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HHS Prom Closet - Hickory Public Schools


									Hickory High School seniors present stylish attire from the HHS Prom Closet. The
community is encouraged to provide donations (gowns, shoes, tuxedos) to the HHS
Prom Closet by March 15th.
(L-R: Araceli Cisneros, Ann Marie Moore, Mai Yang and standing, Chris Allred).

                    HHS PROM CLOSET
Eating out during tough economic times can certainly tug on the personal budget.
Stepping it up to an elegant restaurant can tug even harder. Add the cost of renting a
tuxedo or buying a formal evening gown—with all the sequins and glitter to boot. Now
add a pedicure, manicure, hairstylist appointment, just the right shoes and handbag,
jewelry for that extra sparkle, photographs, a corsage for the glamorous young lady, a
boutonnière for the dashing young gentleman, tickets, and oh—not to forget—
transportation. Whether it’s filling up the tank in the freshly-washed, family car with
today’s escalating gas prices or sharing a high-rent limo with friends—the pricey evening
spells out one special night: PROM.
Students have been known to spend anywhere from $500 to as much as $1,000 per
couple, for prom. But most students, most families—simply can’t fork out those kinds of
dollars for one evening. When it’s time to pay the bills, will it be groceries and
electricity….or that amazing dress and shoes? The choice is clearly obvious, but not
always easy. After all, prom is that coming-of-age event that presents itself as a magical
evening—an experience for the young and a lifetime memory for the young-at-heart.
Not everyone plans to attend prom and not everyone who did—reflects upon the occasion
with fondness. However, at Hickory High School, there’s scores of young teens who are
trying to figure out how they can attend PROM 2011. No matter how many chores are
completed or odd jobs are pursued, the fact remains that the dollars just aren’t available.
So this is when “community” comes together.
Prom for Hickory High School is scheduled for April 2nd and will be held at Lake
Hickory Country Club. According to Helen Devlin, who serves HHS as S.T.A.Y.
(Sustained Training All Years) manager and coordinator of the Prom Closet, this year
will be the school’s sixth Prom Closet, organized to offer a full rack of stylish gowns and
sharp tuxedos for students in need.
“We hope to receive donations of at least 20 formal dresses—but actually that’s never
enough,” said Devlin. “All sizes are needed, for the very petite to the full-figured, from
the very short to the very tall. Jewelry, shoes of all sizes, tuxedos, shawls—every
possible accessory to complement the evening attire,” she said.
In addition to the donations of prom attire, there is also a need for new make-up samples,
and the students would welcome community volunteers who are willing to donate time to
style hair, provide manicures or pedicures, and sew alterations to the newly acquired
prom gowns and tuxedos.
While all clothing is accepted, Devlin encourages the community to donate prom attire
that is relatively new, clean—and still considered fashionable and stylish. All donations
may be brought to Hickory High School, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 3:00
pm—by March 15. On the following day, March 16, students will be provided the
opportunity to privately try on their selections from the Prom Closet—and hopefully, find
just the right attire to help make their high school prom a memorable event.
The tax-deductible donations are currently being accepted. For additional information
about the Prom Closet at Hickory High, contact Helen Devlin: 828.322.5860, ext. 1116.


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