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									Shelton Named Lewisburg Rotary Club Volunteer of the Year Recipient for 2009
As the end of the year approaches, the Lewisburg Rotary Club turns its focus to recognizing individuals in the community who have made a positive impact through their service, their leadership and as a shining example to others. Each year, the Lewisburg Rotary Club recognizes its Volunteer of the Year, Senior Citizen of the Year and the Expert in the Field. For 2009, the Volunteer of the Year is Betsy Shelton. Rotarian Nancy Pruitt made the presentation at the Nov. 11 meeting of the Lewisburg Rotary Club before Shelton’s family and friends. Shelton has been a community leader and activist along with her husband, Sam, for many years; but her honoring as Volunteer of the Year by the Lewisburg Rotary came as a result of her work as Director of the Care Kitchen. For the past two years, Shelton has served as Director of the Care Kitchen, a project of rotating churches who come together each Thursday night to serve meals to those in need in Marshall County. The project began with a small group of 30 but has grown to where the Care Kitchen serves an average of 165 people each Thursday night in the McKnight Center at the First United Methodist Church Complex. “Her family can attest to the hours she has spent at the McKnight Center,” Pruitt said. “She has taken ownership of the Care Kitchen.” With help from Rotarians, citizens and church members from every denomination throughout Marshall County, Shelton has guided the Care Kitchen into a true community service project that continues to receive support and continues to serve the people who need it most in Marshall County.

Rotary Volunteer of the Year 2009 Betsy Shelton Rotarian Nancy Pruitt presents Betsy Shelton as the 2009 Lewisburg Rotary Club Volunteer of the Year.

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