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              Multimedia Project : Virtual Field Trip to Moaning Caverns

  Teacher Name: Mrs. Baucom

  Student Name:     ________________________________________

     CATEGORY       4 - Advanced                 3 - Proficient            2 - Approaching
Vocabulary and Word Project contains a           Project contains a        Project contains
Choice              variety of                   variety of                some academic
                    appropriately chosen         appropriately chosen      vocabulary.
                    vivid academic               academic vocabulary
                    vocabulary that              that engages the
                    engages the viewer.          viewer.

Planning and           Storyboards or            Storyboards or            Storyboards or
Organization - writing graphic organizers        graphic organizers        graphic organizers
process                are used to               are used to               are used to plan the
                       effectively plan the      effectively plan the      presentation.
                       presentation -            presentation -
                       including text and        including text and
                       images                    images.

Writing Process        A rough draft of the      A rough draft of the      A rough draft of the
                       text to be used in        text to be used in        text to be used in
                       the presentation is       the presentation is       the presentation is
                       written. Students         written. Students         written. Editing is
                       edit writing to reflect   edit writing to reflect   limited.
                       feedback and              feedback and
                       improve writing to a      improve writing.
                       great degree.
Writing/Speaking       Students write and        Students write and        Students write and
Conventions            speak with a              speak with a              speak with a
                       command of standard       command of standard       command of standard
                       English conventions       English conventions       English conventions
                       that is advanced for      appropriate to 6th        approaching 6th
                       6th grade.                grade.                    grade level.
Oral Presentation    Important points are     Important points are     Important points are
                     emphasized and the       emphasized and the       included and the
                     presentation is          presentation is          presentation is
                     engaging to the          engaging to the          engaging to the
                     viewer. Voices have      viewer. Voices have      viewer. Voices may
                     effective rate, pitch,   effective rate, pitch,   have issues with
                     volume, and tone.        volume, and tone.        rate, pitch, volume,
                                                                       and tone.
Multimedia           Virtual field trip is    Virtual field trip is    Virtual field trip may
                     very organized,          organized, focused,      lack organization,
                     focused, and a clear     and a clear purpose      focus, or a clear
                     purpose is evident. A    is evident. A variety    purpose. Some
                     variety of very          of engaging images       images and text are
                     engaging images and      and text is used to      used to express
                     text is used to          express feelings and     feelings and personal
                     express feelings and     personal message         message about the
                     personal message         about the                experience. At least
Date Created: July 01, 2008
                     about the                experience. At least     3 pages are created
                     experience. At least     4 pages are created      in Comic Life.
                     5 pages are created      in Comic Life.
                     in Comic Life.
ning Caverns

       1 - Below
       Project lacks
       academic vocabulary.

       Use of Storyboard or
       graphic organizer is

       A rough draft of the
       text to be used in
       the presentation is
       written. Editing is

       Students write and
       speak with a
       command of standard
       English conventions
       below 6th grade
Important points may
be included, but
voices lack effective
rate, pitch, volume,
or tone. Viewer may
have trouble
following the
Virtual field trip lacks
organization, focus,
or a clear purpose.
Some images and
text may be used to
express feelings and
personal message
about the

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