Lost Season 6, Episode 9, Origins of a Story by daet

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									LOST Season 6 Episode 9 “Origins of a Story”

Scene 1 We hear the narrator say previously on Lost. We see John Locke attempting to kill himself and Ben talking him out of it. John tells Ben about Eloise Hawking. Ben strangles John to death with the electrical wire. We then see Ben kill Jacob. Who he thought was John Locke, turns into the black monster and drags Ben away with him. We then see John Locke fall out of the cargo container as Ilana, Richard, Sun, Lapidus, and Bram look at the statue and wonder who is in the statue impersonating John Locke. Next we see John Locke tell the Losties that they are all going to die. Kate asks him how they are going to die. John tells her that Desmond is going to kill them. Jack tells them they have 35 minutes to turn the wheel back or Sawyer, Miles, and Kate are going to die. We hear the scene ending sound. We see a fire lit room full of pillars and a stone table with a corpse covered in a white sheet. The room looks Egyptian and is full hieroglyphics. Jacob is standing over the corpse and shakes his head. He carefully pulls back the sheet and reveals the man under the sheet. It is John Locke. Richard Alpert enters the room. Jacob: (looks at Richard) Where are the others? Richard: The others are safe for now but you need to explain to me (points at John Locke’s dead body) why we needed to bring him here. Jacob: (he looks up at Richard and a tear falls from his left eye) You still don’t understand after all these years Richard. (looking at John’s dead body) This man was destined to come to this island. He wasn’t meant to be killed by Ben. Esau thought he found his loophole in John. All he

really did was finally give me what I needed to end this war. (he looks back at Richard) Now, I must save his life. Richard: How? Jacob: I brought him back to life once before Richard, I must do it again. Jacob begins to reach over to grab John Locke when Richard stops him. Richard: There is nothing special about him, Jacob. I spent John’s whole life watching him and seeing if there was any improvement. As a child, I visited him. Esau already had an influence on him. He had a picture of him on his wall. (trying to convince Jacob) Remember the test. He chose the knife. That knife belongs to Esau. The same knife he tried to get Ben to kill you with. Why did John think it was his? Jacob: Richard, John Locke is more special than you think he is. Please leave so I can do this. Richard reluctantly backs up and Jacob takes both of his hands and places them one on each of John’s shoulders. Richard shakes his head and walks out of the room. Jacob closes his eyes and the camera moves in close to John Locke’s right eye. John’s eye opens and we hear the whooshing sound. We hear a woman screaming in pain. The room shown seems ancient. Stone pillars are everywhere covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics. The room is lit with torches. We see a table where a woman is in labor. There is a man standing next to her which we cannot see. The woman continues to scream. The attendant tries to calm her down. Everyone is dressed in clothing that looks to be ancient Egyptian.

Attendant: Please, take deep breathes. Try and calm down. Unknown Man: Will she be okay? Attendant: There are two children; it’s hard to tell what will happen. Woman in Labor: Please, the pain, ooow….(she continues to scream in pain) I can’t, I can’t do this. The camera moves around to finally reveal the man and woman. We see the woman in labor is Kate and the man standing next to her is Jack. Jack: Yes you can Kate. I’ll be right here with you. I’m not going anywhere (he touches her hair softly and kisses her) You’ll be okay. Kate: Jack, if I die… Jack: (softly) You are not going to die Kate. I won’t let that happen. Attendant: The first one is coming. Okay your heinous I need you to push. (Kate screams inbetween the attendants talking to her) Push! Come on, one more push. The first baby is born. It is crying uncontrollably. The baby is a boy and has light blonde hair. The child is cleaned and wrapped in a blanket. The attendant hands Jack his son. Attendant: It’s a boy your Grace. (she smiles and turns her attention back to Kate) Okay your heinous, I need you to push again. (Kate screams more as she attempts to deliver the second child) Push, that’s good, again, that’s good.

The second child is born. The baby is also crying uncontrollably and has very dark hair. The baby is a boy also. The attendant cleans the second baby and hands the child to Kate. Jack and Kate look at each other with tears in their eyes. Kate: We have two sons, Jack. (crying) I love you so much. Jack: I love you too Kate. (He looks at his two sons) So what shall we name them? Kate: You already know the answer to that questions Jack. They both look at each other with mixed emotions. Jack looks happily at the son he holds but Kate looks disappointed at the son she is holding. Jack: (holds his son in his arms close and whispers) Hello Jacob. Kate: (holds her other son close and starts to cry bitterly) Hello little Esau. We hear the infamous horn music and the scene ending sound. The screen goes black and we see LOST come across the screen.

Scene 2 We see someone walking in the barracks of Dharmaville. The camera only shows the person from the waist down so we cannot see their face. The barracks are full of Dharma Initiative Employees. The person continues to walk until he reaches one of the Dharma barrack homes. We hear a knock on the door. The person knocks again. The door opens. We hear dialog. Mystery Woman: Yes? Mystery Man: You called for a doctor. Mystery Woman: Oh yes please come in. Mystery Man: Where is your son? Mystery Woman: Just back here. The camera, still showing the mystery man from only the waist down, works its way into the back bedroom. The camera moves to a back view. We see the mystery woman in Mrs. Chang and the son that they were referring to is Miles. The mystery man continues to speak. Mystery Man: So, what seems to be the problem? Mrs. Chang: He has had a fever and cried all night. Mystery Man: Well that can’t be good. Let’s have a look, shall we. Mrs. Chang: I thankful you came in such a short amount of time.

Mystery Man: Well your husband is a no nonsense type of guy, Mrs. Chang. (Grabs Miles and starts to look in his mouth and check his eyes and ears) What is his name? Mrs. Chang: Miles. Mystery Man: (Camera now moves in front of the mystery man) Miles. Camera moves up very slowly to reveal that the mystery man is actually Jacob. Jacob: We need you to start feeling better. (looking towards Mrs. Chang) Could you go and get me a wet washcloth Mrs. Chang? Mrs. Chang: Sure Jacob: (after Mrs. Chang leaves the room, Jacob cradles the child in his left arm and touches the baby’s forehead with his right hand. Mrs. Chang walks back into the room with a wet washcloth) Thank you. (Jacob places the washcloth on the child’s forehead) Your son is very special, Mrs. Chang. Mrs. Chang: I know, we love him to death. Jacob: (smiles and states) Love him to death, Mrs. Chang. He is going to be okay. (hands her Miles) Your son is going to be just fine. You should see improvements within the hour. Mrs. Chang: (surprised) But he’s been up all night with this fever. Jacob: (smiles) He is a resilient child, Mrs. Chang, and very special. He is going to help a lot of people.

Mrs. Chang: What do you mean? Jacob: (smiles and begins to walk towards the exit of the room) Well I need to get going. Keep the washcloth on his forehead and keep it moist. The fever will subside in the hour. They walk to the door. Jacob opens the door. Dr. Chang is walking back to his house. Jacob leaves and walks to his left and Dr. Chang greets his wife. Dr. Chang: Who was that? Mrs. Chang: He came to check on Miles. He said he’ll be okay. Dr. Chang: How? The doctor is at the Looking Glass Station. (he looks and tries to see if he can find Jacob walking around but sees him nowhere) Who was that man? Mrs. Chang: I don’t know. They both look around and wonder were the man went and we hear the whooshing sound as the scene changes back to Miles, Hurley, Jin, Sayid, Sawyer, and Juliet at the bottom of the Orchid Station. Miles: (impatiently) It’s been three minutes already. I’m going up to check on them. Sayid: Wait, I’ll go with you. Sayid and Miles enter the elevator and begin to go up. We see the elevator reach the top and Miles and Sayid open the door. They hear Kate. Kate: Jack, don’t you dare pass out on me, you stay awake!!!

Sayid: Kate, what happened? Kate: Sayid, Jack’s hurt. Ben stabbed him in the back. Sayid: Jack, Jack??? He’s lost a lot of blood. (examining the wound) We need to put pressure on the wound. (takes a part of clothing he is wearing and rips off a section and tightens it up into a ball and applies it to Jack’s wound) Kate, you need to rip a piece of cloth long enough to tie around Jack. That will keep pressure on the wound. Kate: (frantically) What are we going to Sayid? Jacob’s Voice: You need to get him down to the wheel and move it backwards. (they all turn around) If you don’t, Jack will die. We hear the scene ending sound and the screen goes black.

Scene 3 We see the beach during the day. Many people are gathering things out of the ocean (clothes, bags, etc.). Anything that can be of use, the people are gathering up to use for survival. We see a man in the distance kneeling by a self-made grave marker in the shape of a cross. It is Benjamin Linus. Maudie walks over to him. Maudie: Ben, we found some food. Are you hungry? Ben: (Doesn’t even look up at her) No, thank you. Maudie: (Stares at him for a second and then says) Some of us are going to look for food and water in the jungle. My father and I are going with them. (He says nothing) Are you going to be okay? Ben: (He slowly looks up at her) Why did this all happen? Why did you come here and make this all happen? Maudie: (confused) What are you talking about? Ben: You, Jack, Walt, and your father. You came back to this island and now my daughter is dead. Most of the people on that plane are dead. So I have to ask you, why? Maudie: (hesitantly) Uh…Ben, I think… Ben: (quickly gets to his feet) You think what? Do you realize what you have done? Alvar Hanso: Is there a problem here?

Maudie: (she turns to her father) He knows about us Dad. Alvar Hanso: (stares at Ben and then looks back at Maudie) Go help the others Maudie while I have a word with Mr. Linus. Maudie: (reluctantly) But… Alvar Hanso: Please my dear. I will be fine. She kisses him on the cheek and walks away to help the other survivors of the plane crash. Alvar then turns his attention to Ben. We hear the whooshing sound and the scene changes. We are back to Kate, Sayid, and Miles, who are helping attend to Jack’s wound. Jacob is standing before them and looks concerned. Miles: (frustrated) Who the hell are you? Jacob: I am the only one who is going to keep this man alive but you first have to get him down to that wheel. Kate: What wheel? Sayid: We need to do as he says, Kate. Miles: (both Miles and Kate look over at Sayid in shock) What? Are you kidding me? This guy is looney! Jacob: (smiles at Miles) I say again, as crazy as hearing the dead speak to you? Miles: Dude, just shut the hell up.

Jacob: You don’t have much time. Look, this island is going to kill you Miles in about 25 minutes. You have very little time to get Jack down to the wheel and save his life. (he warns all of them) If you do not save his life, everyone single one of you is going to die. All of them look at each other and begin to realize the importance of getting Jack down to the wheel. Sayid grabs Jack and lifts him up and begins to walk towards the Orchid elevator. The camera moves back to Jacob and he smiles. We hear the scene ending sound and the screen goes black.

Scene 4 We are back to the scene with Ben and Alvar Hanso talking to each other on the beach. Alvar Hanso: I see it did not take you long to find me. It is nice to know that you are still doing what you do best Esau. (Ben smiles at him) Why are you masquerading for an old friend? Ben: Old friend? Don’t call me friend, Alvar. I was betrayed by all of you and every single one of your people got what they deserved. Alvar Hanso: Not all of them. Ben: (gets in his face) Yeah, which is why I am using this body right now. Alvar Hanso: (smiles and gently pushes Ben away) You started this yourself Esau. Ben: Please, call me Ben. I’d prefer it. Alvar Hanso: What do you want? You want to kill me? If so, then just get it over with already. Ben: (he smiles and starts to walk back to his daughters grave) After all we’ve been through Alvar, you really expect for me to kill you, just like that? (He turns around) I will be joining with Aaron soon. And after this takes place, you and everyone else will become the least of my worries. Alvar Hanso: (sternly) It will never happen. Your father won’t let it. Ben: My father? I killed my father Alvar. He is dead and there is no one to stop me.

Alvar looks at Ben in extreme hate. Ben smiles and we hear the whooshing sound. We are back to Sayid and Jack. They are just getting down to the bottom of the Orchid. Hurley looks up and sees Sayid holding Jack. Jin, Sawyer, and Juliet are also there too. Hurley: Dude, what happened? Sayid: I’ll explain later. We need to find this wheel and move it or Jack is going to die. Sawyer: What wheel? Juliet: The same wheel John used to stop the flashes. It is down here somewhere James. Sawyer: Listen Barbie, I don’t want my head to feel like it’s going to implode on me again. Turning that wheel might just do that. Sayid: Nevertheless, we were told that if we don’t move the wheel backwards all of us are going to die. So, whether you believe, or don’t believe Sawyer, we are going to turn that wheel. Sawyer: All right, Abdul. If it’s a ticket to your funeral you want then so be it. The scene changes to Kate and Miles who are waiting for the elevator to come back up. Miles: This is ridiculous. Kate: As opposed to what, Miles? Everything on this damn island is ridiculous. What the hell is this whole thing about? What is the purpose of this island? Miles: All I know is I want off. Kate: That will never happen.

Miles: What do you mean? Kate: I got off and look at me now. I’m back on the son of a bitch again. Miles: Why did you come back? Kate: (the elevator reaches the top) Come on the elevator is here. (They both walk over to the elevator and get in. Before she closes the elevator door, she says something to Miles) I came back because I wanted to find Claire. (She closes the door) Miles: (as the elevator goes down) I could have saved you a lot a trouble Kate. Kate: What do you mean? Miles: I was with Claire the last time anyone saw her. (Miles looks at Kate) Claire is dead. She looked alive and acted like she was alive, but she wasn’t. Kate: How do you know she was dead? Miles: I have a gift. I can communicate with the dead. I know when someone is dead and is communicating with me. Kate: So you’re saying that Claire isn’t alive? Miles: (looks at Kate) I’m sorry Kate. You should have never come back. The elevator reaches the bottom. Kate slowly opens the door. Kate: Please, don’t tell anyone what you told me. Miles: Why?

Kate: Because I don’t think they will believe you. Miles: Do you? Kate: (looks at Miles) Yeah, I do. (she begins to cry) I do. Miles: (He reluctantly hugs Kate) I’m sorry. Hurley: (interrupts the embrace) Dudes, we gotta like move a wheel before you guys start convulsing on me again. Kate: (pulls away from Miles) Yeah, okay. Hurley: (Kate walks away) Is she okay? Miles: (looking at Kate) Yeah, she’s just scared about Jack. Hurley: Oh. (long pause) Well, (looking towards the hallway) let’s do this. Hurley starts to follow Kate and Miles follows behind him. We hear the scene ending sound and the screen goes black.

Scene 5 You hear a beep. The screen is black. Then you see the familiar :> on the computer screen. The time is down to 3 minutes 55 seconds. The camera shows an empty hatch. The beep continues until we see it reach 3 minutes 30 seconds. The scene changes to Sayid, Juliet, Sawyer, Jin, Hurley, Miles and Kate. Sayid is carrying Jack as they are going through a dark tunnel. Suddenly they see a bright blue light emulating from the wheel. Jacob is waiting for them. Jacob: Come quickly, you don’t have much time. Kate: What is this place? Jacob: This is where you and your friends will return back to where you belong. (points to the second to the last wheel spoke on the right) Now I need all of you to grab this part of the wheel and move it backwards. One of you will have to hold Jack’s hand on the wheel so the island will take him too. Jin: Why are we doing this? What is going to happen? Jacob: All of you are going to be ready to fight the war. Juliet: What war? Jacob: Look, I know you all have question, but please, I will answer them after you pull this wheel backwards. Slowly every one of them gathers around the wheel. Sayid is on the farthest left holding Jack. Kate is next to him using one hand to push for her and the other to help Jack. All of them place

one hand on the wheel and they begin to turn the wheel backwards. As they are turning wheel backwards, there is a red light that begins to shine from inside the wheel. Everyone closes their eyes and the red light consumes them and they disappear. Jacob is left standing alone. Esau: (startling Jacob) This will never work Jacob. You can keep trying and trying to manipulate time over and over again. But in the end, I will always find a loophole. Jacob: Your loopholes never last my friend. They always seem to keep . Esau: (the ground starts to shake) Desmond… Jacob: Followed Immellman to the cove where his boat was. Esau: (ground still shaking) You’re bringing more of them, aren’t you? Jacob smiles at Esau. The ground continues to shake as we hear the whooshing sound. We are now back at the beach on the night Jacob was supposedly murdered by Ben. We see the smoke monster carry Ben away. A bright red light shines and begins to shine from inside the statue. We see Richard come around the corner of the hallway leading to the main area of the statue. He see’s Christian Shephard leaning over his son. Christian: Hello Richard. It would seem that the time has come. They’re here. Richard Alpert: Who is here? Christian points behind him. Richard looks in amazement as he sees Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Sayid, Jin, Hurley, and the man of the floor, Jack in the statue. Richard: Who are you?

Christian: My name is Christian. Richard: Why are you here? Christian: Me, I died and woke up on this island. (He stands up) I know this seems confusing Richard, but I am here to tell you that Jacob is not dead. Richard: And how do you know that? Christian: Because of my son. Richard: Who is your son? Christian: (points to Jack lying on the floor) He may not look good now but he’ll be fine. Right now we have more important things to discuss. Richard: (looking at the wound of Jack. Jack is bleeding from his shoulder) How did this happen? (looking at Jacob smoldering in the fire) Why is Jacob’s body burning in the fire? Christian: My son was stabbed. But he’ll be okay. (he points to the fire) As for Jacob, well, Jacob wanted it this way. (Richard looks on in dismay) …Because Jacob needed to be cleansed. I believe purified would be the correct word. Richard: If you are saying that Jacob is not dead then where is he? Christian: (smiles) You just going to have to trust me when I say that Jacob is not dead. My son saved his life. (he leans down to comfort his son) Soon, Jacob will return and restore the life back into my son.

Richard: I don’t believe you. (growing more concerned) Where is Jacob? Christian: He’ll be here soon enough. Until then, everyone in this room right now needs your protection. Esau will return and kill them all. You are not going to let that happen, Richard. Richard: I’m not? I have no idea who you are. I have dealt with these people for a very long time. So why would Esau be so interested in them? Christian: Because, they were chosen by Jacob to come here and end this war with Esau. Richard: Jacob chose them to come here? Christian: These are the chosen ones to bring peace to mankind Richard: (looking at everyone in the statue) Then we have to get all of you to the temple, now. Sayid: Why? Kate: Jack needs help, Richard he won’t survive a trek across the island. Richard: If we hurry, I might be able to save him. Jin: NO!! We wait for Jacob. Hurley: Why do we need to go to this temple place anyways? Richard: Because the temple is the only safe place to hide you from Esau. Christian: (laughs) You really think he can’t find them there? Just how damn stupid are you Richard? (Richard shoots Christian a look of disgust) Esau is right below your temple. He will find them there. The only safe place is in the barracks with the sonar fence on.

Richard: The barracks are in the shambles since we left them and I’m not even sure if the fence will work. Christian: It works Richard. (shakes his head) Please, you don’t have much time. Richard: And why would I listen to you? Jacob: Because I told him to tell you, Richard. Richard: (spins around and looks on in dismay) Jacob? What is going on? Jacob: These are the people that are going to bring to pass the end of Esau. Richard looks at Jacob, then at Christian, and finally at everyone else in the statue. We hear the scene ending sound. Screen goes black and we see LOST on the screen.

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