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                        Breathe and Unwind With Yoga Jewelry

For the people who practice yoga, either at home or with a class, the experience and result is something that
many wish they could carry with them throughout their entire day. The calming breaths along with energetic
poses and flows can be spiritual and cleansing. By adding yoga jewelry to their lives and jewelry collections,
many yogis can transfer their quieted mental state from the mat to their everyday lives.

When it comes to choosing jewelry for the practicing yogi, there are many different options to choose from.
Much of the jewelry made to inspire and enhance the life of those who practice is made from naturally
sourced materials. Precious stones and gems are common pieces of much of the jewelry. This is because
many of these stones and gems are perceived to carry different health and mental benefits when worn by a

A typical gem used in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets is amethyst. This commonly purple-colored gem is
believed to bring about a calm and focused mind. It is also said that purple colored amethyst will help people
to make wise decisions as well as help in fighting off addictions. Another stone commonly seen in the jewelry
is turquoise. It is believed that those who wear turquoise will draw happiness, love, and wealth to their lives.
It was even worn by the ancient Persians to ward off death.

Tiger Eye stones are also used quite frequently in jewelry for yogis. The stone has been inspired by the
qualities of the tiger; a persistent, focused, and enduring animal. Those who are going through difficult
transitions and are easily distracted, or who struggle making decisions, can benefit from this believed-to-be
grounding and focusing stone. The colors are gorgeous as well and range from dark rusty browns to glowing
oranges similar to autumn leaves.

In addition to the use of natural stones and gems, much of the yoga jewelry contains yogic symbols or
mantras. One common symbol of yoga is the lotus flower. This flower has been a powerful symbol in Eastern
religions for thousands of years. It represents the ability to be firmly rooted in the earth by being aware of
the awakening of the divine and spiritual life. The lotus flower has inspired poses and meditation throughout
yoga, so it is no surprise that it has become a widespread figure in yoga-inspired jewelry.

Lotus flower jewelry is often created for earrings and necklaces. The flowers are typically crafted from
sterling silver or another metal. They look beautiful when paired with gems and stones as well. A set of lotus
flower earrings or a long necklace would make a great addition to any yogi?s collection, as it is an ancient
symbol of the yogic world. It also makes for a great conversation starter and when it is entwined with healing
stones, it may be possible for a person to remember that yoga practice can carry through to even the
mundane tasks of work and life.

Another common component of yoga jewelry is the inscription of mantras. Many of these are centered on the
breath and reminding the wearer to keep breathing. Breathing in and breathing out, or taking slow, deep
breaths are typical mantras. These engraved pendants are great for anyone who needs a gentle reminder
about breath control and how soothing it can be. Other relatively common mantras include inhale, exhale,
namaste, and ohm.

The healing and soothing powers of yoga jewelry can be beneficial both physically and mentally, by bringing
the qualities of a powerful yoga practice off the mat and into daily life. However, even for those who don?t
partake in yoga, the jewelry inspired by the practice can be a beautiful, fun, and inspiring addition to their
jewelry collection. You never know, someone might even become inspired to practice yoga by wearing their
lucky turquoise necklace or pair of delicate lotus earrings.

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