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naughty little monkey is...
...a group of friends that love to have a good time making music. The band started out when Corey (guitar), Dave (bass) and Mike (drums) had nothing better to do one weekend than show up at open-mic night to try a few songs. With encouragement from friends, the guys came up with a few more songs and started to play parties and small bars. Deciding on the name “naughty little monkey” (from a Curious George quote) over the also popular almost-name “Bowl of Goodness,” nlm seemed incomplete until sax-crazy Chris King joined the band. Add the revolving-door of guest musicians/friends and the energy of a lead singer named Barry and you’ve got a guaranteed good time for ages young and old. nlm plays favorites from legends like the Who, the Beatles and the Kinks, blends in some eighties and current tunes and tops it all off with original music that keeps the party going all night long.

naughty little monkey plays...
....just about anywhere. nlm has played bars and private functions all over Virginia and North Carolina. Most notably, nlm has appeared at Kelly’s in Nags Head, Carytown’s Watermelon Festival, Richmond SPCA’s Halloween Party, The Firehouse Grill in Fairfax, The Canal Club, Pump-it-up Friday on WRIC-TV and many, many others. Calling Richmond home, you can catch nlm almost monthly at our favorite night-spots Easy Street in the Fan, and Sin’e Irish Pub in Shockoe Slip.
Other gigs include... Cabo's, The Fan, Richmond · Mulligan's, The Fan · Mulligan's (West End) Hootenanny 11 · Tuttle Coffee House, UVA Rick's Cafe, Richmond's West End · UNC School of Business Mixer · Pantana Bob's, Chapel Hill, NC Good Fellows, Chapel Hill, NC · The Canal Club, Shockoe Bottom · The Boulevard Deli, West End University of Richmond Law School · Out-Of-Bounds Sports Bar, The Fan · Awful Arthur's, West End Cobblestone Brewery, Shockoe Bottom · Humphrey J's, Shockoe Bottom · The Bottom Line, Shockoe Bottom Swingers, Shockoe Bottom · Mr. Smith's, Georgetown · Phi Sigma Kappa, Virginia Tech Charity Event, Festival Park · Skip Jacks, Shockoe Bottom · Gator's, Southside · Cary Street Cafe, The Fan Caroline County Fair · Private Parties

Their beer-soaked anthems and regular-guy-who-watchessports stance has all the appeal of an eight-kegger on a summer night.” --Richmond Music Journal

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