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									                                                            County of Alameda

                                                      Request for Out of Custody Complaint
                                                         Declaration of Probable Cause
                     Arrestee/Suspect                          DOB                   CDL                  PFN            Agency Report #

              TERRELL DANIELS                               09/20/1959        N8749248 CA               ALX582             13-016068
                     Arresting Agency                                    Declarant                   Agency Phone             Agency Fax

 ALAMEDA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE                                     Eric Williams                 (510) 667-3602        (510) 208-9837
      Arrest Date                       Arrest Time                                           Arrest Location

                          Holds                                                            Arrestee Home Address

                                                           19691 CAMDEN AV HAYWARD CA
PC 597(B) F(1 Counts)

On Wednesday, September 18, 2013 about 1254 hours, I was detailed to 19691 Camden Avenue in Hayward for an animal
cruelty report. The reporting party, who wishes to remain anonymous called the Sheriffs Office to report a video clip she
had seen which she believed to be an animal cruelty incident. Sheriffs Radio advised an Alameda County Animal Control
Officer was en-route to the location to assist in the investigation.

About 1302 hours, I arrived on scene and contacted the AC officer who told me the reporting party had wanted to ascertain
the welfare of a dog they had seen being abused on a video clip posted on a website called Instagram, which is a video and
picture sharing website.

Several people had witnessed the online video which depicts a ten month-old shiatsu/poodle mix puppy being whipped with
a belt multiple times. The RP decided to call the Sheriffs Office to report the incident.

I viewed the video clip which had since been removed from the website. The person seen whipping the dog is later
identified as Terrell Daniels. Daniels 17 year-old son is filming the incident. The video is somewhat grainy but I can see a
large build black male walking into a room and carrying a small dog in his left hand. Daniels face doesnt face the camera
but his voice is clearly heard.

Daniels holds the dog to the floor with his left hand preventing the dog from running away. As hes pressing down on the
dog, Daniels is heard saying you see that shit! He uses his right hand which is holding a dark colored mens leather belt
with a tan inner side. Daniels is seen whipping the dog eleven times with the belt. After the eighth strike, the dog is heard
yelping in pain until the last strike when Daniels finishes hitting it.

After hes done whipping the dog, Daniels lets it go and he stands up. The dog attempts to run away but Daniels uses his
right foot to kick it as it flees. Daniels yells at the dog as it runs away, Dont shit here! The video ends at this point.

Daniels later gave a statement admitting to disciplining the dog. Daniels said he deliberately avoided striking the dog by
hitting the floor instead as it was being belted. He did admit some of the strikes may have hit the dog accidently.

Daniels was not arrested for the incident.

Submit for PC 597(b): Animal cruelty.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the above information was obtained through official police channels and is contained
in the above-mentioned police report. Executed in the County of Alameda, State of California. Identity and signature of
declarant verified by CRIMS.
Date: 09/22/2013 17:39:43                                 Declarant: Eric Williams                              Badge: 1505

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Document #: PCD120706
Reviewed and approved.

Date: 09/22/2013 18:03:20   Supervisor: Brian Fernandez   Badge: 1512

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Document #: PCD120706

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