2012 Lady Pirate Girls Basketball Camps by xiaocuisanmin


									                                2012 Lady Pirate Girls Basketball Camps

Camp 1 – Grades 9-12          May 29-June 1           5:00-7:00pm at Korf Gym             Price: $20.00

Camp 2 – Grades 6-8           July 9-12               3:30-5:00pm at Korf Gym             Price: $20.00

Camp 3 – Grades K-2           July 9-12               5:30-6:30pm at Korf Gym             Price: $20.00

Camp 4 – Grades 3-5           July 9-12               6:45-8:00pm at Korf Gym             Price: $20.00

               Insurance: Each participant must be covered by her own medical insurance.

         Camp Director: The camp will be under the direction of Coach Ron Greenwell and staff.

Mastering the fundamentals of basketball is the first step in becoming an outstanding player. The emphasis
of these camps will be on basketball fundamentals incorporated into individual and team play. Special
attention will be given to the following: dribbling, passing, shooting (stationary, off the pass, and off the
dribble). Man-to-man defensive principles will be covered including: stance, footwork, ball-side
techniques, help-side techniques, and getting through various screens. The importance of rebounding
(offensive and defensive) will be emphasized as well. Individual offense, fast break offense, and team
offenses vs. man-to-man and zone defenses will be taught to Grades 6-12. Each player will be given
workout program designed to improve her skills throughout the remainder of the offseason.

                             Send your application and check for $20.00 to:
                                        Coach Ron Greenwell
                                       4500 McMasters Avenue
                                         Hannibal, MO 63401

Participant Name: ________________________________ Address: _______________________________

Parent/Guardian: _________________________________ Phone: ________________________________

Emergency Contact Person: _________________________Phone: ________________________________

Grade Next Fall: ____________                 Camp:         1       2      3       4      (Circle one)

_____________________________________ is physically fit and has our permission to participate in the

2012 basketball camp. Instructors CANNOT be held responsible for injuries during camp.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Shirt Sizes:   _____ Youth Small              _____ Adult Small            _____ Adult XL

               _____ Youth Medium             _____ Adult Medium           _____ Adult XXL

               _____ Youth Large              _____ Adult Large

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