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					          Our 53rd Year           Cape St. Claire Improvement Association, Inc. Community Newsletter                    June 2008

The next Friends of Anne Arundel Trails Boating Safety classes will run on
          June 2, 6 and 9. For more info, call 410-222-6244.
President’s              tinue their dangerous parking  involved — both initially and
                         behavior. We will be contact-  long term.
Perspective              ing police for more monitoring
                                          and towing in the area since                     Over the years we have tried
We all know this time of year             ticketing alone obviously is not                 many ways to keep our beaches
brings out the gardeners, the bar-        working.                                         safe and secure, but nothing
beques, the birds, the mosquitoes                                                          works for very long. The beach
and the vandals! The natives al-          At the May BOG meeting, a                        attendants do a great job, but they
ways get restless as the sun sets         majority of the board members                    are only there for a few hours at a
later and the days get warmer, but        present voted to withdraw fund-                  time, and even towing only has
this year the incidents are more          ing for a controlled access secu-                an effect for a week or so.
costly.                                   rity/parking gate at Lake Claire
                                          beach. This location was cho-                    This has become a contentious
Case in point; damage done to the         sen as an initial test site to see               issue between board members,
Lake Claire community fishing             how well a controlled access                     but the membership should have
pier by someone setting off fire-         gate system would work and                       the final say.
works and succeeding in setting           alert us to any problems that
the pier on fire.                         needed to be addressed before                    The July meeting presentation
                                          the installation of a similar se-                and discussion will lay the
The damage was sufficient to              curity/parking gate at Deep                      groundwork for how and if we
render the pier off-limits until          Creek, and a controlled access                   proceed to a community ballot to
repairs were made. Please report          pedestrian gate at the main                      determine funding.
any suspicious activity at com-           beach.
munity beaches and parks to the                                                                         Submitted by
police. Your eyes and ears are            Their reasons were varied for                                 Josephine Gardner
our first line of defense.                not supporting the funding, but                               CSCIA President
                                          most admitted they simply did
In the letters to the editor section      not want the gates. I feel it is
of this issue is a plea from a resi-      up to the community to have the
dent on Magothy Park Lane to              final say in this matter.
those who block the street during                                                                        In This Issue. . .
sporting events at Graul’s field. I       Those of you who have an inter-                President’s Perspective . . . . . . . . . . . .1
found it very disturbing that this        est in security/controlled access
arrogant behavior had actually            gates at the beaches and parks                 Board in Brief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2,3
contributed to a death because            need to attend the July member-                Letters to the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-7
emergency vehicles could not get          ship meeting. Areas of concern
through to a stricken resident on         will be explained including how
                                                                                         Rugby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
that street. How incredibly self-         keycards, which will operate the               Dash Thanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
centered are these poor excuses           various gates, will be issued to
for “sportsmen” that even after           property owners, and the costs
                                                                                         County Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,9
this horrible event, they still con-
                                                                                                         The Caper – June 2008 Page 1
                                               Board in Brief                            will respond.
                                                                                         Received another complaint con-
                                               The CSCIA Board of Governors              cerning the recurring parking
  Founded March 1955 Circulation
                3,030                          met for its monthly meeting on            problems near the Graul’s Field
           In Our 53nd Year                    May 12, 2008 at the Cape St.              ballparks area, especially the Lit-
            Published by:                      Claire Clubhouse at 7:30 p.m. in          tle Magothy View Drive area. In
  The Cape St. Claire Improvement              the Cox Meeting Room. Presi-              addition to other actions, Presi-
          Association, Inc.                                                              dent Gardner will include this
                                               dent Josephine Gardner provided
  1223 River Bay Road Annapolis,                                                         issue in her “President’s Perspec-
             MD 21409                          opening remarks and presented
                                               the agenda for the meeting.               tive” when she writes her next
        Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri
         7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
                                                                                         article for the Caper.
       CSCIA Office & FAX                      Attendance: Governors Biondi,
           (410) 757-1223                      Campbell, Daly, Gallagher, Gard-          Minutes and Financials:
           (410) 757-1697                      ner, Lamb, Maltz, Newman, Pol-            Motions were made to approve                                                              the April 14, 2008 Monthly BOG
                                               lock and Wolin were in atten-
                                               dance. Governor Morgan was                Meeting Minutes and the March
Caper Staff:
Manager:     Kari Maltz                        absent.                                   31, 2008 Financials. Based on                                                               recent input for the sake of accu-
           301-651-4103                        President’s Remarks: President            racy, another motion was made to
                                               Josephine Gardner                         approve an amendment to the
Editor:   Dana Raymond                                                                   March 10, 2008 Monthly BOG                                                             Meeting Minutes. All three mo-
                                               The CSCIA received a letter from
                                               a resident’s lawyer concerning a          tions were seconded and unani-
The deadline for articles and ads is           building variance request that            mously approved.
the 12th of the month.                         was denied by the Board. The
The Caper is published monthly and             Building Committee Chairman               Agenda Item:
sent bulk rate to all residents of Cape St.                                              Mr. Jim Schrolls of the County
Claire, all nonresident lot owners, local          Cape St. Claire Improvement           Roads Department was present at
government officials and advertisers.                       Association
Copies are also available in CSCIA Of-                                                   the meeting to provide updated
fice, Broadneck Library and local stores.             The Board of Governors
                                                                                         status on the Cape St. Claire
POLICY FOR ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS                                                           Road improvement project that
                                               Office:               Officers:           has been in the planning stage for
All submissions for The Caper must be
                                               President             Josephine Gardner   several years. In short, the plans
received by the editor by the 12th of the      Vice-President        Sam Gallagher
prior month. Submissions should be                                                       are essentially complete except
                                               Secretary             Joe Daly
emailed as Microsoft Word attachments          Treasurer             Lou Biondi          for some right-of-way and storm
(PC only) to:, or                                                  water issues that should be re-
dropped off (on disc or CD) at the Club-       Committee:            Chair:              solved by the end of this year.
house. Articles must be submitted elec-        Beaches & Parks       Frank Newman-
tronically. DO NOT submit as inline                                                      He expects construction to start
                                               Building              Joe Daly
text of email. All articles should be          Caper                 Kari Maltz
                                                                                         in the spring of 2009.
clearly labeled with the 1) submitter's        Clubhouse             Mary Lamb
name, 2) phone number, 3) article file-        Covenants             Joe Daly            In reference to the Hilltop Drive/
name (s), 4) software product and 5)           Long Range Planning   Dan Wolin           Little Magothy View/Cape St.
version used. Please keep a backup             Membership            Barbara Morgan
copy of each file and do not submit                                                      Claire Road (CSC Road) inter-
                                                                     & Kimberly
disks containing extraneous files. After                             Pollock             section near Graul’s, he stated
The Caper processes each article, the          Personnel             Josephine Gardner   that a roundabout was ruled out
submitter’s disk can be picked up at the       Piers & History       Sam Gallagher       several years ago due to cost and
CSCIA office during regular hours. The         Roads                 Bruce Campbell      negative impacts. However, he
Caper Staff and the Cape St. Claire Im-        Website               Frank Newman
provement Association reserve the right        Nominating            Mary Lamb
                                                                                         also stated that a study of traffic
to refuse any article, letter or advertising                                             volumes at that intersection indi-
that it deems inflammatory, in poor taste               Budget Committee:                cated they were high enough to
or inappropriate.                                   John Berley, Wayne Morrison,         warrant a traffic signal. The pro-
                                                             Jack Savage
The Caper - June 2008 Page 2
posed signal would have split                      Cons: -Slightly increased delay                       Board member commended Gov-
phasing, whereby the signal would                  for traffic on CSC Road.                              ernor Gallagher for calling boat
go green for Hilltop Drive and Lit-                         -Would be helpful to                         owners during the height of the
tle Magothy View Drive sepa-                       lengthen proposed northbound                          storms to advise them of boat
rately, in addition to CSC Road.                   left-turn lane from CSC Road.                         damage potential.)
The signal would include pedes-                             -Ongoing energy and
trian phases (signaled pedestrian                  maintenance costs.                                    Beaches and Parks – Governor
crosswalks) and this signal would                           -Cars in left turning lanes                  Newman reported that recent
be coordinated with the Cape Fire-                 must wait for a green light.                          vandalism at the Cape fishing
house signal. Mr. Schrolls cited                                                                         pier resulted in a burned 4-foot
the pros and cons of having a traf-                Although a traffic signal is war-                     hole through the pier and the de-
fic signal in place:                               ranted, it is not considered critical                 struction of a light structure.
                                                   at this time. The County would
Pros: -Overall delay is decreased.                 like CSCIA input expressing its                       Additional Board discussion took
Delay for side street traffic is re-               preference, but the County would                      place on the subject of installing
duced substantially.                               make the final decision.                              parking gates with card sensors at
        -Controlled pedestrian                                                                           the Deep Creek and Lake Claire
crossing between the ball fields                   Committee Reports:                                    park areas.
and shopping center.                               Piers – Governor Gallagher re-
        -Easier access to CSC Road                 ported that the County finally ap-                    Adjournment: The regular May
from the side streets by assigning                 proved the permit for two new                         12, 2008 BOG Monthly meeting
definite right-of-way.                             piers at Deep Creek, and that                         ended at 10:15 p.m. The next
        -Drivers exiting side streets              about six boats were damaged at                       monthly Board of Governors
would not have to guess where on-                  the Lake Claire slip area during                      meeting is scheduled for June 9,
coming traffic is bound.                           the recent wind/rain storms. (A                       2008 at 7:30 p.m.

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                                                                                                                     The Caper – June 2008 Page 3
Letters to the Editor                 dumpster. We were naive then         those cars parked there. It's too
                                      and didn't figure out the signs      painful.
Letter #1:                            must have been torn out of the
I've had to call the police several   ground. We are asking for your       We've had several instances
times this week. The police tick-     assistance in getting additional     where we've politely asked peo-
eted yet another car that chose to    signs installed on this street. I    ple to remove their car parked on
park on my front lawn at … Ma-        am willing to have one placed        our lawn and have been met with
gothy Park Lane on Wednesday          on a corner of my property.          curses and one-finger salutes.
evening. [My] family lives di-        Several more need to go on the       [Recently, a husband and wife
rectly across the street from the     opposite side of the street, re-     who had illegally parked]
Graul's Ballfield in Cape St.         placing the ones that were torn      unleashed a volley of curses [at
Claire. The policeman who came        out. Also, signs need to be          me] in front of their young child.
in response to my call noted          turned around since most of the      When a policeman told [the hus-
"This parking problem has been        illegal parkers are parking on       band] to move, he parked his car
going on since I was a teenager       the "left" side of the road when     literally in the center of the street
playing ball here." Isn't it about    they drive down the street. That     and walked off. I also came
time something definitive was         way they can't claim they didn't     home one day to find a …
done?                                 see the signs.                       woman in [a]…large truck had
                                                                           backed into my driveway. She
Last night before midnight,           Getting more signs re-installed      was busy eating and had a good
someone threw raw eggs and            probably won't keep the die-         view of the game on the field
strips of turkey bacon (??) on two    hards from ignoring the obvi-        from her seat. She got very irate
of our cars. I was at a church        ous, but please pass on to your      when I asked her to move along.
youth meeting in Northern Vir-        coaches that – because of those      Naturally, I got a single finger
ginia 'til past midnight and my       folks who insist on their "right"    salute as she stuffed the last bit of
car missed the attack. We as-         to park illegally on this street –   her hot dog in her mouth and
sume it's someone who thinks it's     a man died several years ago         drove off.
our fault they got a ticket for       when the ambulance that was
parking illegally, and not through    responding to a 911 call to aid a    Let me state that we love the ac-
any fault of theirs. We are not       heart attack victim got stuck        tivity in the park - the sounds, the
sure what message eggs AND            maneuvering down the street          kids playing, the smell of hot
bacon is supposed to convey ex-       and had to back up and go            dogs - it's all fun. My kids enjoy
cept that no one else in the area     around. He died moments be-          the park and we willingly pick up
was attacked.                         fore the EMS reached his house       quite a bit of the litter after a busy
                                      at … Magothy Park Lane. His          game weekend. Playing ball is a
When we moved here four years         widow … has since sold the           good way for kids to get exercise
ago, we did notice a couple "No       home and moved to the Eastern        and learn all sorts of important
Parking" signs laying by the park     Shore. She cannot stand to see       life lessons in fair play, teamwork

The Caper - June 2008 Page 4
and sportsmanship. However,           and on Cape St. Claire Commu-           efficacy of the solution. It is not sim-
many of those lessons are diluted     nity property, and I sincerely ap-      ply that some don’t want gates;
by arrogant parents who, in front     preciate those efforts. Hopefully,      many board members, I thought, felt
of their children, willfully ignore   your coaches can redouble their         it prudent not to move forward with-
                                                                              out fully considering the ramifica-
posted signs and choose to park       own attempts to pass the message
                                                                              tions of such a project.
illegally. When these people          on to their team parents, as it is
curse the residents of this street    the local folks, not "outsiders,"       I can not speak for my fellow board
for having their cars ticketed,       who park illegally on this and the      members, but I will speak for myself
they are passing other, more          other side streets surrounding          now that it is clear there was dis-
negative, lessons on to their chil-   three sides of the park.                agreement among board members
dren. Further, when their con-                                                and that I chose not to support the
duct directly endangers the ability   Regards,                                idea or project at this time.
of the residents of this neighbor-    Wendy Winters,
hood to receive lifesaving emer-      Cape St. Claire Resident                Security Gates
gency medical assistance or to
                                                                              The initial plan I remember being
reach their homes unimpeded,          Letter #2:                              discussed on the Board in February
what messages are these people        Community Security                      or March was to install automotive
imparting to their children?          FROM MY PERSPECTIVE                     security gates at the Clubhouse,
                                                                              Lake Claire and Deep Creek. In ad-
"It's more important for me to        Due to increasing unauthorized ac-      dition, there was to be a pedestrian
park easily and avoid walking         cess of Cape St. Claire parking lots    gate installed at the Main Beach.
300 feet from the half-empty          and beaches and parks, drug traffick-   Key cards issued to homeowners
                                      ing and vandalism, the CSCIA is         would control all the gates.
parking lot than for these people
                                      considering the installation of con-
to travel freely on their own         trolled access security gates at Lake
street, park in their own driveway                                            The price was around $50,000 for
                                      Claire, Deep Creek and the Main         the initial installation (including one
without having to ask strangers to    Beach.
remove themselves or look out                                                 key card per household). As I un-
                                                                              derstood it, a modified plan was to
their front window without seeing     Some believe that controlled access     install two gates, one at Lake Claire
someone parked on top of their        gates will severely cut down unau-      and one at the Clubhouse, with key
lawns?" We are hoping the attack      thorized use of our piers for boat      cards, for $28,000. After some dis-
on our vehicles last night was an     launch/retrieval and use of beaches     cussion in April, which I wasn’t pre-
isolated incident, and will not be    by neighboring communities. It is       sent for, I heard that Deep Creek
repeated. We can assure you, we       hoped that the gates will also curb     replaced the Clubhouse as an initial
                                      vandalism and drug trafficking on/
will continue to call for police                                              site due to all the legitimate non-
                                      around our community property.          resident traffic that uses the Club-
assistance every time we are
aware of people parking illegally                                             house parking lot.
                                      In my opinion there has been a rush
on this street. I know [the CSCIA     to place these gates in the commu-                       (Cont. on page 6)
has] worked hard to provide addi-     nity without first considering the
tional parking at the fire station

                                                                                       The Caper – June 2008 Page 5
Letter #2 (from page 5)                     Security Gates - The need for           locked the place down (as if it were
What are the True Costs?                    them?                                   really possible). How will others
In March there were questions about                                                 now view the community? If I saw a
operations costs that were not an-          As I have said, I am yet to be con-     bunch of gates, I would have won-
swered. Questions that cross my             vinced that we have a need for se-      dered why. What is the problem in
mind (and not all were even asked           curity gates all over the commu-        this place? I might have thought
yet): What is the cost to replace a         nity. Our problem is that non-          twice about moving here. What will
gate arm? What is the estimate as to        residents use our facilities; park-     happen to housing prices? This is an
replacement needed per year? How            ing, beaches, and boat ramp.            honest question, which I have no
much is an annual maintenance con-                                                  answer for.
tract? Who fixes it when it breaks?         We also have a problem with night
What is the response time for repair?       time vandals, fireworks, and some       What are the Possible Solutions?
How many cards per homeowner                other issues (a lot of which is home
should be issued? What is the in-           grown I believe). None of which,        If the real problem is the use of com-
creased administrative cost to assign,      in my opinion, can be solved with       munity property and facilities by
track, void, and replace cards for          unmanned security gates. With           non-residents, then there may be
homeowners? How many cards will             unmanned gates, during the day,         several solutions to consider. In-
be needed per household (1, 2, 3,           others might walk in from the           cluding:
more)? How much will we charge              street. Does that mean we just
for extra or replacement cards?             pushed the parking problem onto         •    Continued use of Beach Atten-
Who will residents call when faced          the surrounding streets? You can        dants.
with a gate malfunction after regular       still walk onto the main beach any-     • Video surveillance of commu-
Cape office hours? Where will the           time without entering through the       nity parking lots to curb outside use,
funding come from to pay for ongo-          gates.                                  both nuisance and illegal.
ing replacement, repair and admini-                                                 • Changing past towing practices
stration of the gate systems? Basi-         I believe there is a real question as
                                                                                    to hire a towing company to come at
cally, I don’t believe we understand        to the effectiveness of unmanned
                                                                                    peak hours to tow anyone without a
the costs associated with running           gates and fences. Do they work or
                                                                                    sticker, though I would fully notify
this project beyond installing the          deter? The answer I have always
                                                                                    the community before this type of
gates at this time.                         gotten; talking to security profes-
                                                                                    policy where undertaken.
                                            sionals, reading, and logically is,
A suggested compromise, that did            No. And in my mind the answer           • Installing a security gate at
                                            makes sense. The truism goes            Deep Creek to prevent the use of our
not pass at the May board meeting,
                                            something like “fences are only as      ramp, perhaps paid for by slip rent-
was to have a ‘pilot project’ for the
                                            good as the people watching             ers and residents who wish to regis-
Lake Claire parking lot. The amount
                                            them”.                                  ter their trailers and get a key card
of $18,000 was needed just for a
                                                                                    for a fee. This way the people who
gate at Lake Claire and a single key
                                            Another issue to consider is how        use the facility are paying for the
card for every homeowner. But how
                                            this will affect our lives within the   security and controlled access.
do we support a project when we
don’t understand the cost or opera-         community and the look of our
                                            neighborhood? I personally              These are all potential solutions to
tion of it? And, I believe it is harder
                                            moved here for the look of the          our problems. I am not going to take
to kill a bad project than it is to start
                                            community and the water (just to        credit and say, “I thought them up”,
                                            be honest). It reminded me of           because that would be untrue. I am
                                            home with the narrow streets, lines     just putting out the most plausible
The benefits described for undertak-
                                            overhead, abundance of trees, etc.      solutions I have heard over the past
ing this project included: cutting
                                            I liked the 1950s/1970s look com-       month or two. I welcome the chance
down the non-resident use of com-
                                            pared to the baron/sterile new com-     to discuss these with the member-
munity property, preventing vandal-
                                            munities. The Cape is also a            ship at the next Quarterly meeting,
ism, and stopping people from park-
                                            friendly place and I love it for that   which is July 22nd.
ing in community parking lots. In
addition, it was said that we should        to (I sure wouldn't do the work I do
                                            in the community if I didn't).          The need for Community Involve-
save money by not having to have
beach attendants. I am not con-
vinced that these benefits would            But here we go and install gates
                                            and give the illusion that we have      I believe in the need for community
come to pass.
                                                                                    involvement on this issue. Whether
The Caper - June 2008 Page 6
you agree with me on this issue or     Youth "touch" rugby involves          Another Successful
not, I welcome the opportunity to      running, passing, kicking, of-
discuss this with you. As of this      fense, defense, scrums, lineouts,     Dash to Discovery
article printing there is no guaran-   mauls, and scoring – lots of scor-
tee that this issue will come to you   ing for everyone on the team! It      The Cape St. Claire Elementary
via a mail ballot. What was pro-       brings together skills from soc-      PTO would like to thank every-
posed was to see if a mail ballot      cer, basketball, lacrosse and foot-
                                       ball and a lot more...all wrapped     one who participated in this
was warranted, which means we                                                year’s Dash to Discovery and
                                       into one, fast, exciting game. The
could end up with security gates at                                          showed their support for the kids
                                       game needs players of different
the end of the next quarterly meet-    sizes and shapes. If you can          and teachers at Cape St. Claire
ing. It is up to you to come to the    catch, pass and run and want to       Elementary. This year’s Fun Run
July Quarterly meeting, to make        learn, you can play.
your voice heard, and to vote on
                                                                             was a big hit as always, and we
whatever motions are presented.        Youth Rugby replaces the usual        appreciate everyone – partici-
                                       tackle with a two-hand tag, al-       pants and patrons alike – who
This is an example of why I sup-       lowing for co-ed teams. The           came out to take part in and cele-
port a Long Range Plan and stand-      Rugby season will be from June        brate this remarkable neighbor-
ing committee to maintain it. This     to August supporting two age          hood. We would like to espe-
will require by-law changes to         brackets, 7 to 10 (U-11) and 11 to    cially thank our valued and loyal
make it happen. If we do it cor-       14 (U-15). RUGBY is played all        sponsors who demonstrate such
rectly, we can guarantee that capi-                                          commitment to the community
                                       over the world including Eng-
tal expenditures over a specified                                            they serve by contributing their
dollar amount always go out for a
                                       land, Scotland, Wales, Ireland,
                                       France, Argentina, New Zealand,       time, money, and resources.
community vote. So please come
to quarterly meeting.                  South Africa, Australia and Can-      They include:
                                       ada. The CSC Cougars are one of
                                                                              WNAV AM      Richard’s      a.i.
Sincerely,                             forty Youth clubs in the Potomac       1430         Tree Care      solutions,
Dan Wolin                              Rugby Union Youth League                                           inc.
                                       which also includes the Anne
                                                                              ING Real     Volvo of       Hoffman
                 Rugby is              Arundel County Youth Rugby
                                       Association teams of Green Hor-
                                                                              Estate       Annapolis      Animal
                 back this             nets in Severna Park, Andover          Annapolis    Independent    blue
                                       Apaches in Linthicum, Edge-
                 Summer!               water, Arden and Bowie. Addi-
                                                                              Renovators   Construction   heron
                                                                                                          bags, inc.
                                       tionally, two U-17 Tackle teams,       Water To     Graul’s        Bagels
Play RUGBY this sum-                   1 girls, 1 boys, are forming.          Go           Market         and…

mer. The Cape St Claire
“Cougars” Youth Rugby Foot-            No experience is necessary. New        Physio-      Fairwinds      Premier
                                                                              therapy      Marina, Inc.   Open MRI
ball Club, located on the Broad-       players and coaches are needed         Associates
neck Peninsula in Annapolis,           and welcome. Signup going on
Maryland, will be playing again        now. Practice starts the first week
this summer. Players come              of June, 6pm, CSC elementary                          Submitted by:
from Arnold, CSC and the               school soccer fields. For addi-                       Laura Seebeck
                                                                                             CSC PTO
USNA complex.                          tional information, and registra-
                                       tion go to:
American Football is based on          email:
RUGBY. It’s different from
football because there are no          Submitted by: Ric Kempton
huddles, no time-outs, and the
same players play offense and
defense. It’s a co-ed, non-
contact sport where all players
get to run, pass, and kick the
                                                                                     The Caper – June 2008 Page 7
 Students, Schools and                sidered “closed for develop-       partment will be testifying before
                                      ment”. If ever there was a         the County Council. For those
         Seats                        time to tune in or mark your       interested, the Board of Educa-
          Council in Action
        by Cathleen M.Vitale          calender, it’s May. In addi-       tion will be present May 2, begin-
       Councilwoman, District 5       tion to checking the County        ning at 1:00 p.m., to present their
                                      Council website,                   budget. During the presenta-
It’s that time again, Budget                  tions, the public is invited, but no
Month for the Anne Arundel            CountyCouncil, please note         public testimony is taken at that
County Council. The County            the following crucial dates:       time.
Council has been busy the last        Budget Presentation - May
two months, struggling with mul-      1, 11:00 a.m., Arundel Center;     At the same time, the Council
tiple pieces of legislation on a      Public Hearing on Budget -         will be considering Bill 23-08
variety of topics, most of which      May 12, Chesapeake Arts            sponsored by Councilmen Dillon
have a direct impact on the fami-     Center, 7:00 p.m.; Public          and Benoit. This bill will be of
lies and businesses of our            Hearing on Budget - May            great interest to those who have
County. Within the month, the         14, Council Chambers, 7:00         students in our public school sys-
Council will be addressing more       p.m. Additionally, the County      tem, as it seeks to increase the
than two dozen different pieces       Council will sit beginning         acceptable capacity levels for stu-
of legislation, some specifically     May 1 at 1:00 p.m. to hear         dents to 105% of the elementary
tied to the budget and others rou-    department testimony regard-       school state-rated capacity and
tine government matters. Addi-        ing specific budget requests.      110% of the middle school and
tionally, hearings will be held on    If you have an area of interest,   high school state-rated capac-
proposals to change the number        please contact the County          ity. The bill will also reduce the
of students that can be enrolled in   Council Offices at 410-222-        time a developer has to sit on a
a school before the school is con-    1401 to inquire as to when a       waiting list from six years to
                                                       specific de-      three. I have many concerns

The Caper - June 2008 Page 8
about this bill and have begun to                   me feel quite comfortable as I      staff, but also the quality of the
talk to the sponsors about those                    roamed the schools, interrupted     environment in which the child
concerns. The bill appears, on its                  classes, used new technology (I     learns. Despite what people say,
face to say that at the end of three                love the Smart boards!) and re-     just like the straw that broke the
years, if the school is still over-                 ceived a few lessons from stu-      camel’s back, there is a point at
crowded, a development may                          dents who made sure I knew          which one more student breaks
proceed, even though the school                     what was important to them.         the school. There are very par-
is over capacity, regardless of                     Let me pause... and say             ticular nuances in this bill and
how overcrowded. That, is my                        THANK YOU to each and eve-          you need to be watchful of what
first concern.                                      ryone of you. I also saw            is going to happen in your
                                                    schools busting at the seams        schools. Hearings will have be-
Recently I completed my tour of                     with students, classes being        gun (April 21st), and will con-
every school in our District. I                     taught in hallways, multiple        tinue into the month of May at
had opportunities to speak with                     classes being taught in space       the regular scheduled May Coun-
parent groups, students, and ad-                    traditionally intended for one      cil hearings (May 5th and May
ministrators and to walk around                     class or type of instruction, and   19th, beginning at 7:00 p.m.).
and see for myself how schools                      in some cases, classes being
are being used for instruction and                  taught in storage spaces. Spe-      I look forward to seeing you at
learning. I toured open and                         cialized classes were being         our Council hearings! Remem-
closed spaced schools, recently                     “horned in” wherever possible.      ber, email me your budget
renovated schools, new schools                                                          thoughts at
and a few that somehow keep                         Like all of you, my son’s educa-    or call me at 410-222-1401.
getting overlooked each year. I                     tion is very important to me.       Think of me during those beauti-
am happy to report that at every                    The quality of the education not    ful May afternoons.
school, the students, staff and                     only involves the quality of the
faculty were wonderful, making                      teachers and

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     10% OFF on Entire Purchase for Persons 65 or Older
                   (except sale items and 1.75 L)
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                    Wine Tasting
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                                                                                                The Caper – June 2008 Page 9
                           Cape              And “how did it get its name,          graphs of Annapolis from the
                                             you may wonder; “Pusser's?             1880’s through the 1970’s. A fun
                           Cuisine           Just a corruption of the word          place for a nice spring or summer
                                             "purser," the British Royal            day!
             By Ben and                      Navy officer who doled out the
 Kathleen Hatcher                            daily ration of rum to the ship's      Wanting to try a very local res-
                                             mates.” The crab cake was              taurant, we had sushi at the
 Hello Fellow Capers!                        outstanding, Pusser’s claims;          House of Hunan in the Cape St.
                                             “Our crab cake recipe was de-          Claire Shopping Center,
 We recently visited Pusser’s                rived from a Calvert county            410.757.3959, http://
 Caribbean Grille which is lo-               cookbook from 1898, but with a We
 cated adjacent to the Marriot               few modern twists to make it           were curious about the advertised
 hotel by the Eastport bridge in             even tastier. Our biggest secret       “Chinese sushi bar.” But we
 Annapolis (80 Compromise                    is that we do not use seafood          were not disappointed! The Bal-
 Street                                      seasoning, but we do use only          timore and Millersville rolls were
 Annapolis, MD 21401,                        the best jumbo lump crabmeat           a special menu item and were
 410.626.0004,                               available.” The menu is inter-         very tasty. The orange sherbet                esting and features Caribbean          with fortune cookie was a fun
 m). Various public parking lots             style food with jerked spices          touch at the end of the meal. The
 are available, or you can use               and Creole flavors, along with         service was fast, pleasant and po-
 valet parking at the Marriot.               traditional favorites like pastas,     lite. They offer dine in, carry-out
 This is a fun restaurant with a             several fresh fish dishes, ribs,       and delivery. We’ll go back!
 lively atmosphere and is located            steaks, fish and chips and more.
 right on “Ego Alley,” so the                Be sure to check out the collec-       Ben’s Best Salsa (Serves 6)
 people watching is very good!               tion of black and white photo-
                                                                                    Summer is almost here, and this

     House Calls Handy-
      man Services, Inc.
        P.O. Box 818                               Ron Bunch
      Stevensville, MD                         Cell: 410-984-9798
           21666                                      Email:

     Phone: 410-721-2003
      Fax: 410-643-6272

                   MHIC# 89670      MHBR#2599
                   OVER 20 YEARS EXPERINECE

           Commercial, Residential
   Custom Projects, Wood Repair, Finished Basements,
  Additions, Garages, Restorations, Kitchens, Bathrooms,
 Maintenance, Roofing, Windows, , Drop Ceilings, Drywall,
           Odd Jobs, Tile, Siding & Decks etc…
 From Start to Finish-No Need to Call Several Contractors
                                                                                  7/15/08                  7/15/08

The Caper - June 2008 Page 10
salsa recipe along with some           Homemade tortilla chips
homemade chips is just the ticket      What is good is salsa without           Remove chips and transfer to a
for your backyard get-togethers.       tortilla chips, right? If you’ve        plate lined with paper towels to
I like to leave the seeds in the ja-   never made homemade chips               help remove excess oil. Sprinkle
lapeno, but I tend to like my          before you will be amazed at            with salt and the cumin if you
foods hotter than most folks.          how easy it really is, and how          desire. Enjoy!!!
You may wish to remove the jala-       much better they are than store
peno seeds, but save them on the       bought chips.                           Beer of the Month:
side. You can always add them
back in if you want things a little    Ingredients:                            The beer of the month is
hotter.                                                                        “Blackout” by DuClaw Brewing
                                       Package corn tortillas                  Company. I recently had the
My suggestion is to have a little      24 oz. bottle of peanut oil             pleasure of trying this newly re-
extra of each ingredient. You          Salt                                    leased beer from DuClaw.
will likely want to tailor things to   Dried Cumin (optional)                  Blackout is quite simply a spec-
your own taste. It’s worth it to                                               tacular beer. This dark German
go the extra mile and use good         In a skillet add approximately ½        style lager offers a subtle trace of
quality fresh tomatoes instead of      inch of the peanut oil. Heat the        hops, with roasted malt flavors.
canned, if you have time.              oil over medium heat for ap-            The beer is smooth and not bitter.
                                       proximately 5 minutes. Be               If you like the hoppiness of a
Ingredients:                           careful because you don’t want          Pale Ale, but are turned off by the
                                       to get the oil too hot, and have it     bitterness found in some Ales,
6 Medium to Large tomatoes             start popping and burn you.             Blackout is a great alternative!
(peeled and seeded)                    While the oil heats, quarter the
½ cup chopped green onion              tortillas, slicing them into 4
1 Jalapeno pepper (seeds re-           pieces. Add one of the tortilla
moved unless you like it hot)          strips to the oil.
2 cloves garlic
¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro           If it starts to sizzle when you
Squeeze of fresh lime juice            put it in, the oil is hot enough.
Salt to taste                          If not, give it a minute or two
                                       and try another chip.
Peel and seed the tomatoes and
add to food processor or blender       You’ll get the hang of it pretty
with the rest of the ingredients.      quickly. Fry each chip for ap-
Blend until smooth. Serve with         proximately two minutes, then
homemade tortilla chips and en-        using a pair of tongs flip each
joy!!!                                 chip and fry for two additional
                                                                              Cape Saint Claire
                                                                           Improvement Association
                                                                     To rent, just call:
                                        Weekend                    Betty Brandemarte at
                                        rates as
    enjoy                                low as                        410-757-1184
  the Cape !                              $275

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Cape St. Claire Improvement Association                                 PRST—STD
                                                                       US Postage Paid
1223 River Bay Road                                                   Annap, MD 21409
                                          POST OFFICE: DO NOT DELAY    Permit No. 224
Annapolis, MD 21409-4999                   - TIME DATED MATERIAL -

                                   BOX OFFICE HOLDER—LOCAL
                                   Or Current Resident
                                   Cape St. Claire
 For Advertising Information,      Annapolis, MD 21409
 Call 301-651-4103

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