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ART ART NEW Beading and Embroidery for Beginners Ages 8


									ART NEW-Beading and Embroidery for Beginners (Ages 8 and up) Come and have fun learning the basic techniques of embroidery. Get creative by adding some beadwork to embellish your design. Class requires no experience and will feature designs using larger stitches to make things easier. Material fee is included in cost. Cost: $49 CEFA 345-01 CSU 3 Sessions Anna Belnome Jun 30-Jul 2 M-W 10:00am—12:00pm Register by Jun 20

NEW- Drawing with the Masters (Ages 9-12) Travel through history from 1898 to the 1960’s and explore some of the most famous artists of our time. Students will be introduced to four major artistic movements: Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Pop Art and create drawings of mixed media inspired by such masters as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, and Andy Warhol. Cost: $99 CEFA 340-01 CSP 4 Sessions Gina Bisogna Jun 7-Jun 28 Sa 9:30am–12:30pm Register by May 29

NEW-Fun with Glass Fusing In this workshop, students will learn to cut glass and design several pieces including a set of coasters, a pendant or magnet and a dessert size plate or candle dish. Using colored glass pieces, glass dots, glass frit (sprinkles) and glass noodles, students will create unique and colorful designs. Different texturing techniques will also be explored. It is a great creative outlet for all ages and all skill level. Ages 6-8 will be given pre-cut glass. Cost: $109 Ages 6-8 CEFA 341-01 4 Sessions Magic Glass Ages 9 & Up CEFA 341-02 4 Sessions Magic Glass CSU Art CSU Art Jul 21-Jul 24 M-Th 9:00-11:00am Register by Jul 11 Jul 28-Jul 31 M-Th 9:00-11:00am Register by Jul 18

NEW-Introduction to Glass Bead Making (Ages 15 & Up) In this exciting course, student will learn to create unique glass beads. Using a special torch, they will learn to wrap hot glass around steel rods (mandrels). Learn about different types of glass and their compatibility with each other. Basic bead shaping and decorative techniques will be covered. All materials included in cost. Cost: $89 CEFA 342-01 4 Sessions Magic Glass CEFA 342-02 4 Sessions Magic Glass CSU Art CSU Art Jul 21-Jul 24 M-Th 12:00-2:00pm Register by Jul 11 Aug 4-Aug 25 M 6:30-8:30pm Register by Jul 25

NEW-Scrapbook for Beginners (Ages 7-9) Have fun learning to make a scrapbook to celebrating your relationship with your best friends. In this class you’ll capture your memories in a charming ―accordion‖ album, great for saving movie tickets or notes from your best friend! You will receive everything you need to create this beautiful embellished album. Cost: $79 CEFA 343-01 CSU 3 Sessions Helen Onulak Jul 14-Jul 16 M-W 9:00-11:00am Register by Jul 3

NEW-“Best Friend” Scrapbook for Beginners (Ages 10-13) Learn how to create and capture your memories through the art of scrapbooking and stamping. Tell the story-learn the ins and outs of journaling. Students will learn how to apply a simple formula for creating a professional themed ―Best Friends Scrapbook‖ Learn how to use a variety of embellishments and more. Price of kit is included; all you need are scissors and a paper trimmer. Cost: $109 CEFA 344-01 CSU 5 Sessions Helen Onulak Jul 21-Jul 25 M-F 9:00-11:00am Register by Jul 11

Starry Night: Painting with the Impressionists (Ages 9-13) Come and paint like some of your favorite Impressionist painters. Look at slides of their work, learn about their lives and create your own versions of Van Gogh, Seurat or Monet. No experience necessary. Come prepared to paint and wear your straw hat and smock! Fee includes all supplies. Cost: $125 CEFA 277-01 CSU 5 Sessions Danielle DeSaro Aug 11-Aug 15 M-F 9:00am-12:00pm Register by Aug 1

NEW-Summer Art Class for Children This comprehensive one-week class features the ―basics‖ of art. Students will get acquainted with a variety of art materials and techniques, including pencil, pen, watercolor and pastel. Each day will focus on a different aspect of art, including drawing and/or painting objects in a still life, animals, buildings, people and more. Materials will be provided. Cost: $125 Ages 12-15 CEFA 351-01 CSU 5 Sessions Sheila Mickle Soyster Ages 8-11 CEFA 351-02 CSU 5 Sessions Sheila Mickle Soyster Jul 7-Jul 11 M-F 9:30am-12:00pm Register by Jun 27 Jul 14-Jul 18 M-F 9:30am-12:00pm Register by Jul 3

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