Characteristica of Pop art by Levone


									Characteristica of Pop art
Means of expression
           Transforming the photography into graphic Often it is not originals forming the basis of the pop artist work (e.g. press photos) Clean up the image for details Common procedure: Take a black/white photo and put on groups of colours It gives rough not precise edges Neon colours Collage principal Re-use of material The font that is used in the photo worked on is re-used. If there is any real use of font often Helvetica (=Ariel) is used Everyday objects are enlarged in the extreme and places in a new and not expected context It’s important to stress that there are no originals only duplicates

Essential ideas:
    Representatives outside the cultural elite such as film, music and politics are made into icons (e.g. Elvis, Marylyn Munroe and Jackie Kennedy) The non elitist genres of popular culture are made into pictures (comics and advertisement) The consumer-isme is thematized Anti art institution “all is beautiful” and “ugly is beautiful”; it is not the arbiters of taste who are going to define what is beautiful and positive aesthetic norms. Art must meet life and get out of the dusty museums. E.g. living theatre and everyday objects in placed in our environments Images are made of all of us during our every day life.


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