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                                                  Our Founders

                               Sandy Puc’                           Cheryl Haggard

    To introduce remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of
    professional portraiture.

    Our Work
    NILMDTS trains, educates, and mobilizes professional quality photographers to provide beautiful
    heirloom portraits to families facing the untimely death of an infant. We believe these images serve as
    an important step in the family’s healing process by honoring the child’s legacy.

    Maddux Achilles Haggard was born on February 4, 2005, with a condition called myotubular
    myopathy. It prevented him from breathing, swallowing or moving on his own. On the sixth day of his
    young life, his parents had to make the excruciating decision to take him off life support. But before
    they did, they called photographer Sandy Puc’ to take black and white portraits of them cradling their
    son. Puc’ photographed the couple with Maddux at the hospital before he was removed from life
    support and after — when he was free from the tubes and the wires that had sustained him.

    Contact Us                                                         “Thank you for the services that
    Toll Free Phone: 877-834-5667
    Local: 720-283-3339
                                                                       NILMDTS offers, it is amazing
    Fax: 720-283-8998                                                   how much of a positive impact
    Address: 2305 E. Arapahoe Road #220,                                 you all make on our lives.”
    Centennial, CO 80122
                                                                                               - Hali, parent

!                                                   !"#$%&'(%)*(+,&-.(%/-"(+&#"%
                          As I look over 2012 and the accomplishments of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep over the past year, I
                          am amazed! When I accepted the position of executive director last year, I did so not only because
                          of my passion for nonprofit work, but also because my husband and I were personally impacted by
                          NILMDTS. I knew I was going to be part of a one-of-a-kind agency with worldwide impact. Now
                          that I am working here, I am even more impressed of the impact NILMDTS has on so many
                          families in need. The following is the core of what makes NILMDTS so impressive.

                          Unique Mission – The mission of NILMDTS is to introduce remembrance photography to parents
                          suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraiture. Our mission is to reach
                          parents during a time of need with one of the only gifts a parent can receive when suffering the loss
                          of a baby. Every time I am able to share with new people I meet about my career, their reactions
                          touch my heart. They are compassionate and many times most come to tears just hearing our
       !"#$%&$''"(%       mission. Even people who have never experienced a loss have such empathy for our parents and are
    )*(+,&-.(%/-"(+&#"%   grateful for NILMDTS.

                          Faithful Volunteers - Our thousands of volunteers carry out the mission of NILMDTS worldwide.
                          Most of these volunteers are our photographers and digital retouch artists (DRAs). They give of
                          their time, talent, and even more impressively, they give of their emotions and heart. While all
                          volunteer work is worthy to be commended, I believe our volunteers conduct one of the most
                          challenging volunteer jobs on the planet. The photographers and the DRAs alone have contributed
                          over 5 million dollars of donated time and resources this past year alone. Because of their dedication
                          NILMDTS can offer these beautiful portraits for free to families. Additionally, we have many
                          parent and community volunteers who work diligently to make sure their own community is able to
                          offer NILMDTS services. Many of them also take calls from hospitals when they are looking for a
                          photographer. I cannot thank our volunteers enough for the work they do for NILMDTS.

                          Faithful Partners – NILMDTS relies on our faithful partners to help assure we can mobilize
                          photographers to be available in as many communities as possible. These partners include those
                          who donate to NILMDTS regularly. Many of these contributors are parents who have received our
                          services and their relatives and friends, parents who were not aware of our services, compassionate
                          community members, our volunteers, medical personnel, funeral home directors, and many others
                          from all walks of life. Whether the gift is $10 or $10,000, your gift is appreciated and is directed to
                          help assure we can be available for any family who wants our services. Our faithful partners also
                          include sponsorships from businesses and more specifically photography-related businesses

                          I am humbled to be part of such an amazing organization in which I am able to meet so many
                          generous volunteers as well as so many strong parents who truly know the meaning of loving their

                          Gina Harris
                          Executive Director

                  2012 NILMDTS Accomplishments


!    Highlights
        • Successfully launched a new website including a new look, with better navigation, and featuring
!          sections specifically for families, photographers, and medical personnel.
        • Co-Founder Sandy Puc’ was selected as a L’Oreal Women of Worth Honoree for her spirit of
!          volunteerism.
        • Launched the monthly parent email newsletter.
        • Established Parent and Photographer Committees to further engage parents and photographers.

     Photographer and Volunteer Relations
        • Hired a membership coordinator to assist our volunteers worldwide with their needs.
        • Launched regular webcasts to further train volunteers reaching over 4000 viewers.
        • Created a members only account area within the website complete with all necessary forms,
           training videos, and resources for members to easily access all documents related to their
           volunteer work.
        • Developed and formalize all volunteer job descriptions.
        • Updated all forms and documents for members to use.
        • Put into action the Denver Commitment Calendar.
        • Increased number of Area Coordinators by 10 percent.
        • Increased response rate to members who need assistance.

     Parent and Family Relations
        • Conducted our first parent webcast to help grieving parents during the holiday season, which
           has been viewed by over 450 people.
        • Supported parents in their efforts to create remembrance events to benefit NILMDTS.
        • Coordinated marketing for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.
        • Formalized parent involvement activities in which they create events in honor of their babies.
        • Provided quality interaction with parents who call needing another copy of their images or their
           images expedited to them.


“Thank you so much for taking time to                                  Outreach
help me and my husband cope with the                      The following represents NILMDTS outreach
loss of our daughter. It was so nice to be                 during our fiscal year July 2011-June 2012
able to have professional/nice photos of
us holding her and capturing the                      •   Number of Active Volunteers:              2149
moments we had with her to say                        •   Total Number of Volunteers since 2005:    11,094
goodbye.”                                             •   Number of countries since 2005:           40
                                                      •   Number of Families served last year:      3473
Erica, parent                                         •   Retouching Services:                      38
!     !

                   2012 NILMDTS Accomplishments


!         Marketing and Communications
            • Recruited volunteer photographers in 66 cities across the U.S. at photographer
               workshop tours presented by NILMDTS Co-Founder Sandy Puc’.
!           • Provided displays for 17 photographer events to our members for recruitment.
            • Provided displays for 5 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month related
!              events.
            • Received worldwide promotion through Creative Live, an online training for
               professional photographers.
            • Received 10,423 Facebook likes increasing the total number to over 22,000 fans.
            • Stories about NILMDTS appeared in dozens of various media outlets including
               television, newspapers, radio, and blogs.
            • Hired an IT Coordinator to better serve our families and volunteers worldwide.

          Development and Fundraising
            • Selected among 30,000 nonprofits to be one of 196 charities to be part of an online
                voting contest through Chase Bank. NILMDTS placed 29th and received a $50,000
                Chase Giving Grant.
            • Participated in Colorado Gives Day for the first time and raised nearly $14,000 in
                one day through the generosity of our supporters.
            • Became a part of Giving First, which features the opportunity for parents to create
                campaigns in honor of their babies to raise funding for NILMDTS. Parents have
                raised nearly $7000 in honor of their babies through formal online campaigns.
            • Developed a sponsorship program for our business partners.
            • Registered for charitable solicitations in every state.
            • Our major fundraiser, Charity Model Search had 630 contestants, and 300
                participating photographers.

“(NILMDTS) is such a gift to families who
must walk through such a painful experience.
We have been touched by those who are a part of
your organization and are very grateful to you
for your love and for the gift you give to those of
us who lose a child.”
                                        Cory, parent

!                                                             Financial Report
        The following financial information is based on the independent audit for the fiscal year July 2011 - June 2012.
    !"#$%&'()*"%"+,$-*.(/&,012&34(( (                     (     5678687688(            Revenue                           Direct Public
    !1,&2%()9:;12(/9--",%4(        (       (              (     5<==7>?=(      !                                         Support
    @,$#%(A9#'1#+(B&2&10&'4((              (              (     5C7888(                                                  Fundraising
    A9#',$13&,34(       (          (       (              (     5>>7<D=(                                                 Membership
                                                                               !       19%                               Donations
    )$,&#%(A9#',$13&,34(           (       (              (     5E87F<8(
    G&H:&,3*1-(!"#$%1"#34( (               (              (     5>67F=<(
                                                                               !                                         Grants
    I,$1#1#+(/&H1#$,4(             (       (              (     5>7CCD(
    ),"+,$H(JK-&#3&3(!"#$%&'(:.()*"%"+,$-*&,34(                 5678687688((           Expenses!
    ),"+,$H(JK-&#3&34(             (       (              (     5E<>7<C<(                                               Support
    A9#',$131#+4(       (          (       (              (     5E<7?6>(
    @&#&,$;(L(M'H1#13%,$%10&4(             (              (     5F?7CC8(               7%                               Fundraising
    (                                                                                                  76%
    !"!#$%&'(')*'+%                %       %              %     ,-./0112%
    !"!#$%'34')5'+%                %       %              %     ,-/60.62%                                               General &
    )'!%#55'!5%7'89))9)8%":%;'#&+%                        %     ,-1<0.=2%                                                                !
    )'!%#55'!5%')>%":%;'#&+%               %              %     ,--.01/2%

            NILMDTS Board of Directors                                                      NILMDTS Staff
            !       5A@OP%4MSX%                  QARID%"SA%                                          8?@A%BACC?D%
                    O"RA"9#'&,(                       %
                            (                   7GT%UGAHID%                                                (

                 UEICPF%BANNACO%                      %
                   O"RA"9#'&,(                        %                                            NI(O"",'1#$%",(
                            (                                                                              (
                                                >I@@?D%UCAWH%                                   BIAHEIC%JGKAD%
                   UF?WW%$AYDG@%                      %
                     ),&31'&#%(                 $AMCA%8CAP%                                  G&H:&,3*1-(O"",'1#$%",(
                            (                         %                                                    (

                  QMF?I%Z?FF?ARD%                7GT%$FGPO%                                     7IHE%LMFF?NA@%
                  S12&(),&31'&#%(                     %                                      M'H1#13%,$%10&(M3313%$#%(
                            (              $GM?D%!G@DRI?CI%                                                (

                    &G@%&MT?@%                        %                                          L?@OP%!AKKA@(
                I,&$39,&,P/&2,&%$,.(           'MNI@I%5@POIC%

!                                                  10 Reasons to Partner
        1. Provide a free gift of professional portraiture to parents experiencing the loss of a
            baby. NILMDTS volunteer photographers serve over 3500 families worldwide
            each year.
        2. Maintain and continually improve an updated website with accurate records to find
            photographers when a family is in need of NILMDTS services.
        3. Support thousands of photographers across the US and worldwide with ongoing
            training and technical assistance to help them serve families.
        4. Continually recruit professional level photographers to volunteer our services.
        5. Provide ongoing support to parents with valuable resources.
        6. Spread the word of our services through a variety of media sources, social
            networks, conferences, and other outlets.
        7. Support medical professionals with information about how to use NILMDTS and
            how to photograph babies if a photographer is not available.
        8. Provide families who were unable to receive professional portraits with retouching
        9. Support parents in conducting remembrance events for their babies.
        10. Maintain proper insurance for volunteers.

                                    Ways To Partner
            !   Volunteer as a Photographer, Photographer Assistant, Digital Retouch Artist, or
                Community Volunteer.
            !   Create a Remembrance Event to benefit NILMDTS.
            !   Create a remembrance campaign in memory of your baby.
            !   Participate in our annual Charity Model Search fundraiser.
            !   Contact corporations for donations or to donate commonly used materials (CDs, DVDs,
                Cases, etc.) for photographers.
            !   Sponsor a Photographer.
            !   Donate
                   Make a donation on our secure website or mail donations to our office.
                    Pledge to contribute monthly.
                    Include NILMDTS as a beneficiary in your will/trust.
                    Start a workplace giving campaign.
                    Ask your HR contact if your company will match donations



                                  Five Diamond Sponsors


                                  Four Diamond Sponsors


       Triple Diamond Sponsor                              Double Diamond Sponsor


          Diamond Sponsor                                   Photographer Sponsors
                                                                     Bay Photo Lab
                                               Bay Photo Lab offers a 65% discount for orders affiliated with
                                                NILMDTS and a discount for NILMDTS business cards.
                                            Digital Skin
                                                 Provides a digital skin is a new tool to add to a retouching
    Charity Model Search Sponsors                                           toolbox
                                                                      Drive Savers
             Wicker by Design                      Drive Savers offers data recovery for all NILMDTS
              Miller's Pro Lab                                          members.
              Kimbra Studios
                 SmugMug                                            On One Software
            Kubota Image Tools                 onOne has generously donated PhotoTools Standard Edition
               Full Color Inc                          for all active NILMDTS photographers.
                 Lens Baby                                            PhotoDex
                AsukaBook                       PhotoDex provides a 20% discount on ProShow slideshow
               ExpoImaging                               products to all NILMDTS members.
             Simply Color Lab
              onOne Software
                                                                Parent Sponsors
                                                                    Heritage Makers
             Frontier Airlines                 Provides all NILMDTS families with the opportunity to have
                 Wal-Mart                          a free 8x8 storybook with their NILMDTS images.
               Whole Foods
                Build a Bear
                Sam's Club


                                                In Honor of our Babies
    !                      We honor the following babies in whom gifts have been given in their names.

        Vincent Abdouch         Tilly Blydenburgh      John Christy           Weylyn Durdin         Evan Gallen
        Boden Adair             Alexander Bochmann     Matthew Cigdill        Gauge Eager           Jacob Garbrecht
        Kimberly Adamson        Alice Boender          Collin Clark           Grace Eberle-Fisher   Jessie Garner
        Kennedy Adamson         Luke Boermeester       Grace Clark            Reese Edmondson       Meredith Garrett
        Scarlete Adcock         Gus Boidock            Douglas Clayson        Emmalin Edwards       Jessie Garrott
        M-Jay Allen             Gracie Books           Avery Clutter          Isla Edythe           Felicity Gat
        Ashlyn Allison          Lily Borroel           Mikayla Cochran        Emma Eiliyah          Kailee Gerlach
        Ayana Alt               Elon Bowering          Gabriel Colclough      Aisley Eizenga        Ariana Gevedon
        Ayla Alt                Chase Bown             Maggie Colwell         Claudette Elliot      Graham Gilbert
        Lucy Alterman           Jaycee Boyles          Michael Comas          Slade Elliot          Mercer Gist
        Angelita Alvarez        Max Brant              Lily Condon            Norah Elliott         Anderson Golec
        Grace Anders            Carter Brinson         Kennedy Connell        Jillian Elmore        Lola Gonzales
        Colin Anderson          Stacey Bromberg        Stevie Cook            Hailey Eltringham     Charlotte Grable
        Elijah Anderson         Dylan Brooks           David Copley           Gavin Emerson         Baby Grace
        Oliver Anderson         Emily Brooks           Maya Corns             Jaxson Enhaynes       Chase Gray
        Eleanor Andrus          Skylar Brooks          Rhettson Cottier       Journey Enhaynes      James Gray
        Margaret Antin          Braelynn Brown         Cadence Cotton         Justice Enhaynes      Saersha Gray
        Josiah Anzick           Chase Brown            Robert Covington III   Noah Enoch            Skyler Green
        Milagros Argueta        Easton Brown           Madeline Cox           Faye Epping           Raide Greenstreet
        Rozlyn Arnold           Emily Brown            Ava Coxford            Levin Erisman         Dander Grenert
        Ezra Babakhani          Oliver Brumbaugh       Kendall Cribb          JJ Esposito           Rilley Griffiths
        Eva Bader               Peter Brusstar         Bentley Crosier        Joshua Etner          Emma Grigsby
        Lukas Baker             Myles Buckingham       Ashlyn Cross           Logan Evans           Jamie Grohs
        Olivia Baker            Taryn Budach           Ava Cross              Brynn Evenson         Josephine Grorud
        Aiden Balderrama        Carleigh Buerger       Malachi Csizmadia      Isabella Falkowski    Bennett Grossmueller
        Belle Baldridge         Olivia Burge           Emma Cuddy             Braeden Farkas        Lennon Grunza
        Tristan Barber          Joshua Burgess         Gino Cunto'            Lucas Fast            Megan Gugliotta
        Mac Barnett             Ean Burke              Reagan Dahlin          Walker Fauber         Eva Habijanac
        Andrei Barnhardt        Elias Burke            Monica Dailey          Lea Fayinami          Maddux Haggard
        Donovan Barry           Maddux Camarato        Shay Daily             Katelyn Fedor         Jeremy Hajdu
        Alex Bartman            Carson Campbell        Tanner Daily           John Fey II           Issac Halford
        Roger Bartz             Jacob Caperton         Jonathan Daly          Gabriel Fierro        Brynley Hall
        Annabelle Base          Tyler Caperton         John Davenport         Amanda FIlm           Caroline Hall
        Eowyn Bates             Stella Capobianco      Halle David            Ellie Fisher          Clara Haller
        Camden Baummer          Lily Capone            Elijah Dela Vega       Izzie Fisher          Camden Haltom
        Ella Baych              Dominic Cardarelli     Tessa Delier           Izzy Fisher           Mitchell Hammon
        Trevor Baych            Amalia Carlo           Isaac Delisle          Hyatt Fleegle         Topher Hampton
        Isla Beaver             Caden Carlson          Everett Delmar         William Fleming IV    Olivia Hanson
        Helena Bednarek         James Caroleo          Tyler DeLozier         Lucas Floberg         Bailey Harden
        Selah Bennett           Nicholas Caroleo       Bennett Desjardins     Bradley Fong          Carly Harris
        Joshua Benson           Landon Carpenter       Grace DeWalt           Wyatt Forgey          David Harris
        Gage Bently             Caleb Carr             Andrew Deye            Ella Foster           Ethan Harris
        Keegan Bergin           Emma Carroll           Grace Dider            Colin Foster          Jace Harris
        Aubree Berk             Brianna Carter         Grace Didra            Zoey Foux             Eli Harvery
        Jebez Berkof            Aileen Castro          Ellie Diehn            Margot Fowler         Sophia Harvey
        Haven Bernatene         Heidi Cates            Alexa Dipalma          June Francis          Mia Hastings
        Liam Bersagel-Briese    Emerson Cecil          Carter Dobbs           Catherine Franz       Emmeline Hatcher
        Seth Bertauski          Jordan Chamberlin      Cole Dorken            Hayden Frawley        Evan Hathiramani
        Bruce Betker            Michael Charest        Mason Dorsey           Samuel Fredrickson    Claire Haught
        Nadia Bibik             Marie Chavanne         Marin Douville         Jonah Frieden         Porter Haught
        Wyatt Birch             Taylor Cherry          Claire Doyle           Grace Friesel         Mason Hauser
        Marie Black             Dawn Chesek            Mary Doyle             Alexander Fritz       Caroline Hayes
        Wesley Blair            Julia Childress        Archer Drummond        Hannah Froelich       RJ Hayes
        Paige Blanchette        Lila Chipps            Eliza Duckworth        Danica Fuhrhop        Annika Heeringa
        Jamison Blanton         Baden Christenson      Royce Dugan            Leah Fujinami         James Heider
        Kevin Blarr             Jacob Christian        Alexander Dugas        Reiss Furey           Anne Heine
        Naomi Blick             Luke Christian         Catherine Dugery       Zachary Furtwangler
        Katura Blunk            Issac Christy          Jubilee Duggar         Isabel Gabica

         Beckett Helgeson     Braxton Keeler        Bethany Lohr           Jedediah Moffett      Theo Provencio
         Kylie Helton         Aubrey Keena          Xavier Lohrey          Emily Moon            Abraham Pruitt
         Zaac Henault         Anna Kelleher         Micah London           Mikhayla Moore        Elizabeth Quong
         Clayton Henning      John Kennedy          Colton Longshore       Kyle Mooty            Jordyn Raleigh
         Ellis Henry          Wilson Kennedy        Adan Lopez             Sean Moran            Michael Ramirez
         Brenna Heyeck        Erixin Ketcham        Emmanuel Lopez         Caleb Moreno          Owen Randel
         Cale Hidalgo         John Khun             Aaron Lowe             Jonas Morgan          Zachariah Ratliff
         Daisy Hignite        Benjamin Kiefer       Elena Luckett          Hartley Morris        Mae Ravens
         Andrew Hill          William Kiefer        Ethan Luckhardt        Liam Morris           Abigal Rector
         Robert Hill III      Jarren Kiewell        Ailynn Luke            Logan Mortimore       Gabriel Reddix
         Lila Himes           Brooklyn Kimball      Sean Luna              Meghan Morton         Josiah Rehm
         Reece Himmelberg     Carter Kimmel         Mayei Maack            Luke Motzko           Noah Reid
         Angelina Hirsch      Cohen Kimmel          Avery Macaluso         Azaden Mouri          Charlotte Reidway
         Belicia Hirsch       Grace King            Levi Mack              Teaghan Munro         Zachary Reiger
         William Hoeman       Shealagh Kirvan       David Magistrelli      Johnathan Murray      Emmalee Reiser
         Amelia Hoff          Emma Kline            Ashley Malkowicz       Genevieve Muthler     Frank Reller
         Simon Hoffman        John Kline            David Manci            Sophia Myers          Caroline Repede
         Marganna Hogan       Matthew Kline         Sienna Mandanas        Kaylin Nabors         Cory Rermgosakul
         Megan Hoge           Chad Koegel           Sierra Mandanas        Grace Naeder          Alona Reynolds
         Landon Hokeness      Emma Kohne            Cortney Mangan         Jacob Nathe           Elizabeth Reynolds
         Mason Holden         Elijah Kolbet         Lucy Manning           Joshua Nathe          Olivia Reynolds
         Megan Holloway       Sharina Komanapalli   Matthew Manor          Colton Natsch         Elizabeth Rhatigan
         Lillian Hollowell    Gwendolyn Korade      Tucker Mapus           James AO Neil         Noelle Rhoad
         Jayci Hoover         Dylan Kowalski        Arnaud Marchand        Jack Neist            Declan Richards
         Samuel Hoover        Samantha Krebs        Aniela Marino          Mallory Nelson        Jonathon Richards
         Aydin Hopson         Bejamin Kreinbrink    Jonah Marksbury        Lily Neun             Virgina Richards
         Charles Hornback     Gabriel Krotzer       Noah Marksbury         Lyla Newton           Parker Richardson
         Gracie Houseman      Stella Kuenzel        Brienna Marr           Tobias Nguyen         Preston Richardson
         Paul Hovanecsek      William Kunz          Zachary Martin         Claire Nicholson      Caroline Rider
         Leaf Hudson          Josephine Kuzma       Brady Martin           Grace Nida            Isaiah Riege
         Collins Huffman      Nadia Kuzma           Keahon Martinez        Aubrey Niemi          Caroline Rigler
         Brendan Humm         Timothy Lahey III     Olivia Mauer           Austin Noah           Miranda Rinn
         Isaac Hung           Angel Lail            Emma May               Elizabeth Northrop    Amber Ripple
         Cameron Ibella       Chase Lall            Sophia Mayden          Renny Northrop        Elijah Risch
         Sarah Ingram         Evenstar Lail         Noah McBride           Karson Norton         Maria Rivera
         Jared Isenhart Jr.   James Lamond          Davin McCabe           Max Novik             Nathan Roberge
         Quinnly Iverson      Ethan Lampo           Aidan McCaffrey        Noah O'Brien          Taylor Robinson
         Brenna Jackson       Xavier Landry         Aiden McCaffrey        Caelan O'Connor       Ava Robnett
         Jacob Jackson        Ruthie Lands          Avery McCarty          Kulen Offutt          Delia Rockhill
         Steven Jackson       Joshua Lange          Margaret McClane       Nathan O'Maley        Alyena Rockwood
         Violet Jackson       Logan Larochelle      Lena McCluney          Riley Oriold          Phoenix Rodammer
         Mya Jaggers          Lucas Larochelle      Zachary McCluney       Anela Ortega          Caitrin Roe
         Hunter Jameson       Josiah Latchaw        Benjamin McDonald      Julianna Ortega       Marie Rohnke
         Turner Jameson       Grace Laurence        Owen McDonald          Vincent Ortega        Callie Roper
         Carter Janes         Haidyn Laux           Caoimhean McDonell     Kyler Ottley          Sophia Rosolanka
         Anne Janezic         Elizabeth Lawrence    Noelle McGeehon        Harkin Owen           Morgan Rowan
         Annabelle Jenkins    Tricia Lawrence       Landon McGlothlin      Addison Oyster        Reese Rowe
         Ella Johnson         Hannah LeBlanc        Ella McKenzie          Lilly Padovani        Rami Sahib
         Issac Johnson        Ashley Lechtrecker    Margaret McLane        Charlie Painter       Gracen Saltzgaber
         Josiah Johnson       Faith LeClaire        Westley McNamara       Kellen Papp           Hannah Sanchez
         Landon Johnson       Levi Lee              Emma McPherson         Cohen Pardy           James Sandt
         Lily Johnson         Sid Lehfeldt          Sadler McPherson       William Patterson     Cameron Sanner
         Marc Johnson         Daniel Leich          Lillian Meador         Robert Pavley         George Sanner
         Norah Johnson        Abigail Leiser        Bella Meijer           Jack Pederson         Marcella Sanner
         Solveig Johnson      Georgia Lenoir        Marin Meijer           Victorino Pedregosa   Aicha Sanogo
         VernaAnn Johnson     Adam Leonard          Resa Mejia             Hailey Pelletier      Benjamin Santeford
         Warren Johnson       Malach Lerman         Everett Merkel         Jackson Pesature      Grace Saucy
         Zachary Johnson      Lillian Leusink       Anna Merritt           Layla Peterson        Lea Saucy
         Alethea Jones        Ellie Lewis           Shaunna Merritt        Carter Peterson       Cade Saunders
         Gabriel Jones        Henry Lewis           Hannah Meyer           Tayla Pethe           Thomas Sawyer
         Mary Jones           Beth Leyva            Oryan Milam            Ava Phillips          Liam Scharf
         Parker Jones         Athanasia Li          Abigail Miller         Aiden Phinney         Christian Scharnhorst
         Annabelle Jordan     LG Lieber             Ella Miller            Jaina Pickel          Everett Scharnhorst
         Patricia Jorgensen   James Lilley          Mason Miller           Zoe Pinkerton         Mia Scherer
         Dhilan Joshi         Tyler Littlejohn      Olivia Miller          Amelia Pogodzinski    Alena Schillinger
         Grace Joyce Didra    Declan Lloyd          Raegan Miller          Kali Ponto            Michael Schillinger
         Ethan Julian         Eric Locklear         Everett Minick         Caelan Popoff         Stephanie Schmaltz
         Aaron K              Owen Lofquist         Clara Mischel-Haller   Christian Popoff      Daniel Schmidgall
         Toshi Kadowaki       Sophia Logston        N.P. Mjos              Adelina Poruchynsky   Maggie Schnakenberg

    Parker Schnakenberg   Oliver Townsend            Zachary Zaidel
    Olivia Schnipke       Bear Trangsrud             Wil Zeller
    Ryker Schroeder       Elizabeth Trompler         Judah Zimmer     !
    Franklin Schultes     Avery Turner-Ochoa         Liam Zumwalt
    Hannah Schultz        Mary Turybury              Faith Zwicke
    Isabella Schultz      Chandler Tyson
    Leah Schultz          Jack Umrysh
    Lila Schulze          Faith Urtz                                  !
    Sophie Schumack       Coleman Urzi
    Harper Sciballi       Addison Vacchiano                           !
    Gabriel Scriver       Kaden Van Hoose-Wise
    Michael Searls        Aaron Van Sloun
    Reagan Shaffer        Leah Vance                                  !
    Dennis Shanahan       Matthew Vance
    Margaret Shanahan     Cullen Veals                                !
    Jacob Shore           Anthony Verrino
    Hannah Siebert        Adelyan Vinett
    Jlian Simpson         Jeremy Wagner                               !
    Harriet Skow          Gibson Wagoner
    Gabe Slager           Caison Wahlen                               !
    Grace Smith           Cannon Walker
    Harper Smith          Grayson Walker
    Oliver Smith          Phillip Walker                              !
    Faith Soja            Sin Walker
    Alexis Sonnenberg     Skylar Walker                               !
    Ava Soos              Maria Wallace
    Wyatt Soriano         Nahla Wallentine
    Declan Spessard       Caroline Walls                              !
    Clara Squires-Will    Eden Ward
    Annabelle Stach       Scarlett Watt                               !
    Grace Stem            Ryan Watts
    Gabriel Stengel       Koleson Way
    Parker Stephens       Owen Webb
    Esme Stewart          Chris Webster
    Gage Stewart          Samuel Weimer          !
    Henry Stewart         Fredrick Weisslitz
    Emma Stifel           Jessica Welle
    Kynleigh Straughan    Bentley Wells
    Harper Sturniolo      Ezra Welsh
    Hope Supernault       Amelia Wessman         !
    Graidan Sutherland    Hope Wessman
    Mia Swan              Walter Whitaker        !
    Aidan Swank           Gage Whitcomb
    Caroline Swanson      Lucy White
    Lucille Swearingen    Nathan Wiebe           !
    Elizabeth Swiger      Luke Wienholt
    Neil Sylling          Alexander Willgress    !
    Lily Taets            Matthew Williams
    Hayden Taylor         Kendall Williams
    Ira Taylor            Andrew Wilson          !
    Harrison Taylor       Sawyer Winsand
    Anna Techlin          Jennifer Wise          !
    Liam Teggatz          Bennett Witt
    Makenzie Terry        Keagan Wojick
    Colton Terry          Baby Wollcat           !
    Bayleigh Thomas       Brayden Wolverton
    Brooke Thomas         Jane Wonser            !
    Caleb Thomas          Charlusia Woodard
    Grace Thomas          Brendan Woodruff
    Joelle Thompson       Caleb Woods            !
    Cole Thorp            Brayden Woolverton
    Dan Tiedemann         Zachary Wullstein      !
    Kaelene Timm          Julia Wunsch
    Issac Titus           Bowen Wyckoff
    Samantha Todd         Adyson Yates           !
    David Toerpe          Matthew Yelton
    Owen Tolerba          Michala Young          !
    Payton Tolerba        Zoe Young
    Brooklyn Townsend     Charles Youngstrom

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!                               Susan Porter                    John & Coreen Kanet        $100-$249
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    Mindy Cohen                 Gregory Ryterski                Colter Kazmann             Lauren Adamo
!   Scott Fraass                Loette Scharnhorst              Barbara Koonz              Susan Adams
    Alex Ganzel                 Tammy Schexnaider               Molly Laurence             Keven Aggers
    Frank & Rebecca Garrott     Mark Schmidgall                 Robert Lloyd               Jan Ahrendt
!                                                               Diane Madura               Rita R Alexander
    Laura Gray                  Kelly Shelquist
    Wayne & Cynthia Greenhill   Nancy & Matthew Stanley         Sean & Mary Maguire        Jean Amrhein Young
!   Peter Halstead              Carolyn Stoffregen              Mark & Pamela Maier        Sarah Andersen
    Samuel & Cindy Hanson       Tia Swearingen                  Heather Mandanas           John Anderson
    Maria Harris                Rob & Sarah Taets               Christopher Marek          Simones Anthony
!                                                               Brie Ann Martin            Jesse Antin
    Erik & Molly Hayenga        Carrie Tennison
    Megan Kumar                 JoAnne Todd                     Thomas McBride             Margie Antonetti
!   Amy & Shawn Macritchie      Charles Trompler                Heather McGeehon           Robert & Jean Apple
    William Reidway             Jennie Wiebe                    Mark Mlynarczyk            Danielle Arand
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    Mark Sonnenberg             Mark & Tracy Yung               Janice Montalvo            Stephen Arnold
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    Edward Asplundh             Thomas Brusstar                 Samantha Podlucky          John Bamforth
! Kimberly Blackman             Linda Burkhard                  Ted Pruitt                 N.B. Bank
    Larry Brinkerhoff           Craig & Kimmi Cantwell          Robert Pumo                Rebecca & Cory Barber
    Shannon Brooks              Brandon & Lindsey Carlson       Crystal Raleigh            Paula Barck
!   Ellen Bunch                 Clark Carpenter                 Christa & Mark Rehm        Beverly Barkala
    John Chavanne               Craig Carson                    Derek Reiger               Jackie Barnett
!   Andrea & Matthew Chesek     Danielle Chase                  Claire Ricci               J. Harley Barriw
    Tracy Clemmer               Candice Cotter                  Katherine Robnett          Ingrid Barta
    Adam & Mindy Cohen          Lindsay Cottier                 Michele Rockhill           Margo Bassett
!   Pamela Contreras            Michael Dawson                  Christine Roe              Stephen Bell
    Peter Diehn                 Steven DiRado                   Laura Roe                  Richard Bennert
!   Kam Dungan                  Jennifer Dougherty              Miriam Rossman             Eric Benson
    Courtney Enlow              Jessica Duplantis               Ron & Karen Rubin          Judith Benson
    Tess Falk                   Dinah Dux                       Shanille Samra             Beth Berglund
!                                                               Cheryl Sgro                David & Kathleen Bergman
    Jayme Fast                  Brittany Eldredge
    Zachary Fisher              Kevin Emerson                   Mary Sitto                 Joseph Bertel
!   Russell & Joan Forthofer    Frans & Robbyn Erickson         Denise Small               Lindsay Beth Tucker
    Aki Fujinami                Carrie Evans                    DJ Smith                   Elizabeth Bevens
    Dennis & Beth Garis         Grace Fant                      Michael Smith              Michelle Beverly
!                                                               Judy Snell                 Dorotha Biernesser
    Paula Guerrero              Dana Fernandez
    Audrey Haller               Jennifer Fey                    Caroline Snyder            Marilyn Billmeyer
!   Rob & Gina Harris           Kenneth Foot                    Jennifer Squires-Will      Benita Bjorgo
    Jonathan Harris             Stephanie & Joseph Fritz        Brian & Julie Stifel       Warren Black
    Corina Hathiramani          Rustin Greenstreet & Sanghini   Brooklyn Stine             Mary Blair
    Jennifer Heap                 Bhatt                         K.R. Stribley              Matt Blick
    Robyn Hudson                Keith Grimm                     Joann Sutton               Paula Bliemeister
!   Korinna Jensen              Jean-Luc Gustin                 Eric Swiger                John Blockinger
    Lynne Kinghorm Agnoletti    Tiffany Havlicek-Taft           Virginia Teggatz           Kristine Bloom
!   Clifford & Judy Lawson      Ronda Hegar                     Marie-Jose Tripp           Dahni Bloomfield
    Catherine Loe               Timothy Henry                   Christopher Tyrrell        Tony & Jody Boatman
    Stephen Logston             Shane Hernandez                 Gregory & Sherrye Urtz     John Bock
!   Grace Lopez                 Eric & Mary Beth Himmelberg     Randall Vance              Rose Boidock
    Thomas & Yvonne Miller      Laurel Hinkle                   John Vitale                Carol Borba
    Sara Bortscheller        David DeBiase               Valerie Goodwin              Barbara Johnson
!   Sharon Bowden            Dale & Karen DeJongh        David Grace                  Paul Johnson
    Michael Bowering         Rebecca Delgado             Jill Gradishar               Ann & Frank Jones
    Jerry & Carol Bowman     Corinne Dentremont          Michael Grandy               Bernadette Jones
!   Elizabeth Boyle          D.R. Dewar                  Bill Grant                   Scott Jones
    Amanda Bragg             David Dexter                Mindy Grantham               Maureen Jones
!   Jim Brewer               Dwaine Dickey               Joyce Gray                   Ajay Joshi
    David Brinson            Althea Dietzel              Lucy Gray                    Jessica Just
    Clare Broderick          Erik Dill                   Phil & Gail Gray             Beth Ann Kaminkow
!   William Brooks           Diane Donahue               Shirley & Richard Gretlein   Deepa Kartha
    Sejin Brooks             Brian Donnelly              S. Grey Kinlaw               Costas Kefalas
!   Jessica Broome           April Dornan                Janice Gruber                Ryan Keith
    Rebecca Bruewer          Juliet Douglas              Krista Grueninger            Joseph Kelleher
    Randall Buchinger        Patti Douglas               Brooke Grunza                Shirley Kelly
!   Doug Buckingham          Jennifer Douglas            Wade Guzdanski               Joel & Jennifer Kember
    Lisa Buenrostro          John Doyle                  Patricia Haase               Christine Kennedy
!   Patrick Buerger          Jessilyn Duke               Ana Hackl                    Kenneth & Rhonda Savage
    Wanetta Bullock          Robin Duncan                Francis Hadnagy              Michael Kenyon
    Amanda Bunch             Andrew Dvoracek             Keith Hagan                  Emilie Ketcha
!   Nicole Burich            James Eberle                Cheryl Haggard               Karen Keyes
    Nicole Burke             Karin Edwards               Carolyn Hale                 Najeeb Khan
!   Toy Burnett              George Egberts              Enid Halewyn                 Virginia Kidd
    Carole Bursac            Thomas Eggsware             David Hall                   Chris & Ariel King
!   Susan Bushey             Meredith Elkins             John & Pamela Hall           Linda Kirsch
    Benny Butler             Beth Elsier                 Joseph Haller                Robin Kline
    Edward Byrd              Debra Endrasek              Robert Hanson                Ben Klinkhammer
!   Danielle Byrne           Hamid Erfan                 Jason Harrison               Kenna Klosterman
    Terri Camberlango        Gregory Erpenbeck           Myra & Linwood Hartsell      M. Knaebel
!   Jenifer Cameli           Nancy Essex                 Donald Hartzog               Georgette Kneezel
    Danielle Canaday         Jeffrey & Jessica Evenson   Eleanor Harvey               Bob Knous
    Rick Cardarelli          Michael Farley              Stacy Hastings               Martin Korade
!   Claudette Carey          Robert Farrell              Ruth Hauer                   David Kouchnerkavich
    Paul Carpenter           Julie Farrow                Stacey Hauserman             Cindy Kovach
!   Kristi Carter            Amanda Fedor                Wendy Hayes                  Meghan Kovarik
    Emily Cassato            Walter Ferguson             Shelby & Eric Helgeson       David Kuketz
    Carlos Castillo          Luke Feudner                Mary Hernandez               Amie Kurian
!   Matthew Cecil            Frank Fibbs                 John Hesketh                 Cristi Kwei
    Alissa Chapman           Craig Field                 Nicole Hibshman              Mayra Kyler
!   Christopher              Henry Fierro                James Hicks                  Rebecca LaDow
    Sarah Classen            Jonathan Findley            Russell Hillenburg           Stephen & Denise Lamonica
    Leslie Clawson           Jeffrey Fishback            Marisa Himes                 Amie Lands
!   Onan Coca                Sylvia Fisher               Robert Hirsch                Edward Langley
    Aaron Cochran            Susan Flury                 Erin Hoey                    Steve Lanphierd
!   Ellen Cody               Becky & David Folck         Stephanie Hoffman            Carol Laux
    Sean Collins             Phoebe Folger               Donald Hogan                 Robert & Kelly Lawrence
    Gary Collins             Catherine Fonzo             Krista Hoge                  Kara Lazarus
!   Amanda Comer             Wendy Foster                Kathryn Hoisington           Kent & Lisa Leboeuf
    Steven Condon            Peter Franz                 Sheila Holzer                Jenny Lee
!   Barbara Cook             Jean Fraunhofer             Todd Horelica                Cynthia Leeck
    Amy Cooke                Myron Fridman               Susan Horn                   Robert Lemay
    Francine Cooke           Angela Friebolin            Rebecca Hosinger             RayAnn Lerman
!   Peggy Cottier            Amber Friedeck              Paul & Sherry Hottenstein    Cathy Levendoski
    Brooke Craven            Stanley Friedeck            Michael Hovancsek            Sharon Levine
!   Ashlee Cribb             Scott Frnka                 Andrew Hughes                Brian Lewis
    James Crosby             Cathy & Joseph Froelich     Susan Hume                   Julie Linder
    Joanne Crowe             Peggy Fujinami              Jennifer Hurd                Melisa Linder
    Angela Crum              Kellyan & Daniel Funk       Kathryn Hutchens             Amy Lindroth
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    Kelley Dammen            Jeffery George              Glenda Jamail                Charles Luciano
!   Stephen Darr             Elaine Gilbert              David & Sandra Jameson       Buster Luck
    Darcie Davidson          Lori Gilbert                Sara Janes                   Amy Luckett
!   Ann Davis                Lisa Gingeleskie            David Janes                  Cathy MacIver
    R. Steve Davis           Sarah Giraldi               Kevin & Leslie Janezic       Erin Mackay
    Stanley & Linda Dawson   Judy Glorvigen              Pat Jarrell                  Leslie Maeda
!   Joseph Day               Carol Golec                 Christopher Johns            Kimberly Mahoney
    Laura De'Armond          Clare Golec                 April Johnson                John Maitrejean
!   Robert De'Armond         Miguel & Mary Gonzales      Sarah Johnson                Daniel Mallo
    Mary Ann & Andrew Deak   Julia Gonzalez-Lavin        Elena Johnson                Steven & Emily Manning
Colleen Manor              Becky Orcutt                Leigh Rosoff                BJ Sweeney
Jill Mansell               Robert Orthey               Kate Rowan                  Heather Sykes
Alison Marchese            Chris Ostrowski             Trina Rowe                  Mark Symmes
Melissa Mauer              Jeff & Amy Oyster           Kurtis Rummel               Heather Symons
Todd Mayer                 Judith Panzeri-Hill         Jody Rushing                 T.Rowe Price
James McCaffrey            Omkar Paranjape             Patricia Rusthoven          Edwin Taylor
Ann McCann                 Katrina Pardo               Dee Rutherford              Lori & Blair Taylor
Stephanie McCarthy         Angela Passons              Thomas Ryan                 Robert Taylor
Gwendolyn McCormick        Lois Patterson              Kari Salis                  Thomas Taylor
Susan McCully              Stephanie Paul              Amanda Sambula              Brooke Techlin
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Bruce McEnroe              Tobe Pesature               Keith Schieron              Allison Thompson
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Shannon McGlothin          Mark Peters                 Sarah Schneider-Firestone   Vicki Thune
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Terry McGoldrick           Darby Petitt                Paul Schultz                Margaret Tompsett
Heidi & Kevin McGuinn      Kristy Peyerl               Jane Schulz                 Masharne Townsend
Q.W. McKee                 S. Todd Phelan              Jenna Schulze               Simon Trudeau
Jim McKevitt               Brian & Colleen Phillips    Natalie Schwoerer           Michael Tufts
Jennifer McKinney          Lois Philson                Jennifer Scott              Diane Turchetta
Michael McNamara           Heidi Pirozzi               Thomas Segreto              Aric Vacchiano
Jeffrey Medford            Mary Pizzella               Connie Seim                 Camille Vanderslice
Jocelyn Merkel             Sharon Poole Blair          Giti Sepahi-Donboli         Kelly Veneziale
Joshua Meyer               Roger Porter                Stacy Shedivy               Diane Wacholz
Kristin Meyer              Bradley Pounds              Jonathan Sheller            Monique Wallace
Jenifer Meyers-Temby       Joanne Powell               Samuel Shelton              Crystal Wallentine
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Amy Moffett                Stacy Rader                 Eric Simons                 Lori Webster
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Victoria Moore             Steven Rapp                 Ahlam Sitto                 David Weissburg
Maureen & John Moran       Patricia Rawls              Patricia Sitto Miller       Mark & Gay Wells
Melissa Mortimore          Jane Razaq                  Gary Skow                   Adam Wendt
Lori Mosca                 Sonia Reagan                Amy Slette                  Deborah Wentworth
Jeff Mountcastle           Michael & Cindy Reagor      Judith Slusar               Dustin and Erin Wessinger
Carolyn Muirhead           Joshua & Katherine Rector   Don Smailes                 Erin Wessinger-Hoey
Kimberly Muirhead          Robin Reese                 Joseph Smith                Mike Wessman
Raymond Muller             Renae Reinardy              Lauren Smith                Sara & Gary Wheeler
Alexander Munro            Retta Reisinger             Sharmein Smith              Dr. Allen White
Jon Murphy                 Kimberly Renner             George Smith                Bonnie & Steve Whittendale
Sarah Murphy               Joe Rhein                   Sharon Smith                Ian & Beth Wienholt
Gregory Muthler            Will & Sara Richardson      Rose & Larry Smithey        Edward Wiese
Kristin Myers              Jo Richeson                 Teresa Snider               Britt Wiggins
Kathy Nadeau               Ronald Richter              Mariann Snyder              Jackie & Brad Williams
Rebecca Nakamoto           Rusty Riggs                 John Sommer                 Karna Williams
Donna Naylor               Jesse Rios                  Martha Sooter               Ramona Williams
Kim Nelms                  Amanda Rippeth              Angela Spieker              William Williams
Tracy Nelson               Melissa Ripple              Zettie & Riley Spoon        Julie Williams
Lee Nelson                 Judy Ripple                 Curtis Spriggs              Milton & Donna Willman
Terri Neubauer             Tamara Risch                Leslie Spurka               Kimberly Wilson
Amy Newquist               Jennifer Rittenhouse        Amanda Stafford             Stacy Winsand
Christine Nitti            Ed Robb                     James Stafford              Bryan & Jennifer Wise
Ryan & Beth Nolan          Joshua & Rachel Roberge     Kim Stahura                 Sheryl Wolfswinkel
Todd Nolen                 Ann Robertson               Jennifer Stanphill          Jason Wong
Amanda Norton              Jennifer Robertson          Christine & David Steger    Judy Woods
Jessica Norton             Becky Robinson              Steve Stem                  Kelsey Woolverton
Stephen Novik              Maryalice Robinson          Nancy Stengel               Joyce Wu
Mary O'Brien               Rita Robinson               Allen Steppa                Jeff Yack
Tom O'Hare                 Sally Robison               Gary Stewart                Pauline Yamin
Dustin and Erin O'Neal     Sharon & Timothy Robnett    Michelle Stone              Melinda Yoder
James Oca                  Christopher Rodal           Sara Jane Stone             William Yoos, O.D.
Carey Ogburn               Angela Rohnke               Sharalee Stratton           James Young
Kenneth Ohr                Walter Rolston              Skye Struckel               Betsy Zaczyk
Elaine Olson               Barbara Rosen               David Stuwe                 Mark Zalkin
Cynthia Opperman           Peter Rosenstein            Barbara Sutton              George Zender
                                                                                   Gregory Zwicke
Gifts up to $99             Ethel Barnhill               Ann Blanchfield          Jim Buckingham           Krista Citron
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Lauren Adam                 Michelle Barry               Susan Blaugh             Tamara Bullock           Ruth Clark
Mindy Adams                 Laurie Bartman               Henry Block              Sandra Burdick           Leslie Clawson
Cynthia Adamson             Susanne Bassett              Sarah Bochmann           Jennifer Burgess         Hadwen Clayton
Charlotte Aday              Thomas Batdorf               Iliana Bodziony          Elyse Burke              Sarah Clifthorne
Angela Adlich               Beth Bates                   Kendal Boe               Timothy Burkhalter       Angela Cline
Edgar Aguilar               Sandra Bauer                 Deedre Boekweg           Judi Burkhalter          Bob Coates
James Ahmann                Cynthia Bauerle              Harold Boelsen           Michael & Lisa Burkhard Emmy Coats
Christine Ahmann-Maples     Deanna Bauman                A. Michael Boggs         Richard Burkholder       Amy Cobbs
Thomas Akins                John Bauman                  Robert Boidock                                    Sarah Cochran
                                                                                  Kimberly & Mark Burningham
Rose Akman                  Michel Baylocq               Sharon Boldenow          Kristopher Burridge      Jim and Judith Cochran
Valerie Alaniz              Heather Beal                 MaryLou Bolfik           Burrows Family           G.L. Cochran
Carmel Albano               Lisabeth Beatty              Mary Alice Bolser        Heather Busing           Jennifer Coe
Tracy Albergo               Kelly Beatty                 Jacquelyn Bolton         Carrie Butler            Ashley Coelho
Alex Alcantar               Bobb Beauchamp               Dianne Bomar             JP Butler                Madeline Cohen
Vonda Aldred                Mark Beaver                  Lindsay Bonda            Edward Butler            Mark Cohen
Deborah Alexander           Danielle Bechert             Amy Bone                 Amanda Butterfield       Susan Cohen
Jo Alfano                   Lindsay Becker               Amy Borden               Juanita Cabali           Christine Cohring
Danielle Allen              Heather Beckner              Becky & Tim Borer        Heather Cabrera          Suzanne Colbeth
Terry Allen                 Philip Bedard                Jane Borner              Armando Caceres          Joan Cole
Vesta Allen                 Paula Bednarek               Lynn Bosch               Lauren Cadilac Medel     Diane Cole
Thomas Alley                Richard Beissenherz          Martha Boward            Julie Cain               Emanuel Cole
Amber Almeida               Sue Belford                  Jennifer Bowen           Susan Calabro            Michael Cole
Meghan Alson                JoAnne & Michael Belfort     Tiffany Bowen            Jamie Calhoun            Jeremy & Jennifer Coleman
Sally & Bruce Alterman      Terry Bell                   Mary Bower               Steve & Linda Calhoun    Lois Coleman
Michelle Alvarado           Tammie Bell                  Becky & Charles Bowering S.M. Calkins             Mary Collins
Adam Anders                 Christina Bellino            Sarah Bowman             Deborah Callahan         Mandy Collins
Catherine Anders            Barbara Benjamin             Peter Bowman             Angela & Colin Caneva    Jill Colpean
Julie Anderson              Whitney Benner               Jackie Boyd              Cindy Cannon             Kathleen Comeau
Lois Anderson               Grace Bennett                Nathan Boyd              Mike Cannon              Tonya Condit
Amy Anderson                Charles & Kathleen Bennett   Natalie Boykin           Ruben Carbajal           Charles Connelly
Aprille Andrews             Jill Bennett                 Marie Boyles             Cheryl Caroleo           Kathleen Conroy
Jo Ann Andrews              Margaret Bennett             Norman Bozin             Amanda Carr              Mary Ellen Conway
Parker Andrews              Jennifer Benson              Sara Braaten             Melissa Carr             Jane Cook
Gary Anklam                 Diane Bente                  Kelly Bradford           Patricia Carr            Charles Cook
Nancy Ann Deutsch           Teresa Bentler               Gabriela Bradt           Kristi Carter            Elycia Cook
Michel Arel                 Vicki Berger                 Darrell Braman           Merle Carter             Mary Jean Cook
Andre Arman                 Ross Bergethon               Lance Brand              David Carter             Mary Cook
Frank Arrellano             Amanda Berk                  Angelia Brandt           Jan Carter               Dee Cook
Ysmenia Asci                Phyllis Berman               Terri Branigan           Ashley Carver            Johnna Cook
Larry Ashby                 Lisa Bernabucci              Rebekah Breedlove        Robin Casciello          Stacey Cook
Nila Augustyniak            Kelly & Jason Bernatene      Talia Breidinger         Kristin Cashmore         Jillian Cooney
Steve Austin                Becky Berndt                 Karen Brennan            Carol Cassato            Terra Cooper
Carlye Austin               Emily Berner                 Penny Breslin            Sam Cassato              WM Neal Cooper
Rosalie Austin              Rose Bernlohr                Charlene Bridges         Marcie Cast              L. Brad Cooper
Kimberly & Jonathan Avila   John Bersagel                Lynda Brillowsky         Carl Castoldi            Meta Copeland
Elaine B. Scull             Oren Bersagel-Briese         Steven Brimhall          Topher Castoro           Janine Corbin
David Babcock               Wendy Bertin                 Frances Broderick        Beth Cathcart            Barbara Corby
Alan Bagdonas               Ellen Bestor                 Sally Brodie             Helen Caya               Carolyn Corley
Wayne Bailey                Bethel Baptist               Jessica Broome           Joanna Celenza           Les Cornelius
Nicole Bailey               Lori Bethke                  Patrick Brothers         Cynthia Cerda            Maria Corona
Stuart Bailey               Cathy Bevan                  Bradley Brown            Melissa Cerra            Pamela Corrigan
David Bainbridge            Lisa Bibeau                  Maryann & Matthew Brown Cynthia Chamberlin        Wanda Corvin
David Baker                 Aliza Bibik                  Paula Brown              Kenneth Chambers         Thomas Corya
Diana Baker                 Norma Bickford               Matthew Brown            Paige Chandler           Misty Costello
Alex Baker                  Holly Bienia                 Heidi Brown              H. Chandra               Ritta Cote
Paulina Balaban             Ryann Bierer                 Alisha Brown             Heather Chansuthus       Nicole Cottom
Aiden Balderrama            Julie Biggerstaff            Katharyn Brown           Harshad Chaoji           Jenna courrier
April Baldwin               Walter Bilinski              Lacie Brueckner          Cody Chapman             Josephine Covington
Suzanne Balfour             Dora Bingeman                Kimberly Brumbaugh       Gretchen Chapman         Lana Cowan
Michelle Ballard            Samantha Birkenkamp          Corinne Brumbaugh        Melanie Chavez           Patty Cowell
Barbara Banks               Robin Birmingham             Lisa Brummer             Donna Cheers             Joyce Cox
M.H. Banks                  Betty Bishop                 Mary Brunst              Shelly Chetty            Susan & Joel Cox
Laura Bard                  Susan Blackburn              Denise Bryant            Jennifer Childress       Rachel Coyle
Linda Barnes                Gary Blackburn               Barry Buchanan           Colby Chipps             Konrad Crabtree
Ronnie Barnes               Rebecca Blades               Michael Buck             Theresa Chipps           Janelle Craigmile
JoAnne Barnes               Dana Blair                   Etta Buckhahn            Lisa Chloros             Pamela Crail
Shannon Barnett             Lori Blake                   David Buckingham         Rebecca Chumbley         Joe Crane
Mary Beth Craven         James Deye                 Judi Ellis Williams         Patricia Floyd                 Tim Gentry
Carl Crawford            Melissa Di Ponio           James Emerson               Michelle & Lester Fochtman     Cody George
Jason Creasman           Ed Diaz                    Eileen Eneberg              Rhiannon & Michelle Fochtman   Caroline George
Virginia Creed           Linda Dickinson            Jacqueline Engelman         Beth Fones                     Kelly Gering
Kathy Cripps             Mary Dickson               Julie Engerman              Andria Fontenot                Elaine Gerke
Maria Cronin             Dale Didra                 Nikolas Enloe               Sayonara Fontes                Rachel Gerlovich
Jacqueline Crosby        Eric Dienstbach            Allyce Enlow                Sherri Foran                   Heather Gewandter
John Cross               Virginia Dietz             Amy Enriquez                Patricia Forbes                Marilyn Geyer
Mitzi Cross              Judy Dietz                 Darcy Enyeart               Dennis & Margaret Ford         Robert Gibson
Pam Crosthwait           Wendy Diez                 Debbie Epperson             Kathleen Forder                Jonna Gieselman
Pamela Crum              Kimberly Diggle            Susan Epping                Beverly Foreman                Cherie Gilbertson
Madison Csizmadia        Kathleen DiGiulio          Thomas Ergler               Michele Foust                  Bente Gilbertson
Jose Cuevas              Melanie Dilella            Carolin Erhardt-Seidl       Sheila Fox                     Gary Gilcrease
Allison Cullinane        Christine Dillon           Jason & Patricia Ericksen   Kelly Francini                 Afton Giles
Janice Cullinane         Megan DiPiero              Jolene Erickson             Scott & Charlotte Francis      Nicole Gilger
Perry Cummings           Jill & David Dirkx         Stacey Ertel                Donna Frandsen                 Ruth Gillespie
Diana Cunningham         Alicia DiStefano           Julie Eschenbrenner         B.R. Franklin                  Amy Ging
Debra Curran             Joy Dixon                  Ashley Esfandiari           MIchele Fraser                 Ann Girard
Stacy Curtis             Julie Dobbeleare-Castens   Laura Estes                 Linda Frederiksen              Sheldon Gitzel
James Curts              Stephanie Dobos            Catherine Etheridge         RaeAnne Fredrickson            Tracy Givens
Kenneth Custer           Susan Dodds                Wanda Etheridge             Rebecca Frele                  Lori Glaza
Kevin Cwirka             Brent Doerffler            Daniel Ettlich              Dianna Frieda                  Ashley Gleiter
Kathryn Cyphers          Keith Donell               Barbara Evans               Gary Friedel                   Susan Glerup
Fred Cytacki             Leland Donivan             Debra Evenson               Joan Frieden                   Linda Gober
Elena D'Agostino         Arlene Dooley              Jennifer Everhart           Gary Friend                    Merrie & Charles Gode
Megan D'Amico            Angela Dopko-Campbell      Clarice Ewing               Joe Friesel                    Bill & Marty Goff
Linda Dalfonzo           Bruce Dora                 Katharine Eyer              Jeanette & Steven Fristad      Joyce Gokey
Kolleen Daly             Frederick Dorsey           Haley Eyerly                Jennifer Fritz                 Karen Goldfeder
Mara Damico              Heather Dorsey             Mary Falcone                Nicholas Froelich              Nanci Goldin
Anna & Nancy Damico      Jessica Douglas            Robert Faller               Kenneth Fry                    Corey Goldman
Lacinda Damsgard         Haywood Dowdle             Margaret & James Farkas     Destiny Frye                   Brenda Golt
Kimberly Daniels         Rebecca Downey             Wendy Farr                  James Fujinami                 David Gonzales
Sandra Daniels           Melisa Dracos              Pam Faubus                  Vanessa Fulcher                Gwendolyn Gonzales
Elnora Darby             Jerry Driscoll             Laura Faulkenberry          Norma Fuller                   Kumar Gonzalez
William Darnell          Karen Drislane             Jane Faulkner               Randolph Fulton                Ivonne Gonzalez
Karmen Davenport         Susan Drozdowski           Kay Fawcett                 Angus Fursdon-Welsh            Gretchen Goodall
Melissa Davis            Teri & Ronald Drury        Catherine Feil              Kay & John Gabica              Scott Gordon
Amy Davis                Natalie Dubas              Sheila Feimster             Cassie Gadd                    Bernadette Gore
Jenny Davis              Iris Duffield              Ina Feldmann                Daniel Gaffney                 Greg Grace
Kirsten Davis            Bernadette Duffy           Lori Fender                 Kathleen Gaffney               John Graden
Theresa Davis            Daniel Dugan               Anthony Ferrazzo            Phillip Gage                   Andrea Graehl
Davis Family             Patrick Dugan              Janet Ferrazzo              Will Galbraith                 Kristin Gragg
Bob Davis                Nancy Dugery               Diane Ferrero-Paluzzi       Janice Gallagher               Jason Graham
Jackie Davis             Jenni Duncan               Mary Fertig                 Bridget Gallant                Corey Graney
Jesse Davis              Teresa Dunlavy             Mary Fettinger              Michael Gallegos               Gary Grant
Peggy Davis              Cindy Dunn                 Adam Feuerstein             Adam Gallegos                  Pamela Grant
Spring Davison           Martha Dunn                Stephanie Fevig             Deborah Gallenberg             Shyra Grantham
John Dawson              Terry Dunn                 Rebecca Figg                Tana Galloway                  Kathleen Grassia
Kevran Day               Tony Durant                Deborah Fike                Don Galovich                   Danny Gray
Karey Dean               Alissa Dwyer               Heidi & John Files          Anne Gander                    Pamela Gray
Danielle Deaver          Emily Dye                  Matthew Fillman             Jeanette Garcia                Stephenie Gray
Carol DeCarlo            Stephen Dyer               John Fink                   Jocaved Garcia                 Ryan Greb
Nathan Deckinga          Linda Dyess                Diane Fiscarelli            Malissa Garcia                 Deena Green
Charlotte DeGroot        Shirley Eager              Jon Fisch                   Matthew Gard                   Molly Greene
Melissa DeJesus          Nancy Earp                 Deirdre Fischbach           Emily Gardner                  Mary Jo Griffith
Barbara Del Tufo         Margaret Easly             Jason Fischer               Lashundra Gardner              Nancie Griffiths
Cynthia Delaney          Barbara Eastman            Tricia Fischer              Catherine Garland              Kenneth Grigsby
Mary Louise Delano       Jolene and Adam Eben       Eberhard Fitzner            Amy Garner                     John Grimanis
Donna Dell'Arco          Randi Eccleston            Mary Fitzpatrick            Patricia Garofolo              Amy Groetsch
Renee Dellenger          Tom Ecker                  Susan Fjeldheim             Richard Garrett                Andrew Grogan
Christy Delong           Jana Edens                 Paul Fjestad                David Garrett                  Bernard Gropp
Shannon Delp             Lanelle Edwards            Patricia Fleckenstein       Amy Garrett                    Kevin Gross
Bonnie, Jim, & Jamie DeppWilliam Edwards            Melissa Fleming             Miles Gattenby                 Michael Grossberg
Valerie Derrick          Melissa Effland            Shannon Fleming             Bradley Gauthier               Kenneth Grubb
Carlos Descalzo          Tiffany Egeland            Dale Fleming                Margaret Gearhart              Alan Grueninger
Suzanne DeSelms          Lindsey Elbirn             Colleen Floberg             Rachelle Gehr                  Sharon Grueninger
Mary Desmarteau          Hannah Eldridge            Kathleen Flores             Christopher Geiger             Andrea Grundy
Cathy Detweiler          Nancy Eldridge             Timothy Flower              Jenny Geitgey                  Bob Grunloh
Stacey Devine            Colleen Elkins             Matthew Flowers             Nancy Gensch                   Carrie Grussing
Matthew Dewolf           John Elliott               Tammy Flowers               Carmen Gentry                  Katie Guardiola
Elizabeth Guenther         Carol Hayes                 Jennifer Huber           John Jolin                Patricia Klein
Jessie Guerrieri           William & Jo Ann Hayes      Katherine Huber          Lucinda Jolstad           R.A. Kloster
Lori Guggenberger          Beth Hayes                  Carol Huber              Betty Jones               Christy Knetsch
Stephanie Gugliemo Lynch   Karen Hearn                 Kelly Hubley             Joyce Jones               May Lou Knight
Nicole Guisinger           Marcy Heath                 Betty Hudson             Bethany Jones             Kerry Knight
Forrest Guittar            Karl Hedberg                Douglas Huebner          Marilyn Jones             Gary Knkapp
Veronika Gulchin           Alison Heeringa             Lisa Hughes              Rhonda Jones              Karen Knuckles
Thoma Haarala              Diana Heidbreder            Jodi Hughes              Sienna Jones              Jeri Knudson
Jan Haberstock             Cathleen Heider             Douglas Hughes           Robbie Jordan             William Koch
Joy Hackl                  Greg Heimall                Janet Hughes             Karen Joseph              kim kocken
Jennifer Hackney           Joal Heine                  Amy Hunt                 Vickie & David Joyce      Tony Koehle
Joseph Hackney             Betty Hellard               Courtney Hurst           Catherine Joynt           Laura Koether
Sally Hagen                Lance Helms                 Leonard Huss             Amy Judd                  Charles Kohaut
Sean Haggard               Brianne Helton              Loni Huston-Eizenga      Melissa Juelich           Stephen Kohnert
Suzanne & Ronald Hagge     Paul Hemmy                  John Hutchison           Erin Julian               Kinley Kolbet
Sarah Ruth Hair            Carolyn Henderson           Carolyn Huyck            Angela Jungmann           Lynne Koloski
Nona Hait                  Don Henderson               Richard Huyck            Walter Jurek              Sudarshan & Asha Komanapalli
Eileen Hajovsky            Liz Henderson               Rita Hysan               Anthony Jurina            Kent Kooy
Paula Hajovsky             Neil Henne                  Jennifer Icasiano        Dennie Kamlet             Erica Korer
Neil Haldar                Kerri Hensarling            Kimberlee Ilard          Sheikha Kapoor            Phillip Korman
Robin Hale                 Erik Hercula                Katie Illingworth        Jennifer Kara             Christine Koska
Amanda Hales               Regina Hermann              Indy Aquatic Masters     Paul & Lindsey            David Koster
Sheryl Haley               Marcia Hernick              Sara Ingram                Karakourtis             Laura Kotouc
Kristina Lynn Hall         Bob Hesskamp                Bruce Innes              Wilma Karcher             Richard Kozloff
Krista Hall                Corrine Heyeck              Robert Innes             Kristin Kasten            Pamela Krajewski
Cynthia Hall               James Hickey                Barbara Irby             Denise Kaullen            James Krause
Carolyn Hamby              Leslie Hickey               Samantha Irelan          Kelly Kawar               Joan Krause
Kay Hamielec               Ryan Hicks                  Julie Irvin              Barbara Kay               Nancy Krause
Desiree Hamilton           Maria Hicks                 Sara Irwin               Laura Kay Kraft           Lara Krefski
Holly Hamilton-Blodgett    Caroline Hidalgo            Erin Itnyre              Toby Kedem                Janet Kreinbrink
Christine Hampshire        Kitra Hill Gray             Kristie Iverson          Victoria Kegg             Terri Kress
Kathryn hampton            Ann Hillier                 Melissa Jablonski        Kaley Keith               Kathryn Kressman
Keith Hamrick              Joanna Hillis               Robert Jackan            Gary Kekich               Rebecca & Gary Kruger
Ken-ryu Han                Trista Hills                Pamela Jacklitch         Mary Kelley               Gail Krumenacker
Katharine Hansen           Jennifer Hindman            Lisa & Randy Jackson     Claudia Kelley            Jodi Kruse
Scott Hansen               Barbara Hines               Jaimie Jacobs            Sharika Kellogg           Carl Kuhl
Ann Hansen                 Timothy Hinson              Stephanie Jaeger         Jessica Kelly             Susanne Kuligowski
Jacque Hansen              Susan Hirsch                Sara Jaeger              Jill Kelsey               Judith Kumpf
Cassie Hanson              Jessica Hite                Jagruti Jain             Brandy Kemp               Lisa Kunk
Ali Haralson               Kristin Hobbs               Jessica James            Phil Kemp                 Sandra Kunze
Leslie Harden              Lacy Hobbs                  Lawrence James           Tracy Kenison             Bryan L. Alberti
Scott Harding              Sara Hochstein              Mary Elizabeth Jameson   JJ Kennemer               Tammy LaBar
Allison Hardy              Kimberli Hoelle             Traci Jansa Lepak        Kimberlee Kenner          Kari Lacey
Sherri Hardy               Brad Hoelting               Brooke Jantz             Deborah Kenney            Julie LaCombe
Donna Hardy                Steven Hoffman              Gale Jeblonski           Amy Kent                  Elisabet Laferriere
Cynthia Hare               Kimberly Hoffman            Brian Jelonek            Lisa Kent                 Carrie LaFollete
Debra Harlander            Grant Hoffman               Linda Jenkins            Joella Kermit             Cathy Lahm
Margaret Harmon            Susan Hoffmann              Natalie & Jason Jensen   Margaret Kern             Kristin Lail
Elizabeth Harnois          Laurie Hohman               Patricia Jessen          Sarah Kerr                Kimberly Laird
Ashley Harpool             Christina Holcomb           Dianne Jimmink           Ronald Kerwood            Deborah Lake
Michela Harrigan           Bernadette & Glenn Holden   Kara Johantgen           Michele Ketcham           Nancy Lamarre
Lynn and Janice Harris     Carla Holland               Beverly Johnson          Christine Ketchmark       Kimberly Lambert
Betty & Ken Harris         Carol Sue Hollis            Vonnie Johnson           Phillip Kiamie            Lisa Lambourne
Jeffrey Harrison           Lisa Hollowell              Donna Johnson            Alycia Kiburz             Gen Lamky
Kimberly Harrison          Linda Holmen                Carol Johnson            Ann & Brad Kile           Dana Lampo
Resa Harrison              Lisa Holt                   Caroline Johnson         Tina Killman              Donald Lampo
Alice Hart                 Heather Holtkamp            Casadi & Joel Johnson    Heather Kilpatrick        Sheryl Lampo
Daniel Hartley             Alvin Homan                 Jennifer Johnson         Rebecca Kimball           Cara Lanciotti
Julie Harvey               Michelle Horn               Jeremy Johnson           Ronald & Ronnica Kimbro   Cindy Lane
Lisa Harvill               Faye Horpestad              Michael Johnson          Denise Kinde              Martha Lane
Leonard Hastings           Marianne Houser             Sarah Johnson            Lisa King                 James Langston
Karee Hatch                Tammy Howard                Ralph & Sharon Johnson   Ruth King                 Dorothy Lanphierd
Stephanie Hatton           Dixie Howard                Jeff & Jeanne Johnson    Donnie & Naomi King       Annie Lanter
Rose Hauck                 Karen Howard                Joan Johnson             Elizabeth King            Julie Lapos-Kuchar
Amanda Haugh               Melinda Howard              Kelly Johnson            Kendra Kirkwood           Pamela Laquidara
Joyce & Jeffrey Hauke      Susan Howe                  Melody Johnson           Claudia Kirkwood          Jan Larson
Donna Hawkins              Lisa Howeler                Paige Johnson            Carrie Kisor              Jane Larson
Paula Hawn                 Melissa Howell              Tonya Johnson            Kimberley Kissoyan        Patricia Larue
Catherine & Michael Hay    Brad Howland                Jaime Johnson            Heather Kite              Kylie Lasko
Barbara Hayes              Rachael Hubbard             Laura Johnson            Lynn Kitzmiller           Eric Laskowski
Jill Lassaline             Gregg Magera                Amy McDonald                 Cory Miyatake              Darlene Nere
Judy Lassek                Jason Magidson              Sarah McDougall              Betsy Mizia                Roger & Harriett Nesbitt
Kimberly Latham            Amy Magill                  Patricia McDowell            Nancy Mohler               Amber Neshyba
Janelle Laughlin           Steve Magnuson              James McElhaney              Nancy Mohrlang             Larissa Ness
Allen Lawes                Francine Maguire            Doug McFadden                Joyce Moineau              Steve Ness
Heidi Leach                Jasmine Malec               Kenneth & Leigh McFarlen     Elizabeth Molamphy         Elisabeth Neuman
Sheena Leazenby            Stanley & Renee Malkowicz   Carmen McGilberry            Heidi Moon                 Karl Neumann
Faith Leber                Avinash Malshe              Darlene McGilberry           Angela Moore               Bobbi Jo Neun
Bobby Lebow                Rebekah Manci               Bob McGinnis                 Kelly Moore                Harold Newberry
John Ledoux                Julie Mangum                Tom McGinty                  Patti Moore                Robert Newburn
Michael Ledoux             Eileen Manion               Megan McGrory                Chad Moore                 Phillip Newton
Kari Lee                   Grant Mankin                Stephanie McGuire            Kelly Moore Shepperd       Theresa & Thai Nguyen
Patricia Legarreta         Patrick Mann                Don McGuire                  Kristina Mooty             Tasha Nicholls
Ellen & John Lehfeldt      Dana Manning                Molly McKanna                Gillian Morales            Renee Nichols
Marie Lehfeldt             Kathleen Manning            Sharon McKay                 John Moran                 Lisa Nieboer
Jennifer Leiser            Telena Manville             Carroll McKay                Lisa Moreno                Diana & Michael Niedwick
Richard Leiser-Banks       Tracey Mariani              Amanda McKee Keck            Catherine Mores            Alvin Niendick
Jo LeJeune                 Kandi Marlowe               Suzanne McKinney             Megan Morgan               Shabnam Nikkhah
M. Lauren Lemmon           Jessica Marsh               Denise McKinnon-Biernat      Stacey Morgan              Carol Nitz
Kimberlee Lenz             John Marsh                  Elmer McKnight               Christine Morgan           Joyce Nix
Barbara Lerch              Nicole Marshall             Jeanne McLane                Andrea Morganstein         Julie Nixon
Zane Leslie                Jean Marston                Richard McLaughlin           Deirdre Morgenthaler       Kimberly Nizza
Janette Leslie             Tamera Martin               Christine McLaughlin         Sheila Moriarty            Katherine Nolen
Melissa Lynn Lessard       Barbara Martin              Jason & Lauren Mclean        Kathleen Mormino           Thomas Noonan
Barbara & Arnold Levey     Frances Martin              John McLean                  Susan Morris               Lauren Noriega
Ashleigh Lewis             Judy Martin                 Susan McMackin               Kathy Morrison             Michael Norris
Celia Lewis                Julia Martin                Jerry McMillan               Donna Morrow               Matthew Norton
Joan Lewis                 Kristin Martin              Paula McMillen               Julie Mortenson            Christopher Nuxoll
John Lewis                 Wendy Jo Martin             Althea McNairy               Alyssa Mortenson           Charles Nyman
Thomas Lewis               Arnella Martinez            Claire McNamara              Sandra Mortinson           Mary O'Connell
Mark Lidell                Jennifer Martinez           Rebekah McPherson            Carla Morton               Elizabeth O'Connor
Cheryl Lidell-Obenauer     Serena Martinson            Tom Mead                     Jason Morton               Dennis O'Hearn
Karen Lieu                 Gary Marx                   Emira Mears                  Lindsay Morton             Andrea O'Keefe
David & Patricia Lile      Diane Mason                 April Medeiros               Orman Morton               Tim & Susie O'Maley
P.F. Limbach               Alisha Massengill           Anna Meier                   Merle Mosley               Ann O'Neill
Kathryn Lindner            Rohit Mathur                Tiffani & Jeroen Meijer      Shelley Mousseau           Carrie O'Quinn
Lindsey                    Richard Matson              Jeri Melancon                Marjorie Mowrey            Pat O'Shaughnessy
Anthony Lister             Susan Matsuki               Marilyn Melchior             Shirley Moyer              Tim O'Toole
Pat Little                 Daniel Matticks             Catherine Mello              Paul Mrazek                Robert Obear
Aimee Littrell             Jean Matzke                 Linda Mellon                 Lori Mucha                 Claire Odud
Amy Livengood              John Mau                    Kristen Mellring             Elizabeth Mulligan         Pat Olah
Jennifer Locklear          Jordan Mauer                Laura Melsheimer             Jayakrishnan Mundarath     Eric Oleson
Jill Logan                 Mary Maurer                 Susan Melton                 Michelle Munksgard         Sandra Olijnyk
Audra London               Thelma May                  Valerie & Bradley Melville   Robin Murphy               Michelle & Bendy Olsen
Brenda Long                Michael & Susan McCabe      Melanie Mergler              Carol Murphy               Donna Olson
DeAnn Longshore            Sarah McCafferty            Mina Meric                   Jolene Murphy              Stephanie Olson
Chelsea longwell           Andrew & Amanda             Susan Merrick                Diane Murray               Jillian Oltman
Kristen Lopez                McCaffrey                 William Merritt              William Murray             Capitol One
Alba Lopez                 Carl McCallum               Metavante Corporation        Connie Murtaugh            Christina ONeill Higgs
Tracy Lord                 Allen McCarriston           Margaret Metz                Kristina Murto             Robert Onstead
Rachel Lorentz             Emily McCart                Gail Meyer                   James Muse                 Jerry Onuszkanycz
Paula & Mason Loscher      Karen McCarthy              Kim Meyer                    Michael Muse               Matthew Osborn
John Lowy                  Roberta McChain             Tenika Michaels              Jackie Musgrave            Kim Osborne
Guadalupe & Oscar Lozano   Donald McClaugherty         Linda Mickelson              Jeannie Musick             Linda Ostapovich
Theresa Lucarini           Stacy McCleave              Christy Micucci              J.I. Muthig                Jennifer Ostrolencki
Cherise Lueck              Pamela McCleese             Kate Miffitt                 Aimee Myers                Derek Overdahl
Daniel Luedtke             Kevin McCluney              Sarah Milan                  Sarah Myers                Genevieve Overheim
Alisa Lund                 Rena McCone                 Deborah Miller               Heather & Francis Myhre Machell Oviedo
Rachel Lundberg            Christine McConnell         Amanda Miller                Heidi Myhre                Paul Owen
Charlene & Cody Lundell    Gail McCormack              Audra Miller                 Brandy Nance               Scott & Joyce Pacey
Julie Lusby                Gwen McCoy                  Jennifer Miller              Jill & Greg Nathe          Abigail Pagan
Brittany Lyman             Katherine McCrackin         Malisha Miller               Virgina & John Nathe       B. Richard Page
Kimberly Ma                Margaret McCullough         Sarah Miller                 Jaclyn & Christopher NatschBrenda & Hunter Page
Heather Maakestad          Vonnie McCung               Jillian Mills                Amy Necaise                Ruth Paiya
Susan Maas                 Sylvia McDaniel             Sarah Mills                  Gwen Neely                 Angela Palaschak
Tina Macaluso              Linda McDaniel              Kristen Mills                Michael Neil               Dianne Palaschak
Patricia Mach              Jason McDaniel              Ronda Minor                  Nicole Neist               Victor & Gail Palazzini
Carol Ann Macola           Rebecca McDaniel            Lisa Mitchell                Dennis Nelson              Ann Palker
Cheryl Macon               Karen McDaniel              Aimee Mitchell               Erin Nelson                Filomena Palmer
Andrea Madewell            Marla McDonald              TJ Mitzimberg                Connie Nelson Ahlberg      Dawn Palmer
                                                                                                               Shelley Palmos
                                                                                                               James Palmos
                                                                                                               Amanda Palmos Reitmayer
!   James Palmos                Shawnna Pomeroy         Alicia Rigler             Lu Sanders                 Karen Shelton
    Amanda Palmos Reitmayer     Christopher Ponto       Emily Riley               Michelle Sanders           Ruby Sherman
    Alfred & Kathleen Paluzzi   Ilse Porras             John Riley                Catherine Sanders          Bonnie Sherrell
!   Eleanor Pannesco            Kathleen Porter         Abigail Ring              Debra & Stuart Sands       Priya Shetty
    Guy Pannesco                Heidi Porter            Jennifer Rinn             Laura Sandt                Martin & Judy Shields
!   Audra Pape                  M. Poruchynsky          Jessi Risch               Melissa Saucier            Ryan Shipley
    Cindy Pappas                Karyn Posavad           Amanda Risser             Stacie Saunders            Catherine Shirley
    Kristen Pardy               Lorraine Post           Betty Ritter              Doug & Julie Saunders      Sharon Shirley
    Patricia Parent             Tammy Prance            Danielle Ritter           Terence Saxsma             Mable Kate Shirling
    Emily Parker                 Preferred Business     Carol Ritter              Elena Sbrana               Henrietta Shoaf Prince
    Kathy Parker                Solutions               Tricia & Jeremiah Rivas   Jerry Scamardo             Karen Shoppell
    Holly Parker                Jonathan Presnell       Josh Rivera               Kathleen Schafer           Stacey Shorts
    Tony & Nancy Parker         Andrea & Craig Price    Rhonda Rivera             Lisa Schaler               Douglas Shorts
    Vicky Parker                Wayne Price             Michelle Rivoire          Mary Schapinski            Carla & Jim Shultz
    Jason Parks                 Virginia Priest         Victoria Roback           Janet Schasker             Ronald Shultz
    John Parks                  Elizabeth Pringle       John Robb                 Kendra Scheminant          Edward Sidel
    Marci Parrott                Providence Health &    Bill Roberts              Lynne Schenker             Susan Sikes
    Jeremy Parzen               Services                Erin Roberts              Alissa Schillinger         Janice Silva
    Mark Paschke                Sharon Pryor            Eric Robertson            Paul Schimmick             Jeff Silva
    Bert Pasquale               Joelle Pulido           Dolores Robertson         Susan & James Schlussel    Rebecca Silveira
    Pate 4 Me, Inc.             Diane Pulvermiller      Dawn Robinette            Carolyn Schmidt            Megan Silver
    Glenda Pates                Kate Purcell            Judith Robinson           Joelle Schmidt             Elizabeth Simmons
    Rosanna Patrona-Aurand      R.G. and J.C. Pyle      Arthur Robinson           Kevin & Joelle Schmidt     Jina Simmons
    Cherie Patterson            Amanda Quiring          William Robinson          Tara Schnakenberg          Kelley Simon
    Karen Patterson             Evelence Rabou          Katherine Robinson        Stephen Schneider          Tina Simoneaux
    Lynda Patterson             Juliet Rains            John & Kathleen           Lynn Schneider             Tina Simoneaux
    Lindsay Patterson           Rose Raleigh            Robinson                  Renee Schneider            Valerie Simpson
    Patty Patterson             Arvindh Rao             Richard Rodal             Stephanie Schneider        Robby Sims
    David Paugh                 Victor Rapp             Michelle Rodgers          Amy & Ryan Schnipke        Mary Sing
    Sarah Paulino               Elaine Rash             Cindy Rodney              Melanie Schoeneck          Kurt Sins
    Kasey Pearce                Lyndsay Rasmussen       Melissa Rodriguez         Catherine Scholl           Kayce Sisson
    L. Pedrogo Pearsall         Jacqueline Rasmussen    Laura Roe                 Diane Schreiber            Patricia Skaggs
    Amy & Andrew Pederson       Lauren Rathmann         Sandra Roe                Claudia Schriver           Sarah Skakum
    Amber Peltier               Sara Rausch             Frederick and Ruth        Jerry Schrock              Rebecca Skluzacek
    Edmund Pendleton            Emily & Christopher     Roessle                   Jill Schroeder             Kelly Skrocke
    Kim Pennell                 Rawlings                Michael Rogan             Eric Schueth               J. David Slack
    Barbara Pennino             Kathy Ray               Lauren Rogers             Claire Schuler             Michelle Slaton
    Marc Pennucci               Lisa Ream               Loretta Rogers            Beverlee Ann Schultz       Charles & Michelle Sleeth
    Charlene Peoples            Duane Rebek             Kelli Rogerson            Melissa Schulze            Nicholas Sloan
    Jennifer Pepoy              Andrea Reczek           Carol Romkey              Julie Schumacher           Kim Slonaker
    Christine Peregoy Waters    Theresa Redd            Richard Ronconi           Kathryn Schuppe            Janet Small
    Alissa Perez                Michael Reddix          Marcelle Rontal           Douglas Schwartzenberger   Carol Smeltz
    Randall Perillo             Keri Redford            Robert Rood               Sandra Scola               Derek Smith
    Christine Perin             Jimmy Reese             Jessica Rosado            Kimberley Scott            Nancy Smith
    Eleanor Perkinson           Kathleen Regez          Deborah Roselle           Michelle Scott             Andrew & Krista Smith
    Mary Perrone                Rachel Rehwinkel        Andrew Ross               Jessica Scott              David Smith
    Brandi Persoon              F.B. Reid               Jessica Roth              Larrissa Scruggs           Maria Smith
    Michele Peters              Nancy Reidy             Nancy Roth                Robert and Tammy Scully    Meil Smith
    Judy Peterson               Ed Reilly               Nick Rounds               C. Marie Seals             Renee Smith
    Bethany Peterson            Keenie & Troy Reimer    Leslie Rouse              Richard Seboldt            Sara Smith
    Amber Pethe                 Joe Reina               Norene Rovnak             Randi Segal                Brenda Smith
    Kirk Petrik                 Erika Reinertson        Tara Rowse                Kristen Segall             Ryan Smith
    Melody Petrossian           Troy Reingardt          Ashley Rozier             Julie Selberg              Suzanne Smith
    Jay Pfister                 Trudy Reinitz           Mary Ruble                William Selfridge          Carol Smyth
    Carol Phalen                Amanda Reller           Linda Rukavina            Michele Selvey             Craig Snook
    Lorene Pharr                Angela Rembe            Robert Rummel             Christina Serrano          McGregor Snow
    Dereth Phillips             Holly Remillard-Balen   Mark & Judy Runkel        Stacie Severs              Jodi Snyder
    Dianne Phillips             Lucille Rermgosakul     Amy Rust                  Dennis and Teresa Shade    Bailey Snyder
    Sharon Philson              Angela Resiak           Bernadette Rutledge       Kelly Shafer               Diana Sodiq
    Nicole Phinney              Amy Retherford          David Ryan                Kimberly Shafer            Arthur Solomon
    Krystal Pickett             Anne Reynolds           Mary Ryan                 Keric Shanahan             Doreen Somers
    Bette Piece                 Rebecca Reynolds        Christine Ryba            Mrs. Sam Sharp             Lauren Soos
    Dawn PIerret                Kristy Reynolds         Philip Sacco              Kate Shaw                  Rosalinda Soriano
    Larry Pilster               Laura Reznick           Allison Saegebrecht       Erin Shea                  Sandra Soroka
    Robert Pinkerton            Linda Reznick           Rosa Salazar              Theresa Shearer            Judy Soslowsky
    Edna Pitman                 William Rhein           Barbara Saldivar          Trisha Sheehan             Erin Southard
    Charlyn Plunk               Nicole Ribeiro          Roy Salgado               Brian Sheehan              Joanna Spahis
    Jill Pogodzinski            Arthur Rich             Clare Salustro            Terrence Sheehan           Rita Spahn
    Stacie Pojero               Amber Richardson        Amanda Sanchez            Heath Shelton              Clifford Spencer
    Dallis Polk                 Gary Richarik           Ana Sanchez               Julie Shelton              Kristina Spencer
    Jeanese Polk                Todd Ricker             Jose Sanchez              Joyce Shelton              Holle & Nathan Spessard
!   Ellen Spielman          Catherine Taves      Nancy VanAllsburg             Beth Welander             Mollie Wolfe
    Dawn Spinhirne-Martin   Donna Kay Taylor     Beth VanBuskirk               Kathleen Weldon           Kristofer Womack
    Jack Spray              Jennifer Taylor      Ann Vanderlaan                Robert Welle              Michael Womble
!   Pamela St. Amand        Jennifer Temple      Jessica VanHoose              Rita Welz                 Art & Sarah Wong
    Roy Stafford            Linda Templeton      Colleen Vasile                Jennifer Wendland         Christopher Wood
!   Robert Stafford         Amy & Chad TerMaat   Robert Venezia                Alaina Wendt              Elizabeth Wood
    Lori Stahl              Brett Terry          Teresa & John Priester Vens   James Wentink             Woodland Park
    Jill Stamp              Shawn Tessmer        Danial Vercetti               LIsa Wenzel               Community Church MOPS
!   Lynne Stanford          Michelle Theis       Stephanie Vergara             Kelly Wenzel              Casey Woodruff
    Rhonda Staniforth       Maryann Theranger    Mary Verhofstadt              Kimberly Werner           Scott Woods
    Martha Stanley          Susan Theriot        Jennifer Vespi                Pam and Scott Wessel      Marianne Woody
    Roxanne Starr           Beth Thivierge       Katherine Vetter              Joseph West               Amy Woolard
    Alanna Staton           Christine Thody      Thomas Vetters                Teresa West               William Wotring
    Peter Stavrakoglou      Margaret Thom        Bethany Vetters               Kathryn Westensee         Carrie Wright
    Lavonne Stefanopoulos   l.W. Burke Thomas    Elizabeth Vibber              Phyllis Westlund          Dixie Wright
    Hannah Steiber          Lori Thomas          Shanda Vick                   Dustin and Lisa           Tracey Wright
    Catherine Steil         Lauren Thomas        Benjamin Vickers              Westwood                  Anne Wronka
    Victoria Stella         Dawn Thomas          Stacey Vigliotti              JM Wetsel                 Lori Wurth
    Crystal Stene           T.J. Thomas          Rita Vogler                   Nancy & John Weyers       James Wyatt
    Jacki Stene             Amy & Spencer        Sarah Voskamp                 Ann Wheeler               Robert Wynns
    Rachel Stengel          Thomason             Emma Waddell                  Roxanne Wheeler           Kristin Wynstra
    April Stephens          Lisa Thompson        Rita Waegele                  Jennifer Whidby           Cheryl Yazell
    Bonny Stephens          Frances Thompson     Vance Wagenknecht             Nancy Whipple             Jill Yelton
    Krystal Stephens        Rebecca Thompson     Gregory Wagner                Robin Whitaker            Jill Yelton
    Asha Stern              Julie Thomson        Carolyn Waksmunski            Randall White             Patricia York
    Beverly Stevens         Kathryn Thomson      Molly Wald                    Pamela White              Victoria York
    David Stevens           Tom Tiernon          Rebecca Waldock               Taylor White              Melinda Young
    M. Skip Stevens         JaLyn Tiffany        Emily Walker                  Gary Whitney              Grant & Betty Young
    Charlene Stevenson      Mary & Robert        Amanda Walker                 Courtney Whitney          Michael Younger
    Sara Stewart            Tilghman             Jessica Walker                Jonathan Wiese            Amber Yousuf
    Angela Stewart          Pauline Tilly        Rodney Walker                 Melissa Wilcox            Elizabeth Zackal
    Tamara Stibal           William Tilton       Terry Walker                  Gwen Wilker               Kelly Zapp
    April Stiles            Michael Timm         Erin Walkow                   Christine Willgress       Lindsay Zeckel
    Connie Stinson          Jennifer Timm        Harold and Merle Wall         Tod Williams              Shannon Zepdeda
    Roger Stock             Adam Timmons         Kay Wall                      Julie Williams            Doreen Zepeda
    Nicholas Stoeckel       Brandi Tindall       Lisa Wallace                  Sherrie Williams          Toby Zhang
    Elizabeth Stofferahn    Kenneth Tippette     Anita Wallace                 Linda Williams            Karla Ziegler
    Wallace Stommes         Anne Tofte           Debbie Wallace                Rachel Williams           Susan Ziegler
    Suzanne Stone           Donna Tolin          Sandra Walor                  Brandi Williams           Shirley Ziemer
    Rose Stone              Julie Tomicich       Leigh & Carolyn Walrath       Kari Williams             John Zinda
    Anne Storms             Stacey Torborg       Loren Walsh                   Erin Williams Gerner      Abrah Zion
    Dawn Stover             Jean Torrey          Rachel Walz                   Jamie Willis              Stephanie Zito
    Mary Stran              William Torriente    Erika Ward                    Ann Willoughby            Christopher Zoerb
    Ann Straughan           Jennifer Tower       David Ward                    Lynn Wilson               Bethany Zolman
    S.Goldner Strayer       Rose Trachtenberg    Jack Ward                     Sarah Wilson              Linda Zumbro
    Steven Strickland       Sandra Tracy         Stephanie Wardein             Tara Wilson
    Sarah Struck            Matthew Tracy        Carryann Warren               Mary & Randy Wilson
    Kimberly Strunc         Joseph Tracy         Gregory Warren                Shayne Wilwert
    Krystina Stuart         Joseph Tracy         Johanna Warren                Tristan Wilwert
    Jill Stubbs             Nicole Trainor       Kelly Washbourne              Giulia Winandy
    Dena Succi              Julie Trangsrud      Kathleen Ann Waters           Carolyn Windham
    Christine Sullivan      Jessica Tremblay     Jennifer Watkins              Janet & Thomas Wineland
    Jennifer Sullivan       Nicola Trevis        Julie Watson                  Vickie Winston
    Nancy Sullivan          Joanna Trevis        Kathleen Watson               Marc Wirig
    Ryan Sullivan           Nicole Trier         Whitney Watts                 Mark Wirig
    Connie Supernault       Andrea Trinklein     Robert Watts                  Beth Wirt
    Alisa Sureck            Nicole Tripp         Janet Waugh                   Thomas Wirth
    Larry and Sutherland    Paul Trotti          Amy Weaks                     Shira Wise
    SVMS Social Fund        Kim Trout            Jennifer Webb                 Lacey Wise
    Fred Swain              Tara Trovitch        Donna Webb                    Lisa Witkop
    Peter Swanson           Lynda Troxler        Dennis Weber                  Denn Wittenberger
    Caitlin Sweeney         Rodney True          Tiffani Webster               Susan Woehr
    Susan Sweigart          Andrea Truman        Sheryl Weersing               Torrey Wogen
    Bridget Swenson         Lisa Tulee           Deborah Wehrly                Anthony Wojtysiak
    Daniel Symonds          Susan Tuller         Denis Weigand                 Marilyn Wolcott
    Tracey Talley           Dave Umrysh          Linda Weilacher               Jayne Wolf
    Ayelet Talmi            Joan Usischon        Jill Weiland                  Mary Wolf
    Kay & Glen Tanner       John Vain            Linda Weis                    Danny Wolfe
    Michelle Tanner         John Vain            Erin Weisensee                Judith Wolfe
                               Foundations, Businesses, and Matching Gifts
               The following is a list of the NILMDTS foundation and business partners including matching gifts.
                                This list represents our partners from July 2011-December 2012.
    !"#$###%                                                        >57%5,(@-&#,%&J&-(
!   !"#$%&'#()&'#*(+,-.(                                            >5%%589&,#(A#-3,595<&#7*(+,-.(
    (                                                               >KI(K"5E6-%&5,7(ET$(A3#(@$9#8(2&%-3(I67#68(
    /0*111(                                                         !$;&%$9(G"56;(!58;$,&#7(!3$"&%$T9#(D56,E$%&5,(
!   23&%#(4567#(!67%58(!5956"(                                      !$;%6"#E(I#85"&#7*())!(
    %                                                               !$%3C]7(!"#$%&5,7(
!   !"###&!'(((%                                                    !3"&7%&$,(>"5%3#"7(:-$E#8C(
    :"%&7%&-()&;57-69;%&,<(!#,%#"(                                  !3"&7%5;3#"(
    :76=$>55=(?@:(                                                  !595"$E5(H569$7(:775-&$%&5,(
!   !$"&77$(4688#"(A"67%(                                           !5886,&%C(@3$"#7(5J(I&,,#75%$(
    B9$&,#(@-5%%(A$C95"(D56,E$%&5,(                                 !5M(I#E&$(G"56;(
!   B99&5%(BF6&,#(@#"'&-#7(                                         B$7%(4$'#,(D&"#J&<3%#"7()5-$9(^_10(+.:.D.D.N:.D.).(
    G$"C(@9$<#"*(+,-.(                                              B,,&7(+,E#;#,E#,%(@-3559(H&7%"&-%(
    &G&'#(                                                          B;&-(
    +7$$-(H#9&79#(D56,E$%&5,(                                       D&E#9&%C(!3$"&%$T9#(G&J%(D6,E(
    I&-"575J%(I$%-3&,<(G&J%(K"5<"$8(                                D&"7%(!5,<"#77&5,$9(!36"-3(5J(L5C$9(!"##=(
!   I69%&;9#(!5,,#-%&5,7(                                           D&"7%(G&'&,<(
    KI4(D&,$,-&$9(                                                  D"&#,E7(G&'#(>$-=(D56,E$%&5,(
!   L#MN4&E#(+,E67%"&#7*(+,-.(                                      G"#$%(!9&;7(
    @$,EC(455=*(K>:()5-$9(OPQ(                                      G55E(25"=7(4#$9%3*(+,-.(
    @&9'#"9$=#(K35%5(:--#775"&#7*())!(                              G"$,&%#(?,&%#E(2$C(
!   @56%3#",(!$9&J5",&$(BE&75,(!58;$,C()$R(H#;$"%8#,%(              4$99&T6"%5,(
    @%.(B9&S$T#%3(B;&7-5;$9(!36"-3(                                 4&<3(L599$S(@!(A"#,%5,(U`(
!   A3#(I588&#7(U#%R5"=(                                            +8$<#(2&S$"E7*(+,-.(
    A3#(A3"##(5J($(V&,E(>#,#J&%(                                    +UG(
    A3#(2&9J5"E(D$8&9C(D56,E$%&5,(                                  `#JJ(H5,535(+,76"$,-#(:<#,-C(
!   A358$7(L#6%#"7(                                                 `K(I5"<$,(!3$7#(
    ?,&%#E(2$C(5J(>$"%35958#R(!56,%C*(+,-.(                         `K(I5"<$,(!3$7#(D56,E$%&5,(5,(>#3$9J(5J(I>+:(D56,E$%&5,(
!   2$9NI$"%(D56,E$%&5,(                                            `67%(G&'#(
    %                                                               V$%C(:"#$(K$"#,%7(5J(I69%&;9#7(
!   !)##&!(((%                                                      V#,%6-=C(!3&9E"#,]7(457;&%$9(
    :9&75,(I$"&#(2&9E8$,(D56,E$%&5,(                                V,&<3%7(5J(!5968T67(!56,-&9(^11ab(
    :9;3$T#%(:-$E#8C*())!(                                          I$-C]7(D56,E$%&5,(
!   :;$-3#(!5";5"$%&5,(                                             I#E&886,#*())!(
    >>W:(!58;$77(                                                   I&E9$,%&-(A&%9#(
!   !$"E&,$9(4#$9%3(D56,E$%&5,*(+,-.(                               I587(!96T(:9;3$"#%%$(2#7%(
    !&<,$(D56,E$%&5,(                                               I587(!96T(5J(I&,,#%5,=$N2#7%*(IU(
    !5886,&%C(4#$9%3(!3$"&%&#7(                                     I5,%"57#(!5886,&%C(D56,E$%&5,(
!   !"&8&,$9(>6"#$6(5J(%3#(I$77$-367#%%7(:%%5",#C(G#,#"$9(XJJ&-#(   I5"<#,7%#",(D$8&9C(BF6&%&#7(
    H56<3#"%C(D&,$,-&$9(G"56;())!(                                  U$%&5,R&E#(+,76"$,-#(!5(
!   BE<#R55E(!56,%"C(!96T(                                          U5"%3(@35"#(>$,=(
    B,-$,$(!$"#7(D56,E$%&5,(                                        ,W+H+:(
!   G#8&,&(+,-5";5"$%#E(                                            U2:(I5%3#"95E#.-58(
    G&'#(R&%3()&T#"%C(                                              X$='&#R(D6,#"$9(458#(
    4@>!(K3&9$,%3"5;&-(K"5<"$87(                                    X"$-9#(!5";5"$%&5,(I$%-3&,<(G&J%7(K"5<"$8(
!   I$"=#%(25"=7*(+,-.(                                             K$"59#(B8;95C##(!56,-&9(!595"$E5(
    I$%#",$9(D#%$9(I#E&-&,#(5J(!#,%"$9(K:(                          K#;7&-5(D56,E$%&5,(
!   I&-3$#9(G"&JJ&,(B9#8#,%$"C*(KA:(                                KDD(^Qc_(
    I&9#(4&<3(?,&%#E(2$C(                                           K+I:(!56,%C(B!:K(
    X@@Y&G&'#(                                                      K&,,$-59(:776"$,-#(
!   K&-%6"#(A3&7Z(@%6E&5($,E(G$99$"C(                               K5"%$<#(!#,%#"(:"T5"(U5.(0_P(
    A358;75,(L#6%#"7(459E&,<*(+,-.(                                 K67%5"&,5*(A&9%5,*(K$""&,<%5,(\()&,F6&7%*(K))!(
!   ?,&%#E(4#$9%3(B8;95C##(G&'&,<(                                  K2!(
    W#"&S5,(                                                        d6$E$M*(+,-.(
    %                                                               L$&,=&%#(K35%5<"$;3C(
    !*)#&!'((%                                                      L>!(D56,E$%&5,(
    :T&9#,#(L#<&5,$9(I#E&-$9(!#,%#"(                                L5T#"%(K.()#R&7(@%$%#(D$"8(
!   :G!(5J(A#M$7(                                                   @#&E8$,(D$8&9C(D56,E$%&5,(
    :IH(D56,E$%&5,([56"(!$67#*())!(                                 @3#99(X&9(!58;$,C(
    :8#"&-$,(BM;"#77(!3$"&%$T9#(D6,E(                               @&9'#"()&,&,<(5J(@688&%(
    :8<#,(D56,E$%&5,(                                               @&7%#"7(5J(!3$;%#"(`K(K.B.X.(
    >$",#C(\(>$",#C(                                                @%.(G$T"&#9(%3#(:"-3:,<#9(!$%359&-(!5886,&%C(
    >#8&7(:775-&$%#7(+,-.(                                          @%.(I&-3$#9]7(K$"&73(
A.L5R#(K"&-#(                                                          U+)IHA@("$&7&,<(/011(5"(85"#(
A"6&7%(                                                                                 (
?,&%$"&$,(?,&'#"7$9&7%(!36"-3(5J(!3$%%$,55<$(                            D$&%3f7()5E<#(J5"(%3#(>#,#J&%(
?,&%#E(2$C(5J(G"#$%#"(@%$"=(!56,%C(                                       A3#(B9&S$T#%3(BM;#"&#,-#(
?,&%#E(2$C(5J(U#R([5"=(!&%C(                                               A3#(I588&#7(U#%R5"=(
+,-./01/23.4%56789%:;937<//%5-=-,>%%                                   I&-3$#9(G"&JJ&,(B9#8#,%$"C(KA:(
?/33F%E26>7%G7;;8,-.<%H89976.%                                               :(L$-#(%5(L#8#8T#"(
?-33-2;%18>/F%2,0%G77D$%IIG%                                                    A3"##(5J($(V&,E(
J786%G28F/$%IIG%&%K2<-,>%L>/,.%M76%N/33%5-=-,>%                !$9#T(!$9'&,(255E(I#85"&$9(G59J(A56",$8#,%(
J786%G28F/$%IIG@%                                                                       (
5-M.F%89%.7%!*'(%                                                                       (
:8#"&-$]7(!3$"&%&#7(                                                                    (
>#,-&-(K$&,%&,<(\(H#-5"$%&,<()AH.(                                                      (
>#%3#9(>$;%&7%(                                                                         (
!#,%"$9(I$"C9$,E(K35%5<"$;3#"7](G6&9E(                                                  (
!3$7#(                                                           +J(C56(R569E(9&=#(%5(;$"%,#"(R&%3(U+)IHA@*(
!9#'#"(!5,%$&,#"(J5"((                                                            ;9#$7#(<5(%5g((
!"#%#(K6T9&-(@-3559(                                                                    (
B8#"75,(!9&8$%#(A#-3(                                            OOO@,7O-32<;/07O,.7F3//9@76>%%
G59E8$,*(@$-37(\(!5.(I$%-3&,<(G&J%(K"5<"$8(                                          (
G6,%3#"7(d6$9&%C(+-#(!"#$8*(+,-.(                                        X"(C56(-$,(8$&9($(-3#-=(%5g(
+,EC(:F6$%&-(I$7%#"7(                                                 !#,%#,,&$9*(!595"$E5(Q1^__(
`K(I5"<$,(!3$7#(D56,E$%&5,(                                                            (
V$%39##,(G$T"&#9YK&8$(!56,%C(                                                      X"(-$99g(
)&,E7#C(                                                                A599ND"##g(^NQbbNQePN0aab(
I5,=#,(GI!(A"6-=7(                                                                    (
K$%#(P(I#*(+,-.(                                               !"#$%#&'()*$'*&+,-./01&23&$)4&2)3(56$*2()&)##7%&
K"5'&E#,-#(4#$9%3(\(@#"'&-#7(                                                   *(&8#&'(55#'*#79&
A3#(L#$;#"7(!9$77(                                         !
A6;;#"R$"#(                                                !

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