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					Associate Application
Personal Information
Name: Mailing address: Street: City: State: Postal Code: Name of fitness business: Are you the owner ?Y N Fitness business address (if different from above): Street: City: State: Postal Code: Phone: Email: Web site: http:// Occupation: College (include major): Graduate school (include area of study):

Degrees: Are you CPR certified? Y N Is your business insured? Y N How long have you been in busine ss? How do you currently test your clients? years

As an AFTA associate, I hereby commit myself to follow safe practices, valid standards, and truthful data recording in the testing and training of my clients. I understand that AFTA is responsible for the testing protocols, web site maintenance, award servicing, and analysis of the data. AFTA is not responsible for associate’s judgments made during interaction with those being tested. Associate must not test anyone who may have a disease, orthopedic, or health problem without physician clearance. Associate must not push someone beyond that person's desire and ability. Associate understands the following statements by signing this form. Associate: Date:

Health Record, Datasheets, and Applications

November 25, 2001


Test Please answer the following questions in one or two sentences.
What is a skinfold?

Where is the location of caliper placement on a skinfold?

What are the coronary risk factors?

If someone is being tested and wishes to stop, what do you do?

What should you do if someone comes in for testing who is 52 years old with 2 major coronary risk factors?

What does ml/kg/in of oxygen consumed during maximum exercise stand for?

What is the tempo for the bench press test?

Health Record, Datasheets, and Applications

November 25, 2001


If form on any of the strength or muscular endurance tests deteriorates, what should you do?

What does MET mean?

What does RPE mean?

AFTA is a division of Chris Morin’s FitTec

Health Record, Datasheets, and Applications

November 25, 2001


Description: Personal Trainer