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					College of Dentistry

                         Post Doc Associate/Grad Assistant
                                   Hire Checklist

Salary: _______________________________                 UFID:_____________________________
Name of Hire: _________________________                 Contact Name:______________________
Hire Date: ____________________________                 Contact#:__________________________

Dept.    Dean’s        N/A   Required Steps and Forms

                             Disclosure of relatives employed at UFCD (Nepotism Letter)
                             **Dean’s signature/approval required prior to offer**
                             If Hiring a Foreign National: Complete Foreign National Tax Information
                             Form and other documents from the UF Checklist Academic Personnel –
                             hire will not go through GatorStart, all paperwork must be filled
                             out and attached to ePAF.
                             Background Check Request Form for all hires
                             Date cleared: _________
                             Letter of Offer for Post Doc Associates; Letter of Appointment for Grad

                             New Hire Demographic Form (for GatorStart, N/A if Foreign National)

                             Health Assessment/HAMS requirement – attach to ePAF once cleared.
                             Date cleared: _________ (clearance one day prior to start date)
                             INOP form – attach to ePAF even if no exam required

                             HIPAA Release Form
                             (Employee completes and takes to HAMS appointment)
                             Patient Contact Form

                             Contact with Human Blood Form
                             (Bloodborne Pathogen Training)
                             Animal Contact Form
                             (Renewal exam every three years)
                             Letter of Transmittal (N/A if Grad Assistant)

                             Selective Service Verification (for males between the ages of 18-26 years)

                             Copy of driver’s license and Social Security card and/or other acceptable I-
                             9 documents
                             Disclosure of Outside Activities Form
                             Original transcripts (and translations if necessary)

                             ePAF initiated in PeopleSoft (Must enter within three days of hire date to
                             meet E-Verify requirements). Attach first page of loyalty oath, I-9
                             documents, SS card, Driver’s License, offer letter, background check
                             results, INOP, and emergency contact forms. Once ePAF approved at
                             level 1, email sent to new employee to complete all hiring paperwork.
                             I-9 Express – In I-9 Management, for those hires that do not qualify for
                             GatorStart, a new I-9 will need to be created. For those that go through
GatorStart, please complete section 2 of the I-9 in I-9 Management.
Link employee’s “Network Managed By” field to correct Department ID in
UF Directory
Set up GatorLink Account This will need to
be done prior to requesting email account.
(N/A only if UF transfer)
Contact Information Systems to set-up Dental Outlook email account and
email distribution lists (DN-Staff, DN-Everyone, etc.) at:; follow the directions: How do I obtain an e-mail
Set up office area and/or lab space prior to person’s arrival and order
name plate and business cards, if appropriate

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