Website Development Lifecycle – Competitive Analysis by Levone


									Website Development Lifecycle – Competitive Analysis


Identify 3 Web sites that have similar goals and user groups to yours. For each site, answer the follow questions. 1. What is the objective of this site? 2. Who is the intended audience of the site? 3. What tasks can the user perform?


Then, rate the effectiveness of each site on the following criteria. Give each site a ranking from 1-3, then note why each site received this ranking.   Home page. How informative is the home page? Are you able to answer the three questions above just by looking at the home page? Navigation. Is the global navigation consistent from page to page? Do major sections have local navigation? Is it consistent?

 Site organization. Is the site organization intuitive and easy to understand?  Links and labels. Are labels on section headers and content groupings easy to understand? Are links easy to distinguish from each other? Or are they ambiguous and uninformative (ie - "click here")  Readability. Is the font easy to read? Are line lengths acceptable? Is the site easy to scan, with chunked information, or is it just solid blocks of text?  Performance. Do the pages load quickly?  Content. Does the content of the site server the goals? The Chart on the next page will help you document your findings.

Competitive Analysis

Objective Audience Tasks Criteria Home Page Navigation

Site Show portfolio Art directors/possible employers/illustrators View work. Resume, contact information, read news # Comment 3 Simple, informative, able to see work clearly 2.5 Diagonal lines for navigation isn’t as attactive 3 2 3 3

Site Show portfolio/blog Art directors/possible employers/illustrators/friends View work, see past work, contact info # Comment 3 Great designs and informative 2 A little confusing, since there are so many categories inside categories 2 Not very well organized Nice hand-letterings for each links Legible hand writings Pop-up window is too small

Site Show portfolio/sell prints Art directors/possible employers/illustrators/buyers To view work, resume, contact info # Comment 3 Very clear/simple/well designed 3 Very easy and simple/ menus fit the style of her illustration 3 Well organized into just 4 categories 3 Hand-written/well designed 3 Easy to read 3 Yes

Site organization Links and labels Readability Performance

Clear organization among different categories Not too hard to figure out, 3 but not rational design Easily read with bold 3 types Yes 2.5

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