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									Psycho Depot Issue 310 Feb 21, 2002 Current # of subscribers: 201 (daily and digest) Subjects in this issue: Bears North Star Update The Bears @ Southgate House When she 'moos'??? L. Nager's SH review Lexington Bears show review Southgate Post Review Web pages in transit Final Bears North Star Update 2001 CEA Videos ++ psychodots ++ Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 17:16:33 -0800 (PST) From: Fern Brodkin <> Subject: Bears North Star Update Bears North Star Show Update: As of yesterday about 60% of available tickets had been sold for the show. I am hoping for a late rush on tickets, though, because I am expecting some local stories in City Paper and in the Daily Local (West Chester, PA). So if you did not already purchase tickets for the show please do so soon - either at the North Star, at the Trocadero box office or through Ticketmaster. A new push is now being made to inundate WXPN with requests for airplay from "Car Caught Fire." Despite the World Cafe broadcast and a few other times that they have been played, they have never been added into rotation. You can call WXPN's request line (24 hours) at 215-573-WXPN, you can call their business office Mon.-Fri., 9 am-6 pm at 215-898-6677, you can send them a fax at 215-898-0707, or you can reach them online at Looking forward to seeing you at the show! Fern ++ psychodots ++ Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 09:18:38 -0500 From: "KMcKeehan" <>

Subject: The Bears @ Southgate House Hey folks, Here goes my attempt at a review. The Bears were really smoking last night. They were obviously glad to be back "home". They were loose, LOUD and rockin'. They stayed mostly to the same set list as at Canal Street and from other reports, the rest of the tour, but they really seemed to feed off the sell out crowd. Lots more improvisation than at Canal Street too. I don't know how many times I saw Rob, and Bob gaze out and up in awe at the audience and their reception. Adrian had a non stop smile on his face and was more mobile on the stage than I had witnessed before. And as usual Chris was just banging away having a hell of a good time. The high point of the evening for me was "Complicated Potatoes". This is a song I mostly skipped over when it was first released but as time has passed has become one of my favorite Bears tunes! If anyone has missed one of these shows, don't miss any of the rest!0 Thanx, Kevin ++ psychodots ++ Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 09:36:11 -0500 From: "Jeffrey A. Burroway" <> Subject: When she 'moos'??? When she 'moos'... ++ psychodots ++ Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 18:49:57 EST From: Subject: L. Nager's SH review Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday, February 17, 2002 The Bears prove they're still local Fab Four By Larry Nager The Bears came out of a 13-year hibernation Saturday night, as the all-star local band sold out the Southgate House for an evening of melodic,

state-of-the-art, pop-rock. Greater Cincinnati's own Fab Four -- Adrian Belew, Rob Fetters, Bob Nyswonger and Chris Arduser -- proved the timeless appeal and endless possibilities of rock's venerable "two guitars, bass and drums" equation. Touring in support of their new CD, Car Caught Fire, the band played a 100-minute show that featured almost all of that disc, together with songs from the Bears' two late-'80s albums, plus a cover from Mr. Belew's other band, King Crimson's crunchy prog-rocker "Red." Some of Mr. Belew's fans go back to his teen-aged years with Northern Kentucky's premier Beatles cover band the Denems. The other three Bears have been mainstays of the local scene for more than 20 years. Together, they drew a crowd of rock fans from their 20s to their 50s. The dozens of musicians among them got a lesson in what makes a truly great band. All four Bears are masterful musicians, but instead of empty virtuosity, they use their skills in service of the songs. And what songs. There was "Dave," Mr. Fetters' poignant portrait of a friend's suicide. He also wrote the catchiest new tune, "Under the Volcano." Mr. Arduser contributed the dark folk-rocker, "What's the Good of Knowing" and acoustic "Little Blue River." From Mr. Nyswonger came the classic, "Trust," as well as the new "Caveman." Mr. Belew provided his song about the Denems in the Beatle-esque 117 Valley Drive." They played together like the life-long friends that they are. Mr. Fetters and Mr. Belew, sporting matching garish ties and mile-wide grins, harmonized like a post-modern Everly Brothers, entwining guitar leads as if separated at birth. With a mixture of goofiness and rock-star confidence, the four Bears had an even better time than their very happy audience. This was a band at the peak of its abilities, armed with an arsenal of superb songs, playing them with a freshness and sense of fun that was contagious. If there was any justice in pop music, these guys would be filling arenas and topping the Billboard charts. When they played their final encore, the Bears' first single and national near-hit, "Fear is Never Boring, the place erupted into wild dancing and air guitar. Rock 'n' roll doesn't get any better.

Brian Lovely opened with 35 minutes of tuneful, well-crafted pop that sounded like a hometown Elvis Costello. But he really got the crowd's attention when he scatted along with his acoustic guitar. ++ psychodots ++ Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 00:02:15 -0500 From: "David Ash" <> Subject: Lexington Bears show review I originally posted this to the Yahoo Belew group ( since so many people there are posting Bears show reviews, but I wanted to send it here too, even though the Southgate show has come and gone. I didn't make it up for that one, so how 'bout some more reviews from those of you who went? ========================================================================= === I was a lucky witness of the Bears' show Thursday night in Lexington KY, where I live. Here's a review. The show was at a small club, Lynaghs. I don't know what the maximum capacity is, maybe 300, but the show was nowhere near sold-out. Bela Fleck also played in Lexington last night, and it was Valentine's Day, but still the turnout was smaller than I expected. Many of those in attendance seemed unfamiliar with the band, particularly the Car Caught Fire album. Adrian sensed this and asked the crowd early on how many had the new album. There weren't a lot of raised hands. When the band first came out, most of the crowd was standing in the back half of the room, a raised floor by the bar. Adrian immediately said, "You're not going to stand back there are you? C'mon up close!" and most people did so. It took a while, but most of the audience was gradually won over by the band's tight, energetic performance and infectious enthusiasm. The smiles and knowing looks exchanged among the guys seemed to indicate that they get off on playing well and enjoying themselves, trusting that the audience will follow. Rather than being disheartened by a small, challenging crowd, they seemed that much more determined to shine. The set list was similar to what I've seen listed for earlier shows on the tour, with the addition of Little Blue River (sung by Adrian and Chris instead of Rob, with Chris on mandolin). The highlight for me was Success, which has been expanded from its studio version into an extended workout, with a long instrumental section featuring guitars that are sometimes doubling the main song riff, other times locked in a classic Adrian/Rob "duel" and they pulled off some tricky

interplay flawlessly. And the balloon solo! Other personal highlights: Aches & Pains: this was kind of deconstructed after Chris started playing around with the rhythms, leading to a sort of tango-ish response from the rest of the band. At least I think it was Aches & Pains - my memory isn't what it used to be, and I'd had several malted beverages by that time! But it was cool. It's the kind of playfulness that I've always valued in the psychodots, which seems more prevalent on this tour than on previous Bears' outings. Red: I posted to the Belew group about a week ago questioning this choice as the tour's Crimson cover, but I take it all back. The crowd was slayed by it, even those who might have been unfamiliar with the song; Bob's bowing on the stand-up electric bass sent shivers; Chris worked a bit of Brufordy dynamics into his repertoire; Rob and Adrian made Fripp sound expendable, as others have said. Dave: I worried ahead of time about the crowd's response to this, given that they were already challenged, and that this song is slow and subtle. But Rob put a lot of genuine emotion into his singing, and Adrian's solo followed Fripp's lines but improved on it through artful twang-bar finesse. The audience seemed to appreciate it. Life In A Nutshell: Why isn't this a hit single? This song is a great example of the Bears' greatest strength: adventurous arrangements from all four instruments that somehow manage to lock together perfectly, under a stick-in-your-head melody. Safe In Hell: Of Chris' songs on the Car CD, I prefer What's The Good Of Knowing with its chiming, Byrdsy guitar groove. But live this one stood out. After they played it, Rob's comment was "that song featured chords only a drummer could come up with." This left Chris speechless, which doesn't happen often! All four band members were approachable and friendly after the show, although Adrian seemed to be in a hurry. I witnessed them suffering the usual assortment of clueless inquiries and comments with enviable restraint and grace. This band is a class act in every sense. A few more tidbits from the show: After Ken and the monitor sound guy were introduced, Rob said something like, "The crew likes to smoke pot. If you have any good redbud you can give them they'd really appreciate it." Then he looked at Adrian and said "I guess I shouldn't have said that" to which Adrian added, "The truth smells." Someone from the crowd asked if the band was recording the show. Rob said something like, "We thought one of you would be recording. Doesn't somebody out there have on those fake glasses with the little stereo mikes on each side?" I actually used a setup like this the one and only time I taped a show (with permission of course!) -- is this

a common setup? Robobo's Beef was another song highlight, with a fantastic violin-onsteroids solo by Adrian. And the lyrics in the second verse about not hating the Russians and Chinese were changed to refer to middle eastern countries. The Bears got slagged by Rolling Stone when Rise & Shine came out for their politically oriented lyrics, but this song has never seemed more relevant. There was not a single "grrrrrr" uttered the entire show! That was nice for me, kind of shedding the last cutesy aspect of the bands' stage persona from the 80s. But maybe I am a little over-zealous about this. When I talked to Rob before the show, he teased me a little, saying that to please me he should sing old lyrics like "She's a five course dinner and I'm a pig" which is from the old Raisins' song Valentine, which later morphed into Superboy. Maybe he was trying to tell me to lighten up on my tendency to want the Bears to be more like the Raisins/Dots. And maybe I should take that to heart. ++ psychodots ++ Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 16:49:22 EST From: Subject: Southgate Post Review Cincinnati Post Monday, February 18, 2002 Concert Review (page 4B, article not available online) Bears show they haven't lost touch by Rick Bird They sing three and four-part harmonies, feature two of the best rock guitarists anywhere, backed by a tremendous driving rhythm section. And all four band members can write as good a pop song as you'll hear. The Bears played their first area concert in almost 14 years Saturday night at Newport's Southgate House. They proved - for this month at least that they are probably as good as any power pop band in the land, flashing incredible musicianship and a stable of scorching, hooky songs. Many in the sold-out crowd probably left with bittersweet feelings: Shame on the Bears for making us wait this long. And we left not knowing when the band may play again after this tour ends next week, with Adrian Belew's solo and

King Crimson projects possibly leaving little room for future Bears tours. Overall, the show was a tremendous display of four musicians at their crea tive peak. These Bears have hardly been hibernating, but have been busy keeping their rock 'n' roll skills plenty sharp. As local music lovers know, the trio of guitarist Rob Fetters, bassist Bob Nyswonger and drummer Chris Arduser have continued to make music around town as the psychodots and in various side and solo projects. Northern Kentucky native Adrian Belew remains a major guitar and art work hero continuing his work with King Crimson. The songs were hardly a nostalgia trip. The band mixed in several from their two '80s albums "The Bears," and "Rise and Shine" with the delectable pop rock from their new "Car Caught Fire." And those old songs sounded as fresh as the new, especially early Bears anthems like "Superboy" and "Trust." The even older Raisins song "Fear Is Never Boring" closed the night, leaving the crowd dancing and cheering. The show proved that the "ahead-of-their-time" tag the band got in the '80s still rings true. Band members had confessed to some hometown jitters before Saturday's gig. But, if there were any, they quickly disappeared. Fetters remarked after the show that he thought it was probably the hottest the band has sounded on their club tour that began Jan. 30. No one at the Southgate Saturday will argue with that. ++ psychodots ++ Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 23:46:33 -0500 From: "David Ash" <> Subject: Web pages in transit Thought I should put out the word that because of a change to my internet account beyond my control, the web pages I maintain are out of commission for awhile. This includes the Psycho Depot Archive site, and the psychodots FAQ and News pages. The pages don't get a lot of hits anymore, and to be honest I've thought about giving up on the FAQ and News pages. The Bears, Graveblankets and sites cover most of the major news, and the

Depot archives can always be searched to find older stuff (I'll continue to maintain the Depot Archive site in any case). If you have an opinion about the FAQ and News pages living on, drop me a line at my new email address, Thanks, David Ash The non-artist formerly known as Scooobadoo ++ psychodots ++ Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 14:27:11 -0800 (PST) From: Fern Brodkin <> Subject: Final Bears North Star Update This will likely be my final e-mail update regarding the Bears show at the North Star on Friday. Even though there are still about 100 tickets available for the show I highly recommend getting tickets in advance. You can do this at the Trocadero box office or through Ticketmaster - as far as I know still not at the North Star. Tickets will be available at the door at the North Star only if the remaining tickets have not sold out by that point. If you are planning to eat dinner at the North Star please be advised that there is no longer have a dining room. There is minimal seating at the bar and a few tables in the front room. There are no other restaurants in the immediate vicinity but there are within a short drive. There is a parking lot behind the North Star where you can park but no valuables should be left in your car. The North Star opens at 7:00 pm but the music room may not open until 8:00 pm. The show is standing room only. The show begins at 9:00 pm and there is an opening act. The music room for this performance is NO SMOKING. The band will be selling "Car Caught Fire" CDs and tee-shirts as well as Rob Fetters' and Chris Arduser's solo CDs so make sure you bring spending money. If any of you have any further questions for me please call me at 610-933-4050. Today is the last day that I will have access to e-mail prior to the show. - Fern

++ psychodots ++ Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 22:39:18 EST From: Subject: 2001 CEA Videos Videos are now available from the 2001 CEA's. You'll need QuickTime and a fast connection to the Internet, but the effort is worth it! Rob Fetters performed "As You Are". Mary City Beat volume 8, issue 15; Feb. 21-Feb. 27, 2002 Spill It By Mike Breen Rumors, Lies and General Misunderstandings If you happened to have missed last year's thrilling Cincinnati Entertainment Awards ceremony, you can still catch some of the highlights on-line. At you can see high-quality video of performances by Chuck Cleaver, Rob Fetters, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Ruby Vileos, Bill Caffie, Lens Lounge and Saturday Supercade. ++ psychodots ++ End of Psycho Depot 310 Feb 21, 2002

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