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Character Word of the Week: Citizenship
SPORTS: Anyone interested in Mat Maids please come to an information meeting today at 3:15 in room 203 (Ms. Bouler's room)! There will be a Boys’s tennis information meeting on Thursday, September 10th at 3:15 in Mrs. Whately’s room, room 108. Anyone currently playing or interested in playing should come. Anyone interested in playing softball should come to the softball field September 8th right after school from 3:15 – 4:45 wearing shorts and a tee shirt. COUNSELING CENTER: Seniors: A representative from the University of Montevallo will be in the Counseling Center today from 10:45 - Noon. Please come by to find out information about Montevallo. CLUBS: Aug. 28th-Sept 23rd Any students that are interested in enrolling in ROTC can still do so. The ROTC program still needs about 10 more students. The program needs a minimum of 100, and so far has only 99. If you are interested in ROTC, see Major Garcia for more info. There will be a Cultural Exchange club meeting today after school Mr. Gooden’s room - Room 100. Do you like trivia? Are you good at math, science, literature, history, or other subjects? Do you know a lot about art, pop culture, current events, or music? If so, there is an informational meeting about Scholars’ Bowl on Wednesday September the 9th, at 3:10 in Room 251. See Mrs. Short or Mrs. Hand for more information. Aug. 28th-Sept. 2nd Are you ready for some Art Club?!!!!! The Art Club held it’s first meeting this morning. If you missed this morning’s meeting, then come at 3:05 p.m. today in room 204 We will talk about the Art Club, some of our fall activities and elections for Art Club officers. Hope to see all of you artists there! Key Club met this morning as well. If you did not attend the morning meeting, please come to the afternoon meeting at 3:15 in the cafeteria. All membership forms and money for key club are due to Mrs. Coker by this Friday. MISC: Do you have interesting photos from your summer vacations? Please send them in for the summer yearbook pages to Mrs. Burnside in room 254.

Page 2 of 2 Do you have a creative eye when it comes to design? Do colors and designs intrigue and inspire you? Come to the first Literary Magazine staff meeting tomorrow at 7:15 in Mrs. Nolen’s room, room 214. Remember – you do not have to be in the class to be a part of the staff. See you there! Attention all freshmen who are running for an SGA class office: Your applications are due to Mrs. Murray TODAY! Don’t forget to get your posters approved tomorrow morning before school!

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