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                                                    July13, 2011        Volume 11 Number 44  

                                                                                                                               A day on the beach -- Watching the new
                                                                                                                               youngster on Assateague. Photo by Lou Etta McClaflin

Raft-up —          Ocean Pines Paddle Tennis members celebrated July 4th weekend with their first raft-up of the summer.
John Henglein and Tom Hershey were captains of this excursion. The group included John and Carolyn Henglein, Tom and
Beth Hershey, Ron and Barbara Ferger, Jim and June Freeman, Adrienne Reilley, Mike and Mary Henderson, Russ and Anita
Roberts, and Bill and Mary Wentworth. With a clear sky and cool breeze, the weather was perfect.
    Several additional local boats joined the raft- up festivities with everyone boarding each other’s boats and sampling an
array of food and beverages. The evening ended with Dave Lloyd playing “God Bless America” while the boaters paid tribute
by singing along.

Pines wildlife supporter
honored by governor
By Ned McIntosh                                                people and future
    For Jim Duckworth of Ocean Pines, it started               generations.”
out with an evening course in photography at                      “Shucks,” Jim
Wor-Wic Community College, taught by newspa-                   modestly      com-
per photographer Milt Savage. He recommended                   mented, “all I did
a field trip to the Aviary at Shad Landing of                  was donate a mi-
Pocomoke State Park for their “Scales & Tales”                 crowave oven so
program to photograph birds of prey. It ended up               they could thaw
with Jim being so attracted to the savage birds,               out the frozen
under care for possible rehabilitation to the wild             mice before feed-
that he volunteered weekly visits to help feed                 ing them to the
them and keep their environment clean. He also                 birds.”
helped with groups of school children, visiting the               In handling the
facility. Because of his dedication, Jim received a            birds of prey,
letter of commendation from Maryland Governor                  which include fal-
Martin O’Malley. In it the governor said, “I am                cons, hawks, sev-            Jim Duckworth
writing to thank you personally for the energy, en-            eral species of
thusiasm and creativity that you brought as a val-             owls and turkey vultures, Jim and the other han-
ued volunteer. Through your volunteerism, you                  dlers have to wear heavy protective gloves on
set an inspirational example of stewardship to our             their arms because of the sharp talons of the large             Dune surfing -- Mason Horsey of Ocean Pines uses
neighbors, and, more importantly, to our young                                                                                 his body board to “surf” down a dune on Assateague. Photo
                                                                                              please see wildlife on page 6    by Debbie Haas
Page 2 The Courier July 13, 2011

                          WE BUY
                           GOLD                    COINS                             PLATINUM
                No Sure What You Have? Just Bring It In!
                         Immediate Payment

              D . A . KO Z M A J E W E L R Y
                                   O.C. Factory Outlets Right Next to Super Fresh in West Ocean City

                        410-213-7505 410-524-GOLD (4653)
                           Serving the Community For Over 33 Years
                  Immediate Evaluation & Payment Highest Prices Paid                                   MD #2294
                                                                                              July 13, 2011 The Courier Page 3

Commissioners commend former employees
By Chip Bertino                           Department of Public Works.
    Worcester County Commission-             -Maggie M. Dale (16 years of
ers commended fourteen former em-         service); Department of Develop-
ployees who retired recently from         ment Review and Permitting.
county government service. The em-           -Riley Edward Dale (17 years of
ployees were recognized by commis-        service); Fleet Management Divi-
sioners at the July 5 meeting.            sion.
    Each retiree was given a com-            -Loranie B. Dorman (18 years of
mendation for service by Commis-          service); Department of Develop-
sioner President James “Bud”              ment Review and Permitting.
Church. Each of the seven commis-            -Marvin C. Taylor (26 years of
sioners personally thanked the em-        service); Department of Develop-
ployees for their years of service.       ment Review and Permitting.
    The employees were:                      -Serge Max Vallat (28 years of
    -Katharine V. Cropper, (six years     service); Roads Division
of service); Office of the Worcester         -Donna J. Mulligan (36 years of
County State’s Attorney.                  service); Office of the Worcester
    -Helen M. Metz (six years of serv-    County State’s Attorney.
ice); Worcester County Library.              -Gilbert F. Perdue (40 years of     County honors retirees
    -George Melvin Nichols (seven         service); Worcester County Landfill.    Photo by Chip Bertino
years of service); Worcester County
    -Michael T. Mulligan (11 years of
service); Water and Wastewater Di-
vision of Public Works.
    -George Clarke East (12 years of
                                            Does this look familiar?
service); Roads Division of the De-
partment of Public Works.
    -Charles Samuel Smith (13 years
of service); Roads Division of the De-
partment of Public Works.
    -Jane P. Yates (15 years of serv-
ice); Water and Wastewater of the

decide issues
during meeting
By Chip Bertino
    Worcester County Commissioners
decided several issues brought before                   A Free Turtl
them at their July 5 meeting.                      Crawlspace Entrance
    Commissioners approved a re-               with a complete encapsulation.
quest for the renewal of the three             See representative for details.
                                                       Expires 7/30/11
year grant for Diakonia Homeless
Women –Crisis Shelter Home Pro-
gram. The grant allows for the con-
tinuation of current services to
homeless women with minor chil-
dren be extended through fiscal year
2014. The $73,671 grant provides
shelter, meals, counseling and refer-
ral services to homeless women.
Grant disbursements are broken
down into three annual installments
of $24,557. This remains unchanged
from the previous three year grant
    Commissioners      approved
$7,814 bid from T&T Construction
                                    a         855-637-9996
for a septic system installation at a
           please see issues on page 12
Page 4 The Courier July 13, 2011

T he C ourier
                                                   Higher ethanol gasoline a problem for boat motors
                                                      Most recreational boats in the           association.
                                                   US are “trailer” boats. Stored in              “As this
                                                   the backyard or driveway, they are          new       fuel
          Independently Owned
                                                   trailered to the water and enjoyed          starts     ap-
               P.O. Box 1326                       for the day. They are also refueled         pearing at
          Ocean Pines, MD 21811                    at your local gas station or mini-          the local fuel
     410-641-6695 • fax: 410-641-6688              mart, which may soon offer a fuel,          pump,      we               E15 (or 15% ethanol), that is pro-          see the real
                                                   hibited by the federal government           likelihood of
            Anthony W. Bertino, Jr.
              Publisher/Editor                     for use in boat motors and violates         putting the            engine manufacturer warranties.             wrong fuel
         Debbie Haas / Graphic Artist
                                                   That has the nation’s largest recre-        in       your
           Mary Adair /Comptroller                 ational boat owners group, BoatUS,          boat,” said
                                                   concerned over the potential for ac-        BoatUS Vice
             Contributing Writers                  cidental misfueling.                        President of
          Betty Cianci, Ron Fisher,
                                                      EPA’s recent debut of its pro-           Government
        Douglas Hemmick, Bob Lassahn
 Betty McDermott, Ned McIntosh, Dolores Pike,      posed solution – a small, orange            Affairs Mar-
      Tom Range, Sr., Elaine Vander Clute          label affixed to the gas pump titled        g a r e t                                       the water with a disabled vessel,
               and Bev Wisch
                                                   “Attention” – has only heightened           Podlich. “It could lead to costly en-           compromising your family’s safety.
           Robert B. Adair 1938-2007               the need for boaters to be vigilant,        gine or fuel system damage, and po-             When a boat’s engine stops run-
                                                   said the Alexandria, Virginia based         tentially leave you stranded out on             ning, you can’t pull over to the side
The Courier is published Wednesday morning by
CMN Communications, Inc. Contents copyright                                                                                                    of the road,” added Podlich.
2011. News release items and calendar entries
should reach us Friday noon prior to publication
date. The advertising deadline is Friday at 5
                                                   Herbicide technology                                                                            Earlier this year, the EPA au-
                                                                                                                                               thorized the use of E15 in 2001
p.m. First class mailed subscriptions are avail-
able for $68 annually. Six and three month paid
subscriptions available.
                                                   improves weed control                                                                       model year and newer motor vehi-
                                                                                                                                               cles. However, the agency did not
                                                       It may be well worth the effort to          When shopping for greener prod-             authorize its use in marine engines
      The United States purchased                  make the lawn around our home lush-         ucts, do take a look at the claims on the       or a range of off-road vehicles, tools
 Alaska from the Russian Empire in                 green and weed free, but with the her-      Clear Choice label. The product con-            and equipment. Currently, most
 1867 for a price of $7.2 million. That            bicide restrictions of today, achieving     tains up to 85 percent less active ingre-       boaters in the US have transitioned
 purchase would eventually result in a             this has become a big effort indeed.        dients as compared to other products            to E10 (10% ethanol), the maxi-
                    territorial dispute be-            Excessive weeds on the front lawn       using the same ingredients. As impor-           mum percentage of ethanol permit-
                       tween the U.S.
                                                   are as unsightly, homeowners say, as        tant, Clear Choice, utilizing microtech-        ted in gasoline before most engine
                        and Canada. The
                        dispute over who
                                                   the appearance of excessive peeling         nology, delivers an advanced formula            manufacturer       warranties      are
                  u owned what in the              paint. A weed-infested back lawn is         of very tiny droplets that penetrate into       voided. However, many boaters still
        Did w... Alaskan territory                                                                      the weed more efficiently.             go out of their way to find ethanol-
         Kno            can be dated                                                                        “This consistency reduces          free fuel.
                       back to 1821,                                                                    the amount of active ingredient            BoatUS believes it will be hard
                 when both the Russian                                                                  required to kill the majority of       for consumers to recognize when or
     and British empires disputed                                                                       broadleaf weeds,” Drygala ex-          where E-15 is being rolled out to
 boundaries. The U.S. and Canada es-                                                                    plains. “It is effective on at least   their local gas stations or fuel sell-
 sentially inherited that dispute, which,
                                                                                                        60 varieties, including dande-         ers. “Most likely consumers will en-
 in 1903, was finally settled by an inter-
 national tribunal made up of three                                                                     lions, clover and plantains            counter E-15 for the first time at
 American, two Canadian and one                                                                         while being friendly to your           their local gas station with little or
 British representative. Lord Alverstone,                                                               lawn.”                                 no fanfare, and may be attracted to
 the lone Englishman on the tribunal,                                                                       Currently this product is          its price. This means we have to be
 was of course the swing vote. Though              also a downer if all you want for your      only available at specialty lawn and            alert now – it’s really a situation of
 the eventually agreed on boundary                 summer is a pretty retreat where the        garden stores with information at:              buyer beware,” said Podlich.
 lines reflected a compromise between              kids can play, without the fear of twist- For spot-                The boater’s group also said the
 the U.S. and Canada, Lord Alver-                  ing an ankle or knee on poor turf, and      spraying of weeds, the uniquely de-             issue goes far beyond gas-powered
 stone’s decision to side with the Amer-
                                                   where adults can rest and revitalize.       signed 24 fluid ounce bottle will do the        boat engines. “I encourage anyone
 icans, after initially siding with the
 Canadians, was seen as an act of be-                  “Lawn care scientists have been ex-     job. For those with a larger property           fueling – whether it’s for your boat,
 trayal by many within Canada’s bor-               perimenting tirelessly with herbicides      with many weeds, the larger (1 US Gal-          car, motorcycle, generator or six-
 ders, and as a result, anti-British               to create products that work effectively    lon) size bottle is likely best for the job.    gallon portable tank for your lawn-
 sentiments       erupted       throughout         to kill weeds, but are far less damaging        “If you’re also growing flowers,            mower or leaf-blower, to absolutely
 Canada. Some have even claimed                    to the environment,” says Reinie Dry-       fruits vegetables or shrubs, the sister         know what type of gas is going into
 Lord Alverstone’s decision to side with           gala, lawncare products manager for         product called PureSpray Green offers           that tank,” said Podlich. “Unless
 the Americans was a result of threats             Clear Choice, a leading name in inno-       year-round disease and insect control,”         you have a 2001 or new motor vehi-
 from then-President Teddy Roosevelt               vative garden products. “Our re-            says Drygala. “The all-in-one, ‘organic         cle, the gasoline-powered engines
 to take the land by force if the tribunal
                                                   searchers, with the assistance of many      listed’ formula is green enough so that         you own were not built for E15.
 decided against the U.S.
                                                   leading university turf scientists over a   gardeners can feel fine about spraying          Now is the time to start knowing
                                                   six year period, produced a break-          it on vegetables, fruit, flowers and            which gas stations offer you safe
                                                   through in selective weed control tech-     shrubs.”                                        fuel.”
                                                                                      July 13, 2011 The Courier Page 5

That age old question
   Qu'est-ce qu'on mange (French)?        time I could boil water for spaghetti
Was ist für Abendessen (German)?          and I could, um, boil water for
Gani kwa chakula cha jioni (Swahili)?     spaghetti. That was the range of my
Eh bugga bugga uh (Caveman)?              culinary expertise. Over time I’ve de-
   Since prehistoric man roamed the       veloped my repertoire to include more
earth scavenging for sustenance, a sin-   than boiled fare.
                                                              From the beginning
                                                          my wife and I agreed on
                                                          a couple of meals that
                It’s All About. . .                       would not be served in
                                                          our home. For me it is
                 By Chip Bertino
                                                          liver and onions; for her
                 it’s stuffed peppers.
                                                          Liver with fried onions
                                                          was a regular staple in
gle question has reverberated through my home growing up. I hated it and
time, culture and language: “what’s would do my best to hide cut up pieces
for dinner?” It is a question that has of liver in the mashed potatoes. Rarely
been asked by king and pauper alike. did I succeed in getting away with not
    When asked in my home, it can eating what was given to me. Over the
elicit varying responses and reactions years I’ve heard people talk about how
depending on who is asking the ques- they enjoy liver and onions and how
tion, who is answering the question they prepare it. They speak with such
and what time of day it is.               enthusiasm! I would sooner starve
    Usually plans are made just before than eat liver regardless of how it is
the dinner hour. With everyone’s prepared. Yuck!
schedule more often going in different        I very much like stuffed peppers, at
directions, it can be difficult to plan least from what I can remember of
what to have, when to have it and who them. I haven’t tasted them since
will be available to partake of what Reagan’s second term. My wife de-
we’ve decided to have when we’ve de- tests peppers, yet she will cook with
cided to have it. We, and when I write them as long as they are not a main in-
“we” I am referring to my wife and me, gredient. I’m okay with the arrange-
try to make a decision before we leave ment. I’ve had to sacrifice stuffed
for work. This way if something needs peppers for not having to eat liver. It
to be defrosted, it has time to thaw. was one of the best deals I ever made.
There have been times when I’ve               Our kids, like all kids, freely used
pulled from the freezer what I thought to ask, “What’s for dinner?” It was a
was ground beef or a pork roast only to question that would pluck strenuously
discover, after it’s too late, that I de- at my wife’s last nerve. She hated
frosted old chicken that had been des- hearing the question, a lesson that our
ignated for crab bait.                    children learned not always the easy
    Other times though we don’t start way. In time they realized that it was
discussing dinner ideas until evening best to just sit down at the dinner table
and that’s when answers and reac- and be surprised.
tions become, shall I write, more spir-       Rarely when the kids were younger
ited.                                     did we have dinner at a restaurant or
    “What do you feel like?               order take-out. It just didn’t fit into
    “I don’t know. What do you feel the family budget and too it was diffi-
like?”                                    cult to coordinate with after school ac-
    “I don’t know. What do you feel tivities, homework, bath time and the
like?”                                    like. Now though my wife and I find
    And on it goes until one of us falls ourselves more and more alone at the
asleep – usually me by 8:30.              dinner hour. As a result we have
    When our children were younger taken to a little more frequently going
my wife prepared practically all the to a restaurant or picking up takeout.
dinners we enjoyed. Although not Sometimes it’s just easier that way
written down, at least as far as I know, than to remember to plan ahead.
she had a plan of what she would serve        Dov'è il cinese take-away menù?
on a particular day. Very rarely and          That’s Italian for, “Where’s the
when I write “very rarely” I mean “very Chinese take-out menu?
rarely,” did I make a dinner. At the
Page 6 The Courier July 13, 2011

     Realize Your
                                                                                                                                            efforts of the Friends of WCCW.

      Retirement                                                       Betty’s                                                                  WCCW meetings are open to the
                                                                                                                                            public. They are held every third
                                                                                                                                            Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.

                                                                       Corner                                                               except July. These meetings alter-
                                                                                                                                            nate between the Ocean Pines Li-
                                                                                                                                            brary, the Snow Hill Library or the
                                                                               By Betty Cianci                                              Health Department. The 2011
                                                                                                                                            WCCW Officers are: Chairman
                                                             Helen Keller, famous deaf/blind      County Commissioners and the re-          Diane McGraw; Vice Chairman
                                                          lecturer, author and activist, wrote    maining four are appointed at-large.      Monna VanEss; Recording Secretary
                                                          that, “Alone we can do so little; to-   Additionally, the County Commis-          Dawn Jones and Corresponding Sec-
                                                          gether we can do so much.” These        sioners appoint four members from         retary Linda Skidmore.
                                                          words concisely describe the mission    the Department of Social Services,            On July 19, 1996, the Friends of
                                                          undertaken by the Worcester             the Department of Health and Men-         Worcester County Commission for
                                                          County Commission for Women             tal Hygiene, the Worcester County         Women was incorporated as the
                                                          (WCCW) and its separate sister or-      Board of Education and the Worces-        fundraising arm and listed as a non-
                                                          ganization, The Friends of the          ter County Department of Public           profit organization with 501(c)(3)sta-
                       KRISTI CONNELL                                                                                                       tus. Friends WCCW receive and
                                                          Worcester County Commission for         Safety. All the WCCW Commission-
                       CERTIFIED FINANCIAL
                             PLANNER™                     Women (Friends WCCW). These             ers are voting members. Their term        administer funds to finance projects
                       Retirement Planning                two organizations not only promote      of membership is three years with a       and activities. Friends WCCW has
                       Stocks/Bonds    Annuities
                       401(K), Simple IRA                 positive images for women but assist    maximum of two consecutive terms.         one Annual Meetings for members in
                                                          them in achieving social, educational   The WCCW is funded by generous            the fall of each year but the Execu-
 Call now for your free retirement review                 and economic equality.                  donations from individuals, groups,       tive Committee meets at least three
           410-213-8513                                      On November 25, 1995, the            clubs, businesses or foundations.         times a year as determined by need.
                                                          Worcester County Commissioners          The remainder of the operating            All WCCW members join Friends
                                                          established the Worcester County        budget comes from the fundraising                     please see corner on page 11
                                                          Commission for Women and ap-
                                                          pointed 15 women as Commission-         wildlife                                  and enlisted in the Air Force after
 9927 Stephen Decatur Hwy., Suite. 19, West Ocean City
                                                          ers. All the WCCW Commissioners         from page 1                               high school, as the Korean War
                                                                                                                    began. After a four-year tour of duty,
   Securities and Investment Advisory services through    must be residents of the county.
 H.Beck, Inc. FINRA/SIPC. Old Dominion Investment Corp.   Seven members serve from districts      birds. The photographers are able to      reaching the rank of Staff Sgt. (Tech-
              and H.Beck, Inc. are unaffiliated.
                                                          represented by each of the seven        take the tethered birds out of the        nical), he attended Carnegie Mellon
                                                                                                  aviary to position them in natural set-   University in Pittsburgh under the GI
                                                                                                  tings for the pictures. Unfortunately,    Bill where he earned a degree in elec-
                                                                                                  most of the birds kept at the aviary      trical engineering. He was employed


                                 will never be returned to the wild, be-
                                                                                                  cause their injuries are too serious to
                                                                                                  allow them to rehabilitate.
                                                                                                                                            by several high-tech companies as an
                                                                                                                                            electronic design engineer working on
                                                                                                                                            aerospace technology and was re-

                                                                                                      Jim Duckworth related a humor-        sponsible for about a dozen patents
                                                                                                  ous incident in which a beautiful,        attributed to his efforts. His career as
                                                                                                  large barn owl he was photographing       an electronic engineer spanned 42

                                                                                                  disagreed with the permanent resi-        years. He retired from BAE Systems
                                                                                                  dent prognosis, and spying a hole in      in New Jersey in 2000. During the
                                                                                                  the skin of the aviary, literally “flew   same year he relocated to Ocean

                                                                                                  the coop” and escaped. Fortunately        Pines. Although retired his enthusi-

                                                                                            Jim had just taken the picture of the
                                                                                                  beautiful barn owl outside the aviary
                                                                                                                                            asm for photography of wildlife con-
                                                                                                                                            tinues, which he shares with his wife
                                                                                                  in a natural setting, and turned the      and friends.

                                                                                                  owl back to a regular aviary handler          Jim and Judy Duckworth recom-

                                                                                                  to return it to the Aviary. Unfortu-      mend to people interested in wildlife
                                                                                                  nately he let the bird escape. The        to consider volunteering for the
                                                                                                  barn owl was never seen again, so the     “Scales & Tales” and other nature
                                                                                                  assumption is that he was able to         programs at Pocomoke River State

                                                                                                  thumb his wing at those who said he       Park’s by calling the park at 410-632-
                  could not be rehabilitated, and reha-
                                                                                                  bilitated itself. Jim has kept his pic-
                                                                                                                                            2566, extension 106. The “Scales &
                                                                                                                                            Tales” program helps finance the care
                                                                                                  ture as a treasured memento, framed       and feeding of the birds of prey which
                                                                                                  in a conspicuous place in the living      cannot be rehabilitated. If they also
                                                                                                  room of his home.                         have an interest in photographing
                                                                                                      Jim and his wife Judy live in a       birds of prey in their simulated


                                                                                                  beautiful waterfront home in Ocean        wildlife environment, and helping to
                                                                                                  Pines, with wildlife photographs grac-    educate groups of children who visit
                                                                                                  ing their walls with pictures both        the aviary, they would find the expe-
                                                                                                  have taken.                               rience enriching.
                                                                                                      Jim grew up in Frostburg, MD,
                                                                                                                                              July 13, 2011 The Courier Page 7

Fishing contest
set for July 23
    The Ocean Pines Anglers Club will
host the 15th annual Art Hansen Me-
morial Youth Fishing Contest on Sat-
urday July 23 at the South Gate Pond
[near Sports Core Pool] in Ocean Pines.
Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and
contests will be from 9-10:30 a.m.
Youths should bring their own fishing
rod and gear. Bait is provided. There
are three age groups; 4-7, 8-11, 12-16.
Trophies will be awarded for the largest
and most fish in each age group as well
as awards for the top three. Children
younger than age four can fish but will
not be eligible for trophy. All partici-
pants will receive a prize compliments        Community Church welcomes new pastor
of the Ocean City/Berlin Optimist Club.        On Sunday, July 3 the Community Church at Ocean Pines welcomed Rev. Bill Sterling as their
For information call Walt Boge at 410-        new pastor. Rev. Sterling most recently served as District Superintendent of the Easton Dis-
208-2855.                                     trict for the United Methodist Church. He has been a Methodist pastor for more than 39
                                                                                                                                              Newly Featured Seasonal Beverages

Beach to Bay
                                              years and is pleased at the opportunity to serve God at the Community Church. Following              Sam Adams Summer Ale
                                              each of the three Sunday services (8 a.m., 9:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.) a cake and coffee fel-          The Original Twisted Tea
                                              lowship was hosted by the congregation. Pastor Bill and his wife Jackie reside in West Ocean
Clean Up is                                   City. (Pictured from left: Jackie Sterling and Rev. Bill Sterling being welcomed by congrega-
                                              tion member Kerry Hartung.)

July 17                                       Celtic Festival returns in October
                                                                                                                                                 WINES BY THE BOTTLE
                                                                                                                                                Millbrandt Cabernet Sauvignon
     Maryland Coastal Bays (MCBP) and                                                                                                          Millbrandt Merlot or Pinot Grigio
Barefoot Wine will host a beach to bay            The Chesapeake Celtic Festival             may remain.
                                              will return to Furnace Town on Octo-                An evening Celtic Rock Concert,              ****$19.00 a bottle****
trash clean up Sunday, July 17, from 2 to 4                                                                                                                     Peroni
p.m. and a reception for volunteers to fol-   ber 1 and 2 with more acts and activi-         new for 2011, features Gaelic Mishap
                                              ties than ever before. There will be           - “not your Mother’s Irish Band.” This            *********$3.25*********
low from 4 to 6 p.m.
                                              continuous entertainment on the                Irish band hails from Baltimore and                  Bud Light             Yuengling
     Volunteers are asked to meet MCBP at                                                                                                      *********$2.50*********
the Ocean City Town Hall Gazebo located       stages and sites around Furnace                has been described as lively, edgy and
at 3rd Street to pick up trash bags and       Town’s twelve-acre grounds. There is           dynamic. Their music ranges from                   RED WINE OF THE WEEK
                                              something for everyone ... music,              traditional Irish music to Irish Rock.                       Melini Chianti
clean up assignments. Assignments will
focus on areas walkable from 3rd street.                                                        With fiddle, guitar, bass, harmonica,         WHITE WINE OF THE WEEK
                                                                                                whistle, bodhran and drums they                 Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc
Barefoot Wines will host a reception for
                                                                                                will rock the forested acres of Fur-           *********$5.00*********
those that participate from 4 to 6 p.m. at
                                                                                                nace Town on Saturday October 1                 While Supplies Last!!!
Conner’s Café located on the boardwalk.
     MCBP is a part of the National Estu-                                                       beginning at 7:30 p.m. The rock
ary Program and is a non-profit partnership                                                     concert is an independent ticketed
between the towns of Ocean City, Berlin,                                                        event.
the National Park Service, Worcester                                                                There is plenty of free parking at
County, the U.S. Environmental Protection                                                       Furnace Town and in nearby Snow
Agency, and the Maryland Departments of                                                         Hill with free daytime shuttle serv-
Natural Resources, Agriculture, Environ-                                                        ice. Special areas are set aside for

ment and Planning. MCBP works with                                                              motorcycles and bicycles. Furnace
local farmers, fisherman, business owners                                                       Town is handicapped accessible.

and scientists to manage the bays behind                                                            The gates for the Celtic Festival
Ocean City and Assateague Island.                                                               open at 11 a.m. Admission (includ-
      Barefoot Wines has been hosting                                                           ing the 5 - 6 p.m. Ceilidh) is adult               Collect 10 pizza coupons
beach clean ups throughout the country        dancing, comedy, storytelling, sheep-          $15 per day; child (2 -18) and military           (one on each purchase of a large cheese pizza)
(and actually other countries as well)        herding, genealogy, clans, athletics,          ID $5 per day. The gates for the Sat-              and get a large cheese pizza
through a program which they partner with     bagpipes, animals, re-enactment                urday night rock concert open at 6:30
local area organizations such as Surfrider
and MCBP to keep area beaches and wa-
                                              groups, martial arts, craft demonstra-
                                              tions, Celtic wares, cultural presenta-
                                                                                             p.m. Admission for the rock concert
                                                                                             is $30 per person, with discounts for
                                                                                                                                                            (toppings are extra)

terways clean.                                tions, flowers of the forest, imported
                                              beers and ales, wine tasting, whiskey
                                                                                             advance sales and combination tick-
                                                                                             ets. Go to for de-
                                                                                                                                                            Mon & Tues
     Please make sure you bring appropri-
ate footwear and attire to pick up trash.     tasting, Celtic and Chesapeake culi-           tails. For more information and                     Large Cheese Pizza $8.50
                                                                                                                                                on carryout only      toppings are extra
     Please contact Sandi at sandis@md-       nary delights. The popular Ceilidh will        updates, visit or
                                              take place from 5 to 6 p.m. after which        contact or                New Lunch and Dinner Specials at or call her at 410-213-
                                              only those with Rock Concert tickets                             
2297 ext. 107 for more information.
Page 8 The Courier July 13, 2011

                                                                                    was in charge of the school of over            Lie has invited my very important
 The way things were...                                                             600 students, staffed by 20 nuns. The          person to have lunch with him to-
                                                                                    boys lined up before the desk where            morrow at his home in Forest Hills
                                                                                    she was seated. Tim Randell noticed            Gardens. I may as well tell you that
                                                                                    another visitor in the office, a man           the VIP is the president.” The an-
  All the president’s boys                                                          formally dressed in suit and vest              nouncement prompted spontaneous
                                                                                    perched on the sill of a window over-          whistles from the three, and a look of
                                                                                    looking Ascan Avenue, a main street            consternation from Mother Winifred,
                      by Tom Range, Sr.                                             of the Forest Hills section of Queens          who was concerned that the boys
                                                                                    County, New York City.                         would be running off to spread the
    The ringing of the nine o’clock bell   ment entitled them to assist the fac-        “Boys,” Mother Winifred began.             news among their classmates at
in the second floor hall of Our Lady       ulty in maintaining order in the         “This is Mr. Andrew Sims of the Se-            lunchtime.
Queen of Martyrs parochial school          school yard during recess, and as the    cret Service. He’s asked us to help
signaled the beginning of the school       student body, in lines separated by      out the government over the next
day. Sister Margaret’s eighth grade        grade and gender, entered and left       two days.”
class came to attention and knelt for      the building. The boys stood, glanc-         The agent walked over to the
the morning prayer imploring the as-       ing around them. “What’s all this        trio and shook hands with each of
sistance of the Holy Ghost in enlight-     about?” they silently inquired of each   them. The boys were interested in
ening Sister’s class of 38 students. As    other. All three shrugged their shoul-   Sims, not only as a representative
the classroom of boys and girls seated     ders in reply and filed passed their     of the government but as a fellow
themselves behind their desks, a           teacher. Joe Porzio looked toward the    male, a rarity in the office of the
messenger, a sixth grader, rapped on       nun with another wordless inquiry.       school staffed entirely by nuns.
the classroom door. The girl passed        Underneath the yards of black fabric         “Young men, please sit down
a note to Sister Margaret from the         making up her voluminous habit, she      and relax,” invited Agent Sims.
school’s principal, Mother Winifred.       too shrugged her shoulders.              The boys complied, occupying the
The nun read the note, looked down              The boys followed the sixth grade   chairs lined up in front of Mother
upon her class and announced               girl downstairs to the principal’s of-   Winifred’s desk. “I’m in charge of
“Joseph Porzio, Ramon Lopez and            fice, admiring her blossoming figure     the safety of, well, a very important
Timothy Randell. Please report to          filling out the white blouse and blue    person, who will be visiting Forest
the principal’s office.”                   jumper, the girls’ uniform at “Queen     Hills tomorrow. You know that
    The three boys were officers of the    of Martyrs.” With foreboding, the trio   someone of international fame lives                She interrupted, “Boys. What Mr.
school honor patrol, a force of eighth     entered into the confines of Mother      in the neighborhood, don’t you?”               Sims will be telling you is not to be re-
grade boys whose marks and deport-         Superior’s office. Mother Winifred           Ray Lopez blurted out, with a              peated to anyone, not your families,
                                                                                    slight Spanish accent, “That’s Mr.             not your friends, not even your teach-
                                                                                    Trygvie Lie, the Secretary General of          ers. What you hear has to stay in this
                                                                                    the United nations. Right?”                    office. Swear before God,” motioning
                                                                                        Agent Sims, having been briefed            toward the crucifix mounted on the
                                                                                    by the principal on the backgrounds            wall to the right of her desk, “that you
                                                                                    of the boys, replied, “That’s right,           will tell no one.” The boys nodded
                                                                                    Ray. Your father is in the delegation          their submission to Mother’s com-
                                                                                    from Argentina. You’ve probably met            mands.
                                                                                    Mr. Lie at some UN function.” The
                                                                                                                                                   please see patrol on page 9
                                                                                    agent went on, “Well, anyhow. Mr.

                                          " I had dou
                                                        ble knee
 As featured on WBOC-TV,                  replacemen
                                                        t surgery pl
 Apex Physical Therapy is                 previous spin              us 8
                                                         al surgerie
 proud to bring the AlterG               was unable                   s. I
                                                       to walk or
 anti-gravity treadmill to               stand for m
                                                       ore than a
                                         minutes wit                few
      Ocean Pines and                                 hout signif
                                        cant pain.
    surrounding areas.                                With the Alt
                                        I am able to
                                                        walk endle
                                        and get the                 ssly
                                                      exercise I n
                                        with zero pa               eed
                                                      in. It's an
                                       amazing pi
                                                    ece of
                                                                  Dell P.
                                                                                    It’s rocket science

 Located on the first floor                                                         Berlin Intermediate School sixth grade students in the Science and Technology Summer Acad-
 of the Pavilions complex                                                           emy are studying rocketry, making various types of rockets and creating PowerPoint journals.
      on Racetrack Rd                                                               As a culminating activity, they will present their rockets and journals to NASA engineers at
                                                    Wallops Island. Above, Ethan Meenan and Zach Davis work on their PowerPoints.
                                                                                                                                      July 13, 2011 The Courier Page 9

patrol                                    her class would be working for the
from page 8                               principal that day.
                                              The hall bell rang the next day.
    “Thank you, Mother,” Sims went        The ten honor patrol members re-
on. “The president’s motorcade will       ported to their captain Joe Porzio in
be passing by the school. The exact       front of Mother Winifred’s office. At
route will be kept as secret as possi-    9:30 the public address speakers an-
ble so that people that might want to     nounced that the students in the
cause harm to the president will not      classrooms facing Ascan Avenue
know when or where he will be at any      would assemble by the flagpole in
particular time. I don’t have that        front of the school. As the classes
many agents to give the president as      filed out, the honor patrol inspected
as complete coverage as I would like.     each classroom, the cloakrooms and
That’s why I’ve asked Mother              the lavatories to make sure the rooms
Winifred to help me out.”                 were empty. Joe reported to Agent
    The agent outlined what he hoped      Sims that all was secure. Sims mo-
the honor patrol would do to assist       tioned to another Secret Service agent
the Secret Service agents assigned to     who opened a staircase door to admit
the protection of the president. The      two New York City police officers
classrooms facing Ascan Avenue            armed with rifles mounted with
along which the presidential motor-       sniper scopes. The police stationed
cade would pass were to be emptied.       themselves by windows facing Ascan
The students would assemble on the        Avenue. Tim noticed that the six-
lawn of the school. The empty class-      story apartment building across the
rooms would be patrolled by the           avenue had similarly armed police po-        Ravens Roost #44 celebrates 100K in local donations
honor patrol who would report any-                                                         At the June meeting of Ocean City Ravens Roost #44, the membership celebrated reach-
                                          sitioned on its rooftop.
                                                                                       ing the milestone of $100,000 in donations given by the Roost to local organizations and
thing unusual to Agent Sims who will          The     presidential    motorcade        causes. Since the founding of Roost #44 in December of 1997, the majority of the money,
be stationed in the principal’s office.   passed by Our Lady Queen of Mar-             $76,500, has been awarded in scholarships to local high school seniors, with the remaining
    “Now Joe, “consulting the notes       tyrs school at about 10:15. The pres-        donations going to the Atlantic General Hospital Penquin Swim and many other local en-
supplied to him by Mother Winifred,       ident, in an open car, had his driver        deavors.
“you’re the captain of the patrol. Ray    slow down as they passed. He doffed              Above: Presidents of Ocean City Ravens Roost #44 from 1997 until present. Buddy Miller,
and Tim are your lieutenants. The         his hat and waved in recognition of          Mike Grimes, Lennie Berterman, Ken Taras, Nelson Kelly, Tony Chaplinski, Gary Miller
three of you will get the whole story     the students lined up to greet him,

of what is going on. Tell the other       and then sped off to keep the ap-
eight members of the honor patrol         pointment with the Secretary Gen-
only as much as they need to know to      eral.    By 10:30 the police had                           -subscribe free to
patrol the empty classrooms tomor-        departed. Agent Sims shook hands                     The Courier and get it
row. Your teachers will be told only      with each of the Honor Patrol mem-
what Mother wants them to know. So
                                                                                                 delivered to your
                                          bers, thanking them and Mother
don’t talk about these plans to anyone    Winifred for their cooperation, and
                                                                                               computer each week!
but your honor patrol people. Oh, and     took his leave.
all of you are to wear your badges so         Two weeks later, an envelope ar-   
that my agents will know you are au-      rived in the mail addressed to the
thorized to stay in the building.”        principal. In it were four photographs
    The boys were dismissed. Ray and      of the president, each personally ad-
Tim, the patrol’s lieutenants, briefed
each of the four members in their re-
spective squads that they were to be
                                          dressed to Mother Winifred, Joe, Ray,
                                          and Tim, and inscribed “Thanks for
                                          your help. Sincerely, Harry S Tru-
                                                                                            The Courier
“on duty” for much of the following       man.”
morning. They all were to report to
                                                                                                                                                    11021 Nicholas Lane
the principal’s office as soon as they         ASIAN CUISINE                                  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK                              Village Square Shopping Center,
arrived at school. Sister Margaret                                                      Mon-Thurs & Sun: 11:00am - 10:30pm                         Southgate Ocean Pines
was told that the eleven members of                                                    Fri & Sat: 11:00am - 11:00pm
                                                                                                                                                  (410) 641-8100
                                                                                        Lunch                         Studio Hours:
 The LORD will surely save me                                                                                      Specials
                                              Chinese & Japanese Cuisine                                                                Tue-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10am-3pm
  So we will play my songs on                                                      Happy Fourth of July           starting
stringed instruments Isaiah 38.20               TAKE OUT & EAT IN                                                          at
                                                                                                                    $4.95                        CLOSED Sun & Mon
                                                                                                             10%                                FREE Facials
                                               1/2 pric er
                                                                                         Choose any
              We do that!                      Sake, Be         2 for $7.95 (lunch)    Special Roll
                                                   Wine                                                                                        and Makeovers
                                                         y     3 for $10.95 (lunch)    Sushi Roll
                                                Saturda                                                                                       Call for an appointment
                                                               3 for $12.95 (dinner) (any kind of roll
                                                               2 for $21.95 (anytime) or hand roll)          Entire Check
                                                                                                                with coupon
                                                             410-208-2788 410-208-3488

                                                                Unit 7, 11007 Manklin Creek Rd., Berlin
Page 10 The Courier      July 13, 2011

Wor-Wic graduates listed                                                          Ocean City: Jamie Brandenberg,
                                                                               AAS, Office Technology; Angel Con-
                                                                               ner, AS, Nursing; Jonathan Coury,
                                                                                                                              tiana Kuramshina, AAS, Accounting;
                                                                                                                              Kevin Masterson, AA, General Stud-
                                                                                                                              ies; Samaher Omar, AS, Science;
    The following students completed     Machen II, AA, General Studies;
                                                                               CT, Criminal Justice; Frederico Fer-           Michael Thomas, AA, General Stud-
their program requirements to grad-      Kory Moerschel, CT, Criminal Jus-
                                                                               nandes, AA, Business; Jacqueline               ies; Amina Tsoraeva, AA, Business;
uate with a certificate of proficiency   tice; Amanda Peters, CT, Nursing;
                                                                               Francis, AS, Nursing; Richard                  Melissa Wiley, CT, Nursing; Brooke
(CT), associate of applied science       Christopher Povloski, AS, Nursing;
                                                                               Gutowski, CT, Criminal Justice;                Williams, AAS, Radiologic Technol-
(AAS), associate of arts in teaching     David Reynolds, AAS, Business;
                                                                               William Hrebik, AA, Business;                  ogy; and Volodymyr Yonyak, AA,
(AAT), associate of science (AS), or     Kennell Rounds, AA, General Stud-
                                                                               Anton Ivanenko, AA, Business; Ta-              Business.
associate of arts (AA) degree from       ies; Rona Schneck, AAS, Business;
Wor-Wic Community College this           Diana Schultz, AAT, Education;
past fall and spring semesters.          Brooke Shelton, AA, Education; Eric   Ocean City welcomes the
      WORCESTER COUNTY                   Sichau, AA, Business; Andrea Smith,
     Berlin: Paige Baker, AAT, Edu-
cation; Rena Bataille, AA, General
                                         AA, General Studies; Inna Troshina,
                                         AAS, Accounting; Brian Tustin, AAS,
                                                                               Commotion Down the Ocean
Studies; Ryan Bell, AA, Business;        Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Manage-            Skateboarders and fans unite at the        the Dew Tour to Ocean City and “Help-
Iryna Bliss, AA, General Studies;        ment; Tory Vaughan IV, AAS, Busi-     Ocean Bowl Skate Park July 20. This            ing People with Cancer” via Grind for
John Caswell, AA, General Studies;       ness; Ryan Wallace, AAS, Radiologic   event will feature Amateur Skateboard          Life.
Bree Constantino, AA, General Stud-      Technology; Lauris Wheeler, AAS,      competitions hosted by MASS (Mid At-                “This event will appeal to all levels
ies; Lara Coyman, AAS, Education;        Business; Sean Wilson, AA, Educa-     lantic Skateboard Series).                     and ages of skateboarders, fans and fam-
Casey Custer, CT, Construction En-       tion; Christopher Wrench, CT, Crim-       The day will offer an interactive Ven-     ilies offering exciting action, a free ven-
gineering Technology; Caroline For-      inal Justice; and Jessica Zolenski,   dor Village with various industry spon-        dor village and opportunities to meet with
rester, AA, General Studies; Holly       AAS, Chemical Dependency Coun-        sors and local businesses, great food,         Dew Tour Athletes while creating aware-
Fowler, AS, Nursing; Regina Geli-        seling.                               music and Dew Tour Pro Athlete appear-         ness and raising funds for Grind for Life
nas, AS, Nursing; Amy Hoelscher,             Bishopville: Steven Bergey, AA,   ances including Bucky Lasek, Andy              and their ongoing mission of Helping
CT, Criminal Justice; Adam Hudson,       General Studies; Lindsay Candeloro,   Macdonald, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Adam             People with cancer,” said Event Organiz-
AA, General Studies; Megan Kappes,       AAS, Radiologic Technology; Rita      Taylor, Elliot Sloan and other Dew Ath-        ers and Grind for Life Board Members
AAT, Education; Ciara Kelley, CT,        Godfrey, CT, Nursing; and Sonia       letes, plus local pro and legendary East       Paul Wisniewski and Chris Conway.
Emergency Medical Services; Dana         Waid, AA, General Studies.            Coast skaters.                                      For more information and updates
Kimble, AS, Nursing; Andrea                  Girdletree: Lisa DeShong, AAT,        The event will celebrate and create        please visit: www.commotiondowntheo-
Kroger, AS, Nursing; Jodi Lanham-        Education.                            awareness of the storied history of the For Sponsorship support
Walsh, AAS, Radiologic Technology;             Newark: Jessica Bair, AAS,      Ocean Bowl Skate Park (now entering its        please e-mail info@commotiondown-
Ashley Long, AA, Business; Stephen       Chemical Dependency Counseling.       36th year), the arrival of the first stop of

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                                                                                                          The Courier
                                                                                                                                          July 13, 2011 The Courier Page 11

                                                                                               Call for Artists: Plein Air
                                                                                               Artists Paint Ocean City
                                                                                                  The Art League of Ocean City and        urday at 5 p.m. at the Art League of
                                                                                               the Ocean City Development Corpo-          Ocean City. (Cost for additional
                                                                                               ration will sponsor a plein air event      guests is $10 per person.)
                                                                                               Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July            Artists must be at Somerset
                                                                                               17. The entry fee is $25 per person.       Street, downtown Ocean City, at 4
                                                                                               Each artist must be 18 or older and        p.m. on Sunday, July 17. Judging
                                                                                               must register before July 1 as space       will begin at 5:00 p.m. and the sale
                                                                                               is limited.                                and exhibit will continue through
                                                                                               Each artist                                7:30 p.m. Artists may also exhibit
                                                                                               is required                                their plein air artwork from this
                                                                                               to check in                                event in the ALOC show during the
                                                                                               at the Art                                 month of August. This show will be
                                                                                               League of                                  limited to the Plein Air paintings.
Winners announced - Winners of the "Artist's Choice" juried art competition were               Ocean City,                                The reception will be held at 5 p.m.
announced June 10 at the Worcester County Arts Council's opening exhibit reception. First      94th St. and                               on Friday, August 5, 2011. There will
place went to Dee Brua for her watercolor painting "Eastern Shore Marsh."                      Bay, Ocean                                 be no additional entry fee or judging
Jody Veader was awarded second place for her watercolor titled "Model" and third place went    City, between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.      at the August show. The ALOC will
to William P. Kocan for his pastel buache painting "Blurred Vision.” Honorable mentions        on the first day the artist is painting,   receive a 25% commission on all
awards went to Terry Cullen for mixed media painting "Stalkers,” Isobel Troutman for her oil   either Saturday or Sunday.                 sales.
painting "Flower Cart," and Ellen Lawler for the watercolor titled "One Swan a Swimming.”
                                                                                                  A free barbeque for the artists            Prizes for the event are provided
    Pictured from left to right: Jody Veader, Dee Brua, Terry Cullen and William P. Kocan in
front of their winning artwork.                                                                and their guest will be held on Sat-       by the O.C. Development Corpora-
corner                                         sus “brain drain.” The operating                “definition stage.” Interviews and            1st Prize—$1,000
from page 6                                    budget for this project is approxi-             focus group discussions are cur-              2nd Prize—$ 500
                                               mately $8,000 to cover 4,000 books              rently being conducted.                       3rd Prize—$ 250
WCCW. The 2011 Friends WCCW                    for 1,300 students.                                 Friends WCCW raise money for              To register call 410-524-9433,
Officers are: President Felicia Daly;              WORCESTER               COUNTY              the above initiatives by writing for       visit our website at www:artleagueo-
Vice President Kay Gibbons, Treas-             G.O.L.D. Friends WCCW sponsor a                 grants and planning fundraising  
urer Sandy Huss and Secretary Glo-             needy family in Worcester County                events; i.e., fashion show, donate-to-
ria Moyer.                                     annually by giving food and items at            dine, a cook book or wine-and-cheese
    Projects undertaken by Friends             Christmas, Easter, Back-to-School,              party. To become a member of this
WCCW promote positive images for               Thanksgiving and Birthdays.                     energetic and vital organization or if
women and are listed below.                        PROJECT HOPE LINE – Veri-                   you have questions, give Felicia Daly
    WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH                      zon Hope Line project is supported              a      call      at     410-208-1272
LUNCHEON - (March). This is a                  by collecting used cell phones and ac-          ( or Kay Gibbons
major fundraiser for the McGuffey              cessories in order that victims of do-          at    410-641-8593       Kathleengib-
Summer Literacy Project. Honors                mestic violence can receive cell       Yearly dues are
are given to six WOMEN OF TO-                  phones while in “crisis” with up to             $30 ($10 for membership and $20 for
MORROW; THE WOMAN OF THE                       one year free service by Verizon.               McGuffey Summer Literacy Project).
YEAR and THE WOMAN IN HIS-                     (Note: Used phones may be dropped               Checks can be mailed to: FWCCW,
TORY. Their names are placed on                off to Copy Central in Ocean Pines or           P.O. Box 1712, Berlin, MD 28111.
plaques on display at the Snow Hill            the Worcester County Health De-                     Words to ponder: “Act if what you
Government offices.                            partment in Snow Hill.)                         do makes a difference. It does.”
    GEMS TEA - (September/Octo-                    SUDDENLY SINGLE. Friends                    William James, father of American
ber). A tea is hosted to honor local           WCCW’s newest initiative is in the              psychology.
women whose exemplary lives have
influenced others to contribute to                                             Clean, Dependable, Efficient and
Worcester County’s development in                                            Economical Pipeline Gas Since 1930
various ways. The Gems Tea is an                                                   Serving the Communities of
Oral History Project since these                                               Ocean City, West Ocean City, Berlin,
women share their life experiences
                                                                            Ocean Pines, Snow Hill and Pocomoke City
in interviews and a DVD is given to
each Worcester County Library.                                                   Tank, Cylinder and Bulk Delivery
    McGUFFEY BOOKWORM LIT-                                                       to Areas Just Beyond the Mains                                            , AAMS
ERACY PROJECT - (June). At the
end of the school year, three Scholas-                        Before You Dig, Call Toll-Free “Miss Utility of
tic books in a book bag are given to                                Delmarva” at 811 . It’s the Law!
students in Grades 1, 2, and 3 in six
elementary schools. This project
                                                  Pocomoke City Only           115 67th St., Ocean City
gives children the opportunity of                   1.800.439.3222                   410.524.7060
summer reading for “brain gain” ver-                      24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE
Page 12 The Courier July 13, 2011
                                                                                             Fritschle Group.                                Maia Moore Schneider of Ocean City;

                                                 Obituaries                                       Debra Miculinic was a beautiful person,
                                                                                             loved by so many. Her beauty was matched
                                                                                                                                             beloved grandmother of Bianca Estelle Cel-
                                                                                                                                             litto, Lassen Joseph Schneider and Mea Es-
                                                                                             by her strength, style and grace. She was al-   telle Cellitt. She is also survived by her dear
                                                                                             ways there to listen, always there to com-      friend and loving companion Mr. Walter
Bobbie Boyd Gobbett, 79                       Corley.                                        fort, and always a wonderful friend. Her        Charles (Buck) Mann; and many cousins
    Bobbie Boyd Gobbett, age 79, died             Services and Interment will be private     vibrant smile was an extension of her inner     nieces and nephews.
Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at Atlantic General     at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Dags-        spirit, warm and welcoming, and will be              A memorial service will be held on
                    Hospital in Berlin.       boro. In lieu of flowers donations may be      greatly missed by all.                          Wednesday, July 13, at 11 a.m. at Atlantic
                    Born in Washington,       made to the American Cancer Society,                Debra was the beloved sister of Daniel     United Methodist Church on 4th Street in
                    DC he was the son of      1138 Parsons Rd., Salisbury, MD 21801.         Alfred Moore of Plymouth, MI, John              Ocean City. Friends may call one hour prior
                    the late James W. Gob-                                                   Robert Moore, III of Falls Church, VA,          to the service. In lieu of flowers, the family
                    bett and Alice King       Debra Jean Miculinic, 61                       Diane Arlene Little of Fallston, MD, Jill       has requested that donations be sent to the
                    Gobbett. He is sur-           Debra Jean Miculinic, age 61, died         Moore Collins of White Hall, MD and Pa-         Worcester County Humane Society, PO
                    vived by his wife Janet   Wednesday, July 6, in Ocean City after a       tricia Goff of Sussex, NJ; beloved mother of    Box 48, Berlin, MD 21811 or Children’s
                    E. Gobbett.               courageous battle with breast cancer. Born     Benjamin Anthony Cellitto, Jr. of Baltimore,    House by the Sea, 13 66th St., Ocean City,
                        Mr. Gobbett was a     in Baltimore she was the beloved daughter      Christine Marie Cellitto of Ocean City, and     MD 21842.
  Bobbie Gobbett
                    United States Army        of the late John Robert Moore, Jr. and
Veteran and a member of the VFW Post                                                         issues                                          Adhering to the county’s requirements
                                              Catherine Marie Moore.
#166. He had worked for the Federal                                                          from page 3                                     would be impractical because average
                                                  Born on August 2, 1949, Debra spent 26
Government as an Officer of Transporta-       years in Baltimore before moving to Ocean                                                      bills from liquor wholesale vendors
tion and also for the Town of Ocean City                                                     single family home in the Stockton              during the summer months can be in
                                              City in 1975. In 1976, Debra and Mike Mi-
for 15 years.                                                                                area.                                           excess of $50,000. Mr. Higgins stated
                                              culinic opened Sunsports, a health and
    Along with his wife he is survived by                                                        Commissioners approved a request            that internal controls are in place
                                              sporting goods store on 33rd Street in Ocean
a stepson, Gary Lee James and his wife                                                       from county Finance Officer Harold              which should prevent errors or irregu-
                                              City. Debra was well known for her daily
Maureen; a daughter, Gail Corley and her                                                     Higgins to authorize borrowing cash             larities for these purchases.
                                              jogs on the boardwalk and was active in de-
husband Wayne; 4 grandchildren, Kim-                                                         from the reserve fund to cover tempo-               Additionally, commissioners ap-
                                              veloping the annual 10 mile and 5k Fun
berly and her husband Dan, Kelly and her                                                     rary cash flow shortages based on pro-          pointed Mr. Higgins the Trustee of
                                              Run. She was an avid gardener and a past
husband Bryan, Shannon and Michael;                                                          jections for July 2011. According to Mr.        Trusts for the Liquor Control Board
                                              member of the Ocean City Beautification
four great-grandchildren, Amber, Jacob,                                                      Higgins, cash balances for the general          (LCB) Benefit Trust effective July 1.
                                              Committee. During the mid 1990s, Debbie
Tyler and Timothy. He was preceded in                                                        fund are normally low this time of year.        Also, the commissioners terminated
                                              became a Realtor, and has since become a
death by his 11 brothers and sisters and                                                     Compounding the problem is a delay in           the LCB Trust Fund.
                                              well-respected and adored member of the
two grandsons, Kevin James and Kevin                                                         the state of Maryland receiving ap-                 Commissioners approved Mr. Hig-
                                                                                             proved tax rates from the City of               gins’ request that a 100% tax credit be
                                                                                             Pocomoke and Ocean City. This is de-            granted to the Berlin Community Im-
                                                                                             laying the county’s ability to receive          provement Association, Inc.         The
                                                                                             and process the current year’s tax file.        amount of the credit is $42,830.10.
                                                                                                 Commissioners also approved Mr.                 Commissioners approved a request
                                                                                             Higgins’ request to exempt the Liquor           to use the county’s Public Landing fa-
                                                                                             Control Department from the county’s            cility for the October 15 Sea Gull Cen-
                                                                                             formal bidding process when it comes            tury event.
                                                                                             to purchasing liquor goods for resale.
                                                                                                                                                       July 13, 2011 The Courier Page 13

Simple ways to ease the ‘ouch’
    Sunblock, and its adequate reappli-             light from the sun penetrates these liv-
cation, is one of the single most effec-            ing cells and eventually kills them off.
tive ways to prevent sunburn and a host             Once the body senses the dead cells, the
of sun-related maladies. Despite the                immune system springs into action.
warnings of skin cancer and ailments                White blood cells are sent to the area to
                                                            repair damage, which involves
                                                            increased blood flow. This blood
                                                            flow makes the skin red and
                                                            warm. Furthermore, the damaged
                                                            skin cells send out chemical
                                                            messengers that activate pain re-
                                                            ceptors. This is why sunburned
                                                            skin is red, warm and painful.
                                                                 There are different remedies
                                                            for alleviating the pain associ-
                                                            ated with sunburn. While there
                                                            are some over-the-counter anal-
                                                            gesics that will temporarily
                                                            numb pain, some of the best
                                                            treatments are simple and natu-
                                                                 * Cool water baths and brief
                                                            showers can reduce the tempera-
                                                            ture of the skin.
                                                                 * Aloe gels often soothe and
                                                            cool. It is believed that aloe has
                                                            anti-inflammatory properties.
                                                                 * Some people say that white             A day of fun and golf -- The 9-Hole League of the Eastern Shore Chapter
                                                            vinegar can reduce pain and in-               of the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) enjoyed celebrating the 4th of July at
                                                            flammation when sprayed on the                River Run Golf Course, wearing their Red, White and Blue.
                                                            affected area or used in com-
related to the sun, people succumb to                   * Sunburned skin is often dry and
sunburn year after year. The results can            chapped. A moisturizer, such as cocoa
be quite painful.                                   butter, can help minimize irritation.
    According to the Centers for Dis-                   * It is important to remain hydrated
ease Control and Prevention, getting                because damaged skin may not be as ef-
sunburned even once can make a person               fective in locking moisture inside. Plus,
more likely to get skin cancer. Though              the body needs food and water to fuel
it can be that simple to increase risk for          the repair of sunburned skin.
skin cancer, there’s actually quite a lot               The best remedy for sunburn is to
going on behind the scenes when a per-              avoid it at all costs. Wearing sunblock,
son gets a sunburn. The very outer layer            a wide-brimmed hat, UV-protection
of the epidermis, or the outside-most               clothing, and sunglasses and avoiding
skin, is made up of dead skin cells. Di-            the sun during peak hours are ways to
rectly below them are living skin cells             remain comfortable and healthy.
that can be damaged when ultraviolet

  A BAGEL                                                                               Free

                                   and...                                             Wireless

 Open for                      Bagels
                                                    Sandwiches                         Party
 Breakfast                    & breads
                                                     Cookie &
    and                      made fresh
  Lunch                        all day                                                Catering

                                                                                      RTE. 589
                                                                                          O.P. South
                                                                                          Gate Entrance
   11304 Manklin Creek Rd                        Hours:
   Southgate - Ocean Pines         Mon., Wed.,Thurs., Fri: 6 a.m.- 4 p.m.
                                                                            A Bagel
    (Manklin Creek & Ocean Pkwy)    Tues, Sat. and Sun: 6 a.m.- 2 p.m.      and..
Page 14 The Courier July 13, 2011

                                                                                     save your eggshells all year long to                  annuals, fertilize monthly unless

    That’s how my                                                                    put crushed eggshells in the hole
                                                                                     when you planted your tomato plant.
                                                                                     When plants are watered a lot,
                                                                                                                                           you use a time released fertilizer,
                                                                                                                                           such as osmocote which is usually
                                                                                                                                           good for three months.

    garden grows...                                                                  which is necessary in this hot cli-
                                                                                     mate, the water depletes the calcium
                                                                                     in the soil and it needs to be re-
                                                                                                                                               *Dig up and divide overcrowded
                                                                                                                                           perennials, including iris, and pop-
                  By Betty McDermott                                                 placed. If you are one of the few who                     *Continue to dead head annuals
                                                                                     didn’t save your eggshells for this                   and perennials; cut back rampant
Hello Fellow Gardeners,                   it. Here are some helpful gardening        purpose and you see evidence of blos-                 ones.
   Don’t you vegetable gardeners          tips for the month of July.                som end rot, you might try adding                         *Pinch back chrysanthemum
just love June, July, and August? I           *If you are now harvesting your        crushed egg shells around the base                    buds if you did not do this in June.
am sure you flower gardeners love it      first planting of string (bush) beans,     of your plant as well as some Tums.                   This is also true for asters, and this
too, with all your beautiful, colorful    it is not too late to do a second plant-   Both of these items will add calcium                  will be the last time you can do this
flowers, but there is nothing like        ing for a later crop. You might want       to the soil Also, there is a product                  before they bloom this fall.
fresh vegetables just picked from         to try this with squash, and cucum-        called “Rot-Stop,” which you might                        *If you detect holes eaten in the
your own garden. All of your plan-        bers as well and hope for a second         try; follow the directions on the prod-               leaves of your plants (vegetables as
ning and hard work in the spring          round.                                     uct.                                                  well as flowers), you probably have
months is really paying off as you            *If you haven’t already harvested          *If your parsley, or dill, or fennel              slugs eating your plants. They love
harvest all those fresh vegetables        your garlic (the end of June is the        is invaded by caterpillars, please, I                 moisture and come out in the
and fruits. My garden is flourishing      suggested time), dig them up, let          beg you, do not destroy these cater-                  evening to do their damage. To get
and currently producing cucumbers,        them dry in the sun, then store            pillars. Let them eat a little of your                rid of them, place a shallow dish,
many varieties of squash, such as         them in an airy place before storing       herbs and you will enjoy beautiful                    such as a foil pie tin or a couple of
patty pan, zucchini, and yellow, a        them in mesh bags; then hang them          butterflies later in the summer.                      empty tuna fish cans in the area and
great variety of herbs, and bush          in a dry place.                            Your herbs will grow back again as                    fill the containers with beer (stale
(green) beans. Hopefully, I will soon         *Cut back herbs to keep them           they are hardy. I try to grow enough                  beer works great). The next morning
be harvesting more beans, some            bushy and productive.                      herbs for me and those little black                   your dish will be filled with slimy
early tomatoes, and cantaloupe. My            *If tomatoes or peppers develop        and yellow striped caterpillars.                      slugs. They feed at night and stale
strawberries are finished producing       blossom- end rot, remove the injured           * Prune late blooming azaleas                     beer attracts them. They overdose
by now, but I have eight quarts in        fruit, water plants well, and mulch        and rhododendrons as well as climb-                   on beer and drown; what a way to
my freezer to enjoy this winter.          around the base of the plants to con-      ing and rambling roses after they                     go!!! Now if you don’t want to share
   Well, this is an extremely busy        serve soil moisture. Consistent wa-        bloom. Also, prune your hydrangeas                    your beer, just surround your plants
time of the year for avid gardeners,      tering and adequate calcium can            right after flowering.                                with crushed egg shells as they are
just trying to keep up with all the       prevent this disorder. Remember???             *Continue to fertilize roses,                     unable to crawl over the sharp edges
gardening chores, so let’s get right to   That’s why it was suggested that you       chrysanthemums and annuals. For                                    please see garden on page 15

                                                                                                  ACROSS            39. W. Ferrell             Forensic Studies     31. Matured fruit
                                                                                            1. Pina drink              Christmas movie      9. Patti Hearst’s       32. Announce
                                                                                            7. Belongs to him       40. Friends (French)       captors              35. British Air Aces
                                                                                            10. Dashed at top       41. Soluble             10. CT 06330            36. Moss genus
                                                                                               speed                   ribonucleic acid     11. Bones of the           larger than Bryum
                                                                                            12. Horizontal          43. Come out               fingers or toes      38. Fossilized tree
                                                                                               fence bar            44. More                12. 1/2 diameter (pl)      resin
                                                                                            13. Poisonous gas          unattractive         14. Care for the        40. About aviation
                                                                                               COCI2                48. UT 84057               dying                41. Close violently
                                                                                            14. NW Israli city      49. So. Australia       17. 1776 female         42. Master
                                                                                            15. A contest of           capital                 descendant org.      photographer Jacob
                                                                                               speed                50. Neither             18. Br. god of the      43. Spanish mister
                                                                                            16. ___ and ends        51. Jeans                  wild hunt            44. Previously held
                                                                                            17. Dekaliter                                   20. Divulge secrets     45. A lyric poem
                                                                                            18. First Chinese                 DOWN          23. Corner bed          46. Manpower
                                                                                               dynasty              1. Popular casual          support              47. __ Lilly, drug
                                                                                            19. Culture medium          shoe                24. 2nd largest lake       company
                                                                                            21. Indicates near      2. Belgian River           in Europe
                                                                                            22. Roadster            3. Liquefied natural    25. We
                                                                                            27. Rhode Island            gas                 26.
                                                                                            28. Plug modifier       4. Consumed             Spasmodic
                                                                                            33. Delaware            5. Home of a wild       contraction
                                                                                            34. More cheerful           animal              29. Foster
                                                                                            36. Gas usage           6. Sweetened               song __
                                                                                               measurement              lemon drink         Susannah
                                                                                            37. Prevents harm       7. Queen Charlotte      30. Many
                                                                                               to creatures             Is. Indians            not ands
                                                                                            38. Old World buffalo   8. Int’l. Inst. of                          Answers for July 6
                                                                                                                                                July 13, 2011 The Courier Page 15

   Discover your beauty                                                                          pain or suffering? Compassion comes
                                                                                                 from inner beauty. At times you can feel it
                                                                                                                                                outward beauty.
                                                                                                                                                    Of course, in the process of finding
                                                                                                 tug at your heart, and sometimes you can       your inner beauty and that of others, it
        Some Thoughts                                                                            ignore it, but deep down it’s always there.    won't hurt to visit your beauty consultant,
                                                                                                      A person can be attracted by outward      get an update on your foundation and
      About Inner Beauty                                                                         beauty only to find upon closer examina-
                                                                                                 tion that another is unattractive on the in-
                                                                                                                                                maybe choose a new lip color. Put on a
                                                                                                                                                pretty face! When we feel better about
                     By Concetta Rumburg                                                         side. A beautiful-looking person can be        ourselves, our inner beauty is bound to
                                                                                                 filled inside with hatred or with love, but    show even more.
     Below is a wonderful poem Audrey            istics that captured one’s attention and in-
                                                                                                 how does one know unless they look on              Concetta Rumburg is the Beauty Con-
Hepburn wrote when asked to share her            trigued his or her imagination. She was
                                                                                                 the inside? We often judge people when         sultant and Owner of Merle Norman Cos-
"beauty tips."                                   strong, self-confident, and self-assured
                                                                                                 we first meet them by the way they look.       metics located at the south entrance to
     It was read at her funeral years later.     and she never backed down when she
                                                                                                 It has always been said, You cannot judge      Ocean Pines, in the Village Square Shop-
     For attractive lips, speak words of         thought she was right. Remembering back,
                                                                                                 a book by its cover.                           ping Center, 11021 Nicholas Lane. Studio
kindness.                                        I don't believe she thought herself to ever
                                                                                                      So look inside when you first meet        Hours: Tue-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat- 10am-
     For lovely eyes, seek out the good in       be wrong, either, but that is another story.
                                                                                                 someone and look for that inner beauty. In     3pm, Closed Sun & Mon. (410) 641-8100,
people. For a slim figure, share your food       She radiated a sense of compassion and
                                                                                                 the long run it is far more important than
with the hungry.                                 kindness from the top of her head to the
     For beautiful hair, let a child run         tip of her toes, and her big brown eyes         garden                                         dryness of the soil in the container.
his/her fingers through it once a day.           glowed with genuine caring and love for         from page 14                                       Well, I guess this list will keep
     For poise, walk with the knowledge          everyone that she knew. She carried her-                                                       you busy for a while and in good
that you never walk alone. People, even          self with grace and dignity and she made        of the shells with their soft slimy            shape as you will be getting a lot of
more than things, have to be restored, re-       everyone in her presence feel like the most     bodies. Personally, I would rather             exercise. Don’t forget to hang out
newed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed;         important person in the world. She loved        share my beer and get rid of these             those hummingbird feeders as they
never throw out anyone. Remember, if you         without question and gave of herself unre-      pests.                                         are looking for that sweet nectar.
ever need a helping hand, you will find          servedly every day of her life.                    *Keep harvesting your cucum-                They will come by and feed and en-
one at the end of each of your arms.                  Inner beauty is one of our most im-        bers, peppers, squash, tomatoes and            tertain you for hours. They love to
     As you grow older, you will discover        portant features. All of our actions in a day   other fruiting crops as this will stim-        come by late in the day, from about
that you have two hands; one for helping         draw from that inner beauty or soul. Have       ulate production. If you don’t pick            five, until it gets dark. Enjoy!!
yourself, and the other for helping others.      you ever wondered what makes you act            regularly, the plant will put its en-              Remember, if you have a garden-
     The concept of “beauty” is quite in-        the way you do or who you are, inside?          ergy into seed, and stop producing.            ing question, check out the plant
triguing. What is considered beautiful?          Inner beauty shows itself in many ways             *Water plants in the cool of early          clinic at the O.P. library every Tues-
What is not, and why have we human be-           perhaps by helping an elderly neighbor          morning or very late afternoon at              day from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. and at the
ings established those standards? We have        with their yard work or volunteering your       least two times a week. If extremely           Berlin’s Farmer’s Market on Friday.
all seen women who are not classic beau-         time to your community.                         hot and dry and you haven’t side               Bring a bagged sample of your item
ties, yet have a certain presence that some-         Love is an expression of inner beauty.      dressed your plants with grass clip-           and Master Gardeners will help you
how made us see them as beautiful. What          Do you give love on a daily basis? Do you       pings or straw, you may need to in-            solve your problems. Happy Garden-
is it that they have?                            feel loved on a daily basis? Events and cir-    crease your weekly watering. For               ing to you all!!
     Growing up I was convinced that my          cumstances in our lives can only come           container gardening, you may need                   “Most people don’t see the sun,
mother was the most beautiful woman in           from a place of inner beauty.                   to water every day, if in full sun and         soil, seeds, plants, moon, water, and
the world. Like so many other beautiful              Do you feel compassion toward an-           the location is very hot. Give the soil        wind the way gardeners do”
women, my mother had certain character-          other human being when you see them in          the old finger test to determine the                                     -Janice Jobb

              Ti d e a n d S u n C h a r t
      * tide is for Ocean City Fishing Pier. Add two hours for Isle of Wight tide
                         HIGH TIDE       LOW TIDE            SUNRISE            SUNSET
                            7:14 a.m.          1:35 a.m.      5:48 a.m.          8:24 p.m.
 Thur., July 14             7:48 p.m.          1:22 p.m.
                            8:04 a.m.          2:21 a.m.      5:49 a.m.          8:24 p.m.
  Fri., July 15             8:34 p.m.          2:10 p.m.
                            8:50 a.m.          3:03 a.m.      5:50 a.m.          8:23 p.m.
 Sat., July 16              9:18 p.m.          2:56 p.m.
                            9:35 a.m.          3:43 a.m.      5:50 a.m.          8:22 p.m.
 Sun., July 17              9:59 p.m.          3:40 p.m.
                           10:19 a.m.          4:21 a.m.      5:51 a.m.          8:22 p.m.
 Mon., July 18             10:39 p.m.          4:25 p.m.
                           11:02 a.m.          5:00 a.m.      5:52 a.m.          8:21 p.m.
 Tues., July 19            11:19 p.m.          5:10 p.m.
                           11:45 a.m.          5:39 a.m.      5:53 a.m.          8:21 p.m.
 Wed., July 20                                 5:58 p.m.
                                                    Repairs, most makes • Bottom Painting                                                                          Answers for July 6
   FROZEN BAIT                                    Pick-up & Delivery • Shrink Wrap • Storage

                                           Van’s Marine Service
   AND FISHING                                              Marine Service & Parts
    SUPPLIES                                               10438 Racetrack Rd., Berlin
Page 16 The Courier July 13, 2011

                          Display Ads: $15 per column inch            Deadline: 5 p.m. Friday          Prepayment required.         Cash or check accepted
                                                       410-641-6695 Fax 410-641-6688               P.O. Box 1326 Ocean Pines, MD 21811

   APPLIANCE                           HEALTH                         MUSICAL                              NOTICE                       SCHOOLS
Electric Dryer. Maytag Nep-     ATTENTION SLEEP APNEA
tune. Good working condition.   SUFFERERS with Medicare.          CLARINET, FLUTE, VIOLIN,          SOCIAL SECURITY DIS-            HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA
White. $150. 410-251-2082.      Get FREE CPAP Replace-            Trumpet, Trombone, Amplifier,     ABILITY BENEFITS. You WIN       FROM HOME. 6 - 8 weeks.
                                ment Supplies at NO COST,         Fender Guitar $70. ea. Cello,     or Pay Us Nothing. Contact      ACCREDITED.       Get   a         Got something special you
     AUTO                       plus FREE home delivery!          Upright Bass, Saxophone,          Disability Group, Inc. Today!   Diploma. Get a Job! FREE                no longer use?
                                                                                                                                                                       Sell it in the Classifieds!
                                Best of all, prevent red skin                                       BBB Accredited. Call For Your   Brochure 1-800-264-8330
   DONATIONS                    sores and bacterial infection!
                                                                  French Horn, Drums $190. ea.
                                                                  Tuba, Baritone, Others. 1-516-    FREE Book & Consultation.         The Courier 410-641-6695
                                Call 888-440-8352                 377-7907.                         866-983-3264
or Boat to HERITAGE FOR               LAWN
THE BLIND. Free 3 Day Va-
cation. Tax Deductible, Free        & GARDEN                      Atlantic General Hospital calendar
Towing, All Paperwork Taken
Care of. 1-888-475-1825         MANTIS TILLER. Buy DI-            Wednesday, July 13                                                T.O.P.S. of Berlin - Group #169
                                RECT from Mantis and we`ll        Lap Band Seminar 5:30-6:30 p.m.                                   5 - 6:30 p.m., AGH Conference Room 1
 BUSINESS TO                    include Border Edger attach-
                                ment & kickstand! Lightweight,
                                                                  Berlin Main Place Complex, 9956 N. Main St., Berlin               Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a support and educational
                                                                  Information about the benefits of the LAP-BAND® pro-              group promoting weight loss and healthy lifestyle. For in-
  BUSINESS                      Powerful! Call for a FREE
                                DVD and Information Kit 888-      cedure for obese individuals who have tried unsuccess-            formation contact Edna Berkey, 410-629-1006.
                                436-8807                          fully to lose weight through diet, exercise and medication.
THE          MID-ATLANTIC                                         Pre-register to guarantee a seat by calling 410-644-3960.         Tuesday, July 19
STATES. Place your ad in        MISCELLANEOUS                                                                                       S.O.S. Survivors of Suicide 6:30 - 8 p.m.
over 5.2 million households
                                                                  Thursday, July 14                                                 AGH, Conference Room 1
in free community papers for    DIRECT TO HOME SATEL-
5 weeks and get the 6th         LITE TV $19.99/MO. FREE IN-       Celiac Support Group 7 - 8 p.m.                                   S.O.S. groups are for those who have lost a loved one by
Week FREE (A $375 Value)        STALLATION FREE HD/DVR            AGH, Conference Room 1                                            suicide. These monthly meetings are an opportunity to
Visit      UPGRADE.      NEW     CUS-        Support and information for those affected by Celiac Dis-         share unique issues of grief. S.O.S. groups are not for
for more details or call 800-   TOMERS - NO ACTIVATION            ease. For information call Betty Bellarin 410-603-0210.           those who have been or are currently suicidal. For more
450-7227.                       FEE! CREDIT/DEBIT CARD
                                REQ. CALL 1-800-795-5319                                                                            information, please call 443 235 9493.
 BUSINESS                                                         Saturday, July 16
                                WANTED YOUR DIABETES              Three Tenors and a Diva 4 p.m.                                    Smoking Cessation 12 - 1 p.m.
OPPORTUNITY                     TEST STRIPS Unexpired Any         Ocean Pines Community Church                                      Atlantic General Hospital, Conference Room 3
                                Kind/Brand. Up to $18.00 per      The Fabulous Three Tenors and a Diva show will be held            12 - week smoking cessation class sponsored by Worces-
NOW HIRING: Employees           box. Shipping Paid. Hablamos
needed to assemble products     espanol. 1-800-267-9895 or        at The Community Church at Ocean Pines. This perform-             ter County Health Department. For more information call
at home. No selling, any        ance, featuring guest artist and soprano, Barbara Wayman,         410-632-0056 or
hours. $500 weekly potential.                                     has received standing ovations across the world at such
Info. 1-985-646-1700 Dept.
MAC-6811                        MISCELLANEOUS                     venues as Carnegie Hall, The Met and La Scala. The con-           YOGA 5:30 - 6:45 p.m.
                                     FOR SALE                     cert will feature selections from Broadway’s “Phantom of
                                                                  the Opera” and “Les Miserables” as well as Celine Dion
                                                                                                                                    Barrett Medical Office Building, Rotunda
                                                                                                                                    Contact Georgette Rhoads at 410-641-9734 or
  COMPUTERS                     DIRECTV Lowest Price! ALL         and others. Tickets are $35 and may be purchased at At-  $72 for 8 sessions, or $10
   FOR SALE                     F      R     E      E      :      lantic General Hospital’s Gift Shop or Thrift Shop. This          drop-in fee.
                                HBO|Cinemax|Starz|Showtime        event is sponsored by the Atlantic General Hospital Aux-
DELL LAPTOP computer,           for 3mo + FREE NFL Sunday
super fast, excellent condi-    Ticket w/Choice Ultimate +
                                                                  iliary. For more information, call 410-208-9790.                  Wednesday, July 20
tion. Internal wireless card,   HD/DVR     Upgrade!    From                                                                         Hypertension Clinic
DVD/CD+RW. Premium soft-        $29.99/mo Call by 7/27! 888-      Monday, July 18                                                   10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Happy Harry’s, Bethany Beach, DE
ware bundle. Six month war-     420-9466                          NAMI Connections Recovery Support Group 7 - 8 p.m.                1 - 3 p.m. Happy Harry’s, Selbyville, DE
ranty. Original cost: $2175.
Must sell: $399. 717 653-
                                                                  Atlantic General Hospital, Conference Room 1                      Free blood pressure screening and health information.
                                Dave’s Treasure Hunt Tues.-
6314                            Sun. Rte. 113, 3 miles north of
                                                                  Offers a casual approach to share the challenges, suc-            Contact Dawn Denton 410-641-9268.
                                Selbyville, DE. Used furniture,   cesses and setbacks of coping with any diagnosis (de-
 EMPLOYMENT                     hardware, bikes, antiques &
                                more. Buy and Sell. 800-535-
                                                                  pression, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.) and           Thursday, July 21
                                                                  their symptoms. For more information call 443-523-2153            Free Diabetes Clinic 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
                                                                  or                                       Atlantic Health Center
 The Courier seeks free-                                                                                                            Help for residents of Worcester or Somerset County who
 lance writers for general
 assignment         stories.
                                                                  Qigong Lessons 4 – 5 p.m.                                         are at least 18. This service is not intended to substitute
 Please send letter of inter-                                     James G. Barrett Medical Office Building, Berlin                  physician's treatment but will include: blood testing, blood
                                  Courier Classifieds
 est and one sample to                                            Qigong is the art and science of using breathing tech-            pressure screening, diabetes risk assessment, educational
 Chip Bertino, Publisher at       410-641-6695                    niques, meditation, and gentle and dynamic movements.             information, glucometer and test strips for those who
 chipbertino@delmarva-                                            The first class is free. Fee is $10/class thereafter. For more    qualify, medication voucher (some restrictions apply). By
                                                                  information, contact Ric Timbol at 301-602-9419.                  appointment only. Call 410-641-9703
                                                                                                                                                                                     July 13, 2011 The Courier Page 17
                                                                                                                         materials, appliances, cabinets, fur-    knowledge of other comfort meas-         Sat., July 30
              Events Calendar                                                                                            niture and more are available. We
                                                                                                                         accept cash only. All proceeds fund
                                                                                                                                                                  ures. The cost is $35 for the mom
                                                                                                                                                                  to be and her coach. Bring a blan-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jolly Roger Fun Day
                                                                                                                                                                                                           MAC Incorporated, the Area Agency
                                                                                                                         the Flower Street, Berlin home con-      ket and two pillows. Pre-registration    on Aging, invites all to attend the an-
 When submitting items for the Events Calendar please include the event name,                                            struction. Habitat is also looking for   is required. For more information,       nual “Family Fun Day” at Jolly
 date, where held, time and a little about the event. Items being considered for                                         gently used items for use in future      call 410-543-7126 or visit               Roger Amusement Park in Ocean
           the calendar need to be in no later than noon on Friday.                                                      sales. Contact          HYPERLINK                       City, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets
                  E-mail to                                                               ""                                                        must be purchased in advance at a
                                                                                                                                       Thurs., July 21                          cost of $25 per person. For tickets
Recurring Events:                      10:30 a.m. at the Berlin library. Call   First Wednesday                                                                   Concert in the Park                      or information call MAC at 410-742-
                                       (410) 641-0650.                          Blood Pressure Checks                    Upcoming Events:                         The Rock & Roll Relics perform at        0505 extension 113 or e-mail
                                                                                The OP Volunteer Fire Dept. will                                                  7 p.m. at the Ocean Pines summer
Every Saturday and Sunday
                                       Plant Clinic                             provide free blood pressure checks                                                concert series. The free concerts
Pine’eer Shop                                                                                                            Wed., July 13
                                       The clinic will be held at the Ocean     to residents at the Community Cen-                                                are at White Horse Park every            Wed., Aug. 3
The Pine’eer Craft and Gift Shop in                                                                                      Family Fun Night
                                       Pines library 1 to 4 p.m. until Sep-     ter 10-11:30 a.m. Call Capt. Bill                                                 Thursday through Aug. 25. Bring          Lioness Bingo
White Horse Park is open 10 a.m.                                                                                         The Ocean Pines Yacht Club pool
                                       tember 27. Got plant problems or         Bounds at 410-641-8272.                                                           chairs and picnic. BYOB also al-         The Lioness Club of Berlin will be
to 4 p.m. The shop features items                                                                                        hosts family fun night from 6 to 8:30
                                       bugs? Bring bagged samples and                                                                                             lowed. For information call 410-641-     hosting a CASH bingo at Berlin In-
created by Pine’eer Craft Club.                                                                                          p.m. Event includes DJ, food and
                                       let Master Gardeners find solutions.                                                                                       7717.                                    termediate School on Franklin Ave.
                                                                                Delmarva Singles                         beverages. Admission is $2 for
Every Sunday and Wednesday                                                                                                                                                                                 in Berlin. Cost is $20 in advance
                                                                                Singles 50 and over gather at Sal-       swim members, $4 for residents
AL-Anon/OP-Berlin                      Third Tuesday                                                                                                              Thurs., July 21                          and $25 at the door. Doors open at
                                                                                isbury Chamber for a potluck dinner      and $5 for non-residents. For infor-
Weekly meetings are held at the        Widow & Widowers Social Club                                                                                               Green Your Cleaning Products             5 p.m. and games start at 6 p.m.
                                                                                at 6 p.m. with the meeting at 7 p.m.     mation call 410-641-7717.
Berlin Nursing Home at 7:30 p.m.       Group meets at The Woodlands at                                                                                            Join Grow Berlin Green at Worces-        There will be 20 regular games plus
                                                                                Call 302-846-3138 for information.
                                       1 p.m. Call Barbara Mazzei at 410-                                                                                         ter Youth & Family, 124 N. Main          special games, 50/50 raffle and Chi-
                                                                                                                         Thurs., July 14                                                                   nese auction. Refreshments will be
Every Sunday                           208-0430 for information.                                                                                                  Street in Berlin from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                Fourth Wednesday                         Diakonia Fundraiser                                                               sold. Call 410-641-5569 or 410-
Al-Anon                                                                         Marine Corps League                      Star Charities will hold its 14th An-    to explore simple techniques of
Al-Anon OP/Berlin meets at 7:30        LAOH Meeting                                                                                                               making natural cleaning products         208-3594 for more information.
                                                                                First State Detachment Marine            nual Western Night at Ocean
p.m. in the OP Community Center.       The Ladies Ancient Order of Hiber-                                                                                         using pantry ingredients. Tuition is
                                                                                Corps League meets at 7:30 p.m.          Downs to benefit Diakonia. Event                                                  Wed., Aug. 10
                                       nians meets at 10 a.m. at the                                                                                              $10 per person and includes ingre-
                                                                                in VFW Post 8296 in Ocean City.          begins at 4:30 p.m. and includes                                                  CPR Course
                                       Knights of Columbus in Ocean City.                                                                                         dients, containers and recipe book-
Second and fourth Sunday                                                        Visit         buffet, live harness and simulcast                                                PRMC is offering a “Family and
                                       For information call 410-250-2271.                                                                                         let. Registration is required. Contact
KC Breakfast                                                                                                             racing, door prizes, "Best Dressed                                                Friends CPR” course from 4 to 7
Knights of Columbus serves break-                                               Every Thursday                           Western Style" attire contest, free      Debbi Colley at 410-629-1538, 443-
                                       Every Wednesday                                                                                                                                                     p.m. in the Avery W. Hall Center on
fast 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at St. Luke’s                                            Beach Singles                            racing program and free parking.         856-9309 or growberlingreen@hot-
                                       Kiwanis Club Meeting                                                                                                                                                the Peninsula Regional campus.
Church in Ocean City. Cost is $8,                                               Beach Singles 45 Plus meets 4-7          Advance tickets are required and
                                       The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean                                                                                                                                   The course is designed for all lay
children under 9 are $4. Call 410-                                              p.m. at Clarion Hotel, 10100             are now on sale for $26 per person.                                               rescuers (grandparents, family
524-7994.                              Pines/Ocean City meets weekly at                                                                                           Sat., July 23
                                                                                Coastal Hwy. Call 302-436-9577 or        Seating is limited to approximately                                               members of patients at risk for heart
                                       the Ocean Pines Community Cen-                                                                                             Dodgeball Tournament
                                                                                410-524-0649.                            120 people, so don't delay. For tick-                                             attack, and those who want to learn
                                       ter at 7:45 a.m. except the 3rd                                                                                            Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks
Every Monday                                                                                                             ets call Sharon Marble at 410-208-                                                rescue skills for loved ones) who
                                       Wednesday when the meeting is at         Legion Bingo                                                                      will hold a dodgeball tournament in
Ocean Pines Poker Club                 Hall’s Restaurant in Ocean City. Call                                             3442 or Anna Foultz at                                                            want to learn CPR but do not need
Poker players wanted in Ocean                                                   American Legion in Ocean City            410-641-7667.                            the gym 1 to 8 p.m. Participants 16      a course completion card. This
                                       410-641-7330 or visit www.kiwa-          opens doors at 5:30 p.m., games                                                   years and older can register in
Pines area for Monday evenings.                                                                                                                                            course teaches skills in CPR and
                                                                                begin at 7:00. For information call      Concert in the Park                      teams of six for the single elimina-     relief of foreign body airway ob-
Call 410-641-8351 for information.
                                                                                410-289-3166.                            The Cruzers perform at 7 p.m. at         tion tournament. For information call    struction for adults, children and in-
                                       Square Dancing
                                                                                                                         the Ocean Pines summer concert           410-641-7717.                            fants. The fee is $40.
Sweet Adelines                         The Pinesteppers have introduction
                                                                                Every Friday                             series. The free concerts are at                                                  Pre-registration is required. For in-
The Delmarva Sweet Adeline Cho-        to square dancing at the OP Com-
                                                                                Women and Dogs Group                     White Horse Park every Thursday          Wed., July 27                            formation, call 410-543-7126 or visit
rus meets from 7 to 9 p.m. in the      munity Center at 7 p.m. Call Bruce
                                                                                Support group for women and their        through Aug. 25. Bring chairs and        Family Fun Night               
Ocean Pines Community Center.          Barrett at 410-208-6777.
                                                                                dogs 1-3 p.m. Contact HealingSto-        picnic. BYOB also allowed. For in-       The Ocean Pines Yacht Club pool
For information call 410-208-4171.
                                                                       or 240-626-5961.            formation call 410-641-7717.             hosts family fun night from 6 to 8:30    Thurs., Aug. 11
                                       Elks Bingo
                                                                                                                                                                  p.m. Event includes DJ, food and         Jewelry Show
DC Hand Dance Club                     Ocean City Elks in Ocean City (be-       Knights of Columbus Bingo
                                                                                                                         Sat., July 16                            beverages. Admission is $2 for           The Ocean City Marlin Club Auxil-
The DC Hand Dance Club meets 6         hind Fenwick Inn) open at 5:30           Bingo will be held behind St. Luke’s
                                                                                                                         Fried Chicken Dinner                     swim members, $4 for residents           iary is hosting a Jewelry Show from
-10 p.m. at the OC Elks Lodge.         p.m. Early birds at 6:30 and bingo       Church, 100th St. in Ocean City.
                                                                                                                         All you can eat fried chicken dinner     and $5 for non-residents. For infor-     11 p.m. – 5 p.m. Net proceeds will
Contact Diane at (301) 906-5962 or     at 7 p.m. Call 410-250-2645.             Doors open at 5 p.m. and games
                                                                                                                         at the Roxana Vol. Fire Company, 4       mation call 410-641-7717.                benefit the Bertha Holloway Schol-                                                      begin at 6:30 p.m. Refreshments
                                       Al-Anon                                                                           to 8 p.m. Adults are $12.00 and chil-                                             arship Fund, for eligible seniors at
                                                                                available. Call 410-524-7994.                                                     Thurs., July 28                          Stephen Decatur High School.
                                       Al-Anon OP/Berlin will meet at 7:30                                               dren are $6.00. Carryouts are
Every Monday and Thursday                                                                                                $12.00. For more information call        Concert in the Park                      Lunch will also be available. The ad-
                                       p.m. at the Berlin Nursing Home,
Poker Group                                                                     First Friday                                                                      Sons of Pirates perform at 7 p.m. at     mission is $5, which entitles the par-
                                       downstairs meeting room.                                                          302-436-2300.
Group meets from 6 to 11:30 p.m.                                                Friends of OC Library                                                             the Ocean Pines summer concert           ticipant to a glass of wine, beer or
Call 410-208-0063 for information.                                              Friends of the Ocean City Library                                                 series. The free concerts are at         soda. The Marlin Club is located on
                                       Rotary Club                                                                       Wed., July 20
                                                                                meet at 1 p.m. in the OC library. For                                             White Horse Park every Thursday          Golf Course Rd. in West Ocean
                                       Ocean City/Berlin Rotary Club din-                                                Family Fun Night
First Monday                                                                    information call 410-524-1818.                                                    through Aug. 25. Bring chairs and        City. For additional information con-
                                       ner meetings are every Wednesday                                                  The Ocean Pines Yacht Club pool
Coast Guard Auxiliary                                                                                                                                             picnic. BYOB also allowed. For in-       tact Carol Windsor at 410-213-0080
                                       at 6 p.m. at the Carousel Resort in                                               hosts family fun night from 6 to 8:30
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla                                            First Saturday                                                                    formation call 410-641-7717.             or Dianne DeForest at 302-541-
                                       Ocean          City.       Contact                                                p.m. Event includes DJ, food and
12-05 meets at 7:30 p.m. in the                                                 First Saturday Writers                                                                                                     4642.
                                                                                    beverages. Admission is $2 for

U.S.C.G. Station, Ocean City. For                                               Group meets at 10 a.m. at the            swim members, $4 for residents
information call Dennis Kalinowski                                              Berlin library. All writers and poets,
                                       Story Time                                                                        and $5 for non-residents. For infor-
at 410-208-4147.                                                                published and unpublished, are in-
                                       Stories, rhymes, music and crafts at
                                                                                vited for fun writing exercises, read-
                                                                                                                         mation call 410-641-7717.                           -subscribe free to
Second Monday
                                       10:30 a.m. at the Ocean City library.
                                       Call (410) 524-1818.
                                                                                ings and tips on publishing. Call        Birthing Again Class                       The Courier and get it delivered to
Friends of OP Library                                                           Betty at 410-208-2760.
Friends of the Ocean Pines Library
                                                                                                                         PRMC is offering a childbirth re-              your computer each week!
                                       Delmarva Hand Dancing                                                             fresher course from 6:00 to 9:00

                                                                                                                                                                               The Courier
meets at 10 a.m. at the library.       Dancing at The Fenwick Inn in            First and Third Saturday                 p.m. in the 3rd floor classroom of
                                       Ocean City from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Con-      Habitat Warehouse Open                   Peninsula Cardiology Building, lo-
Every Tuesday                          tact 302-934-7951 or info@delmar-        Habitat for Humanity of Worcester        cated on 400 Eastern Shore Drive
Story Time                                          County warehouse located at 310          in Salisbury. Review relaxation
Stories, rhymes, music and crafts at                                            East Market Street in Snow Hill will
                                                                                be open 8 a.m. to noon. Building
                                                                                                                         skills, breathing techniques and      
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                                                   To place your business card call                       410-641-6695
               CLEANING SERVICE                                            HOME IMPROVEMENT                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY

                                                                   Phil’s Home Services
                                                                       Handyman Home Services                                                                                      Picture This
                                                                  Now is the time for SUMMER Projects
                                                                                                                                                                                 Cathy Halligan
                                                               443-235-3627 - CALL NOW
                                                             NO JOB TOO SMALL OP RESIDENT MHIC#91071                                                                             410-600-0396
                                                               Yard Work Gutters Masonry Work Flooring
                                                             Hauling/Debris Removal Screen/Deck Repairs, etc.
                                                               Hardscapes: Patios Decks Sidewalks Walls                               

                   COMPUTERS                                                                                                                      POWER WASHING

                                                                                                                                        Decks Siding Walkways
                                                                                                                                             Boats Roofs
                                                                                                                                          Decks stained & sealed        “We Can Powerwash Anything!”
                                                                                                                                        FREE ESTIMATES                       Commercial Residential
                                                                                                                                    Clifford Rosen/Owner                        Licensed Insured
                                                                 SINGER CONTRACTING
                   DENTISTRY                                 Doug Singer                                             EST 1970
                                                                  Interior Trim
                                                                                                                                                PRINTING SERVICES
                                                                                                                 New Home
                                                                   & Finish                                      Construction
                        Haynes & Ott, P.A.                        Complete                                       Windows &
                                                                   Punchwork                                     Doors
                       Charles G. Haynes, D.D.S.                  Decks                                          Additions
                                                               QUALITY WORKMANSHIP AT SENSIBLE PRICES
                         Gerard F. Ott, D.M.D.                 Licensed                                           MHIC# 68306
                                                               & Insured          410-208-9159                    MHBR# 2314
                               1 Pitts Street
                         Berlin, Maryland 21811
                            (410) 641-3490                   PAUL’S HOME IMPROVEMENTS
                                                                      All phases of home improvements
                                                               No job too small - No job too large
                                                                  Handyman Home Services                                                                    ROOFING
                                                                    Over 30 years experience

                                                              410-641-7548                                                                           We’re Not Number One.
                                                                  Free Estimates
                                                             MHIC #83501                                                                              Our Customers Are!
                                                                                                                                                                     Call Today!
                                                                                                                                                           BEST HOME CONTRACTOR FOR 2010
                                                                                                                                                                      THE REAL

                                                                                                                                                                                   • Roofing
                   ELECTRICIAN                                                                                                                                                     • Windows
                                                              Custom Homes, Home Improvements & Remodeling                                                                         • Siding
      Waterfront Electrical Service Hot Tubs & Spas           Budget & Service Oriented                20 Years Experience                                 14th Readers’ Choice Award
                                                              Quality Construction                     Licensed & Insured
   Residential Commercial Interior & Exterior Lighting        Design & Drafting Services               Free Estimates
  Service Upgrades Phone/Data/TV Lines Ceiling Fans
                                                                              410-213-2021                            MHIC# 29042
               J.T. Novak, LLC                                          
                                                                  “BUILDING TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFESTYLE”
             Electrical Contracting
        Prompt Service at Reasonable Rates

P.O. Box 1464                         Phone: 410-208-3052

                                                                  The Courier
Berlin, MD 21811                      Mobile: 443-235-5544
        Master Electrician MD VA       DE PA                                                                                                                  334-3000
                                                                                                                                                           410-213-1919 •

               Business Directory or Restaurant Directory 410-641-6695
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 We’re Committed
To Your Satisfaction

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