The 7 Different Ways to Promote Your Website

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					                 The 7 Different Ways to Promote Your Website

                                                                           by Matt Bacak

Traffic is an essential part of internet marketing that can be expensive and time-
consuming. Fortunately, there are several avenues of traffic that are quick and free. In
this article, I’m going to list some alternatives to promoting your website that you may
not have considered before. You can use these strategies to increase your traffic and
your online visibility.

   1. Press Releases and News Releases – If you have an event coming up or a new
      product coming out that people would be very interested in, you can use press
      and news releases to your advantage. Be sure to include links to your website
      and products in the release. Once submitted, the article will remain in the
      databases and also boost traffic to your site.
   2. Reciprocal Links – If used sparingly, reciprocal links can be beneficial to your
      business. Consider requesting from a smaller website and always choose one
      that will compliment your products and services.
   3. Use Your Address – This may not work for everyone, especially if you are working
      from home but if you do have a physical business address, use it! When you
      include your address on your website, you will be entered into directories like
      Google Places and the like. People who are searching locally for your type of
      services or products will find you that much faster and easier.
   4. Blog – Create a business blog for your website. If you are consistent in putting
      out great, interesting and valuable content, people will return time and time
      again to get more. And while they’re there, they just might buy something!
   5. Online Forums – Online forums are a great way to find and communicate with
      your target demographic. Be a participating member by joining in discussions
      and commenting on other’s posts and questions. If you only use online forums as
      a way to sell, no one will take you seriously and you may even be banned from
      the site. One way to avoid this is by only commenting and posting relevant
      information and by adding your website information to your signature which
      displays at the bottom of any comment or post you write.
   6. Use a signature in your emails – This is easy to do and can help customers find
      you if they have a support question. When customers feel like they can ask
      questions about the product and know they have someone they can contact
      through a phone number, they are more likely to want to purchase.
   7. Email Newsletter - This is one of the more time consuming options on this list but it
      is worth it. You can use a bi-weekly or monthly email newsletter to develop a
      relationship with your customers and it can also be used to get new customers. If
      you have an opt-in page where people can sign up for your free weekly
      newsletter, you can build trust and later you might gain a customer. It’s easy to
   set up an email newsletter as long as you’re writing about something you know
   about and something that your customers will be interested in.

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