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March 2013 Grant Newsletter


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									Grant Newsletter (March 2013)

1.    Grant Recipients- February
2.    Grant Tip
3.    PSC Grant
4.    Early Childhood Reading Grants
5.    Target Arts Grant
6.    Elmer’s Toolkit Grant
7.    Build a Bear
8.    ING Run for Something Better Grant
9.    Music is Revolution
10.   Capital Educators
11.   Donors Choose
12.   Grant Approval Process
13.   Other Grants that will interest you

1. Grant Recipients- February

Diane Escandon             Hunter                     Deborah Hammel             Spalding
Angel Larson               Lake Hazel El              Caya Snethen               EMS
Jeanne Buschine            DSC                        Karen Harr                 CMS
Kirsten Martinez           CMS                        Sharon-Ann Walsh           CMS
Brian Fischer              EHE                        Amber McVey                Pepper Ridge
Jennifer Brown             Pepper Ridge               Molly Cochell              CDSA
Laura Fullmer              CDSA                       Jamie Durst                CDSA
Paige McDonald             CDSA                       Marita Diffenbaugh         Star
Kim Miller                 Star                       Melissa Slocum             Discovery
Gina Kwid                  Galileo                    Laura Halsted              Mary McPherson
Char Kalbfleisch           Silver Sage                Laurel Parrish             Hunter
Lennette Meyer             Star                       Michelle Knight            Hunter
Mindy Parker               Hunter                     Rebecca Ake                Hunter
Rebecca Lenon              Hunter                     Rene’ Bilkiss              Hunter
Sarah Baker                Hunter                     Sherry Johnson             Hunter
Paulie McGinnis            Hunter                     Wendy Spiers               EMS
Kristi Handley             MMS                        Carol Jones                MMS
Eric Eschen                PMS                        Meridian Grant Team        Meridian El
Emily Drake                Mary McPherson

2. Grant Tip

Want to go to a conference... the PSC grant below is a fast and easy grant to write!!! There are grants
and fellowship opportunities on the Grant Website – do not miss them...if you want to learn this
summer. Travelocity sponsors many such volunteer or learning grants:
3. PSC Grant Due 04-01

Grants for up to $500 will be made available to applicants every three years. We hope that you will write
creative and innovative proposals with your colleagues and for your students. Grants will be awarded for
activities that take place from October 2011 through April 2012. Will pay for CONFERENCE!!

4. Target Early Childhood Reading Grants Due: 04-30

Reading makes a world of difference in learning. That’s why we award grants to schools, libraries and
non-profit organizations that support programs like after-school reading events and weekend book clubs.
Each Early Childhood Reading Grant is $2,000. We accept grant applications between March 1 and April
30 each year.

5. Target Arts Grant Due: 04-30

A well-rounded education includes music, art, dance and drama, and allows kids to express themselves
creatively. Through grants, we’re helping schools bring more arts and culture into the classroom. Each
Arts, Culture & Design in Schools Grant is $2,000. We accept grant applications between March 1 and
April 30 each year.

6. Elmer’s Toolkit Grant Due: 04-30

You can apply for an Elmer's Teacher Tool Kit grant that can range from $100 to $500. The grants will be
given to teachers who wish to conduct classroom projects selected from a catalog of more than 500

7. Build a Bear February thru June

Build-A-Bear Workshop® believes in the teddy bear philosophy of being good people and good bears. In
living those values, we provide grants through the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation and the Build-A-
Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation to 501(c)(3) public charities or registered Canadian charities that
support beary special causes, such as children?s health and wellness, animals, and literacy and
8. ING Run for Something Better Grant Due: 04-30

The ING RFSB School Awards Program will provide a minimum of fifty (50) up to $2,500 grants to
schools that desire to establish a school-based running program or expand an existing one.

9. Music is Revolution Due: 04-15

The Music Is Revolution Foundation administers a mini-grant program for Music Is Revolution activities
designed by teachers to implement, support, and/or improve their ability to provide quality music
education for their students. Mini-grants up to $500 are available to teachers for music education
activities of all types. Only projects that clearly contain a music education focus that is, projects based on
the concept of music education, through musical experiences, initiating students into a sense of their
social, academic, and cultural identity, and humanizing them through the emotional, cognitive, and/or
physical impact of music will be considered

10. Capital Educators Due: 10th of every month

Each month during the school year (Oct – Apr), the Idaho CapEd Foundation awards outstanding
teachers in Idaho, with grants to pay for programs, materials, or special projects for the students in their
classrooms. As of January 2012, $5,250 is awarded monthly, with a $750 maximum per individual grant.
(Mini grants are also awarded on a regular basis.)

11. Grant Approval Process

All grants, including online grants must be approved before you submit them. You can get quick
approval for online grants by emailing Bernadette Sexton with a short explanation of the grant. If you
have any questions, please email Bernadette Sexton.

12. Other Grants that may interest you
Grant site http://www.meridianschools.org/Grants/Pages/GrantsWishlist.aspx

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