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					                      ST. MARY PARISH COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES
                                     December 4, 2012

1) Opening Prayer – HEALTH MINISTRY
2) Roll Call: (16 Absent)
   SMPC (10) J. Abare, J. Christensen, J. Doering, J. Loughran, D. Norton, Fr. George, N. Pelczar, N.
   Stimac, M. Stratton (class), B. Winiarski

   SRAC (6) E. Bloom, C. Doak, T. Fuoco, M. Hamilton, D. LeFebvre, T. Olivia, L. Wheaton

3) SECRETARY’S REPORT: Joyce Catania
   Minutes of Previous Meeting: Accepted: 1st P. Van Bramer/2ndE. Dwelley

   Balance from last report                           $2,113.92

   Check to Coffee Pause                                  34.50
          Balance                                     $2,079.42

    a) COMMUNICATIONS: No Report
    b) CYO: P. Van Bramer
       CYO is moving right along, getting ready for holiday activities. First, we made and delivered
       Thanksgiving cards to Bickfords. Now we have become involved in the Prison’s Ministry’s
       program to deliver toys to children of inmates in our area who would not be getting gifts. Deacon
       Ben is our contact for gifts. We are also planning on going to Bickfords on the 16th to distribute
       the parish gifts and go Christmas caroling, followed by a CYO Party in our room at the Parish
       Center. Then it is off for two weeks for the holidays, starting up again on January 6, 2013.
    c) EDUCATION: M. Stratton
       Advent confessions are in process. Grade 9 had a prayer service and confessions last night, and
       the other grades will follow starting next week.
       The next Grade 2 Mass will be on December 16th. Children are busy making ornaments to put on
       the tree in church, and learning about Advent and Jesus’ birth.
       Classes end for the Christmas break on December 19th, and resume on January 2, 2013.
       A Blessed and Merry Christmas!
    d) EVANGELIZATION – G. Staves
    e) We have done 3 of the 10 sessions on Catholicism with one scheduled tomorrow, December 5
       and the next one on December 12. (The average attendance has been between 20 and 25 for each
       session). The final 5 sessions will be held during Lent. Details will be in the bulletin.

          We are doing a CD Gift program for Christmas, similar to last year when we gave away the
          “Rediscover Catholicism” book by Matthew Kelly for each family. Gerry gave each member of
          the Council a copy of the CD. Copies will be handed out to families at the Christmas Masses.
          Details in the bulletin.
     Centering prayer continues to be held every Sunday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at St. Mary’s Parish
     Center and on Wednesdays from 1:00-2:00 p.m. at St. Robert’s Rectory. (The Wednesday prayer
     group has an added Lectio Divina Bible meditation focus). Details in the bulletin.

     Bible Study continues to be held every Sunday from 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. at St. Mary Parish
     Center. Details in the bulletin.

     We continue to add new CDs to the display at both churches. Focus is on children, teens, and
     adult topics.
      GREETING MINISTRY - F. Borchetta
     “No longer will you need the sun or moon to give to give you light, for the Lord your God will be
     your everlasting light, and He will be your glory.” (Isaiah, 60:19). The Lord has given us 4 new
     greeters. We thank the Lord for the presence of Natalie, Daniel, Peyton and Rachel Jopeck. They
     usually minister at the front doors, and side door near the choir.
f)  HEALTH MINISTRY: T. Farr/S. Quagliaroli
   The gifts for the Parish shut-ins are in the process of being delivered by our priests by Christmas.
   The gift chosen is a tote bag with a religious theme on the front.
   The gifts for Bickford Convalscent Home will be delivered by our CYO members before
   Christmas. The gift is also a tote bag – for use at bedside, chair, and personal items.
   These gifts are welcomed by the sick, and they appreciate the prayers for them by the
g) LITURGY: Fr. O’Grady
   Advent books and calendars have arrived. Calendars will be available next weekend. Some
   Christmas decorations are up. Christmas carols and the Blessing of the crèche and tree lighting
   will be on Sunday, December 9. Adele will be retiring from her job coordinating the church
   decorating. Please let Fr. O’Grady know if you know of anyone who would like to help out.
h) PRO-LIFE: D. Payette for J. Loughran
    There will be a Pro-Life bake sale the weekend of January 19/20. The Pro-Life Mass will be on
    Monday, January 21, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at St. Mary Church. Hall Larson said that the March For
    Life is scheduled for January 25, leaving 1/24 @10:30 pm. from St. Mary, and then to St.
    Theresa (Granby) departing 11:00p.m. and returning 1/25. There are 53 seats available. The
    cost is $45 for adults and $30 for those under 18 accompanied by an adult. Jim Boyle will do the
    advertising and newspaper promos, and Deacon Bob Lamberts will handle letters to churches for
    donations or sponsors.
i) REFLECTIONS: K. Dwelley
   We met November 11th and had a Thanksgiving dinner. Our next meeting is Saturday, December
   K of C
   This Friday, December 7, we will have our annual Christmas party for intellectually disabled
   adults. Special thanks to Fr. O’Grady for officiating our annual Deceased Knights Mass at the
   Council hall on November 27.


     The SCC sponsored the “Turkey and a Twenty Drive” for Thanksgiving. It was very successful,
     and brought 144 turkeys and over $2,000 for the food bank.
           Several groups gave food baskets for the needy on Thanksgiving with turkeys, pies, vegetables,
           cheeses, pancakes, sausage, olives, fruits – everything they might need.

           We are in the processes of filling needs for several families for Christmas. Five groups have
           taken Secret Santa lists. The gifts will be wrapped and delivered along with food supplies to
           make their Christmas bright. Two additional groups will deliver food baskets.

      k) SOCIAL ACTIVITIES – E. Leary

           The cookie tray sale will be held the weekend of December 15/16. The committee and a few
           other volunteers make the cookies for the trays which are assembled the Friday before the sale.
           The bake list is also solicited for goods to sell.

      l)  SOCIAL JUSTICE: - K. Rojas
         Last night we did the No-Freeze double floor. We planned on 150 men. All went well because
         we had a wonderful response for both cooks and bakers. We served meat loaf, potatoes, salad,
         corn and apple cake. Hope it goes well for the rest of the winter when we will be doing doubles.
         Always, they appreciated everything we do.
   Discussion was had on our upcoming web site.
   Calendars for church events – Gerry Staves will check to input on our upcoming web site, as well as posting in
   church and parish center. We can reach Eileen Pearce, our Webmaster, at or call her at


    Fr. O’ Grady passed out pocket calendars and pens to everyone, and thanked everyone in the Council for
    their help during 2012. He and Fr. George had a great trip in Rome. Fr. O’Grady wore his Red Sox cap.
    He said that the Pope blessed the Red Sox.
    We finally received permission to go ahead with the Parish Center. Groundbreaking is scheduled in the
    Spring, weather permitting. There will be pictures to post as we progress. The furnace has been fixed.
    We have two new speakers in the back of the church. Hopefully this week we will reach $20,000 in the
    St. Mary Annual Collection. Our new web site is Everyone – check it out.
10) NEXT MEETING DATE: January 8, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m. (Second Tuesday of the month)
13) ADJOURN: Accepted: E. Dwelley; 2nd N. Stannard

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Catania

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