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New Gifts In Kind Program Reaches First-year Goal



Nonprofit Gives the Gift of Music During the Holidays

November/December 2007


Highlights Products Make Learning Fun

Gifts In Kind International’s Nonprofit Membership Newsletter

New Gifts In Kind® Program Reaches Goal Early
hree months ahead of schedule Hands On Central Texas (United Way Capital Area)—a Gifts In Kind International affiliate—announced in September that they had reached their 2007 goal of collecting $1 million worth of products for local nonprofit organizations. The local Gifts In Kind® program was launched earlier this year in Austin, Texas. “We’ve got a lot of momentum here,” said Armando Rayo, director of Hands On Central Texas. “We set the goals by looking at the impact we wanted to make in the first year. We chose $1 million— tough, but realistic.” The United Way Gifts In Kind® Corporate Challenge, a corporate donation drive sponsored by Hands On, has helped create excitement and competition among local businesses. “We’ve become the voice for the sector around in-kind goods in this region,” said Rayo. The Corporate Challenge champion will be the company that provides the greatest dollar value of in-kind contributions in 2007. Rayo said a key factor in the success of the Corporate Challenge drive was the February opening of a 5,000-square foot resource center that is used to store product donations. The center houses and distributes donated products to more



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From the Source Featured Nonprofit Member Services Consultants GIKI News Security Agreement

Hands On Central Texas staff (left to right): Diana Santos, director of corporate and volunteer relations; Rebecca Saltsman, community & project coordinator; Armando Rayo, director, Hands On Central Texas; and Iris Graebner, Gifts In Kind coordinator.

A Charity You Can Trust
Gifts In Kind is acknowledged as one of the most cost-efficient charities by Forbes magazine. In 2006, we operated on 0.3 percent of the fair market value of our donations—meaning 99.7% of all donations went directly to communities and people in need. The following organizations have recognized us for our financial accountability:

than 100 organizations in 10 central Texas counties. “We are really building the capacity of the smaller nonprofits who do not have corporate connections,” said Rayo. The new program helps nonprofits offset their business costs and get the products they need for their programs. “We are flexible with our donors, but we have taken the opportunity to educate them about the real needs of the nonprofit sector in our region,” said Rayo. Soon after launching the United Way Gifts In Kind® program, Hands On surveyed local nonprofits to better
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From the Source Looking Ahead to 2008
s we gear up for a productive and fruitful 2008, Gifts In Kind International will announce several new opportunities for our nonprofit members. As promised, we will provide several new programs and tools that are aimed at empowering our members to improve the lives of people in need around the world. In early 2008 we will unveil a new IT system that will allow our nonprofit partners to provide immediate information about how they are using the products they receive for their programs, the clients they


Judy Mercadal are serving and much, much more. This new system will allow our corporate donors to view this information in real time. This means they will hear directly from you! This IT platform will also enable you to provide information about your needs as an organization, allowing our corporate partners to view not only your impact reports, but also the resources you need to improve your programs.

Two other exciting programs that we will launch in 2008 are new partnerships with The Home Depot and Hallmark. These two new Retail Donation Partner programs will offer hundreds of millions of dollars of donations for our nonprofit partners. Partnerships will be available around the country for those nonprofits that qualify for these programs (more information will be available next year at As always, we continue to seek new corporate partners that will provide the urgently needed, high-quality products that will enhance your local programs. Other new donors will be announced next year as well. The staff at Gifts In Kind International wishes you and your clients a safe and happy holiday season and a fruitful New Year! q

Featured Nonprofit Holiday Express (Tinton Falls, New Jersey)
New Jersey nonprofit founded by a local musician is delivering music, food, urgently needed products, financial support and friendship to people in need during the holiday season and throughout the year. Holiday Express was founded in 1993 by Tim McLoone. McLoone wanted to do something more for the disadvantaged during the holidays, so he brought his musician friends together to bring cheer through music to those who most needed it. During the first year this small band of musicians performed for more than 6,000 people, including AIDS patients, the mentally disabled, isolated elderly people and disadvantaged children. Since that time the group has attracted more professional musicians and has reached out to even more people in need. “This season we will do 50 performances in 30 days,” said Holiday Express Executive Director Don Pignataro. “All of our musicians volunteer their time and provide the gift of human kindness to those in need.” Holiday Express performs at a wide range of facilities including children’s hospitals, shelters, developmental centers, treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, schools, senior homes and soup kitchens. Over the years Holiday Express volunteers have witnessed varying levels of need in the community. They responded by finding other ways to offer a helping hand, including providing food and urgently needed products, said Pignataro.


Your Member Services Consultants
Your member services consultant can help you with product descriptions, ordering information and questions related to the RDP program. Find the representative for your state below: Sandra Littles
(703) 299-7564

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Musicians give a performance for people in need on behalf of Holiday Express, a nonprofit that helps the disadvantaged during the holidays.

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“What we get from Gifts In Kind is great,” he said. Volunteers help to stuff gifts bags that are distributed at the Holiday Express events. “We not only bring our music to these events, we bring food and gifts—in fact, each person receives a tailor-made gift bag to help brighten the season and provide for their basic needs.” Pignataro said they have received a variety of items through Gifts In Kind for the gift bags. “Time and again we’re struck by the profound need and desperate conditions we encounter. We are very fortunate to include in our gift bags the new products we receive from Gifts In Kind. Often, the gift bag is the only thing they will receive this holiday season. We are grateful for the quality donations from Gifts In Kind.” q

CT, DC, DE, KY, KS, MD, ME, NC, NE, NY, TN, VA, WV Rick Jackson
(703) 299-7520

AK, AR, LA, MN, MO, MS, RI, TX, VT, WI, CANADA Ruthann Pippenger
(703) 299-7561

CA, CO, HI, ID, NJ, NM, OH, OK, PA, PR, SC, WA, WY Miesha Williams
(703) 299-7554


Highlights Books, Magazines and Toys Make Learning Fun for At-risk Kids
large donation of books, educational materials, toys and the well-known Highlights magazine is putting smiles on the faces of children in need around the country. The Highlights product donation program, which is managed by Gifts In Kind International, provides at-risk youth and kids with special needs access to educational books, activity magazines and toys that can encourage learning and facilitate development. Highlights magazines, books and toys are available to nonprofit members through Gifts In Kind International. Simply fill out a donation application ( to request copies for your literacy programs or other projects that help children in need. “Highlights is very pleased to work with Gifts In Kind International,” said Pat M. Mikelson, Highlights Vice President of Corporate Communications. “We greatly value how Gifts In Kind is able to handle our donations effectively and match them to local groups who use these products so well.” The company began donating products through Gifts In Kind International in 2005. “I was very excited to request a Highlights donation because I knew it would be educational for our kids,” said Sharonsweb Autism Foundation President


to improve the lives of those in need. This year’s neighborhood walk will include a special needs cheerleading team and other fun activities to help raise funds for this important cause.”
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Gifts In Kind News
and Founder Sharon Smith. The Indianabased foundation offers support to families with children on the autism spectrum by providing important information, grants and other resources. “We have received seek-and-find books from Highlights, which are perfect for autistic children. We’ve also received transformer toys, which were great for our older kids with Asperger’s syndrome,” she said. Smith said toys received through the most recent Highlights donation will be used for the organization’s “National Make A Difference Day” activities. “We’ve organized a special walk and exposition that includes special needs kids, their teachers and other professionals who help Lerner Publishing to Donate Educational Books The Minneapolis-based Lerner Publishing Group will donate more than one million books through Gifts In Kind International. The donated books— geared at kindergarten to high school reading levels—include a wide range of subjects. Stay tuned for more information in the weekly product newsletter. Forbes Again Recognizes Gifts In Kind’s Efficiency In its Dec. 10 edition, Forbes rated the top 200 nonprofit organizations in the United States, giving Gifts In Kind the highest possible rating for charitable commitment and fundraising efficiency; the organization was #1 among the top 200. Gifts In Kind earned a 100 rating for Charitable Commitment (how much of total expense went directly to the charitable mission). It also earned a 100 for Fundraising Efficiency (the share of donations left after the cost of soliciting them). Shipping & Handling to Include 10 Percent Fuel Adjustment Over the past few years Gifts In Kind has worked diligently to cover the everrising cost of shipping due to escalating gasoline prices. We worked hard to cover the fuel surcharges so that we did not have to pass this additional expense back to our charity partners. Unfortunately, fuel prices continue to rise with no end in site. As a result, we have no choice but to impose a nominal increase in our shipping and handling charges to help offset this cost going forward. Therefore, effective January 1, 2008, our standard shipping & handling charges will increase by 10 percent. q

Central Texas Launches Gifts In Kind Program
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understand their needs. The Hands On staff found that most area nonprofits were in need of office supplies, office equipment and items required by shelters, such as diapers and personal toiletries. “People don’t really think of office supplies when they decide to donate something—we have to play with the messaging. For example, what does a ream of paper really mean?” said Rayo. He goes on to explain how CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)—an organization that walks kids through the court system when they have been removed from their homes—uses paper. “A ream of paper that is donated isn’t just a ream of paper. CASA can use that paper to create a contract that allows a volunteer advocate to give an abused child a voice in court.” As a Gifts In Kind® affiliate, Hands On Central Texas receives donations through

Gifts In Kind International and partners with Office Depot through the Retail Donation Partner program. Hands On Central Texas also focuses on getting people involved. Volunteerism is at the heart of the organization. This year they have engaged more than 10,000 people in meaningful volunteer action while addressing their community’s most pressing social issues. Hands On Central Texas is also an affiliate of the national Points of Light and Hands On Network. To learn more about Hands On Central Texas or the Central Texas Gifts in Kind program, go to q

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Highlights Donations Help Special Needs Kids
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Highlights Magazine: A Fun Literacy Tool Jeffrey Woodyard of the Harrisburg, Pa.-based Tri-County OIC said the donated Highlights magazines they’ve received through Gifts In Kind International have been the perfect incentive for their young clients. “It’s really exciting to be able to give them something that looks like fun, but helps them with their reading as well,” he said. The community-based nonprofit organization serves inner city youth who are typically at-risk and come from singleparent households. “Just this past weekend we took some of our Highlights magazines donated through the Gifts In Kind® program to the local Children’s Literacy Festival and they were a huge hit,” said Woodyard. “About 1,000 kids came through and these magazines were perfect because they can satisfy several ages and the activities are fun. The Highlights magazines were a big hit.” Woodyard said Tri-County also

distributes them to Title 1 schools in the area. “We love to give these to the parents because the magazines are great tools they can use to encourage their kids to read.” Idaho-based Families Together for People with Disabilities uses toys and interactive maps donated by Highlights during its Family Enrichment weekends. The nonprofit’s mission is to build and sustain strong, healthy, informed and actively involved family members who can work together to improve the life-long outcomes for their child or sibling with a disability. The Family Enrichment Weekend is a unique model that uses a combination of recreation, education and performance to provide participants with an exciting family experience that benefits everyone. “We are excited to receive more Highlights magazines and materials because poor children typically do not have books,” said Executive Director Chris Curry. “I love to take books and magazines with me on my home visits with the families we serve because it helps to build the relationship. I always sit and read to the kids when I make these visits and they love it.” q

Security Agreement
Please remember the details of the Product Security Agreement (http://www.giftsinkind. org/charities/?pn=terms.asp) that you signed before becoming a member of Gifts In Kind International. In order to provide you with product donations, we must ensure that you meet the requirements set by the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Treasury and others. If your status has changed, please re-read the agreement to make sure you are still in good standing with Gifts In Kind International. If you or anyone on your staff has questions regarding how product donations are to be used, please call your member services consultant (see page 2). We’d be happy to discuss this with you at any time. r

333 N. Fairfax Street Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone: (703) 836-2121 Fax: (877) 798-3192


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