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									Banca Fideuram SpA


Banca Fideuram SpA                                                                Key Employees
                                                                                  Name                       Job Title
Fast Facts
                                       Corso di Porta Romana, 16 , Milan, 0122,   Angelo Caloia              Vice Chairperson
Headquarters Address
                                                                                  Cesare Imbriani            Director
Telephone                              + 39 2 85181

                                                                                  Claudia De Benedetti       Director
Fax                                    + 39 2 8518 5235

                                                                                  Enrico Salza               Chairperson

                                                                                  Franca Cirri Fignagnani    Director
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange          N/A

                                                                                  Francesco Favotto          Director
Number of Employees                    5,082

                                                                                  Giuseppe Russo             Director
Fiscal Year End                        December
                                                                                                             Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                                  Matteo Colafrancesco
Revenue (in US$ million)               921.00                                                                Managing Director
                                                                                  Oscar Giannoni             Director

                                                                                  Piero Luongo               Director

SWOT Analysis
                                                                                  Company Overview
Strengths                              Weaknesses
                                                                                  Banca Fideuram SpA (Banca Fideuram), a
Network banking model                  Fee-based business model                   subsidiary of Intesa SanPaolo banking group, is
                                                                                  a private banking and wealth management
Strong Business positioning                                                       services provider, based in Italy. The bank
                                                                                  provides a range of private banking and wealth
Support from Intesa SanPaolo
                                                                                  management        services    to  high-net-worth
                                                                                  individuals (HNWIs have a net worth of US$1
                                                                                  million or more, excluding their primary
Opportunities                          Threats                                    residence). It also offers mutual funds and
                                                                                  managed fund services to mass market clients.
Expansion of the private banker pool   Competition                                Key services provided by Banca Fideuram
                                                                                  include fiduciary services, investment services,
Global HNWI market outlook             Exposure to the European debt crisis       insurance, and traditional banking services, and
                                                                                  investment services. The minimum investment
Impact of Basel III on the wealth                                                 threshold for the bank’s private banking clients
                                       Shrinking Italian economy
management industry
                                                                                  stands at EUR500,000 or more in investable
                                                                                  assets. Banca Fideuram had EUR35.8 billion
                                                                                  (US$46.0 billion) in client assets under
                                                                                  management (AuM) as on December 31, 2012.
                                                                                  The bank had historical AuM figures of EUR33.3
                                                                                  billion (US$42.8 billion) as on December 31,
                                                                                  2011, which stood at EUR31.2 billion (US$40.1
                                                                                  billion) as on December 31, 2010. Banca
                                                                                  Fideuram had 97 branches located across Italy
                                                                                  and international locations and served 27,094
                                                                                  private banking clients through 5,084 personal
                                                                                  financial advisors, as on December 31, 2012. It
                                                                                  is headquartered in Milan, Italy.

                                                                                  Key Competitors
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