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					                 FALL 2010 CAFNR GRADUATION INFORMATION
MOST IMPORTANT : If you did not attend the CAFNR Senior Meeting stop by 2-64 Agriculture Building to confirm
that you are on the graduation list and that your major/minor information is correct.

Graduation Degree Checks
     Completed for all students who indicated they were graduating in Fall 10. The purpose of these is to let
         students know if they are on course to graduate this semester or if there are problems that will prevent
         graduation. They were based off of pre-registered classes—if you made changes to your schedule do
         not just assume they were ok. Go see your advisor!
     E-mailed to MU account—read yours carefully and take care of anything listed under the “NOTES”
Please contact your faculty advisor or Kara Ebe ( if you have any questions. Don’t wait
until the last minute!!

Changes to Graduation Program
    Form is on CAFNR website ( or stop by 2-64 Ag Building.
    Every change to your grad plan needs to be approved by submitting this form. DO THIS ASAP TO VERIFY

    If you are planning on receiving a minor please make sure you turn in the correct form if you have not
       already done so. Each college has a different form and you should submit the form to the college that
       “owns” the minor. For example; for a Business minor submit the Business Minor Form to the Business
    Minors are NOT listed on your diploma, but will show on your transcript. Turn in ASAP! If your degree is
       awarded before your minor is posted, you will not be able to receive your minor.

Correspondence/Transfer Courses
     Must be completed and posted in myZou by December 17th in order for degrees to be awarded on
       time. This is not an instantaneous process so allow time for this to happen.
           o Please keep Kara Ebe posted on your progress—if you will not have the course completed in
              time for graduation, please let her know ASAP.
           o Must have official transcript for transfer courses (this includes CDIS courses taken through
              UMSL/UMKC/etc.). There is lag time, so please make sure you complete the course as soon as
              possible and have the transcript sent immediately to Admissions, 230 Jesse Hall. Delays in this
              process will prevent graduation so do some follow up to make sure Admissions receives your

Name Listing in Diploma and Commencement Bulletin
    If you have a privacy (FERPA) hold you will not be listed in the Commencement Bulletin unless you
       remove the hold or give the Registrar written permission.
    Your name will appear on your diploma just as it is shown on MyZou. Name changes can be requested
       at the Registrar’s Office (125 Jesse). In order to have your name changed you must bring an approved ID
       (SS card, Birth Certificate, Marriage License, etc.)
    The Commencement Bulletin is finalized several weeks before the ceremony so check now to make sure
       you are on the grad list and that your name is correct.
     Incomplete grades will automatically turn into an F if they are not completed by the end of the
       semester. This will affect your GPA and may prevent graduation, so take care of all incompletes before
       Wednesday, December 8th.

Latin Honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude & Summa Cum Laude)
     Honors listed on your final transcript and diploma will be based on your final official UM System GPA
           o Honors listed in the commencement bulletin and announced at the ceremony will be based on
                your official UM System GPA at the end of the Summer 10 semester. This is because your final
                GPA will not be available until after the commencement ceremony. We cannot make exceptions
                to this.
           o Honors cords will be provided by CAFNR and distributed the week before the ceremony. You
                will be notified by e-mail when your cord is available to be picked up. If you lose or forget to
                bring your cord to the commencement ceremony you will not be provided with a replacement.
           o The Fall 2010 Honors Ceremony will be held Saturday, December 18th at 8:30 in Jesse
                Auditorium. Email invitations will be sent to you from the Registrar’s Office with instructions
                and details pertaining to the ceremony. Questions about this ceremony should be directed to
                the Registrar.

Commencement Ceremony
CAFNR Ceremony—Hearnes Center—Saturday December 18th at 3:00 pm in Hearnes Center
       Invitation Letters will be mailed to you and your family in late October with specific ceremony
    Make sure your local and permanent addresses are correct in MyZou
    No practice is required for CAFNR’s ceremony and there is no application process.
    Cap and gown required
            o Get yours at the Bookstore
            o Graduation Fair is October 5th and 6th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Your name will be announced from a name card that we print for you—please let us know how your
       name is pronounced prior to the ceremony.
    Ceremony line-up is in the Field House starting at 2:15 pm. You will line up my major and sit by
       whomever you chose within your major.
    Pictures are allowed and encouraged during the ceremony.

CAFNR Reception
    A cookie and punch reception immediately follows the ceremony in the Field House. Faculty and
       advisors will be in attendance for you to introduce to family.

     Mailed out by the Registrar’s Office 10-12 weeks after graduation
     Will be sent to your permanent address from MyZou.

Graduation Verification Letters
    If you need a letter verifying your graduation for new cars/employment, etc. email Kara Ebe
       ( . Allow a couple of days for processing.

         Questions? Contact the Academic Programs Office at 882-8301

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