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I have been surfing the internet lately and found a blog where someone say that it is possible to make a phone call to anywhere and for free. I though it would be an interesting topic to post here so here is the method according to him. I do not garantee that this might work but it is worth to try it. Let's start: "This is the cool trick by using it you can call all over the world without any cost!!! You got it right bro its free like nothing!!!! So i think you would wish to make free calls to anyone around the world(it could be any special one your gf/bf)!!!!!!!! So by now i think you would definately want to make free calls.!!!!! Besides being free calls these calls cant be traced,so you can do some naughty acts, but do not misuse this trick!!!!!!! This trick was known to me by one of my close friends residing at LAHORE(PAK.)!!! So the trick goes like this=======>>> * First you should be having yahoo messenger installed in your computer as most generally all have it but in case if you dont have so because i am a kind hearted by nature so i am providing you the link to download it!!! YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE OR HERE * Sign in yahoo messenger * There you will see a box right on the top of yahoo messenger containing some text just like below highlighted in red circle.

* There you will have to type a number which is of U.S.A which is free of cost. The number goes like this.......... +18003733411 * When you will call this number after some time a operator will reply and will say "main menu" and then you will have to reply from your mic. "free call".. * Then the operator will reply something and after sometime a beep would be heard and a dial pad will come up where you will have to dial your destination number and after some time your call will be connected!!!! * This maximum call limit will be 5 min. After this if you wish to call again you will have to continue the same procedure!!!! * you can make unlimited calls from your P.C everyday anywhere around the globe....."

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