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					International Resistance to Mass Smallpox Vaccinations Turning Up

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                                           International Resistance to Mass
        About Michael C.                  Smallpox Vaccinations Turning Up
        Ruppert & FTW

        Why Subscribe?                                                    by Michael C. Ruppert
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         The World
         Since                                                       (revised Jan 7, 2002 – 0030 hrs)
         11th                        Jan. 7, 2003, 16:00 PST (FTW) -- With mounting evidence of the dangers
                                     inherent in mass smallpox vaccinations and widespread skepticism about the
         C.I.A. & Drugs              efficacy and need for such measures, a clear pattern is emerging that perhaps
         Politics                    the U.S. government and its allies -- particularly Israel -- are not going to have
                                     an easy sell with these programs.
         Conflicts                   The Washington Post reported on Dec. 18 that two "prominent teaching
         The Economy                 hospitals" are refusing to vaccinate their employees against smallpox, even
                                     though their staffs would be among the first responders in the event of a
         Pandora's Box               biological attack. Officials at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta and at the
         Hall of Unsung              Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond cited the risk of dangerous side
         Heroes                      effects and possible inadvertent contamination of patients by vaccinated workers
                                     as grounds for their refusals.

                                     In Israel, as reported by Ha'aretz on Dec. 30, "Nearly half of the Meuhedet
                                     HMO's staff [in Tel Aviv] have refused to take the smallpox vaccine being offered
         The Forum
                                     by the government." The refusals are widespread throughout the Israeli health
         Upcoming                    care system and have also included some members of Israel's security forces
         Events                      and rescue squads.

                                     These refusals are as much a PR blow to the Bush Administration and the Israeli
                                     government as anything else. And they indicate that significant portions of the
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        Page                         global population have serious doubts about deeper agendas that possibly lie
                                     beneath government warnings about bioterror attacks.
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                                     Earlier this year President Bush signed a bioterrorism response bill providing
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                                     huge windfall profits for pharmaceutical companies. Bush followed that by
        Subscribe to                 issuing orders through the Justice Department asking a court in a civil case to
        FTW                          seal records that have linked mandatory childhood vaccinations as a possible
                                     cause of autism.
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                                     The recently passed Homeland Security bill also provides immunity for vaccine
        Videos & DVDs                makers in the event that recipients of vaccines become ill or die after being
                                     vaccinated. Under current Food and Drug Administration regulations, smallpox
                                     vaccines do not have to be certified for efficacy prior to being introduced into
                                     the general population.
        Books &[10/4/2013 10:20:48 AM]
International Resistance to Mass Smallpox Vaccinations Turning Up

        Magazines                    A complex pattern of state and federal legislation is, however, rapidly falling into
                                     place, which would allow the government to make refusing a vaccination a
                                     crime, punishable by incarceration, and which would also permit forced
        Donations                    vaccinations in declared health emergencies.
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                                     It's All About How The Money Works]

        Economy Watch                ----------

                                     Vaccine market set for growth Merrill Lynch sees $10B in global
                                     revenue from vaccines in '06 vs. $5.4B in '01; Flu drugs to lead.
        About Michael
        C. Ruppert                   January 7, 2003: 6:39 AM EST
        Reading                      LONDON (Reuters) - Sales of vaccines, once considered a commodity market,
                                     are booming with global revenues set to reach nearly $10 billion in 2006 from
        Links                        $5.4 billion in 2001, according to research published Tuesday.
        Whistle Blowers
                                     Analysts at Merrill Lynch said the fastest growing section of the market would be
                                     for flu vaccines, sales of which are expected to more than double to $2 billion in
                                     the next five years.
        Copyright Policy

        Terms &                      Much of the flu vaccine market's 16 percent compound five-year growth will be
        Conditions                   driven by the entry of MedImmune Inc. (MEDI: Research, Estimates)'s premium
                                     priced nasal spray FluMist, which will be co-marketed by Wyeth (WYE: Research,
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        Site Map
                                     The launch of FluMist later this year, coupled with increasing demand for
     FTW                             pediatric vaccines, could see the overall market leap by 20 percent in 2003
     P.O. Box 6061-350               alone. Growth is then expected to moderate to an annual 10 percent from 2004
     Sherman Oaks, CA
                                     to 2006.
     (818) 788-8791                  Merrill's projection of 13 percent compound five-year sales growth for the total
                                     vaccine market compares with global drug sales growth of just eight percent in
                                     the year to October, 2002, according to healthcare information firm IMS Health.
     1998 - 2003©
     Copyright From The              The infant sector currently makes up the largest section of the vaccine market,
     Wilderness Publications         with 2001 sales of $2.5 billion, but adult demand is growing as governments
                                     actively promote flu shots for the elderly and more vaccines are used by

                                     At the same time, the threat of bioterrorism after the Sept. 11 attacks on the
                                     United States has spawned a new business in supplying vaccines against
                                     smallpox following fears the deadly virus might be used as a weapon.

                                     The global vaccines market is currently dominated by four large pharmaceutical
                                     companies -- Aventis SA (AVE: Research, Estimates), GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK:
                                     Research, Estimates)., Wyeth and Merck & Co. Inc (MRK: Research, Estimates).
                                     -- which together account for almost 85 percent of sales.

                                     But a number of smaller companies are also carving out a niche, including
                                     Britain's PowderJect Pharmaceuticals Plc. and Acambis Plc (ACAM: Research,
                                     Estimates)., Switzerland's Berna Biotech and Chiron Corp (CHIR: Research,
                                     Estimates). of the U.S.

                                     Merrill said it had initiated coverage of PowderJect with a "buy" recommendation,[10/4/2013 10:20:48 AM]
International Resistance to Mass Smallpox Vaccinations Turning Up

                                     reflecting its strength in flu and travel vaccines, while Berna Biotech was started
                                     as "neutral."

                                     Acambis, however, was rated a "sell." The brokerage predicted it would start
                                     losing money in 2005, after a period of profitability on the back of U.S.
                                     government contracts for smallpox vaccine.
                                     Copyright 2003 Reuters. All rights reserved.
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