The Great Redemption

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					The Great Redemption
        The Great Redemption
• Who am I?
• Why did God created me?
   – To enjoy His presence and His love
• He created me in His image and according to His
  likeness in:
   –   Freedom
   –   Eternity
   –   Holiness
   –   Good will
     The Great Redemption
• 1. Freedom
  – Discernment between good and evil
  – God gave Adam a commandment without
    imposing on him
  – Adam is the one to test his own freedom not
    that God is to test Adam’s freedom !!!
  – God respected Adam’s freedom (Judas)
  – We are free with our own will
      The Great Redemption
• 2. Eternity
  – God is eternal and created us to be eternal !!
  – He created us to live with Him forever
  – It was not in God’s plan for Adam to die even
    with Him knowing what would happen
      The Great Redemption
• 3. Holiness
  – God formed man of the dust of the ground and
    breathed into his nostrils the breath of life
  – Adam became a holy person because of the
    holy breath of God in him
  – Adam, and so do we, became the temple of God
      The Great Redemption
• 4. The will
  – God gave Adam dominion over the fish of the
    see, over the birds of the air and over every
    living thing that moves on the earth
  – God gave Adam a holy will and asked him to
    be fruitful and multiply, to share with Him the
    ability of creation and to prove His love to him
  – Jesus said “You are Gods” !!!

     The Great Redemption
• The Temptation and Fall of Man
  – After all this great love of God, Adam and Eve
    fell in sin. They disobeyed God, followed Satan
  – Their eyes were opened and discovered their
    nakedness,covered themselves, heard God’s
    voice and hid themselves.
  – God called him and said :Adam where are you?
       The Great Redemption
•   Adam became a different person
•   He lost his purity
•   He started to fear God and escaped
•   The human nature was corrupted !!!
•   We inherited this nature
•   Adam should die…Adam should not die!!
         The Great Redemption
• What is the solution?
  – God’s justice and mercy !!!!
  – Who can save man? Angel?Prophet?
  – Redeemer? What are the conditions?
     •   Human, why?
     •   Unlimited, why?
     •   Can die, why?
     •   Without sin, why?
      The Great Redemption
• Who can fulfill these conditions?

• Our Lord Jesus Christ

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