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									&d1=1943&i1=1&t1=Roberta Joan Anderson born Nov. 7th, in Fort McLeod, Alberta.&d2=1946&i2=1&t2=Joni's family moves to Maidstone, Alberta and later to North Battleford, Saskatechwan.&d3=1953&i3=1&t3=Joni contracts polio. She is in the hospital for two months.&d4=1955&i4=1&t4=Joni and family move to Saskatoon, Sask. Her English teacher Mr. Kratzman encourages her to write, telling her "If you can paint with a brush, you can paint with words."&d5=1962&i5=1&t5=Graduates Bowman High School in Saskatoon, Sask. Nineteen-year-old Joni Anderson booked as one-time replacement for a late-night moose-hunting show in Prince Albert.&d6=1963&i6=1&t6=Begins classes at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary&d7=1964&i7=1&t7=Becomes pregnant by Brad MacMath in Calgary. After settling down in Toronto, Brad soon leaves Joni with a drawing of a pregnant woman by a window and a note that reads "The thief left it behind -- the moon at the window."&d8=1965&i8=1&t8=Kelly Dale Anderson is born in Toronto, Ontario. Gives up daughter to foster care. Meets future husband, Chuck Mitchell, while performing at the Penny Farthing. They marry and move to Detroit, becoming the "Golden Couple" of the Detroit folk scene.&d9=1966&i9=1&t9=Chuck and Joni make their first performance in New York City at the Gaslight Cafe. Joni opens for Tom Rush at the Town Hall in Boston, MA.&d10=1967&i10=1&t10=Starts booking own shows, travels by herself. Writes "Both Sides Now." Meets future manager Elliot Roberts in New York. Signs with Reprise Records. Leaves Chuck, drives to New York City and settles in Chelsea. Performing in Coconut Grove, FL, meets David Crosby.&d11=1968&i11=1&t11=Records first album SONG TO A SEAGULL with David Crosby producing. Writes Ladies Of The Canyon. Moves to Lookout Mt. Avenue in Laurel Canyon. Is introduced to Graham Nash.&d12=1969&i12=1&t12=Plays Carnegie Hall in New York. Appears on The Johnny Cash Show. CLOUDS released. Opens for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Misses going to Woodstock. Writes "Woodstock." Announces retirement from performing.&d13=1970&i13=1&t13=Wins 1969 Grammy for Best Folk Performance. LADIES OF THE CANYON becomes her first Gold album. Travels throughout Europe, visiting France, Spain, and Greece. On Crete, takes up the dulcimer and writes series of songs dealing with her adventures, including Carey and California. &d14=1971&i14=1&t14=Moves to British Columbia. BLUE released. Returns to the stage after the success of Blue and presents many new songs that later appear on FOR THE ROSES, the first album to incorporate orchestral arrangements into her evolving folk-pop sound.&d15=1972&i15=1&t15=FOR THE ROSES zooms up the charts, followed by the single "You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio," which peaks at No. 25 in the Billboard charts for two weeks, becoming her first hit single.&d16=1974&i16=1&t16=COURT AND SPARK embraced by public and critics. The single "Help Me" becomes Joni's first and only Top 10 single. The album hits No. 2 on the Billboard album charts. Tours with L.A. Express. Opens for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on their summer stadium tour. Makes Time magazine cover.&d17=1975&i17=1&t17=Receives four 1974 Grammy nominations, wins for Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists, along with Tom Scott. THE HISSING OF SUMMER LAWNS released; peaks at No. 4. Buys home in Bel Air section of L.A. and moves in with John Guerin, drummer for L.A. Express.&d18=1976&i18=1&t18=Breaks up with John Guerin. Tours with L.A. Express. Writes and records HEJIRA, greeted as a return to form by both fans and critics. Album climbs to No. 13 on the charts. Receives Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female, for HISSING OF SUMMER LAWNS.&d19=1977&i19=1&t19=The double LP DON JUAN'S RECKLESS DAUGHTER released. Peaks at No. 25 and goes Gold within

three months. &d20=1978&i20=1&t20=Meets and visits with New Mexico based painter Georgia O'Keefe. Collaborates with jazz great Charles Mingus on an album. &d21=1979&i21=1&t21=MINGUS released to positive response but no airplay from either jazz or pop/rock stations. Tops at No. 17. First album since 1960s not to sell at least a half million copies.&d22=1980&i22=1&t22=Turns tapes from L.A shows into a two album set and concert film, both called SHADOWS AND LIGHT. Album makes it to No. 38 on Billboard.&d23=1981&i23=1&t23=Inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. &d24=1982&i24=1&t24=Marries bass player and sound engineer Larry Klein. WILD THINGS RUN FAST released on newly-formed Geffen Records label. Album peaks at No. 25.&d25=1983&i25=1&t25=Joni takes her band, Refuge on lengthy tour to Japan, Australia, Ireland, U.K., Brussels, Belgium, Paris, France; Frankfurt, Germany, Italy, Stockholm and Denmark before heading to the U.S. &d26=1984&i26=1&t26=Release of REFUGE OF THE ROADS, a film of the 1983 tour. Two painting exhibits in New York City. Writes "Ethiopia" after the We Are The World album.&d27=1985&i27=1&t27=Splits with longtime manager Elliot Roberts and signs with Peter Asher Management. DOG EAT DOG released; use of modern technological machines and various drum machines causes album to be Joni's most expensive record to date.&d28=1986&i28=1&t28=Participates in Amnesty International Benefit "Conspiracy of Hope."&d29=1988&i29=1&t29=Builds studio in Bel-Air house. CHALK MARK IN A RAINSTORM has Joni and Larry continue experimenting with synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers. Album peaks at No. 45. Solo art exhibit in Tokyo coincides with release there of Chalk Mark. &d30=1989&i30=1&t30=Receives Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female.&d31=1991&i31=1&t31=Exhibition of paintings travels around Europe. Night Ride Home released by Geffen Records. Rolling Stone votes Hejira one of the 100 Best Album Covers. In the Billboard year-end charts, Joni is No. 21, Top Album Artist, Female.&d32=1994&i32=1&t32=Performs at Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Resigns with Reprise Records. TURBULENT INDIGO released; receives excellent reviews and peaks at No. 47. More than 30 of Joni's paintings on view at record release party. &d33=1995&i33=1&t33=Performs at AIDS Project L.A. benefit concert. Billboard magazine gives Joni their highest honor for creative achievement, the Century Award.&d34=1996&i34=1&t34=Wins two 1995 Grammys for Best Pop Album and Best Recording Package for TURBULENT INDIGO. Receives Polar Music Prize in Sweden. Best-of albums, Hits and Misses, released. Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Songwriters. &d35=1997&i35=1&t35=Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Is reunited with her daughter, Kilauren.&d36=1998&i36=1&t36=Releases TAMING THE TIGER on Reprise.&d37=2000&i37=1&t37=Releases BOTH SIDES NOW on Reprise. Wins Grammys for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist and Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance.&d38=2002&i38=1&t38=Releases TRAVELOGUE on Nonesuch.&d39=&i39=&t39=&done=39&

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