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									Comments from the public:

     Tremendous display, great for building interest for the kids.
     We need more exhibits like this to help educate the community about our
     natural laws.
     This was real cool – and fun to work at!
     Great & very interesting! Thank you!
     Thank you for doing this. It was very informative!
     Good job. You’ll get more physics undergraduates next year (from a
     physics drop-out, current biochemistry major).
     Excellent! Our children learned a great deal. Thanks!!
     I think this was a great experience for my 4 children and me. Makes you
     look at science and technology differently. Thanks!
     We thought this exhibit was great. Our 6 year-old daughter truly enjoyed
     the hands-on experiments!! Thanks and hope you can have this again.
     Excellent information. I would love to do something like this in my
     community. We live in Oneida County. Contact us!
     Great demonstrations and explanations! Thank you!
     I love to see people having the chance to see science as fun! Thank you.
     What a find! Came to entertain kids and found a learning experience.
     Kudos. Thanks.
     Great event. Even better than the previous one. I enjoyed all of the
     demonstrations, and all of the knowledgeable teachers.

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