Taking Good Notes

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					                                 Taking Good Notes
                                   at the Incident
Your Notebook
Number the pages

Use pen, not pencil

Write legibly, not in code or shorthand

Stroke thru any mistakes and initial them

Do not rip out, skip pages or destroy your notes

Keep your notebook secure

When to Take Notes and What to Write
Describe the scene as you found it

Record your arrival time and that of others and when you learned key information

Take notes as events occur or as soon after as possible

Take notes while people are talking to you

Record the who, what, when and where

Record the date, time and place you made each note

Record what you observe, hear, say and do

Be precise, don't say "acting strange," but exactly what you saw and heard

Do not record personal opinions or conclusions

The Scene
Describe and sketch the scene

Measure and record distances

Record damage and injuries

Record word for word any victim statements

Recording Names and Describing Evidence
Record for each witness, their name, position, address and phone number

Record who reported the situation to you and those who assist in the investigation

When you find evidence record what it is and where and when you found it

If you receive evidence from others record who searched for it, who collected it, who identified it and who handled it

Record how you identified or labeled the found evidence

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