v097_bugstxt by Levone


									V0.95 Bug List: Last updated at 10:00 pm on September 9, 2008. -------#095-001 - Editing scripts can leave garbage at the end. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------If you edit a script with the Scripts->Edit_Script_File command it can add a bunch of extra junk at the end. It's probably better to use a normal text editor like nodepad to edit scripts until this is fixed. Note: This does not apply to controller expression scripts, only to file edits. --------------#095-002 - HW Acceleration = None Fails on ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000/9100 IGP. -------Status: Likely Fixed after beta3. -------Setting the HW acceleration to NONE (causes fall-back to MS OpenGL???) worked for v0.9 but causes v0.95beta1 to crash. Reported on ATI Mobility 9000/9100 IGP but likely happens on others. One problem that has been fixed was that Anim8or was calling glActiveTextureARB() when Has_ARB_multitexture wasn't specified in the GlExtension string and therefore calling through a NULL pointer. --------------#095-003 - RFE: Reload plug-in scripts when they are edited without restarting. -------Status: Requested. -------Editing a plug-in script requires you to restart Anim8or to see the effect. It would be useful for script developers to allow them to be changed without restarting. --------------#095-004 - RFE: Make Subdivision a Property of All 3D Shapes. -------Status: Requested. --------

Allow any 3D Shape including Parametric Shapes to be subdivided. would allow the parameters to be changed afterwards, even animated. --------


-------#095-005 - RFE: Support Single Image Environment Maps in Working Views. -------Status: Requested. -------Single image environment maps show up as black in the working views. They could be converted to GL_SPHERE_MAP images but would show all of their artifacts. --------------#095-006 - Plug-In Parametric Shape Materials are Lost When Project Is Loaded. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Apply a material to a Plug-In Parametric Shape and save the project. When it is reloaded the defsult material is applied. Also the scale_z parameter modifier isn't correctly saved so that when the project is reloaded it doesn't work. --------------#095-007 - Volume Shadows show Volume Artifacts in OpenGL Renderer. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Shadow volume faces are shown in the OpenGL rendered images when volume shadows are used. --------------#095-008 - Deleting Any Element Resets the Camera's Orientation if Facing Other -------Status: Verified. -------When the camera's orientation is set to "Facing Other", deleting any Element will reset it to "Parent" (0, 0, 0) even if it's not the target Element. --------------#095-009 - RFC: Emissive Value Should Be Modulated by Opaqueness. -------Status: Possible Spec Shange.

-------The full Emissive value is not decreased by alpha (transparency) but this could be a more useful definition. --------------#095-010 - Painted Weights Don't Show Up With Shader are Enabled. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Painted weights are all drawn as grey and bones as black when shaders are enabled. --------------#095-011 - OpenGL Rendering of Scene in Camera View Shows Figure's Bones. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Camera views show bones when rendered to an OpenGL render. --------------#095-012 - Anim8or Hangs When OpenGL Renderer Install Fails. -------Status: Reported. -------I just updated my graphics card drivers, and my openGL is at v2.0.1. I attempted to start an image render with the OpenGL renderer, and after finalizing the Frame Spec Editor properties, I click "OK" and Anim8or gives me this error: frameBufferObeject FAILED: FRAMEBUFFER_UNSUPPORTED I then click OK, and anim8or stops responding. I'm using an 128MB nVidia GeForce FX5200 with brand-new drivers. --------------#095-013 - Cylinder Lat Divisions Can't Be Set Below 3. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Setting a cylider's number of lat divisions below 3 is silently reset to 3. --------------#095-014 - Reference Images Textures Don't Show With Shaders Enabled. -------Status: Fixed for beta2.

-------Reference images always show as blank when shaders are enabled. Wire frame views are also corrupted when reference images are drawn using shaders. Also closing Anim8or with this showing causes the screen to draw black. --------------#095-015 - Extra Row of Points Created When Extruding Closed Spline. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Extruding a closed spline adds an extra row of points along the "seam". --------------#095-016 - Incorrect Specular Calculation by Shaders. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Specular hilights aren't correct for shaders. --------------#095-017 - Incorrect Environment Map Reflection Calculation by Shaders. -------Status: Fixed after v0.95. -------Environment map reflections aren't correct for shaders. --------------#095-018 - Various Crashes for Non DX9 Cards. -------Status: Fixed after beta 3?. -------Create any object, sphere, cube etc. crashes. Switch to scene mode crashes. Note: I believe that I am making a shader related OpenGL call on these cards somewhere that I shouldn't be and causing this crash. This is my top prioprity bug. --------------#095-019 - Loading .an8 Files by Double-Clicking or Start-In-Previous can Crash. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Loading a file with either Start-In-Previous enabled in the Configuration dialog or by double-clicking on a .an8 file can crash. --------

-------#095-020 - Play Button Always Resets to First Frame. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------The play button should continue from the current frame when the player is paused. It should only reset the the first frame when it's stopped. --------------#095-021 - Saving a Project with a Zero Length Text Shape Crashes. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Create a new Text shape with no characters. Save the .an8 project and it crashes. --------------#095-022 - Closing Project in Light View Can Crash. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------With only one .an8 project open, set a Scene window to a spotlight's viewpoint. Close project so that the spash screen is visible. Change to Scene view with Mode->Scene and Anim8or will crash. --------------#095-023 - Z-Near and Z-Far Not Used for Renders. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------User set z-near and far planes are ignored by the scanlne and OpenGL renderers. --------------#095-024 - OpenGL Shader Bumpmaps Show Dark Regions. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------Individual triangles with bumpmapped materials can show as very dark or black when OpenGL shaders are enabled. --------------#095-025 - Shaders Don't Show Selected Faces as Yellow/Blue. -------Status: Fixed for beta2.

-------When shaders are on selected faces don't draw as yellow/blue. --------------#095-026 - Point 0 Not Drawn. -------Status: Fixed for beta2. -------When the GUI configuration is set to draw points (in the Point Editor) point number 0 isn't drawn. --------------#095-027 - Fix Normals Can Crash on Complex Models. -------Status: Verified. -------The Edit->FixNormals command can crash on comples models (e.g. those with more than 30,000 edges). --------------#095-028 - Script Dependencies Can Report Erroneous Circular References -------Status: Fixed after beta3. -------Script dependencies can report erroneous circular references when reloaded. --------------#095-029 - Object Export to .obj and .c Format Doesn't Rotate Normals. -------Status: Fixed after beta3. -------Shape rotations are applied to geometry but not normals when exported to the .obj and .c format. This is true for both the built in exporters and for the script exporters. --------------#095-030 - Extrude Along Path Ignores Spline's Pivot. -------Status: Fixed after beta3. -------Extruding a spline along another spline fails to adjust for the extruded spline's pivot position or orientation. --------------#095-031 - Scale Tool in Point Edit Mode can Crash. --------

Status: Fixed after beta3. -------Scaling in point edit mode can crash. Caused by attempting to free memory that is only allocated on the object editor scale path. --------------#095-032 - Plug-in Mesh Scripts Can File To Load in Scenes. -------Status: Fixed after beta3. -------If an Object uses a plug-in parameteric mesh shape hasn't been viewed in the Object editor then it fils to create the Mesh when viewed in the Scene editor. --------------#095-033 - Deleting All Keys Locks Camera. -------Status: Fixed after beta3. -------Add keys to the camera position. Select them all in the time track. Delete then with Ctrl-X. The camera will jump to the origin and can't be moved. The same happens for the orientation. --------------#095-034 - RFE: Allow Temp Meshes in Export Scripts. -------Status: Requested. -------Creating a temporary mesh in an export script can be useful because it can simplify code used to modify the mesh before it is exported. --------------#095-035 - Running Wrong Kind of Script from Menu Crashes. -------Status: Fixed after beta4. -------Running a mesh plug-in script from the menu crashes. --------------#095-036 - Merge Points Can Crash. -------Status: Fixed after beta4. -------Merging points can crash. See example program. --------

-------#095-037 - Materials Can't Be Applied by Prameteric Mesh Plug-in Scripts. -------Status: Fixed after beta4. -------Materials applied to a mesh in a parameteric plug-in sripit are overridden by the default material. Also user set materials are lost when a plug-in mesh is scaled or saved and reloaded. --------------#095-038 - Exiting or Failing Script With Open Face Disables Future Scripts. -------Status: Fixed after beta4. -------If a script exits or fails with a shape opened for editing future scripts can no longer edit shapes until Anim8or is restarted. --------------#095-039 - Bones Not Drawn in Scene Editor when Editing Joint Angles. -------Status: Fixed after beta4. -------The Scene editor doesn't draw solid views in stipple mode when editing joint angles so you can't see the bones. --------------#095-040 - Importing a Sequence Crashes. -------Status: Fixed after v0.95. -------Importing a Sequence can crash. --------------#095-041 - Adding Bumpmap Textures to a Material in a Script Crashes. -------Status: Fixed after v0.95. -------Making a new material in a script and adding a bumpmap texture crashes. --------------#095-042 - Middle-Clicking in Arc Rotate with View Pop-Up Menu Present Hangs. -------Status: Fixed after v0.95. --------

Enter Arc-Rotate mode, open a View popup menu by clicking on the View name in an edit window but don't select anything. Middle-click in a View and Anim8or stops responding. --------------#095-043 - Implement shape.SetMaterial(). -------Status: Fixed after v0.95. -------There is no way to set the material for a built in parameteric shape ssuch as a Sphere in a script. Allow shape.SetMaterial() to be called for material 0. --------------#095-044 - Various mesh.AddMaterial() Errors. -------Status: Fixed after v0.95. -------Calling AddMaterial() on a Mesh shape initially works but is reverted to the default material when opening and accepting the mesh's Property dialog. Also setting individual faces to different mateials after a script has compressed the mesh data can crash when the script added a material to the mesh. --------------#095-045 - Use OpenGL Version to Determine if Extensions Are Supported. -------Status: Verified. -------If the OpenGL version is high enough the extension string doesn't have to show all extensions, just the ones not required by that version. Some later drivers don't list older required extensions. Anim8or should also use the version to determine if they are supported. --------------#095-046 - Referencing Members of NULL Materials Can Crash Scripts. -------Status: Fixed. -------If a material pointer is NULL hen referencing certain members can crash. ---------------

#095-047 - Arrays of Materials and other types Don't Work in Scripts. -------Status: Fixed. -------Arrays of materials don't work properly in scripts. Push and pop get the wrong value and not enough memory is reserved for the values. --------------#095-048 - Shaders Don't Render Fog. -------Status: Verified. -------The OpenGL shaders simple don't know anything about fog. --------------#095-049 - String Member Functions Don't Work on Array Elements. -------Status: Fixed. -------String member functions like $arr[$i].GetRoot() don't work on array elements, just on simple variables. --------------#095-050 - Crash Exporting Sequence with Missing Objects to .3ds format. -------Status: Fixed. -------Export a Sequence that has missing objects (i.e. not present when opened) to the .3ds format at Anim8or can crash. --------------#095-051 - "f" Frame All Hot Key Continues to Zoom Out. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------Repeatedly pressing the "f" Frame All hot key in perspective view in the Object editor can keep zooming out on meshes with zero points. --------------#095-052 - ZNear Set to 50 in Object Mode. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------The default ZNear in Object, Figure and Sequence modes is 50 and can't be changed. It should be initialized 10 and user settable. --------

-------#095-053 - Canceling AVI Render Locks Output File. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------If you cancel an AVI while it's rendering the output file is left opened and cannot be overwritten until Anim8or exits. --------------#095-054 - Materials on Shapes Within Groups are not Set When Project Is Loaded. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------When opening a project, shapes within a group do not have their materials bound and draw with the default material. --------------#095-055 - View->Other->Light-n Always Selects First Light. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------When viewing a scene from a spotlight's view the first light's view is always used even when another light is selected. --------------#095-056 - Deeply Nested Bones Don't Render Correctly. -------Status: Verified. -------When transformations are nested deeper that 32 the OpenGL transform stack overflows and things don't render properly. This happens most often when a Figure has a deeply nested bone structure. --------------#095-057 - GetAttributeOrientation() and GetAttributeInt() Don't Work. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------The controller script functions GetAttributeOrientation() and GetAttributeInt() return a float3 of the value (0,0,0) instead of the correct value. Also GetAttributeX() functions return 0 for attributes that don't use controllers. --------------#095-058 - Strange Behavior when Adding Texture in a Script. --------

Status: Verified. -------Adding a texture in a script can cause OpenGL errors and more. --------------#095-059 - Modifying Cylinder Parameter in a Script Doesn't Immediately Take Effect. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------Setting the length member of a Cylinder shape in a script changes the parameteric value but does not rebuild the geometry until you view it's Properties dialog. --------------#095-060 - Transparent Shapes Hide Reference Images. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------Unlike in earlier versions, transparent shapes block references from being seen. --------------#095-061 - Setting Material's Diffuse Color Forces Alpha to 1. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------Assigning to the .diffuse member of a material in a script also changes the value of alpha to 1.0. --------------#095-062 - Beveling Edges with More Than 2 faces Crashes. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95b. -------Beveling edges that are used in more than two faces, or that share points with those that do, crashes. --------------#095-063 - Grouped Shapes Don't Scale Correctly. -------Status: Verified. -------Scaling shapes in a group doesn't work correctly if any of the sub-shapes are rotated. --------

-------#095-064 - Bumpmap Texture/Material in Scripts Has Problems. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95c. -------1. bumpmaptex.name always returns "bumpmap". 2. bumpmaptex.GetFileName() returns an empty string. 3. checking marked on bumpmaptex seems to return false even though it was set to true in a different variable (but still pointing to the same texture) it seems to work between other texure types that are pointing to the same texture. 4. if you add a bumpmap texure to a new material anim8or hangs if it's not the first pass of the parametric shape. --------------#095-065 - GetAttribute Crashes on Nonexistent Elements. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95c. -------Compiling scripts with GetAttribute() functions crash if the element name doesn't refer to an existing element. --------------#095-066 - randseed() Doesn't Do Anything. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95c. -------Calling randseed() doesn't set a new seed for the random number generator. --------------#095-067 - Copy/Pasting Text Shapes Can Crash. -------Status: Fixed for v0.95d. -------Copy/pasting a Text Shape and then adding characters to the new text can cause Anim8or to crash. --------------#096-001 - Importing .mtl files Crashes if Texture Not Found. -------Status: Fixed for v0.96a. -------Importing a Wavefront .obj file with a .mtl file cashes if it has a texture and the file can't be found.

--------------#096-002 - Cut Selected Faces Can Crash. -------Status: Fixed for v0.96b. -------The face cut tool (Ctrl-Cut Faces) can crash when multiple groupes of faces are selected. --------------#096-003 - Deleting Frames in Controller File. -------Status: Fixed for v0.96b. -------For a controller that doesn't have a key deleting frames before the first key (in effect shifting or the end) appears to work while in Anim8or but the original position upon saving the file. -------Before First Key Isn't Saved to

in frame 0, inserting or the animation towards the start keys are restored to their

-------#096-004 - Sequences can have keys that are past the end of the Sequence. -------Status: Reported. -------Sequences can have keys that are past the end of the Sequence. --------------#096-005 - Edge Properties Aren't Preserved for Detached Faces. -------Status: Fixed for v0.96b. -------Detatching faces clears edge properties. Also detatching them from a subdivision shape doesn't rebuild the subdivided shape. --------------#096-006 - Binding Modifers to Groups makes them Dissappear. -------Status: Verified. -------If you bind a modifier to a group the group is no longer shown. ---------------

#096-007 - Click-drag in Drag-Select Mode can Crash for Unfocused Anim8or Window. -------Status: Fixed for v0.96b. -------Start in Point-Edit mode with drag-select tool selected. Click another app's window that overlaps Anim8or's window. Then left-click drag in the graphics window and Anim8or can crash. --------------#096-008 - Stereo Movie Renders Don't Show Backgrounds. -------Status: Verified. -------Rendering a stereo view or a stereo movie doesn't show backgrounds. --------------#097-001 - Can't Disable Shadows in ART Renderer. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97b. ---------------------#097-002 - CubeMap Backgrounds Don't Show in ART Renderer. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97b. -------Also added Image backgrounds. --------------#097-003 - Class glosyreflection Doesn't Support Diffuse, Bumpmap, and perhaps Specular Textures. -------Status: All but bumpmaps fixed for v0.97b. ---------------------#097-004 - Scanline Renderer Doesn't Cast Shadows on Ground Grid. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97b. ---------------------#097-005 - ART Renderer Has Incorrect Environment Map Reflections. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97b

-------Rotating the view form looking down the Z axis renders environment map reflections incorrectly, as does rotating the shape. --------------#097-006 - ART Renderer doesn't support the Alpha or Depth Channels. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97b ---------------------#097-007 - ART can crash rendering meshes with no faces. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c ---------------------#097-008 - ART Renderer ignores Light's shadow setting. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c ----------------------#097-009 - Fix camera lense-shade is visible in it's own view in renders -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c ----------------------#097-010 - Cubemap backgrounds crash -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c -------The mustang_crash.an8 project crashes in the scene editor. crash but environment backgrounds don't work in v0.97b. --------

I don't get a

--------#097-011 - Multiple Problems with Z-near -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c -------Z-near doesn't work correctly with ART rendering. See: http://www.anim8or.com/smf/index.php?topic=881.0 ........ 1. 5L1D3R: "I've noticed a definite problem with the near Z limit with ART, but Scanline

appears fine. I am working on a model of a ship, uing the default measuring units as inches. When I render with ART, the first 3rd of the hull gets lopped off." "Need reset to default command" "Separate Z-near/Z-Far per scene" ........ 2: maxxarcher: "Could the NEAR Z-limit be changed to accept values as low as 0.001?" ---------------#097-012 - CMOD Export Script Stopped Working in v0.97b -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c -------Exporting to the CMOD format writes empty files. ---------------#097-013 - Texture coordinates incorrect in ART Rendering -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c -------Front panel on cereal box renders with scaled/inverted texture coordintes in Creator's project. --------------#097-014 - ART Renders Don't Show Panorama Backgrounds. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c ---------------------#097-015 - Copy/copy of bound modifiers crashes. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c -------Paste is still messed up; crash is fixed. --------------#097-016 - Ray traced shadows can have missing faces. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c -------There can be missing faces in the shadow. See http://www.anim8or.com/smf/index.php?topic=1162.0 ---------------

#097-017 - Reflections show horrizontal bands in ART local light using soft shadows. -------Status: Fixed for v0.97c -------attribute "specular" = "reflection" Artifacts visible using AA samples 0f 4, 16 but not 9, 25. See http://www.anim8or.com/smf/index.php?topic=1146.0 --------------#097-018 - ART render() Command Crashes with MultiThreading Enabled. -------Status: Verified --------------*********** Manual bugs ******************** -------#097-001M - Manual doesn't describe Reference Images. -------Status: Verified. ----------------- End of bug list ---

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