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					AES+F AES is Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovitch and Evgeny Svyatsky. In some projects since 1995 AES group collaborates with photographer Vladimir FRIDKES (AES+F group). The AES projects, since the beginning of their cooperation, are based on a shocking visual quality that portrays the human body and its parts in a startling context, in relation to its environment or situation. The most famous series made by AES is “The Islamic Project”, which has been started in 1996 and continues to this day. Using computer graphics the AES turned several well-known places all over the world into imagined sites of the future in which the islamic world had overcome, by way of cultural nomadism or violence, the West. They ‘dressed’ the statue of liberty in a paranja, and decorated the Cathedral of Cologne the same way the Turks treated the Sofia Cathedral in Constantinopol, putting quotations from Koran on its walls. For this series they are sometimes considered prophets of the Middle East / West conflicts of today. Their latest works, also a continuing series, are called “Action Half Life” and juxtapose a too-clean beauty of ads with an interest in virtual violence, that of the famous ‘Half-life’ computer game. Simona Vladkova SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2005 "AES+F. More than Paradise, Le Roi des Aulnes, KFNY", Juan Ruiz Galeria, Maracaibo, Venezuela 2004 ‘AES+F group. Action Half Life’, Galerie Koll Wien, Vienna, Austria. ‘Action Half Life’, Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 2003 "Action Half Life. Episodes 2&3" personal presentation of AES+F group on "Paris Photo 2003", Paris, Galerie Care Noir (Paris), France. "The King of the Forest: New York (KFNY)", COFA / Claire Oliver Fine Art, New York, USA. "AES group. OASI – Espanya islàmica", Sala Montcada, La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona, Spain. 2002 "Le Roi des Aulnesa", Galerie Knoll Budapest, Budapest, Hungary. "Le Roi des Aulnesa", Galerie Knoll Wien, Vienna, Austria. 2001 "AES. Islamic Project", Galerie Sollertis, Toulouse, France. 2000 "AES Travel Agency to the Future -- Islamic Project", SIETAR Europe Congress 2000, Brussels, Belgium. "AES group. Islamic Project", Jean-Marc Patras – N.O.M.A.D.E., Paris, France. SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2005 RUSSIA 2. Special project of the M.Guelman Gallery in the framework of the 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art STARZ. Special project in the framework of the 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2004 Arles Rencontres de la Photographie 2004’, Exhibitions, Workshops and Festival, (by Moscow House of Photography), Arles, France. Biennale of Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia. 2003 "VEIL". Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA), The Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, England. "Moscow-Berlin", Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany. "Neue Ansätze / Zeitgenõssische Kunst aus Moscau", Düsseldorf Kunsthalle, Germany. "Space Bedouin" Real Utopia, Rotor, Graz, Austria. Galerie Sollertis, ARCO, Madrid, Spain. 2002 "Art Vienna 2002", MAK museum, Knoll Galerie Wien, Vienna, Austria. Art Cologne 2002, Knoll Gallerie Wien, Cologne, Germany. "Art Forum Berlin 2002", Berlin Messe, Galerie Sollertis, Berlin, Germany. "Festival Ars Electronica", AEC Ars Electronica Center Linz, Austria. "4th Gwangjiu Biennale", Gwangjiu, Project 1, South Korea. "Art Brussels 2002", Gallerie Sollertis, (Toulouse, France) Belgium. 2001 "Paris Photo", Paris, Galerie Care Noir (Paris), France. "FIAC", Paris, Gallerie Sollertis (Toulouse), France. "Art Forum Berlin", Gallerie Sollertis (Toulouse), Germany. "Russia", Grafeneg Castle, Austria. "Art Chicago", Gallerie Sollertis (Toulouse), USA. "Warhol Connections", Guelman Gallery, L Gallery, Moscow. "Iskusstwo 2000, neue Kunst aus Moskau, St. Petersburg und Kiew", Kunstverein Rosenheim, Germany.

The BLUE NOSES Group “The principal genre of The Blue Noses is a sort of performances, to be more exact — pranks, sketches or gags, played by the artists before the video camera. These pranks are not the rehearsed plays but a symbiosis of “pat roles” and impromptus. It is as far removed from theatre acting and direction as a photograph or a music video from photographic or video art. The “documented” pranks of the Blue Noses Group are hanging between everyday and artistic phenomena, looking like a semi-professional, semi-amateur activity, in which the intentional fiasco is indistinguishable from dilettante lapse. It is generally assumed that the Blue Noses Group is an archetypal Russian phenomenon, ascending to the traditions of ecstatic crankeries of God’s fools, Orthodox monks and Siberian shamans. On the other hand, the Blue Noses can be viewed in context of European atheistic “black humour” tradition, which aims at the deconstruction of cultural, sacral and moral standards, which facilitate the control over society and the suppressio Andrey Erofeyev, the State Tretyakov Gallery

Viacheslav Mizin Born May 22, 1962 in Novosibirsk, Russia. 1984 — Graduated from Novosibirsk Architectural Institute. Lives and works in Novosibirsk and Moscow

Alexander Shaburov Born August 27, 1965 in Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia. 1985 — graduated from Sverdlovsk College of Arts. Since 1993 — the member of the RF Artists' Union. 1998 — received grant from the Soros Foundation for denture treatment as an artistic action. Lives and works in Ekaterinburg and Moscow

Solo Exhibitions 2005 Volker Diehl Gallery, Berlin In Situ Gallery, Paris The Blue Noses. B&D Studio Contemporanea, Milano. The Vogue of Labour. Guelman Gallery, Moscow. The Blue Noses. Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense. 2004 Hit-Or-Miss Art (How to Build Up Works of Art Just in the Kitchen). Guelman Gallery, Moscow. The Blue Noses Group. Display Gallery, Prague. 2003 Do I Look Like a Loser? The State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow. Two Against the Russian Mafia. Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Kiev; The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg (catalogue). From Siberia with Love. Arsenal, Nizhnyi Novgorod. Absolut Blue Noses. The Zoological Museum, Moscow. 2002 Two Against the Russian Mafia. Kirov Museum, St. Petersburg. The Contemporary Siber Artists. Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 2001 Out-of-Town Excursions-2. L-Gallery, Moscow. 1999 The New God’ s Fools, or the Pathology of Performance. Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow. Selected Group Exhibitions: 2005 Russian Pop Art. State Tretjakov Gallery Always a Little Further. The Arsenale. The 51st Venice Biennale Expanded Painting. The 2nd Prague Biennale The Dialectics of Hope. The Former Lenin Museum. 1st Moscow Biennale Russia-2. Guelman Gallery, The Central House of Artists, Moscow 2004 Ahead of History. Perspectives of Art in the Baltic countries, Finland and Russia. KIASMA, Helsinki 2003 Paradise Project, Alexanderplatz, Berlin Absolut Generation. Within the 50th Venice Biennale. Palazzo Zenobio, Venice Redefining Identifies. The Russian Contemporary Art and the Age of Globalization. Tate-Modern, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London 2002 Davai! The Free Russian Art Now. Postfuhramt, Berlin; MAK, Vienna The 4th Cetine Biennale, Montenegro The Snow-Maiden. The New Art from Russia, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw Moscow Time. Center for Contemporary Art, Vilnius. 2000 The Dynamic Pairs. Art Against Geography. Guelman Gallery. The Marble Palace, the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow (catalogue). 1999 The Crazy Double. Strategy of Imbecility in the Contemporary Art. The Central House of Artists, Moscow; then: Nizhny Novgorod,

Samara, Ekaterinburg, Chateau d’Oaron, France (catalogue).

CHAHAL Gor 1961 born in Moscow 1995-96 grant of Berlin’s Academy of Arts 2000 begin to developing a theory and practice of active imagery One-man shows 2005 Sanctification. Aidan Gallery, Moscow 2003 «Maria». Gallery M.Guelman, Moscow «Gor Chahal». 2002 «Fallen». State Contemporary Art Center, Moscow «Mein Gold» (Zolotie Moi). Gallery M.Guelman, Moscow; NoName Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland «Chorus». Art Moscow Workshop, Central Hous of Artist, Moscow 2001 «Bitter». Art Moscow Workshop, Central House of Artists, Moscow 2000 «Joy». Fine Art, Moscow 1999 «Protest Song». Fine Art, Moscow «Love». Sandmann + Haak, Hannover, Germany 1998 «Gor Chahal 1989-1991» (retrospective show). Photobyennale’98, Manezh Gallery, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow 1997 «Love». Guelman Gallery, Moscow «MAN». Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow 1996 «309,6 K». Exhibition hall «Fenix», Moscow «Human-faced art». L-gallery, Moscow 1995 «Eye arming». Scola Gallery, Moscow 1993 «The Fields». Central House of Artists, Moscow 1992 «I’m striding on the water». Galeria Sprovieri, Rome 1991 «On the bottom». First Gallery, Moscow «Black light». Gallery on Trekhprudny Lane, Moscow 1990 «Gor Chahal». First Gallery, Moscow Selected group exhibitions 2005, 2003 «Art digital 2003». Contemporary Art Center «M'ars», Moscow 2005 Russia 2. Central House of Artist, Moscow. Special project of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2002 «Big Fillings» (Love Tapes). Quartier Museum, Vienna «Moscovos Laikas». Siuolaikinio Meno Centras, Vilnus 2001 «ISKUSSTVO-2000» (Contemporary Russian Art). Kunstverke, Rosenheim, Germany «Milan Europe 2000». Milano di Triennale, Milan, Italy 2000 «New Russian Art». Fine Art Museum, Ivanovo, Russia «Serials». Manezh. Moscow 1999 «Art-communication tour». Galerie der Universitat fur Gestallung, Linz, Austria; Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow «Neo VHUTEMAS». "Ars-Forum", "Ars-Forum", Jaroslavl. Russia 1998-99 «Fauna». Maliy Manezh, Moscow. Exhibition project of State Contemporary Art Centre «A..S.P. dedicated…». Travelling exhibition of russian artists during fest «Pushkin and contemporaneity». Contemporary Art Centre "Ärs-Forum", Jaroslavl, Russia; Municipal art Gallery, Kostroma, Russia; Pless State History-architecture and arts museum, Ples, Russia; 1998 First International Biennale. Institute of Arts, Gumri, Armenia «Exploitation of Photography». PHOTOBIENNALE’98, Contemporary Art Centre, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow «People and Fashion in New Culture». PHOTOBIENNALE’98, Moscow House of Photography, Moscow «ARTOTECA». State Contemporary Art Centre, ARTMANEZH’98, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow 1997 «Ecology of Emptyness». Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow «Take it off. Put it on. Live it like that». Maliy Manezh, Moscow «I’m walking in Moscow». Maliy Manezh, Moscow 1996 PHOTOBIENNALE’96. Moscow House of Photography, Exhibitions Hall «Kuznetskiy Most», Moscow 1995 «Winter Garden». Exhibition hall "Fenix", Moscow «View behind the Horizon». Exhibition Hall in Belyaevo, Moscow

«Copyright - 96». Aidan Gallery, Moscow «Contemporary Photographic Art from Moscow». Ifa-Gallery, Berlin 1993 «Collection RINACO». Central House of Artists, Moscow; Caisse des depots et consignation, Paris 4 th Annual Joury Exhibition. Synchroncity Space, New York «Art as a power, power as the art». Central House of Artists, Moscow 1992 «A Mosca ... a Moska». Villa Compoletto, Ercolano; Galeria Communale d’Arte Moderna, Bologna «Moscow romanticism». Central House of Artists, Moscow «Modern Moscow Art». Seibu Art Forum, Tokio 1991 «Rome - Moscow». Galeria Sprovieri, Rome 1990 «Sommer Atelier» (Junge Kunst in Europe). Messegelende, Hannover, Germany «Inexpensive art». First Gallery, Moscow 1989 «Unfinished work». K. Zvezdochetov’s studio, Moscow «New Peridvizniki». Luggage boot of automobile "Volga" - Gas 24, Moscow - Leningrad 1988 «The Labyrinth». Central Palace of Youth, Moscow 18 All-union Exhibition of Young Artists. Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), Moscow «AntiSotheby’s». S. Shutov's studio, Moscow 1987 «First randezvous». All-union Theatrical Society, Moscow Works in collections State Russian Museum, Sankt-Pitersburg State Tretjakov Gallery, New Trends Department, Moscow Moscow House of Photography, Moscow Quartier Museum, Vienna Contemoirary Art Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands Absolut Vodka Collection, Michel Roux, New York Paolo Sproviery, Italy Nina Gruen Collection, San Francisco Nancy and Norton Dodge Collection, Jane Voofhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, USA Piter Pakesh Collection, Vienna Private collections in Russia, Germany, Franch, Italy, Switzerland, USA

Dmitry Gutov Dmitry Gutov is a painter and theorist. While pursuing the latter occupation he is decidedly Marxist, and never has any doubts to revisit the old “Theory of Art as a Reflection of Real Life”. When he paints, however, he is romantically involved in the process of creating visual metaphors and does not depict “life as it is” and reflect on social traumas of today. This is not a contradiction: when it comes to making art, Gutov is rather Hegelian. He is searching of the image that comes from purification, not documentation. His paintings often feature a monkey with a book of some leftist theorist (Gramsci, for example). This image seems to say that cleverness has little to do with art. Or maybe that theory and a modern human being that seems to be drowning in the visual flood of the media(s) can co-exist, albeit not very effectively. Gutov also stages photo-installations, in which his parents, real Russian farmers living in the country, express mock-terror at the sight of works of art (“Culture Torture”, 2004) or are engaged in a feverish game ("Mam, Dad & Champions League",2002). “Gutov, whose reputation was made with huge spectacular installations, refuses any forms of bohemian publicity and creates an Institute of Mikhail Lifshitz, an intellectual laboratory, a discussion club, an experience of the collective, inter-disciplinary investigation where people of different professions take part, from the Duma deputies to philosophers and sociologists. He imparts a very applied character to his activity, it's a ground for the propaganda of ideas, demonstration of the investigations' results. The easier, more visual, more universal he is doing this the closer is the artist to his goal. The less the art there are more reasons to remain an artist”. Viktor Misiano. Flash Art, 1996 Selected solo exhibitions 2005 "Everything I’ve Done Before the Age of 70 Doesn’t Count" , Guelman gallery, Moscow "The Deep Blue Colour Of His Skin Shows Just How Self-Absorbed He Is", Matthew Brown Gallery, London 2003 "I am alien at this fest of life" Moscow Fine Art, Moscow 2002 "Mam, Dad & Champions League", Guelman gallery, Moscow 2001 "Mam, Dad and TV", Guelman gallery, Moscow "Blind", The Museum of nonconformist art, St-Petersburg 1999 "Exercises", Guelman gallery, Moscow 1998 "The town Urupinsk 1997", Photobiennale'98, Moscow 1996 "Dilettantism in art", Guelman gallery, Moscow 1994 "Above black mud", Regina Gallery, Moscow 1993 "Sixties, once more about Love", with Ye.Andreeva, Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow "Portraits", performance, Regina Gallery, Moscow 1992 "As I've become an Artist", with Yu. Albert, Laboratory of Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow 1991 "The Little Nothings of Our Life", Gallery in Trehprudniy alley, Moscow Selected Group Exhibitions 2005 RUSSIA! The Guggenheim Museum, New York “Russia 2”, Special project in the framework of the 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Central House of Artist, Moscow "Accomplices: Collective and Interactive Works in Russian Art of the 1960’s – 2000’s", State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow "Collective creativity", Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel 2004 "Privatisierung - zeitgenössische Kunst aus Osteuropa", Kunstwerken, Berlin "The Seven Sins", Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Slovenia "Beyond the red horizon", Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw "Photography, Video, Mixed Media II"”, Daimler Chrysler Collection, Berlin 2003 "New beginning", Contemporary art from Moscow. Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf "Berlin - Moscow", Martin-Gropius-Bau. Berlin.. "Horizons of reality", (Werkelijkheidshorizonten), Muhka, Antwerpen 2002 "Davaj! ", Postfuhramt, Berlin 25 Bienal de Sao Paulo, Iconografias Metropolitanas. Pavilhao Ciccillo Matarazzo. Parque Ibirapuera. "Moscow: Paradise 2002", Krinzinger projekte, Wien. 2001 "Iskusstwo 2000" (Neue Kunst aus Moskau, St. Petersburg und Kiew), Kunstverein, Rosenheim "Russian Madness II - Summer Benefit", Water Mill, New York 2000 "L'autre moitie de L'Europe, (Projet, Utopie, Construction)", Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris "The Art of Eastern Europe in Dialogue with the West", Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana 1999 "ACT 99. Art-Communication Tour", Linz, Moscow

1996 "Interpol", Centre for Contemporary Art, Stockholm "Manifesta 1". Pan-European Art Manifestation, Rotterdam "Compromat", Guelman gallery, Moscow 1995 XLVI Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Russo, Venezia "Conjugation. Moscow Art Scene Today" ("Kraftmessen"). Kunstlerwerkstatten, Munich Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; Documenta-Halle, Kassel; Staatliches Lindenau-Museum, Altenburg "Ergebnis", Galerie am Marstall, Berlin 1994 "Displacement and Change" (Six artist from Europe), Cywaith Cymru, Artworks Wales, Bangor "2nd Cetinjski Biennial", Cetinje, Montenegro

Alexey KALLIMA Kallima is a refugee from Chechnya. But he does not deal with experience of the first Chechnya war (middle of 90s) directly. The artist explains the aim toward powerful artistic effects and monumentality by a feeling for the need of the birth of a new “grand” manner. However, as a person of taste and keen intuition, Kallima does everything to avoid literary subjectivity and the traditionally associated “invisible rocks” of the pathetique: depictive naturalism and ideological chauvinism. The heroes of his monumental epos are “aliens”: social outcasts, “blacks”, Chechens, in general – “persons of Caucasian nationality”, as the Moscow police call them. The materials employed by the artist in the creation of his collages are ephemeral, fleeting substances such as charcoal, fluorescent dye (visible only under a ultraviolet light) and candy wrappers. Thus, the “grand manner” is presented by the artist as an inversion, a quickly fading performance of sorts. Selected Solo Exhibitions 2005 Malika, shut the door, “France” gallery, Moscow 2004 "Houris and Reci-divas", Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow 2003 "Distance", Tretyakov Gallery "Case on the roadside, or examination on roads", Guelman Gallery, Moscow ART-MOSCOW, "Malika, shut the door", installation, Moscow ”Tomorrow", wall graphic, gallery France, Moscow 2002 "You are there where are absent", gallery France, Moscow "Zefirs", performance, gallery France, Moscow "Monument to victims", action, gallery France, Moscow 2001 "Chechens", action, Art Moscow, Moscow 2000 "SES", action in Moscow Kremlin on Presidential election day, Moscow Selected Group Exhibitions In February 2006 A.Kallima will take part in Madrid art fair ARCO, Sityscapes program 2005 I Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Curator's project "Dialectic of Hopefullness", special project "Russia 2" Russia 2. Central House of Artist, Moscow. Special project of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2003 ART-MOSCOW, "We and they", graphic series "Charcoals" "Fashion control", Guelman Gellery, Moscow "Hunger-strike", Zverev Center, Moscow ARTKLYAZMA, Festival of Contemporary Art, Moscow "Stop! Who goes?", NSCA, Moscow "Same old sun everywhere", gallery France, Moscow "Inspection platform", Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow "New countdown", Central House of Artists, Moscow 2002 "DAVAJ!", Posthfuramt, Berlin; museum MAC, Vienna "Snowgirl", Warszawa "Made in France" (with Radec), Museum and Public Center of Andrey Saharov, Moscow "Instead of art", Zverev Center, Moscow "Actual report", Samara, Tolyatty, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod "Melioration", Festival of Contemporary Art, Moscow "Stop! Who goes?", NSCA, Moscow "100% vision", gallery Regina, Moscow "Pop/Art", Zverev Center, Moscow "Georgia from/to", Zverev Center, Moscow

2001 "Personal / Impersonal", Baumanskaya, 13, Moscow 1998 "Palace", scenographic of B.Yuhananovs project 1997 "The world of sensual things in pictures", SMFA named after A.Pushkin, Moscow 1995 Venice Biennale, pavilion L'art Vizione, curator Ernst Foux, Venice

Valery KOSHLYAKOV By painting on cardboard Koshlyakov explores the fragility of our cultural memory. The feeling that the Golden Ages of art can be seen only through a thick stylistic fog is a feeling that any contemporary tourist and museumgoes cannot help but share. That is why Koshlyakov remains one of the most popular and bestseling Russian artists on the international market. He was one of the featured artists in the Russian pavilion during the 50th Venice Biennale. He also constructs small buildings out of cardboard, called ‘Iconuses’ – fragile, temporary, unfinished. In his last series of paintings Koshlyakov treats the symbols of the Soviet era to his masterful technique, thus assigning them a status of a forgotten Golden Age. Born 1962 in Salsk, Rostov Region, Russia Lives in Moscow/Berlin. Selected solo exhibitions 2005 “Reliquiae. Made in USSR”. The Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow. “Iconuses. Dressing the Space”. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg. 2004 Davis Museum, Boston 2002 "V.K"., Bischoff Gallery , Berlin "V.K"., elten&elten, Z_rich 2001 "Choice of Scale", Shusev Architectural Museum Moscow 2000 "From the South through the North to the East", Ivanovo Fine Arts Museum "Cottage", Installation Guelman Gallery, Moscow "Freezing pole", Russian Art of the 90ies, Ecole des Beaux-arts, Paris 1999 "Sketch Book", M. Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA 1997 "Permanent residence", Russian Cultural Center, Geneve, Switzerland "Heroic Cities", M. Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA "Temple of Art", Guelman Gallery, Moscow 1996 "V. Koshlyakov", Galerie Schulz, Berlin 1995 "Fonte Latino", Bischoff Gallery, Stuttgart 1992 "Parthenon", Trechprudnyj Gallery, Moscow 1991 "Night in Venice", Guelman Gallery, Moscow "Under Italian Sky", Sakala palace, Tallinn Selected group exhibitions 2005 RUSSIA! The Guggenheim Museum, New York Russia 2. Special project in the framework of the 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Central House of Artist, Moscow 2004 "CARLA ACCARDI, VALERY KOSHLYAKOV, SISSI ", MACRO, Rome 2002 "Davaj! From the Free Laboratory of Russian Art", Germany - Vienna, Austria "Contemporary Russian Painting", Small Manege, Moscow "Bienal de Sao Paulo", Iconographias Metropolitanas, Sao Paulo "Cetinsky Bienale", Cetine, Montenegro "IX. Rohkunstbau", Schlo_ Gro_ Leuthen/Spreewald, Land Brandenburg 2001 "Moscow: Paradise 2001", Galerie Krinzinger, Salzburg/Vienna/Wels, Austria 2000 "South Russian Wave", State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg 1994 "New Russian Art", Ch. Keesee Collection. City Art Center, Oklahoma City, USA 1993 "Actors come to town", Dutch-Russian Exchange Project, Moscow "A Mosca... a Mosca.."., Galleria Communale d’Arte Moderna, Bologna

Oleg KULIK Born in Kiev (Ukraine) in 1961. Graduated in Kiev Art Scool (1979) and Kiev Geological Survey College (1982). Lives and works in Moscow. Selected personal exhibitions 2004 FIAC. The international contemporary art fair, Paris. Within the Guelman Gallery exposition. 2003 Oleg Kulik, CCA, Naples 2001 "Deep into Russia", S.M.A.K, Gent "Two Kuliks", Ikon Gallery, Birmingham 2000 "Oleg Kulik in Warsaw", Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw "Lolita vs. Alica", Galerie Rabouan-Moussion, Paris 1999 "Red Room", XL Gallery, Moscow "The Russian", Regina gallery, Moscow 1998 Oleg Kulik; Galerie Rabouan-Moussion, Paris Oleg Kulik; CCA, Riga 1997 "Virtual Dog", M.Guelman Gallery, Moscow "I Bite America&America Bites Me" (together with Mila Bredikhina); Deitch projects, New-York 1995 "The Same, Enter Scotinin": XL Gallery, Moscow "My Family, or Nature is Perfect", M.Guelman Gallery, Moscow "End of History", XL Gallery, Moscow 1994 "I Love Gorby", M.Guelman Gallery, Moscow 1989 "Premonition of Non-freedom", Palace of Youth, Moscow 1988 "Paradox as Method", Exhibition Hall of the Sevastopolskiy district, Moscow Selected group exhibitions 2005 FIAC. The international contemporary art fair, Paris. 2004 Photobiennale, Moscow FIAC. The international contemporary art fair, Paris. Within the Guelman Gallery exposition. 2003 Live Culture, Tate Modern, London Horizons of Reality, Muhka, Antwerp Lozung/Message, Russion Museum, St.Peterbourg The Ideal City, II Bienniale de Valencia, Valencia Absolute Generation/ Absolut vodka, 50 Venice bienniale, Palace Zenobio, Venice Moscow – Berlin, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin 2002 Moscow: paradise. Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna Le Tribu dell'arte. City Museum of Contemporary Art, Roma Under the Skin, Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg IY Cetinjski biennale, Museum of History and Arts, Cetinje (Montenegro) The Russian Patient, Freud Museum, London "Davaj!": Russian Art Now, Postfuhrant, Berlin; MAK, Vienna Socialais exhibicionisms, Latvian Museum of photography, Riga 2001

49 Venice bienniale. Yugoslavian Pavillion, Venice The Body & Sin (art is the vertue of communication). I Bienal de Valencia, Valencia Trans Sexual Express Barcelona. Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Barcelona 2000 L'Autre moitie de l'Europe, Jeu de Paumpe, Paris Performing Bodies, Tate Modern, London Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Oberhausen Videoentropy, CCA, Kiev Nordic, Baltic and Russian photography, Finish Museum of Photography (Cable Factory), Helsinki Herausforderung Tier – von Beuys bis Kabakov (Animal Challenge), Stadtlische Galerie Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe 1999 Fauna; State CCA, Moscow Locally Interested, National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia Zeitwenden, Kunstmuseum, Bonn After the Wall, Modern Museum, Stockholm 1998 International Month of Photography II; Moscow L'Arte dans le monde; Passage de Retz, Paris Medialization; Edsvik konst och kultur, Stockholm Public Interest; Central House of Artists, Kiev Summer exhibition; Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Gent Flesh and Fall; Gallery Art Kiosk, Brussel Body and The East; Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana Group Show; Frac Des Pays De La Loire, Nantes

MAMSIKOV Maxim Born in 1968, Kiev, Ukraine Lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine Education: 1988-1994 B. A. in Ukrainian State Academy of Arts, Graphic Department, Kiev, Ukraine 1981-1988 Kiev State Art School, Kiev, Ukraine Solo exhibitions: 2001 Light.Lab, Gallery RA, Kiev, Ukraine 2000 New painting, L-Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 1995 Just Painting, ‘Blank Art’ Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine Group exhibitions: 2005 Russia 2. Central House of Artist, Moscow. Special project of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2004 The Age of Romanticism, Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine Moscow Art Fair, Russia Weekdays, Guelman Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 2003 Start, L-Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine They Watch Us, Guelman Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 1st Collection. Ukrainian Art, Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine Donumenta-2003, Ukraine, Regensburg, Germany Painting Cubed, L-Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine New Ukrainian Painting, Regina Gallery, Moscow 2002 Painting at First Hand, Art Manege-2002, Moscow, Russia Blue Clay, Guelman Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine In My Childhood I Used to Be Mahatma…, Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine Beyond the Threshold, Central House of Artists, Moscow; Museum of Youth, Yekaterinburg, Russia BIBIkov’s Boulevard, ‘Soviart’ Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 2001 Event. Image. Clone, 12th Tallinn Print Trienniale, Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia Ukrainian Brand, Gallery of the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA, Kiev, Ukraine Iskusstwo 2000, New Art from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, Kunstverein Rosenheim, Germany 2000 Contemporary Photographers of the Ukraine, Contemporary Art Center, Thessaloniki, Greece Intervals, National Art Museum, Kiev, Ukraine; Hehie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway 1+1, Gallery ‘Lavra,’ Kiev, Ukraine Two Sides, Gallery of the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA, Kiev, Ukraine New Directions, Ukrainian _rtists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 1999 Contemporary Photographers of the Ukraine, Die, France Cart Blanche, Cite International Des Arts, Paris, France When the Screens Thin Down, Passage de Retz, Paris, France Future is Now, Ukrainian Art of 90s, Museum for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia Mirage, Gallery of the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA, Kiev, Ukraine Pinacotheque, International Art Festival, ‘Ukrainian House’ Cultural Center, Kiev, Ukraine …undabdie post!1999, International Festifal of Young Artists, Berlin, Germany 1998 Crimean project II, Gallery of the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA, Kiev, Ukraine Crimean project II, National Museum ‘Livadia Palace,’ Crimea, Ukraine Accomodation, Art Gallery ‘At Jesuits,’ Poznan, Poland Inter_edia, Gallery of the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA, Kiev, Ukraine 1997

Greenhouse Affect, Gallery of the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA, Kiev, Ukraine 1996 Trans-Port, or the Flying Dutchman, site-specific project, Odessa, Ukraine Commodity Fetishism, International Art Festival, ‘Ukrainian House’ Cultural Center, Kiev, Ukraine 1995 Black&White, Center for Contemporary Arts ‘Brama,’ Kiev, Ukraine Top Secret, Blank Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 1994 Expanse of the Cultural Revolution, ‘Ukrainian House’ Cultural Center, Kiev, Ukraine Art Impressions, ‘Alipiy’ Gallery, ‘Ukrainian House’ Cultural Center, Kiev, Ukraine Free Zone, State Museum for Fine Arts, Odessa, Ukraine 1993 Angels over the Ukraine, Gallery 369, Edinburgh, Scotland Suspicious Reality, Center for Contemporary Art, Odessa, Ukraine End of the Year, UKV Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 1992 New Works of Kiev Artists, ‘Astoria’ Gallery, Helsinki, Finland Group Show, Museum ‘Kosoy Kaponir,’ Kiev, Ukraine Leto, Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine Calm, Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine Mozart & Salieri, Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 1991 Artists of Paris Commune, Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine Spring Exhibition of Ukrainian Republic, Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

Gosha OSTRETSOV In 1988 Gosha left for Paris, where he lived and worked for the next 10 years. During this period Gosha takes part in the art- and fashion projects. In 1997 he collaborated with Luc Besson, and in 1996 on the occasion of opening of the Center of Contemporary Art (Paris), Paris gallery owners wore special masks designed by Gosha – further on these masks will find context within his New Government (NP) project. Soon after he returned to Russia Gosha Ostretsov articulated the conception of the “New Government”. The New Government (Novoe Pravitelstvo, NP) is organized on the basic idea of total anonymity (authorities never distinguish citizenry “in person”, inversely there’s no use for public to know the faces of the functionaries – thus heads of the New Government members are always covered with masks). The territory of the New Government house the artistic transformations of the aspects of the real life – war, propaganda, sport or – as in the new project which opens the autumn season of the M. Guelman Gallery – outlaw. In this project Gosha Ostretsov combines the ideological basis of the New Government with aesthetics of comics. Born in 1967 in Moscow 1984 graduated from the Theatre Art School at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow 1988-98 lives and works in Paris. Since 1998 lives and works in Moscow Selected personal exhibitions & performances 2005 The Third Ceremony of Awarding the New Government’s Order of the Silver Badge of Honor, in five categories, to the best people of Russia (Performance). Moscow. The exposition of the “Russia 2”. Special project of the M.Guelman Gallery within the 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art “In process”. “George&George” Group exhibition. Paintings, video. State Center of Modern Art, Moscow. 2004 One-man exhibition performance, The 2-nd Ceremony of Granting the New Government’s Order “Silver Badge of Honour” to the Best People of the Russia Federation. Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow. War. Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 2003 The Ceremony of Awarding the New Government’s Order “Silver Badge of Honour” to the Best People of the Russian Federation. S.Art Gallery, Moscow. Rebels. Marat Guelman Gallery, Kiev. Annual Report of the New Government, at the group exhibition, Master Salons of Art-Moscow. Moscow. Eat the Halfwit: wall mural in the Tretyakov Gallery at Krymsky Val, Modern Trends Department, the Hall of Actual Art. 2002 Vandals and Generals of the New Government. Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 2001 “Defile” Exclusive Fashion Show in the Cloak-Room group exhibition. Art in actual context. Voenkomat (military recruitment office) fancy dress performance. The Hulk video installation. SALE window installation. L Gallery, Moscow. Contemporary Art in a Traditional Museum festival organised by the Ford Foundation. Antarctic Eden oneman project in the Arctic and Antarctic Museum, St. Petersburg. The Phantoms one-man exhibition, American Cultural Centre, Moscow. 2000 Diventa la Vittima one-man exhibition, Nadia Baldeschi Arte Contemporanea, Venice, Italy. New Government one-man exhibition, Marat Gelman Gallery, Moscow. Visitor one-man exhibition, Marble Palace (branch of the State Russian Museum), St. Petersburg. 1999 Creation of propaganda comics for the Contemporary Arts Museum in Tsaritsyno, Moscow. 1997 Collection of latex masks for Luc Besson’s film Taxi, Paris. Noel en Latex (Christmas in Latex) one-man exhibition, Gay and Lesbian Associations Centre, Paris. 1996 Collection of latex costumes and masks. Presentation in the galleries of the XIIIth arrondissement (Jenifer Flay Gallery, Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, Gallery Praz-Delavallade, etc.) Correction. one-man exhibition and performance, e. O.f. Gallery, Paris, France. 1993 Ways of Truth curator project, Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow. 1993-96 Artist and designer of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Paris, France. 1985 Flying Cranes exposition of the George&George group (Georgy Ostretsov & Georgy Litichevsky) held within the framework of the 7th Youth Exhibition, House of Artists, Moscow Selected group exhibitions 2005 “Russia 2,” Central House of Artists, Moscow. Special project of the M.Guelman Gallery within the 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

1st Moscow Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art, “Gender Passions,” Museum of Modern Art, Moscow. 1st Moscow Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art, “Soobshchniki” (Partners), Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. “Moscow-Warsaw,” State Center of Modern Art, Moscow. 2004 Controlled Democracy. White Space Gallery. London. “Moscow-Warsaw,” Modern Art Center, Ujazd Castle, Warsaw. 2003 Surrogate; exhibition of young artists, Stop: Who Is It? RuArts Gallery, Moscow. Frontiers of Childhood; Project Phantoms. Artek Gallery, London. 2002 Moscow Photo Biennial: Project Bulimia. Photo Centre at Gogolevsky Boulevard, Moscow. Reconstruction Cetinje biennial. Projects Rubber Tower, Lastomer (Pinniped), Shooting Gallery. Cetinje, Montenegro. rvoir, Moscow Region. 2001 Project Chechnya, National Art Collections Foundation. Art for a Time project of Group 77. Super-Soldier video installation, Graz, Austria. 1999 Western Europe after the Berlin Wall: The Rape of Europe photo project, Marble Palace (branch of the State Russian Museum), St. Petersburg. 1993 Contemporary Art Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey. 1992 Manifestation of France’s Illustrators, Villeurbanne City Library, France. 1990 Arte Sacra Biennal, Pescara, Italy. 1987 Group exhibition of the Hermitage Association of Artists led by L. Bazhanov, 100 Profsoyuznaya St., Moscow. Assa festival; group exhibition held during the first night of Sergei Solovyov’s film Assa (Moscow). Russian Non-Conformist Art of the 1980s: group exhibition of the Hermitage Association of Artists, CIRC Society, Amsterdam. 1985-86 Participation in group exhibitions with non-conformist artists from the Kindergarten group, Moscow.

Yuri SHABELNIKOV The representative of the so called Southern Russian Wave, as well as Ter-Oganyan and Koshlyakov, YuriShabelnikov is integrating his fidelity to painting with the spirit of the radical performer. Thus, being appreciated for his masterful works in traditional technique, he became well-known by his radical works – like exhibition-action of eating the cake baked in the form of corps of Lenin lying in the Mausoleum, or firing the gallery with his works for the exhibition “Artist’ Tragedy”. When turning to casual things and objects in his work, he tends to put them in the dysfunctional context or make them out of non-natural material, but does that without a trace of comic sense, referring them, on the contrary, on the grand style. 1959 Born in Taganrog 1987 Member of the Art or Death Association Since 1995 Lives in Moscow Curates selected exhibitions at the Guelman Gallery Personal Exhibitions 2005 15 years ago I was still doing painting. ArtStrelka Projects, Moscow 2004 To the Soldiers of Labour. M.Guelman Gallery, Moscow 2003 On the Bones (installation). M. Guelman Gallery, Kiev To the Soldiers of Labour. Art Moscow Workshop. Moscow 2000 "Mysteria Beef", M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow 1999 "Pushkin is Always with Us", Dar Gallery, Moscow 1998 Mauzoleum: the Ritual Model. Dar Gallery, "The Golden Fund" (In collaboration with Y.Fesenko), "ArtManege", Moscow palette Gallery, Moscow 1996 For the Tasty and Healthy Food (action), Maxim Restaurant, Moscow 1995 Fuocoso (with V.Koshliakov), Guelman Gallery, Moscow Nekroacademy, Children Art School, Taganrog Two Donations: Bitter and Sweet (with A.Kisliakov), Museum of Municipal Building and Services, Taganrog 1995 Happy Birthday, Death (with A.Logvin; action), M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow 1993 In New Light, Trekhprudnyi Gallery, Moscow Bogudon School, Velta Gallery, Moscow Museum Collections The State Russian Museum. St-Petersburg, Russia The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia The Museum of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia Group Exhibitions 2005 Russian Pop Art. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow 2005 Russia 2. The special project of the Guelman Gallery within the 1Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2004 ______-_______ / Warsaw – Moscow, NCCA, Moscow 2003 Art Moscow. Central House of Artists, Moscow "We-They" (M.Guelman Gallery non-commercial project at the Art Moscow Art Fair. Moscow 2002 Melioration. Contemporary art festival, Moscow suburb On a Routine Basis, D.Semenov Gallery, StPetersburg 2001 Characteristic and Non-characteristic. Baumanskaya 13. "Warhol connections". M.Guelman Gallery Poor Art, Taganrog Art VS Geography. The State Russian Museum, SPb Profundal Germany. Moscow 1998 "Bad Shoes for Hanging Down", Dar Gallery, Moscow 1997 ART-Moscow, central House of Artists, Moscow 1996 Unforgettable (with D.Aronov and K.Zvezdochetov), State Exhibition Gallery in Solianka Str., Moscow DiscreditatingMaterials, M.Guelman Gallery, Moscow Dedicated to Centenary of Malevich's Death, Malevich's Study, Moscow 1992 Still-life, Velta Gallery, Moscow An Artist and a Book, Trekhprudnyi Gallery, Moscow Kinetic Energy, Museum of Fine Arts, Rostov-onDon 1990 Great Magicians of Painting, Exhibition Hall in Peresvetov Lane, Moscow 1986 Italy has a Form of a Boot, Rostov-on-Don 1988 Scarecrow, Rostov-on-Don

SHULGIN Alexei Artist, curator, musician born 1963 in Moscow lives and works in Moscow 1988 Founded "Immediate Photography" group 1994 Created electronic photogallery "Hot Pictures" on the Internet 1995 Founded Moscow WWWArt Centre ( 1997 Invented Form Art ( 1997 Started Easylife site ( 1998 Founded 386 DX cyberpunk rockband ( 1999 Webmaster at FUFME, Inc. ( 2000 Professor at Pro Arte Institute, St. Petersburg 2002 - 2005 Curator of Read_Me software art festival, Moscow-Helsinki-Aarhus-Dortmund 2003 Co-organizer of, a software art repository, Since 2004 - co-owner of Electroboutique, Exhibitions curated by Alexei Shulgin 1997 Form Art International Competition ( "Desktop Is" ( 1996 "Refresh" (together with Vuk Cosic and Andreas Broeckmann 1994-96 Curated a number of Internet projects at Moscow WWWArt Centre 1995 "Aspects of Alternative Photography", Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow 1995 “Reproduction, Mon Amour", Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen 1994 "Reproduction, Mon Amour", Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow (catalogue) Internet Electronic Photogallery "Hot Pictures" 1993 "What Am I?/ The Art of Making a Choice", Shkola Gallery, Union Gallery, Moscow (catalogue) Personal Exhibitions 2005 "Beauty Inside", XL gallery, Moscow 2002 "Montage", Moscow House of Photography 1997 "Art'n'Presentation", Secret Experiment club, Riga, Latvia "A New Art Form", C3, Budapest 1994 Televisions. 1989 - 1993", XL-Gallery, Moscow (catalogue) "Others' Photographs", Central House Of Artist, Moscow 1993 "What Am I?/ The Art of Making a Choice", Shkola Gallery, Union Gallery, Moscow (catalogue) Untitled Installation (with Sergei Leontiev), Russian-Dutch project "Exchange", Moscow (catalogue - a special issue of "Segodnja" newspaper/51) 1992 "Latent Energy", L-Gallery, Moscow, booklet "10 Years on the Art Scene", Triokhprudniy Gallery, Moscow (booklet) 1989 "The life of a Photographer" (with Sergei Leontiev), Exhibition Hall on Kashirskaya, Moscow "Alexei Shulgin", "Finnfoto Gallery", Helsinki 1988 "Others' Photographs", Ukhta, Komi Republic, USSR

1984 Elena Selina apartment, Moscow Selected Group Exhibitions 1987 - Photofestival. Krasnogorsk, USSR - "Representation", Exhibition Hall of the Association "Ermitazh" in Beliajevo, Moscow - "Photoexposition", Exhibition Hall of the Association "Ermitazh" in Beliajevo, Moscow - XVII All Union Exhibition of the Young Artists, The Central Exhibition Hall in "Manege", Moscow 1988 - "Die Zeitgenossische Photographie in der Sowjetunion", Museum of Photography, Lausanne, Switzerland (book-catalogue) - "Contemporary Soviet Photography", Museum of Photography, Odense, Denmark 1989 - "Contemporary Soviet Photography", Kunsthuset, Stockholm, traveled to other Swedish cities - "Photomost/Photobridge", Exhibition Hall of Avtozavodskaja, Moscow - "The exhibition of the Unfinished Works", Furmannij Studios, Moscow - "Moskau-Wien-New York/ Kunst zur Zeit", Wiener Festwochen, Messepalast, Vienna (catalogue). - "150 Years of Photography", The Central Exhibition Hall in "Manege", Moscow 1990 - "The Logic of Paradox", The Central Exhibition Hall in "Manege", Moscow - "Mosca-Moscow-Mockba '90", Sala Umberto Boccioni, Milan - "Da Mosca", Unione Culturale/Mostre, Turin - "Art Summer '90", Diokletian Palace, Split, Yugoslavia - "Contemporary Photography from the USSR", Walker, Ursitty & McGinniss Gallery, New York - "Artedomani, 1990 punto di vista", Galleria Communale d'Arte Moderna, Spoleto, Italy (catalogue) - "Oppositions / Fotografie Biennale Rotterdam - II", Holland America Lijn, Rotterdam (catalogue) - "Mosca-Moscow-Mockba '90/II", Provincial Museum of Modern Art, Ostend, Belgium - "Eroosio / Erosion. Soviet Conceptual Art & Photography of the 1980's", Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki (catalogue) - "The Missing Picture. Alternative Contemporary Photography from the Soviet Union", MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge. Massachusetts. In 1991 traveled to the "Forum" in St.Louis & to the Lehman College Art Gallery, New York (catalogue) 1991 - "Photo/ Manifesto", Fine Arts Gallery & Avram Family Gallery, Fine Arts Center, Long Island University, New York & Museum for Contemporary Arts, Balltimore, USA (book-catalogue) 1992 - Albrecht Gallery, Munchen. Germany - "Herbarium / Die photographische Reflexion in der zeitgenossischen russischen Kunst", Kunsthalle Exnergasse & Fotogalerie Wien, WUK, Wien (catalogue) - "Die Andere Malerei / Moskauer Avantgarde der 50er bis 80er Jahre. Sammlung Talotschkin", Kunststation, Kleinsassen, Fulda, Germany - "Waist", The State Center of Contemporary Arts, Moscow - II Internationale Foto-Triennale '92, Erfundene Wirklichkeiten, Esslingen, Germany (catalogue) 1993 - "Magazine / Shop", Furniture Store "Konstantin", Moscow - "New Territories of Art", State Museum of Arts, Krasnojarsk, Russia (catalogue) 1994 - "Art of Contemporary Photography. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus", The Central House of Artists, Moscow (catalogue) - "Hamburg Project", Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow - "Depository", Exhibition Hall on Solyanka, Moscow - Spring Exhibition of the Moscow Union of Artists, The House of Artists, Moscow - "Escape", Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow - "The Night of the Art", "Pilot" Night Club, Moscow - "PHOTO-reclamation, New Art from Moscow & Saint Petersburg", John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, Street Level Gallery, Glasgow (catalogue) - "Surface of Sence. Laying Coverings." The Central House of Artist", Moscow - Contemporary Art Festival, Sotchi, Russia - "Minima Media", II MedienBiennale Leipzig, Germany - "Exchange-2", Amsterdam - "Neue Fotokunst aus Russland", Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany 1995 - "PHOTO-reclamation, New Art from Moscow & Saint Petersburg", The Photographers' Gallery, London (catalogue)

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2004 Hochschule fuer Gestaltung und Kunst Zurich, Zwitzerland UCSD, San DIego, USA Teaching experience 1994 London College of Arts (guest teacher) 1994-95 United Art Workshops, Moscow 1995-96 Moscow WWWArt Centre, Moscow 1997 Net Art Workshop, MUU Media Lab, Helsinki 1999 California School of Arts (guest teacher) 2000 Alchemy masterclass, Brisbane, Australia (guest teacher) Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria (guest teacher) 2000-2001 Course leader, Pro Arte Institute, St. Petersburg 2001 Valand School of Fine Arts, Goethenborg, Sweden (guest teacher) Workshop "Networked Art Project", Soros Contemporary Art Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art, Moscow 2002 Valand School of Fine Arts, Goethenborg, Sweden (guest teacher) Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, Germany (guest teacher) Turku Politechnik, Turku, Finland (guest teacher) The Jutland Academy Of Fine Arts, Aarhus, Denmark (guest teacher) 2003 Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (guest teacher) Awards 1996 "Art on the Net / Challenge of the Internet", Museum on the Web, Japan ( - 2nd prize 1997 Prix Ars Electronica, Honorary Mention Prize Film+Arc Festival, Graz, Austria, 2nd prize 2000 Trash Art International Festival, Moscow 2000 Best performance, Interferences, Belfort, France Grants, residencies 1997 C3 Center for Culture and Communication, Budapest 1997-1998 Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 1999 Jerome Foundation 2003 DRU, Huddersfield, UK 2004 Willem de Kooning Academie, Rottardam

Avdei TER-OGANYAN Avdey Ter-Oganyan is probably the most controversial Russian artist living. After his performance of 1999 when he destroyed icons with an axe (the preformance was credited to his “School of Young Avantgardist” project) Ter-Oganyan was forced into exile by the Russian authorities. A striking personality, Ter-Oganyan refused to either identificate himself as the evil or stand in the “you-got-it-all-wrong” position. In the beginning of 1990-s Ter-Oganyan appeared in disguise of a provincial artist, who made copies of famous modernistic works (series “Pictures for a Museum”). In the next series of works (“Abusive Painting”) he suggested a new interpretation of modernism, intruding abusive words into the museum masterpieces. The artist, keeping to his eternal love to modernism, continued searching for new objects for worship through copying and finally found them in his own artistic heritage. In the latest series called “Radical abstractionism” playful geometrical abstraction is deconstructed with the use of quotations from the Russian criminal code, for example “This work engages in prostitution”. “Radical abstractionism” is about paranoia of the ruling elites that find offence in every kind of free gestures. This series was a hit at the “Russia 2” exhibition, presented by the Gallery as part of the Special Projects programme of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. 1961 – Born in Rostov on Don 1988-90 – member of Art or Death group 1991-93 – managed Tryohprudny Lane Gallery (joint with K. Reunov), Moscow 1995-98-Project “School of contemporary Art”, Moscow. 1998- After exhibition “Art Manes-98”begins a criminal prosecution by Moscow Procurator 1999- Asked for a refugee status in Czech Republic 2002- Obtain a refugee status in Czech Republic Now lives in Berlin Solo exhibitions 2004 New Works. Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 2003 Abusive painting. Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 2000 Gallery Vperyod. Club “V Jeleni”. Prague. 1999 Ten Years in Art. ICA. Moscow. Painting. Guelman Gallery, Moscow 1998 Get out of Art. Guelman Gallery, Moscow 1996 The Sun in Goblet. Guelman Gallery, Moscow 1993 The Flag (project Exchange), Moscow Some Problems of Restoration of Contemporary Art Works). Tryochprudny Lane Gallery, Moscow 1992 Forward. Tryochprudny Lane Gallery, Moscow Towards the Object. As above Selected New Works. As above L.H.O.O.K. As above Still Life with the Candlestick. Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 1991Bad Painting(with V.Sitnikov), Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 1981 City Psycho neurological Hospital, Rostov-on-Don. 1980 District Palace of Pioneers, Rostov-on-Don. Selected Group Exhibitions 2005 Russia 2. The special project of the Guelman Gallery within the 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2003 FIAC Art Fair, Guelman Galery stand, Paris 2003 Art-Cologne, Guelman Galllery stand, Cologne 2003 Art Moscow International Fair. Guelman Gallery. Central House of Artists, Moscow. 2002 Contemporary Russian Painting, New Manege, Moscow. Ex Patria. Art Car Museum, Houston, USA. Silence! Space of Art Experimentation Vytah, Prague. Instead of Art. Zverevsky Center of Modern Art, Moscow. 2001Kolmo k Ose 2. Home of Arts, Opava, CZ Check In/Check Out, Experimental Space NOD, Prague Workshop-Art Moscow 01, Central House of Artists, Moscow Le Fou Dedouble. Central House of Artists, Moscow. Central Exhibition Hall, N.Novgorod. District Art Museum, Samara. Museum of Fine Arts, Ekaterinburg. Chaleau d`Oiron, Oiron, France. Vodka. Guelman Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine. Russian Painters to Andy Warhol. Guelman gallery, Moscow

Vassily TSAGOLOV The artist lives and works in Kiev. Alexander Soloviev, the leading Ukrainian art expert and curator, calls the works of Vasiliy Tsagolov “paranormal realism”. This term is especially well-placed next to his “Ukrainian X-files” series, in which extra-terrestrials from the Hollywood blockbusters terrorize the Ukrainian countryside. Tsagolov also took to issues of sexual harassment (“Office Affair” series) and criminal violence flourishing in the 90s as part of the business matters in the former USSR. “Tsagolov’s aim is not social critique”, writes Soloviev, “He rather tries to give form and meaning to the figure of the archetypical “Bad Guy” with a special “choreography” of criminal offence and the criminals entertainment”. SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2004 “Wondering Bullet”. Guelman Gallery. Moscow 2003 “Ukrainians X-files” Guelman gallery, Moscow, Kiev 2000 “Musefication”, Soviart Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 1995 “_V Auction,” TV project, ICTV channel, Kiev, Ukraine “The End,” videopresentation of the action at hospital’s reanimational department, “Blank Art” Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 1994 “I Am Not an Artist Anymore,” performance, “Blank Art” Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine “Milk Sausages,” presentation of videofilm, “Blank Art” Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine “Karl Marx - Pere La Chaise,” performance, Karl Marx Street, Kiev, Ukraine 1993 “One Can Eat What Could Be Eaten,” performance, Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine “World Without Ideas,” UKV Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine “World Without Ideas,” “Guelman” Gallery, Moscow, Russia 1992 “Rubber of Feelings,” Ukrainian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2005 Russia 2. The Special Project of Guelman Gallery within I Biennale of Contemporary Art. Central House of Artist. Moscow 2004 Art Moscow. Guelman Gallery. Central House of Artist. Moscow 2003 "The New Countdown: Digital Russia Together With Sony", Guelman Gallery, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia 2001 Media Forum in the frame of International Film Festival, Moscow, Russsia Kunstverein Rosenheim –Stadt Galerie, Rosenheim, Germany “What, How & for Whom,” Kunsthalle Exnergasse (WUK), Viena, Austria 2000 “Public Subject,” site-specific project, Bratislava, Slovakia “Contemporary Photographers of Ukraine,” Cultural Foundation of tha Bank of Greece, Salonika, Rethymnon Contemporary Art Center Crete, Greece “What, How & for Whom,” Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb, Croatia “After the Wall,” Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungaria; National Gallery at Hamburger Banhof Museum, Berlin, Germany “Polus of Cold, Medical Hermenevtique and Russian Art 90s,” Academy for Fine Arts, Paris, France 1999 “After the Wall,” Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden “Exit,” Cheasen Hall Gallery, London, UK “Regards sur l’Ukraine,” Passage du Retz, Paris, France “Contemporary Photographers of Ukraine,” Die, France “Future is Now,” Ukrainian Art of 90s, Museum for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia 1998

“Accomodation,” Gallery "“At Jesuits,” Poznan, Poland “Ukrainian Photography of 90s,” Slovakian Art Hall, Bratislava, Slovakia

DUBOSSARSKY Vladimir & VINOGRADOV Alexander Dubossarsky Vladimir 1964 Born in Moscow 1980-1984 Studied in Moscow Art College 1989-1995 Studied in Moscow State Art Institute (named after Sourikov) Vinogradov Alexander 1963 Born in Moscow 1980-1984 Studied in Moscow Art College 1989-1995 Studied in Moscow State Art Institute (named after Sourikov) Since 1994 Dubossarsky Vladimir and Vinogradov Aleksander work together Selected solo exhibitions: 2003 Our Best World. Jeffrey Deitch gallery, New York, USA. 2002 Total painting. XL-gallery, Moscow. Painting for Finland. MUU gallery, Helsinki. Show in Vilma Gold gallery, London. 2001 How are you,Ladies and Gentelmen? Claudio Poleschi Gallery, Lucca, Italy. Picture for London. Vilma Gold gallery, London. Sweet girls. Fine Art Gallery, Moscow. 2000 Inspiration. XL-gallery, Moscow. 1998 P.S. Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 1997 Erntedankfest. Atelier-Ester Freund, Vienna. Etudes. L-Gallery, Moscow. 1996 Russian Literature. Guelman Gallery, Moscow. Project for the Russian edition of “Playboy” magazine. Moscow Fine Art Gallery, Moscow. Celebration. Guelman Gallery, Moscow. Bluhende Landschaften. Galerie Kay Higelmann, Berlin, Germany. 1995 Picture for Reichstag. Art Gallery of Kay Hilgemann, Berlin, Germany. Pictures by order. L-Gallery, Moscow. 1994 Picasso in Moscow. “Studio 20” Gallery. Selected group exhibitions: 2005 Russia 2. Central House of Artist, Moscow. Special project of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2004 System of Coordinates – Russian Art Today. Organized by Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb/Guelman Gallery, Moscow. Zagreb Fair, Pavilion 19, Zagreb. 2003 The New Countdown: Digital Russia Together With Sony, Guelman Gallery, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia. Returning of the Artist. 50 Bienalle in Venice,Venice,Italy. Festival "ArtKliazma", Moscow, Russia. 2002 Urgent painting. Musee d'Art Modern de la Ville de Paris. Russian Contemporary Painting 1992-2002. Maly Manege, Moscow. Davai. Russian Art Now"Aus dem Laboratorium der Freien Kunste in Russland, Berlin. Biennale San Paolo, Brazil Moscow.Paradise 2002. Krinzinger gallegy, Vienna. Davai. MAKmuseum, Vienna.

Festival of contemporary art, Kliazma. 2001 Made in Italy. Palazzo della Triennale, Milan, Italy. Russian Madness. Valencia Biennale, Spain. Moscow workshop. Art-Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow. Warhol week in Moscow. L-gallery, Moscow. Players. Watermill Center of Robert Wilson, USA. Russian artists in Vienna Schloss Grafenegg Vienna Austria. Escape. 2Tirana Biennale, Albain. 2000 I hate you in June. Ein Harod Museum, Israel. In &Out. 1 Tirana Biennale, Albain. Shivers. Cesare Manzo gallery Pescara, Italy. Vilnius Painting Triennale. Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius. Fuory Uso 2000 "The Bridges" Pescara, Italy. Guelman's collectione. Russian Museum, Peterburg, Russia.

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