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					Volume XVIII Number 4                                                                                                                                  Fall 2005

                                                                                                                                  New Acquisitions
           This Daughters of the American Revolution marker was unveiled in Overland Park on June 16, 1907, the third
           date set for the dedication due to bad weather. Thomas Riley is shown in this photograph, which was taken at
           a later unknown date. JCM Collection.

                           History Just Ahead:                                                                                    3
                                                                                                                                  Museum Notes
                            Historic Markers                                                                                      Hycrest

                           of Johnson County
From modern parkways and near shopping malls,                      One of the earliest marker programs in the nation
                                                                                                                                  Fun Facts
hidden in quiet neighborhoods and along busy                       started here in the State of Kansas. The Daughters
highways, historic markers can be found inviting                   of the American Revolution (DAR) was one of the
drivers to stop, pull over, and enjoy a unique                     first organizations to mark historic places throughout
                                                                                                                                  Peek into the Past
glimpse into the past. These historic markers are                  the country, starting in our region with the Santa Fe            for Kids
found throughout the county, conveying the                         Trail. In 1880, the railroad arrived in Santa Fe and
messages of individuals, places, and events that                   the old Santa Fe Trail was no longer commonly used.

have one way or another created a lasting                          The DAR recognized the historical significance of
impression on Johnson County. In some cases,                       the Santa Fe Trail, and beginning in the early 20th
these markers have their own history to tell. Take                 century, marked the trail before commercialization
a moment and enjoy this whirlwind tour of some                     and highways obliterated what remained.
of the more unique historic markers in our county.
                                                                                                                                  History Mystery
                                                                   On March 1, 1905, an act of the Kansas Legislature
HISTORY HAPPENED HERE!                                             made $1,000.00 available to mark the Santa Fe Trail
The historic Santa Fe Trail and Oregon-California                  through Kansas under the joint supervision of the
Trail easily ranks as the most marked historic                     regent of the Kansas chapter of the DAR and the
places in Johnson County. While the paths of                       secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society.
these overland trails show little physical evidence of             The markers were made from red granite rock from
the hundreds of thousands of travelers who                         Oklahoma. The program provided a total of 89
traversed this area, monuments and signs placed                    markers, with additional markers produced by local
by various organizations abundantly mark these                     communities making a grand total of 96 markers to
historic routes.                                                   be placed throughout the state of Kansas. In 1906,
                                                                   five of these markers were placed in Johnson
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 DONORS TO THE                                   NEW ACQUISITIONS
 COLLECTION                                      The Johnson County Museum collects artifacts from all periods of the county’s history, from early settle-
                                                 ment through the present day. The following items are among the many recent donations to the permanent
 The Johnson County Museum thanks
 the many generous people and
 organizations whose donations have
 been added to the permanent
 collection since the last newsletter.
                                                                                    WESTINGHOUSE ROASTER
                                                                                    This Westinghouse electric roaster came with its own roll-around metal
                                                                                    cabinet and Pyrex cookware inserts. The roaster, donated by Jim
 Patricia Bowden                                                                    Johnston, dates from the 1950s and was used in Jim’s childhood home in
 Dan Fuller                                                                         Roeland Park. Roasters like this one were popular appliances, often used
                                                                                    as an auxiliary oven at holiday time.
 Patricia Heitschmidt
 Jim Johnston
 Russell Leffel
 Freelyn McGee
 Pam Perrin/Estate of Cheryl A.
                                                                                         SCHOOL DAYS
                                                                                         Melvin Wisner attended Hickory
 James Wheat
                                                                                         Grove School from 1928 to 1935. He
 Melvin Wisner                                                                           donated this letter from his days on the
                                                                                         school basketball team, along with
 Johnson County Library                                                                  assorted grade cards.
 St. Mark’s United Methodist Church

                                                 “HEY THERE, IT’S
 We thank also the donors of items
 added to our interpretive collections.
                                                 YOGI BEAR!”
 These “working” artifacts are put to            This indoor slide for small children
 active use in hands-on activities such          dates from 1979 and features
                                                 Hanna-Barbera cartoon
 as education programs and research.
                                                 characters. Until recently, the slide
                                                 was used in the daycare facility at
 Janet Vaughan                                   St. Mark’s United Methodist
 Jack Vetter                                     Church at 65th and Santa Fe.

                                                 DAYS OF OUR LIVES
                                                 Pat Bowden recently donated daybooks dating from 1910 to 1954 which were kept by A.T. Lowe, her
                                                 grandfather. Mr. Lowe, who taught school and also farmed north of Spring Hill, wrote a brief entry every day.
      Johnson County Museum                      His notes often referred to farm chores, weather, and household expenses, with an occasional mention of news
                                                 of the day. The daybooks provide an invaluable record of daily life in the county over a period of more than
      Friends Board of Trustees                  four decades.
            Phil McAnany, President
        Heather Woodson, Vice-President
           Caroline Wake, Secretary
            Robin Burch, Treasurer
                  John Andrade
                                                                                                                   WISH LIST
               Calvin Engelmann
                  Linda Leeper
                  Diane Linver                                                                                     Did you take photographs of the damage to
                   Mindi Love                                                                                      your property from the devastating ice storm
                 Jennie Stolper                                                                                    that hit our community in 2002? Or photos
                  Andy Zalucki                                                                                     of one of the tornados that have hit our area?
                                                                                                                   The Museum is interested in obtaining
       Museum Advisory Council                                                                                     photographs and other materials related to
            Calvin Engelmann, Chair                                                                                severe weather events in Johnson County.
          Nancy Wallerstein, Vice-Chair                                                                            Such items may be added to the permanent
                  Bill Anthony                                                                                     collection, or borrowed for the upcoming
                   Bart Cohen
                                                                                                                   exhibit, “Wild and Wacky Weather,” which will
                   Ben Mann
                  Joyce Rabas                                                                                      be on view at the Museum of History from
                                                                                                                   March 4 to July 16, 2006. If you have
               Museum Staff                                                                                        related items to donate or loan, please
               Mindi Love, Director              SOUTH PARK TORNADO                                                contact Anne Marvin, Curator of Collections,
     Dr. Anne Marvin, Curator of Collections                                                                       at 913-631-6709.
                                                 This photograph shows the results of a deadly tornado
       Tracy Steitz, Curator of Education
         Kathy Daniels, Assistant Curator        that descended on South Park on July 16, 1927. The
      Russ Czaplewski, Collection Manager        twister cut a swath 600 feet wide and half a mile long
          Tristan Smith, Office Manager          through the community northeast of Shawnee. Four
  Stephanie Clayton, Lanesfield School Manager   people were killed and 23 injured. This photograph was
        Andy Davis, Historical Interpreter       purchased for the Museum's collection.
     Andrew Dunehoo, Historical Interpreter
ALBUM Johnson County Museums                                                                                                                                           3

MUSEUM NOTES                                                       explore how Greek Americans have formed                        ANNUAL CAMPAIGN
                                                                   communities and built lives in the Kansas City area
                                                                   and across Kansas. Originally produced by the                  PARTNERS
COUNTY HISTORY BOOK                                                Heartland Orthodox Christian Museum in Topeka,
To celebrate Johnson County’s Sesquicentennial                     Kansas, the exhibit includes photographs from
                                                                   across the state and artifacts from the local
                                                                                                                                  Many thanks to the following
anniversary, the Johnson County Museum is                                                                                         corporations and foundations who
publishing Johnson County, Kansas: A Pictorial                     metropolitan community.
                                                                                                                                  have contributed to the success of
History, 1825-2005 this fall. The hard-bound,
full-color publication will explore how the                        The exhibit delves into the economic, religious, and           the Museum through the Annual
successes and struggles of the people who have                     social lives of the thousands of Greek immigrants              Campaign.
called this area home for the past one hundred and                 who immigrated to America beginning in the early
eighty years have shaped today’s thriving cities.                  1900s and settled in the Kansas City area and across
Over 350 historic photographs and images of                        Kansas.
artifacts will illustrate the captivating narrative.
From Shawnee Indian reservation to its role in the                 Today, the Greek community continues to flourish in            ($5,000 and above)
debate over slavery and from a thriving                            the Kansas City area. St. Dionysios Church,                    V & H Charitable Foundation
agricultural community to an enclave of early                      established in Kansas City, Kansas, now located in
suburban developments and to its current status as                 Overland Park on 95th Street and east of Antioch,
the most prominent county in the state of Kansas,                  has a congregation of 150 families. Kansas City,               SPONSORS
Johnson County has been defined by the                             Missouri's Church of the Annunciation, has moved               ($1,000 and above)
progressive spirit of its citizens. This is the first              south to a campus near 120th and Wornall in Kansas
                                                                   City, and is a community of about 300 families. Both           American Century Companies
county-wide history book to be published since
1915, so don't miss this chance to reserve your                    churches host annual Greek Festivals featuring food,            Foundation
copy. Look for further information in the mail.                    dancing, crafts, and cultural traditions, which hold an        Commerce Bank Foundation
                                                                   important place in the greater community. Come                 Kansas City Power & Light
                                                                   and explore this newest exhibit to gain an even
GREEK HERITAGE IN THE                                              greater understanding of this unique community.                McAnany Construction Company
HEARTLAND                                                                                                                         Nextel, Inc.
Greek Heritage in the Heartland, on view now                                                                                      Stinson, Morrison & Hecker
through November 6th , is the latest temporary                                                                                    Tension Envelope Foundation
exhibit at the Museum of History. Come and                                                                                        The Cloud Foundation
                                                                                                                                  Wagstaff & Cartmell, L.L.C

                                         HYER GROUND                                                                              PATRONS
The large frame house located at 505 E. Cedar in                   time. The children’s playhouse was upgraded to a               ($500 and above)
Olathe is significant both for its style and for its               guesthouse with the addition of two rooms, heating,
ties to leading businessmen in the city’s history.                 and plumbing.
Known locally as “the Hyer House,” the structure
                                                                                                                                  Blackwell Sanders Peper & Martin
was placed on the Register of Historic Kansas                      Benade died in 1928. Four years later his daughter             John and Kay Callison
Places in 1984. The two-story frame building on a                  and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hyer,                     Deffenbaugh Disposal Services
cut limestone foundation is an example of the 19th                 inherited the house and its 14 acres of land and               Gill Studios, Inc.
century “stick” style of architecture, characterized               christened the property “Hycrest.” In 1914 Amelia,             Olathe Medical Center
by a cross-gable roof line, overhanging eaves with                 the youngest Benade child, had married Charles A.
                                                                                                                                  Shawnee Steel and Welding
exposed rafter ends, and decorative detailing on                   Hyer, whose father was founder of the Hyer Boot
the outside walls.                                                 Company in Olathe. Upon the death of his father in             Smith & Loveless
                                                                                            1921, the younger Hyer had            Wal-Mart Foundation
Olathe businessman                                                                          taken over the boot
Jonathan Dow built
the original three-
story structure in                                                                                Charles and Amelia Hyer         ($250 and above)
1881. A Civil War                                                                                 made some alterations to the    Eclipse Roofing, Inc.
veteran, Dow                                                                                      house in 1933, including        Metcalf Bank
arrived in Olathe in                                                                              enclosing two porches,          S & Co. Design, Inc.
1866 and soon                                                                                     converting one of the first-
established a general                                                                             floor parlors into a bedroom,
merchandise store                                                                                 and enlarging the other
on the northwest                                                                                  parlor by knocking down the     PARTNERS
corner of Cherry                                                                                  wall between it and a           ($100 and above)
and Chestnut Streets                                                                              hallway. After this initial     First National Bank of Olathe
in a building later                                                                               remodeling, no significant      George Butler Associates, Inc.
occupied by the          Characteristic of stick-style architecture, the first floor of the Hyer  changes were made to the        Henry E. Wurst Family Foundation
                         house was originally clad in horizontal clapboard and the second
Hyer Boot                story sported wood shingles. That exterior was evident on the            house during the Hyers’         Horst, Terrill & Karst Architects
Company.                 house as late as 1984. Sometime in the early 1990s, however, the         long tenure there. Various      Kimak's Pest Control
According to local       entire exterior was replaced with clapboard siding, as evident in this   interior features notable for   Lawrence Printing and Design, Inc.
                         1995 photograph. JCM Collection.
tradition, Dow’s                                                                                  their craftsmanship             Meritex, Inc.
house on East Cedar was the first in Olathe and                        remained unaltered throughout these years. These           Overland Park Heritage Foundation
possibly in Kansas to have indoor running water.                       included a carved walnut staircase in the parlor and       Phelps Engineering
The water was pumped from a well house to a                            a pair of stained glass windows at the stair landing.      J.S. Robinson Construction, Inc.
holding tank on the third floor of the house.                          Parquet floors and decorative wooden wall paneling         Shawnee Mission Belle Questers
Besides the well house, outbuildings included a                        in the entry and the library were also retained.           Vutec Corporation
barn/carriage house, a storage shed, and a                                                                                        White Haven Motor Lodge
children’s playhouse.                                                  After Charles Hyer’s death in 1976, his widow
                                                                       remained at Hycrest. Amelia Hyer died in 1988. In
In 1918 W. Henry “Willie” Benade purchased the                         the early 1990s her heirs remodeled the house,
Dow property. Originally from Pennsylvania,                            installing air conditioning and replacing aged wiring
Benade entered business as a hide trader in Salina                     and plumbing. The structure was then sold, passing
in 1870 and later farmed outside Olathe. In 1919                       out of Hyer family ownership for the first time in
Benade removed the third story of the house,                           some sixty years. The house, its outbuildings, and
which included a ballroom space. Additions to the                      extensive grounds remain an impressive presence in
outbuildings were also apparently made at this                         the landscape of Olathe.
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                                           THE COMMUNITY CHIMES IN
 WHO SERVED                                The State of Kansas and the state chapter of the
 Some of the earliest memorials and        DAR were not the only ones interested in marking
 monuments in Johnson County               significant places and events. Old Settlers
 commemorate the many soldiers who         associations in Johnson County sponsored two of the
 have served in wars. After the Civil      96 trail markers mentioned above. The Johnson
 War, Kansas was known as a “soldier       County Old Settlers Association located a grey
 state,” a place where many veterans       granite marker on the courthouse grounds to
 settled. Many early communities had a     commemorate not only the Santa Fe Trail, but also
 chapter of the Grand Army of the          the rendezvous point for Kansas soldiers during the
 Republic (GAR), an organization for       Price Raid of 1864. It was dedicated at the Old
 Union Civil War Veterans.                 Settlers Day celebration in 1907. The Old Settlers
                                           of Gardner, Kansas, provided a similar grey granite             The first of the original five DAR markers to be placed in
                                           marker commemorating the trail junction and area                Johnson County was Santa Fe Marker No. 2, at Lanesfield
 By the 1890s, these chapters of                                                                           School in Edgerton on October 26, 1906. (The first DAR
 aging veterans often sponsored and        Civil War conflicts.                                            maker in the State of Kansas was dedicated on October 23
 placed monuments, many of them in                                                                         between Sterling and Lyons.) This photograph was taken
 cemeteries, to honor those who had        REMEMBERING THE OREGON TRAIL                                    in the 1990s. JCM Collection.
 fought and died during the Civil War.     One of the unique stories of our county is that the
 In Union Cemetery in the former           Santa Fe and Oregon Trail shared a route through                   The site of the former Shawnee Council House, in
 community of Monticello, there is a       much of Johnson County. The Oregon-California                      a residential neighborhood in today's city of
 granite monument with an urn at the       Trail split from the Santa Trail in Gardner. On                    Shawnee, was marked by a large boulder and
 top placed in memory of the many          November 11, 1930, a marker dedicated to the                       accompanying plaque. In addition, the site of the
 heroes of 1861-1865. It was               Oregon Trail was placed in Gardner by the Olathe                   former Shawnee Mill is marked along a park trail
 dedicated on May 30, 1895. A soldier      DAR chapter. This red granite marker was                           in Mill Creek Park.
 monument was placed in the Olathe         customized to include an arrow and the words “To
 Cemetery by the Franklin Post No. 8       Oregon” to commemorate the wooden sign of                          THE SIGNS OF HISTORY
 of the GAR in 1893 and formally           legend at the trail Junction that stated “Road to                  Metal signs were also a popular and more
 dedicated on Memorial Day in 1897.        Oregon.”                                                           economical method to mark historic places and
 It features a white marble sculpture                                                                         routes. In 1912, the National Old Trails Road
 of a soldier standing at rest on a        In 1944, the Oregon council of the American                        Association came into being and stated in its
 granite base.                             Pioneer Trails Association began to place markers                  bylaws:
                                           along the 2,000 mile route of the Oregon Trail. The
 Two of the more unique monuments                                               State of Kansas                   The object of the Association shall be to assist
 are found in the Spring Hill Cemetery.                                         received 40 of                    the Daughters of the American Revolution in
 The first, dedicated on May 30, 1897,                                          the markers,                      marking Old Trails and to promote the
 is topped by a large polished granite                                          which were                        construction of an Ocean-to-Ocean Highway of
 orb inscribed “Rest-Soldier Rest.”                                             dedicated on                      modern type worthy of its memorial character.
 The entry of the cemetery itself also                                          September 15th
 bears significance. In 1923, the                                               of that year, and             The National Old Trails Road Association
 Women’s Relief Corps (WRC), an                                                 placed in towns,              promoted an ocean-to-ocean highway marking
 auxiliary women’s group of the GAR,                                            near schools,                 project that would retrace the nation’s historic
 dedicated a monument there. Made                                               and along                     trails. In 1913, the Auto Club of Southern
 of brick and stone, it is devoted not                                          highways.                     California placed metal signs to mark the National
 only to the veterans of the Civil War,                                         These markers                 Old Trails Road, loosely following old Santa Fe
 but also the Spanish American War of                                           were to be                    Trail to Santa Fe and then onward to California.
 1898 and World War I.                                                          made of cedar                 They were placed along the entire route between
                                                                                posts, 3.5 inches             Kansas City and Los Angeles to attract motorists
 One of the more unique monuments                                               square and six                from the Midwest to Southern California.
 in the county, dedicated to all                                                feet tall. They
 veterans, is a sculpture called “Hands                                         were branded                  In 1948, the American Pioneer Trails Association
 of Freedom” located in Veterans Park                                           with the words                started their second ambitious project to mark
 at the corner of Pflumm and Johnson                                            “Oregon Trail”                historic sites in our area. White metal oval signs
 Drive in Shawnee. The two multiple-       Old Settlers Association of Gardner  and were
                                           marker, 2005. JCM Collection.                                      were created to commemorate the Santa Fe Trail.
 tiered granite columns hold a bronze                                           placed among a                Originally these signs were given to schools along
 banded globe at the top. It                                                    pile of native                the Santa Fe Trail route, but in 1950, an additional
 symbolically represents the hands of      stones and set in cement. At the time, these                       27 were placed on trees and poles to mark the
 all veterans holding the world aloft in   markers were described as temporary, with the                      precise route through Kansas City.
 freedom. Also at this park is a           hopes that they would be replaced after World War
 granite monument for the members          II with something more permanent. It is unknown
 of the 555th Anti-Aircraft Artillery      whether any of these markers still exist
 Automatic Weapons Battalion who           today.
 fought in World War II.
                                           THE EARLIEST RESIDENTS
 The first memorial to the Vietnam
 War in the Kansas City Metropolitan       The land that would become Johnson
                                           County was first settled by the Shawnee
 area was placed in Antioch Park in
 Merriam, Kansas. It was dedicated on      tribe and the missionaries who received
                                           permission to live on their land. In
 November 11, 1974, and renovated in
                                           Fairway today, the Shawnee Methodist
 1998. It commemorates the 57
 Johnson County residents missing in       Mission buildings still stand, but in addition,
                                           two other missions were also present. The
 action or killed during that war.
                                           Olathe DAR chapter recognized the
                                           Baptist and Quaker missions by placing
 Other war memorials include a
                                           red granite markers. The marker for the
 limestone monument at 119th and
 Mission Road to commemorate               Quaker Mission, also known as the Friends
                                           Mission was placed in Merriam and
 Leawood residents who served during
 the Vietnam War. The bronze plaque        dedicated on November 11, 1923. A
                                           marker for the Baptist Mission was placed
 on top acknowledges the two                                                                 Baptist Mission Marker Dedication, 1929. The location of this Baptist
                                           at the location of the 1848 Shawnee               Mission is actually at the site of the Baptist church located on the mission
 residents who were missing in action
                                           Baptist church, which was on the Baptist          grounds. As seen in this dedication photograph, the site also became a stop
                                           Mission grounds. It was dedicated on              on the Strang Line known as Morrison Heights. JCM Collection.
            continued on page 7 Sidebar    October 16, 1929.
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                                                                   Thank You!
                                                           Thank You!!
                                                Thank You!!!
The Johnson County Museum would like to thank the many individuals and organizations who donate their time, energy and
heart to the success of the Museum. From September 2004 to September 2005, 1767 hours were contributed to benefit
the Museum. Volunteers led tours through The 1950s All-Electric House, worked with the Museum's collections, helped
install exhibits, assisted with mailings, conducted education programs at the Lanesfield School, helped with special events,
managed the Museum's clippings files and served on the Museum's boards. We thank you all!!!

  Museum volunteers and staff set out on one of                                                             Barb Baker receiving recognition at the 2004
  their tri-annual field trips. This trip was to Watkins                                                    Appreciation Dinner for her contributions to
  Woolen Mill and the Jesse James Farm & Museum .                                                           the Museum. Since 1999, Barb has volun-
  Pictured left to right: Doris and Dick Theobald, Barb                                                     teered over 750 hours of her time.
  Baker, Tracy Steitz, Betty and Freelyn McGee, Andy
  Davis, Andrew Dunehoo, and Stephanie Clayton.

                                                              Cal and Anneliese Engelmann assisted at the
                                                              Museum's booth at the September 17th
                                                              "Birthday in the Park" event to celebrate
                                                              Johnson County's Sesquicentennial.

           Friends of Johnson County Museums                                                                    Museum Advisory Council
           Board of Trustees                                                                                    Calvin Engelmann - Chair
           Phil McAnany, President                                                                              Nancy Wallerstein - Vice-Chair
           Heather Woodson, Vice-President                                                                      Bill Anthony
           Caroline Wake, Secretary                                                                             Bart Cohen
           Robin Burch, Treasurer                                                                               Ben Mann
           John Andrade                                                                                         Joyce Rabas
           Calvin Engelmann
           Linda Leeper
           Diane Linver
           Jennie Stolper
           Andy Zalucki

                                                           Johnson County Museum Volunteers

Bette Arens                                                Bill Hisle                                           LaDonna Parker
Barb Baker                                                 Josh Johnston                                        Jeff Pendergraft
Bob Brady                                                  Julie Johnston                                       Sabrina Putnam
Greg Collins                                               Noah Johnston                                        Brett Rousello
Michele Dean                                               Terry Kegin                                          Virginia Schalling
Elinor Deming                                              Elizabeth Krape                                      Shawnee Police Department
Anneliese Engelmann                                        Annette Lane                                         Sunflower Elementary School 4th Grade
Toni Eyer                                                  Lenexa Police Department                             Dick Theobald
Rebecca Feil                                               Jim Little                                           Carl Vandeputte
Tracy Giammatteo Warriner                                  Freelyn McGee                                        Judy Vandeputte
Denise Hartley                                             Daniel Moler                                         Karen Whitlow
Craig Herrmann                                             Sean Noack                                           Sarah Wood-Clark
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                               THANKS FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP!
               The Friends of Johnson County Museum was established in 1987 as a not-for-profit organization to support
  exhibit development, educational programs and special events for the Johnson County Museum. An eleven-member Board of Trustees
                oversees the membership activities. The following individuals joined the membership over the past year.
                                     We are very thankful for your generosity and your friendship!

Best Friends $250 and up          Tony & Judy Kostusik*             Betty Lu Duncan*                   Denise & Walter Murphy*
Eliot and Marcia Berkley*         J.J. & Doris Kreuzberger*         Harold & Catherine Dunlap*         Gertrude Myers*
Mr. & Mrs. Barnett Helzberg*      Mr. & Mrs. Asher Langworthy*      Bee Ellington*                     Rich & Fran Nelson*
Dave Jackson                      Gary Mallen*                      Elaine Entrikin*                   Bill and Barbara Nicks*
Don Love*                         Thomas McCabe*                    Ms. Lois Farris*                   Marty Nolte*
Philip McAnany*                   Richard & Cindy McOsker*          Frances Felder*                    William & Barbara Oakley*
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Viets*            Robert & Shirley Meneilly*        Ginny Fisher*                      Bill & Katherine O’Connor*
                                  Jappy & Stan Meyer*               Orvis & Leta Fitts*                Tim & Donna Owens*
Really Good Friends $100-249      Alayne & J.D. Mooney*             John and Sue Forbes*               Catherine Parris*
Joan Wells*                       Wayne & Marilyn Morris*           Jim & Hildie Fowler                Norma Pesch*
Kaj & Else Ahlmann*               Paul & Elaine Pegram*             Ruth Fox*                          Doris Pierce*
Emily Berkely*                    Michael & Jan Perkins*            Jack & Anne Francis*               Imogene Player*
Irwin & Rita Blitt*               Ellen & Jay Portnoy*              Wesley & Mabel Fry*                John Ramsey, Jr.*
Martha & James Bostick*           Leo & Helen Rieke*                Virginia Frye                      Gerry Ray*
Kathy Brogdon*                    Mr. & Mrs. Warren Robinson*       Ron & Edna Gainen                  Annette Redler*
Barton & Mary Cohen*              Charlyne Rothman*                 Dr. Keith & Lois Gallehugh         John Rich*
Ben Craig*                        Jack & Paula Rowe*                Kimberly Gilman                    Doug & Cheryl Richardson*
Frederick & Constance             Jim & Iris Sanford*               Paul & Barbara Gorman*             Karri & Selden Richardson
DeSieghardt*                      Neal & Donna Sawyer               Mary & Phil Griffin*               Mrs. Bernice Richter*
Steven & Barbara Dietz*           Michael and Anne Sheehan*         Ron & Deanna Grissom               Paul & Lorene Rieke*
Gary & Melinda Duggan*            Wilson & Barbara Siemens*         Marilyn Hail*                      Gregory & Beth Rieke*
Calvin & Anneliese Engelmann*     Jim & Janet Stauffer*             Jim & Sharon Hamil*                Mary Ellen Rixey*
Marguerite Foster*                Michele & Jim Stowers             Dr. & Mrs. Fred Hartwig            Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Robertson*
Bill & Marjorie Franklin*         Leo and Annabelle Sweeney*        Helen Hayes*                       Cynthia Robinson*
Lawrence C. & Jeanne K.           Martha & Jeffrey Taylor           Neal Hervey*                       Michael & Laurel Rogovein*
Gates*                            Timothy Unruh                     Harold & Marxie Hesler*            Dr. James Russell
Mr. & Mrs. James Karnes*          James & Janet Wiglesworth*        Dan Hilyard                        Mary Savage*
Martha & Rick Katz*               Donna Williams*                   Cynthia Horn*                      Janice Russell*
Joyce Keeler                      Kaia Wilson                       Betty Hougland*                    Virginia Schalling*
Ann Kindred*                      Larry & Joan Winn, Jr.*           Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hughes*        Ed & Bonnie Schmiedeler*
Mindi Love*                                                         Virginia Hutton*                   Jean & Edward Schmitt*
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Love*                                            Donald & Gloria Inbody*            Don & Phyllis Schultz*
                                  Friend $25-49
Henry & Elizabeth Marder*                                           Mary Kay Ingenthron*               Alfred & Mary Seamands*
                                  Mr. & Mrs. William Akright*
Bruce & Shirley Musgrave*                                           John Jenia*                        Agnes Shellhammer*
                                  Neal Angrisano*
Robert and Ann Regnier*                                             Myra Jenks*                        Wallace & Susann Shinkle*
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Russell Atha, Jr.*
Michael Robar                                                       Kitty Johnson*                     Bonita Siemens*
                                  Sharon Bagg*
Randell Sedlacek*                                                   David & Mary Johnson*              Charleen Shipp
                                  Helen Bailey*
Tim McQuaid & Mary Pat                                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jones, Jr.*      Mrs. Geraldine Silvers*
                                  Barbara Baker*
Shelledy*                                                           Elisabeth Kanter*                  Bob & Aletha Simon*
                                  Betty Bennett-Francis*
Peter & Pamela Steitz*                                              Dr. Kathryn Kelm                   Arthur & Kay Smith*
                                  Stacy & Tyler Benson
Jennifer & Dan Stolper*                                             Sue Kennedy*                       Peggy Smith*
                                  Suzi and Bruce Blackman*
Jim Wilson*                                                         Laura Kinsey*                      Linotte Smith*
                                  Curtis Blake
Janice Wilson*                                                      Meldon & Carrie Kirk*              Dianne Starcke*
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Roger Blessing*
Heather Woodson*                                                    Barbara Kleinman*                  W. Jack Stelmach
                                  Alan & Eleanor Boley*
Andrew Zalucki                                                      Rose Klusman*                      Mary Stewart
                                  Donna Bratton*
                                                                    Roberta Knabe*                     Sally Stokes*
                                  Ray & Jo Braun*
Good Friend $50-99                                                  Jay & Linda Knox*                  Mrs. Sol Stolowy
                                  Charlotte & Richard Brockman*
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continued from page 4

While mass quantities of these metal signs were         From September to November of 1838, over 850
                                                                                                                   VISIT THESE HISTORIC
more cost effective than traditional markers of the     members of the Potawatomi tribe were removed from          MARKERS THROUGHOUT
past, they were less durable and much easier to         Indiana to the area we know today as Osawatomie,
remove. The metal signs from all of these               Kansas. The 660-mile forced march took place over          JOHNSON COUNTY:
programs, while once abundant in our area, are          two months and resulted in 40 deaths. The tribe
now hard to find.                                       passed through today's Johnson County on                   Hit the road and discover some of
                                                        November 2, and stopped at a campsite called Oak           these fascinating locations for
                                                        Grove on the northern fork of the Blue River. They         yourself!
ROADSIDE WONDERS                                        reached their final destination on November 4, 1838.
In 1934, the Kansas State Historical Society and        The route the tribe traveled is known as the Trail of
the Kansas Highway Commission (now the                  Death.
Kansas Department of Transportation) partnered                                                                     Santa Fe/Oregon/California
to mark hundreds of historic sites along the            On February 16, 1994, the State of Kansas declared         Trail Markers
highways of Kansas. These markers were large            the Trail of Death a regional historic trail and a total   Gardner, Kansas - Northeast corner of
cast metal brown signs with white lettering. Signs      of 74 markers have been placed along its route.               North Elm and East Shawnee, on
placed in later years featured a distinctive            Every five years, most recently in 2003, descendants          school grounds, Gardner
                                                        travel the length of the trail to honor their ancestors,
                                                        and to bring awareness to younger generations of           Lanesfield School - 187th and Dillie
                                                        the atrocities from the past.                                 Road, Edgerton
                                                        A marker was placed in Johnson County near the
                                                                                                                   Lenexa - Southwest corner of Noland
                                                        former Oak Grove campsite in 1998. The marker
                                                        was stolen, but was replaced in 2003. It is located           Road and Santa Fe Drive, Lenexa
                                                        on private land and unfortunately, not accessible to
                                                        the public at the present time.                            Lone Elm - Southeast corner of 167th
                                                                                                                      and Lone Elm Road, Olathe
                                                        THE MODERN SIGNS OF OUR TIME
                                                        Unique to the metropolitan area, brown metal signs         Olathe - Johnson County Courthouse
                                                        were placed by the Kansas City Area Historic Trails           grounds between buildings on
                                                        Association (KCAHTA) throughout the county. In                Cherry Street and Santa Fe Trail
                                                        addition to the Santa Fe and Oregon-California                Drive, Olathe
                                                        Trails, these signs also document the California Road
                                                        (also known as the Westport to Lawrence Road)              Overland Park - NE Corner of 80th and
                                                        and the Fort Leavenworth Military Road. Over 350              Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, KS
                                                        signs were placed on local roadways at points where
                                                        the trails crossed.                                        Sunflower - near Old Highway 56 at
                                                                                                                     151st and Lakeshore Drive, Olathe
                                                        In addition, many groups on the national, state, and
      Kansas State Historic Marker #1, 2005.            local level continue to mark historic places of the
      Located in a roadside park on the southwestern    past. On the national level, the National Park
      corner of Merriam Drive and Shawnee Mission
      Parkway. The style of this current sign (with     Service has done extensive work to further mark the        Shawnee Indian Places
      the sunflower motif at the top) denotes that it   route of the Oregon-California Trail and the Santa         Shawnee Council House - 10613 W.
      is not the original one placed in 1940. JCM       Fe Trail as seen by the many metal signs in our area.
      Collection.                                                                                                     52nd Terrace, Shawnee
                                                        Many local groups continue to locate and mark
                                                        significant sites including such projects as a local       Shawnee Mill - Mill Creek Park,
sunflower design on the top. Located state-wide,        Eagle Scout project marking significant sites in the
                                                                                                                      Shawnee (one mile south of the
the signs were placed in small parks along the          Shawnee Mission area in 1990, an interpretive sign
                                                        by the City of Lenexa to commemorate the former               Kansas River on Mill Creek)
highways, convenient places for travelers to stop
and safely read the markers. In some cases, the         campsite at Flat Rock Creek, and the creation of an
                                                        entire community park at the former site of the Lone       Shawnee Friends Mission Marker -
committee decided to place these markers miles
away from the place or event the marker                 Elm campground in Olathe, to name just a few.                 61st Street between Antioch and
commemorated or to condense an entire region’s                                                                        Craig, Merriam
history in one easily accessible place for travelers    WHY STOP?
to find.                                                Historic markers continue to capture the memories          Shawnee Baptist Mission Marker -
                                                        of the people, places, and events that have shaped            Southeast corner of 55th and
The first of these signs in our area was dedicated      Johnson County’s history. In some cases they                  Walmer Streets, Mission
on August 31, 1940, at the old intersection of K-10     become the sole link to remembering past events and
and U.S. Highway 50 to commemorate the former           a method to convey important events to future
Shawnee Friends Mission. The dedication was             generations. Currently, plans are in the works for a
considered a state wide event with Miss Royana          number of new historic markers including revamping
Bailey from Salina, Kansas, officially unveiling the    the old roadside park at Trail Junction and an entire
marker. (Miss Bailey was the daughter of Roy            historic plaza at the site of a former amusement park
Bailey, the Salina Journal editor who was very          in Merriam. There are literally hundreds of existing
active in promoting the historic marker project.)       historic markers in the region. Unfortunately, this
The marker is listed as Kansas Historic Marker #1       space is too short to mention them all, so take this
                                                                                                                   continued from page 4 Sidebar
and was the first of approximately 117 dedicated        opportunity to venture out and explore the wonderful
across the state. It is located in a small roadside     history that has been marked throughout the                or killed. It was dedicated in 1988. In
park on the southwestern corner of Merriam Drive        community!                                                 1998, Gardner renamed Manor Park to
and Shawnee Mission Parkway. Kansas Historic                                                                       Memorial Park to honor the residents of
Marker #6, the second one placed in Johnson                                                                        Gardner who served in the Civil War,
County, is located one and a half miles southwest                                                                  World War I, World War II, the Korean
of Gardner, Kansas, at 183rd Street and Highway                                                                    War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf
56. It commemorates the historic junction of the                                                                   War. In addition to a brick walkway
Santa Fe and Oregon-California Trails. Currently                                                                   listing the names of the soldiers
plans are in the works to expand this roadside                                                                     involved in the various wars, a five-ton
turnout.                                                                                                           marker made of gray granite was placed
                                                                                                                   at the newly named park. At this time,
MARKING THE TRAIL OF DEATH                                                                                         plans are in the works for another war
A marker located on private land near State Line                                                                   memorial. A Korean War Veterans
Road and 215th Street in the Stilwell area                                                                         Memorial is scheduled to be built in
commemorates a lesser known event in our area.            Future site of the Korean War Memorial, 119th and        Overland Park in 2006.
                                                          Lowell in Overland Park, 2005.
ALBUM Johnson County Museums                                                                                                                     8

 FUN FACTS                                PEEK INTO THE PAST...
 ABOUT                                    The first historic markers in Johnson County were placed by the organization called the
 HISTORICAL                               Daughters of the American Revoluntion (DAR) in 1906-1907. Each letter on the
                                          Johnson County map represents one of the five original markers. Try to match the
 MARKERS IN                               marker with its description. You'll find the correct answers on page 9.
 …the [DAR] marker of the Santa Fe
 Trail at Overland, was unveiled last
 Sunday (June 16). There were crowds
 of visitors who came in on the motor
 line from the city, Olathe and
 immediate points…The marker was
 covered with an American flag and
 following “America,” by the Lenexa
 band, the entire audience joining in
 the hymn, the marker was unveiled by
 Miss Mamie Buckley.

 Olathe Mirror, June 20, 1907

 The [Pioneer Trails] Association
                                                                                    A= Overland Park Marker
 provided a [Santa Fe Trail] plaque for
 every school along the trail and                                                   B = Old Town Lenexa Marker
 suggested a dedication program for                                                 C = Lone Elm Marker
 November 16, 1948. Students were                                                   D = Sunflower Marker
 to conduct the ceremony and give the                                               E = Lanesfield School Marker
 addresses. They were encouraged to
 dress in pioneer costumes for the
 occasion. The suggested program
 included singing “The Star Spangled                  1. This marker is near an 1869 schoolhouse in southwestern Johnson
 Banner,” an address on the reason for                   County. ________________________________
 the ceremony, unveiling the marker
 by the Boy Scouts, an address on the                 2. This marker is located at 80th and Santa Fe._____________________
 history of the Santa Fe Trail, singing
 some pioneer songs, an address on
 local incidents connected with the                   3. This marker is at Noland Road and Santa Fe Trail Road._______________
 Santa Fe Trail, and singing “God Bless
 America.”                                            4. This marker was placed near the site of a overland trail campground.
 Wagon Wheels, undated publication
  of the Santa Fe Trail Association
                                                      5. This marker can still be seen off Highway 56, near the location of Elm Grove
 The Armstice Day sun never shone                        campground.________________________________
 more beautifully than it did last
 Thursday upon the occasion of the
 unveiling of the Oregon Trail Marker
 at Gardner. Many years ago there
                                          Note: The current locations of the markers are represented.
 was placed on this spot, now the
                                          Some have been moved from their original locations.
 grounds of the Gardner School, a rude
 board on a post which read, “Road to

 Olathe Mirror, November 11, 1930         TO LEARN MORE...
 Marker No.2 of the old Santa Fe trail
                                          Visit these websites to find out more about historic markers in Johnson County:
 was erected last Friday afternoon at
 the old townsite of Lanesfield two and
 a half miles northeast of Edgerton…A     This website is devoted to visiting and tracking historic sites and markers.
 large number of people from the
 surrounding neighborhood were  
                                          Learn about historic sites and markers in Kansas.
 present and listened to a splendid
 address by Major I.O. Pickering.
 Olathe Register, November 1, 1906        Learn about metal signs put along sites on the Santa Fe Trail in the 1940s.

                                          Kansas State Historical Society lists markers erected by the State Historical Society and the Kansas
                                          Department of Transportation.
ALBUM Johnson County Museums                                                                                                                                       9

                                                                                                                            ENDOWMENT GIFTS
Identified only as the “600th home sold in Prairie
Village,” this image dates from the late 1940s.
Home building began in what became Prairie
Village in 1941 just before the United States                                                                               We thank those who have invested
entered World War II. The war halted                                                                                        in the Museum’s future with
construction, but quickly resumed at the war’s                                                                              donations to the Endowment Fund.
close. The suburban development incorporated as
a city in 1951. If you can help us identify the
address of this home, please contact the Museum
at 913-631-6709. Thank you!                                                                                                 Ben Craig
                                                                                                                            Paul and Dorcas Doering in honor of
                                                                                                                               all pioneers of Johnson County
                                                                                                                            Exxon matching gift on behalf of
                                                                                                                                Dick and Gloria Haberkorn
                                                                                                                            Lois Farris in memory of Mrs. Evelyn
                                FIFTY YEARS AFTER                                                                               Rosenthal
                                                                                                                            Ginny Fisher in memory of
                                                                                                                                Ruth Hervey
Fifty Years After is the title of both a 26-page               Brief details for many of the lives of the elderly           Paul and Barbara Gorman in memory
booklet and of a 1914 portrait in the Museum’s                 veterans were recorded in Green’s booklet beyond                 of Ruth Hervey
archival collection. Both commemorated the Civil               the basic information on their military service and
War service of area veterans. The booklet’s
                                                                                                                            Dave Jackson in memory of
                                                               eventual settlement in Johnson County. The soldiers
author, Charles Green, was himself a veteran of                held a range of ranks with private being the most
                                                                                                                                Oma Girsch
that conflict and was one of the 23 veterans                   common, although there were several officers                 Mindi Love and Jeff Pendergraft in
picutred in the                                                                                  among the group.               memory of Carolyn R. Love
portrait.                                                                                        Most of the names          Marty Nolte in memory of
                                                                                                 are not remembered             Murray Nolte
Green’s introduction                                                                             now with some              Sprint matching gifts on behalf of:
to his 1911 booklet                                                                              exceptions for those          Charles Hyland
gave some figures                                                                                familiar with local           John M. Jenia
helpful in                                                                                       history. Names                 Monica Moll
understanding what                                                                               included Governor
the area veterans the                                                                            of Kansas John P.
background of many                                                                               St. John, Isaac O.
of the men. A                                                                                    Pickering, and David
significant portion of                                                                           Page.
the 140 veterans, 24
by his count, had                                                                                    The men had served
served from Kansas.                                                                                  with units from
Another 45 had                                                                                       fifteen states in
settled in the state                                                                                 addition to Federal
within a decade of the                                                                               regiments. The
war’s end. Green         Johnson County Civil War veterans, gathered for a formal portrait in 1914.  group that sat for
stated: “Half of the     Front row left to right: S.H. Honnold, Nicholas Reitz, William Pellett, R.  the photograph,
                         Spencer, Joe Matenorio; Second row: A.G. Carpenter, W.H. Zimmerman, J.M.
140, I think, were       Sweet, H.M. Hackett, Emanual Clark; Third row: C.R. Green, Joseph W. Rea,   taken just a few
farmers in Johnson       William Furry, Ed Ripley, H.L. Burgess, William A. Pratt; Back row: John T. years after the
County within 5 years Little, Elias McCleary, W.S. Speer, Joe W. Briggs, A.L. Hunt, Jesse G. Lear,   booklet was written,
                         William W. McGee. JCM Collection.
after the close of the                                                                               ranged in age from
war.” Local Grand                                                                                    65 to 87. Green’s
Army of the Republic posts were a key social                       comments included statements about a wheelchair-
group for the Union veterans. The G A R post in                    bound veteran, how one member could talk in a
Olathe had about 80 members at the time the                        whisper, and another was blind.
booklet was printed.

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  Fax: (913) 631-6359                                        What’s the Matter with                Matter with Kansas with an 1892 Populist song
  Email:                                Kansas by Thomas Frank.               lyric aimed at farmers who were undermining
                                                             Henry Holt & Company, Inc.,           themselves politically, “Oh, Kansas fools! Poor
                                                             2005.                                 Kansas fools! The banker makes of you a tool.”
  Tues-Sat 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
                                                                                                   Frank follows this up by stating that the poorest
  Sunday 1:00 - 4:30 p.m.                                                                          county in America isn’t the Deep South or
  ADMISSION IS FREE                                                                                Appalachia but the Great Plains, an area of
                                                                                                   dying farm towns and struggling ranchers.
                                       It’s “No Holds Barred” in this fresh political
                                       examination by Thomas Frank. The book has certainly         Throughout the book, Frank openly admits that
                                       garnered the attention of many outside of Kansas and        he opposes the Republican party, but he never
                                       warrants a read, even if just to get an understanding of    openly states that he supports the Democratic
   6305 Lackman Road
                                       what your friends and neighbors in other states are         party. Frank doesn’t appear so much concerned
   Shawnee, KS 66217                   talking about.
   (913) 631-6709                                                                                  with who is in charge, but about how the
                                                                                                   choices made by people electing national leaders                  A man on the left, Frank examines the rise of Kansas’       end up hurting themselves and widening the gap
   Tues - Sun 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.,   ultraconservative politics out of its history of agrarian   between the haves and the have-nots.
  guided tours every half hour         populism. What’s the Matter With Kansas states that
   ADMISSION: $2 for adults; $1 for    the new political activists in Kansas are lower-middle      Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or
   children 12 and under               and working-class people and they are becoming the          Independent, this book will appeal to most with
                                       backbone of social democratic politics throughout the       an interest in politics. It may be extremely
                                       state, despite the fact that many of them are the           partisan in its slant, but the tone is engaging,
                                       citizens who aren’t faring well economically. Frank, a      easy to read, and extremely interesting. If you are
                                       Johnson County native, explains the complicated shift in    mystified by the political leanings in Kansas and
                                       the United States, using Kansas as his focus, from          want to know why your neighbors vote the way
 HISTORIC SITE                         Democrat to Republican.
   18745 S. Dillie Road                                                                            they do, What’s the Matter with Kansas is the
                                                                                                   book for you.
   Edgerton, KS 66021                  During the latter part of the 19th century and leading
     (913) 893-6645                    well in to the 20th , Kansans usually could be considered
 Fax (913) 882-9730                    Populist politically and almost always opposed to those                  politicians serving the wealthy. Frank opens What’s the
   Tues - Sun 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
   ADMISSION IS FREE                                                                               Editor's note: This book is for sale in the Museum of
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