         feedback helped us understand what you like about your chapter
                                  membership…and provided us with some ideas on how we can
This    morning I received        improve. Thank you for taking the time to share honestly with us
notification that our chapter     and know that your suggestions are always welcome and will be
has been awarded the 2010         used for planning future chapter activities and programs.
Silver EXCEL Award. This
award, formerly called the        I also want to thank all of you who completed the 2011
Chapter Achievement Award,        Compensation and Benefit survey. Those of you who have
recognizes        outstanding     participated in the past know how valuable this data is. If you
achievements     in    chapter    haven’t completed the survey yet, but still want to take part,
operations and a commitment       please contact Laurie Gates at today…time
to    providing     meaningful    is running out to participate (remember…survey participants
programs and services to its      receive a substantial discount on the survey results).
members.      It     also    is
recognition of our chapter’s      As we wrap up our membership renewal for 2011, I want to
continued      growth      and    recognize new members who have joined our chapter so far in
development as a business         2011:
leader.    This award is no
April Fool’s joke to those        Amber Dahl – Angus Palm
who contribute to the             Cheryl Retterath – Innovative Pain Center
success of our chapter,           Chris Carter – Watertown Public Opinion
especially our 2010 chapter       Lee Anderson – Terex Utilities
president,    Tammy      Davis.   Lindsey Frederick – Twin City Die Casting Company
Tammy worked tirelessly last      Marsha Spiering - DJO
year to lead our chapter in       Sandy Soda – Saputo Cheese
this    new    endeavor     of    Sarah Morrow – OEM
achievement and on behalf of
our entire chapter, I want to     Thanks to all of you for your renewal and for joining NESD SHRM!
say “thank you” to Tammy
for her efforts. Great job,       ______________________________________________________________
Tammy, and to everyone in              Mark your calendar for our May program!
our NESD SHRM chapter!
                                              “Putting a Positive Spin on Safety”
Tammy’s leadership in 2010                            May 10th, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
has set the bar high for the                                   The Drake
2011 board and we are up to
the challenge. One of our           Featuring Tom Slattery, CSP, ARM; Manager Occupational Safety & Health
goals this year is to make                                       Free: Membership Plus
sure we continue to provide                                          $10- Members
value    to   our    current                                       $20 Non-Members
members and your input
                                    R S V P : P l e a s e RSVP by May 6th under the "Meetings and Events" tab on the NESD
during our recent phone                                    SHRM Chapter website:
survey was very helpful
                                                          MISSION STATEMENT
towards this goal.      Your
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NESD       SHRM      Chapter’s
                                                 2011 BENEFIT TRENDS~
purpose is to advance the
Human Resource profession                                                Several employee benefits trends that
by     providing   educational                                        were prevalent throughout 2010 are
opportunities,      legislative                                       likely to continue into 2011. Here are
updates,         informational                                        some     of    the    more     pervasive
programs, and a network to                                            developments,        according        to
facilitate ideas, as well as                                          authoritative surveys and the views of
                                                                      experts and employers:
promoting and encouraging
membership and professional
development           through          Cost containment. Employers will adopt various tactics for limiting their
                                       health care cost increases; many will increase employees’ share of costs by
participation in the National
                                       raising deductibles, co-payments and coinsurance.
SHRM organization.
-                                      Consumer-directed health plans. They will continue to gain favor as a
                                       coverage option. Some employers will make a consumer-directed plan the
 The Top 10 Reasons to join            only option, as more employees are pressed to take more responsibility for
      National SHRM:                   their health care choices and the costs of those choices. Fifty-eight percent
                                       of employers surveyed by Towers Watson in May said health care reform
1.    24/7 SHRM Info. Center           will drive large employers to adopt consumer-directed health plans as the
2.    HR Magazine
                                       only type of health plan for their active employees.
3.    HR News
4.    TeleSHRM                         Wellness programs. They will continue to be used as tools for helping
5.    HR Legal Report                  health plan participants improve and manage their health and thereby hold
6.    MembershipNet                    down their long-term health costs.
7.    Annual Conference
8.    Government Representation
9.    Prodigy                          Retiree health benefits. These plans will fade further from the picture of
10.   Job Bank USA, Credit Card        employer-sponsored benefits.
      Services, Group Life, Rental
      Car & Subscription
                                       Generics. Efforts will continue to move health plan participants to switch
                                       from brand-name to generic prescription medications, and employees’ share
Join SHRM National today for
                                       of prescription drug costs will continue to rise.
$145 by entering code: CHNCD
(first time enrollees)      Savings by default. Automatic enrollment of employees into 401(k) plans
onSite2004_tpro/EBusinessJoin.a        will continue, as will adoption of other automatic processes for 401(k)s,
spx                                    such as increases in employees’ contribution levels.

  Thought for the Month:               Annuities. The availability of annuities as a distribution option for 401(k)
                                       accounts will likely increase. A Towers Watson survey found that almost a
      Perpetual optimism is            quarter of employers with 401(k) plans offer annuities
        a force multiplier.

          ~ Colin Powell               ___________________________________________________________
                                         Tools You Can Use!
Page 3
     From National SHRM                                 SHRM Foundation News
National SHRM members
have access to dozens of
guides, tools, and resources to
help    them     manage     the
businesses and departments
better, and new information is
continuously being added to
the website. Here’s just a few
of the new items posted
recently:                                                 SHRM Foundation News:
                                                        Effective Practice Guidelines

     Toolkits Available             If you are like most HR professionals, you probably lack the time to keep up
         (to members only):         with the latest research findings in human resource management. Yet
                                    knowing which HR practices have been shown by research to be effective
Avoiding Adverse Impact             can help you in your role as an HR professional. The SHRM Foundation’s
                                    Effective Practice Guidelines are a series of reports that distill the latest
Avoiding Individual Liability for   research findings and expert opinion into specific advice on how to conduct
the HR Professional                 effective HR practice. They are written in a concise, easy-to-read style to
                                    provide practical information to help you do your job better.
Complying With U.S. Wage            The SHRM Foundation publishes new reports each year. Recent reports
and Hour and Wage Payment           include Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success and The Search
Laws                                for Executive Talent: Understanding the Process and Setting It in Motion.
Developing and Sustaining           Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success will explain how
Employee Engagement                 onboarding fits into the larger business context, what new employees can do
                                    to help facilitate their own orientation process and why onboarding is a
Developing Management               critical part of an effective talent management strategy.

Guarding Against Identity           The Search for Executive Talent: Understanding the Process and Setting It
Theft: HR’s Role                    in Motion provides an overview of the executive search process and offers
                                    specific research-based recommendations for increasing its success rate.
Managing Difficult Employees
and Disruptive Behaviors            Other titles in the series include Employment Downsizing and Its
                                    Alternatives, Recruiting and Attracting Talent; Retaining Talent;
Managing Human Resources            Developing Leadership Talent; Implementing Total Rewards Strategy;
for a Company in Bankruptcy         Learning System Design; Employee Engagement and Commitment; and
                                    more. All of the titles are available as free .pdf downloads under "SHRM
Managing Human Resources            Foundation Products" on the Foundation website
in a Small Organization             ( The Effective Practice Guidelines series is
                                    made possible by your tax-deductible contributions to the SHRM
Managing Human Resources            Foundation.
in Mergers and Acquisitions         ____________________________________________________________

Join SHRM National today for
$145 by entering code: CHNCD
(first time enrollees)                            NESD SHRM Communications Disclaimer:       Our chapter, or its Board of Directors, accept no liability for the content of this
lutionSite2004_tpro/EBusiness       newsletter or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the
Join.aspx                           information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing.

                    MARCH BOARD MEETING MINUTES ~ By Myrna Becht
Page 4
The March 2011 NESD SHRM Board meeting was held Tuesday, March 29th at Past Times. The meeting was
called to order by President Sheila Mennenga. All members were present excluding Trevor Mischke and
Bobbie Helwig. Motion was requested to approve the February 2011 Meeting Minutes with no corrections or
additions. Motion so moved by Tammy, seconded by Julie Plunkett. All Yea’s, no Nay’s. Motion carried.

Member Reports

Past President Report: Tammy reported that she is expecting to hear from National SHRM on the 2010
SHAPE (SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence) status by the end of the month.

President Elect Report: Laurie provided a report on the 2011 NESD SHRM Compensation and Benefit
Survey. To date, nine businesses have submitted their surveys to Kathleen. She has started calling the 2009
participants to remind them of the Friday, April 1st deadline. Those who have completed the survey reported
that the new electronic format has sped up the process significantly. Additional time to complete the survey
may be available to those businesses that need it.

Treasurer Report: Theresa reported on the February financials.

Membership Report: In Trevor’s absence, Sheila reported on membership renewals and on National
members-at-large in the area who are not affiliated with our chapter. Board members are encouraged to
make calls to those on the National member-at-large list to encourage membership at the chapter level. The
board also agreed to provide a membership to the teacher at LATI who is responsible for the HR track of the
Business Associates program. Discussion was held on NESD SHRM scholarship opportunities for Lake Area
Tech HR students. Steve will check into further.

SHRM Foundation Representative Report: Charlotte provided a Foundation Recap for 2010 from the State
SHRM Council. They had an overall decrease in contributions. The goal for the National 2011 Annual
Campaign has been set at $924,000.

Discussion was held on possibilities for raising money for the Foundation. Charlotte will check into a fund
raising opportunity through Pizza Ranch – possibly September 12th.

Diversity Advocate Report: Julie reported on the Diversity Event. Attendance for Friday was just under 50
people. Saturday’s attendance topped 700 people. Last year’s Diversity Event brought in 300, so this year
was a great success. The event was viewed very well in the community and board members have received
some very positive feedback.

Government Affairs Representative Report: No Report.

Workforce Readiness Advocate Report: Steve reported on the lean series taking place at Lake Area
currently. Serve Safe is being offered on May 12th. Steve is also working on some supervisor/management
training similar to the lean training for manufacturing. The job fair for manufacturing was held at LATI and
went very well.

Certification Representative Report: Julie reported that April 15th is the deadline for certification. Everything is
up to date for credit approval on programs scheduled through May.

Co-Chairs of Programs Report: Bonnie reported on the schedule for the remainder of the year. Possible
topics: Financial Bootcamp, Drug and Alcohol with Jean Bender as the primary speaker, following up with a
panel discussion (Oct), Supervisor Training – discussion was held on whether or not we could partner with
LATI – Steve, Bonnie and Bobbie will discuss further. Other options: FMLA and Handbooks/Policies

Page 5
Old Business: Board Job Descriptions have been reviewed and updated. If nothing was turned in, the job
description will remain the same.

New Business: Sheila reported on the State Council meeting in Chamberlain – working on strategic plans for
the State. We reviewed our Chapter 2011 Strategic Plan.

Pinnacle Project Update: Reviewed the membership survey. Overall, we received very positive comments
and members were very open. Committee will meet again to discuss what can be improved. Any
suggestions are welcome.

Discussion was held on possibly including a member spotlight in the monthly newsletter. Several ideas on an
order for spotlight members were discussed.

D&O Insurance (Director and Officer) discussed. The cost would be approximately $500 per year. In
summary, according to SD Codified Law 47-23-2.1, “No director, trustee, committee member, or officer
serving without compensation is liable …….unless the act or omission involved willful or wanton misconduct.”
Although the group did not feel that there was a need to purchase this insurance because of the protection
offered under this codified law, the discussion was tabled until the April board meeting pending additional
information and direction from the State SHRM Council.

Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities is looking for sponsors. Jerry Jewel will be the speaker. We
do not have funds in our budget designated, but Sheila will have him fill out the request form and we will
discuss further. The event is again going to be held at 5:00 pm in October. Last year we did not donate.

Motion to adjourn was made by Tammy, seconded by Theresa. Meeting was adjourned.


                                  Upcoming SHRM Events:
*2011 State SHRM Conference, 5/18- 5/20,

Take the gamble and join us for “HR . . . A Business’s Trump Card”, where you will learn how to be that ace-in-the-hole
key resource, with a winning edge for your business!
* Carpooling available. Please contact Sheila Mennenga at or 882-6233, for details.

SHRM 2011 Annual Conference and Exposition, 6/26 - 6/29,
Las Vegas

The next two years will be the turning point for our profession and a vital time for the recovery of our nation. That’s why
we have designed the 2011 Annual Conference to offer courses that go beyond anything we have done in the past.
The event will feature the largest number of practitioners, strategic business management sessions and health care
sessions ever. We know what the future holds for our profession, and we know that without a plan in place it could
mean the difference between boom or bust for the nation.

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