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archive.doc - FTP Directory Listing



Compaq Computer Corporation


The FTP archive on is an unsupported service of Compaq
Computer Corporation's North East Internet Infrastructure Services group.
Use entirely at your own risk - no warranty is expressed
or implied. Complaints and questions about its operation should be sent to

The archive on contains many of the commercailly available
files provided the Internet by Compaq. It consists of over 20 gigabytes of information
organized as about 100 separate directories. The archive physically
resides at Compaq's North East Internet Data Center in Littleton, Massachusetts.



Connect to with your local FTP command. Login as user
"anonymous", and use your email address as the password. Below is a typical
anonymous FTP login example. (Case doesn't matter, uppercase is used here
for illustration.)

% ftp
Connected to

[ message of the day text deleted, but please read it ]

220 FTP server (Version wu-2.6.1(1) ready.
Name (gatekeeper: myname): ANONYMOUS
331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.

Use the "cd" command to move between directories; the "ls" command to list
directory contents; and, the "get" command to retrieve files.


The home page is at URL:

Once there, just point and click.



Our public archives reside in the "/pub" directory. We provide index
files in / to help you find what you're looking for; they include:

     Index-byname index in name order (about 23MB)
     Index-byname.Z compressed (about 4MB)
     Index-bytime index in time order, newest first (about 23MB)
     Index-bytime.Z compressed (about 4MB)

These indexes are big, even compressed. If you have access to a Web
browser, you can search them through our Archive Index search page at:

Or, you can use our extended site command "index" to search the index
via FTP, for example:

  ftp> quote site exec index emacs

  The truncation after 20 lines is a feature, not a bug.

The .Z suffix on a file implies compression with the /usr/ucb/compress
program. This is part of 4.3BSD, B News, Ultrix, SunOS, and all other
recent versions of UN*X.

The .z suffix on a file implies compression with the gzip program.
gzip is the prefered compression format of the Free Software Foundation.


Finding something in the archive is a process of exploration. The archive
is organized as a hierarchy of files, with "/" as the top level with most
of the files located in "/pub/DEC". Below "/pub/DEC" are a number of subdirectories.
Later in this document are partial directory listings showing what sorts of
files are available, but for now lets go through an example of how to find

The first step would be to list out the directory "/pub". The precise
format of the listing would be different for VMS and Unix users, and the
files might be slightly different because the archive gets updated. But
the list should be similar to:

  00README-Legal-Rules-Regs dev
  Index-byname         etc
  Index-byname.Z        gatekeeper.home.html
  Index-bytime        home.html
  Index-bytime.Z       hypertext
  README.ftp            index.html
  README.nfs            private
  US-Legal-Regs-ITAR-NOTICE pub        archive.doc
  quota.user        bin

This concludes the instructions on how to use the archive, except for
FTPmail access which is the last section (it's rather long). The
remainer of this document attempts to describe the organization of the
archive hierarchy and to list some of the top-level files available.
The content of the archive changes daily, so you'll have to access it
directly to get up-to-date directory listings.



The top-level of the hierarchy contains:

Index-byname -- Archive index sorted by name
Index-byname.Z -- Compressed version
Index-bytime -- Archive index sorted by file modification time
Index-bytime.Z -- Compressed version
Index-explain -- Description of the index
Index-explain.Z -- Compressed version
README.ftp         -- This file
README.nfs          -- Instructions for NFS mounting the archive (no longer supported)
archive.doc -- Overview and usage guide for the archive
bin/       -- Private directory used by the FTP program
dev/        -- Private directory used by the FTP program
etc/       -- Private directory used by the FTP program
hypertext      -- Private directory used by the archive administrators
private/     -- Private directory used by the archive administrators
pub/        -- Public directory containing the archive files

The only interesting subdirectory here are "pub".

/pub contains:

DEC/         -- DEC-related files

"DEC" contains:

Alpha                 -- Compaq Alpha firmware and other support files and
DECinfo                       -- DEC information regarding alpha
IAS                   -- Tools, such as TCPwrapper, Perl, tcltk and others.
Linux-Alpha           -- Linux Alpha distributions.
Linux-Alpha-Tools     -- Linux Alpha Tools
collect               -- Collect agents and documentation
y2k                   -- Y2K information.

***** Archive Administrators

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