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                                                                                                                                                                                         August 2010

                                                                                                                                                     NEW SCHOOL YEAR
                                                                                                                                                     TO BRING CHANGES
                                                                                                                                                     Sunman-Dearborn budget cuts
IMPORTANT                                                                                                                                            mean larger classes, fewer staff
                                                                                                                                                     By Brandi Baldwin
NOTICE TO                                                                                                                                               Students, faculty and the community will
                                                                                                                                                     see many changes in the Sunman-Dearborn

  BEACON                                                                                                                                             school district for 2010-2011 as a result of
                                                                                                                                                     financial decisions made over the summer.
                                                                                             This intersection in Bright is a popular location for      The school year begins for students on Aug.
 READERS:                                                                                    fund-raising roadblocks

                                                                                             ALL ROADBLOCKS,
                                                                                                                                                        Over the summer, the school board passed
                                                                                                                                                     measures to reduce the budget because of the
                                                                                             OR NO ROADBLOCKS?                                       cuts made by the state to the general fund.
   NEXT MONTH'S                                                                                Dearborn County is seeking public com-                The state finances the general fund, which is
                                                                                             ment on the popular practice of roadblocks              responsible for paying for employee salaries,
    EDITION WILL                                                                             as a fund-raising tool.
                                                                                               At the July 6 County Commission meet-
                                                                                                                                                     benefits and school programs.
                                                                                                                                                        The corporation had a deficit of $3 million
     LOOK MUCH                                                                               ing, Commissioner Jeff Hughes said he                   at the end of June this year and were also cut
                                                                                             received a number of inquiries as to whether            $2.5 million by the state, said Charles Blake,
     DIFFERENT.                                                                              permits should be required for roadblocks.              director of financial operations.
                                                                                               Commission President Ralph Thompson
    CHECK YOUR                                                                               noted there are safety concerns involved but
                                                                                                                                                        To avoid being more than $5 million in
                                                                                                                                                     debt, administrators began to look at their
    MAILBOX FOR                                                                              the idea of permits raises "a lot of sub-issues"        options.
                                                                                             such as liability on the part of the county.               The central office building on Lawrenceville
        THE                                                                                  Continued on Page 2                                     Road, where the superintendent and adminis-
                                                                                           HERTH NAMED QUEEN                                         trators are located, is closing this summer.
   'NEW BEACON'!                                                                                                                                     They will move to East Central High School
                                                                                           OF DEARBORN FAIR                                          and will use the offices that the principal and
Read more on Page 2.                                                                          Amanda Herth was                                       staff occupied. The high school administra-
                                                                                           crowned queen of the                                      tors will move to where the guidance depart-
                                                                                           2010 Dearborn County                                      ment was located.
                                                                                           4-H & Community Fair.                                        Closing the central office will save $6,000 a
                                                                                           The daughter of Rob                                       year. The money made from selling the old
                                                                                           and Karen Herth is a                                      building will be have to be returned to the
                                                                                           2010 graduate of East                                     debt-services account and cannot go toward
                                                                                           Central High School and                                   the general fund.
                                                                                           has been a member of                                         The ROD Special Education Co-op build-
                                                                                           the St. Leon Lucky Amanda Herth                           ing in Sunman will move into Sunman
                                                                                           Leafers for six years. She                                Elementary to save the costs of running a
                                                                                           has exhibited 4-H projects including foods,               separate building. The co-op helps students
                                                                                           gift wrapping and swine.                                  Continued on Page 3

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           COMING IN
                                                                               The Beacon --                         have a different look, but, as

         The BEACON
                  Publisher                                                    everything from                       we've always been told, it's what's
               Celeste Calvitto                      FROM THE                  Jeanie Smith's                        inside that counts.
             Founding Publisher                 UBLISHER                       "In The Good
                 Liz Morris                                                    Old Days" to                          ROADBLOCKS
                Contributors                                                   school news --                        Continued from Page 1
   Jeanie Smith, Melanie Alexander,                                            will be here in                          Commissioner Tom Orschell
  Teresa Young, Cindy Jasper-Parisey                                           September. They                       cautioned against "opening a can
                                                            By                 will just be in a                     of worms."
              FX-Design, Inc.                               Celeste            different pack- Peggy Waltz              "Who is going to police it?" Mr.
               Bright Graphics                                                 age.                                  Orschell asked. 'There is no way to
          Phone: 812-637-0660
                                                            Calvitto              The "New" Beacon will look         regulate it to be fair to everyone."
            FAX: 812-637-5300                                                  more like a traditional newspaper,       Commissioners             directed
                                                                               although not full size. It will be    County Coordinator Bob Ewbank
                                         A NEW ERA FOR                         printed on newsprint and offer        to write a letter to Sheriff David
       To submit news and photos:        THE BEACON                            full-color photos and advertising.    Lusby for assistance as to which
                                            About this time last year, I          And that's the key.                laws might be enforced regarding
    · E-mail:
                                         bought The Beacon from its               Advertising.                       blocking of highways.
     · Bring materials to The Beacon                                              That's what keeps The Beacon          However, Mr. Ewbank told The
       office, 23995 Stateline Road      founder, Liz Morris.
        (mail slot next to the door)        Now, after 16 years, The           going, as I have often reminded       Beacon on July 8 that after some
           · Mail to: The Beacon,        Beacon is on the verge of a           Beacon readers through this col-      research, the state law that came
      23995 Stateline Road, Suite E,     makeover, of sorts.                   umn. The new look will give cus-      closest to addressing the issue is that
           Bright, Indiana 47025            There's a lot of buzz about The    tomers more options.                  motorists must yield to pedestrians.
        Deadline for submissions is      "New" Beacon, which will debut           I'm excited about that. I'm also      Because a permit procedure
            the 9th of the month.        next month. It will look nothing      thrilled to announce that some-       was determined by commission-
      The Beacon is an independent       like The Beacon you are reading       one who many of you know will         ers to be a bad idea, Mr. Ewbank
    monthly publication dedicated to     right now, so be on the lookout       be joining The Beacon Team.           said there are two ways to go: Ban
the residents of North Dearborn County   for something different.                 Peggy Waltz, who retired from      all roadblocks, or do nothing.
         and the surrounding area.          But longtime readers -- and the    Sunman-Dearborn schools after            "We are going to invite public
                Published the
                                         newer ones who are also enjoying      40 years, is The Beacon sales         comment on those two options,"
       1st of each month by Beacon                                             manager for new accounts. If you
  Publishing Co. Inc., 23995 Stateline   a truly local publication -- should                                         he said.
 Road, Suite E, Lawrenceburg, Indiana    not be alarmed.                       are a Beacon Territory business          Dearborn residents can weigh in
     47025. Bulk rate postage paid at       The features and information       and haven't yet advertised with us,   by writing to Mr. Ewbank at the
         Lawrenceburg, IN 47025.         that have been the foundation of      you might be seeing Peggy on          County Administration Building,
                                                                               your doorstep.                        215B West High St., Lawrenceburg
                                                                                  So, for longtime Beacon fans,      47025, or e-mailing wewbank
                                                                               don't despair. The Beacon will

       23947 Salt Fork Rd. · Lawrenceburg, IN
                                                  PAGE 2        THE BRIGHT BEACON              August 2010
NEW SCHOOL YEAR                           ing year. School board meetings over   'MOVE OVER'                          road construction zones. In
                                          the summer drew many community                                              March, a construction worker was
TO BRING CHANGES                          members who were concerned
                                                                                 LAW UPDATED                          struck and killed by a vehicle on I-
Continued from Page 1                                                               Two changes to Indiana's 'Move    80 in Lake County, and a worker
with special needs and is shared by       about those programs and others.       Over' law took effect July 1.
                                             Several music teachers were cut                                          was struck by a vehicle and
Ripley, Ohio and Dearborn coun-                                                     Motorists must reduce their       injured on I-65 in Boone County.
ties. The building housed the co-         in the district along with an art      vehicle's speed 10 mph under the
                                          teacher. Also, the agriculture                                                 Indiana emergency vehicles
op's school psychologist and spe-                                                posted speed limit if they cannot    include police vehicles, ambu-
cialist. Closing the building will save   teacher retired at the middle          move to an adjacent lane safely.
                                          school and will not be replaced.                                            lances, fire trucks and rescue
the school system $9,500 a year.                                                 Also, the updated law includes       equipment, highway incident-
   Non-certified staff were also             "We didn't have much choice in      utility service vehicles.
                                          the matter," Dr. Hendrix said.                                              response vehicles, highway main-
cut along with reducing the bene-                                                   The state Department of           tenance vehicles, utility service
fits for non-certified staff and          "We wanted to stay away from the       Transportation and State Police
                                          core subjects. It's very frustrating                                        vehicles and vehicle recovery
reducing the school board's pay by                                               remind drivers to approach cau-      equipment, including tow trucks.
10 percent. Other actions taken           to me to tell them they don't have     tiously when an emergency or high-
                                          a job when they were doing so                                                  Violating the law can result in a
included de-escalating the salary                                                way maintenance vehicle is stopped   fine and license suspension up to
raise schedule, not replacing             well with the students."               with emergency lights flashing.
                                             Ms. Weber said they tried to                                             two years if you cause damage to
retired administration personnel,                                                   This is the time of year when     emergency equipment, injury or
and allocating more duties to new         keep as many classes at the high       highway work crews are out in        death to an emergency worker.
employees. The new assistant prin-        school as possible.
cipal will also assume the responsi-         Though the deficit should be
bilities of the guidance director.        down to $2 million by the end of
   "We've done everything we can          the year, Mr. Blake said there's a
without reducing a program itself,"       chance the corporation could see
Supt. Jeff Hendrix said. "We've           more cuts from the state later this
tried to keep all of them intact."        year.
   At the end of the year, 17 peo-           "We're looking at today and the
ple retired from the school system        future's going to pay dearly for
and on June 3, 12 people were let         it," Mr. Blake said.
go, including teachers.                      Dr. Hendrix said further budg-
   Mr. Blake said the school will         et cuts may require the adminis-
save $800,000 for the rest of 2010        tration to start looking into cut-
from the retired teachers and $1.7        ting programs.
million in 2011.                             A leadership council has been
   However, at least one position         set up for community members
that a teacher retired from will          and parents to discuss ways to
need to be replaced.                      save money and develop fund-
   Because there will be fewer            raisers to help different programs,
teachers, class sizes will be larger.     such as the band. For more infor-
Dr. Hendrix said they're trying to        mation, contact the central office.
keep class sizes under 25 students
in kindergarten, first grade and          LEGION
second grade. This year, most             CARD PARTY
classes had 22 students.                    A Euchre Card Party will be
   "With the way the financial sit-       held at American Legion Post
uation is, we did have to make            452, New Alsace, on Aug. 15.
some pretty tough decisions,"             Sign-up stars at 12 noon; tourna-
school board president Kim                ment begins at 1 p.m.
Weber said. "We are wanting to              The cost is $5 per person.
try to keep our class sizes down.         There will be cash prizes and
It's just really rough times."            lunch is available.
   Art, music, gym, business, agricul-      For more information, call 812-
ture, and family and consumer sci-        637-0644 or go to www.legion-
ences could be affected in the com-

                                                   PAGE 3         THE BRIGHT BEACON              August 2010
SUNMAN-                                                         tant position); Raymond House,                                would be open to all schools in         posed a cost-savings measure that
DEARBORN                                                        EC Boys and Girls Head Swim                                   the district, was approved.             would allow the needs of the stu-
                                                                Coach; Susan House, EC Boys &                                    Charles Blake, director of           dents to be met while lowering the
REPORT                                                          Girls Assistant Swim Coach; and                               financial operations, advised the       cost for the corporation. Under
July 8, 2010                                                    Norman Glen Barker, EC Extra-                                 board that the district ended May       law, the district must educate all
By Liz Morris                                                   Curricular Head of Math                                       2010 with a negative balance of         students, including those expelled
   Present were Board president                                 Department.                                                   $2.1 million and that June 2010         or on out-of-school suspension.
Kim Weber and board members                                        There was discussion regarding                             was not closed yet but would have       The district is currently doing this
John Armbruster, Brandon                                        the language for the election of                              an estimated negative balance of        after school hours. By scheduling
Burress, Cindie Fox, David                                      school board members. The pro-                                $2.9 million. He stated that June       the instruction during the special
Anderson and Charlie Keyes.                                     posed change gives more speci-                                should be the worst month and           education teachers' regular school
Glenn Scholl was absent.                                        ficity and clarifies that members                             that the district should start to go    day, savings could be realized while
   In personnel matters, the board                              are to be selected one each from                              back into the black. He reminded        still providing the required instruc-
approved employment for:                                        each township in the corpora-                                 the board that by the end of the        tion. This would be implemented
Mandy Grassi, Food Service                                      tion's district. This proposal does                           year, the corporation must make         as a pilot program with monthly
Director;      Nathan      Louden,                              not change members' terms. It                                 its bond bank payment. One of           updates to the board. A formal
Corporation            Technology                               was approved.                                                 the reasons for the higher deficit      proposal will be presented to the
Coordinator; Gretchen Ernst,                                       A presentation was given                                   was incentive payments to retiring      board at its August meeting for a
BES long-term sub; Karen                                        regarding the Lions Club's                                    teachers. He noted that the district    one-semester pilot program.
Schebler, BES long-term sub;                                    Prevent Blindness Indiana pro-                                did receive its property tax pay-          There were no comments from
Kim Dickman, SDMS long-term                                     viding vision screenings. The                                 ments on time. He cautioned that        the public or from the SDEA.
sub; Thomas Meyer, SDMS long-                                   Lions are gathering information                               in light of the current recession,         Dr. Hendrix advised that
term sub; Kim Lloyd, BES library                                for a study and would need infor-                             the state may make additional cuts      Brenda Osman called from
supervisor; Larry Ehler, EC varsi-                              mation only on race, age and gen-                             in the future. He advised that the      Chicago where her group was
ty volleyball coach; Beverly Ester,                             der. The organization's goal is to                            corporation received 2008 Excess        competing at a national conven-
EC assistant principal-guidance                                 stop blindness. A possible draw-                              Property Tax Levy funds but that        tion. The organization won 13
director; Nancy Lyle, NDES                                      back could be increased referrals                             the state will likely reduce the dis-   gold        medals       and       its
library supervisor.                                             which could be remedied by hav-                               trict's 2011 funding as an offset.      Knowledgeable Team placed 10th
   The board approved the recall                                ing the school nurse rescreen                                    Kris Wilson, director of sup-        in the country. He also wanted to
of Pam Gast as SDMS English                                     prior to issuing a referral. There                            port services, gave an update on        make the board aware that the
teacher. Retirement letters accept-                             would be two vision screening                                 construction projects and advised       corporation is moving toward
ed from Peggy Waltz, EC secre-                                  registration forms. The one for                               that the roof at East Central           vacating the ROD building in
tary; Dennis Meister, SDMS                                      the Lions Club would have only                                should be mostly completed              Sunman. Board attorney, Frank
teacher; and Mary Farrell, BES                                  the three information items they                              before school starts. In order to       Kramer, has received a letter from
teacher assistant. Resignations                                 requested while the school would                              accommodate ROD, a few class-           the Town of Sunman that it is
accepted from: Jackie Batta, bus                                have complete information on its                              rooms at Sunman Elementary are          interested in the building. Dr.
assistant (retains classroom assis-                             students. The program, which                                  being divided. Some air condi-          Hendrix said the building would
                                                                                                                              tioner units are being replaced at      be difficult to renovate and
                                                                                                                              EC and NDES.                            expensive to demolish. He is
                                                                                                                                 Lisa Beneker addressed the           working on an agreement with
                                                                                                                              board         regarding       SDMS      the Town of Sunman to sell it for
                                                                                                                              Homebound Instruction. She pro-         a nominal amount.

                                                                                                                                                             School Band Instrument Rental
                                                                                                                                                              Rates from $16.00 month
                                          HIDDEN VALLEY: 3 bd, 3 bath log cabin with open                                                                       Band Director Approved
                                          floor plan, first flr ldry, Master bd walks out to cov-
                                          ered rear deck and bath has ceramic tiled walkin
                                                                                                                                                              We deliver to your school weekly.
                                                                                                                               10 Commonwealth Av.
                                          shower & Jacuzzi, LL walks out and has ceramic tile                                                                 Repairs * Lessons * Reeds * Books
                                                                                                                                  Erlanger, KY
                                          and pellet stove $224,900
LOGAN: Your Gatlinburg Resort right here in Indiana            majority of interior updated in 2005 $149,900
offers a private and quiet 4 bd, 3 bath log cabin on 8.3       NEW ALSACE: You must see to believe this nice mod-
acres, sunroom, 2 pellet stoves, walkout LL, pond, pole        ern 4 bd ranch on 31 acres with 4 car detached heated
barn with concrete flr & elect, outbldgs for small animals,    garage, older barn and pasture ideal for horses, great
log playhouse $239,900                                         hunting, good pond site. $359,900
HVL: Nice flr plan w/this 3 bd, 2.5 bath 2 story w/WBFP,       BRIGHT: 4 bd, 2.5 bath 2 story features hardwood floor
first flr ldry, partially finished walkout bsmt, formal DR,    in kitchen & foyer, whirlpool tub, first floor laundry, wrap
tile, hrdwd flrs, bonus rm, deck $169,900                      around porch, walkout bsmt, patio, deck, above ground
DOVER,IN: Horseshoe Inn, an old brick historical tav-          pool $189,900
ern/restaurant with living quarters on 2nd level includes      LAND                                                                     S.R. 1 Storage      
large rooms: 2 beds, kitchen, living room and full bath,       LOGAN: 55 acres with two approved septic sites, possi-
price includes beer/liquor/food retail licenses, fixtures      ble split,city water at rd $285,000                                     7117 Hyland Rd                 (812) 576-7117
and inventory $199,900                                         NEW ALSACE: 15.2 acres, 2 adjoining tracts,2
BRIGHT,IN: Exceptional 3 bd, 2.5 bath 2 story condo,           approved septic sites,city water at rd $99,900
finished lower level walks out to patio, deck, close to cul-        Two adjoining 1.3 acre building lots $29,900/each                  Guilford, IN 47022             (513) 317-1619
de-sac, backs up to woods $129,900                             Nr. East Central: 5.6 rolling to level acres $69,900
LAWRENCEBURG: What A Buy with this Gorgeous                    BRIGHT: 1 level acre bldg lot w/shed & picnic
ranch w/open floor plan on double lot, 3 bd, 4 bath, large     shelter,water tap included $28,900                                                     Indoor & Outdoor Storage
rms, gas fireplaces, finished lower level offers another            .97 level bldg lot,city water on property $27,500
kitchen, large FR and walkout to inground pool $429,900             .81 acre bldg lot,city util at rd $24,900                              Variety of Sizes Available: 10’x 5’ up to 18’x 50’
BRIGHT: Affordable living in this 3 bd, 2.5 bath home on       STONEGATE: 3/4 acre bldg lot with 125 ft of rd frontag
¾ acre with wood insert, fenced rear yard, 2 car garage,       $27,900
                                                                                                                                 14’X50’ Indoor Boat & RV Storage w/ Electric: Only $240 a month
                         WE NEED LISTINGS
                                                                                                                                   I- 74 to St Leon Exit (#164) South on S R 1 (1.2 m) to Hyland Rd.

                                                                               PAGE 4                   THE BRIGHT BEACON                      August 2010
      St.     School
      St Paul School, New Alsace
         9788 North Dearborn Rd., Guilford, IN 47022
          Office (812) 623-2631 Cell (812) 212-6485

           Accredited Full Time Kindergarten
           Affordable Catholic School Tuition
Two miles west of Dover on North Dearborn Road

¾ Solid Catholic Education emphasizing values, faith, & discipline
¾ Full-day 5 days per week Kindergarten
¾ SmartBoards, Laptops, Computer Lab
¾ Small class size provides individual attention for maximum
student achievement
¾ Licensed, experienced, caring teachers
¾ Licensed Spanish Teacher
¾ Accelerated Reader & Accelerated Math
¾ Phonics based Reading Instruction
¾N i      l School Lunch P
   National S h l L     h Program
¾ School Library and renovated Gymnasium
¾ Safe, secure campus
¾ At-Risk Teacher for individual remediation and help!

       Come Join Us!

                  PAGE 5   THE BRIGHT BEACON   August 2010
TROOP 692                                                                                                                   BOOK DAYS
EXCELS AT                                                                                                                   AT ECHS
SUMMER CAMP                                                                                                                 AUG. 11-13
   For most Boy Scouts, the                                                                                                    East Central High School will
highlight of their summer is the                                                                                            be open for students to pick up
week-long summer camp. This                                                                                                 their class schedule and pay rental
year, 12 young men from Bright                                                                                              fees at any of the following
BSA Troop 692 traveled to                                                                                                   scheduled times.
Boxwell Scout Reservation on                                                                                                   Wednesday, Aug. 11 from 11
Old Hickory Lake northeast of                                                                                               a.m. - 6 p.m.
Nashville, Tenn. There they                                                                                                    Thursday, Aug. 12, from 11
enjoyed swimming, waterskiing,                                                                                              a.m. - 6 p.m.
small boat sailing, various                                                                                                    Friday, Aug. 13, from 8 a.m. - 3
nature studies, shooting sports      Front row, from left: Kole Cichon, Nathan Hubert, Alex Durham, Mitch Hudepohl, Alex    p.m.
and more.                            McCrillis, Christian Deck, Andy Ficker, James Oldiges. Back row: Nick Hubert, Austin      This includes all students in
   Newer scouts Kole Cichon and      Holmes, Matthew Krimmer, Hunter Hollandsworth.                                         grades 9 through 12. All book-
Christian Deck completed a                                                                                                  store business and book rentals
Greenbar program, each earning         Life Scouts Mitch Hudepohl                 ST. PAUL FESTIVAL                         must be paid at the time of pro-
a rank advancement.                  and Alex McCrillis took part in              AUG. 7-8
                                     scouting's most physically diffi-                                                      cessing. Payments may be made
   Alex Durham, Nick Hubert          cult      program         C.O.P.E.              St. Paul Parish in New Alsace will     by cash or check.
and Matthew Krimmer were a           (Challenging Outdoor Personal                have its annual festival on Saturday,        All students should have all
few scouts shooting their way to     Experience); a high-ropes climb-             Aug. 7 and Sunday, Aug 8.                 bookstore business and rentals
Marksman 1st Class at the NRA        ing - rappelling team building                  On Saturday from 6 p.m.-12             paid by the conclusion of the
rifle range.                         course.                                      midnight, there will be a beer gar-       third book day on Friday, Aug. 13
   James Oldiges represented the       Adult leaders Stewart Durham,              den, games, food and live band            to be completely ready for the
troop in the camp triathlon, plac-   Don McCrillis, Perry Holmes and              with Peppertown. From 5-8 p.m.,           first day of school on Aug. 18.
ing despite having mechanical        Tony Hubert are already planning             there will be a pork tenderloin              Those who desire assistance in
problems on the biking portion.      to return there next year.                   dinner ($10 adults, $5 children).         payment must qualify by Indiana
   Andy Ficker earned two more         Troop 692 is chartered by the                 On Sunday from 11 a.m.- 4:00           guidelines. Applications and
Eagle-required merit badges on       Bright Lions Club. If you or                 p.m. is the family-style chicken          information may be picked up at
his way toward Star Scout rank.      someone you know between 12-                 dinner ($10 adults, $5 children).         the school office on book days.
   Hunter Hollandsworth, Austin      18 years of age is interested in                Other events continue until 7 p.m.         Those who qualify for book
Holmes and Nathan Hubert             joining        scouts,        visit             Activities include a lunch stand,      assistance payment must have the
worked hard and completed the or                  country store, beer garden, raf-          completed form, approved when
Environmental Science merit          contact Scoutmaster Stewart                  fles, children games and prizes,          processing your books on book
badge, among others.                 Durham at 513-373-2692.                      rain or shine.                            days.

            Now Enrolling
                     5th Week Free
                      with this Ad
     • Infants to 12 years
     • Open 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
     • Transportation to local Ohio and
       Indiana schools
     • Nutritional Breakfast, Lunch and Snack
     • Full and Part Time Programs
     • 1 1/2 acres of outside playground space
     • Summer Enrichment Program

                Stateline Road/US 50

                                               PAGE 6           THE BRIGHT BEACON                     August 2010
AFTER-PROM                           tickets to win prizes. Just a few of   COLLEGE                               BACK TO SCHOOL
UPDATE                               them were luggage, stereo, cam-        NEWS                                  DRIVE AT
(Submitted by Kurt Powell)           eras, corn hole sets, laptop com-         Stephanie Lynn Osborn of
                                     puter,     college     refrigerator,                                         FOOD PANTRY
   Another year, another success!                                           Lawrenceburg has graduated              With support from the com-
The East Central After Prom          microwave, Wii, Guitar Hero, and       from the University of Northern
                                     cash up to the top prize of                                                  munity, the North Dearborn
Committee would like to thank                                               Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts      Pantry's Annual Back to School
the community for all of its sup-    $999.99!                               in journalism.
                                        I would like to extend a spe-                                             Drive provides essential supplies
port of this event.                                                            Jamie Bender of West               for local children in need.
    For the 8th year, local busi-    cial thank-you to Michelle King,       Harrison was on the spring
                                     Julie Brock and Selena Mehle.                                                  Please bring donated school
nesses, parents and community                                               Dean's List at Sinclair Community     supplies including back packs,
members came through. The list       These key people started this          College, Dayton, Ohio.
                                     event and are officially retiring                                            pens, pencils, paper, erasers,
is long and the donations were                                                 Elizabeth Scheper of Klare         crayons, markers, glue, glue sticks,
many. We couldn't have done it       this year. Thanks to them, for         Crossing in Guilford, daughter
                                     the past 8 years our kids have                                               folders, scissors and tissue boxes
without you! A special thanks to                                            of Jennifer and William Scheper,      to the North Dearborn Pantry or
Dearborn             Community       had a safe and fun-filled              has accepted a Buschmann
                                     evening on a night that is                                                   your local church no later than
Foundation for the grant,                                                   Award from Xavier University in       Saturday, Aug. 14.
CASA,       Casey's      Outdoor     known to be one of high risk.          Cincinnati. She graduated from
                                     For all of the hard work, dedi-                                                Pantry hours are Monday 9
Solutions, The Bright Beacon,                                               Oldenburg Academy, where she          a.m.-12 noon, Tuesday 5:30-8
Willie's,     HVL        Athletic,   cation and inspiration, I thank        was active in campus ministry,
                                     each of them.                                                                p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.-12 noon,
Dearborn County Sheriff and                                                 community service and softball.       and Sunday 5:30-8 p.m.
many more.                              Please visit our "new" website      She plans to major in political
   Once again, more than 500         at to see         science     at     Xavier.   The
students and guests attended.        pictures of the 2010 After Prom        Buschmann Award is based on a                  ST. PAUL
They enjoyed food, drink, casino     and updated news about the             student's record in high school.                LADIES
games, Inflatables, caricature       upcoming 2011 After Prom.                                                            SODALITY
artists, tattoo artists, video          We are in need of new key           OFFICE HOURS                            St. Paul's Ladies Sodality will
                  games, Giant       members looking to join our                                                   host a hot breakfast bar buffet
                  Plinko, Make       team. There is not a large time        AT ECHS                                from 7:30 a.m. to 12 noon on
                  your        own    commitment, yet we have fun and          East Central High School sum-
                                                                            mer office hours are 9 a.m.-1 -p.m.    Sunday, Aug. 22 at St. Paul's
                  Music Video,       make a big impact. If you are                                                 Church Hall, New Alsace.
                  and a new          interested in joining our team,        Monday through Friday to process
                                                                            records requests and work permits.     There is
                  favorite. Gold     please contact Kim Dunn at 513-                                               a free-
                  Fish Races.        607-8871 or e-mail her from the        The first student day is Aug. 18.
                                                                                                                   w i l l
                    Each student     website.                                                                      dona-
                  earned Funny          Thank you again and we look         NEXT BEACON DEADLINE:                  tion.
                  Money to pur-      forward to your continual sup-         AUG. 6 FOR SEPT. EDITION
Kurt Powell       chase     raffle   port.

                                              PAGE 7         THE BRIGHT BEACON              August 2010
                   COLLIER RIDGE
                      Dearborn County has taken
                   another step toward replacement
                   of the Collier Ridge Road bridge,
                   which has been closed since
                   March because of a structural
                      At their July 6 meeting, county
                   commissioners signed off on the
                   paperwork for County Engineer
                   Todd Listerman to continue the
                   procedure of acquiring $1 million
                   in federal funds to replace the
                      But construction is not expect-
                   ed to begin until at least 2013, and
                   residents in the area have been
                   seeking other solutions such as
                   rehabilitation or repair of the
                      Mr. Listerman has said that the     The bridge on Collier Ridge Road has been
                                                          closed since March because of a structural
                   bridge needs to be replaced to         failure.
                   bring it up to current safety stan-
                   dards, and County Coordinator             Residents at the July 6 meeting
                   Bill Ewbank echoed that opinion        expressed dismay at the commis-
                   at the July 6 meeting.                 sion's refusal to pay $2,500 for an
                      "Repairs wouldn't be cost           engineer assessment, opting
                   effective and won't be as safe,"       instead for pro-bono analysis.
                   Mr. Ewbank said. "We regret               Commissioners agreed to allow
                   there is hardship to residents, but    Mr. Listerman to seek pro-bono
                   we recommend the replacement."         estimates for repair of the bridge,
                      "Three engineers say it is an       while continuing the process
                   unsafe situation," Commission          toward acquisition of the bridge-
                   President Ralph Thompson said.         replacement funding.

PAGE 8   THE BRIGHT BEACON          August 2010
EC FFA                                                         awarded a plaque on-stage at the                          NEW STUDENT                              12. This enrollment is not nec-
AT STATE                                                       fourth general session.                                   ENROLLMENT                               essary for students who have
                                                                  Five general sessions were held                                                                 previously enrolled or were in
CONVENTION                                                     attended by nearly 2,000 people.                          AUG. 4 AT EC                             the school system last year.
   The East Central FFA chap-                                  At the end of the fifth session,                            Enrollment of new students at            Bring a transcript of grades,
ter officers, along with adviser                               chapter delegates attended a spe-                         East Central High School will be         birth     certificate,   Social
Roy Johnson, attended the 81st                                 cial business meeting where they                          held Aug. 4 from 9 a.m. -11:30           Security number and custody
Indiana FFA State Convention                                   voted on constitutional amend-                            a.m. and from 12:30- 3 p.m.              papers (if applicable).
June      14-16      at    Purdue                              ments.                                                      This enrollment is for any
University.                                                       EC's delegates were Ethan                              student who has moved to the             COMING IN SEPTEMBER:
   Members from all over the                                   Luhring, chapter president, and                           school district over the summer            THE 'NEW' BEACON
state competed in leadership con-                              Corey Dawson, chapter treasurer.                          and will be in grade 9, 10, 11, or
tests and attended the daily gener-                            Between sessions, members had
al sessions.                                                   the opportunity to attend leader-                              GALLAGHER                           activities and
   Several of EC's members qual-                               ship workshops and mingle with                                                                     achievements
ified to compete in state-level                                others from different chapters.                                RECEIVES RCF                        have        con-
contests. Nate Stenger gave an                                    The officer team hopes to                                   SCHOLARSHIP                         tributed to her
agricultural sales demonstration.                              bring what they learned from the                                  Jessica Gallagher, a 2010        qualifying for
Laurie Gaynor, the 2009-2010                                   workshops and speakers home                                    Technical Honors graduate of        and receiving a
chapter historian, entered the                                 with them. They are also hoping                                East Central High School, has       scholarship this
chapter's traditional scrapbook in                             to get more members involved in                                been awarded a 2010 higher          academic year.
the scrapbook contest as well.                                 contests next year so East Central                             education scholarship from the      Receipt of an
The Nursery - Landscape team                                   will be represented by a larger                                Research Chefs Foundation           RCF scholar-
received 2nd place and was                                     number of students.                                            (RCF) to Johnson and Wales          ship      serves Jessica Gallagher
                                                                                                                              University in Providence, R.I.      notice of her
                                                                                                                              She is the first graduate to        value as an up-and-coming
                                                                                                                              receive the Pro-Start National      product developer who provides
                                                                                                                              Restaurant Association certifica-   their department a competitive
                                                                                                                              tion. Her mother, Jennifer          edge."
                                                                                                                              Barrott, said that the guidance           The Research Chefs
                                                                                                                              and assistance of the EC FFA        Association, through the RCF,
                                                                                                                              and past and current staff          provides financial assistance in
                                                                                                                              helped Jessica achieve her goals.   the form of scholarships to
                                                                                                                                 According to the announce-       qualified students pursuing
                                                                                                                              ment from the RCF, "Jessica's       higher education in Culinology,
                                                                                                                              education, work experience and      the blending of culinary arts and
Corey Dawson, Gregg Callahan, Christina Doll, Ashleigh Willoughby, Crystal Caudill, Jenna                                     food-related extra-curricular       food science and technology.
Beck, Laurie Gaynor, Eric Callahan, and Ethan Luhring attended the FFA state convention.

                                                   August in DEARBORN COUNTY...the Perfect Place to Play!
   August 1 – Tri-State Antique Market –
   Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds, U.S. 50, Lawrenceburg.
                                                                   August 7 – Movies in the Park – “The Goonies” –
                                                                   Greendale Park, 827 Nowlin Ave., Greendale. 812-537-5499.
                                                                                                                                                                   August 21&22, 2010
   7am-3pm. 513-738-7256 or
                                                                   August 10 – Bird Song Program – Oxbow, Inc., 301
                                                                                                                                                                   “A Roar of Thunder”
   August 5, 12, 19 & 26 – Music on the River – High &             Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg. 7:30pm.                                          Powerboat Regatta
   Walnut Streets, Downtown Lawrenceburg. 7-9pm. or 812-537-4507.                     August 14 – Senior Dance on Main – Aurora                                                       Lesko Park, U.S. 50
                                                                   Lions Club Building, Second & Main Streets, Aurora.                                             Aurora, Indiana
   August 5 – River City Classics Car Club Cruise-In               7pm-10:30pm. 812-926-1100 or
   – Bridgeway Street, Aurora. 6-9pm. 812-290-6117 or                                                                                                              Sat., 1-5pm; Sun. 1-4pm
   812-744-3692 or visit        August 19 – The Lawrenceburg Public Library                                                     Free admission. Testing at 10am
                                                                   Presents the Independent Film, “Welcome”                                                        on both days. Enjoy the 12th year
   August 6, 13, 20 & 27 – Motorcycle Racing–                      – Lawrenceburg Public Library, 150 Mary Street,
   Lawrenceburg Motorcycle Speedway – Lawrenceburg                 Lawrenceburg. 1pm. 812-537-2775 or                                          of tunnel boat racing on the Ohio
   Fairgrounds, U.S. 50, Lawrenceburg. 513-662-7759, or visit                                                                                                      River, plus food booths and an                         August 21 & 22 – “A Roar of Thunder”                                                            air show at 2:30pm on both days.
                                                                   Powerboat Regatta – Lesko Park, St. Rt. 56, Aurora.                                             Antique boat show and beer
   August 6 & 7 – St. Leon Volunteer Fire Dept.                    Saturday racing, 1-5pm; Sunday finals, 1-4pm. Testing at
   Festival – 28870 St. Joe Drive (off St. Rt. 1), St. Leon.       10am. 877-571-6004 or                                                   garden open Saturday and Sunday.
   5pm-1am on Fri., 3:30pm-1am on Sat. 812-576-3336.                                                                                                               No pets or alcohol allowed. Aurora
                                                                   August 21 – Movies in the Park – “Cloudy with a                                                 is on the Powerboat Superleague
   August 7 – “Pilsners & Ports” Summer Soiree                     Chance of Meatballs” – Greendale Park, 827 Nowlin Ave.,                                         points circuit. A fun event for the
   – Hillforest Victorian House Museum, 213 Fifth Street,          Greendale. 812-537-5499.
   Aurora. 6:30-9pm. 812-926-0087, or                                                                                                          entire family!
                                                                   August 22 –Birdwatching Excursion – the Oxbow                                         
   August 7 & 8 – St. Paul’s Parish Church Festival                Wetlands area, Lawrenceburg. 8am. 513-522-8147, or email
   – 9788 North Dearborn Rd, New Alsace. Saturday, 6-11pm
   and Sunday, 11am-5pm. Dennis Kraus, Jr., 812-623-1094.
                                                                   August 28 – Arts Alive! Arts Fair – Lawrenceburg
   August 7, 8, 14, 21 & 27 – Automotive Racing –                  High School, Tiger Blvd. (off of U.S. 50), Lawrenceburg.
   Lawrenceburg Speedway – Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds,               10am-4pm. Free admission. 812-539-4251 or visit                                                 Dearborn County Convention,
   U.S. 50, Lawrenceburg.                                                                                   Visitor and Tourism Bureau
   or 513-519-2759.

                                                               1-800-322-8198 or
                                                                          PAGE 9                 THE BRIGHT BEACON                           August 2010
                                       glasses or any items they collect

            Beacon                     and display. For the women,
                                       Gary's Wood offers custom cabi-
                                       nets, tables of all sorts, shelving
            USINESS                    "and anything you wish to have a
                                       handmade, all-wood item,"
 NEWS ABOUT OUR                        Jeanne says.
  ADVERTISERS                             Custom orders are welcome.
                                          Gary has been doing wood-
GRAND OPENING                          working for 23 years as a sideline
                                       in Cincinnati, but he and Jeanne
FOR GARY'S                             decided to turn a passion into a
WOOD DESIGN                            full-time pursuit. Jeanne does the    The winning team for the DCH Home Health & Hospice Golf Tournament was from D-D
                                                                             Vending. Rik Horn, director of DCH Home Health & Hospice (far right), congratulates
   Gary and Jeanne Haenning            painting and stripping of old fur-    team members Todd Treon, Vince Klee, Max Montoya and Ron Horstman.
have been running Gary's Wood          niture and re-staining. Gary's
Design for a year from their           Wood uses the finest grade 1          DCH HOSPICE                                won a $75 Hidden Valley Golf
home, and now they are taking          wood purchased locally and uses       GOLF TOURNEY                               Club Pro Shop gift certificate and
the leap to an outside facility        only EPA-approved materials. All                                                 a trophy. Mr. Klee was also the
because of a growth in business.       items get several coats of            NETS $3,700                                major prizewinner, receiving a
   On Aug. 14, there will be a         polyurethane for protection and         Dearborn County Hospital                 year's membership to the Hidden
Grand Opening in St. Leon on           years of enjoyment.                   Home Health & Hospice's                    Valley Golf Club. Other winners
State Route 1 in the plaza next to        "Our motto is, 'If you can         annual golf tournament raised              were Bob Bridges, two lift tickets
Exxon Station in the space previ-      dream it, we will create it,' "       more than $3,700 this year for the         for Perfect North Slopes, for hole
ously occupied by Tiny Town            Jeanne said. "Your satisfaction is    Hospice program. A total of 84             #8 closest to the pin; Charlie
Pizza. The actual creating of          guaranteed and we stand behind        golfers took part in the scramble          Hill, four tickets to the May 30
items will remain in their home,       our work."                            held at the Hidden Valley Golf             Cincinnati Reds-Houston Astros
but the staining, painting, strip-        The Grand Opening will be          Club.                                      game, for hole #10 longest drive;
ping and repair will be in the new     held from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Aug.        This was the 16th year for the           Herb Blick, 2009 Bengals team
shop.                                  14. Hours will be Monday-Friday       Hospice tournament, which each             photo autographed by Bengals
   There will be a gift shop featur-   from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and on             year attracts local businesspeople         Coach Marvin Lewis, for the
ing American Girl Doll-inspired        Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and     and golfers to play on the Par 72          "Welcome to the Jungle" drawing.
furniture and many other items         closed on Sunday.                     course.                                      Returning this year as the
for children, and greeting cards                                               The winning team was from D-             platinum level sponsor was ABS
will be offered.                                                             D Vending in Lawrenceburg. It              Business Products, Inc., which
                                                    www.                     was     comprised       of    Ron
   For the men in your life, there         thebrightbeaconindiana                                                       has been the outing's top sup-
will be gun racks, collectible dis-                                          Horstman, Vince Klee, Max                  porter since 2004. Other spon-
                                                    .com                     Montoya and Todd Treon. Each
play cases for golf balls, shot                                                                                         sors included Kevin and Patricia
                                                                                                                        Burns, D-D Vending, Home
                                                                                                                        Furniture, Horseshoe Casino
                                                                                                                        Southern Indiana, Rullman-
                                                                                                                        Hunger Funeral Home and
                                                                                                                        Tesco Elevator. Greens and
                                                                                                                        practice greens, water and sand
                                                                                                                        hazards, beverage carts, tees
                                                                                                                        and/or golfers were sponsored
                                                                                                                        by Black Box Network Services,
                                                                                                                        Bruns-Gutzwiller              Inc.,
                           SCHOOL'S BACK                                                                                Champlin            Architecture,
                             IN 5 WEEKS!                                                                                DeRoyal Orthopedic, DeVille
                                                                                                                        Medical & Oxygen, HHA
                                                                                                                        Services, Hinson Roofing &
                                                                                                                        Sheet Metal, KPB Commercial
                                                                                                                        Printing, Poole Group Inc.,
          Need a little extra money to help buy                                                                         Seitz     Insurance       Agency,
           lovely school supplies and clothes?                                                                          Solutions for Print and Weas
         Come check out Advantage Home Care.                                                                              Prizes were donated by Arby's,
         We are hiring for the following positions:                                                                     Aurora Lumber Co., the
               RNs, LPNs, CNAs & HHA                                                                                    Cincinnati Bengals, the Cincinnati
                                                                                                                        Reds, the Cincinnati Zoo, Classy
                          Serving                                                                                       Cars Auto Detailing, Durbin
                 Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley,                                                                                Bowl, the Fastenal Co., Golden
            Switzerland & Jefferson Counties                                                                            Corral, Grand Victoria Casino &
                                                                                                                        Resort, Greendale Cinema,
                                                                                                                        Horseshoe Casino Southern
                                                                                                                        Indiana, Kings Island, Lowe's
        Please stop by the office or give us a call                                                                     Home Improvement, Massage
                                                                                                                        Therapy by Kate Halbig,
             1-800-807-6839 or 812-537-0325                                                                             McCabe's Greenhouse & Floral,
        460 Ridge Ave. Lawrenceburg, IN 47025                                                                           Newport Aquarium, Papa John's,
                                                                                                                        Perfect North Slopes, Stateline
                          EOE                                                                                           Restaurant and Zorba's Greek
                                               PAGE 10        THE BRIGHT BEACON                 August 2010
RAINBOW                                  FARMERS                              TROJAN                            Beardtongue, Coneflower and
                                                                                                                Ninebark. These names may be
ART CLUB                                 MARKET                               TURF CREW                         unfamiliar, but they are beautiful
AT FCN BANK                              ON FRIDAYS                           LANDSCAPING                       native plants which lend them-
   FCN Bank is featuring the work           The Farmers Market hosted by        The Trojan Turf Crew was        selves nicely to any home land-
of a local organization, The             Providence Presbyterian Church       busy in early June completing a   scape. It will be the responsibility
Rainbow Art Club, as the latest          continues on Friday afternoons       landscape installation on the     of         future       Landscape
installment of FCN's artist series.      from 3-6:30 p.m. (weather permit-    south side of East Central High   Management students to maintain
The club's work will be on display       ting). The market provides fresh     School.         The Landscape     this area. Landscape Management
in the lobby of the bank's Harrison      local products, grown and pro-       Management program received a     is a year-long course taught by
branch throughout August.                duced within 25 miles of Bright.     $500 grant from the Indiana       Roy Johnson, agricultural science
   The show will consist of the             Farmer's Market vendors are in    Native Plant and Wildflower       instructor.
work of seven club members, and          the parking lot in front of the      Society to design, install
subjects range from landscapes to        church at Stateline and Salt Fork    and maintain a landscape
Americana. Rainbow Art Club              Road. For more information,          bed of plants that are
founders Kim Pruitt, Jeanette            contact Linda Johnson at 812-        native to the state of
Kraus and Linda Losekamp will            637-3898.                            Indiana. The bed area
each have several pieces on dis-            Farmer's Market vendors assist    was laid out in early May,
play, as will members Rose               the North Dearborn Pantry. On        the soil was tilled, plants
Humbert, Janet Hacker, Betty             Aug. 20, Bright area gardeners are   were acquired and plant-
Roell and Laura Hartman.                 invited to share their produce.      ed during the first week
   Having all worked under the tute-     Bring produce to the Farmers         of June. Among the
lage of Betty Losekamp, in whose         Market and it will be transported    nearly 70 plants were
studio the Rainbow Art Club was          to the Pantry. Non-gardeners can     S w i t c h g r a s s ,
conceived, the club has been paint-      also drop off other food and
ing together for nearly eight years.     non-perishable items.
   Of the club, Jeanette Kraus              On Aug. 13, there will be a
says, "We laugh, we share, and we        grilled-vegetables demonstration
create our style on canvas year          by Pampered Chef. On Aug. 27,
after year. It has been wonderful        "Coming Home" columnist
and still is wonderful."                 Melanie Alexander will share
   The artist's reception for the club   recipes and tips.
will be held from 5 to 7:30 p.m. on
Thursday, Aug. 5 in the lobby of
FCN Bank's Harrison branch.                   NEXT BEACON
Attendees will have the chance to                DEADLINE:
meet the artists, and the bank will      AUG. 6 FOR SEPT. EDITION
provide light refreshments.

                                                 PAGE 11        THE BRIGHT BEACON            August 2010
                                      came up to well after dark. The      toes. It's a shame children today

                In the                pay wasn't that great and you        seldom ever get to have that won-
                                      were never sure if the money that    derful feeling of exhilaration. I
        OOD OLD                       was coming in would be enough        guess there are still a few farms
                                      to pay for what was going out. A     around where children live that
         DAYS                         crop could be ready to harvest
                                      when a big storm would come
                                                                           simple, innocent kind of life.
                                                                              When the clover started to
                                      and wipe everything away in min-     bloom, I loved making chains
                   By                 utes. There were no weather          from those blossoms to wear
                                      reports!                             around my neck and pretend I
                   Jeanie                 I loved following Daddy to the   was a fairy princess. Since there
                   (Hurley)           field. Sometimes I was allowed to    were no other kids around for me
                   Smith              ride the drag or the wagon. Other    to play with, I learned to be cre-
                                      times, I would just sit under a      ative and inventive. Dolls were
                                      shade tree and play with my paper    made from Hollyhock blossoms
FOLLOWING                             dolls. I never remember Daddy        and mud pies were my special-
MY DADDY                              ever acting like I was a nuisance    ties!!
                                      or a bother. He was never too           When I got bigger and older, I
TO THE FIELD                          busy to stop for me.                 tried to mow grass, which was
   Growing up on the farm back            Sometimes I showed up with a     mowed with a push mower with a
in the '30s and '40s was a wonder-    basket that Mother had fixed for     reel-type blade. The only horse-             My beloved Daddy, Guy Hurley, reading his
ful blessing to me. Mother and        me to carry to Daddy. It would be    power that mower had was me                  Bible.
Daddy never had a lot of materi-      filled with fried egg sandwiches     trying to get up enough strength             either. After I turned the horse
al possessions but they were          on homemade bread and a mason        to push it.                                  into the fence instead of down
wealthy in a way that money           jar filled with milk and another        Summer brought hay-cutting                over the hill to turn around, even
could never buy. Their living was     with cold water from the well. An    time. I didn't last long in the field.       Daddy became a little perturbed!!
made by hard work and the sweat       old tablecloth made from feed        The sweat bees loved me and the                 Best of all times came at day's
of their brow. I can still see the    sacks was spread out on the          heat made me sick. When I final-             end when it was time for supper.
beads of sweat on Daddy's face        ground as we sat down to eat.        ly ended up passing out and                  Supper was the last meal of the
as he worked in a field on a hot      Not one bite was put in our          falling over in the stubble, Mother          day. That meal usually consisted of
summer day, as he removed his         mouth until it had been blessed      sent me to the house (after she              leftovers from dinner, which was
old straw hat and pulled his red      and thanked God for the nourish-     doused me with water) and told               our biggest meal. If there was
bandana handkerchief from his         ment He had provided. I just         me to learn to work in there.                food left over (which there usual-
hip pocket, wiping it all away only   know that simple food was better     Daddy felt sorry for me but not              ly was unless someone showed
to have it reappear in a matter of    than anything today could ever       so sorry that he didn't make me              up at dinnertime we weren't
seconds.                              be.                                  drive the fork-horse which                   expecting) no matter how hot it
   Farming was hard, grueling             Summer was my favorite sea-      absolutely frightened me. That               was, the food was just left on the
work but always gave you a sense      son. I could go barefoot and walk    horse's feet looked like they were           kitchen table with a cloth thrown
of pride and satisfaction. They       through the freshly plowed           big enough to trample a skinny               over it to keep the flies away. I
never punched a time clock, they      ground and feel the fine bits of     seventy-five-pound kid like me to            don't remember anyone getting
just worked from before the sun       earth squeeze up between my          death. I didn't last long at that job        Continued on Page 13

                                                                           Every Sunday                                 Chilled Juices
                                                                                                                        Eggs Benedict
                                                                                                                                             Potato Salad
                                                                                                                                             Fried Chicken
                                                                                                                                             Create Your Own
                                                                                                                                             Omelette Station
                                                                                                                        Biscuits & Gravy
                                                                                                                                             Poached Salmon
                                                                                                                                             Dip Your Own
                                                                                                                        Fresh Fruit
                                                                                                                        Fresh Vegetables
                                                                                                                        Chicken Salad
                                                                                                                                             Plus More!
                                                                                                 205 Harrison Ave.
                                                                                                 Harrison, OH 45030
                                                                                                 In Historic Downtown    $11.95, 10:30am - 2:30pm
                                                                                                 (513) 202-0200               Every Sunday

                                       B            rater Funeral Homes

                                                                                                                        ·Funeral Followup
                                                    “Honoring your memories

                                                                                                                         ·Video Tributes
            John Brater                                  since 1940.”
           Jack Wenning
                                                  John C. Brater            Siefert -Hardig Brater
           Jolene Winter                          201 S. Vine St.             138 Monitor Ave.
           Kathie Brater                             Harrison                    Sayler Park

                                              PAGE 12        THE BRIGHT BEACON               August 2010
Continued from Page 12               BRIGHT HISTORY                        rect response, a
those terrible ailments they talk    TRIVIA CONTEST                        winner will be
about today. Wonder why??                                                  drawn from the
   I was Daddy's girl. He rocked        Last month's Bright History        correct entries.
me until I was so big my feet        Trivia Contest Photo was a tough      Fax your guess to
touched the floor. He was one of     one since there were a lot of folks   The Beacon at
the most loving, respected,          in the picture -- the members of      812-637-5300,
Christian men I have ever known.     the 1958 Bright High School           mail it to The
With only a grade school educa-      baseball team.                        Beacon, 23995
tion, he was a brilliant man and        There were no completely cor-      Stateline Road,
best of all, he really had common    rect guesses, although Karen          Suite E, Bright,
sense, which is the best kind of     Townsend came close! Karen's          Ind. 47025) or
intelligence there is. Following     cousin, Tony Walker, was in the       drop it off at The Do you know the names of these class officers from the early 1960s?
Daddy to the field was the most      photo (and her brother was in the     Beacon office. Sorry, no guesses not be returned and we don't
memorable time I could have ever     class). For her efforts, she will     by e-mail or phone!                   want them to get lost or damaged.
had. Daddy died in his sleep at      receive a $5 gift certificate to        We are always looking for "old" Please get another print made,
the age of 75, on Valentine's Day,   Bright Spot Cafe.                     photos for the Bright History bring them by the office to be
1967.                                   For this month: School will        Trivia Contest. Please don't send scanned while you are here, or
   I loved him with all my heart.    soon be back in session. Can you      original photos since photos can- send by e-mail (preferred).
God Bless.                           identify these class officers from
   P.S. On July 14, I was 83 years   the early 1960s? Send in your
young. August marks 15 years and     guess by Friday, Aug. 6 -- you
6 months of my stories for The       could be our next winner.
Bright Beacon.                          If there's more than one cor-

                                             PAGE 13        THE BRIGHT BEACON                  August 2010
                                                                                                                                points, EC senior Noah Seamon
             BEACON                                                                                                             and EC junior Brandon Batta.
                                                                                                                                The Rams enjoyed another 22-
          PORTS                                                                                                                 game winning season, back-to-
                                                                                                                                back Southwestern Regional
           SCENE                                                                                                                Champion, 2nd place National
                                                                                                                                Christian Tournament and 4th
                                                                                                                                place State Finals.
                    By                                                                                                             With six seniors, the Rams are
                    Kyle                                                                                                        proud to announce that four will be
                    Luebbe                                                                                                      playing basketball at the next level.
                    kyleluebbe@                                                                                                    Allen Isaacs has been
                                                                                                                                recruited      by      Ivy      Tech
                                                                                                             (Richmond, Ind.). Allen is the
                                                                                                                                son of Allen and Patricia Isaacs
Tennis Team                                                                                                                     of Laurel. EC's Sean Johnson
Members On All-State                                                                                                            will      be       playing        for
Academic Team                          EC Tennis Head Coach Scott Kluener, Jackie Carpenter, Megan Bischoff and Rachel
                                                                                                                                Lawrenceburg Indiana Ivy Tech.
   The East Central Girls Tennis       Dunevant
                                                                                                                                He is the son of Jeff and Marty
Team followed the success of the                                                                                                Johnson,        Bright.        Nick
boys team with having three of         EC Girls Soccer                              Laurel                                      McDonough, also from EC,
their own on the this year's 2010                                                                                               has signed with Rose Holman
All-State Academic Team.               Golf Outing                                  Christian Rams                              (Division III). Nick is the son of
    Megan Bischoff, the school's       Aug. 14                                      Basketball                                  Pat and Shawna McDonough,
valedictorian, was selected to the        The EC Girls Soccer Golf                  (Submitted by Head Coach                    Guilford. Noah Seamon of EC
All-State Team. Rachel Dunevant        Outing is Aug. 14 at Brook Hill              Perry Seamon)                               has     signed      with     Clarke
and Jackie Carpenter were selected     Golf Course in Brookville. Cost                The 2009-2010 Rams season                 University (NAIA) of Iowa. He
to the Honorable Mention Team.         is $65 per golfer. Registration is 7         was nothing short of great.                 is the son of Perry and Emily
                                       a.m. with 8 a.m. shotgun start.              Following the 2008-09 season of             Seamon, St. Leon.
Soccer Tryout Aug. 2                      For more information and                  23 wins, ranked 4th in the state,              The Rams would like to thank
   East Central Girls Soccer first     registration forms, go to                    the Rams set out on yet another             Delbert Spurlock, Chuck Gerrian,
tryout is Aug. 2. It will start at 7            or         new mission. Starting the 2009-10           Steve Russell, the Laurel
a.m. at the school.                    contact Brian Newport, event                 season ranked 2nd in the state              Community Center Board, Laurel
   For more details and additional     chairman, 513-266-7280 or                    this was only the beginning.                community, the Town of
mandatory dates that week, go to       e-mail,          Briannewport@                 This past year there were two             Brookville, and a special thanks to                                   players surpassing 1,000 career             the Brookville Methodist Church.

                 Special Fundraiser Helps Student Athletes
  As the team physician for East Central              Cincinnati Steam, they provide youth                           Dr. Argo is fellowship
High School, I have been hearing from                 baseball camps and instruction for under-                   trained and board certified
my patients and their parents about some              privileged children in southern Ohio and                    in orthopaedic surgery and
of the financial hardships that are going             southeast Indiana communities.                              sports medicine. He is the
on within the Sunman Dearborn School                    The student athletes will be selling                      team physician for East
System. Times have been tough for                     these tickets starting in mid July through                  Central High School, Oak
everyone in the current economy so we                 9/11/10. They can be purchased from a                       Hills High School, The
have been looking at several different                student athlete; you can get them from                      College of Mt. St. Joseph
options to help out.                                  the school athletic office, from the school                 and the medical director
  Together with the East Central High                 website's, athletic page or from the link at                and team physician for the
School Athletic Department, we are           For each ticket                         Cincinnati Cyclones. Dr. Argo sees patients at
proud to announce a very exciting                     that an East Central Athlete sells 50% is                   the Beacon West and Batesville locations also
fundraiser that we think will take some of            given back directly to the East Central                     providing a Saturday sports injury clinic for your
the burden off both the student athletes              Athletic Department. All tickets sold by                    convenience.
and the coaches of every sport that                   East Central will be tracked and credited
proudly wears the red and black.                      back to the school.                                                Call today for an appointment
  East Central is launching a $10,000                   Each raffle chance cost $50.00, with a                                    513-354-3700
R a ffle for a Cause. This raffle is in               grand prize being $10,000, a second prize
conjunction with two other foundations:               of $1,500, and three third prizes of                        6480 Harrison Ave    1360 E. SR 46
The Pink Ribbon Girls is a group started              $500.00, the drawing will be on October                     Cincinnati, OH 45247 Batesville, IN 47006
by Tracie Metzger; they provide assistance            18th at the Pink Ribbon Girls Wiffle Ball
to women going throughout their treat-                Tournament. You do not need to be
ment of breast cancer. They help with                 present to win.
child care, buying groceries, taking the                If you have any questions please con-
patients to appointments, and helping to              tact the East Central Athletic Office at
get them back on their feet. They provide             812-576-4811 x11931.
Support, Education and Awareness for                    Please join us in supporting East
women who are battling cancer. Also the               Central during these tough times.
                                                 PAGE 14           THE BRIGHT BEACON                    August 2010
                                            manship and weapon training. He

                Our People                  received instruction in the Marine
                in the                      Corps' values - honor, courage
                                            and commitment - and how that
                ILITARY                     commitment would guide his per-
                                            sonal and professional conduct.
   Marine Corps PFC Zach T.                 He successfully completed the
Yeary, son of Michell and Chris             54-hour Crucible challenge that is
Knosp of Hidden Valley Lake,                designed to test a recruit's mind,
recently completed 12 weeks of              body and spirit.
basic training at the Marine Corps            After a short leave and a
Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C.          recruiting assignment, PFC Yeary
PFC Yeary and his brother recruits          will report to his School of
in Company I, 3rd Battalion,                Infantry, Camp Geiger, North
Platoon 3041 trained daily, build-          Carolina, to obtain additional
ing strong character and a fighting         weaponry training.
spirit to work as a team.                   (Do you have a family member or friend currently
    In addition to physical condi-          serving in the military? Send us a photo and infor-         FIREFIGHTERS AT IVY TECH TRAINING CLASS
tioning programs, PFC Yeary                 mation. The next deadline is Aug. 6 for the           Among those attending recent firefighter training classes at Ivy Tech
                                            September edition of The Beacon. E-mail (pre-         Fire Training Tower were, from left, Jeff Stonesifer, Cliff Copeland,
spent time in the classroom,                ferred): Regular mail:
learned combat water survival,              23995 Stateline Road, Suite E, Bright, Indiana        Steve Whitaker, Ryan Becket, Rob Schuette, Johnnie Tremain, Tim
hand-to-hand combat, marks-                 47025. We're sorry, but photos cannot be returned.)   Harrell, and Andrew Hetzer, Lawrenceburg Fire Department; Skip
                                                                                                  Stutz, Miller York Fire Department; Al Putnam, Greendale Fire
                                                                                                  Department; Alex Schiering, Bright Fire Department; Rick Clark,
                                                                                                  instructor for the Flash Over Training.

                                                                                                                      Your Vinyl Railing Specialist
                                                                                                               Handling A Complete Line Of Vinyl Railings,
Marine Corps PFC Zach T. Yeary with his parents, Michell and Chris Knosp of Hidden                                        Decking, & Fencing
Valley Lake.
                                                                                                   Free Estimates and Fully Insured
                                                                                                   Foreman T.J. JACOBS                             Office 812-637-3315
                                                                                                   3352 N. Dearborn Rd.                              Fax 812-637-0025
                                                                                                   W. Harrison, IN 47060                            Cell 513-827-3403

                                                                                                  Ravenna Heating & A/C

                                                                                                  · Quiet, Energy Efficient Furnaces       26068 Whites Hill Rd.
                                                                                                                                              West Harrison
                                                                                                  · Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps
                                                                                                  · Air Cleaners & Humidifiers            812-637-9600
                                                                                                  · Licensed & Insured                    513-304-3983
                                                                                                  · Service Most Makes & Models

                                                        PAGE 15               THE BRIGHT BEACON                    August 2010
W                                                                                                                       W
                                       your family's sweet tooth. Bring        the front porch and see what's
             hat's                     back childhood memories by              available. Know your food, know                          hat's
                                       browsing through an interesting         your farmer!                                            Happening In
          Happening In                 collection of Matchbox cars for            Supporting small family farms,                        Jackson
           BRIGHT                      sale at Judy Simonson's booth.          promotes a healthier family and
                                          Be a part of the tradition! Bring    the local economy. We all need an                       Township
                    By                 your produce, baked goods, jellies      appreciation for local, fresh, sus-
                                       and hand made crafts to the             tainable produce and products.                                  By
                    Debby                                                                                                                      Connie
                    Stutz              Farmer's Market. A variety of           Farm Markets also can be fun and
                                       vendors are needed to make this a       educational. So let the kids                                    Webb
                    Community          unique event each week. Contact         choose a tomato or a cucumber
                                       Linda Johnson 637-3898 for info.        for the salad at dinner                                         Community
                    Correspondent                                                                                                              Correspondent
                                       A portion of sales are donated to       tonight...and remember to e-mail
                                       North Dearborn Food Pantry.             me with your celebrations and            If you've ever had a garden of       news events!
                                       your own you know that it takes                                           
  There's no better place to buy       time and dedication. Connie                                                             Summer is upon us and boy,
your produce than from the             Kientz reports that her tomato                                                       did it hit with a vengeance.
farmer who just picked it this         crop suddenly disappeared over                                                       Storms. Heat. More storms!
morning. That's what you get at        night. All evidence points not to
the Farmers Market in downtown         the deer in the area but several lit-                                                Many people in our neck of the
Bright on Fridays from 3 to 6:30       tle dear's in the area. Hopefully                                                    woods lost well-established trees.
(weather permitting).                  the rascals enjoyed feasting on the                                                  I observed broken limbs and
      Located at Providence            Big Betty tomatoes.                                                                  debris on about every road I trav-
Presbyterian's parking lot, this          If you'd like to try fresh eggs                                                   eled in the area. Hopefully, by the
open air, grower-only market fea-      you can find them at Doug and                                                        time you are reading this column,
tures produce, fresh baked goods,      Luree Ketcham's on Sneakville                                                        the weather has calmed down.
and more. Produce is grown in          Road. They have a variety of                                                            Congratulations to Shawna
the Bright area by vendors Dan         chickens including Araucana             LaVern Bentle Blasdel and Edith Bentle       Leising and her family. Shawna
                                                                               Blasdel (Photo by Julius Huffman)            gave birth to a little girl June 9,
and Linda Johnson, Lee and             chickens. You will find white,
Melanie Alexander and Roger            brown and occasionally green                                                         weighing in at 6 lbs. 5oz and 19"
and Joann Kramer among other           eggs. The sign at the end of the        RECOGNITION                                  long. Renee Justine was welcomed
agricultural enthusiasts.              drive says"Eggs Cheep."                 FOR BHS GRADS                                home by her proud dad, Todd and
  Elmira and Ed Wilke sell won-           Every day during the growing         Submitted by Joyce Huffman                   big brother, Kyle and of course her
derfully handcrafted soaps that        season, fresh produce can be               At the Bright High School                 grandparents, Connie Heil of
are artistically designed and scent-   found at the Keyes family farm          Alumni reunion held on June 6,               Jackson Township, and Bill and
ed. Personally, I like the allspice    located at 23828 Stateline Road.        two sisters were among those                 Cindy Leising of Batesville.
scented soap. Homemade breads          Last summer I bought 12 dozen           who received special recognition.            Shawna is a kindergarten teacher at
and pies just like Grandma used to     ears of corn to freeze. Each ear           Edith Bentle Blasdel, Class of            Bright Elementary School.
make are also for sale at the mar-     was full and sweet and perfect!         1932, is the oldest living alumni               Chad and Jenny Dieselberg and
ket. Buy something special for         Don't be shy, just go right up to       and was given recognition by                 their three daughters were recent vis-
                                                                               alumni        president       Jeanie         itors of Chad's parents, Gary and
                                                                               Henderson Foster.           LaVern
                                                                               Bentle Blasdel is a 1940 graduate.           Janice Dieselberg. Chad moved his
                                                                                  Edith married Elvin Blasdel,              family to Alabama a few years ago
                                                                               Class of 1928, and LaVern mar-               after accepting a job there. He was
                                                                               ried Harley Blasdel, class of 1939.          previously employed with Enhanced
                                                                               Both Elvin and Harley Blasdel are            Telecommunications in Sunman and
                                                                               deceased.                                    Jenny is a former science teacher at
                                                                                  Edith and LaVern are residents            East Central High School.
                                                                               of the Pine Knoll Assisted Living               Get your name in BOLD
                                                                               Center. Edith still plays the organ,         PRINT by emailing me your
                                                                               and both Edith and LaVern are                news and special events. If com-
                                                                               members of the RSVP Kitchen                  puters aren't your thing, you can
                                                                               Band.                                        mail or phone it in, as well.

                                                                                 utgU rtgner
                                                                               A iuh e !y!
                                                                                L g
                                                                                                                          Half Price Lunch
                                                                                  B Da
                                                                               isBr oonth                                   Buy one lunch item
                                                                                        r                    812.637.8200
                                                                                  MuY                                          at menu price,
                                                                                                                          get 2nd item Half Price!
                                                                                                                                    ~ Valid Tues, Wed, Thurs ~
                                                                                                                                   With Coupon. Expires 8/31/10

                                                                                •   Enjoy dinner al fresco on our deck and patio       $5.00 OFF
                                                                                •   Best Steaks, Ribs & Seafood Around!
                                                                                •   Call for our Weekend Music Schedule               2 Adult Dinner
                                                                                    Daily Lunch & Dinner Chef Specials
                                                                                    Carry-out & Catering Available
                                                                                •   RSVP for 2nd Annual Clambake on 9/11             ~ Valid Tues, Wed, Thurs ~
                                                                                                                                    With Coupon. Expires 8/31/10
                                                                               1932 Jamison Road • Bright, Indiana $25 minimum excluding tax,
                                                                               Mon Closed • Sun,Tues,Wed,Thurs 9-9 • Fri & Sat 9-10       achohol & gratuity

                                               PAGE 16          THE BRIGHT BEACON                   August 2010
                                       Pohl's daughter, Cecilia, at age 2    Shell station for gas and the inside
             hat's                     months, won the award for the         scoop in St. Leon. Keep your eyes
                                       youngest. Entertainment consist-      and ears open at Exxon, too,
          Happening In                 ed of water games for the small       Laverne Jansing. I may be ask-
           ST. LEON                    children and a corn hole tourna-      ing you next month!
                                       ment for the "big kids." Mary
                   By                  and Walter Schuman report that        SUPPORT FOR
                   Donna               a good time was had by all.           BIG BROTHERS,
                                          Many volunteers are preparing
                                       for one of St. Leon's largest         BIG SISTERS
                                       annual events, the St. Leon              In addition to its past support
                   Community                                                 of Big Brothers Big Sisters
                   Correspondent       Fireman's Festival, on Aug. 6h
                                       and 7. Don't miss Friday night's      through Dan Toon's membership
                                                                             on the local advisory board and a
                                       fish fry or Saturday's famous fried   dinner to kick off the local      chicken dinner. I'm sure all the      School Based program, Hamline
                                       "city folk" will be driving to the    Chapel, United Methodist Church        Pastor Bob Cannon and church member,
CELEBRATING                            country to enjoy that good home       Lawrenceburg, has now spon-            Big Brother and BBBS Advisory Board
GOOD TIMES                             cookin'.                              sored a Community Based Match.         Member Dan Toon.
   Fun and festivities are filling        A variety of fun and games for        The Sponsor a Match Program
the calendar this summer in St.        young and old will also be avail-     is a way to help financially sup-      supported relationships           with
Leon. Here are just a few events.      able.                                 port the Big Brothers Big Sisters      effective adult mentors.
   The 4th of July kicked off with        Does anyone remember play-         program. The goal this year is to
a bang this year at the St. Leon       ing the Post Office game that         have 110 local youth benefit from
Legion where many townspeople          Richard Schuman ran? It used          their relationships with their
                                                                                                                         OPEN HOUSE
attended the Schuman Reunion.          to be the kids game to play. His      "Bigs."                                   AT FOOD PANTRY
Family traveled from near and far      youngest daughter, Regina, and I         To find out more, to volunteer,         The North Dearborn Food
to join together for this year's       would wrap up hundreds of kids        refer a child or financially support        Pantry will have an Open
grand event. From the locals in        toys in old newspapers each year      mentoring, call Laura Rolf at 637-         House for the community
Indiana and Ohio to as far as          for prizes. Oh, good times.           1235 or 800-689-0636. She is              on Sunday, Aug. 15 from 1-3
North Carolina and Arizona;               The Alig family is also prepar-    available to come to your service         p.m. See how the pantry has
approximately 290 people were in       ing for another exciting August       organization, church group or              grown with the support of
attendance. Joe and Marlene            event - the marriage of David         other community group to share              the community and enjoy
Grefer from Boise, Idaho won           Alig and Emily Stuerenberg on         the opportunities and needs. Big             hot dogs and ice cream.
the prize for traveling the far-       the 14th. Congratulations!            Brothers Big Sisters is dedicated            The pantry is located at
thest.       Matilda Bischoff             Special thanks goes out to my      to helping children become confi-          2517 North Dearborn Rd.
received a prize for the oldest per-   news tip source this month, Joe       dent, competent and caring indi-                   in Bright.
son present while Tom and Rita         Alig. You can count on our local      viduals through professionally

                                               PAGE 17        THE BRIGHT BEACON               August 2010
                                                                                             Awards. She will attend Ball State
                                                             hat's                           University and plans to study con-
                                                                                             sumer science education.
                                                           Happening In                         The Girl Scout Gold Award is
                                                            SUNMAN                           the highest award that Girls Scout
                                                                                             ages 14-18 may earn. To achieve
                                                                    By                       the Gold Award, candidates are
                                                                    Denise                   required to complete 30 hours in a
                                                                    Broughton                community leadership role, 40
                                                                                             hours of job shadowing and career
                                                                    Community                exploration, and 65 hours in devel-
                                                                    Correspondent            oping and leading the Gold Award
                                                                                             project. A criterion for the project
                                                                                             includes community involvement
                                                outside of the Girl Scout structure,
                                                                                             being innovative, and project sus-
                                               Josie Weiler, a 2010 graduate of              tainability.
                                            East Central High School, has                       Want to be famous? Auditions
                                            received the esteemed Girl Scout                 are Aug. 21 for the popular
                                            Gold Award from Girl Scouts of                   Sunman Idol Contest, held in
                                            Western Ohio for her project, "First             conjunction with the Sunman
                                            Aid for Sunman Food Pantry."                     Wine & Fireworks Festival to be
                                               Through volunteering at the                   held on Sept. 4.
                                            pantry, Josie noticed that first-aid                Auditions at at the Sunman
                                            supplies were routinely running                  American Legion Hall. Doors
                                            low. She wanted families in her                  open at 5 p.m., auditions start at 6.
                                            community to have access to first                There is a $5 admission fee and
                                            aid provisions, as well as informa-              $15 entry fee. Cheer on your
                                            tion on how to properly use the                  favorite contender!
                                            materials. She researched and com-                  For questions or more informa-
                                            piled a guide for how to use the                 tion about Sunman Idol, call Anita
                                            first aid supplies.                              Fledderman (812-623-0218).
                                               Josie collected first aid items,                 Plans are in the works for a fan-
                                            made 150 kits with instructional                 tastic festival on Sept. 4 -- including
                                            guides and included them in the                  a parade, entertainment, Texas
                                            food pantry's holiday baskets.                   Hold 'Em and of course, fireworks!
                                            Working on her Girl Scout Gold                      For more information, visit
                                            Award project, Josie developed her     
                                            al skills and
                                            ability      to
                                            work under
                                               Josie has
                                            been a Girl
                                            Scout for 13
                                            years and has
                                            earned the
                                                                                                  Commerce scholarships attended
                                            Girl Scout Recipients of Sunman Area Chamber of left are Jon Michael Patterson,
                                                            the July meeting of the Chamber. From
                                            Bronze and Rachel Butt, Blaire Hornberger, Chamber president Anita Fledderman and
                                            S i l v e r Morgan Brock. Not pictured was Olivia Quiroz. (Photo by Anna Ibold)

                                            This scene from the parade during the 2090 Sunman Wine & Fireworks Festival is a
                                            reminder of this great community event, which will be held this year on Sept. 4. (Photo by
                                            David Hollin)
PAGE 18   THE BRIGHT BEACON   August 2010
                                        Committee members - Margie
           Happening In                 Shaffeld, Elizabeth Isom and
                                        Robyn Stuhan for the months
         HIDDEN                         of planning and prep.
        VALLEY LAKE                        Thank you to Steve and Kathy
                                        Wirth, Matt Harrison, Rich
                     By                 and Cindy Mischell, Jerry
                     Elizabeth          Willen and the Mayor Steve
                     Isom               Damon for an outstanding job
                                        parking boats; Tom Ernestes,
                     Community          Bob and Bonnie Starks, Jeff           Kids line up for the 4th of July parade
                     Correspondent      Fuell, Board President and King
                                        of BBQ, Bill and June Minnery,
                                        Dave Patterson, Lisa and Chris                       Seibert, Kevin and Amy Ward,
                                        Angie and TJ Ruberg, Penny
(Luau item submitted by Robin           Edwards, Rich Funk, Julia
Harrison)                               Nolting, Tim and Sue Nobbe,
   Luau: The Civic Club would           Nick Newell, Christina and
like to thank all our sponsors -        David Baumgardner, Cindy
Willies, Rock Bottom Brewery,           and Guy Davis, Linda
Perfect North Slopes, HVL and           Behrens,       Amy      Kennedy,      HVL residents enjoyed the recent luau.
Sugar Ridge Golf Courses, Start         Shannon Dicecco, Debbie
and Greensburg Skydiving,               Imeroni and Phil Stuhan for           enjoyed an afternoon of great
Rumpke Recycling, Phantom               taking a shift or two or three.       music supplied by the Janie Rae
Fireworks, Suburban Propane, Jeff          Additional thanks to Scott         Band. With few breaks, we defi-
Dickman, Scott Norman and Sons          Mitchell and Randy Isom for           nitely got plenty of jamming time
and TR Gear landscapers, Liz            loaning us golf carts to get people   in. We hope to have them back
Muhlada, Debbie Imeroni, Robyn          and supplies up and down the hill.    for future events. A huge thank
Stuhan and the POA for their gen-          Thanks to the deputies and         you to "Grill master" Andy
erous donations for our raffles.        lake patrol for their assistance in   Muhlada for spending at least 4
   I would like to thank the dedi-      making the event run smoothly.        hours of his afternoon grilling
cated efforts of those that work           Lastly, thank you to the com-      food for anyone and everyone
the Luau to help raise money for        munity for attending and sup-         who wanted it. This was a fantas-
HVL amenities like shelters and         porting. Hope everyone had as         tic way to spend the 4th of July!
playground equipment and sup-           much fun as we did.
port events like 4th on the Beach,         4th of July Kids Bike
Keep      America       Beautiful,      Parade: About 30 kids showed
Haunted Hayride, Easter Egg             up with their decorated bikes,
Hunt and more.                          scooters and wagons to "parade"
   Thanks to my fellow Civic            around the ball fields. Terri
                                        Potraffke delivered a nice speech
                                        about what the 4th of July
                                        means. A huge thank you to
                                        Patrick Smith for playing a few
                                        tunes on his trumpet to get the
                                        parade started. Thank you Kona
                                        Ice for providing cool treats for
                                        the kids and Little Red School
                                        House for coming to paint little
                                        faces! And thank you for all the
                                        families who showed up for this
                                        event and provided your hand-
                                        print for our "flag."
"Grill Master" Andy Muhlada made sure      4th of July Band on the
everybody had great food on the 4th.    Beach: Everyone on the beach

      Find a Trusted Supplier in the
        Online Member Directory
                                                PAGE 19        THE BRIGHT BEACON                    August 2010
                                     edge of Chuck's farm, and mar-
            hat's                    ried Connie. They have two
                                     girls, Micaela and Marissa. This
         Happening In
                                     was very different from the five
            DOVER                    boys that Chuck and Thelma
                                     started out with, but these two                                               Micaela Johnson with her goat Ava.
                                                                                                                   Micaela (and Ava) won Overall Grand
                  By                 have proven to be more deter-                                                 Champion. Micaela was also named
                  Amanda             mined and dedicated than any                                                  2010 Dearborn County 4-H Queen.
                  (Wells)            young ladies I have come in con-
                  Harper             tact with.
                                        They started out in 2004 raising
                  Community          goats for 4-H; now they have
                  Correspondent      goats everywhere. There is rarely
                                     a day you pass their place on     North Dearborn Road west of
   I grew up next to Chuck and       State Route 1 that they are not
Thelma Johnson. Everyone             outside caring for their animals.
knew Chuck as the local auction-     They are walking them behind the
eer. They have five sons: Rick,      tractors, training them, washing
Roger, Ralph, Ray and Roy.           them or building fence or new
                                     shelter for their ever-growing        2010 Fair Queen and also won
   I remember going over to their                                          the Overall Grand Champion for
barn when I was younger and          goat population.
                                        Ralph and Connie are also very     her goat, named Ava. Marissa also
they had all types of animals --                                           placed at the top with the Grand
cows, goats, rabbits and chickens.   involved with their care, shows
                                     and competitions and you can't        Champion Lamb.
They were always involved in 4-H                                              The Johnsons have always put
and caring for animals.              leave out Chuck, who is very
                                     proud of his granddaughters and       100 percent into anything that
   Since that time, Ralph and Roy                                          they do and now the next genera-
are still very involved in working   their love for the animals.
                                        They regularly participate in      tion is stepping up to do the
with animals and teaching young                                            same. You can find out more
people to appreciate and preserve    local and state competitions, the
                                                                           about Ralph, Connie, Micaela and
the environment and the art of       most recent being the 2010
                                                                           Marissa and all of their "kids" on
raising livestock. Roy has become    Dearborn County Fair. They took
                                                                           their website www.johnsonfarm-
the AG teacher at East Central       13 goats, two sheep, and also par-
High School and is now filling the   ticipated in foods, photography,         Please send me anything that
shoes of Mr. Konradi, who is         creative writing, vet science and     you would like to have included in
retiring. Ralph built a house on     crafts. Micaela was voted the         the next issue at amandaharper.
                                                                  Enjoy              Marissa Johnson with her Grand Champion
                                                                           the rest of the summer!                 Lamb.

                                                                           SUNMAN                                  wine garden, fried chicken and
                                                                           FESTIVAL                                pork chop dinners, fast food, kids'
                                                                                                                   games and inflatables, business
                                                                           SEPT. 4                                 and craft booths, raffle and more.
                                                                           Sunman Idol Auditions Aug. 21              The Sunman Area Chamber of
                                                                              The Sunman Wine & Fireworks          Commerce is sponsoring a raffle
                                                                           Festival will be held Saturday,         in conjunction with the festival.
                                                                           Sept. 4 from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. at       Tickets are available now -- $5
                                                                           the Sunman Community Park off           each or 7 tickets for $20 -- at
                                                                           Highway 101. The event is spon-         many area businesses and the
                                                                           sored by the Town of Sunman             Sunman Town Hall.
                                                                           and the Sunman Area Chamber                For information on booth rental,
                                                                           of Commerce.                            call Julie (623-3312) or Kristy (623-
                                                                              Auditions for the popular            2740); for Sunman Idol, call Anita
                                                                           Sunman Idol contest are                 (623-0218); for Sunman Idol Jr.,
                                                                           Saturday, Aug. 21 at the Sunman         call Beth (623-4661).
                                                                           American Legion Hall. Doors                Volunteers and donations are
                                                                           open at 5 p.m., auditions start at      needed. Contact Chamber presi-
                                                                           6. There is a $5 admission fee and      dent Anita Fledderman at 812-623-
                                                                           $15 entry fee.                          0218 or
                                                                              On the day of the festival, Sept.       Volunteers are needed for set-
                                                                           4, there will be a parade, area         up on Thursday and Friday
                                                                           school entertainment, Hoosier           evenings, Sept. 2 and 3; on the day
                                                                           Hoedowners, Sunman Idol,                of the festival, Sept. 4, anytime
                                                                           Sunman Idol Jr, Ridge Runners,          between 10 a.m. - 1 a.m.; for the
                                                                           Texas Hold 'Em Tournament, and          clean up on Sunday, morning and
                                                                           a spectacular fireworks show.           early afternoon; and for the beer
                                                                              The parade starts at 10 a.m. Line-   gardens on festival day (contact
                                                                           up is at McPherson's parking lot.       Sandy Gorman at 812-623-4189).
                                                                              There will be a homemade Wine           For more information, visit
                                                                           Judging Contest, beer garden, 
                                             PAGE 20        THE BRIGHT BEACON                August 2010
                                                                           she sells year around and she also      Harvey Branch String Band will
             hat's                                                         enjoys receiving visits and cards.      host a family sing-a-long at 2:30.
                                                                             Thank you very much for the e-           In the booth area will be some
           Happening In                                                    mails and remember, they can be         of the best regional painters,
           YORKVILLE                                                       about anything that happens in the      ceramicists, sculptors, and other
                                                                           community (and your birthdays and       artisans displaying and selling their
                   By                                                      anniversaries and other special cele-   wares. From pottery to jewelry,
                   Denise                                                  brations!), so keep them coming!        quilts to fashion, paintings to pho-
                   Kirchgassner                                                                                    tography, Longaberger baskets to
                                                                           ARTS ALIVE!                             books, there is something for
                   Community                                               AUG. 28                                 everyone. Information will be
                   Correspondent                                              The 5th annual Arts Alive! Arts      available from local cultural organ-
                                                                           Fair will be held Saturday, Aug. 28     izations about upcoming events.
                                                                           from 10 a.m. -4 p.m. at                    Returning this year will be Stihl       Frances Swales and Nellie McMillin   Lawrenceburg High School.               chainsaw artist Mike Hopkins
                                                                              More than 40 artists and cultural    carving unique creations through-
   The hay is baled and the fields    Rosalie Walton introduced Bob                                                out the day.
                                      Chance who spoke in honor of         organizations will be represented
are growing with fresh produce in                                          during the event.                          The Food Court as well will fea-
Yorkville. The days are hot and       Mary Evelyn Rupp, a retired                                                  ture favorite foods, and the Hidden
                                      teacher. Mary Evelyn was hired by       Artists, dancers, musicians, and
the nights are warm and it is hard                                         singers will perform simultane-         Valley Neighbors Homemakers
to believe it's almost August. For    the late Donald Swales who was a                                             Club will be on hand.
                                      trustee at Guilford High School.     ously on three stages.
the students and teachers out                                                 The Arts Alive! Main Stage will         The Arts Alive! Arts Fair is organ-
there -- summer is about to end as        Donald Swales' wife Frances                                              ized by volunteers of the Dearborn
                                      is the only living member of the     feature blues artists Wade &
school is about to start. Fall will                                        Murphy, Summer Voices with              Highlands Arts Council. The
soon be sneaking up on us and I       Guilford High School class of                                                Dearborn Community Foundation.
                                      1930. Frances is 98 years young      Young Voices, the Showtime
for one am excited to see the                                              Dancers, and Nanni Strings.             provided funding from the
leaves change colors from green       and resides at Woodland Hills Care                                           Dearborn Community Foundation
                                      Center in Lawrenceburg. Nellie       There will be a special perform-
to shades of reds and browns.                                              ance of The Relics at 3 p.m.            County Progress Grant Program for
   Speaking of school, the 2010       McMillin (Frances' driver) and                                               artist fees and marketing.
                                      Frances' son Bill Swales brought        In the Kids Corner, Balloon Dan
Guilford High School Alumni                                                will be on hand to create original         For more information, contact
Association was recently held at      Frances to the Alumni dinner,                                                the Dearborn Highlands Arts
                                      where she was honored with gifts     designs and Carly Fry will return
the St. Martin's Parish Hall in                                            with her puppets performing "The        Council at 812-539-4251 or go to
Yorkville. There were about 125       and stories. Frances wore a neck-
                                      lace to the Alumni dinner that she   Caterpillar Adventures." The  
alumni and guests who enjoyed a
meal served by the Yorkville          received as a graduation gift in
Parish members.                       1930. Frances remains active at
    Before the meal, Vice President   Woodland Hills making crafts that

                                                PAGE 21           THE BRIGHT BEACON          August 2010
         hat's Happening
                                                                                  thank my neighbors, Paula Shad                  On May 25, Town Marshal
            In the                                                                and Mike Booth, Judy and Gary                Gary Noel, who lives in Bright,
                                                                                  Doerflein and Sandi and Dave                 was asked by his grandchild to
    Town of                                                                       McIntosh for taking care of my               attend Morgan Elementary
 West Harrison                                                                    dogs Janie and Jack while we were            School for Career Day. Marshal
                                                                                  on a family vacation to Myrtle               Noel said he really enjoyed shar-
                   By                                                             Beach.                                       ing stories with the kids. Anybody
                   Christina                                                        On June 12, Harrison held                  who knows Gary knows that he
                   Swafford                                                       Relay for Life. I attended the relay         has lots of stories...
                                                                                  with my support group the                        If anyone in The Town of
                                                                                  Bosom Buddies. My buddy June                 West Harrison has any events like
                   Community                                                      Grubbs was an honorary sur-                  birthdays or anniversaries or just
                   Correspondent                                                  vivor and asked me to be with her            want to share what's going on,
                                                                                  as she cut the ribbon before the             please feel free to e-mail me at                                                           survivor lap.                      

  Summer is here, and friends
and neighbors are out and about.
Some are staying home while oth-
ers go away on vacation, and oth-
ers are simply enjoying sitting
outside by the river and watching
the birds.
  Tim and Gayle Stenger are
keeping busy around town this
summer since they purchased
                                      June Grubbs and Christina Swafford at the
Wallace Laham's property on           Relay for Life.
Bowles Avenue. The property
has been abandoned for many           Town Council member for many
years and Tim will be demolishing     years and a friend to many in
the old house that was built in the   town. The Stengers saved an old
1900s to rebuild a new home on        home here in town a few years
the property. For those who           ago. Can't wait to see what Tim
remember Wallie, it is sad to see     does with the property.
his old house go, although the          While we go on vacations we
neighbors are happy to see the        can rely on our neighbors to help
property cleaned up. Wallie was a     watch our animals. I would like to          Town Marshal Gary Noel shared stories at Career Day at Morgan Elementary School.

                                                                                                   WHAT'S GOING ON
                                                                                                  IN YOUR BACKYARD?
                                                                                                 THE BEACON wants to know.
                                                                                                      And you can help!
                                                                                            COMMUNITY CORRESPONDENTS WANTED!
                                                                                   We're looking for members of the communities in our distribution
                                                                                   area to contribute a short monthly article about neighborhood
                                                                                   people, events, activities and organizations. We want to know if
                                                                                   your neighbor celebrated a birthday or anniversary, won an award
                                                                                   or had a special visit from the grandparents. We want to know
                                                                                   about neighborhood activities such as a food drive, clean-up,
                                                                                   recreational event, charity fund-raiser or community meeting.
                                                                                   This is not a venue for commercial promotions or political
                                                                                   commentary. It is for the kind of thing you might chat about
                                                                                                        with your neighbor over the backyard fence
                                                                                                        or at a barbecue. We want lots of names,
                                                                                                        names and more names! Photos are wel-
                                                                                                        come, too. Your deadline would be the 10th
                                                                                                        of the month for the next month's edition.
                                                                                                        If you are interested in being a Beacon
                                                                                                        Community Correspondent, e-mail a letter
                                                                                                        to as soon as pos-
                                                                                   sible. Tell us something about yourself, and we'll call you to
                                                                                   discuss the details. (FYI: We will prefer that Community
                                                                                   Correspondents submit their articles and
                                                                                   photos by e-mail if possible.)
                                                                                   We still need correspondents in these
                                                                                   areas (we welcome suggestions for addi-
                                                                                   tional communities!):
                                                                                   Logan, New Alsace, Northeast Harrison
                                                                                   Township/ Grand Oak/Carolina Trace area.
                                                                                   Depending on response, some communi-
                                                                                   ties may be combined.

                                               PAGE 22            THE BRIGHT BEACON                   August 2010
                                        1 teaspoon baking powder                 container of sour cream. Stir in 4     and serve alongside the grilled meat.
                                        ½ teaspoon baking soda                   ½ cups sifted powdered sugar
                                        ½ teaspoon salt                          until smooth. Makes 4 cups frost-         This salad can be prepared up
                                        ½ cup shortening                         ing - for the rectangular cake, I      to a day ahead of time since it's
                                        1 ¼ cups sugar                           make ½ recipe of this frosting.        best if marinated overnight.
                                        1 teaspoon vanilla                                                              You'll be able to place it on the
                                        3 oz. bittersweet chocolate,                One of our favorite meats for       table in very little time. The salad
                                           melted & cooled                       grilling is chicken and this tangy     could be served alongside the
                                        1 8-oz carton dairy sour cream           peach barbecue sauce is wonder-        grilled chicken with peach barbe-
                                        1 cup milk                               ful. You could also use this with      cue sauce described above.
                                           Let eggs stand at room temper-        grilled pork chops.                     White Bean & Tomato Salad
                                        ature for 30 minutes. Preheat                  Peach Barbecue Sauce             2 15-ounce cans white beans,
   As you read this, we're enjoying a   oven to 350°. Grease and flour a         2 ripe but firm peaches peeled,           well drained
visit with our children and grand-      9x13-inch rectangular pan. Set              pitted and cut into quarters (may   ½ teaspoon salt
children from England. I'm not          aside. [Note: you may choose to             use 3 cups frozen sliced peaches)   ½ cup minced red onion
sure who is more excited - the chil-    use 2 9-inch round cake pans.)           1 medium tomato quartered and          ¼ cup cider vinegar
dren or the parents/grandparents!          In small bowl, combine flour,            seeded                              4 teaspoons honey
This will be the first visit for the    cocoa powder, baking powder, bak-        2 tablespoons cider vinegar            1 teaspoon vegetable oil
three little ones - although they       ing soda and salt. In large bowl, beat   1 tablespoon vegetable oil             Freshly ground pepper to taste
know that we live "across the ocean"    shortening and sugar on medium           ½ cup chopped onion                    8 ounces green beans, trimmed
and that we arrive on a big airplane,   speed until combined. Beat in eggs       2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh          & cut into 2-inch pieces
they are full of questions about what   and vanilla until combined. Beat in         ginger                              1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes,
our home is like and where will         sour cream and melted chocolate.         ½ teaspoon salt                           halved or quartered
everyone sleep. It promises to be       Alternately add flour mixture and        2 tablespoons honey                    ½ cup fresh basil leaves, thinly sliced
quite an adventure for all of us.       milk, beating on low after each addi-    ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black        1 pound tomatoes, sliced
   One of the children wanted to        tion just until combined. Spread in         pepper                                 Combine white beans, salt, red
know if we had chocolate ice            prepared pan. Bake for 25-30 min-           Puree peaches, tomato and vine-     onion, vinegar, honey, oil and pep-
cream in America - I assured her        utes (if using round pans, bake for      gar in food processor until smooth.    per in a large bowl. Stir, cover and
that we, indeed could get chocolate     25 minutes) or until top springs back    Heat oil in medium skillet and add     refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up
ice cream and that we'd have some       when lightly touched. Cool on wire       onion. Cook and stir until golden      until overnight. Cook green beans
other chocolate treats to enjoy.        rack. If using round pans, remove        brown, about 5-7 minutes. Add          in a large pot of boiling water until
Here is a recipe for a cake made        from pan after cooling for 10 min-       ginger and cook for 1-2 minutes,       crisp-tender. Drain, rinse with cold
with sour cream that is especially      utes. Frost with fudge frosting or       stirring frequently. Add peach         water and drain again. Pat dry and
moist that we'll all bake together.     other frosting of your choice.           puree, salt, honey and pepper.         add to marinated beans. Stir in
  Chocolate Sour Cream Cake             Fudge Frosting: In a large pan           Bring to a boil over high heat, then   cherry or grape tomatoes and basil.
2 eggs                                  over low heat melt and stir 1 12-        reduce heat to simmer. Cook until      Season with pepper if desired.
1 ½ cups all purpose flour              oz package semisweet chocolate           reduced by half, about 25 minutes.        To serve, arrange tomato slices
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa               pieces and ½ cup butter. Cool            Use ¼ cup of the sauce for basting     around edge of serving platter.
   powder                               for 10 minutes and stir in 8 oz          the meat. Keep remainder warm          Spoon bean mixture into center.

                                                 PAGE 23         THE BRIGHT BEACON                August 2010
                                          forced to bloom early in greenhous-
                                          es), tiger lilies, trumpet lilies, tree                  TAKE YOUR BEACON
                                          lilies and hybrid lilies. Day lilies are
                                          more like a cross between a bulb and                       ON VACATION
                                          a rhizome. All double in quantity                  If business or pleasure takes you out-of-town,
                                          each year. Deer eat lily blooms, but             then take your hometown newspaper along for the
                                          not the plant. So you can spray the                trip. Send your photo, showing the Beacon, to
                                          buds to protect them. Lilies always
                                          are blooming the first of July.           It's interesting to see
                                              I started planting these flowers                      how well traveled our readers are!
                                          less than 10 years ago. There are
                                          now thousands of daffodil blooms,
                                          then thousands of iris blooms, then                                      Sarah and Zac Mossburger
                                          thousands of lily blooms. I started                                      enjoyed a weeklong adventure
GUARANTEED                                with very few -- the multiplication                                      exploring the Southwest United
                                          becomes exponential. If you start                                        States with their dad. Among the
GARDEN SUCCESS                            with 10 daffodils, year 2 you have
   As I write this in July, I am enjoy-                                                                            stops were Las Vegas, Hoover
ing the beauty of an extensive lily       20; third year, 40; and by the 10th                                      Dam, Senora, Flagstaff, Tucson,
collection. That provoked this arti-      year, 5,120 blooms. So as you can                                        and hiking in the mountains along
cle. You see, there are some flowers      see, your yard could be drop-dead-                                       the Mexican border. Here they are
that always bloom profusely, no           gorgeous with a very small invest-
                                          ment and a couple of years. This                                         with their Beacon at the Reds'
matter the weather or soil condi-                                                                                  spring training game in Goodyear,
tions. You don't have to be a gar-        could be a dream come true.
dener to have extraordinary success       (Teresa Young is the owner of Flowers Forever,
with the following recommenda-            25284 Stateline Road.)
tions. Anyone can grow these.
   First off, to have a dazzling dis-     ST. LEON F.D.
play in the spring, plant daffodils.
Moles and deer don't eat them.            FESTIVAL AUG. 6-7
They are bulbs, planted in the fall,         The annual St. Leon Volunteer
six inches deep. They come in             Fire Department Festival will be                                         Paul, Brady, Logan, Madeline, and
many colors and shapes and have           held Friday and Saturday, Aug. 6                                         Isabella Sterchi took their Beacon
early, mid-and-late bloom times.          and 7.                                                                   on vacation in Siesta Key, Fla.
They double in quantity every                A fish dinner is set for Friday
year and are not expensive.               from 5-8 p.m., and a chicken dinner
   Next, plant iris for color when        will be on Saturday from 3:30-8 p.m.
the daffodils are finished. Iris grow        There will be games, food, raf-
from rhizomes, which look similar         fles, bingo and beer gardens.
to a small sweet potato. They
come in thousands of colors and           NAMI COURSE
also double in quantity each year.
Plant them shallow any time of            FOR FAMILIES
year. Deer and moles don't eat               NAMI, the National Alliance
these either. They also come in           on Mental Illness, will have a fam-
early,     mid-and-late         bloom.    ily education course beginning
Bearded iris are the huge ones;           Monday, Aug. 16.
old-fashioned iris are smaller but           The free 12-week course will be
never fall over. There are Siberian,      held from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at
Japanese and other types of iris.         Lawrenceburg Public Library. For
   My final recommendation for no-        more information or to register, call
fail are the lilies. From bulbs come      812-537-0398 or 812-667-5429.
Asian lilies, (Easter lilies are Asian,   Openings are limited.
   Robyn Shumate and Elijah Love
 were named the 2010 Dearborn
 County 4-H Prince and Princess.
   Robyn is the daughter of Todd
 and Olivia Shumate of West
 Harrison and is a member of the
 Dover Hoosier Helpers 4-H Club
 and the Happy Udder Bunch.
   Elijah is the son of Robert            Robyn Shumate and Elijah Love
 and Sherry Love of Moores Hill
 and is a member of the
 Manchester Rowdies 4-H Club               Dillsboro, and Hayden Lee Fox,
 and the Happy Udder Bunch.                of Guilford.
   Dale and Verneda Wendleman,              Singer D.J. Adkins beat 10
 owners of Wendleman's Sound,             other contestants to win the
 were named Citizens of the Year.         Dearborn County Junior Idol
   Dearborn County 4-H Little             competition. Clay Tyler claimed
 Miss and Mr. contest winners             second place followed by
 were Summer Mulholland, of               Mariah Reynolds in third.
                                                    PAGE 24              THE BRIGHT BEACON          August 2010
PAGE 25   THE BRIGHT BEACON   August 2010
                                        to mid-August, the Swift-Tuttle         night. Their dark skies put ours to                WHAT'S NEW

                                        comet sheds some of its ice result-     shame. Once you find a dark                        AT THE LIBRARY
            FOCUS ON                    ing in perhaps the most famous of       place, set up a lounge chair, let your                Some great new materials will
       HOTOGRAPHY                       all meteor showers. The Perseids        eyes adjust, look to the northeast                 be arriving at the library this
                                        Meteor Shower (named so because         about halfway up and lay back and                  month:
                                        it seems to radiate from the constel-   enjoy the show. It can get chilly in
                                        lation Perseus) is estimated to peak    the middle of the night, so you                    Burn by Nevada Barr
                    By                  in the wee hours of the morning of      might want to bring a blanket. Use                 Tough Customer by Sandra
                                        Aug. 12 and 13 (2 a.m. to sunrise).     a red flashlight for light without                 Brown
                    Cindy               It's a grand display each year, but     affecting your night vision.                       Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
                    Jasper-             this one should be especially good         I am going to take pictures.                    Cure by Robin Cook
                    Parisey             since the moon sets early those         I've never done it before, but here
                                        nights which will leave the sky dark.   is my plan: Use a tripod, set my                   Maybe this Time
                                            How to see them: Get away           camera on full manual, use a wide                     by Jennifer Crusie
PERSEIDS                                from any light. The Perseids            angle lens with the aperture set to                Lost Empire by Clive Cussler
METEOR SHOWER                           should be visible from anywhere in      2.8, turn the ISO up to 1600, use                  The Vigilantes by W.E.B. Griffin
   Time for a lesson in astrophysics:   Dearborn County without exterior        a shutter release and experiment                   Veil of Night by Linda Howard
Meteor showers (shooting stars)         lights. Southern Ripley County is       with the timing (30 seconds to 2                   Postcard Killers
result when debris from a passing       rated a bit darker. If you happen       minutes). I also have a new fish-                     by James Patterson
comet hit our atmosphere and            to be travelling out West, it's worth   eye lens that I'm dying to try.
vaporize. Each year, from mid-July      getting up in the middle of the            My expectations are pretty low                  It's Complicated (DVD)
                                                                                and I'll still see the shower even if
                                                                                I don't get a single decent photo.                 Staff Pick of the Month:
                                                                                However, the prospect of getting                   Have a Little Faith
                                                                                one is rather exciting. If I man-                     by Mitch Albom
                                                                                age to take one, I'll put it on the                   August is here! Start the school
                                                                                Beacon website. Catch a falling                    year off right by coming in to the
                                                                                star and put it in your photo …                    library and getting library cards
                                                                                Wish me luck!                                      for your family! Storytime regis-
                                                                                                                                   tration for fall sessions will begin
                                                                                (Cindy Jasper-Parisey is the owner of You're On    Monday, Aug. 30. Call for further
                                                                                It! Photography and Scanning,   details: 812-637-0777.

                                                                                                                                   Gary's Wood Designs
                                                                                                                                        We create, repair
                                                                                                                                        and refinish wood
                                                                                                                                         Gary Haenning
                                                                                                                                      6908 N Dearborn Rd
                                                                                                                                       Guilford, Ind 47022
                                                                                                                                    Free Pick-Up and Delivery
                                                                                                                                    Member, Dearborn County
                                                                                                                                     Chamber of Commerce

  432 Walnut St, Lawrenceburg,
           Mon-Fri 9-5
      all brands · lowest price
  no obligation hearing screening
           Jeff Mesmer, HIS
                                                                                                                                               y        g
                                                                                                                                           Reany Cleaning
                                                                                                                                      r                                  r
                                                                                                                                   Your Professionall Residentiall Cleaner
                                                                                                                                           3      s e                           N
                                                                                                                                        4103 Waters Edge Lane,, Lawrenceburg,, IN 47025

                                                                                                                                                  d        s o t r
                                                                                                                                     Individualized services to meet your needs,,
                                                                                                                                              g u e s g o
                                                                                                                                         giving you one less thing to worryy
                                                                                                                                             about and one more thing
                                                                                                                                                  t d e e g
                                                                                                                                                      to enjoy!
                                                                                                                                              )        0      )       3
                                                                                                                                          (812) 655-2490 (513) 335-1133

                                                PAGE 26          THE BRIGHT BEACON                     August 2010
                                THIS IS

         BEACON           TERRITORY


     and growing
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        THANK YOU
      to our advertisers
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