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In MS WORD 1. To center the graphic and text select: File/Page Setup/Layout tab/Vertical Alignment/Center/OK You may not see the centering on screen, but it is on the printed page. 2. To select a graphic (picture) select: Insert/Picture/Clip Art/Select your graphic from choices available to you/Insert Size the picture by dragging the little boxes in the corners or sides. Position it in the center using the Alignment button on the Formatting toolbar. 3. If you have a disk with additional clipart you may use it. In that case select From File instead of Clip Art from submenu. 4. To get the Drawing toolbar select: View/Toolbars/Drawing (click in box with mouse to check it) 5. On the Drawing toolbar, select the box with an “A” in it. This is called a textbox tool. Click it and drag to desired place on page to “Draw out” a box. Then type your text inside it. You may also change the font (letter) style, size, and enhance the text using Bold, Italics, etc. 6. To remove the box around text on drawing toolbar, select the 5th tool from right (looks like lines of varying thicknesses) Then, from the pop-up menu select: More Lines/Line Color: No Line/OK. The box will not print out on paper. 7. If you desire the box, do something to enhance it: Select it/choose Shadow tool (2nd from right on Drawing toolbar) Change the thickness using 5th from right tool Make it 3-D by selecting it and choosing the 1st from right tool on Drawing toolbar. Try a Page Border: Insert /Borders and Shading/Page Border Tab/Art (at bottom of dialog box), scroll to find one you like. 8. Use WordArt: The slanted “A” on drawing toolbar. Select a style from palette, then OK In textbox, type text. Your Name, etc. (see Sample below) Change the font style, size to desired. OK NOTE:The text may not appear exactly where you want it. Just grab it with mouse and move it!Go to: File/Print Preview to check alignment, etc. 9. Check out AutoShapes on Drawing toolbar. It offers many pre-drawn objects you may find useful and can insert text into, also. Examples: Oops! 10. If you’re happy with it: File Print

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